1.Half sl*t, half c*nt. 2.A swear refering to a person who is a c*nt but is also sl*tty.
Alicia is a slunt
Used to describe a woman whose behavior is so heinous, the mere use of sl*t or c*nt is inadequate. Covers a variety of horrid behavior, notably that presented by characters in shows like "Desperate Housewives".
Usage varies. Typically, when one learns of a woman who has killed her husband or children, or plans to, one reacts simply by saying "slunt!" If s*x is involved, the appelation is upgraded to "that f*cking slunt!"
A person who is both a sl*t and a c*nt.
The overachieving slunt in my cla*s decided to f*ck the professor and the dean.
1 n. A derogatory term describing the lowest of females who is both a “sl*t” and a “c*nt.” It can also be used in a playful manner between two friends, typically both male.

2 v. The act of having s*x in a rough and awkward fashion.
1. a. I hate Laquesha so much she is a ma*sive slunt.
b. I love you Jeff but you are a HUGE slunt for hooking up with that chick.

2. I was slunting this chick from the back who had her legs tucked behind her head when her mom walked in.
1. An incredibly offensive word for a woman which combines the words "c*nt" and "sl*t". Use it on someone if a. they don't know what it is and lack the braincells to work it out or b. you really do feel like getting slapped a few times.

2. An incredibly awful "rock" band that sold records due more because of the talentless lead singer and ba*sist than any musical talent of any kind.
1. God...Jenny is such a slunt!


a. Hey anyone know what happened to that band Slunt?

Oh yeah, we all don't care after we had the lead singer's breasts thrust into our faces about a thousand times to cover up her lack of talent.

b. Wow, Slunt suck so much they don't even have a Wikipedia entry.
My X wife. One that deems both titles sl*t and c*nt yet you do not want to waste to many words on her.
My X-wife is a f*cking Slunt.
A mix between the words c*nt and sl*t. Oftenly used when referring to an ex-girlfriend. It's usually used when a girlfriend cheats on their boyfriend and all his friends call her a slunt. There is no positive way to use this word.
Person 1: "Dude, she totally cheated on me...we're done!"

Person 2: "Wow man, she's such a slunt!"
(noun) - To describe a person as both a sl*t and a c*nt, derived from the word "sl*tc*nt"; believed to originate from TAO (Together As One) 2009-2010 when a group of crazy f*cked-up kids claimed that they have over used the word sl*t, so it has lost its meaning to them.
a. To simply insult a person; "You slunt!"
b. A way to express friendship and appreciation of each other; "Hey, nice rave costume, you slunt!"
c. To let your friend(s) know that they're making too much noise in the bedroom; Stripper: "Where's my skirt again?" Howard: "Ey, slunts!"
1. a huge sl*t who is also a dirty c*nt at the same time.

2. A girl who is so dirty and disgusting you dont even wanna waste your breath on her.

3. Jessica, Emily, Becca, Abbey, Sara
1. Wow look at her outfit she is seriously wearing nothing, she looks disgsuting, what a slunt. I'd like to curbstomp her.

2. Holy sh*t, what a .... slunt!

3. Those girls are suck huge slunts they should make a group, everybody hates them anyways.
The combination of sl*t and c*nt. For that person you just really really don't like.
Omg that f*cking Slunt!
A combination of sl*t and c*nt.
Wow, Kelsey is a total slunt.
My older sister.
Anna Pauline is a total slunt.
sl*t and c*nt
That dirty girl is a slunt.
He only likes slunts.
a person who is a sl*t and a c*nt at the same time (usually used when you don't feel rude enough to call someone a straight c*nt, it just sounds nicer!)
That girl is acting like such a dirty slunt.
A pejorative word for a female who is rude, socially intolerable, or overly-s*xually promiscuous; the combination of the words "sl*t" and "c*nt". It also provides a convenient sidestepping of two more offensive words, being more socially acceptable, yet saturated with unmistakable traces of profanity.
"I hate that girl"
"I know she's such a slunt...mom".
A derogatory term for a woman who is both promiscuous and socially unagreeable; a portmanteau of "sl*t" and "c*nt."
Personally, I think Samantha from s*x and the City is a total slunt.
A total sl*t who is also a total c*nt...
Stay away from her, she's a complete slunt.
sl*t + c*nt = Slunt.

