Meaning you Would only do a chick if She had a flag over her face
Ex. Well I would only do her for my Country
Ex2. I do it for my Country
A Metal Geek, is a metal head that prides themselves on on there loyalty of sh*tty metal bands, they tend to hate all mainstream metal bands, and will turn on them at the first sight of success. They treat metal as if it was there own country club, It takes a special kind of metal head, to be a metal geek, usually ghostly white and p*mply looking, one can recognize them from there distinct unhealthy overzealous love of Slayer, and there fondness for Swedish death metal bands, they tend to loath the metal bands, Metallica, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, As I Lay Dying, and Avenged Sevenfold, basically any metal band that has to much success, some of the most hardcore metal geeks, have even turned on Slayer, because they won a Grammy.
Dave wearing his Children of Bodom t shirt, walks up to Daniel and says. "Hey dude, check out my band Warg*yzm, our band makes fun of Trivium, and stuff." Daniel reply's "DUDE, you are so fat, and have red frizzy hair, im not buying your c*appy CD" Dave is the epitome of a "metal geek".
Someone who always talks of dying for his of her country, but never of killing for it.
Patriot guy: I'm gonna join the Army and die for my country!!! Be a martyr!

Smarter patriot guy: I'm gonna join the Army and kill for my country!! Not that I'm afraid of death, but killing for my country will do it much greater good.
Why should I give a f*ck? The bosses run the country anyway.

It really means "your government needs you" (to do its dirty work for it, usually by killing foreigners). It's because government can't survive without ma*s obedience that we should tell it to f*ck off whenever it "needs" us. Down with the government!
When I need my "country", it's never there for me, so why should it expect me to be there for it in return?
Opposite of Pat Tillman; self centered, spoiled. Whereas Pat Tillman asked "What can I do for my country?" Eli Manning asks "What can you do for me?" More specifically, Eli Manning asks Daddy to ask you what you can do for Eli.
p*onoun: Better not spoil your son or he'll end up like Eli Manning!

Verb: I'm going to Eli Manning my boss today. Either he obeys my Daddy's orders and gives me a raise or my Daddy will get me another job.
A person who supports or loves his country of birth.

However, to be honest, the only real patriots are the ones who fight for their country, and make the Ultimate Sacrifice.
"I love my country. I love this land. If you don't like America, then f*ck off because we've had enough of your prejudice. Your hatred for this country makes my colleague's statement 'f*ck the world' be so very true and well-spoken."
Ville Hermanni Valo is the vocalist and songwriter for the Finnish rock band HIM, which has a very devoted following in Europe and the UK. This devotion is merited due to the sheer quality of the melodies, lyrics and arrangements that go to make up their own brand of 'love metal'although their detractors are inclined to ascribe their popularilty to Valo's good looks and personal charm.

Fairly recently in their careers they have come to the attention of a wider fan base since being taken up and publicised by Bam Margera. The level of adulation directed at them is now rather silly but luckily the quality of their music is as good as ever and the individual members of the band seem to have retained their common sense and good manners.

Another good to have come from their success is that other Finnish bands are finding it easier to get international recognition, especially in the US. For a country with a comparatively small population Finland has vast reserves of talent and it is great to see so many bands 'making it'. This isn't to suggest that they wouldn't have done so anyway but perhaps the higher profile of such bands as HIM, The Rasmus and Children of Bodom make the music listening public more inclined to give them a hearing.
Ville Valo said in an interview, "I'd like to be remembered for my good manners."
A group of f*cking liars who dragged John Kerry's name through the dirt on two false accusations:

1: "John Kerry never did anything heroic in Vietnam"
Acatually, John Kerry jumped off his swiftboat during a firefight to rescue a crew member who had falled overboard. And why don't you tell me about W's heroism while AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard?

2: "John Kerry betrayed his country"
Oh yeah? Let me tell you this. Out of concern for the troops being killed in Vietnam, John Kerry joined Vietnam Vets Against the War. John Kerry saw his country making a mistake and said so. That is patriotism. The "my country right or wrong" attitude is ignorance on par with medeival peasants.
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth sent out it's slanderous ads without the authorization of Bush? Bullsh*t.
My Chemical Romance is a band from New Jersey, whom grew up on the same types of music as your parents. Social Distortion, KISS, Queen, David Bowie, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister; things that were big in the times that they were kids. What makes them "emo" or "goth"? Because they have a particular liking to the color black or morbid objects and themes? Bullsh*t. That just makes them a tad dark, not "emo fags who whine about how their lives suck". If you say that, you're a dumbsh*t. Gerard himself, as have the rest of the band, have said numerous times that they aren't emo, nor goth. If anything, if we were to label them, they would be violent pop or violent alternative music.

Gerard and Bert are not dating, nor have they ever. In fact, they aren't even friends anymore. They are just two guys who met while playing and singing the things that they love. What makes them different from every other rock band? If you think that Twisted Sister or KISS are "great rock bands", and think that My Chemical Romance is a "g*y, fag-like band" because of the fact that they wear make up--then you're a retard. Ever heard of HAIR METAL? Or SEEN the make up KISS wears!
Frank is not "g*y for Gerard". He's engaged, for heaven's sake! Just because they give slight pecks-of-a-kiss does not make them a g*y couple. It's for jokes and giggles, and for the fans because that's what ...
An activity in which men, usually h*mos*xuals, or women, usually d*kes who look more manly than the actual men, run around for long periods of time. The reward for running around is a nice shower in the locker rooms with their butt buddies all naked. And if you're lucky some may just drop the soup and you'll get to cornhole their a*shole.

Which takes about as much talent as running cross country does.

Just because something is tiring does not make it a sport. Because if that were true, me j*rking off for hours at a time could be considered one. You f*cking f*ggots.
Matt: Dude cross country practice was awesome yesterday.

Dave: Yeah! I know! My legs and my a*shole are killing me!
My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance is a band from New Jersey, whom grew up on the same types of music as your parents. Social Distortion, KISS, Queen, David Bowie, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister; things that were big in the times that they were kids. What makes them "emo" or "goth"? Because they have a particular liking to the color black or morbid objects and themes? Bullsh*t. That just makes them a tad dark, not "emo fags who whine about how their lives suck". If you say that, you're a dumbsh*t. Gerard himself, as have the rest of the band, have said numerous times that they aren't emo, nor goth. If anything, if we were to label them, they would be violent pop or violent alternative music.

Gerard and Bert are not dating, nor have they ever. In fact, they aren't even friends anymore. They are just two guys who met while playing and singing the things that they love. What makes them different from every other rock band? If you think that Twisted Sister or KISS are "great rock bands", and think that My Chemical Romance is a "g*y, fag-like band" because of the fact that they wear make up--then you're a retard. Ever heard of HAIR METAL? Or SEEN the make up KISS wears!
Frank is not "g*y for Gerard". He's engaged, for heaven's sake! Just because they give slight pecks-of-a-kiss does not make them a g*y couple. It's for jokes and giggles, and for the fans because that's what they want. THAT, and it's a free country to be bis*xual, so saying, "I would date Gerard," should...
The day people light things on fire, and blame it on loving their country.
police officer: hey, you kids, that type of fireworks is illegal!
kid: dude, its the fourth of july. just showing some love for my country.
police officer: oh. in that case. t*ss me an m-80.
Originally based in Detroit, but quickly moved to the suburbs area of metro Detroit when admissions actually became significant, the school is a secular private institution. There are three campuses and four schools in total. The Upper school is the equivalent of a Highschool and is - in my honest opinion- the only high quality school experience.

The school year at DCDS is shorter than surrounding public schools, and the school offers days off and nights without homework due to several different cultural events.

The school uniform at the Upper School for men consists of a general tie, a white shirt with a DCDS monogram, khaki or grey pants with a DCDS monogram, dress shoes obviously, and an expensive blazer or varsity sweater on top of it all. The top button of the button down shirt is meant to be buttoned at most times, but the faculty is lenient. You must be clean-shaven, or you will get a detention.

No hats, no earrings, no visible tattoos, no piercings, cell phones must be off unless between cla*ses, you must wear a belt, and have your collar buttons done. This is, of course, if you get caught by a dean or draw attention to yourself in cla*s.

Women may wear a khaki, blue, or grey skirt, or (this is new) they may wear pants like the guys. A girl does not need to wear a tie with a blazer or a sweater every day, but she needs a blazer on color days.

The Honors and AP cla*ses are relaxed yet difficult.
The cla*ses offered to ordinary students may have teach...
Cross Country is, in my opinion, the BEST sport in the whole world! I'm not gonna be some arogant fool going around making fun of other sports cause I know how it feels. I know football takes a lot of hard work and practice. Wrestling, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball, Basketball. Most sports do. I'm not here to make fun of them because thats not how i roll. But seriously, To all those ignorant fools out there, Cross Country is in fact a SPORT. So all we do is run... so what! we don't need to have a ball or plays or anything else. Cross country is extremely physical, and mental as well. We train for miles and hours. The races aren't just a bunch of crazy kids running, it's all about planning ahead, pacing, and mentally defeating the other runners. It takes so much hard work. And track as well.. It's not the same at all, but it's still hard. I'm not gonna make fun of the sprinters cause they do like 1/50th of the distance we run. Thats okay, it's hard work. We do it, not for fame (cause its not all that popular)but to see how much we can push ourselves. To the limit.

But seriously, everyone out there who's hating on xc, you need to get over yourself. and btw, Cross country runners are not g*y because they wear short shorts. What does that have to do with it. If xc runners are g*y, then i guess wrestlers are too cause they wear those tight uniforms. Whatever, I'm just here to say that xc is tight and thats that.
Sane, easy to listen to music that requires intelligible lyrics and an actual melody. Furthermore, the lyrics aren't designed to merely sound cool, but to tell a story. Listening will even demonstrate harmony vocals being done in the background. There are real chords that follow a logical progression, and instruments that require genuine talent to play. Subject matter can be anything, and I do mean anything. You name the real-life situation, and chances are a country song has been written about it.

Let's eliminate stereotypes here. Cla*sic rock and metal is not all "a cacophony of electric guitar and feedback while somebody screeches into the microphone." Rap is not all "cop killers trashing b*tches and ho's while their friends spit to rhythm in the background." And country music is not all "twanging and whining about getting drunk and losing my woman, my house, my dog, and my pickup." Fair enough?

I don't know where people get the idea that all country music fans are blind-patriotic, Bush-loving, right-wing Limbots, or rural Southerners with an IQ in the negative numbers. Neither of those describes me. I don't even live in the South. I just prefer listening to a form of music I can understand, that doesn't overwhelm me with percussion.

People quick to make fun of country music often cite the most extreme negative examples as representative of the entire genre. I agree that Kenny Chesney is among the worst out there today. Please don't mistake him for a...
That part of England that includes the historic counties of Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. The largest city is Bristol. Renowned for yokels, rural poverty, alcoholism, incest and the Wurzels.
Q "If I was battered out of my brains on scrumpy, had the stupidest accent imaginable and wanted to have s*x with my sister, where would I be from?"

A "The West Country, although you'd still be less likely to be a criminal than a scouser."
India is a place where i happen to be born, it is my country, and my identity. Wherever the world i go, i am an Indian. And i want to clear some stereotypes about India

1) Tigers do not roam in Indian streets. In fact at the rate at which poaching is going on, you would be lucky to find a tiger in a forest.

2) India is not just a land of nawabs, maharajas and beggars. It also has a very strong, educated middle cla*s, who are like the middle cla*s in any other nation. Most of these middle cla*s people, work in Govt offices, factories, software companies, MNC's, universities. I belong to that Great Indian middle cla*s.

2) Not all of India is a hot country. No other nation has such diversity in climate. The southern part of India is humid and hot, the northern part of India is hot and dry. The Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal have a cold and temperate climate. The Western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, have a desert kind of climate.

3) Probably one of the few countries where you can find the Alps( Himalayas), the Sahara( Thar Desert), the Congo(numerous forests) and the Riveira( Goa) all in one place. A place of natural diversity and beauty.

4) India has 26 languages, 320 dialects and no two states are alike. Yet it has managed to be united still, unlike Europe where countries keep splitting, and Africa, which has become a collection of tribes rather than countries.

5) Indian men are often portrayed as s*x starved frustrated beasts, rea...
A sport in which extremly fit people with a h*ll of alot of metal strenght run until they faint. After a race, throwing up is common, leading to the saying, "If you don't throw up, you didn't try hard enough." Cross country runners are often mocked for having enough b*lls to wear short shorts, but cross country runners usually don't mind because they go to practice everyday and talk it up with girls.
runner one "Man, I just threw up after my cross country race!"

runner two "Good job man!"
A new term referring to the ever growing portion of the population that is best described as a cross between trailer trash, redneck and wigger.

The people of this new social cla*s can often be seen driving to Walmart in their whip which is usually a beat up late 80's/early 90's model Ford that has a RIP Dale Earnhardt bumper sticker on it while wearing their hip hop/gangsta style clothing to go and steal the latest Carrie Underwood CD for their best friend's combo 14th birthday party/baby shower to help her take her mind of the restraining order she had to take out on the father of her unborn baby...or at least the guy she *thinks* is *probably* the father.

*note Eminem and Dale Earnhardt are their gods.
Typical conversation about hankahanks:

Claire: Did you hear about what happened at Walmart? A grown woman tried to throw her baby at a teenage girl who was sleeping with her boyfriend to try and stop her from getting the last Carrie Underwood CD but the baby's "Who's My Daddy?" bling chain hit her in the face before she could release it and blinded her in both eyes!!

Claire's friend: Wow....what a hankahank.

Typical conversation between hankahanks (*note the mixed slang cultures):

Hankahank #1: Yo, dawg. Is you goin' tah Britney's howse?
Hankahank #2: Nah, f*ck dat! She done me wrong, yo. 'Sides, I gotsta mow da lawn for my stepdad or he's gonna whoop my a*s.
Hankahank #1: True dat! Git er' done!
A country with a hugely negative connotation to its name amongst the peoples of the world. A country thats reputation has been completely ruined and shot down by George W. Bush, and even in part by Ronald Reagan, even if he was ten times the president Bush will ever be. A country that is basically %10 retards, %90 good, wholesome people. A country with MANY accents, not just one loud and annoying one. Spanish, Jersey, New York, Boston, Northwestern, Northeastern, Southern, Indian, Middle-Eastern (as in, the Middle East, other side of the globe,) Mid-Western, all these types of accents and more. So don't bother a*suming we all have the same accents. I know there are many variations of accents in the U.K. I know there are differences in Australian accents. I know the difference between the U.K, Britain, and England. So do a lot of people who inhabit the U.S.A. We're not all a bunch of self-righteous pricks who go parading around exclaiming our superiority out of every country in the world. Approximately %15 percent of us support our moronic President, and only about %10 of us support our horrific Congress. Did you get that? NOT ALL OF US SUPPORT OUR GOVERNMENT.

Yes, our measuring system is different from the worlds. Haha, guess what, we're not the only country who has a different system. Will you tell the kids in our schools that they are "learning wrong" and are "f*cking idiots"? I don't think so. You say we spell wrong. We don't add u's to a lot of our words. Just becau...
An osbcure country whose name is not important - usually used to counter the argument of the poor oppressed people of... Whogivesaf*ckistan
Example 1:

"Do you know that those sneakers you're wearing were made in a sweat-shop where children earn less than 10 cents a day?! You should be shamed of yourself!"

"Dude, all I care about is that I have some p*mping pumps, not some kid in Whogivesaf*ckistan who can't afford to by a pair of shoelaces.

Example 2:

"Nice scarf Alice! Where did you get it?"

"Charles got it for me for my birthday. Its znot fur imported from Whogivesaf*ckistan."
1. A tiny country that has been the homeland of the Jewish people for at least the past 4,100 years, and will forever be the land of the Jewish people.

2. Adjective for cool, insane, out of the ordinary.

3. Nationality- Israeli(noun), meaning bad-a*s, macho, commando, kick-a*s.

4. Adjective for being incredibly smart, as this tiny country produces more PhD's per capita than any other country on Earth, making it the most educated country on the planet.
This country has produced innovations in bio-medicine, programming, engineering, etc.
"I'm ma gonna go visit Israel this summer the land of my ancestors, I'm excited!"

"This instant messaging system is Israel! I mean, yea I knew instant messaging was invented in the 1990's by a group of 4 Israeli whizkid 12 yr olds, but this is dope!"

"f*ck dude! You see that Esse knock that cracker out cold with one punch? Esse went all Israeli up on his a*s."

"sh*t! I hate this f*cking SAT...and I forgot my calculator. I need an Israeli for the math section."

"This f*cking catapult is due in 2 hours for my advanced physics cla*s, and I have no idea what the f*ck to do. I wish I had an Israeli to build it for me, I'd probably win the competition."
1. a notorious hit song from a famous album from the late Sixties by the legendary Rolling Stones. It briefly describes humanity's history of violence and lust for power and wealth from the point-of-view of Satan, AKA "the Devil" among other names. The title comes from a book written earlier in the 20th Century. Many bands such as U2 and Guns 'N' Roses have covered this song live in concert.

2. a term used to describe something (like a story) from the viewpoint or perspective of someone infamous or evil. The villian's side of the story, or at least how he/she sees or experiences it.
1. Allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste...

When I saw the Rolling Stones in concert in 1997 they performed many hits, including "Symphony For The Devil". A great show. See them before they drop dead on the stage.

2. When the Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace was in the cinemas during the spring of 1999, a reviewer featured in a local alternative press weekly paper stated that the film was based largely on the life story of Anakin Skywalker who would later become the infamous villian Darth Vader later on. The critic referred to this by saying "now it's sympathy for the devil time".

3. the media (especially network TV) gave a buttery and rosy summary of the career of a certain politician who died that day. He had made a strong legacy and track record of arrogance, hatred, ignorance, bigotry, bullying, trying to force his views on America by methods such a...
An "Emo" Band. Not emo music but Gerard Way (lead singer) says they dress emo. But not in the conception of what emo is today. They dress emo like how it was defined back when they were children. Away of style and music not sadness and depression. If you do not like My Chemical Romance then state you reasons in a civilized manor instead of cursing like a 5 year old bay bay kid. State the reasons but hear others opinions too. Yet liking a band for the way they look is distasteful that's way the cookie crumbles. No one says you have to like MCR. I for one think they are a good band. If you can get up on the stage and and sing making people feel better about their lives then do it. For you to complain how much "emo-ist" the are could be taken as "all the kids should kill themselves" And hopefully you don't mean that. But listening to all kinds of music can make you happy. From MCR to Lil'Wayne to even Carrie Underwood. But before you go making cross judgments on this band I say you should look at the good things they have done. And listen to their music. Thanks :]
tim-tom:ew I hate My Chemical Romance
MCR-4EV: Why?
Tim-Tom: Because the lead singer has a honkey tonk country like voice. It's annoying
Mcr-4ev: I don't know what you mean? His voice is almost always different. I love it!
A retail store ruled by a clown king. See Richard Gallagher for further information.
"Cooper, take out my garbage...."
"f*ck you Clown d*ck. I work for Clown Country, not you."
a type of music where you lose everything you own and takes no talent whatsoever to write lyrics for. Type of music listened to by people who have nothin better in life to do than complain about everything.
i heard some country music the other day, and i would rather have my face kicked in.
One who loves, supports, and defends one's country. --Country being not the landma*s, nation or government, but the citizenry--
I am a patriot, because serve in the military and kill for my country (being my fellow citizens; servicemen/veterans, those born in America or legally naturalized) in service to the citizens of the United States of America. So that they have the choice to be or support; PC/multicults, Communists, NeoCons, or general kleptocrats and continue to fail the next generation to come, as those have since the "Social Revolution" of the 60's have failed us. True Americans vest themselves into the system we serve for love of country and whilst most tend to accrue --that which commonly is-- ordinary ignorance of the law, government, geopolitics. All the while believing in hypocritic illogical fallacies fed to them by their localized media source or network.
new york asian escort,New York Asian Escort For Dear viewer, to enter New York Escort website you must adhere to the following:
1 New York Asian Escort. I am at least 21 years of age. 2 New York Asian Escort. The material I'm viewing is for my own personal use and isn't to be viewed by minors or anyone but myself. 3 New York Asian Escort. I am not a U.S. Postal Official or Law Enforcement Agent from any country or acting as an agent thereof, attempting to obtain any evidence for the prosecution of any individual or for the purpose of entrapment. 4 New York Asian Escort. I desire to receive and haven't requested that the Postal Service or any Other Governmental Agency intercept sensual material. 5 New York Asian Escort. I certify that the material presented here is not illegal or considered obscene in my street, village, community, city, state, country or province. If I am unsure, I will not continue.
By cl*cking "Enter" you are electronically signing to the fact that you agree with all the statements in this Disclaimer. If you do not agree, please leave the site now.
New York Asian Escort For Dear viewer, to enter New York Escort website you must adhere to the following:
1 New York Asian Escort. I am at least 21 years of age. 2 New York Asian Escort. The material I'm viewing is for my own personal use and isn't to be viewed by minors or anyone but myself. 3 New York Asian Escort. I am not a U.S. Postal Official or Law Enforcement Agent from any country or acting as an agent thereof, attempting to obtain any evidence for the prosecution of any individual or for the purpose of entrapment. 4 New York Asian Escort. I desire to receive and haven't requested that the Postal Service or any Other Governmental Agency intercept sensual material. 5 New York Asian Escort. I certify that the material presented here is not illegal or considered obscene in my street, village, community, city, state, country or province. If I am unsure, I will not continue.
By cl*cking "Enter" you are electronically signing to the fact that you agree with all the statements in this Disclaimer. If you do not agree, please leave the site now.
argentina is a beautiful big country.actually,its the 2 most largest.we have the best meat in the world because our land dosent have "bumps" such as hills or mountains so the cow's dont have 2 walk a lot, so there mausles dont get hard. we also have amazing horses, actually nikko ritter, an amazing horse back rider, his horse rocket is from here. we also stand out for our football team(u may know maradona:used 2 be the best player in the world or messi,that is brilliant)(actually, i went to southafrica, and the people asked me,were are u from?argentina.oh!!!!messi messi!!!!yes yes)also, our field hockey is pretty good, and luciana aymar is the best hockey player in the world.of course shes from argentina.we amazingly have all types of weather.we have jungle,glasiars,desserts, etc.
we have pretty bad ecconomics and goverment.the current president is cristina kirshner who has lost completly control of the country.
people say woman here are sl*ts,and that just makes me feel bad because thier talking about my country which i love and im proud off.juan peron has been a terrible president 2 and was really friends with hitler.and it really bothers me that at school they dont teach u all of the the kirchners are "guerilleros"
(here is how it goes on)(for examople ernesto "che" chegevara is a guerillero) they, dont want children 2 know the bad stuff they did.thank god (sorry if it bothers u that i mention god) my dad kept a book from that time and showed it to me,and know if think the complet opposite.
school here is from 1 grade (6 years normaly of age)up 2 7th grade(12-13).then,comes secondary, that would be 1st year (13-14) up 2 5th year(17-18)

