80s rock star notable for his song "Superfreak." Recently came into popularity due to an extremely popular and referencable episode of Chappelle's Show, in which he is portrayed by Dave Chappelle and repeatedly makes such statements as "I'm Rick James, b*tch!"
"Charlie, there's a new joke goin' 'round, have you heard it? What'd the five f*ngers say to the face?"
"SLAP! That was cold blooded, haha! Bang bang! I'm Rick James, b*tch!"
1. A super freak
2. The most overused punchline in American high schools
I'll kill the next person I hear say "I'm Rick James, b*tch".
d*mnit, you a*sholes removed the best definition that was on here, thank god for google cache, originally posted by superman:

When having s*x with a woman, preferably from the back. When the male is ready to e*aculate, he pulls out and e*aculates on his hand. The male then procedes to spit on her back as to decieve her into thinking he e*aculated on her backside. He then walks up to the female and asks "What did tha' five f*ngers say to the face?", and when she replies "What?" the man slaps her with his e*aculate filled hand and replies "SLAP... Im Rick James b*tch!"
I Rick James'd that dirty ho last night.
1.A bad motherf*cker that spent too much time snorting lines of crack.
2. A singer from the 80s that no high school age person knew about until Chapelle put him on his show. Now everyone thinks they're Rick James, but they really just need an a*s-kicking
1. "Cocaine is a h*ll of a drug"

2. "I'm Rick Jmaes, b*tch!"
"Thats it! You're dead!"
A popular singer known for his its like "Mary Jane" "superfreak" "Ebony ayes"
was brought back into mainstream conciousness after being portrayed by -Dave chappelle-
common(aka common sense): Why aint Rick James aint remembered for Cla*sic Hits...Why do remember Rick for smackin a b*tch?"
1. A cocaine driven music artist
2. Dave Chappelle
"I'm Rick James b*tch"
"Chalie Murphy....Unity"
"f*ck yo coach n*gga"
"Cocaine's a h*ll of a drug"
Rick james was a hit in the 80's, his song was later stolen by the great MC hammer. He did jail time for some funny things including, burning a female with a crack pipe.
-almost everyone of these definitions has something about the dave chappelle skit in it, you mornons better get a f*cking clue...its as if you think your the only one who has ever quoted that f*cking skit-
He's a Habitual Line Stepper. One of the baddest motherf*ckers of all time. One of the best singers and one of the best lookin' motherf*cker you've ever seen. You better hold his drink b*tch! He's Rick James b*tch! Enjoy yourself!
Whose one of the baddest motherf*ckers of all time and one of the best singers and one of the best lookin motherf*ckers you've ever seen?


That's right hold my drink b*tch!
songwriter, producer, of the late 70's and 80's
Ya wannna smoke with the ole boy Rick James?
I offer you a truce...the stickiest of the icky
verb; to furiously and vigorously rub your dirty feet on a friends pillow, couch, or other sacred material posession.
"Dude, you left your pillow on the couch again so I had to rick james the sh*t out of it with my muddy work boots. Put your sh*t away from now on."
Attempting to force your way onto people; women in particular. Rick James is notoriously known for his s*xual escapades and overall personality, therefore it goes without explanation that the man was slightly out of his mind. The difference between Rick James and other people is that Mr. James was naturally the way he was, normal people become Rick James after a few drinks.
He tried to Rick James that hoe!
motown superstar of the 80's
It's a celebration b*tches!!

They should neva gave you n*ggas monay!!
The "Rick James" is a type of s*xual pleasure.
When a man is shuving his p*nis in a women's a*s, he says Oh My God I'm going to c*m! Then he c*ms in his hand, and then spits on her back so she thinks he c*mmed on her. Then the man walks up to her and says...What did the 5 f*ngers say to the face? "Slap!"
Then the man slaps her in the face with c*m.
Example: Guess what? My boyfriend did the "Rick James" to me, and I dumped his a$$!

Example: Last night...I did the "Rick James" to Richard Simmons!
One of the baddest and best-looking motherf*ckers of all time. A guy whose drink every b*tch should hold at least once in her life. A Cocaine-sniffing, Charlie Murphy slapping, slap ba*s playing, 80s superfreak who used to go to clubs and approached females and would l*ck the whole side of their faces.

A mad-n*ggerish dude who wished he had more hands so he could give all of your titties four thumbs down. That would be "cold-blooded"!!!!!
To Kevin, Wim and Christian: "I'm Rick James, b*tches. It's Friday, it's a celebration b*tches." Bang Bang !!! Bang Bang!!!
Died on Friday, August 6 by natural cuases. You think I'm kidding? Go to yahoo news.
Have some respect for the Superfreak: never say "I'm Rick James, b*tch" again.
One of the baddest motha f*ckas of all time, one of the best singers, and one of the best lookin motha f*ckas uv ever seen
d*mn motha f*cka, dat n*gga Rick James is da baddest a*s motha f*cka of all time, dat motha f*cka gangsta a*s n*gga will eat ya soul.
For awhile after Chapelle did a scit about him on Chapelle's Show, many people could be heard yelling "Im Rick James b*tch" across the school halls. Sadely the real Rick James died shortly there after. Also sadely, one of his most notable last comments was, "Cocain is a h*ll of a drug".
person A-"Im Rick James b*tch"
person B-"Rick James is dead b*tch"
When a woman won't let you c*m in her mouth so you e*aculate on your hand then smack the her in the face and saying "i'm rick james b*tch!"
Ashileena would never swallow til i rick james that b*tch.
fried up coke fiend from the 80s who enjoys using the word b*tch, f*ck yo couch, and darknesses.
its a celebration b*tches...I'm rick james!!!
80's pop star re-popularized by chapelle's show. He died August 6, 2004 of natural causes probably stemming for excessive use of drugs during his career.
I'm Rick James, b*tch!

