The minge is not the actual v*gina, but the hair surrounding the area. On the labia majora and the pubic mound. Loose, shaggy hair that is not neatly trimmed, and may be a little fragranced with 'girl perfume'.
"My minge is so sweaty, and tufts of hair are coming out the side of my pants. Perhaps I should get a Brazillian."
The fur lined entrance to the spasm chasm.
Edible but can induce retching if hairs come loose and lodge in ones throat
i was munching minge till my jaw ached
The name of Oprah's v*gina.
Oprah never takes the time to play with the ol' minge anymore.
The Mongol word for "beaver" - absolutely no joshing!
As seen on exibit caption in Natural History Museum, Ulan Bataar.
the minge is the fur around the v*gina, often it is thick and tufty though some people shave and trim it
i like furry minges, the furrier the better
c*nt or Mott
f*ck me lads, she had a minge like the j*ckson Five in a rugby scrum.
v*gina (UK) (Vulgar).
I love hairy minges.
Ditty from UK 1950s
The area of singe round the fringe of the minge is equal to the length of the poke times the speed of the stroke
UK slang word
1. Nether regions of a lady
2. Term of endearment for a close friend
3. A verb similar to faffing or mincing
1. I used an exercise bike at the gym and now have a sore minge.
2. "Hey minge. Have you heard that Darren got jiggy jiggy with Tanya?"
3. This weekend I stayed in and minged about the house.
Not the slice itself, but the map of Tasmania. In certain cases, grows out of control and gets into places you don't need it to inhabit.
Gross minge. I'll be flossing with pubes for weeks!
A particularly vulgar term for the haven that is sometimes shaven.

Also known as a Wizards Sleeve, Beaver, Muff, Fanny, Twat, Rat and, my favourite, c*nt.
A drunken male coming out of a nightclub may shout "Alright darling, can I have a go on your minge?!"
A British slang term for v*gina
"Ooh, me minge is kicking out a right pong!!"
The Female v*gina;
Originally From Old German and p*onounced Minger, with a hard G ; it has travelled through all the European Nations Via Migration of Populations through the ages.
" All men come out of a minge on the first day of their Life and then they (nearly all) spend the rest of their lives trying to get into one. "
Female genitalia
Word of advice, in America your fanny is your a*se....not your minge.
The Tobacco Pouch surrounding the Fem Beef
I had to pick her minge from between my t*eth.
c*nt. Romany word meaning the same or waist
she flashed her minge
The recreational part of a female. Often a minge will have hairs but more and more they are s*aved in 'brazilian' fashion. Either way works for me.
I take whatever minge I can get
1. A way to describe Greenwich mean time, or;

2. A description of a geographical location of previous adult relations (likely somewhere in Greenwich, but can be elsewhere).

Note: Can be used in conjunction with other adjectives - ie. mingetastic, mingerific, mingesome.
Russell: So are we going to see Greenwich minge time or what? Last time I was here it was mingetastic!
liam bostock
liam bostock is a minge
The female contingent of Pembroke College (Oxford) Boat Club.
The gym smells like minge.
a delicately scented p*ssbush with chinese overtones
a portion of minge please with boiled rice and a side salad
Street name. Specifically a lane in Upton upon Severn.
Minge Lane in Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, England. You can see it in Multimap - search for Upton upon Severn
Another word for pubic hair
"She gots one hairy minge"
a big hairy hole we all pa*s on the way to the light. also known as : bearded axe wound, flangita, p*ssy, c*nt, ewoks nest
your mums got a saggy minge
A female who has a graduate degree from a university in engineering.

Masculine equivalent is Meng
e.g. Mrs Hirush has a Minge from Tokyo University
the shaggy or tufty hair around the v*gina. The hair that is not shaven and is untidy.
Simon eats his Mothers minge for money to buy gla*ses so that teachers like him.

by Simon
Used by myself and friends, as a replacement for any words forgotten by us, but are essencial in the sentance. Starting of as the definition of human hair extension, or 'minge extensions' this word has blossomed into every sentance use, and annoyance. Recently, the phrase 'minge' has been used as an insult, as in 'OMG you mingehole!'
1) Compliment:
"Such a pubilicious mingehead!"
"is my body too mingilicious for you babe?"