i know pretty much of my country, i only lived here for 9 not a nerd, actually, im not doing,well, really good at school :P
(dont tell my parents!!haha)
if u come to argentina, eat milanesas and dulce de leche!!!go to freddo and i recomend the resourante "happening"(its a bit expensive but worth it)
of course,there are mcdonalds!!:)
wht would we do with out them
The Biggest Man On The Radio In Charlotte... Every Night 7 PM Till 2 AM on 103.7 WSOC... He's Big Now... s*xy After A Few Drinks...
I Listen To Big s*xy Every Night For My Country Music...
The proper name for Ireland. Given due to the country's impending return to the stone age due to horrendous financial mismanagement, endemic political corruption and the country's inability to survive with European Union handouts.
Direland bloke in the 17th century: "To be sure to be sure, that Cromwell and the Brits are giving us a hard time and I'm poor, let's emigrate".
Direland bloke in the 18th century, "To be sure to be sure, the Brits after the United Irishmen rebellion is giving us a hard time and I'm poor, let's emigrate.
Direland bloke in the 19th century, "To be sure to be sure, I can't grow any potatoes so somehow the Brits are giving us a hard time and I'm poor, let's emigrate"
Direland bloke in the 20th century, "To be sure, to be sure, I live in a priest-ridden sh*te hole but somehow it has to be the Brits giving us a hard time, and I'm poor, let's emigrate"
Direland bloke in the 21th century, "To be sure, to be sure, my country got rich on an unsustainable financial boom due to us going cap in hand to the EU (partly funded by the evil Brits) but now our country met reality and so it's going to sh*t but somehow it's the Brits giving us a hard time, and I'm poor, let's emigrate".
A phrase used to denote that a couple of men, who are both in relationships, are free to act like men and otherwise play and engage in general stupidity.
Taken originally from a skit on the comedy show 'The Kids in the Hall' in which the wives of a pair of married men leave on a short vacation. The two married men are now able to party and generally act foolish, exclaiming, "The wives are gone, we have the whole country to ourselves!" before embarking on an, apparently, nationwide party.
Currently, the term is used on any occasion when a small group of men (not less than two, not more than five) are allowed to generally have a good time because their wives are otherwise engaged.

Note: Often accompanied by an impromptu victory dance, during the saying of, 'Whole country to ourselves!'
man1: Dude, my wife is going out on girl's night!

man2: I know, -mine is going too!

man1: Looks like-

man1 & man2: -we've got the whole country to ourselves!

A town in northern Fairfax County between Sterling VA and McLean. Great Falls differs from most of Northern Virginia by having homes on very large yards and having no apartments or townhomes whatsoever. Because it offers a wealth of land and privacy in the middle of the D.C. metro area, homes and estates in Great Falls command very high prices. Within Great Falls is a park with waterfalls that take the lives of several kayakers a year and cliffs that injure dozens of freeclimbers and parkour enthusiasts.

Great Falls has no sidewalks, but many cyclists. There are also many exotic sports cars and fast, winding roads. Because of this, Great Falls has more cyclists hit by Ferraris than any other part of the country. Everyone in Great Falls knows who their neighbour is but has never met them, mostly because 12-foot gates are not very welcoming. There are only two roads to travel from Great Falls to Washington, D.C. This leads to failtastic traffi...
Imagine a country surrounded by BOTH landma*ses AND water bodies, a terrain range of plateaus, mountains, valleys, beaches, cliffs, fertile plains and rapidly blossoming cityscapes. A country from where any of its 365/366 sunsets in a year are lens-worthy.with an inexpensive currency exchange rate. Imagine an ethnic diversity spread over 28 states and 7 union territories.

A country which does not just tolerate race and religion, but accounts for it. A country with the richest heritage and longest history. The most beautiful people.
A country with the most striking, imaginary, impossibly amazing art and architecture.

-POOF- Dream come true. There wasn't any need to imagine it,

India existed long before.


I am Indian, and I am not afraid/ashamed to say so. Now, why would I be, considering my country is like, the most awesomest country in the whole wide world...?


Synonym for awesome
Blue pa*sports totally rock.
I have a blue pa*sport


"I bet that Pakistani hater on youtube who supports Britain would get totally owned if I told him/her that if not for the British, he would be living in a way better country by now"


India is so India!!


India has the largest democracy in the world

English countryside slang for a cow pat, they often torment city kids by asking if they would like a country pancake, then slamming their face in cow sh*t.
Country Kid: "Hey, c*ckney boy, want to come to my place and have a country pancake?"

City kid: "Sure! Sounds delicious!"

half way in a field the country bumpkin pushes the city kids head in a cow pat and runs off laughing
An example of the widespread stupidity spread by wannabe patriotism, or as someone else mentioned (I forgot your name, but you made a terrific point!), Bush's childish revenge upon France for not helping us fight.
What kind of an idiot eats freedom fries? I'd prefer french fries, like a SANE person. I love my country, but c*ap, you people are getting stupid.....
That which I am forced to use due to the fact that the Internet in this country is one big s*rew-job (and that's just dialup, don't even get me started on broadband. Lack of competition doth suck mightily for the end consumer.)
g*yOL will continue to provide a connection for my external browser until I can get a decent job to make enough money to sign up with a real ISP.
A small island country in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland measuring 15 miles wide by 32 miles long.
The capital of the country is Douglas.
It is now being overwhelmed by English and Irish people to the point where the small island and it's natural beauty is being destroyed.
Native people to the Island are known as Manx people. The native language is also Manx although English is spoken as the norm.
The country is known worldwide for Manx Cats (cats born without tails) and Loghtan sheep as well as the TT (Tourist Trophey) motor cycle races.
While the Isle of Man is part of Britain, it is not part of the United Kingdom.
Native Manx people are actually a minority on the Island due to the inlux of English and Irish due to it's status as an off-sh*re tax haven.
The English and Irish have overwhelmed the Island simply by numbers and even if they haven't meant to they have killed off it's charm and beauty, forcing Manx people to leave in search for cleaner pastures.
Although the Isle of Man is basically a retirement home for many people, the drunken nightlife has led the Island to become even dirtier than before.
There is little to nothing for teenagers and young adults to do apart from drink which is why the Island has the highest alcoholism rate in Britain.
Although it used to be lovely and full of life... it is now a pretty disgusting place to live with the kind of life you find in a yoghurt pot after leaving it for three days in the sun.
Exc*me- A foreginer who is asking for pardon.
ie "Exc*me, please do not jump me... for in my country it is customary to offer a dead goat to a large mob with bats."
A city whose flaws now unfortunately outnumber its qualities. A city like many others in the American urban landscape that is a microcosm for the decline of this country. In the end, I may have moved away anyway but now I definitely will and sooner. I am weary of the metropolitan jungle and need to scale it down for my overall well being.
I have lived in San Francisco all my life and have seen it go downhill and it saddens me greatly. Some unsolicited commentary: Why is one person's infantile bigotry used so often as the p*onunciation for this word? Lastly, a note for those who don't know San Francisco well: g*y people are a very visible minority but alone do not define San Francisco.
A person who is willing to lay down your life for his country.
Known to the lower econimized citizens as "dat one what makes da rules innit"
You will often find him/her sat on his/her overly large "a*se" most dominantly leaning on a desk in the Houses Of Parliment fast asleep due to a "boring" politition of an opposing party.
...Politics..not my subject love...try that one what makes da rules.. o.O
A guy I really dont know. I Know i havnt seen him in 9 years. He hasnt called either. Left the country because of his drug dealing. A guy i used to dream of meeting evry day, but now just wish he would rot.
a retarded good for nothing j*nkie
Feminism is the belief held by a feminist. A feminist, in turn, is someone who believes that women are entitled to equal rights which in turn means equal pay for equal work.

While there are most a*suredly some feminists who are extreme in their beliefs, and who do dislike men (usually as a result of abuse or rape) most feminists -- and one need not be a female to believe in equal rights for both s*xes, in fact, one wonders why everyone doesn't believe in equality -- most feminists are simply seeking equal rights under the law, and equal pay for equal work.

Feminists do not hate men, nor are they "ugly d*kes" -- it is infuriating to see hateful, useless, polarizing descriptions of this kind. In point of fact, the men who define feminists as "ugly d*kes" are almost always the kind of men who create extremists; if I'm trying to obtain equal pay for my work, and I'm told that this is not a legitimate goal, but instead that I am "an ugly, hairy armpit, fat, can't get laid b*tch" (this comes from one of the definitions) then I'm likely to feel extreme dislike for that individual.

If this happens enough times, you can see why a feminist would turn into an extremist and start hating the people who delight in mislabeling her and distorting her beliefs.

And of course there are greedy, ugly souls out there who are women, just as there are greedy, ugly people...
A music style that used to be about "Cowboys" and "Tractors" and sh*t. The music was almost always made by a fiddle, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and/or a ch*llo.

Now, country music is basicly just badly done rock-guitar pop-ballads (or repitive piano pop-ballads) with such themes as "My Wife Left Me", "Im Leaving my Husband", "my Spouse is Dead or a thousnad miles away and i am lonley", and "Drinking Songs", sung by untalented Males who all try to sound the same, and females who either sing like a hurt timid female, or a Strong Independent Woman Who is Leaving Her Boyfriend For Some Unknown Reason.

h*ll, modern country wouldnt even be considered country music if it didnt include that stupid highpitched country noise (i cant describe it. If you have heard country music, you know what im talking about) made by some unknown instrument.
"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" is country music.
"I love this Bar"
A former torey minister and brown toungued, n*zi, a*se boy of Margret Thatcher best known for his ability to ride a bike whilst balancing a hotel on his head.
"If my love of my country makes me a racist, then so be it!!" (Norman Tebbit - 1978 Conservative party conference)

"Will some one dig me out of this pile of rubble" (Norman Tebbit - 1984 Torey Party conference)
Please read this....I hate to make this look like a chatroom because of my response to the heat I've been receiving (I guess I deserve it as well), but I figured I just HAVE to respond, and thus let people know what I truly am.

To start with, I am sorry for my opinionism intruding when I was defining Colombia. By nature, Colombia is a beautiful country. Latin countries are beautiful generally. What I like about Colombia is their coffee, which is the finest in the world.
I am sorry that I said it's "the most dangerous country in the world". Iraq really is, but that's because it's under anarchy. I only said it was dangerous because of what it's going through, and that for Americans it's dangerous. The truth is, I only know what I hear & read about Colombia. What makes Colombia so dangerous is that the FARC has waged a decades-long war with the current government, and I heard about how American tourists are "held for ransom". The truth to this is that there are said to be bounties placed on American tourists, possibly by the FARC....and the rewards are high. I have noticed that there are lots of places in Colombia that are actually impoverished, and it is understandable that one would do anything for money, especially if they have a dying family. I just don't believe that Americans should be thee target to kill. I personally am fed up with how Americans are ba...
read the review of "my pet goat:"

287 of 292 people found the following review helpful:

Presidential material, through and through!, July 6, 2004
Reviewer: Lolla Fallujah
After reading the enclosed story "The Pet Goat," I was stunned by its lyrical beauty and easy cadence. The tempo, the choice of words, and the layout on each page captured my imagination so much that it took me about seven minutes to recover my bearings.
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Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror by Richard A. Clarke
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Terrible, terrible music made for Southern rednecks and other idiots. This is probably the worst form of music on the planet, ranking up there with raggae and Southern Rock. My mom loves it for some reason, i dont know HOW she does though.
Anyways, lots of country music is the same as Southern Rock: they all discuss loyalty to the South, driving ugly-a*s pickup trucks, picking up redneck girls, romance between a redneck girl, some Southern woman leaving her man, and other c*ap dealing with tractors and occasionaly, America, which they are making look bad.
I heard that one country song where the moron lists of the states in the South.....yet he didnt mention theory is correct, Kentucky isnt an actual part of the South!
A big-as-f*ck ruskie who happens to be one of the main villians in Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater. He wears a Soviet trenchcoat, has scars all over his face, and wears a suit underneath the t-coat that apparently is electrical. He is also an ex-champion of boxing; this is proven when you see him beat the sh*t out of Snake in the E3 2004 trailer for MGS3.
"Welcome to my country....and to my unit."
A sorry excuse for a Prime Minister. Not in my name Mr Blair, not in my name.

See puppet
I don't give a d*mn about my country or the well being of other people. Oh well, I guess I'll vote for Blair then.
Cross Country is the hardest sport that anyone can participate in. To run a 5 k is like a short practice for us when everyone in america is fat as sh*t we runners know we r the coolest ppl around. Think about it wen u run a race u hav to b*lls right if cross country was easy they would call it football 3rd at states my friends 3rd at states
cross Country Kixs a*s Long live Pedro
Often used in place of "my feet", especially for bovine creatures, and Yak. Originally - Tom Green. Now used the world over (and especially in the south of England where they have nothing better to do) for comedic purposes and as an answer to everything. Hooves make a certain clippy-cloppy sound, so any use of "my hooves" is often preceeded by the question "Do you hear that sound?", even if there is no sound.

Never is it said in standard conversation. Always it is said manically. Crazy laughter occurs before, during and after speaking the words. The louder it is said, the better.

An competition also runs throughout all parts of the year to see who has trotted in the most interesting place. Any part of the country may be exposed to this phenomenon.

Beware. It's infectious.
"Do you hear that sound??"
p*onounced GEE Ledouche a member on MXC (takeshi's castle) who tells the games and interviews fallen contestants. Dubbed with a perverted french mans voice but even without the dubbing he seems perverted. Also has perverted needs and is seems to go for any type of s*x know matter who or what you are
1- "crawling in the deep dank region looking and straining for a thick black vein!"
2-bathe me NOW!

3-repeated line Guy like!

4-Vic: And coming up last is Milker Shanks, he's a bull milker.
Kenny: What kind of cheese comes from that?
Vic: I don't know, but it doesn't belong on a bagel.

5-B'jork: I have disgraced my family.
Guy LeDouche: How so?
B'jork: In my country you disgrace your family if your breasts get wet.
Guy LeDouche: Um, Guy will dry them off for you. Ahahahahaha!
people who come to england looking for money. even the most misguided of hippies must realise that you will be lucky if 1 in 1000 is genuine. they have become very adept at using the PC paranoia that is gripping this country to get whatever they want with the magic word "racism"
dont missunderstand me, if i was living in some run down tower block in jabratislavidovia then i would probably be trying it too
"I claim asylum, which way to the DSS office and how do i send for my wife and 8 kids"
Girls who go places in life and can get whatever they want with just a simple smile. girls who get men with smarts and humor not by being sl*tty and easy. madeira girls are the only females who are candidates for presidency.
"man those madeira girls are the bomb, they can run my country any time"
A band for girls who want to pretend they are some kind of rock chick.
Reknowned for looking like dorks, I am ashamed to live in the country next to theirs.
Welsh people across the nation have been crying themselves to sleep at night for one of the following reasons:
1)They are ashamed that this band are from their nation
2)They like this band and are emo-kiddies whose lifes are so hard and unbearable.
"Hey my life is so hard so I went and bought this FFAF CD."
"Whys your life hard?"
"I have an ex-girlfriend."
"Oh jee that is a shame man... hey but at least you can create an emo band now."
Shervin is a persian, male, first name.

It means Lion from Mazandaran(Northern Iran), King of Lions and describes a man of honour who resembles a lion in his power, energy, rage, hunting behaviour (either hunting women or enemies), and looks (with his long hair).

The name is originated in Northern Iran where King a*ushiravan ruled.
Very characteristic for a person called Shervin is his lion-hearted courage, his sense of honour and pride in his origin.
Shervin protects his hunting district and defends it against others who are logically inferior to him, because he is The King.

Historically he was a king to whom peoples came to and ask for security. He owned very much power, was feared by his enemies and respected by everyone.

In fight-situations Shervin is also called Security at times.

These words also describe Shervin very good: someone with-
honour, strength, distinction, pride, reputation, prestige, glory.
2 Girls talking: "That punk misbehaved with you?" "Yes, I feel so bad. He even offended to my country!!" "Aight, you need to call Shervin. He will pound that dog and care for your security. By the way he is very handsome, too..."
a pretty cool country or so i hear near my country australia. Why does everyone from nz and usa on this site have 2 be so mean 2 us?! I think the kiwi accent is cool. A lot of people here say that kiwis f*ck sheep but we also say that tasmania is the land of the inbreds and thats part of our own country so it's not like we take it that seriously. Whoever was bragging about peter j*ckson being from nz peter j*ckson is a bit of a scrubbo but he's a cool one so we'll give u him and russell crowe but russell crowe is just plain weird. I don't have anything against any country i just get angry at all the people who attack everyone elses countries wen they really don't know anything about it. Like america got a raw deal and people aren't too nice to us aussies either we aren't racist!!
New zealand is cool ANZAC for life!!
def. A euphemism used to explain to someone that the task they wish to accomplish is substantially more difficult than they had originally thought.

Origin: In the popular movie "White Men Can't Jump," Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) has squandored his earnings from basketball hustling, and needs a favor from a security guard friend (Zeke, played by Kevin Benton) of his hustling partner Sydney Deane (Wesley Snipes). Zeke can help Billy's girlfriend Gloria (Rosie Perez) to get onto Jeopardy, but he isn't going to make it easy for Billy, who has to make a basket in order to get the favor. As Billy lines up to shoot on the court, Zeke points to the backboard painted to represent the flag of an African country and says,

"No, no, no, no, Billy boy, this is Ghana. You my friend, are shooting for the Sudan" as he points to the backboard at the opposite end of the court.

"And a hook shot."
Man1: "And then, I'll drop off Christine at 9pm, go home, change cars, and pick up Kelly at 9:30 to go to the club! I won't even get out of the car, Christine'll never know!"

Man2: "That's never going to work, they're ROOMMATES, man. You're shootin' for the Sudan."
The term used for insulting Native Americans.
Yea, my friend is a country n*gger.
What fat a*s lazy people use their whole life. Mainly used by fat a*s white b*tches with 9 kids, blacks, and drug addicts. It goes in that order too. A commonly unknown fact is that it is mostly black people, but in-fact it's us, the white people because some of us are so f*cking lazy. Our country would be so better off without welfare, and then I wouldn’t have to look at your sc*mbag trailer parks whenever I drive around, or smell your stinky a*ses in the grocery store. In countries that do not have governmental a*sistance programs, the poverty rates are almost non-existent, because people know they have to go out an get a job not sit on their fat a*s and collect welfare.
Fat b*tch: I can’t wait for my welfare check next month; I will have my 7th kid, and more kids equal more welfare
Drug Addict Husband: Yea, why don’t you bend over baby and we'll have another, maybe we an afford a car then
Fat b*tch: Well maybe we should go to the hospital first and make sure I have a baby and I’m not just getting fat from sucking c*cks and watching Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer all day
Hampden-Sydney, educating underachieving, rich, wannabe preppies since 1776. HSC is Radford, VCU, JMU, or any other lower-tier university transformed into a country club setting. (For elaboration, see definition 9). Students who go to this school were unable to get into the 'real' schools (ie: W&L, UNC, UVA, etc.), so they decided to attend Hampden-Sydney, which seems to accept anyone with a pen, checkbook, and sizeable bank account. The statistic that 1 in 10 men become doctors, lawyers, or owners of their own business is beguiling, because 1 in 10 student's father already owns his own company! Non-conformists are discouraged, so that the school may continue its historic, neocon ways. Students are belligerently conservative, often choosing the Republican side while being unaware of the subeject of discussion. Warning: Not a good school for individuals who think outside of the box.
Professor: Roswell, is this word part of the ablative or dative clause?

Roswell: Sorry, ma'am, I was yeyed up last night with my chronies and didn't get around to doing my homework. Daddy's money will cover for my lack of education.
1. The name given to the soldiers that faught under the n*zi flag for Adolf Hitler during World War II.

2. The basic ground infantry of the Galactic Empire in the movie series Star Wars
1. Those d*mn storm troopers destroyed my country!