RIP Rick James
a singer who made the song superfereak. He has more hair extensions then that ghettoe girl down the street. He thinks cocaine is a h*ll of a drug.
Im rick james b*tch
A white boy from Canada who's been tormented his entire life for having the same name as black funk singer who likes to snort coke and burn wh*res with crack pipes. Sometimes goes by the name Super Freak
"Hahaha! Your name is really Rick James? That's so funny!"

"Yes my name really is Rick James and yeah it's really funny mother f*cker!"
"Rick James b*tch" quote has been used by David Chappelle on the popular series Dave Chappelle

Once popular, now menacing. I rather HATE it now!
Idiot guy: Im Rick James b*tch!
Me: That's right, you ARE his b*tch, b*tch!

Idiot guy: Im Rick James b*tch!
Me: That's right, you my b*tch too, now SHUT UP!
The Super Freak is super dead!
R.I.P. Rick, we hope god shows you his titties!
I'm Rick James Ghost b*tch!

(verb) when you smack the sh*t out of someone.
"yea that n*gga was runnin his mouf so i had to slap that sh*t out a that n*gga, i rick james'd that n*gga!
Rick James was a popular 80s Superfreak. He was popularized in this day and age by Dave Chappele (A witty black comedian for all those who have been living under a rock) which was funny when the first few people said it (ME specifically, I thought it was hilarious the first time it was on, not after all those punks started using it. The poor joke was then senselessy beat to death with a fish by extreme overuse by stupid kids who are trying to seem cool by saying it, when in fact they are sad pathetic, unimaginative buttfors (What's a buttfor, you might ask? For p*oping, silly). The next in line for this cruel and unusual punishment: "God, Idiot" from Napoleon Dynamite.
Joke Killer #1: "I'm Rick James b*tch!"

Me: Shame, shame on you!
a person that made dave chappelle famous
show me your titties im rick james b*tch
When added with the word "b*tch!" makes the title of the best Chapelle show skit thus far.
"What am I gonna do about my legggggggsss Eddie Murphy?!"
I'm Rick James b*tch!
What did the five f*ngers say to the face?
e*aculating into a female's (or male's) nose after s*xual intercourse, then proceeding to snort the e*aculate as though it were cocaine. The Rick James MHA Plus Edition involves mixing the e*aculate with actual cocaine before snorting.
Friend 1: "YO man i j*rked off in her f*king nose and she snorted it! Thats f*cked up eh?"

Friend 2: "no man thats just the Rick James. b*tch."
a dude who f*cks with charlie murphey
so he comes in there n im like look b*tch im rick james
Another name for marijuana or being high.
Hey Im out of Rick James got any?
Dude I was soooo Rick James last night.
Quite simply, a Black f*ggot.
"When we calls a man Rick James, we means he's a f*ggot." as told to me by one of my laborers after calling another the aforementioned moniker.
A dumba*s that continually p*ssed of Charlie Murphy.
"I should have never gave you n*ggas money."
"The milk's gone bad"
"Show me those tittas... Im Rick James"
"Buy yourself a new couch mother f*cker.. Im Rick James"
The god of all things allmighty, also reffered to on Chappelle's show as "Rick James b*tch".
Hey dude! I'm Rick James b*tch! SLAP!
he is dead.d*mn now i cant say im rick james b*tch in high school now huh.
no longer im rick james b*tch its now:
im dead b*tch i get to see all the titties in heaven b*tch haaahahahaaaaa
Rick James is dead b*tch!

A drug addict and rapist (did prison time)
Rick James is dead b*tch!
Rick James is a "superfreak" from the 80s who was impersonated on the Chappelle's Show. Now everyone laugh whenever they here "i'm rick james b*tch!!!!"
"Let me see them titis!!!"
"If I had 4 f*ngers I'll give them 4 thumbs down!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!"


"Rich motherf*ckers!!! f*ck your couch!!!!"
Rick James is dead, b*tch!
Fool 1:I'm Rick James b*tch!
Fool 2: Rick James is dead, b*tch!
Dave Chappell
I'm Rick James, b*tch!
"Is rick james going to have to slap a b*tch"
One of chapelles most famous quotes of Rick james.
My favorite as a matter of fact.
When a girl smarts off to me I proceed by saying, "Is Rick James going to have to slap a b*tch"
They usually shut the f*ck up or laugh either one.
I do the rick james on my girl friend all the time she never learns.
Rick james wasnt the person who said
"Is Rick James gona have to slap a bicth"
On the same show it was wayne brady that said
"Is Wayne Brady gona have to choke a b*tch"
Wayne: Msr.j*cksons all lonely
Hoe:Sorry Baby
Wayne: Sorry?Sorry?... IS wayne brady gonna hane to choke a b*tch
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