2) Insult:
"Right, you know what?! I'm gonna shave your minge in a minute and then you won't look fit!"
"Get your minge away from my face!!"

3) Everyday use:
"OMG you'll never guess who I minged last night!"
"Have you seen that girl's minge yet?! It's well fit, might have mine groomed like that!"
Opras needy v*gina.
Opra does not pay any attention to her minge.
The female genitals, a v*gina
Can I feel your minge?
How big is your minge?
What does your minge look like?
Can I put my d*ck in your minge?
The forest primeval in which is located the holiest of feminine sanctuaries
After a lifetime of futilely questing after enlightment, Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, abandoned all sense and hope and drowned himself in the carnal indulgence of his mum's MINGE.
(n.) someone who is resented because of thier greed

(v.) to borrow or steal something unwantedly
Dan always minges my cigaretts.

my ps2 is missing andy did u minge it.
(UK slang) Sachet of stench; malodorous ooze zone; paternity trouble bucket; g*y no-man's-land; smelly cachet of STD's; bloody-napkin holder; frontal farter.
Like a minge, the creature bled for five days but would not die.
like an oyster deep inside theres a special treasure and smells of fish
my b*tch's minge smells like an oyster
An alternative way to call someone with the name of ben

Hey minge nice beard

Wow your an ugly f*ck minge
big hairy baccy pouch!!
is it just me or has anyone else noticed that a hairy minge looks just like your baccy when you drop it whilst making a fag? Yes, you to could have a big hairy baccy pouch and not even know it!
A dirty filthy p*ssy! the total opposite to a peach!

Notice the word MING in MINGe....
i went down on this bird she had a right minge, made me barf
An awesome word to shout out at Parties
1 2 3 Minge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The hair on someone's head which resembles a scub pad, or a ma*s of pubic hair (muff).
Girl1: "Ew, look at that gross gangley guy's hair; it looks like bleached stale minge!"
Girl2: "MINGE!!!"

Ryan Ringer: stunned, quivvering look; slinks away like the creepy b*stard he is
The minge, an area which is prodominatley for singeing, SINGE THE MINGE!
Last night I was out and decided I would like to Snap the b*tch in two, and to do this i was going to have to find some Minge.
a big craby muff that smells like noel herbert. usualy his female friends have smelly minges but he has a small hairy wobbler!
a smelly muff
(UK Slang)
It is used to describe a very ugly and unpleasant girly figure. Used to describe girls aging between 16-27. It is used as if you were expecting better from the subject in terms of beauty and performance.
-- Oh dude... totally... she's a minge... (thrown in a normal ‘bollocs chat’ with your work mates)

-- She's a f*cking Minger! (Hara*sing)

-- U f*ckin' minge. (said in a really bad manner with a dose of hate, maybe thrown in 'talking to yourself style' while trying to get on the tube in rush hour)
tobys favourite word or its a choice between dat and c*ck
<jae> toby p*ss mr moore off
<toby shouting> MINGE!!!!
melissas drawing...
many very random things
i call it...MINGE!
A Hairy Smelly evil monster , ready waiting iin the depths to eat your snake
Verity and her minge-o-meter
Her hand
A sweaty STI filled c*m encrusted v*gina
Look at that manky old minge!
a small fury animal that smell like a rotting sardine unless your name is Kate, then it smells like roses
Kate has a rose smelling minge but Tamara has a minge that reeks like sun dried sardine!
A drunken Spalding youth.
Minge, to the bar!
michael j*cksons 5yr old girlfriend
shamon mutha f*ka tee eee
or mingeing == moaning,complaining
he's always minging about this and that
A small nigerian midget who is partial to a good fagboy
This minge taste like acid chicken
A guy that is bigger than most and could knock us all out without spilling his beer
Minge's TS50 is a beast
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