2. Those d*mn storm troopers destroyed my planet!
Another word for p*nis. Sounds like "spandex" which "stretches." Sounds like "Spaniard" which is a "foreigner" entering the "country. Likes to wear sweaters and has chew toys.
Your spaniel is attacking my p*ssy. Is your spaniel begging for my attention?
Contrary to modern belief a country bumpkin can, in fact, spell and they are also articulate members of society.
Also, there ARE female members of this discriminated against group. The females are usually hotter than any other female from any other race/group and once aquiring the male that they chose for life never lose him because they are simply the best at what they every possible sense of the phrase. :-)
Average dude that managed to get a bumpkin female: My woman is the best that I ever had or could ever hope to have.
Average dude stuck with average girl: My chick is so f*cking superficial. She can't cook, clean, articulate or put out decent s*x.
Average dude that managed to get a bumpkin female: Sucks to be you man....I got to go get some from my girl. Later.
99.9% of all kids do drugs, whether its weed, heroine, or rubber cement. Yet somehow they all have 6.7 GPAs. By far the most dominating school in wake county in all aspects. GH reigns in soccer, football, basketball, cross country, lacrosse and every other sport that counts. Rivals Cary and Apex rule at only one thing, g*y s*x.
Green Hope Students
John: hey u wanna go inject ourselves with whatever i can find in my kitchen?
j*ck: yea sure, then we can study, i only have 98% in AP Calc.
Cary Students
Fag1: hey u wanna go stick road flares up each others a*ses?
Fag2: yea sure but can i invite Fag3 too, i promised him we'd do something involving our a*sholes and large objects.
Fag1: yea, then we can look through garbage cans for spare change.
I would die for Bulgaria, a wonderful country with the most beautiful girls. Even if I don't live here after I grow up I will comeback to die on this land
I am beautiful :)) "My country,my Bulgaria, I will always love you" - yeah baby!
A member of the tremendous battalion of lame New Jersey post-hardcore/power pop/blargh/pseudo-genre bending radio-friendly over-produced bands that have recently broken into the American mainstream in an unexpected manner. One of the many bands who are worshipped by legions of former preps who now wear studded belts, Chuck Taylors, and check their Myspace account every six minutes. Fans of My Chemical Romance are usually in-between everything. They're too "refined" to like Linkin Park, Korn, and other ultra-mainstream angst-peddlers but too dense and flat to really do much more than haphazardly dabble in bands that are somewhat more challenging to get into, such as pre-"Dark Side of the Moon" Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth.

My Chemical Romance is mainly at home in combining the sad-sack tendencies of emo lyrics and the overbearing self-absorption found therein (yes I know they're not emo you f*cking idiots, emo is a very specific style of music that for all practical purposes has been dead for a few years. But you're truly a moron if you don't think they at least borrow some elements of that genre) with the overdone theatrics of prog rock and metal while having absolutely none of the virtuosity a*sociated with those genres. Makes use of the same limp musicianship that is present in every other generic "dynamic" or "emotional" (short for "not really good at anything") rock band currently making 16 year old girls with gla*ses and acne cream their pants across the countr...
I live on the Main Line.

I'm not Jewish, I was raised a Christian with strong family values and high morals.


My house has 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, on 1.5 acres - certainly not a "sprawling estate."

We do not own a sh*re home or vacation home, nor do we own a boat or any other sort of recreational vehicle.

We do not own a BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, or any other high-cla*s automobile; in fact, all of our cars are American.

I didnt get a car for my 16th birthday - I saved up money and bought one for myself once I turned 18.

I do not wear multiple, layered polo shirts and I certainly don't pop the collar of the one I do wear.

Wawa is the greatest convinience store franchise on planet Earth.

Yes, I have an iPod (which I got for free with a little HARD WORK and DILIGENCE from because I enjoy listening to a lot of @#$@# music.. is there a problem with that?

I've volunteered at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving, so I guess I do care about more than myself.

I was educated by one of the best public school systems in the country.

Judging by most of the spelling errors I've seen so far on this site, most of you Main Line haters would have difficulty recognizing the correlation between hard work, a quality education, and the privelege of enjoying the finer things in life such as driving a German automobile and living in such a beautiful and well-respected areas such as the Main Line.
The channel with the best programming and the worst marketing. A network that acquires and produces many great TV franchise, and makes commercials to make it all look like sh*t.

The owners are already rich of course. But unlike other network execs, they say f*ck quality, so long as they keep there couch potato market.

South Park: Best on the channel, for obvious reasons.

Chappelle Show: Most original sketch comedy show ever, by Neal Brennan and Dave Chappelle(also the best stand-up act I have seen).

Crank Yankers: Some very original prank calls, great effect added by puppets` actions sometimes. Awesome guests that people who know anything about stand-up would recognize.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Great newscaster, originally from MTV News. Always known for sense of humor added to reports, still awesome, but now its a whole half-hour! Even a decent source of news, if you are smart enough to see what the actuall facts were(as it is fact-based)

The Critic: Highly underaprecciated cla*sic. Anything with John Lovitz is awesome(ie. Rat Race, The Wedding Singer)

Insomniac: Dave Attell, great comic. Good at stand up, great talent for getting wasted. Jason rules too.
Plus, my NYC friend ran int...
Oakville is an awesome town that houses some of the coolest and also richest people in Canada. I'm sorry to hear that everyone enjoys writing definitions that contain incredible jealousy. You really don't know oakville kids and you're simply jealous of their good fortune, therefore you act like complete ignorant fools and insult us. Maybe if you took time out of your "horrible lives" you could get to know us. Also, if it wasn't for the tax payers of Oakville I seriously doubt that you'd be receiving your welfare checks each month.
Mississauga kid: f***ing oakville kids live in a big bubble
Oakville kid: get a job you dirty binder and stop critisizing us because your jealous of our parent's money
Mississauga kid: yo dog you got beef, youz a hater
Oakville kid: learn how to talk or get out of my country, I'm ashamed I pay taxes to keep you in school
A country disliked by surrounding countries, especially Korea. ( Though there are many Koreans who admire and embrace the Japanese culture) Its bad relationship developed from unpleasant past and government problems between the two. It is economically wealthy and traditional or stereotypical Japanese people are known to be quiet and polite on the outside and have quite different feelings on the inside.
I personally believe Koreans should not hate the Japanese people because many just have the wrong idea about Korea and its history. Although, I do hate the government and its actions in the past and present.
Also some people have claimed Korea is like Japan and have copied them, but in truth, Japan has actually stolen many customs of China and Korea.

I apologize for my form of writing. I tried not being too biased but I could not help it.
Also known as "minute fags".
US citizens that believe in killing another person over crossing an imaginary line. They are trying to exterminate any person who crosses the border because of their insecurity of mexicans taking their jobs, but still they end up in a Mexican Food restaurant asking for more tacos.
Minute fag: I´m proud of my country and I´m proud of being a racist, an ignorant, and a fag.

Mexican: Exactly.
the way non-portuguese spell lisboa...
The city is named lisboa, not lisbon... even the d*mn tourism misspells it, probably becuase its "hard" to p*onounce.
Its not... dont disrespect my country and say lisbon
Wop: hey man, im going to lisbon for holidays!
Porkchop: Shut up fez, ull get ur a*s kicked if u call it that in portugal
My mom's home country.

The Philippines was discovered by Magellan in the late 1500s for King Philop of Spain, until Magellan wore out his welcome in the Philippines and got his a*s cut off and died from the natives. The Philippines is really named after the king of Spain, was also colonized by Spain at one time then later it was taken over by the Americans. Then during World War II the Japanese took control. The Philippines is also the only nation in most of Asia to be Chirstain and have a mix of many different types of cultures. The Philippines is also known to be the "Peral of the Orient."

A place I want to visit someday as soon as this War on Terrorism is over.
"My country Philippines is kicka*s so back off you d*mn Spanard!"
A war in which the attacked country poses no direct or imminent threat to the attacker. To be differentiated from preemptive war, in which the attacker is in clear danger of being attacked.

The US is an old hand at staging preventive wars. Through clever use of propaganda to infuse nationalism and support for its wars among the population it is able to attack and invade sovereign countries under the guise of "liberation" or "preemptive attack".

See also War with Iraq.
I'll go and punch a blind person in a wheelchair on the street and call it a preventive attack. He was clearly going for my wallet!
A modest New York City suburb with a great atmosphere for raising a healthy, middle cla*s family. Moderately priced houses and a lower cost of living make it an attractive alternative to more extravagent Connecicut suburbs such as Greenwich and New Canaan.
I was able to start saving for my retirement and my kid's education by chosing to live in Darien instead of New Canaan Greenwich. My wife doesn't feel uncomfortable driving a used car, and we could actually afford to get into the country club without selling my kidneys.
"Number one exporter of terrorists beside Pakistan."

First of all, just based on English, a country can't "export" people, namely terrorists. A country can deport people, or outsource people, but not "export" since that word describes shipping ITEMS. That being said...

Lol. ABSOLUTELY WRONG. I would like anyone, anyone at all, name an Iranian person who directly carried out a terrorist attack? Hmm...either the response would "I don't know any" or "Yeah, that blah blah Arab guy"...of course forgetting that IRANIANS ARE NOT ARAB!!!!!!!!! Also, it's surprising, that despite 9/11th, the person doesn't seem to mention Saudi Arabians, which constituted a majority of the hij*ckers. Hmm...Maybe that's because the Bush Administration, who basically grovel at the royal Saudis feet (look at the gas prices if you need proof ;)), have completely misinformed the stupid that Saudis are friends and that Iran is the enemy. This is laughable because the Saudis have a monarchy (which Americans ironically fought against in the Revolutionary War, remember?), compared to Iran, which has a semi-representative government. Of course, the big difference hinges the fact that Iran doesn’t supply oil to the U.S, whereas Saudi Arabia does. So, if you want to be a Saudi puppet like the president, then by all means support the quote.

Furthermore, just as a little known fact, Iran has captured the most Al-Qaeida agents than any other country in the world, even including the US :D. Take that suck...
Otherwise known as Jessica Simpson this blonde, typically texan Barbie cheerleader-type (taken to extremes) has recently starred in a remake of the dukes of hazzard (which was a c*appy show originally). The film should be re-named Jessie's Dry Humping video. The film was a flimsy excuse to be able to show as much of Jess writhing around nearly naked simulating s*x with a car (General Lee) when recording "these boots are made for walking" as a spin-off. The song too was bad-to-sh*t orignally and this cover is even worse. The only reason people (guys) are buying it is cuz of the p*rny image she portrays. Yep, put out any old c*ap and make it p*rny, and it'll still sell.

Lil' ol' Jess has even commented that Daisy Puke is a “good role model for girls” ?!?!
So, now Jess is some kind of cultural psychology expert to be able to quantify a statement like this? If asked to explain she would no doubt give that vacant blonde stare and say something reeled off parrot-fashion that she’s heard someone else say like “oh, she’s so strong “ whatever. This comment comes from a woman who, when being filmed for the newlyweds show, was so insecure about her husband being around “hot” dancers for his new video, went out and spent 700 dollars on new underwear for herself to look even hotter. Jesus.
She had to train for at least 2 hours a day for a few months before filming the good ol’ dukes so there’s another visual lie being perpetuated by media. Many girls will think she just lo...
A small town in Austria. No really, look it up on a map.
English-speaking visitors are routinely arrested for stealing the town's signs. See Windpa*sing
I had to drive all the way to Austria to see my f*cking friends.
the most fierce, brave and the most determined soldiers in the world. Although they are only 5 feet tall in average, they are still respected because of the level of bravery they have soon in the field. Throughout the years, Gorkhali have recieved the several, highest honour medals (The Victoria Cross - 14 men have recieved this award). It has been written that even Samurai's were scared when they heard the Gorkhalis were coming. Samurai's had heard of Gorkhali soldiers, who would come in silence, and slice their enemies throat while they were sleeping. During the Second World War, many Gorkhalis were taken in by the British army to fight in the war. It is because of these brave men, Nepal has been able to survive. When the British came, they took over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, ... but never did they take over Nepal. It is because of them we Nepali's are able to call ourselves Nepali. So, lets give a minute to these men who have given their life for their country. Eventhough they have died, they will still be in our hearts, they will continue to live on. "Wars come and go, But our soldiers stay eternal"

British: Let's kill these people with guns, and take over their country
Gorkhali: We will not stand down, we will kill you with our khukuri, we will chop you like we chop radish

...HOurs pa*s by, gorkhali with khukuri's fight the British who have guns, BUT STILL, Gorkhali's are not afraid, they chop their enemies like they chop radish.

British: Oh, my god, they are so brave
British: Stop! Don't kill us. Would you like to join our army?
Gorkhali: Sure, why not.

... Gorkhali's still continue to serve in the British army

By Bishwas Paudel
geography lesson for all you f*cktards:
America is a country.It is short for the United States of America
North America is a continent.
South America is a continent.
Antarctica is a continent.
Africa is a continent.
Europe is a continent.
Asia is a continent.
Australia is both a continent and a nation.
If someone says "hey let's go to America" , they mean the USA!
If they don't mean the USA then it's too vague.Do they mean North America , or South America?
North and South are part of the name of these continents in order to distinguish one from the other just like how America (the USA) and Canada have two different names so as to distinguish two different countries from eachother with two different names.
Lay off the crack you f*cktards.
Someone from the country America is an American.
Someone from the continent of North America is North American.Someone from the continent of South America is South American.
An acronym for American Born Chinese.
My parents are from China but I am an a b c.
Australia. A place I love and adore. And miss a great deal after having been away from my great country for almost 3 years. I live in Seattle, USA, and can see the contrast between this country and my own: Australians are the most relaxed, laid back people in the world. Nothing phases an Australian and there are times I wish Americans would take a deep breath and relax, and perhaps realize being friendly will get you so much more in life than being selfish. Granted, Johnnie Howard seems to play the game of "Bush Says" a little too often, but there's not the sense of paranoia that exists here. Having grown up in Australia too, I live for the beach and summer. Give me 40C days, I'm in heaven. And of course... Vegemite toast, my favourite food.
Australia: sunshine, the beach, my home.
To countrymen townies are either chavs or wealthy middlecla*s folk from big cities and suburbs who relocate to the country in search of more space to pursue their townie life-style. Townies know next to nothing about the country and generally don't attempt to adapt to country ways or acquire a country ethos. They inhabit only large houses - old rectories, farm houses, barn conversions and follies - and have at least one 4WD.
They surround their house with a stout fence, Leylandii hedge and something approaching street lighting as they can't bear the impenetrable darkness or the night sky.
They often tire very quickly of the countryside with its noise, mud, smells, unruly vegetation and poor ameneties and relocate to a country market town, or return to the city whence they came.
The main event of the year for a townie living in the countryside is the mid-summer party for which he erects a huge tent, brings in a band which blares out noisy thumpy musi...
A general term that stems from a shortening of douschebag or douchebag; can be used in many ways:

A)Can sometimes be used as a playful insult among friends, especially if one of them has done something stupid or absentminded;

B)Can be used as a semi-serious insult, as when person A has actually been offended by a comment or action done by person B, but person A does not wish to get into fight; he merely wants to express his annoyance;

C)a common nickname for people in the 2006 cla*s at Cincinnati Country Day School; synonyms in this situation are douschebag, douchebag, douchef*ck, chickensh*t, and dumba*s.
A) Guy 1: Dude, I stayed up all night writing this King Lear paper for my english teacher
Guy 2: Haha, you dbag, you're gonna f*ck up on your Physics test now.
Guy 1: sh*t! I completely forgot about it!

B) Guy 1: You dbag, why did you ditch me at the movies last friday?
Guy 2: I'm sorry man, I got the munchies.

C) TJ: I called Dbag last night; he said he's up for the Halo tourney
Keesh: Which Dbag? Pierce, Lang, Odin, Johnny Gill, or Tim?
teenagers/young adults (who are perfectly capable of getting jobs) who stand in front of 7-11 and ask people for spare change so they can travel around the country on tour with some c*appy jam band

combo of "spare changer"
"I can't even walk down the d*mn street without those f*cking spangers begging me for my last quarter!"
a country called australia not NEW ZEALAND u dumb a*ses where the land is great n SOME gurls r pretty, n to most new zealand people who think that nz is good n australia is jus full of prisoners...times change u know oh wait.....islanders havent changed they still live in the past n at least we r not sheep f*ckers bloody maoris cept for a couple :D
bob:where are u from?
jenny:im from australia u know the LAND DOWN UNDER
bob:ahhh cool lets go chuck some shrimp on the barbie(trying to sound aussie which americans suk at imatating!!!!!!)
jenny: u f*ck face y u trying to sound aussie u sound like a f*cking yobo aussie's dont talk like that n we dont chuck f*cking sea creatures on the barbie its called a snag u know a f*cking sausage....
bob:wow settle down n suck my c*ck
jenny: shut the f*ck up......u know wat ur mouth is bigger then ur ego
bob: i said suck my c*ck
jenny:i got told not to stick f*cking small things in my mouth f*ck stick
tim:OI OI OI
bob: bloody aussie's
jenny:u just wish u had a holden
tim: ahh wat bob supports fords
fred:lets f*ckin hurt the yankie
Just, simply, another word for asian. A word that has nothing, at all, to do with your stereotype, personality, or anything of the sort. A word in which anyone/everyone uses, just as much as they use other shortened versions of things.

The word doesn't have much to do with the way you type, neither. It's just simply another way to write/type asian.

It has little to do with culture, although it is more than likely asians will use it (because they are azn/asian?), but it is no different than calling someone asian. It means the same thing -- and it DOES NOT make the person who they are.
I do, indeed, have pride in my country, but who doesn't? My hair is black, I never play games (I despise them), I go to school, and I know everything about my heritage just about. I live in the place one of my parents was born, and have visited the other. I do not embarra*s my nation by calling myself azn -- everyone does it. I am not ghetto, not a nerd, not a wigger, not a prep, not a skater. I'm a hardcore chick and I am 100 percent AZN. :]
Any rhythmic expression....The main requirement is an instrumental. Without instruments playing a beat or whatnot, the singer or rapper is not performing music. With that said, the dude saying that music requires singing and not rapping(what he calls "talkin") is very wrong. Groups such as orchestras perform and release albums. They dont always include a chorus with them. Now I know for a fact you wont deny that orchestras play music. Your embedded ethnocentrism wont allow you to. Most orchestras consist of caucasian musicians; who do not sing. It is still music; and very good music at that. Therefore, hip-hop artists who grant it, for the most part, do not sing, still are considered musical performers due to the fact that their music displays rhythmic expressions. Lastly, hip-hop musicians are far more talented than you think when it comes to the complexity of their music and their lyrics specifically. Not always the case for rock an roll. However, I am not disrespecting the genre of rock and roll either. It is simply my stating that most people overlook the talent of hip-hop artists.
Them gothic chicks need to get themselves educations before they obtain the right to judge music that they have little to no knowledge about.

Example of Rap Lyrics- "I specialize in hypnotizing, im never compromising/
my skills are surprising, despite hate arising its love im reviving/
under pressure im thriving best come outta your hiding/
like Randy Johnson im sliding into the front seat confiding/
in the girl I hold dearest in my heart two souls colliding/
so before you judge me racist laws your abiding/
pick up your knowledge and like Game stop snitching, stop lying" -Me(Im 15, and not nearly talented enough to become a professional MC, plus it took my less than 2 minutes to come up with that)

Ok some Rock and Roll Lyrics-"IM NOT OKAYYYYYYYYYYYY"-My Chemical Romance....Now i could be wrong, but it prolly took them a bit longer to come up with that....
Any rhythmic expression....The main requirement is an instrumental. Without instruments playing a beat or whatnot, the singer or rapper is not performing music. With that said, the dude saying that music requires singing and not rapping(what he calls "talkin") is very wrong. Groups such as orchestras perform and release albums. They dont always include a chorus with them. Now I know for a fact you wont deny that orchestras play music. Your embedded ethnocentrism wont allow you to. Most orchestras consist of caucasian musicians; who do not sing. It is still music; and very good music at that. Therefore, hip-hop artists who grant it, for the most part, do not sing, still are considered musical performers due to the fact that their music displays rhythmic expressions. Lastly, hip-hop musicians are far more talented than you think when it comes to the complexity of their music and their lyrics specifically. Not always the case for rock an roll. However, I am not disrespecting the genre of rock and roll either. It is simply my stating that most people overlook the talent of hip-hop artists.
Them gothic chicks need to get themselves educations before they obtain the right to judge music that they have little to no knowledge about.
One who suffers from "unus-mutorum-populorum" disease, or "one of the dumb people" disease. "UMP" is a disease in which one begins to contrive fantasies about how the world should be. Some, the more heavily effected, actually try to change certain things about society in favor of their mad agenda induced by this illness.

Known symptoms of "UMP" disease are: allowing illegal immigrants to pa*s over the borders of one's country, favoring universal healthcare, and wanting to legalize h*mos*xuality.

Known method(s) of treatment: decapitation and/or mercy killing the subject

Known method(s) of prevention: thinking logically

Note: One is most likely to catch "UMP" if he or she is slow in the head or irrational.
Person 1: Hey Larry, how's it going?

Person 2: Not too good Bill, I'm worried about the whales and getting citizenship for my friend Pablo. He arrived last week on a leaky raft.

Person 1: (looks in horror) You' of them, the liberals!

Person 2: What?

Person 1: You've got "UMP"!

(Person 1 takes out saw and decapitates person 2)

Person 1: For your own good Larry

Person 2's Spirit: Thank-you Bill. Now I can finally be free from the Devil.
a county that one of my teachers made up just for fun, but then all of us kids took it seriously!! mIcHaEl WoRlD rOxX mUh SoXx!!!!
Teacher: for example you would have to ask the principle about putting up a flyer for starting your own country?
Kiddo: hah yeah i think michael should start a country!
Michael: yeah i wanna start michael world

MICHAEL WORLD!! population: 8
Goth-Country-Punk band from Detroit that experiments with a wide a*sortment of instruments, including 2 piece drumsets, to banjos, to mandolins, to autoharp, to electric guitar.