Used to describe a person who is not only of questionable crotch cleanliness, but also very rude.
That girl is a total slunt. Did you see how she was acting?
a sl*ttish type of c*nt.
Allissa Nicole Young can be called a SLUNT because of her nasty and awnry ways of living.
COmbination of a sl*t and c*nt
That girl is such a slunt
noun; mixture of "sl*t" and "c*nt"; commonly used when sl*t just isn't enough.
"Wow, what a slunt!"
the mix of a sl*t and a c*nt..maunly used on sl*tty girls who are, in fact, also total c*nts
"check that slunt...good shag but a total c*nt"
a girl who sleeps with everyone but you and is a super b*tch!!
liz called me an a ahole cuz i called her out for banging the entire staff, then she slashed my tires im gonna back hand that slunt!
A woman so b*tchy and obnoxious that were it not for her loose morals, she would have no male attention in her life.
yes, I knew Jill...ONCE.....what a slunt! The only pleasant thing that she brings to a relationship is s*x!
a sl*t c*nt hybrid
you are such a slunt
A mix between the words c*nt and sl*t. Oftenly used when referring to an ex-girlfriend. It's usually used when a girlfriend cheats on their boyfriend and all his friends call her a slunt. There is no positive way to use this word.
Person 1: "Dude, she totally cheated on me...we're done!"

Person 2: "Wow man, she's such a slunt!"
1. A value for which no algorithm exists.

2. An incalculable result.
Can you calculate the slunt of the data set that we're expecting to generate in 2038? I'll need these figures by Sat*rday.
a sl*t c*nt that is whorish
You look like a slunt in those jeans.
a woman who sleeps around so is therefore a sl*t and could also be characterized as a c*nt in the derogative sense.
"dude she gives everybody p*ssy except me! what a slunt."

"as soon as she came she just got up and walked away and said thanks, thats all i needed.... what a slunt"
Just like it sounds, a combo of sl*t and c*nt. A female who sleeps with anything with a d*ck, and has no female friends b/c she's such a c*nt.
A group of girls in a bar notice the sl*tty girl on the bar - "That b*tch has f*cked everyone in the bar, and just look at her roll her eyes at us, what a slunt!"
Another synonym for the wh*re.

A mix of sl*t and c*nt.
She just made out with my boyfriend. What a slunt!
noun: sl*tty c*nt, Wh*re, b*tch, etc.
"god she is such a sl*tty c*nt. she hooked up with 4 guys last night and now she's being a dumb b*tch."

"d*mn, she's such a slunt"
sl*t and c*nt combined.
Oh My God, she is such a slunt!
Troublemaking, drama-addicted, two-faced, hippocritical, judgmental, closet loser women who use their husbands for status, but who give b*ow-jobs, hand-jobs, their p*ssy folds and/or money and gifts to the parasitic in exchange for compliments and transient and false self-esteem, specifically those who are married and going outside their marriage to deliver said palm jobs, suck jobs and bumpin' uglies.
Rita loves J's his c*ck (and others) and is envious when someone else is on it, even though her husband Tim would willingly let her stroke his, therefore she is a sl*t. Rita deters other women from J's c*ck with devious threats and malicious intent, so as to keep her concubine to herself, therefore she is a c*nt. Rita is the most quintessential example of Slunt, if there ever was one.
Slang hybrid combination of sl*t and c*nt...
That Erica is such a slunt!
A cross between a sl*t and a c*nt. A female who is being a real j*rk or trashy.
How dare you cut me off, you crazy slunt! You look like a slunt in that dress with a bad attitude.
A sl*tty c*nt. A female who is nice enough to look at, even very attractive, but behind closed doors is a cold as ice b*tch.
You meet a girl in a bar and she is gorgeous so you buy her a drink and she graciously accepts, then later on throws it in your face and you realize she is a slunt.
The word is used to say sl*t and c*nt together.
"Your Such a Slunt.!"
The word was evolved by combining the words sl*t and c*nt.
She'll f*ck anything hard, she's such a slunt.
Look at that prostitute she's such a slunt
Slunt and a c*nt. Made popular by www.materialb*tch.com
Hey slunt pa*s the Goose.
One who will s*rew randomly and then suddenly have morals and not put out for another.
I s*rewed Molly repeatedly but she turned down my buddy Tim. That slunt.
A mixture of c*nt and sl*t. To be used when someone is both a c*nt and a sl*t and you want to get you point across quickly.
That girl is such a slunt!
A combination between sl*t and c*nt. It's used when a sl*t has a really dirty c*nt.
"That girl got around last night at that party."
"Yeah dude, she's a slunt."
1. This word could be a*sumed that it is a combination of sl*t and c*nt. It is merely just for vernacular. It is a*sumed that people will think that because of the offensive sounding nature of the word. It is a derogatory word for women that has as simple a meaning as the word f*ck. It can mean anything you want, but has no official recognition as a word.
She is a slunt

That slunt doesn't know sh*t

Noone would f*ck that slunt
A person (father/dad) that has a low sample of sperm. There for, creating a kid that has learning difficulties and problems communicating with other people.
That kid is the biggest slunt i've ever seen. He doesn't even know his lefts and rights.
A compound word consisting of sl*t and c*nt, used to describe a wh*re-like, trampish, c*m dumpster, who makes sport of cruelty, and savage inhumanities.
Katie is a slunt. I hope she dies a horrible death.
the combination of a sl*t and a c*nt particulary a girl that knows she's a wh*re and embraces it.
Wow did you see that slunt cluadia? she was all over those guys....
excessively bermed mountain bike in Fernie , British Columbia, smooth flowing singletrack, flawlessly constructed,
That was the sluntiest trail I've rode in a long time

A combination of the words sl*t and c*nt, now formed into one convenient and efficient word.

