It's like f*ck, only nicer, and easier to say around you parents.
Why are you so frucking stupid?
How the word "f*ck" sounds coming out of a chinese man's mouth.
I lost my car keys, Fruck!!!

h*llo there baby, wanna Fruck?
A mix between "freak" and "f*ck". Usually used so as not to offend people, but still get the point across.
This fruckin music is the sh*t.
When you slur the words "frick" and "f*ck", because you in a place where you arent supposed to curse.

For example: If you stub your toe in cla*s, you can scream "FRUCK", because you technically arent saying "f*ck"
FRUCK! I just got a D in math!
(verb) To be caught in the painful dilemma of having to choose between a friend and a lover. The act of falling for a boy/girl that you know will upset a close friend. Commonly encountered when encountering friends' exes, brothers, sisters and even parents.

The extreme form of this verb is the headfruck. A headfruck is to meet the love of your life only to find out that your closest, bestest friend does not approve. A truly painful experience that may well lead to either losing your best friend or giving up the love of your life. Such a result is known as a complete headfruck.
Jane frucked Mary's ex, and now Mary is no longer speaking to her.

Bill slept with his best mate's lil sister. He's frucked big time!

"What's wrong with Peter he looks so miserable?"
"He's fallen head over heels in love with a real babe, but now John is p*ssed off with him cos he doesnt hang out as much as he used to. He's caught in a complete headfruck"
A cross between a duck and a frog. Is usually heard late at night making odd calling sounds in lakes behind peoples' houses.
Ah! Did you hear that fruck? It's coming closer, I think.
A friend with whom you have s*xual relations.
j*ck and Mary are friends with amazing s*xual chemistry, especially when they drink, so they have decided to be one another's go-to fruck.
freak + f*ck.

Frucking= freaking + f*cking
Oh my frucking god.
A word thats extremely fun to say...more fun then freaking, but less fun then f*ck...inbetween the two.
Dan what the fruck is wrong with you?!?!?!
A supplement for f*ck that is more powerful than freaking but not as vulgar as f*ck.
Fruck is to f*ck as Splenda is to Sugar
the asian's way of saying f*ck.
you so frucking bad driva!
A PG-13 substitution for the word "f*ck"
Fruck you Garth, mama didn't raise no fool! "What was that son?" I said, Fruck.... "Oh, ok Chris."
When a child (present company included, when I was much younger) tries to say "truck", the word might come out sounding like "fruck" and shocking Mom and Dad.
_ Mommy, look at that big red fruck1
_ Johnny, what did you say? "Fruck" is a bad word!
_ Fruck!
_ It's "truck", Johnny. Truck. Watch my mouth when I say it. Truck---T-R-U-C-K!
A word spoken mistakenly, originates from the words "f*ck" and "Frick"

Used to describe something awesome, mistakenly by someone overwhelmed with joy and confused.
FRUCK that's cool!
to have s*x with a friend
I can't believe I frucked her- we've been friends for years!
a "not so bad" replacement curse word; another word that can be used in place of the really bad curse word, A.K.A "f*ck"
highly recomended to be used in the presence of any adolescence persons; sounds much better than the original bad curse word.
Frucker noun
Frucking verb
That mother frucker is a world cla*s idiot!!!!
I would love to fruck you till you start begging to "Let's stop for a few minutes, I need a break so I can catch my breathe!"
a sandwich made with heated up marshmallow and coated in peanut butter, slapped inside a toasted piece of white bread...... delicious
lcg made me a fruck for lunch......

aka- a frick
an attempt to say the F word, but jumble up of the words...but means the same thing
Fruck i lost me car!!
the past tense of freak
to freak out. we are freaking out. she fruck out.
fruck: the past tense of freak
i totaly fruck out just now when i read that wrong definiton of fruck.
A shortened compound word, combining "f*ck" and "Fruit".
Oh, don't tell me you're going to fruck again.
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