Blanche creates an interesting and appealing atmosphere that could easily be mistaken for ghosts sitting around a campfire. They create cryptic, haunting music at times (such as tracks Someday, Superstition, and So Long Cruel World), they explore the boundaries of truth in songs such as Do You Trust Me, and create complicated love songs sure to please anyone with a mature ear.

Blanche is from Detroit, Michigan and features the talented Dan John Miller on electric guitar and vocals, the beautiful Tracee Mae Miller (wife to Dan) on ba*s and backup vocals, the crazy Feeny on pedal steel guitar, Lisa Jaybird Jannon on drums and on occasion, acoustic guitar, and the adorable, talented Little j*ck Lawrence on banjo, autoharp, and occasionally mandolin.
"Don't you know it's bad luck to be superstitious?"
"But nothing else is working, and my head is really hurting!"
-Blanche's "Superstitious"
A college preparatory school located in the Detroit Metropolitan area. The system is corrupt and half of the school tuition goes to the headmaster to pay for his brand new yacht. (see: Twat) What's left of the $20,000+ tuition is spent on useless landscaping and hiring caterers when the state health inspectors drop by to evaluate the low-budget lunch program. The remaining funds are spent buying basketball player from other schools to play on our team. Donations are literally begged for by the headmaster.

They say that they treat you like adults, but in reality, they treat you like you can't take a sh*t without hurting yourself.

What we are not allowed to do:

Hug (It's innapropriate)
Carry a backpack around (It's not safe)
t*ss a saltine cracker at my friend
Take off our vests when we are hot
Wear a coat when they try and cut back on the heating bill
Voice our opinion

Generally, DCD sucks camel p*nis.
Scott: Where do you go to?
Kyle: Detroit Country Day.
Scott: Your life must suck.
1. People who are too ignorant to read the constitution and see that Bush doesn't make the budget, nor makes amendments.
2. Political Party that has to have an excuse for everything. But they can't explain this, pro-abortion but against the killing of murderers.
3. Political Party that black people support even though the Republican Party was formed to free slaves.
4. Political Party that says that Bush won because of his money, but Kerry always brags about having more than Bush. Supposedly stand up for the 'litte man' and that's why poor people vote republican and wealthy vote democrat.
5. Think that Bush went into Afghanistan for 9/11, even though it's called the WAR ON TERROR, with supporting evidence of a terrorist regime in Afghanistan as well as Iraq.
6. Believe that the Government should control everything. Another name for this is Socialist.
7. Can't read obvious definitions.
8. Think that when someone does something it won't take money, but think that when the don't do anything that's ok as long as they make money.
1. 'The Democrat shook his head sadly as Bush made a constitutional amendment that allows hate and praises it by banning a human right from a certain group of people.' The ignorant PushBush(OffACliff)
2.'a dumba*s. a dumba*s who got elected by well, dumba*ses. he is the reason why we lost our allies. he is the reason why so many innocent people in iraq are losing their lives. the only smart thing he will ever do is die. (:'- sara who couldn't even put the smiley the right way round :)
3.'-The people who started the KKK (or Ku Klux Klan) in Tennessee.' Republican Warrior
'A political party who fights for civil rights.' Johnyhoff
4.'My wealth so far exceeds that of my counterpart, George Bush, that he will never catch up. I make little or no charitable contributions and have never agreed to pay any voluntary excess taxes in Ma*sachusetts, despite family wealth in excess of $ 700 million. I served in Vietnam (four months).' Who cares if some of it is inaccurate DEMOCRATS SUCK!
5. 'Feel that a country should not use the advantage of the anger people feel because thousands were killed on 9/11 by AFGHANISTAN to go to war on IRAQ.' PushBush(OffACliff)
6.'political party who raises taxes in order to fund goverment programs to build a stronger country.these goverment programs help the people of america. if you are rich it doesent benifit you to pay taxes because you dont got to worry about sending your kids to a good public school.' idf*ckanything
7. 'Feel that Marraige is...
One of the best American distance runners. In 1973, set the American high school 2-mile record, 8:40.9, on a 90-degree day -- the track was even sticking to his shoes. This broke Steve Prefontaine's high school record, and is still the fastest time in an all-high school race. Later, he won two world cross-country championships (1980 and 1981), finished 2nd at Boston in his only marathon, and would probably have won a medal at the Moscow Olympics if not for Jimmy Carter's boycott. He also set an American record at 10,000m.

Unfortunately, Virgin is often overlooked in the history of American distance running, possibly because he excelled at distances between the "glory events" of the mile and the marathon, and most of all at the even less-noticed cross country. The example quote puts it quite well.
When Steve Prefontaine met Craig Virgin, he said, "So you're the little sh*t that broke my record." Virgin replied, "And if I'd had the weather you had, I would have run 8:34."

"Virgin getting no love. (ba-zing!)" -Biscuit_AQ, DyeStat user
A college preparatory school located in the Detroit Metropolitan area. The system is corrupt and half the school tuition goes to the headmaster (see: twat) to pay for his brand new yacht. What's left of the $20,000+ tuition is spent on useless landscaping and hiring caterers when the state health inspectors drop by to evaluate the low-budget lunch program. The remaining funds are spent buying basketball player from other schools to play on our team. Donations are literally begged for by the headmaster.

They say that they treat you like adults, but in reality, they treat you like you can't take a sh*t without hurting yourself.

What we are not allowed to do:

Hug (It's innapropriate)
Carry a backpack around (It's not safe)
t*ss a saltine cracker at my friend
Take off our vests when we are hot
Wear a coat when they try and cut back on the heating bill
Voice our opinion
Play Jenga
Play Cards

Generally, DCD sucks camel p*nis.
Scott: What school do you go to?
Kyle: Detroit Country Day.
Scott: Your life must suck then.
Jehovah's Witnesses try to live by the words of Jesus at John 13:34,35 which indicate that his true followers would be identified by their love for one another. This is one reason they do not take up arms or go to war.
Woman: "I don't like Jehovah's Witnesses because they refuse to join the military and fight for the freedoms they enjoy everyday. My son went to war and gave his life for his country."

Jehovah's Witness: "I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your son. But one thing you can be a*sured of, he didn't lose his life at the hands of one of Jehovah's Witnesses"
The age you can buy a pack of cigarettes or go fight for your country in a war (Both potentially fatal), but are still considered too young to drink alcohol.
Person 1: Dude, yesterday was my birthday! I turned 18!
Person 2: What did you do all day?
Person 1: I decided to enlist!
Person 2: ...stfu moron...
Most people have a horribly limited idea of what emo is, simply because the most important records in the development of emo were largely released on on vinyl, in small numbers, and with limited distribution. These were however very influential, so nowadays you have the situation that a lot of kids listen to third- and fourth-generation emo styles without even knowing it. I hope to expose such people to a wealth of great preceding music that's getting easier to find all the time...

After Minor Threat broke up in late 1983, the vibrant DC hardcore-punk scene that exploded in 1981 seems to start to run out of steam and fresh ideas within the established DC hardcore sound. The wistful, posthumous Minor Threat 7" "Salad Days" comes out in 1984 and drives the final nail into the coffin of DC hardcore punk. Bands all over the country begin casting about for new things to do : DRI and Bad Brains start going cheeze-metal, New York bands start doing tough-guy mosh, 7Seconds goes jangly U2 alternative, etc. The prevailing change in D.C. is toward melodic rock with punk sensibilities.

1984 marks the release of Zen Arcade by Minneapolis band Hüsker Dü, doc*menting their new mature sound combining furious, intense vocal delivery and driving guitars with slowed-down rockish tempos and more-complex, melodic songwriting.

In spring 1984, a new band called Rites Of Spring forms from members of The Untouchables/Faith and Deadline. This band retains a punk speed and frenzy, but bring...
When a girl gives two handjobs simultaneously, which consequently, makes her arms move in the way cross country skiers' arms move with their ski poles.
Jim: "After a long day of snowboarding, Carl and I took Susie back to my chalet for a little cross country skiing"
In the past, the word prep was used to define those individuals priviledged enough to attend East Coast prepatory schools. However, more recently, the word prep has evolved to describe any individual who seems like they would be the type to attend a prep school. In most cases, today's preps had relatives who attended prep schools-- their families are legacies at these institutions. Contrary to popular belief, preps do not wear Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, or similar clothing companies. In many cases, shopping at these stores would be seen as a waste of money (and a lack of good judgement). Instead, many preps choose to sport Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, J. Crew, Burberry, Lilly Pulitzer, and anything from Nordstrom, Saks, and Neiman Marcus. Loafers, boating shoes, designer sungla*ses, and designer purses are also important. Casually, preps can be spotted wearing designer tees (Michael Stars/ C & C California), Uggs, Juicy Couture, Hard Tail, North Face, Rainbow, and jeans by True Religion, 7 for All Mankind, Rock & Republic, etc. Pearls are a must, along with jewelry by Tiffany & Company and David Yurman. Many preps enjoy sailing, golfing, playing tennis-- stereotypical prep activites. They are often members of a country club and use their time there to a*sociate with other preps. Families of preps generally know each other. Many prep families will remain friends through the generations as they gather for charity benefits, dinner parties, and other social ...
A form of music. Not loved by everyone. Different people have different tastes. People who are on here dissin Rap need to just shut up. Because if you dont like it, dont get involed in things that involve it. Most of you are probably white, (not saying that, that is a bad thing) and probably have no rythm. Rap music is all about Rythm and beats. So if you cant keep a Rythm or a beat how are you going to appreiciate the music. Not always about hoes, and drugs, and money. And dont think that Rap and Rock dont go together!!! Have you heard Numb with Linkin Park and Jay-Z??? Two of my favorite Artists/Bands, and I am black.
A form of music, just like Rock, or Country, or Pop. Country is not for everyone, Rock is not for everyone, Pop is not for everyone, and neither is Rap. So if you dont like Rap you should just stay out of it. And if you have nothing nice to say about it just shut up!
1) From the Italian Verb - Guidare - to drive

2) Conjegation of italian word *to drive* meaning I drive...Io guido

3) A Name represanting Gill in Italian. Male name

3) A sterotypical version of the italian american. Guidos are supposedly all italian when They have never been to the country in there entire life. They presumme that they are "the ####, gee" when they look like "####..gee?"


1) Are Italian American residing predominatly in New York or New Jersey.
2)Cannot speak proper english and immitate a terriable new york accent ( I am a New Yorker from the Bronx and I don't talk like that!!!)
3) Most likely have never been to Italy. And if they have, have most likely been to the South ( such as Palermo and Calabria)
4) Believe they know everything about italy when they dont!.( and if you are a guido going "pfff!" at this...then tell me, who is Coismo di Medici...and Petrarco? )
5) Think they can speak Italian when all they know are words from their grandmother ( a.k.a La Nonna) who came from south italy and speaks a regional dialect. ( If you are a guido and still denying it.....alhora, dimmi che cosa dico adesso é voglio vedere che cosa scriverá cosa vuoi dirmi?? Solo "talia la peciuota??" col tuo dialetto schifoso siciliano??? BAAAA! )
6) Think People in Italy act the way they act...h*ll no! They are very cultured!!!! And I am proud to say that I grew up under that influence and not some "yo, look at me lets hit the club"
7) Only ...
From Arabic; Hezbollah = Party of Allah
A political party in Lebanon, that also has a military wing. They help build schools and hospitals for Muslim civilians desplaced in the Israeli war. The military wing has a large presence along the border with Isreal to protect Lebanon from Israeli aggression.
Mother, I want to support my country, I am going to join Hezbollah.
My favorite foreigners, never met one I didn't like and I've known dozens. They're so enthusiastic I wish I could enjoy life as much as they seem to. And responsible for my favorite movie trilogy.
Kiwis laugh harder at my sick jokes than people from any other country, including my own.
Ireland is one of the few (if only) countries in Europe that is not being overrun by Muslims or African nationals, has a positive Native birth rate, and are proud of who they are. Long live Ireland.
Frenchie: "Oui-Oui, I don't have le courage, to stand up for my country and my people, which is why or cities have ethnic riots and violence."

Danishman: " I habe das same problem, with our cartoons, we are at the mercy of religious extremists. Help us Ireland!"

Irishman: "Not our problem, grow some b*lls you p*ssies."
Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design. (Univerisity of the Arts London)

Central Saint Martins has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts and design in the country. It is, in essence, the complete arts College.

Through the work of staff and students, Central Saint Martins continues to build on the success of its past by pushing the boundaries of both the arts, performance and design practice, and of arts, performance and design education.

Students are encouraged to challenge the prevailing ethic and graduate as leaders and innovators. The College is determined to sustain and enhance quality to provide an unrivalled opportunity for students to select their career pathways, enabling them to realise their potential and make a significant contribution to the 21st century. We believe that our graduates - artists, performers and designers - have strategic roles to play in setting the agendas by which we shape our lives, not only now but in the future.

Central Saint Martins builds on the distinctive traditions of its four founding colleges: St Martin's School of Art, Central School of Art and Design, Drama Centre London and Byam Shaw School of Art. The College provides specialist education in fine art; fashion and textiles; communication design; media arts; 3D design including jewellery, ceramic, industrial and furniture design; theatre design and pe...
Where suck-ups and star athletes thrive but normal kids get pushed aside. The competition for a high school is ridiculous. Awards and recognition by teachers are more important than true friends. The headmaster is as good of a speaker as George Bush and the Dean articulates like he has an IQ of 8. There are some really good teachers but the majority need to go back to college and get a teaching degree because they don't make sense during cla*s.
Previous definitions failed to mention how most of the guys aren't much better than the girls. The guys who are pricks think they are gods but when they get to college their a*ses will be pummeled and then they'll cry. Dating a Brother Rice boy seems to make them mad because they are "rivals" both on and off the field (idiots). The girls always seem to dress exactly the same on casual days. We have girls who come up with retarded acronyms for their names. (seriously WHO DOES THAT?!?) Some people think that their entire grade is friends with eachother but that is bullsh*t. Just because you're "popular" doesn't mean everyone likes you. Most are just entertained by your blatant acts of stupidity.
Restriction and restraints are how they control us. There is NO school spirit, it dies a little more each time new rules like "No more Jenga during study halls it gets too 'rowdy'" are made. We are watched constantly like criminals. Retared rules are made for everyone because the administration is too afraid to punish just a few students...
The German word for Jews.
"Juden beseitegen!"

And no, that's not MY quote.
For those of you midwestern girs dying your hair blonde and wearing a popped collar does NOT make you preppy. Being a prep is not something that you can just decide to be, you are born a prep. Preppiness is a lifestyle not a fashion style. Also being a prep means that you attend an east coast preperatory school or an elite preperatory school near where you live. Preps play lacrosse,tennis,crew,etc. Preps aso belong to country clubs. And another thing Abercrombie & Fitch Hollister, American Eagle,etc is not preppy.
prep 1- Susan you looked so cute yesterday at your brother's squash match. I loved your lilly skirt, is that from the resort collection?

prep 2- Thank you I'll be sure to tell my brother, and actually no the skirt is from the spring collection. I love your lacoste polo that is such a cute color. I'll see you back at Exeter after break.
a.) Real music that you can actually understand, performed by artists who can actually sing and play instruments (not just shout obscenities and sometimes-rhyming slang backed by a drum machine or fragments of somebody else's record played off turntables). Music that condones patriotism and traditional American/family values instead of drive-by shootings, murders, drug usage, racism (i.e. hatred of white people) and general lawlessness.
This type of music is usually enjoyed by proud, honest, hard-working people who have chosen not to be a drain on society by living on welfare and/or spending most of their adult life in prison. You'll never see it on MTV because it's not trendy, thuggish or amoral (like everything else on MTV). Generally not enjoyed by baggy-clothed, backwards ballcap wearing, bling wearing fashion slave "sheeple" posers who feel an irrepressible need to try to impress everybody by acting and talking like something they're not.

b.) The kind of music you'd like your kids to listen to, as opposed to "Yo, yo, I got crunked up on chronic and a fo'ty and did a drive-by 187 on the PO-lice, then c-walked back to the criznizzle and slapped mah beee-yatch."
Typical country music:

"My daddy served in the Army, he lost his right eye - but he flew a flag out in our yard until the day that he died. He wanted my brother, my mother, my sister and me to grow up and live happy in the land of the free."

"And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free....and I won't forget the men who died to save that right for me. And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today - for there ain't no doubt I love this land.....God Bless the U.S.A."
The best and most difficult sport ever. It involves running thru gra*s, mud, and dirt for miles. You have to be really athletic to be good at it.
When I got my varsity letter in cross country freshman year, my freinds told me it didn't count because I didn't letter in a "real" sport. WHATEVER.
Wayfaring Stranger is a trandional country song, performed by many artists such as Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and (for the soundtrack of Cold Mountain) j*ck White.

The song is generally about death, a man dying and leaving turmoil behind to see his family and beautiful feilds.

You should listen to it. Johnny Cash possibly did the best job of singing it.
I am a poor wayfaring stranger,
Travelling through this world of woe,
There's no sickness, toil or danger,
In that bright land to which I go.

Yes I'm going over Jordan,
Just going, no more to roam,
Only going over Jordan,
Just a-going to my home.
A secretive country where religion and free speech are opressed and the people live in abject poverty. Also willing to develop WMDs.
"My dad got arrested in North Korea 37 years ago and now weighs 12 kilograms with a 32 inch beard, due to the fact he expressed his Christianity, since then the family has been regularly tortured for no apparent reason."
Country size a*s. Worthy of a redneck woman
Song: Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
Husslers shootin' eightball
Throwin' darts at the wall
Feelin' d*mn near 10 ft. tall
Here she comes, Lord help us all
Ol' T.W.'s girlfriend done slapped him outta his chair
Poor ole boy, it ain't his fault
It's so hard not to stare
At that honky tonk badonkadonk
Keepin' perfect rhythm
Make ya wanna swing along
Got it goin' on
Like Donkey Kong
And whoo-wee
Shut my mouth, slap your grandma
There outta be a law
Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how's she even get them britches on
That honky tonk badonkadonk
(Aww son)

Now Honey, you can't blame her
For what her mama gave her
You ain't gotta hate her
For workin' that money-maker
Band shuts down at two
But we're hangin' out till three
We hate to see her go
But love to watch her leave
With that honky tonk badonkadonk
Keepin' perfect rhythm
Make ya wanna swing along
Got it goin' on
Like Donkey Kong
And whoo-wee
Shut my mouth, slap your grandma
There outta be a law
Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how's she even get them britches on
With that honky tonk badonkadonk
(Ooh, that's what I'm talkin' bout right there, honey)
a very poor uncompeditive excuse for a game where g*y or very feminine excuses for men squeeze into tight shorts and g*y little singlets .during game play they kick the ball and jump like girls to catch the ball and aim to get the ball between four posts. if the player misses the middle posts but gets the 2 outer posts they get points for missing the main points.this game is so popular it is played in australia and has no international games between countries only a silly cross between gaelic and g*yfl football.unlike the much more enjoyable rugby league which has an international fan base countries that play league are as follows ,new zealand ,england,wales,scotland,ireland,tonga ,fiji, france, papua new guenea ,russia has a small comp the us is growing into a good comp.all of these nations might not be able to compete with australia new zealand great britan but they do play the game.g*yfl is the worst game in the world equal only with soccer
real men play league girls, sooks, d*ckheads,g*ys play afl
son} dad i want to play rugby league all the g*y boys at school play australian rules football
dad}thats ok mate i wouldnt subject my worst enemy to that queer afl game
An amazing school in a small town in North Carolina. Home to amazing parties and even more amazing girls. Everyone there drinks... Heavily. West End, light house and any of the few Sigma Pi loacations are usually filled with kids drinking and having a good time. It is very country club like- i am yet to see more than a few fat and or ugly people on campus. Greek Life is huge and for a good reason. If anyone is considering attending this university i would strongly advise them to go here.
A conversation between two kids at Elon University
1: hey i just got out of cla*s, what are you doing?
2: I am at the bar, come over
1: ok, im on my way
New Trier is the highest-profile school north of Chicago, a refuge for the children of rich people of Chicago's North Side. 99% of the students are white or Asian, and it is widely known across the county as the richest, most extravagant school district, where students all drive their Range Rovers and BMW's to school. This is partly true. Only 2/3 of the students do. The other third does not have a driver's license.

Despite their high test scores and reputation of being one of the "smartest" schools in the country, many are unaware of the suffering of those less fortunate. Growing up in a sheltered environment, they simply a*sume everyone has rich parents to help out the homeless of Detroit, the starving of Nigeria, and the dying of Gaza.

Their parents vote Democrat, but students show a clear disdain for paying more taxes than the underprivileged. Many are known to bring amounts even up to $50 for lunch. They're the kind of people that carry $1,500 in their wallets, encounter a homeless man on the streets, and tell him to get a job.

Despite all this, their egos remain high and care remains low. Money runs high and so does ignorance.
All are ACTUAL QUOTES from New Trier students.

New Trier Kid: "Dad, am I still getting a Ferrari for my 16th birthday?"

New Trier Kid: "Isn't Mexico's government enslaving their people?", "What's Gaza?"

New Trier Kid: "Why should I pay $25,000 in taxes if I make $250,000, while someone earning $30,000 would only pay $3,000? That is SO unfair. If I pay $25,000, so should he!"

New Trier Kid: "Evanston is like New Trier, except a lot less money and a lot more black people."
New Trier is the highest-profile school north of Chicago, a refuge for the children of rich people of Chicago's North Side. 99% of the students are white or Asian, and it is widely known across the county as the richest, most extravagant school district, where students all drive their Range Rovers and BMW's to school. This is partly true. Only 2/3 of the students do. The other third does not have a driver's license.