1. A derogatory term to describe a woman that may be s*xually irresponsible, and makes arbitrary decisions concerning s*xual behaviour.

2. A slang word that can be directed at any individual you so desire to use it against.
zeff0r00: You're a slunt friend, I stole your word and defined it for you!
Petrafan007: STFU n00b, "slunt" is my word bi0tch!
zeff0r00: Pwned you slunt!
Can be defined in several ways, each meant to be more derogatory than either "sl*t" or "c*nt." Use your imagination !!
Man, I smell a slunt !
A Kick-a*s Rock & Roll band from N.Y.C.
"I saw SLUNT last night and they ROCKED!!!
Combination "sl*t" and "c*nt"
The worst of the worst regarding the modern day man or woman.
A philanderer who also upholds a negative and off color re pour with others
After I shagged the slunt, she stole my wallet
mountain bike trail in Fernie, BC, cross between a slug and a grunt, trail construction method,
the slunt bike trail was fun
A woman who is particularly b*tchy. She likes to give it up and she's a real C. U. Next Tuesday.
"Hey you stupid slunt!"
a quaint combination of the words "sl*t" and "c*nt".
would you look at that britney... what a SLUNT!
When a women is a sl*t and a c*nt
A slunt is a women that f*cks around s*xually with other people then the one she is committed to.
A combination of sl*t and c*nt. Two words that really p*ss off women, and yet they revel in being both at times when it suits their needs and purpose.
After sleeping with my friends, and dumping me when my mom died, Angie turned out to be a real slunt.
An even mixture of being a sl*t and a c*nt
My ex-girlfriend not only f*cks every guy she sees, but she acts like a b*tch about it, too! What a f*cking slunt!
1. a male sl*t
2. a friendly and congenial term used between male friends
Dude, that guy s*rews around with every girl I know. What a slunt!
so its either a sl*tty c*nt r a c*nty sl*t?
wen a sl*t is bein a c*nt,they r a " slunt ".... r wen some1 who is a c*nt starts bein a sl*t as well,.. evry1 knows at least 1,!... yeah im tlkin 2, u an yeah ya do
1. Offensive term that is a combination of sl*t and c*nt; a sl*tty c*nt.

2. Collective ice crystals that form on and coat frozen objects.
1. Dude that cake eating chick in the freezer is a total slunt.

2. Dude that chick in the freezer is eating a cake covered in slunt.
A female that is not only a sl*t but a f*cking c*nt also...f*cks everybody in town and is a b*tch while at it
d*mn Larry, your girl is a slunt. Not only has she f*cked everybody in town but she is a freaking biznotch too!
slunt - a cross between a sl*t and a c*nt.
You are a dirty slunt
A Slug and a Grunt. When something is so physically exerting it requires a slug and a grunt.
That was a slunt of a bike ride
A mix of a sl*t and c*nt, the worse kind of woman out there
That slunt sucked 37 d*cks while we were going out and then gave me an STD.
A cross between a Grunt and a Slave.
I'm tired of being everyone's Slunt!
1. An epithet reserved for a real around-getting c*nt-diggity-wad when neither c*nt nor sl*t will suffice. 2. A more obscure yet increasing usage has found "slunt" to refer to a particularly sloppy vag, though it is not unreasonable to combine this usage with the more common application, semenfully. 3. To engage in the act of being a slunt.
Wow, she goes to St. Olaf, what a slunt.

I think that slunt has rabies, it's frothing at the mouth!

I can't wait to go slunting this weekend!
a slunt is a mix breed of 2 hybrids such as a ckunt and a szlut nawwmmeeannn fa sheezy mayung
avik is a slunt cuz he like to suk j*ck's c*ck nigggaaa bulep bulep bulep bulep
A band front by the s*xellent Abby Gennet and features the also s*xelletnt Jenny Gunns.
Slunt kicks a*s on the poppy fresh teeny boppers.
one who is in love with sloths and is quite the c*nt at times.
Beth is a slunt who lives in milford.
sl*ty a*s c*nt
your a slunt like your friend n.n.
Pretty much every f*ckhead who listens to modern music or who watches TV, or who sells this sh*t to others.
d*mn! Tom Brokaw is such a slunt.
tag teamed in basement
cameras in basement i dont know
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