Despite their high test scores and reputation of being one of the "smartest" schools in the country, many are unaware of the suffering of those less fortunate. Growing up in a sheltered environment, they simply a*sume everyone has rich parents to help out the homeless of Detroit, the starving of Nigeria, and the dying of Gaza.

Their parents vote Democrat, but students show a clear disdain for paying more taxes than the underprivileged. Many are known to bring amounts even up to $50 for lunch. They're the kind of people that carry $1,500 in their wallets, encounter a homeless man on the streets, and tell him to get a job.

Despite all this, their egos remain high and care remains low. Money runs high and so does ignorance.
All are ACTUAL QUOTES from New Trier students.

New Trier Kid: "Dad, am I still getting a Ferrari for my 16th birthday?"

New Trier Kid: "Isn't Mexico's government enslaving their people?", "What's Gaza?"

New Trier Kid: "Why should I pay $25,000 in taxes if I make $250,000, while someone earning $30,000 would only pay $3,000? That is SO unfair. If I pay $25,000, so should he!"

New Trier Kid: "Evanston is like New Trier, except a lot less money and a lot more black people."
Chav:An illiterate sub species from the normal h*mosapien (humans).
There moronic behaviour towards society and other people is totally undignified; and depressingly our society some what agrees with this ASBO culture. Our future now lies in their knuckle dusting hands.
Chavs NEED to conform to a smoking, immature; bullying way of life. They sport the latest tracksuits from Nike, Addidas, Lacoste & many other companies which persuade young people to turn into this separate race. Their ignorance towards people who refuse to be one of them is pitiful; as they spend all there time hara*sing, spitting, mugging & intimidating good people; with there extensive vocabulary of “ya mum”, “u gt a blem” & “init”. I myself look down on these spongers of society for there stupidity of being a chav. Also not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, which is, be your self. Therefore I have no sympathy for these people for what they do and have done to condemn my country as something it is not.
I will once again be proud to fly the English flag when these people have fled.
Chav can be commonly found outside Mc Donalds in large groups, (safety in numbers i suppose) for fear of being intimidated.
Following old ladies and waiting to mug them.
the most common plance in court.
A Scot who is not ashamed to stand up and be counted!
A supporter of Full Scottish Independence and as for that Retard Mr flible with his, 'beardy jock' comments,well does that not just show the rest of the world just how Arrogant and Xenophobic they are? I mean everybody Hates England! jusn cl*ck on the link and see for yourself!The Sun set on the British Empire a Long Time ago and now it Scotland's time for Autonomy ,eventually they will be all on on their own,as long as they keep Tony Blair we be happy!
I am a Scottish Nationalist and I love My Country also I am not Racist or Xenophobic, I have had many English Friends and Have got no Problem With the English in General I just want Fairness and Freedom.
oh and i don't have a Beard!
Clearly the majority of these people haven't been to England! For a start it's a country where the major majority of the population don't have bad t*'re talking about a country where most of the dentistry is FREE! Idiots. English people don't sit around drinking tea or talking like an imbecile "Golly gosh that was truly spiffing!" I think not. There isn't loads of chavs that spit and swear in fact there's more emo's and scene kids. We don't f*ck sheep...much ;P and unlike america we're not a counrty full of p*ssies! American football is like rugby with padding. Grow some b*lls! We also have better fashion sense than americans and don't act like five year olds on crack. I don't know how any person who is american can call our accents at least we don't act like we're buzzing off life all the d*mn time! And we don't have a president called Bush...eyes out for you! I don't actually have anything against americans but this p*ssed me off!
Random american: Dude, like oh my God that was like totally awesome!!!!!
Random england person: I'm buzzing for you.
Well, after being buzzed on my extra-large Tim Horton's coffee and not being able to sleep, I read the entry for "Canada" on UD. From what I can see here, it looks like the Canadians on here got bored around post 175... Because from there on, its just Canada-bashers repeating the exact same thing that the people before posted. Wow - the intelligence never ceases to amaze. Just as well, there are a few issues I'd like to clear up:

1) Canadians are not under-educated. Thankfully, our colleges and universities (which, by the way, are completely different things) are publicly-funded, with generally fixed tuition fees (in Ontario, around $4500 a year). This allows post-secondary education to be much more accessible here than in America. Compare this with getting a comparable education at an American university (lets say... Cornell, where my dad went.). Tuition at Cornell is $18,000/year at a public-college and $32,000/year at a private-college. In addition, our secondary school system is built on a common ground - so that it doesn't matter what high school you go to, you will be just as well prepared for university (hence us not needing to take an admission test, such as the SATs, in order to gain entrance into university).

2) Yes, it is true. Our health-care system is not perfect. Nor are we claiming that it is perfectly "free". Believe me, we are well aware that we are taxed for our health-care. However, it is universal. By this, I mean that every citizen h...
Country Western l*sbian destination
The girls hopped in their six-four Mustang for a quick trip to Brokeback Valley, leaving their questioning trophy husbands behind for bush exploration.
Well, after being buzzed on my extra-large Tim Horton's coffee and not being able to sleep, I read the entry for "Canada" on UD. From what I can see here, it looks like the Canadians on here got bored around post 175... Because from there on, its just Canada-bashers repeating the exact same thing that the people before posted. Wow - the intelligence never ceases to amaze. Just as well, there are a few issues I'd like to clear up:

1) Canadians are not under-educated. Thankfully, our colleges and universities (which, by the way, are completely different things) are publicly-funded, with generally fixed tuition fees (in Ontario, around $4500 a year). This allows post-secondary education to be much more accessible here than in America. Compare this with getting a comparable education at an American university (lets say... Cornell, where my dad went.). Tuition at Cornell is $18,000/year at a public-college and $32,000/year at a private-college. In addition, our secondary school system is built on a common ground - so that it doesn't matter what high school you go to, you will be just as well prepared for university (hence us not needing to take an admission test, such as the SATs, in order to gain entrance into university).

2) Yes, it is true. Our health-care system is not perfect. Nor are we claiming that it is perfectly "free". Believe me, we are well aware that we are taxed for our health-care. However, it is universal. By this, I mean that every citizen has equal acce...
Alabama is the best state in the United States. I've lived here for most of my life. The media characterizes Alabama as nothing but a bunch of hicks who wear overalls has a confederate flag and s*rews their sisters. In fact, every state has that whether the admit it or not.Everyone thinks we are racists but we are not. Down here everybody understands each other and gets along. You can't find that in places like L.A. and New York and such. College football is god down here. It's where during the fall a holiday is every sat*rday when Alabama plays. Anyone who is someone in Alabama knows who Paul "Bear" Bryant is. We hate Orange and Blue together because of Auburn. The Iron Bowl is one of the biggest days of the year.Familes friends and hosehoulds are divided once a year for this game. Everyone grills out and has plenty of beer. Alabama is where we have fun mudd riding and such. Also..Alabama has some of the most gorgeous girls in the states besides the Georgia Peaches.
Guy talking to his girlfriend

Guy: Are you ready for the Iron Bowl this year?

Girl: Yeah you Alabama fans are going down this time.
Clearly the majority of these people haven't been to England! For a start it's a country where the major majority of the population don't have bad t*'re talking about a country where most of the dentistry is FREE! Idiots. English people don't sit around drinking tea or talking like an imbecile "Golly gosh that was truly spiffing!" I think not. There isn't loads of chavs that spit and swear in fact there's more emo's and scene kids. We don't f*ck sheep...much ;P and unlike america we're not a counrty full of p*ssies! American football is like rugby with padding. Grow some b*lls! We also have better fashion sense than americans and don't act like five year olds on crack. I don't know how any person who is american can call our accents at least we don't act like we're buzzing off life all the d*mn time! And we don't have a president called Bush...eyes out for you! I don't actually have anything against americans but this p*ssed me off!
Random american: Dude, like oh my God that was like totally awesome!!!!!
Random england person: I'm buzzing for you.
In the beautiful country of Norway, there is a rather redneck place called Drøbak. And in Drøbak there exist a word, "Gørte", wich is a local term for the more known norwegian word Guttefitte. Guttefitte means (roughly translated): Boyp*ssy. And the boyp*ssy is a handy part of the body wich can be used to get things like rim-job, rusty trombone and other cool, cool stuff!
I felt so bad for my girlfriend that I s*aved my b*lls AND my gørte!
A lame thing to do when your application to the military got rejected because you had a kid with your mom. It's incenst, and its illegal. Airsoft should be illegal. You dress up like you're going to war, but you shoot plastic at each other. How fun. You run off the "honor system." Which means, shoot me and I won't call myself out.
I play airsoft because I'm too pansy to fight for my country, so I play in my backyard with plastic guns.
when a man is eating out a woman only for her legs to wrap round the back of his head. Given enough force, and large enough v*gina flaps, this can lead to the man suffocating and dying. This process is known as muffocation.

If exercised with care and caution some light muffocation can be a boost to anyone's s*x life.
csi guy #1-he was reported missing last week, it was later found out his girlfriend had fled the country so we tracked down her appartment. he was there. dead.

csi guy #2- do we know what happened?

csi guy #1- not yet no but weve sent of some of the residue and hair found on his face for testing, he looks like he might have suffocated but there are no signs of a struggle.

csi guy #3- it looks like he muffocated to me. thats fifteen this week. godd*mn hippies.
Land full of people who for some reason or another seem to hate yanks. yet for all this hate, they seem to do nothing but talk about yanks. Hmmmm?

Also, have become rich and lethargic, overun by immigrants, and b*tch about their government. hmmm, sound familiar?

Once full of intelligent people who have either 1) left and became Yanks or Aussie's, 2) died trying to create a free Ireland (and are rolling over at what a bunch of p*ssies it has produced) or, 3)drank themselves to death (yeah I've heard the stereotype isn't true, ha ha ha ha).

chock full of w*nkas
Yank: "h*llo, yes my father grew up in that house over there and I am here to see why he left Ireland."

Irish: "you stupid Yank, your not Irish, your a fat war mongering Yank, trying to take over the world. get outta my country."

yank: "O.K....I got my answer, my father was right to leave Ireland and come to NY, what a bunch of pricks"

Irish: "Oh, your from NY, go to (insert Pub name) and tell my brother Joe I said hi, you stupid w*nka yanka."

Yank: "oh he left too, huh?"
A political group in Lebanon with a militant wing. Although they are terrorist they still build up schools and hospitals for the people. In 2006 they captured 2 Israeli soldiers, and the Israelis started to bomb hospitals and civilians with guided weapons. Hezbollah then fired into Israel. Israel killed hundreds of people only a small portion being Hezbollah. Hezbollah killed much less Israelis but many of them soldiers. Hence Hezbollah is the lesser of two evils.
Jew: My country bombed civilians...
Musilum: Well mine bombed civilians...

Jew: My government paid for the murder of all these hundreds of innocent children.

Musilum:Hezbollah paid for the killings of much less people...

Christan: Israel stop killing innocent people

Jew: Hey we have a right to kill innocent people you anti-semite
Lebbo is slang for Lebanese.

Lebbo's are considered by Syria and Saudi's to be of a lesser cla*s of Arab. Therefore Lebbo's are expendable to Syria and the Saudi's to use as they’re own private f*ck puppet against Israel.

Lebbo is slang for a Lebanese living in a foreign country that has dual-citizenship that still believes they have the right to vote and make decisions for their mother country Lebanon, even after having not lived their for over 20 years or more, and some not even holding citizenship anymore. See Delusional.

A Lebbo is someone who refuses to accept the ways of another country, but takes advantage of that country i.e. welfare, tax etc and believes they have a superior right to still make decisions in Lebanon based from a foreign country.

In a sense a Lebbo is a man or woman that is still mentally living in Lebanon but physically living in a new country i.e.
An expression epitomising the dark northern ireland humour we are famous for. Popularised in the football song 'We're not brazil, we're nothern ireland'.
"My eyes have seen the glory of Espana 82
We're little northern ireland show the world what we can do
With Laurie as our leader and we're coming after you
And this is why we sing

We're not brazil we're northern ireland
We're not brazil we're northern ireland
We're not brazil we're northern ireland
And its all the same to me
1. adj. Having aesthetic or intrinsic charactaristics that bring to mind things that are generally old-fashioned. In the aesthetic sense, this is similar in concept to the term retro, however, "Old-Timey" is usually used to express something slightly more primitive than "retro". Generally, the term "retro" is almost never used to describe things that are aesthetically relative to anything older than about 80 years old, (or generally just the 1920's) and usually represents cutting-edge thought, technology and design of a particular bygone era, usually sometime between 80 and 20 years preceeding the current date.

"Old Timey", on the other hand, is usually used to express someone or something whose general air is more generalized and primitive, and might have a much broader range of nostalgia, usually identifying with things only as recent as fifty years before the current date to two hundred years prior. Anything older than two hundred years old is sort of too old to be considered old-timey.

There is a bit of overlap between Old-Timey and retro, however, there are things that are Old-Timey that are certainly not retro, and vice versa.

A more obvious example might be that of the game Pac-Man. Pac-Man ...
Geroge W. Bush:
What every decent, law abiding, hard working American parent teaches their children not to be.
Put yourself in the shoes of the parents of George W. Bush for a moment...

If your son or daughter turned out to lie and cheat compulsively, indulged in drugs and alcohol to the maximum, never did a days work, took every handout possible, ruined everything they ever touched, neglected every responsibility given to them...

...deserted from the military...

...took more vacation days then anyone before them in the job they had....

and above all else expressed themselves like an idgit with marbles in their mouth....

would you welcome that Father's Day/Mothers Day card that read..."Thank you for helping me become what I am today."???

heck, maybe in the family of George W Bush family, they are relieved...
Acronym for "Korean Augmentee to the US Army"

Usually highly underpaid shammers who somehow manage to get more done in less time than a Chinese sweatshop worker.

Notorious for only knowing minimal spoken English, with the exception of "lunch time," "Pa*s", and "fall out"

Because all able Korean man between the age of 18 and 31 have to serve mandatory military service for the country, being beaten, abused, and starved for two years, applying for a KATUSA service is highly desirable and those who pa*s the test are highly envied, and thus treated like a public enemy.
"Those f*cking KATUSAs disappeared again!"
"I'll bring my KATUSA over to translate this sh*t."
"It's okay my KATUSA will clean it up."
"Ask the KATUSA to call the local steak house to find out the time."
Probably one of the most beautiful country in the world. There are here so many different type of landscapes, weathers, people, accents (even different french languages), cultures for a country of that side. French people are smart, open-minded, tolerant with everyone, and peaceful. They have no hate against any other country in the world (maybe a little bit against Great britain but, d*mn, I don't know why).

I'm french but I spent part of my life living in Boston then Milwaukee and I can tell you for sure a lot of real things about french people (then u'll probably forget all your prejudices...) cause I've seen so many wrong things in this dictionary about them:
(sorry for the order)

- French people are NOT dirty or dumb or anything you can think they are;
- They don't have anything against the USA, they just think (I do too) that Bush is a dumba*s, and so is your political system... (u guys can really have smthg better...)
- chicks are hotter here (and they aren't fake or plastic, they don't act and walk or dress like sl*ts);
- guy's ain't machos (go to spain...) and they know how to live, how to party and get drunk (we don't only have Miller Lite or Bud to get drunk...),
- U can go to bars, clubs, buy liquors or cigarettes at any age (even 15...), and you never have to show your id cause there's no age limit for anything
- Booze's cheap here (and u can have an open bottle in your car...)
- French people know how to dress (we don't all wear the same Abercr...
1)a derogatry word for an asian usually japanese person. see gook and/or gook tube

2) an overseas person that does not belong in a good country e.g. Australia or America and is not willing to abide by our laws and customs
1) oi! you import you dont deserve to be in my country get out you immagrant

2) look at that import...with his stupid gook tube
A country with citizens who take themselves and their country way too seriously.

Most people will agree that a country is only a symbol and that what it entitles is its population. And what is "population"? A group of diverse human beings.
What makes the United States different from Belgium? Very little. Its policies and laws may be slightly different, and some cultural and traditional aspects are obviously original to each country.
But apart from that, very little seperates them both. Or from any other country for that matter. Our needs and desires are the same.

So why on Earth are so many people debating the topic?!? Many Americans seem to puff themselves up by imagining that the whole world despises them and is continuously plotting either against them, or at least thinking evil thoughts about them.
Think. Again.
I've lived in Asia, Europe and the US. My father is African and my mother European, and I grew up in a French system. I've been surrounded by different people from different cultures since birth.

I can promise you: we aren't continuously fretting about Americans.The only time we really discuss them is when we read the paper or watch TV, ie through the media, and we only really ponder the effects the government's ideas will have on other countries. There isn't any American-bashing.

Therefore please stop victimizing your nation or yourselves. Nobody (in the Western world, in any case) really, sincerely, cares.
A country bordering America with nice people, but it's fair share of not so nice ones, smart people and idiots, anorexic freaks and obese people, and all that normal jazz. Canada's just a country like anyone else, we don't live in igloos and have pet beavers, (although a beaver tail is a very popular dessert). We're not usually all that happy with our government either, America isn't the only country with that problem. We don't live in parkas and go skiing every day and unlike popular belief we DO have electricity up here. Parts of the USA are farther north than Toronto and Windsor, for example. So don't show up at the border wearing a snowsuit + skis in july. We have summer here too. We're normal people, and have our stereotypes, just like America may, or any other country.

My name is Alex.
Hey, I'm not a lumberj*ck, or a fur trader....
I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled....
and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada,
although I'm certain they're really really nice.

I have a Prime Minister, not a president.
I speak English and French, not American.
And I p*onounce it 'about', not 'a boot'.

I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack.
I believe in peace keeping, not policing,
diversity, not a*similation,
and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.
A toque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch,
and it is p*onounced 'zed' not 'zee', 'zed' !!!!

Canada is the second largest landma*s!
The first nation of hockey!
and the best part of North America

My name is Joe!!
And I am Canadian!!!
A country with citizens who take themselves and their country way too seriously.

Most people will agree that a country is only a symbol and that what it entitles is its population. And what is "population"? A group of diverse human beings.
What makes the United States different from Belgium? Very little. Its policies and laws may be slightly different, and some cultural and traditional aspects are obviously original to each country.
But apart from that, very little seperates them both. Or from any other country for that matter. Our needs and desires are the same.

So why on Earth are so many people debating the topic?!? Many Americans seem to puff themselves up by imagining that the whole world despises them and is continuously plotting either against them, or at least thinking evil thoughts about them.
Think. Again.
I've lived in Asia, Europe and the US. My father is African and my mother European, and I grew up in a French system. I've been surrounded by different people from different cultures since birth.

I can promise you: we aren't continuously fretting about Americans.The only time we really discuss them is when we read the paper or watch TV, ie through the media, and we only really ponder the effects the government's ideas will have on other countries. There isn't any American-bashing.

Therefore please stop victimizing your nation or yourselves. Nobody (in the Western world, in any case) really, sincerely, cares.
A musical instrument using steel or gut strings which are picked or strummed. The defining charactaristic of a banjo is that the body of the instrument is essentially a tightened drum head, which gives the banjo its distinct tambre.

There are many different types of banjos, but the most popular, or at least well-known is the 5-string banjo, which is played most commonly in American Folk, Country, Western, and Bluegra*s music. The 5-string is usually played by individually plucking the strings in a fast, rhythmic, "rolling" motion using individual f*nger picks.

Other common varieties are the Tenor Banjo, which has only 4 strings and is tuned in 5ths like a mandolin or a cello. Similar to the Tenor banjo is the Plectrum Banjo, which also has four strings but is tuned slightly differently.

The Tenor and Plectrum Banjo are more commonly found in early Jazz music, and were usually just strummed rather than picked, much like a rhythm guitar. Plectrum and tenor banjoes were quite common in popular music during the later half of the 19th century until around the mid-1930's. They are now considered more of a specialty or novelty instrument and are not often seen outside of nostalgic jazz bands.

There is also the Banjo Ukulele, which is a very small banjo that is tuned like a ukulele, the long-neck banjo, which is similar to the regular 5-string, but has a much longer neck (big surprise), and the 6-string banjo, which is basically the neck of a 6-string guitar and the dr...
Kenilworth is a very wealthy white christian suburb located along Lake Michigan in the north sh*re of Chicago. The residents have more money than they know what to do with. Most own multiple homes and a boat. Their children attend New Trier High School, one of the top three best high schools in Illinois. Not to mention one of the filthiest rich schools in the country, due to the fact they enroll over 4,000. For a reference to the outsiders, Kenilworth is the Greenwich or Orange County of the Midwest.
Girl: Hey come to Kenilworth for my party Friday on my yatch. We'll pregame on my beach.
Guy: Yeah for sure. You bring a case. I'll bring the bong.
An extremely prestigious and selective Pre-K - 12 Co-ed private, Catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio that has total around 1,000 students. Many of the kids who go there from K-8 are very wealthy because the tuition runs about $13,000, but from 9-12 many are on scholarships and finincial aid, and give a sh*t about their lives. The high school is possibly the greatest institution of secondary education in the Tri-State area. Their SAT scores are much higher than almost anyone else, and they get in to much better colleges than your average private school. Most of the kids that have gone there their entire lives dont appreciate how lucky they are to attend. It made national news in January 2004 when a part of its beautiful 120 year old main building collapsed. Luckily the damage was repaired. Has probably the most beautiful chapels in Cincinnti. Has a reputation for not being great at sports, but its hard to make a football team out of 160 guys. But, we won state championship in lacrosse last year. Of all the many Catholic schools in Cincinnati, Summit is by far the greatest.
Guy 1: "I go to the Summit Country Day School."
Guy 2: "Wow, I wish I was as lucky and smart as you!"

Average Summit Lifer: "God I hate it here I want to go back to Indian Hill High and go have s*x with all my rich friends and not care about my grades and suck at life."
Me: "Dumbf*ck."
Yuppie sc*m comes in many forms. They tend to be separated from philistines by a greater income, a higher intelligence, higher education, and a greater appreciation of the arts. But any amongst these is not always the case.
But like the philistine, people who are yuppie sc*m are big time conformists and often times care little for the environment (unless they somehow feel that their momentary gain is significantly worth their efforts.) They are very materialistic, constantly overconsuming that which takes relatively little time to get t*ssed in the trash. Yuppie Sc*m buy, or build, a newer, larger house every two or three years or so, with little concern for the effect this has on the land (see McMansion.) They love, and are a driving force behind many of the demolition, renovation and anti "clutter" shows on such channels as TLC, HGTV, and sometimes even the Discovery Channel
1. a pretty good country music star. his latest hit is If Your going through h*ll.

2. my slave master.
in a weird dream i had a while back Rodney Atkins was my slave master and was forcing me to pick cotton, garth brooks was the overseer. guess thats the price you pay for being black and listening to country.
The bane of Humanity; The Destoyers of the Earth; SOmehting that needs to go down the well; Getting CHeated out of money; short for a Jew-Bag.
"Oh h*ll naw! Dem Jews are robbing a store!";" The Jewss will cause the apoloclypse"; "Throw the Jew down the well, So my country can be free!"-Borat; "Oh man I just got Jewed by the insurance company!" "Man you arn't just a Douche-Bag your a Jew Bag!"
Possibly one of the most liberal countries in the world, Canada has one downside: There are too many cultures for us to make one AND there was never a "culture" to begin with. If so, it's boring. Sorry, but white culture just doesn't cut it for me. I'm latino-descent, born here, I love my country (Canada) but it could be SO much better, and more fun lol.
We've had a growing socio-democratic uprising :) (i.e. Minority Conservative thanx to the NDP PARTY)
We have ppl of every corner of the earth, the longest street in the world, the highest freestand structure int he world... wheat lol, same s*x marriages (altho i'm atheist and think marriage is stupid, it still shows that canadians are advanced in the social science field), and we have SNOW (yes it CAN be cold, but the spring and summer are the rewards for the going thru it) and Canada is world-renowned for it's beautiful nature (trees' leaves changing colour in the fall, the snow lol etc.).

The ppl are generally... indifferent/non-chalant towards life, in my point of view. I live in Toronto, and that's what I see. IT WOULDN'T KILL TO SAY HI TO SOMEONE. or smile.. everyone on the subway looks sad and to themselves or just pist off, it's pretty depressing at times. We should embrace our characteristic as being a liberal, ppl-loving nation and ACTUALLY be more friendly.

And as the first definition in this forum stated: Canada has invented quite a handful of sports, and we are unique.

P.S. What the English...
A racist slang for Africans

Rand is the African currency
'Come here you dirty f*cking randmonkey'
'Get the f*ck out of my country you rice eating, rand spending dirty African'
a nickname for the country star Carrie Underwood. most commonly used by her obsessive fans. quite often used in s*xually suggestive sentences.
I'd put my wood under Carrie!
The Wood owns.
The Maritimes (home of Maritimers) is the least exciting and most wanting part of Canada. No jobs, unless you consider call centres. Long, cold, wet winters. Maritimers hate on Ontario, yet are typically Maple Leaf fans and sometimes Blue Jays fans. However, their rising unemployment population lives off Albertan and Ontarian tax dollars. There is a lot of history in the Maritimes but that doesn't excuse it's sucky present condition. Home of gla*s Pepsi bottles and the Confederation Bridge, which only exist for the sake of PEI's economy. Maritimers claim to be the friendliest part of the country but it is no different than any other region. There are friendly people and j*rk people. A lot of kids here play hockey, but very few ever make the NHL, and even fewer are good. The CFL has considered putting a team in Moncton or Halifax then realize there aren't enough people that can afford to buy a ticket to one game, or that there aren't enough people to support a team at all. Home of Saint John which is the armpit of Canada and the city of wannabe gangster kids. Many parts of this strange region are full of racist inbred rednecks who only b*tch about how the rest of the country has forgotten them, which is mostly true, except for when it comes to paving their roads and keeping their economy afloat. Many companies and stores in the Maritimes have the term "Atlantic" in front of their name (like Atlantic Superstore) as if they have to distinguish themselves from the...
a once-vital form of rustic music derived from European styles of folk and dance music made by European immigrants to America. It's generally played with instruments like the mandolin, acoustic and steel guitars, fiddle and so on. It used to be about observations of the world, life and love in its complexities. Now it's all cliched, with imagery of cowboys, macho bragadoccio, Southern pride, small town life, "she done him wrong", "tears in my beer", "redneck" living, sentimental tripe like the trend-chasing "Angels Among Us", and "family values". Oh yes, and "God bless the U.S.A." jingoism. Ever since Garth Brooks (who is a watered down Bob Seger) hit it big in the f*cking PC 90s, country has been "yuppified" and formulaic. Now there boring piano ballads with cliched lyrics galore sung by lousy Richard Marx clones with cowboy hats, the generic...
Cowards are c*nts really. People who wont fight for der country, will run away when der mates are gettin the sh*t kicked out of them.All people from the country france are cowards as they let da n*zi's sh*t all over dem. If i was french i would be soooo ashamed of my self
Nothing worse than been a coward
France= the country filled with cowards
A country club in Scarborough New York where everyone is worth over a million. Everyone has at least two houses other than the one they live in. If youre "Cool" from the club you grew up there and cant remember anything from your childhood without someone or something from Sleepy Hollow in it. Everyone owns a horse and rides it either there or at another barn. The idea of vacationing is never anything short of a private yaht or a private plane. Skiing locally means out west and skiing far away is in Europe. If you don't play all of the sports offered there you are not considered an athlete. 90% of the moms there run in the new york marathon and the general rule is once you turn 50 you need to loose 50 lbs. It has the most milfs out of any club, most of which are trophy wives. The men golf on the nicest course in westchester, daily, then come in to the clubhouse have a bottle of scotch and a cigar and meet the family for dinner. An idea of a "bad day" on the golf course is 2 over par. Most sons can beat their fathers and like their fathers are playing college lacrosse or hockey. Anything short of a top 20 school is considered "a good, unrecognized school", most kids go to rehab before this.

Bill Murray can be sighted on the golf course on a regular basis, knowing that some members have more money than even he does.

Every kid wants to marry someone from Sleepy Hollow at Sleepy Hollow and its planned since theyre like 3.

The kids from sleepy hollow are br...
America: the land ma*s between Canada and Mexico, full of a wide range of people, some are nice and polite to those around them, but others are facist, s*xist, racist a*ses that can't think about anyone but themselves. Not all Americans are like that, in fact most of them are really nice people, and those who have posted trying to stand up for their country have a really good point, In the fact that they arent that only ignorant people in the worl, there are ignorant people in Canada, and Europe, and every other single place on the world. It doesn't make them good or bad, It makes them human. And every one should stop criticizing them for being, overweight, lazy, illiterate people who don't care about any one but themselves. Although America came into the wars a few years before they ended, American soldiers still risked there lives to protect their countries as well as others. You may argue with this, and this is only my opinion, but cut America some slack, they are only doing there best to survive as a country.

American government however is one of the most corrupt in the world, they do things for themselves, they don't send their armies in to help anyone else until they themselves have been damaged
Not all Americans are Streyotypical, just the ones that are are the ignorant people the rest of the world loves to hate.

American Government however is the steryeotypical Ignorant people everyone knows about.

I am not American. I am Canadian, and proud of it. But I am also proud to have the United States of America as a neighbouring country.
1. The notion that soldiers are so conditioned to kill and die by their country. That doesn't apply so much today where soldiers have the option to enlist and most of them are there to do what is best for their country. It applies, for the most part, to a country's will to have it's soldier be mindless killing machines in uneventful wars that are only taking place becasue said instigating country wants it to.

2. An overlooked song that appears on the album Master of Puttpets by Metallica. In my opinion one of their more complex and technical songs with polictical views that weren;t just jumping on the band wagon of their time 'cough' Greenday 'cough'
1. Our country wants our soldiers to be Disposable Heroes. To go overseas and kill mindlessly while their leaders do not care if they live or die

2. Disposible Heroes is an awesome f*ckin song
Very hardworking people! Most came from Italy to the U.S. with only a few dollars in their pocket to make a better life and still always work hard. We take our family and our cooking very seriously. We love to cook for loved ones and friends. Our food is probably the most healthy out there. Our trademark is pasta and maranara sauce (or gravy to some). Most people are jealous of us because we are very good people and come from such a gorgeous country. Italian women are very beautiful and are the best cooks and know how to please their men. Italian men are absolutely handsome and dress to impress. Yes we are stubborn, but that doesn't make us bad. People often stereotype us. NO, not ALL Italians are in the Mafia, but the ones who are, are best not to be messed with. They don't s*rew around so unless you want your b*lls cut off and dumped into the ocean, you best not even talk sh*t! Black rappers tend to name themselves Mafia names because they think that makes them look cool. It only makes them hated more. Italians are the best. Spaghetti and meatb*lls are NOT a traditional Italian meal. We are European! Not Hispanic or Latino!!! Please don't insult us and say we are close to Mexican..that's a disgrace. We are gorgeous, beautiful, fun loving, and obviously the most important people out there..just look at the various movies, television, magazines..etc that we are in!

Examples of what makes us cool: Pizza, Italy, Ferrari, Tiramisu, Gianni Versace, Pasta, FIFA (Nuff said), ...
a three-"chick"-band that originally played country music. In 2003 they got blacklisted from the country establishment when they criticized George W. Bush and the Iraq War. C'mon people, this happens all the time in the worlds of rock and roll and jazz, and no one makes anything about it. Because the Chicks didn't fit the a*sembly-line template of today's country stars, they had to take a lot of sh*t from the intolerant comformist establishment in Nashville, especially Toby Keith and others. Country fans publicly trashed Chicks CDs because they expressed a different opinion. C'mon people! Either you like the music or you don't. I got albums from artists that have various opinions and points of view. It's the music that matters.
After the smoke cleared, the Dixie Chicks made a new studio album, and it entered the U.S. album charts at number one and stayed there for a while. It experiments with the tired 70s "California" "champagne cowboy" country rock sound. Baby, that sound just ain't my cup of tea.
Small grey country, full of greasy, bitter, uncultured sc*m. Construct an identity for themselves as 'tough', despite being a nation of wife beaters, and talk about little else but their perceived superiority to the English. Small p*nis, much?
"I love my country, and I love my buck-toothed, car-thieving, Buckfast-drinking thick-as-pig-sh*t countrymen. Go Scotland!"
something that if it is not for study purposes it is a extreamly d*ck thing to give. Teachers that give a lot of homework are low life pieces of sh*t. We are in school for like 8 hours each day after school we are tired and bored. and a teacher is gonna give you more homework as if 8 hours isnt enough to take away and last pride and manhood a person could possibly savage after listening to a stupid gook chink a*shole talk about how napolean f*cked this guy up the a*s and thats how france became a country. Homework has NO point is g*y and is wrong low and obnoxious
Mr. Douch bag: im giving u a 25 page homework packet due friday.

HUGH what you think your the only teacher that gives homework, a packet plus others form other cla*ses. f*ck YOUR MOTHER u low life c*cksucker what kind of bull sh*t is that you b*tch a*s n*gga, i dont care what the government says f*ck what you heard it's what you hearin, and what you hearin is the sound of my gat cl*ck cl*ck boom ill b*ow your 2 inch c*ck off. motherf*cker ill beat the sh*t out of your wife with my 15 inch c*ck and gag that b*tch by rape, this aint a game motherucker i got a life and im busy douch bag trailor parker. Go back to the trailor park f*ggot u g*y a*s drag queen. ima set it off on your family b*tch ill flip this desk over and shove this overhead projector up you a*s c*ck sucker. All this after hearing that ho go on about the the f*ggits in the like fourteen hundreds all i heard was blah blah blah some lozer luie the 15th raped his kid and f*cked a dog (wow) or some sh*t like that i dont care either i got a note for my not done homework. Dear chode go ram you 2 incher up your dogs raging a*shole thanks
A person that comes from Germany. Can be serously offended by the terms "Jew," "Hitler," and "n*zi." They can be incredibly sweet and are willing to fight for the ones they love. They usually loves with all their heart and soul.
"Honey, where's Holland?"
"In the Netherlands!!"
"It is? I thought it was its own country... where are you from again?"
"I'm german!! And no its not!!!!!! It's more of a region!!!"
"Since when?"
"Since forever!!!!!"
"You don't have to yell at me."
"I'm sorry. I love you."
"Awwwww....all better!"
Denmark is the best country in the world to live in, hence the excessive amount of swedes wandering the streets of Copenhagen, hoping to get a voucher for free citizenship if they buy enough Tuborg or Carlsberg(danish beer).

The northern territories are occupied by drunk norwegians, and faraoese people, of whom the majority drinks Elefant Oel(Beer with high alcohol procent).

Contrary to popular belief, danish people never really visit the other countries in Scandinavia(no, Finland is not a part of Scandinavia, but danes don't go there either - the only thing you can get in Finland of better quality than in De mark is moose brothels), as they have no reason to, simply because their country is superior and they're afraid of being raped by swedish g*ys(which is 87% of the swedish population. October 2006 census)

Denmark consists of Jylland(Jutland) and the 2 islands Fyn(Funen) and Sjaelland(Zealand). Copenhagen is located on the latter.
Funen is widely considered to be the weirdest place in Denmark, and is only visited when absolutely necessary, for example when going from Sjaelland to the mainland peninusla of Jylland.
Dane(in Sweden): Hey I'm danish!

Gang of swedish f*ggots(always seen with blue and yellow colors painted in their heads, often mistaken for the colors of their flag, but really it's because they're fans of the danish football team Broendby IF which is(by many danes) considered the biggest f*ggot team in the danish league, hence the ma*sive amount of negative songs about them): GET HIM BOYS !!!

Dane: GET OFF MY PANTS!!! NOoroarARARgarargAR

Example 2:

Scene: Roskilde Festival(biggest music festival in Northern Europe, held once a year during summer in the danish city of Roskilde on Sjaelland)

Drunk swede: I'm swedish yay lets f*ck and listen to rave music!! YEYAY

Danes: You WERE swedish (looking at blue and yellow corpse with an abstractively big rectal entrance, probably caused by s*xual a*sault on a moose)

That's Denmark :)
A place where millions of fifth generation Irish college students a*sociate their heritage with in order to justify their drinking and rowdiness. Also they use their "heritage" to explain why it is they can drink so much because everyone know the only way to increase your tolerance to alcohol is to be Irish and not by drinking more.

The a*sociation between Americans who are 1/4 Irish with a country they have never visited and know nothing about is very similar to 5th generation Italians kids wearing John Gotti shirts and going on and on about their mothers hand made mannicotti in order to "embrace" their ethnicity.

Get a clue and embrace something worthwhile such as the poets and artists that Ireland cultivated and not ale and binge drinking. At least get to know your culture and a*sociate yourself with an Irish club in your town and bring pride to your people instead of being a shameless, sloppy drunk and then saying "Hey it's okay if i drink 10 beers a day, I'm Irish!"
College Kid #1 - "My grandfather is from Ireland that's why I can hold 20 beers and not be drunk!"

College kid #2 - "Oh cool, you must have alot of pride in the beautiful language of Gailic. How do you feel about the struggle going on in your country right now?"

College kid #1 - " I don't know what you're talking about but let's play some Dropkick Murphy's and pick a fight with some dirty British f*ggot for trying to take over my country because I'm so Irish"!

College kid #2 - "Why are you randomly speaking in an Irish accent?"
montgomery county public schools.

where many of the high schools are rated as Newsweek's best in the country, while some of the other schools find it hard to get things like paper towels or soap in the bathrooms. or both things at once.

oh, and the only school system where you get off school for three and a half days when it snows 2 inches. or they don't close it when they should. either way, they aren't great with weather. but who's complaining?
MoCo student: At my school, we're all frickin geinuses.
Another MoCo Student: Yeah, but there's never any toilet paper.
1st MoCo Student: That's because all the other smart kids have been using it as sc*ap paper in AP Calc.


day 1 of an ice storm:
MCPS Official #1: Should we close? the roads might get slippery later.
MCPS Official #2: Nah, all those hundreds of thousands of kids who ride the already overcrowded buses will be just fine. Here, why don't we be the only county in the area to actually SAY we're opening on time. I'm from MoCO. I'm rich. therefore, i am right.
Official #2: Ok, so maybe I was wrong.

Official #1: Should we close?
Official #2: Yeah, i guess its still pretty icy. oh, and its still snowing.
Official #1: Should we call the plows?
Official #2: No. its too dangerous for snow plows to be plowing snow right now. and i'm from MoCo. and I'm rich. so obviously, i'm right about this.
Official #1: Hey the sun's coming out! Maybe we should call the plows now.
Official #2: How many times do i have to tell you this? I'm from Montgomery County! THEREFORE, i am smart and right. The snow will melt. but just in case, close the schools for tomorrow.
Official #1: ok, but the snow won't melt. Its below freezing.
Official #1: NEVER! I wouldn't be able to pay for my $2 million mansion in Potomac! what would i do?
Official #2:...
a haven for the country's teenage rejects
"Oh sh*t, my son Peter got caught snorting coke in his room again. Let's send him to Idyllwild, he can kind of sing, right?"
What a whole nation seems to experience after voting for the same dumb a*s two consecutive times!! Once wasnt enough, they had to elect him one more time. Now they feel like they have a reason to be Anti-Bush
TRUE CONVERSATION, in a Ladies room:

She: I cant beleive what my country is facing right now...
I: What do u mean??
She: blah blah blah... I am so Anti-Bush...
I: who did u vote for?
She: Bush.
I: moron
1. People who actually believe truthfully and Entirely the entirety of the religion they attempt to follow as the Inerrent Word of God.

Not to be confused with "pick and choosers" or " religious posers", of whom make any religion they proclaim no less esteemed than their favorite sports team, or no less different than adopting to bowing down to a carved tree stump.

2. True believers who follow the text to the letter, not ignoring parts they dislike.

3. People brave enough to BELIEVE what they believe.

4. People reguarded as Crazies because they honestly think the idea of an all-knowing all-powerful SOMETHING/being (God) that creating the universe, as opposed to Nothingness farting out everything in a constructive Explosion that miraculously created an incredibly complex, perfectly functioning universe, and due to this suspicion of such a being, actively sought after who this God is, and found satisfaction in some certain explaination.

Often annoying to unbelievers of adopted belief, and usually judged by lukewarmly moraled or worldly people of whom dispise a person who truely follows the religion.

Oftened accused of being self-righteous for actions such as tithing their money to houses of worship, or stating their moral beliefs publicly(see Pharisee,hypocrit,poser)which may be true ,as many practice their morality out of pride or social fear, but a great many practice these things out of the always unnoticed love
The only accceptable definition is my b*lls
Ex. 1
JZ: Do you want two CDs?
DG: What two CDs?

Ex. 2
Ralph: Hey, how are you?
DG: Good, you?
(notice the obscurity and seemingly irrelevent use of the term by Ralph, this is fairly typical for Ralph)
Otherwise known as "where fun goes to die", UVA is a major university full of the most arrogant a*sholes that you will ever meet. UVA students are also somewhat confused about certain college aspects. For instance, NORMAL people do not wear sundresses/pearls/ties to any sort of event other than a funeral, graduation, a party at the country club, or a ride on daddy's yacht. This ESPECIALLY means sporting events, i.e. football games. Secondly, UVA students do not seem to understand that a student who is in their first year of college is a Freshman, NOT a first-year. You are not in England, so don't act like it. In addition, UVA students seem to think that thier founder, Thomas Jefferson, is the greatest person ever born. The students can't seem to understand the fact that no one cares about this except for them.

As far as sports are concerned, UVA has teams that are good at what they do. They are. Yes, some years they are better and worse than "other" teams, but the fact is, most of the time all of their sports teams are formidable opponents.

The fact is, the students that do not go to UVA do so because they don't want to be surrounded by the a*sholes that embody UVA.
Guy: Hey, where are you going to college?
Rich b*tch 1: Oh, my daddy is going to pay for me to go to UVA. I just got this Mercedes for my birthday and can't wait to drive it there.
Rich b*tch 2: It's great, we never have to work while we are there. I take only 12 credits a semester and can stay for as long as I want since I have all the time in the world.
Guy: Yeah...well unlike you too, I actually have to try.

Guy: UVA sucks!
UVA student: No it certainly does not! Thomas Jefferson founded this school. Do you even know who that is? Well, I'll tell you anyway...
Guy: hold on, hold on.....I..don't
UVA student: Oh, want a Zima?
2 Live Stews is a nationally-syndicated sports talk radio show hosted by Doug and Ryan Stewart; the show originates from WQXI in Atlanta, Georgia and is often refered to as "The crunkest sports talk show on earth."

Their nicknames include The Hennessy Brothers, The Crunk Brothers, The Reebok Brothers, The Heineken Brothers, The Heavy Chevy Brothers, The SI (Sports Illustrated) Brothers, and recently The ESPN2 Brothers. They are the "Low Country's Finest"; hailing from Moncks Corner, South Carolina. The show is produced by Shaggy, a.k.a, "Samson the Pusher" (for his apparent resemblance to a stoner)a.k.a The White guy behind the gla*s, a.k.a The Blame Shifter, a.k.a,The Credit taker, and entertainment news is provided by the lovely Ms. Mary The Sports Diva.

In October 2005, after months of negotiations, the Stews announced a deal with Radio One and Reach Media to nationally syndicate their show. Currently, the Stews can be heard in over 20 cities including Denver, Boston, Detroit, Miami, and St. Louis.
Im down with the 2 live stews my n*gga!!!
Milk that has sat unrefrigerated for so long that it has separated into liquid and solid. Usually it is only for prank purposes. Opening a jug of oot usually ends in throwing up.
ohh son! what is that rancid smell? - Jo
some idiot opened my bottle of oot..two weeks ago. - Al
This is an affectionate nickname used to identify a supporter of Senator John F. Kerry. It is a term coined by Kerry supporters to refer to themselves and to one another.

Kerrycrats have several Internet home bases where they congregate to discuss current events, politics and John Kerry. A strong family-like bond has developed among Kerrycrats due to the fact that they are united by common interests and concerns. Kerrycrats come from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of locations including both blue and red states and are primarily progressive and liberal in viewpoint, but can also range to the moderate center of the political spectrum.

In general, most Kerrycrats are wonks who research issues, watch C-Span like most folks watch American Idol, get excited about watching Senate votes or committee hearings and consider themselves political j*nkies. Many are walking encyclopedias of knowledge about John Kerry and about the political and social issues of concern to America and to the world. Kerrycrats are also strong environmentalists
Internet forum for the lame and retarded to gather and discuss things that are in no way related to cars or DSMs. Home to some of the slowest DSMs and least knowledgable DSMers in the country. Any questions of technical nature are answered by mindless idiots according to the latest in nut swinging trends. CCDSM members can be easily spotted in public by watching for people that constantly ask, "are you on the board???!?!?!??"
Hi, my name is Doug and I drive a 14 second DSM with a tiny 16g.

Oh, you must be from CCDSM.


I want to get a 16g for my car.

Dude, don't be a CCDSMer idiot.
A sh*tty-a*s f*ckin' country. I've been there, and it sucks horse c*ck. The people all look the same, they obsess with american culture, and they have the most f*cked up writing system ever. Also stupid, nerdy, retards here in North America love their retarded culture/pop culture.
Anime Dork: Teehee! Konichiwa!

Me: Hey, f*cker, shut the h*ll up!

Anime Dork: Hey....Be nice, or i'll kill you w/ my samurai sword!

Me: Oh my f*cking god, dude, anime isn't real. Japan sucks, and you suck for liking it, now go to h*ll.

Anime Dork: ok...
Term used to describe the majority of Mexicans in the USA that come here illegally. They can be characterized as being dirty, rude, and completely unwilling to learn any English. They also protest to our government, because they feel, for some reason, that the USA owes illegals something. They pay no taxes, collect free health care, and are just a general leech on our country as a whole.
I cant get medical care for my family, but those wetbacks, get it for free.
only the coolest sport ever. most downhillers sit on their fat a*ses on a chairlift and then use their weight to propel themselves down. they try to keep in shape for a sport that a)doesn't keep you in shape and b)really doesn't require you to be in shape. nordic skiers get a lot of sh*t for having spandex ski suits but they are kick a*s and everyone knows it. they have to go UP the hills as well as down and they have to ski the flats. as compared to downhill skiers who get upset if they have a gradual downhill. nordic skiers have to stay in shape and be in shape or they'll have h*ll to pay in races. they have to haul their a*ses up and down terrain for 3-10 miles, as opposed to downhills skiers having thier a*ses pushed down a 2 mile (max) course. nordic skiers have to be balanced on their skinny as h*ll skis, while downhill skiers have fat skis to support their weight. put any nordic racer in a running/biking/kayaking/any sport requiring fitness competition and they'll whup a downhiller's a*s. nordic skiers are comparable to xc runners and distance track kids, mostly because those are their alter egoes. anyone who says nordic's for wussies is obviously an idiot who couldn't perform physical activities to save their life and they should go f*ck themselves because they have no idea what it's like to train for nordic ski...
1. A variation of study abroad where one's ambitions change from being academic to purely erotic.

2. Traveling to a foreign country with the intension of engaging in s*xual intercourse with one or more of the local indigenous people.

3. Having more than normal amounts of s*x outside of one's homeland.
Meg: "I've only been here for a week and I've already slept with ten people... and only seven of them were boys."

Al: "Wow. Way to be a sl*t Meg."

Meg:"Oh my God! sl*tty Abroad! LOL!!!!!"
(This is a copy/paste that i found on the net, it comes from an official letter from Governor George Ryan..Google the name Gyordan Veselinov if you dont believe me)

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen on February 24th 1999, Gyordan Veselinov, FYROM’s Amb. to Canada admitted “We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.” He also commented that, “There is some confusion about the identity of the people of our Country.” Also, he related; “In 1995 my Country agreed to remove the Greek symbol from its flag and modify the controversial phrases in the Constitution.” February 26 1992: FYROM’s President Gligorov at a interview reported by the Foreign Information Service, Daily Report, Eastern Europe, stated: “We are Slavs, who came to this region in the sixth century. We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians.”

Who's trully Macedonian now, you pathetic slav retards?
Macedonia is Greek, as it has been for 2000 years, when Slavs didn't even exist as a race..
a totally mushy, godawful song that eptimizes how rotten popular music was in the late 70s. It was recorded by Debby Boone and supposedly spent 10 weeks on top of the charts. It is now used as an "inspirational" song at Fundamentalist church services. Now no one else wants to even remember it. Overhyped corporate teen country rubbish queen Leann Rimes covered it on one of her forgettable disposable albums of trash in the late 90s or early 00s. For a real good "Jesus song" check out "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by the Irish rock band U2. That song is from the heart and is not a piece of corporate garbage.
I saw a fundie "religious service" one Sunday when I was in the Army. The crowd was shouting, chanting and shaking their fists into the air. They were clapping, hooting and hollering like nobody's business. Then someone noodled on a piano and they all sang that horrible number "You Light Up My Life". Then there was cheering and alot of "AMEN"s and "HALLELUJAH"s. Oh the horror! I expected to see someone in a black shirt with a swastika armband to step up to the podium. It was so sieg heil.
1. Piny is a term used for a white, rural, blue collar person from NJ that lives in the Pine Barrens.

2. A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude that lives in the pine barrens in NJ.

3. A redneck from rural NJ near the pine barrens.
Some piny from English Town spit chew on my mercedes.
1) The sound one can make when they are about to hit/strike someone to aid towards the effect of the hit.

2) The sound that one can make when describing how someone was hit by another person. (To emphasize the magnitude of the hit, the storyteller can hold the "r" sound for a couple of seconds.
1) (Tom punches Gary)
Brrryap! That's what you get for talking to my girl!

2) Yo it was crazy how Tom punched Gary. It was like brrryap!
i think a juggalette has nothin to do with the way you dress, the make up you wear, you use of vocabulary, how hard of a front you can put up to ppl, and all that bullsh*t. it is not a style, it is a mindset. you love all members of the family and you would go any lengths to help them out. you accept ppl because of who they are, not how they stand up for what you believe in no matter who is opposed to your beliefs. once again, it is not a style, is is a state of mind.
just like there are psychopathic songs that dis the redneck life, which is what i live everyday. but because i am a country person doesn't mean i am not a juggalette. i will put up a good a*s fight to someone who wanted to start one with me or my family. and that includes my juggalo family as well.
Vietnam War slang for a soldier spending weeks in the field humping the boonies and rotting away in the jungle, a grunt.
'Got a friend named Whiskey Sam
He was my boonierat buddy for a year in Nam
He said is my country just a little off track
Took 'em twenty-five years to welcome me back'

Johnny Cash - Drive On
The 123 msb is part of the 1 armored division in the us army in dexheim, Germany. It is the c*appiest unit in the entire military, with only a hand full of good people in it. It is filled with the most rasict black people in the army who think that the army is a black army. It is also filled with Masons, who think that they're the best thing since sliced bread. They're only out to help out their own kind.
In this unit a non-commisioned officer can inflict pain upon a soldier than year later get promoted, I guess the supply room is as close as you can get to the commander's a*shole. This unit is filled with the most racist, nasty son-of a b*tches in the army, it's like they just can't die their stupid a*ses never get sent to Iraq. Please Mr secutary of defense lay off of the rest of the army send 123 in to the front lines so the the terrost can finally do something helpful.
123 main support battalion is the sh*t hole of the army.

soldier: Hey Dad I've done great things for my country.

dad: What's that son???

soldier: I got a real good tan over in the salon, now my chain-of-command thinks I'm black. My promotable status is about to kick in on my next L.E.S.

dad: That's great son I always knew you had it in you.
A person, usually from a rural area, the south or small town; who deliberately speaks or behaves in a manner that indicates a lack of understanding of the modern world, and uses this false impression to take advantage of urban or cosmopolitan people by asking for favors, borrowing money, cars, or even moving in (rent free of course).
"Oh this insurance stuff is all so complicated! Can you help me with it, by borrowing me the five hundred dollar down payment, so's I can get my t*eth fixed"

Quote from the movie "Ray"

Ahmet Ertegun: You could have fooled me.
Ray Charles: Well, I gotta keep my eye on you city boys. Back home they call it "Country Dumb".
A small town, (by mainland standards), on the Hawaiian island of Oahu heading up to the North Sh*re.

The home of Keneke's, the best plate lunch stand on the planet.

Waiman*lo Blues is a country/Hawaiian song by the band Country Comfort describing the beautiful gem of Waiman*lo surrounded by a changing world.

Cool, country, and downhome.
Hey guys, you wanna head up to Waiman*lo for a shave ice at Keneke's?

From Waiman*lo Blues: "The beaches they sell to build their hotels, my fathers and I once knew. Birds all along the sunlight at dawn, singing Waiman*lo blues."

Joe: Johnny is so relaxed, how does he keep his cool?

Nicole: That's a Waiman*lo boy if I ever saw one!
Northwest Airlines. Those who do not loathe them, tolerate them. Try Fun Country – I mean, Sun Country – for flights to and from Minneapolis!
My flight back from Amsterdam was on stinkin' Northworst. The plane was so old; I thought it was going to fall apart, piece by piece, over the Atlantic.
1. A smart person, usually from a rural area, the south or small town; who deliberately speaks or behaves in a manner that indicates a lack of understanding of the modern world and uses this false impression to gain advantage of urban or cosmopolitan people, i.e. asking for favors, borrowing money, borrowing cars, or even moving in (rent free of course).

2. Person who uses a false impression of naiveté to prevent being taken advantage of by "City Sl*ckers"
1. That Country Dumb girlfriend of his said, "Oh this insurance stuff is all so expensive and complicated! Can ya'll borrow me the five hundred dollar down payment, so's I can get my t*eth fixed".

2. Quoted from the movie "Ray"

Ahmet Ertegun: You could have fooled me.
Ray Charles: Well, I gotta keep my eye on you city boys. Back home they call it Country Dumb.
another term for s*xual intercourse
1. annoying, sweaty football player: I totally punched that girl's muffin last night. score!
2. sl*tty girl: You can punch my muffin ANYTIME.
3. Plymouth cross country: Yeah we totally punched Regina's muffin today in that meet.
The premier mp3 player.
Apparently people have a problem with that.
The most common problem? Too expensive.
Is that REALLY the case?
No, the nay-sayers are CHEAP. Yes CHEAP.
A ford fiesta drives around town just like a Mercedes-Benz G500.
But we all know the difference.
An ipod to a iriver whatever is the same thing.
Not everyone is CHEAP and unable to afford an ipod.
For a country built on majority rule, some people sure do complain alot.
it's not the world's best-selling mp3 player for no reason.
Some people don't care to watch a full-fledged movie on a screen the size of a babies hand nor buy a mp3 player to listen to the radio (c'mon now, don't be nit-pickey.)
Just calmly think about it to yourself and chiefly, stop being so d*mn CHEAP.
broke a*s motherf*ckahs... i'm ballin' b*tches! i even got diamonds all around my sh*t. Suck on these muthaf*ckahs!!
Anti-Ipod Guy: you got an ipod? How stupid of you, my mp3 player is half the price and does all the same things. Even has a internet radio.
Pro-Ipod Guy: That's nice...

same as saying...

Anti-Ipod Guy: You got a BMW M3? How stupid of you. My Ford Focus has four wheels and front-mounted engine and costs a fraction of your car. Even has FM radio.
Pro-Ipod Guy: That's nice...
nexgen (next generation) redneck

A semi-derogatory term referring to someone who has a penchant for stealing (kleptomania), but is of rural origin and possesses traits of a stereotypical redneck or country folk.
Git back here, you dirty c*apneck!

Why did that c*apneck snag my left rear tyre?

That c*apneck just snaked my money!
everyone who is writing on here seems to have no idea what they are talking about. not all hipsters do what they do and wear what they wear to simply be "different" or "better than everyone". Usually, the clothes they wear are what the "mainstream" in Europe is wearing because this country is so ridiculously behind. Indie music happens to be REALLY GOOD. Maybe, if everyone stopped listening to their god*mn rascal flatts and whatever else the sh*t is they play on the radio, and actually thought for themselves, they would understand.
Dumba*s #1:"Oh my god, look at that hipster over there, they think they are so cool because their clothes are DIFFERENT."
Dumba*s #2:"I know their music is never played on the radio, so I bet it is just terrible."
Dumba*s #1:"C'mon let's go listen to Rascall Flatts and Kelly Clarkson and buy all of our clothes from hollister.
Noun, adjective. Derived from City+idiot. Someone from the city who's utterly crippled by an inability to survive outside city limits or comprehend any merit or logic in rural life or people. A cla*sic cidiot cannot read a map, is terrified of "rednecks" (anyone the cidiot percieves to be rural is a redneck) and cannot take directions. The cidiot will typically say asinine things in conspicuous places to apparently deliberatly embarra*s themselves. For instance, at a livestock show, "oooh my, that cow needs to be milked!" upon seeing a Bull's s*rotum. Or, at the goat show, "oh my, how can you cut off that poor little goat's ears!" upon seeing a LaMancha goat. (the LaMancha is bred earless) They regard rural people as servants and a*sume anyone who doesn't wear susncreen and loafers has an i.q. of 1oo or below. They tend to dress inappropriatly, often wearing flip flops on "hikes", which are usually awkward walks down state highways which they consider "country roads," or expensive high end outdoor gear for a country picnic. Cidiots can be found entangled in their own fishing lines along streams or hovering alongside farmers' markets, asking really dumb questions like, "do the mushroom trees grow big around here?" Some cidiots have been known to break into rural homes off season, saying, "I saw the sign for fresh produce! Do you have any arugala now?", when there is 4 feet of snow on the ground. They generally are not dangerous unless they are attempting to use firearms, a...
Someone who follows Christianity. Christianity is a very dangerous ancient religions cult that believes that an invisible fairy man who lives in the sky created everything. They are know for killing anyone that tries to reason with them and tell them they are batsh*t crazy. See George Bush.
I sure hope the rapture comes soon; I want that Christian's Porsche 911 SC.

Help! Christians are stealing my country!

Christian? No, I have a brain.
main character in American Gangster played by Denzel.
real life drug lord.
sold the best sh*t in the city for the lowest price.
a balla.
Frank Lucas: This is my home. My country. Frank Lucas don't run from nobody. This is America.
Well, Well, Well,
Apparently English people are saying their the best and they're better than Scottish people. Get a grip! people who were defending Scotland had loads of examples about our superiority like our education system, inventiveness, landscape, food, language, accents, cultures, history plus the fact that we make up a supposedly UNITED kingdom and all the English people can say is: "A country which all the people living there are over proud, when really there is nothing to be proud of"
"Scotland is owned by England and they cant handle it"
"they never seem to qualify for the world cup"
"sh*thole country to the north of England full of haggis-eating, caber-t*ssing alcoholics"
"overpatriotic c*nts"
"The sc*m of the f*cking Earth!".
what kind of argument is that!? face it. we're better.
Now I’ve done my proper Scottish argument, here's a English style argument: "ENGLAND SUCKS FLOPPY DONKEY d*ck!!!"

and that’s how we do it in Scotland!!
2600 is a quarterly based on the idea of "See Something, Say Something ." There are international meetings every week based on your local area/city/state/country.
Dude 1: Same time next week.
Dude 2: Same place bro.
Dude 1: Aight.
Dude 2: Ohh, I am trying to bring my bro to the next 2600 meeting he has some good info about Network Crypto.
Dude 1: That's great we always looking for new faces.
A rich white preppy school, where everybody has money and the sports teams suck. Everybody has 3.8 and above. Once again just a big slice of wonder bread.
woman A:Hey my kids got cancer...
Woman B:Have Glenelg Country School pay for it
1. a noun; A derogatory term describing or referring to a person from a rural background or community. The noun hick usually describes lower cla*s whites raised in rural areas on trailer parks or hog farms. Generally used more for Midwesterners and people from southern Ontario than Southerners (see: redneck)
General defining characteristics of a hick: Protestant upbringing, usually Baptist; racist and s*xist opinions; does not attend collage ; dumber than a post. They often have poor grammar and drive pickup trucks. They care very little for the environment and often do not realize that their livelihood farming, is dependent upon a healthy and stable environment. However they are not solely farmers. In fact most hick's live in rural areas and live off welfare because they are too stupid to know how to farm.
They can usually be identified through the usage of the following words. Y'all, Yous (They fail to recognize that you can be both plural and singular) We's Thems, etc.
Thus they have poor comprehension of vocabulary and basic tenants of the English language.
Kerri Lee Smith: Thems people from the city are such butt f*cking idiots.
Me: I can't believe how stupid my roommate is. I cannot believe she just said that yet spent all weekend being f*cked in the a*s, thus failing to see the irony of such a statement.
I wish she would just drive her pickup truck back to her f*cking trailer park.

Further Example: (In hick writing) "Yous people turn them alarm Clocks of! Its 1:30 PM in the morning! I cant gets no sleep cuz of yous butt f*cking idiots! I'm horney!"

"I pokes my urethra with a Pencil to get them bacterias out"

N.B. My Roommate Kerri Lee Smith is such a huge f*cking hick. She calls all people from the city butt f*cking idiots and usually demonstrates poor grammar. E.g using expressions such as "good on ya", "sure as f*ck",
A religious maniac that can't tolerate Christianity but expects everyone to tolerate them. Thats basically it. For more information, see Islam

also note that most muslims arent terrorists but most terrorists are muslims. just a few terrorists like George W Bush and d*ck Cheney are.
Welcome to my country, Thank you Allah for this person.
Welcome to 7/11, Thank you Allah for gasoline.
Welcome to my cab, Thank you Allah for 7/11.
Welcome to my church, if you leave, when you die we will eat your corpse.
Welcome to Iraq, Thank Allah for the land we stand on even if we will be destroyed by it in 10 seconds because of a bomb.

Muslims are hypocrites.
Bronxville is a beautiful one square mile town in the rich Westchester County, only 20 minutes from New York City. This town might be small in size, but makes up for its size in money. Bronxville is full of millionaires with houses selling for as little as 1.5 million to 10.6 million. The majority of the town is white WASPs or Catholic. The population of blacks/asians/jews are non-existent. The school is smaller then most private schools, with less then 100 kids per grade. The school is K-12 one building. Every goes to the school for 13 years, and if not you don't fit in. The high school is the third best school in the country. Everyone knows everything about everyone else, the littlest gossip is spread within 10 minutes. All but few of the children are spoiled beyond repare. They get whatever they want. When a child turns 16 its customary to receive a car, and of course it cannot be used. Usually an Lexis, Mercedes or BMW. Although there's no required uniform girls are expected to be wearing: Seven for All Mankind Jeans, Uggs, Polo, Juicy, Kate Spade, Burberry with many others. The boys wear: Polo, J Crew, Lacoste, and others. Preppy is the way to dress or else you are part of the only punk group. All the students go on to college, majority to Ivy's or new Ivy's. Everyone is beautiful, and if you are not beautiful you are at least attractive. Gossip is the main source of information. The mother run around in Juicy jumpsuits with their children at home with the live-in nan...
referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse j*ckson who defend the non-law abiding dark skinned citizens of this country. Favorite Quote: "It is always whitey's fault."
d*mn it, that cracka popped a cap in my a*s while i wuz a-breaking inta hiz crib. know what? iz about time to call dem JUSTICE BROTHERS and gets my reparations.
George W. Bush probably the most destructive power in the world at this time. He has pointed f*ngers at every person in the world and has blamed them for his mistakes, labelling them "Terrorists." HE is the terrorist.
a joke:
On the first night of being president, George W. Bush was worried about being president, and was worried that he'd be good for the coutry. So on the first night in office, he fell asleep, and had a dream about himself and George Washington. He asked Washington "what should I do to be a good president for the country?" Washington replied "never tell a lie." Bush responded "well, other people really tell me what to say, so I'm not sure I can really do that, but thanks." On the second night, Bush dreamed of Jefferson. "what should I do to be a good president for the country?" he asked of Jefferson. Jefferson told him to "listen to the people". Bush replied "well, the republican party really is the one to give me my orders, so I don't know if I can do that, but thank you." On the third night, Bush dreamed of Abraham Lincoln. This time he thought 'good, this president is a Republican, maybe he can give me some advice I can follow!' and he again asked "what can I do to be a good president for this country?" Lincoln repied " Go to the theatre."
really hot and beautiful girls that just know how to dance.yes some of them are only interested in your money and lie about some things, but any girl of any nationality can do that, and they do it. just because they are from a different country, here in america you generalize and treat them them differently. you people say that they are dumb and can't learn english (which on the majority is not true),but really what about the cheerleaders and those bimbos and airheads we've got here in the USA ??? many peolpe also can't learn spanish, so be realistic. the are like any other girl, with the diference of course that they are really beautiful, they have great bodies and really know how to dance and are hardworking peolple
SAM- remember that beautiful mexican girl i met last night, well she was just looking for my money. that idiot, she had no brain and she cant even speak english...
JOSH- why do you get mad?? she's just like all the other bimbos we've got here.. besides the mexican girls i've met are intligent.
A word that seems like only blacks know the true meaning of. I always thought it meant a dislike towards people of a different color until a black guy called me racist for not giving him my wallet.
Black guy: Hey whitey do you know what time it is?
White guy: No im sorry I don't know.
Black guy: Oh I get it you don't know the time cause im black.
White guy: Your kidding right?
Black guy: You racist b*tch, I go get all my gangstas and we be poppin caps in yo cracka a*s.
A store that charges roughly the income of a small third world country for a garment made for 13 cents in a sweatshop in Guatemala.

Bought mostly for a large and always prominent moose that makes the wearer feel extra special. Also, tee shirts usually include witticisms that sound eerily pretentious and sl*tty or just the words ABERCROMBIE where everyone can see them. Sometimes "New York" is written on the said shirts, even though Abercrombie's headquarters are somewhere in Ohio.
Buying jeans at Abercrombie overcompensates for my lack of friends an individuality. My confidence comes from these dirty looks that must be "envious stares" of my overpriced shirt that's already falling apart and tacky pre-ripped jeans that make me look homeless. Pity me.
An awesome game that is extremely fun to play. Although you cannot sprint or jump it, the elite creation makes up for it. 2 was npt as good as the first when it comes to the online, but 2 is still great game.
Man i just got my third bar in Rainbow Six Vegas!
An abusive term for a person from New Zealand, referring to the bird with the same name.
Me: Watch Harrison squawk! Run little kiwi, you have no wings! Don't stray too close though, his beak's pretty sharp.

Everyone apart from Harrison: *lol*

Harrison: d*mn MY COUNTRY!
A fictional country which is the only seasonal country, as well as this the only country to export R-Milk, discovered and founding colonies established where established my Sir Chuck Norris, and later after the Chuckatorship fell the country became and remains under the strong political and mental views of Christopher Walken I. Businia is located in the area known as the bearing straight waters between Eastern Russia Southern Alaska and , in summer this area is violent waters and rough seas, but throughout winter and autumn the water freezer solid allowing for people Businian's to live there for upto six6 or more months.
The main and only export of Businia is the export of Businian Rat Milk, " Fat Black" advertised directly against the Lite Milk "Lite White"{Australia}. After having ...
A term used to describe citizens of the country "America" (Shortened from "The United States of America")

On a less objective angle... An American (From the country America. Yes, while it can technically be used to describe those on the continents on the western hemisphere, no one else uses the term, therefore, it is fair to say) is someone who supports their country.

And no, that does not mean agreeing with everything the government says or does (It's doubtable that any average citizen around the world agrees with their government completely) but to call one's self a citizen of a country, commiting acts of treason make such a statement questionable.

While the United States is lenient on letting its people badmouth and wish for their country's loss, demoralizing the troops who are working so hard for their country and to liberate the innocent people of the Middle East, it is hard to call someone an American when that person is embarra*sed to even be part of The U.S.

No, being patriotic is not being prejudice
Someone who writes definitions about themselves on Urban dictionary.
Italians write how good italians are,Italians read how good they are...on definitions written by other italians...the rest of simply doesn't give a sh*t.
Truth is there are other nations who actually can do more then make a pizza,Germany build great cars and are known for their industrial machinery,development in technology,they are the largest european financial donater to 3th world countries (Italy is the smallest,NO JOKE) and everything else which makes Europe better hence they are also way richer then the average italian.
But in italian eyes a german is a barbaric creature regardless of what.
Italy is so good! It's probably the reason why lots of italians left the country during the 60's,if Italy is so good,why leave??? They are contradictional people indeed...
Italians also have this love for eachother,No italian will ever go against another italian,exept when rival football matches occur,they slit eachothers throat on matchday,yezzz thats real brotherlove...
Giancarlo; Italians are the best!!
Me; In everything?..
Gianarlo; Si offcorse!
Me; Oh then you wouldn't mind trading your BWM for my Alfa Romeo!
Giancaro; .....i no understand!
Me; yea....i figured you wouldn't
A term used to describe citizens of the country "America" (Shortened from "The United States of America")

On a less objective angle... An American (From the country America. Yes, while it can technically be used to describe those on the continents on the western hemisphere, no one else uses the term, therefore, it is fair to say) is someone who supports their country.

And no, that does not mean agreeing with everything the government says or does (It's doubtable that any average citizen around the world agrees with their government completely) but to call one's self a citizen of a country, commiting acts of treason make such a statement questionable.

While the United States is lenient on letting its people badmouth and wish for their country's loss, demoralizing the troops who are working so hard for their country and to liberate the innocent people of the Middle East, it is hard to call someone an American when that person is embarra*sed to even be part of The U.S.

No, being patriotic is not being prejudice (Although, I personally believe that everyone is prejudiced in one way or another, such as 'my mother is better than yours'). By definition, it is the pride in one's country. If you hate your country so much, instead of rant about it, why not do something, or better yet, leave. But I digress.

Sorry to say this, but it's just not good enough to have legal papers to be a citizen of a country. At least have some sense of loyalty, eh? Like, I don't know... n...
While several have said the most obvious fat, stupid, wasteful, rich and racist. I'll add a few new ones to all those hateful, ugly comments.
Americans are truly for the most part caring and giving people. Most people wish they could be American. There are thousands, maybe even millions of foreigners who try every year to get that coveted citizenship.
Most are tolerant, but there comes a time when enough is enough, that being said it is almost the norm to bash Americans and if an American show any sense of pride they are labeled a dreaded "Ugly American"
Americans are for the majority the complete opposite of the bible thumping hick stereotype.
Americans are of various races, religions and cultures a young country that is better than the countries who consistently bash them yet ask for our help when their pathetic and lousy a*ses can't get their sh*t together!
Americans can handle being called every negative name in the book by citizens of countries that are suppose to be allies. Some of these foreigners are in the US spouting their hate and they wonder why we don't like them????
It seems as if being a "super" power is not so super. If it means dealing with bs like anti-american rants. Americans just plain kick a*s. It is just fact. Anyone who is an American basher is nothing but a lowlife piece of trash who only wishes they could be the sh*t coming out of an Americans a*s. To those Americans who are ashamed of being American go f*ck yourself. And to the other Am...
A sport requiring hard work and endurance as well as alot of time. It is the most exciting sport possibly of them all because of the terrain you take on which varies from track to track. It rapes Hockey,Baseball,Bowling,And parts of Football to a tee and makes you a better person after you run it.
Dude: Man i went and ran cross country and it made me feel great, right after i almost fell on my knees because my legs hurt so much.
Me:Ha, Dude look at my State rings, one for Cross Country, Basketball, Indoor State Track...
It must be something in the name "Ringgold" because Ringgold is a sh*tty town in Northern Georgia. The whole town's population is 2,422. The main attraction in Ringgold High School, that is about it next to cow pastures and poverty.

Dolly Parton and her husband as well as George Jones and Tammy Wynette were married in Ringgold, GA.

The city has traditionally been a "marriage center" because of the short waiting time after blood tests; one testing laboratory in the community offers a combination test/wedding package and sells clocks with the inscription "I got married in Ringgold, Ga." (If this gives you an idea about the quality of the people).

This town literally is h*ll! The town (as a whole) is stuck in the mindset of 1865 where racism and discrimination and anyone who thinks "outside of the box" is frowned upon.

There is also an abundance of teen pregnancies in Ringgold. Rumor has it that it is something 'in the water' so don't drink it if you don't want to become fertile Myrtle.

There is no diversity, with a staggering 91% Caucasian (of the town) and 96% Caucasian at the high school.

A lot of the people who graduate from Ringgold High School do not go to college and stay around town for the rest of their lives. I know Ringgold is not appealing so they must be sucked into some kind of Ringgold vortex.

Also, there is a ma*sive amount of rednecks/country people at the high school and around town. Dip, cowboy boots, and Dixie Outfitters tee shirts pr...
to endulge in enjoying 6 cold beers, be it in an hour, or over the night, the first six beers are designated the casual six because that is the base for a night of drinking, or just to enjoy an edge.
Brett: Are you drinking your face out?

Steve: Well quim, I drank a casual six after cla*s, if you want to count I am a six pack ahead of you.
1. a term for smoking crack

2. a term for when someone steals your car

can be used to mean anything to do with black people really
lets go gaisford some crack

oh sh*t, i left my car unlocked and someone pulled a gaisford on it

do you want to go gaisford some kfc?
"Y town" is the short name for Ypsilanti, Michigan. Its a small country town that has absolutely no culture, no code of ethics, etc, but instead cherry pics different fads and trends from mainstream media, and adopts it as a standard of living. It is the home of Eastern Michigan University as well. Also, don't let the ignorant country nigas from out here confuse you into thinking that "West Willow" or the "South side" are rough and hard areas because they arent. They are two neighborhoods that are literally 1 mile from each other in a small town that has a 7 mile radius, and they beef over absolutely nothing. Most cats from Ypsilanti really convince themselves to be hard because they wear new J's and sell nickel and dime sacks on the corner, but they really a sons and daughters of middle to upper-middle cla*s folks, who go to good schools, and are spoiled as h*ll. Ypsilanti locals suffer from a "Small town Complex" which is the same concept as a "Napoleon Complex" except it not about a persons height, but the mentality of the town. Most Ypsilanti locals will lie and tell people they are from Detroit, only to compensate for the fact that Ypsilanti is lame and full of simple a*s people, but the truth comes to light when the difference in Detroit swag and Ypsilanti followism is apparent.
Detroit dude: Whats good man, where you from?

Ypsilanti dude: Im from West Willow Baby!!

Detroit dude: What the f*ck is a West Willow?

Ypsilanti dude: n*gga, its out there in y town where we doin the d*mn thing out there my n*gga!!

Detroit dude: What the f*ck is y town?

Ypsilanti dude: Ypsilanti my dude. . . . . . Right there next the Ann Arbor my n*gga.

Detroit dude: I dont know what the f*ck you talkin bout, with yo simple a*s.
What you should never lend to friends if it is imortant to you.
If you paid good money for it, it will get scratched easier.
It will also be lost faster.
A circular device that will scratch even though you know for a fact that it has never been dropped.
"Hey Bill, can I borrow that C.D. for a couple days to put on my Ipod?"
"Sure Frank, but don't lend it out to anyone, Ok?"
"Gotcha." Bill did not hear a word he said. Frank will never see the C.D. ever again in this world.

Three days later.

"Bill do you have my C.D?"
"Na man, I gave it to this really hot chick who really liked the band so I lent it to her."
"Well, what was her name so I can track it down."
"Forgot, she was really hot."
Maynard James Keenan's only way to describe his insane s*xual fetish for country music artists. It's basically where his p*nis gets so hard that it is glowing red hot, then he goes and finds Wynona Judd and her mommy and really lays down the law of Maynards d*ck.
I f*cked Willie Nelson
I f*cked him deep inside
I f*cked Elvis Presley in the bathroom where he died
I f*cked Dwight Yoakum

Johnny Cash grabbed his ankles and he hollered when I poked him
I f*cked the Judds!
I f*cked the Judds!

My c*ntry won't go down!
(I'm sorry because of my poor English)
Turkey is a very beautiful land, where is wished to have by greek and armenian. when the first turkish people came to Anatolia(1071), there weren't any Greece or Armenia. There was only Roman empire. Turks took the land from Byzantium. and they did same thing, what Roman empire did. instead of Christianity conveyed Islam. But not use the same method. In Roman empire almost all people had to be christian. on the other hand in Ottoman empire the greek and armenian could live as christians after 600 years.(Greeks don't like Turks empires, but they are proud of Alexander the great and Roman empire.) Those days Europe was in the middle age. Turks brought the science and culture of east to the Europe. Europe had forgotten their old greek philosopher and learned again from Arabic. then Europe became modern, scientific and powerful, and began to colonize the world. the Ottoman empire were no more powerful and scientific and finished his time like the Roman empire, and was collapsed by Atatürk and Turks like the Roman empire. Now Turks had to fight against colonization, and won the war against England, Greece, French, Italy and Ottoman empire. Most of These loser lands don't like the Turks. The Greece want to the west Turkey, Armenia want to the east, and for 20 years because of the Europe's will the Kurds want to take southeast Turkey. Turks have lived for almost 1000 year in Anatolia, and here is their Home. If all people should go, where t...
Probably the palest person you'll ever know. Loves George W. Bush. Wears a g*y a*s banking pin wherever he goes. Kinda looks like Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men. One of those douche bags who wears a suit on casual Friday at work. Loves to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and thinks its no big deal.
"I'm not casual about my banking, why would I be casual about what I wear....."

"Wow! You drink like a Clary!"
a great sikh freedom fighter who gave his life for freedom of india frm the britishers. His greatness was seen at the age of only 20 years when he went on hunger strike against the britishers for 61 DAYS.
he's still considered as an icon of bravery among the young indian souls.
man A: d*mn! he died for his country at such a young age. I don't remember his name.
man B: foo! u don't remember great freedom fighter shaheed bhagat singh. u gotta b kiddin me.
man A:oo sh*t! i don't know how tht skipped through my mind bro.
man B: yea man! how can u forget the name of a person who is like a god to us.
A member of group of crazy people who act like a dog. K-9's or dogs tend to have unite personality's within each bread of dog.Members enjoy such a time just lounging around in any form of weather. And they say that cat's have 9 lives, Well dogs, tend to hold on to there lives in waiting for just the right time to pounce on that bone you will soon send their way. Other members of the group then to be go getters. Like a beagle who will bark at a rabbit for what seems like hours , letting the rabbit know that he is right on it's heals all the way.
Basically if you refer to someone as a dog, comically;

... Kind of like my ole blue tick hound I like to lay around in the shade And ... A If you don't like the way I'm living You just leave this long haired ... Country boy alone ...
If your a group w dogz, you describe someone as being:
Group w dogz are fun and acting foggy as a dog.
Boy he is working like a dog, Group w dogz make time for leisure.
Shes enjoying the dogz days of summer, sunning herself on the group w bench.

Origins from a popular folk songs by Arlo Guthrie called Alice's Restaurant and Charlie Daniels, Long Haired Country Boy! And is all in fun.

That guy belongs on the Group W Bench.
A member of group of crazy people who act like a dog. K-9's or dogs tend to have unite personality's within each bread of dog.Members enjoy such a time just lounging around in any form of weather. And they say that cat's have 9 lives, Well dogs, tend to hold on to there lives in waiting for just the right time to pounce on that bone you will soon send their way. Other members of the group then to be go getters. Like a beagle who will bark at a rabbit for what seems like hours , letting the rabbit know that he is right on it's heals all the way.
Basically if you refer to someone as a dog, comically;

... Kind of like my ole blue tick hound I like to lay around in the shade And ... A If you don't like the way I'm living You just leave this long haired ... Country boy alone ...
If your a group w dogz, you describe someone as being:
Group w dogz are fun and acting foggy as a dog.
Boy he is working like a dog, Group w dogz make time for leisure.
Shes enjoying the dogz days of summer, sunning herself on the group w bench.

Origins from a popular folk songs by Arlo Guthrie called Alice's Restaurant and Charlie Daniels, Long Haired Country Boy! And is all in fun.

That guy belongs on the Group W Bench.
When one is going for a run with comrads, one can use the term inches in place of minutes. The number of inches is proportional to the length of the run. 90 minutes would be about 9 inches, while 30 minutes would represent about 4 inches. The conversion factor may change depending on one's own opinions.
1. Dude, I ran a 15:20 5k yesterday, my legs are shot, lets only go for like 4 inches.

2. -Yo, you want to go for a moderately long run?
- yeah, definitely, lets go like 8 inches.
Hillbilly name for a town in Washington that people who are literate call Belfair.
Dude, I went shooting in BelTucky last weekend!

She was my step-dads, step-daughter that lives in BelTucky.
Stands for long slow distance. What runners do to build endurance or train for a long distance event, like a marathon.
Runner #1: Man, track season finally ended, and all my tough interval workouts are over.

Runner #2: So you're done with speed?

Runner #1: Yup. And I'm ready for LSD.
The universal method of informing others that a s*xual act is immenent. No matter what language you speak or country you are from, when you hear someone say, "bomp-chica-pow-wow", take a quick look around cuz somebody is either gettin naked, sees a wiener, sees a cooter,sees b*obies, sees someone gettin lucky, or is really s*xually attracted to someone of the opposite s*x... or same s*x... or the neighbor's pet goat,Agnes, and THEY WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT!!!
d*mn Girl! Check out that ginormous weiner he's got! Bomp-chica-pow-wow!
Dude, that stripper is not just flirting with me for my singles! I am sooo gonna get lucky! Bomp-chica-pow-wow!
1. Derived from the polish "Mahar", it was americanized in the late 1700's to refer to the state of damp and moist weather the central region of Canada by Polish immigrants in the autumn season.
2. It has evolved in the central region of Canada for the behavioral trait of coldness or lack of interest exuded by a woman. Often used as a median of sorts, between "b*tch" and "Arrogance".
1. "When we arrived to Canada, I was shocked to see how macher the weather was in this new country. The cold touch of the damp, dank autumn leaves on my feet, on the front porch." - An exert from - Tales of New Canada, Mark Dudek, 1996.

2. Well I tried to talk to her last night at the party, but she was far too macher for my liking.
Ok, I just went through all the Arizona things, and h*ll, all of them are terrible! You can't base all your knowledge on stereotypes! And nobody better f*cking say "Oh I've been to Arizona. We just moved there and now we're leaving cause it's too stupid!" Cause I have news for you, IT'S NOT STUPID! U ARE! How long have you been here? Were you here for two weeks? Two months? Two years??? I've been here for my entire life. I've been to almost half the other states, and I would choose Arizona over any of them. So here's my definition of Arizona. The REAL definition.

Arizona - The Grand Canyon State. State Flower - Saguaro Cactus Blossom. State Bird - Cactus Wren. the only place in the world you can find a saguaro cactus. (Which is why we take price in it) Coyote, Javelena, Horney Toads, Diamondback Rattlesnakes and many more very unique creatures have made Arizona there home. The cacti that are rooted here have many varieties including saguaro, prickly pear, barrel, jumping, organ pipe, and yucca. We have high taxes, but a LOT of other states do to. Do the math; NEW PRESIDENTS, MORE MONEY FOR OLD ONE!!! Most beautiful sunsets you have EVER seen! (Even northern Arizonans can relate.) Some of the best Mexican food in the country! (And no, Taco Bell does not count as Mexican food stupid mid-country people who say, "Hey, lets go for Mexican food!" And than go to Taco Bell.) Arizonans know the most Spanish than you! We can p*onounce all the cacti I named earlier, and many more....
The most overplayed musical instrument in the world, music itself has been diluted because of the instrument's popularity among the vapid. Most great and original guitarists are dead, which creates a problem for touring, unless you're playing Cleveland.
"I suck so bad my guitars are now wall ornaments collecting dust and I've begun listening to sh*t I'll NEVER be able to play anyways, like jazz."
A Metal Geek, is a metal head that prides themselves on on there loyalty of sh*tty metal bands, they tend to hate all mainstream metal bands, and will turn on them at the first sight of success. They treat metal as if it was there own country club, It takes a special kind of metal head, to be a metal geek, usually ghostly white and p*mply looking, one can recognize them from there distinct overzealous love of Slayer, and there fondness for Swedish death metal bands, they tend to loath the metal bands, Metallica, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, As I Lay Dying, and Avenged Sevenfold, basically any metal band that has to much success.
Dave wearing his Children of Bodom TShirt, walks up to Daniel and says. "Hey dude, check out my band Warg*yzm, our band makes fun of Trivium, and stuff." Daniel replys "DUDE, you are so fat, and have red frizzy hair, im not buying your c*appy CD" Dave is the epitome of a "metal geek".
Usually quite ditzy. uses the word "ghetto" often to describe something trashy. Usually is ignorant judges easily. Seems to think China and asia are seperate countries (China is a country, Asia is a continent) thinks Africa is one country(It's a continent consisting of many different countries with different cultures and languages) also thinks white people do not live in south africa. Beleive their country is the best in the world. Many can be closed minded thinking all of Africa is full of starving children with bloated stomachs. Thinks China and Japan are the same. Although their language,culture and facial features are totally different. Think all languages sound the same except european languages. Think countries like Japan are third world(even though it is the leading car maker,electronics maker and is one of the fashion capitals of the world) Stereotypical americans are often Fat and lazy. Stereotypical Americans goto another country and complain about how bad the food is. Stereotypical Americans are seen as "country" or "arrogant prissy rich white folks" Stereotypical americans are seen to not give a d*mn about what goes on in the world(unless their reputaion is at risk)Thinks Panda Express is REAL chinese food...when really it isn't. Stereotypical Americans are seen to be loud,Obnoxious,s*x freaks,obese,arrogant,racist and rude.
A name for a hot country girl
"Peggy Sue" is a rock and roll song written by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, and Norman Petty in 1957.

Peggy sue, peggy sue.
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty peggy sue.
Oh, peggy, my peggy sue.
Well, I love you girl.
Yes, I need you, peggy sue
p*onunciation: kw-ay
(M, and S, are silent)

To be used as a replacement for a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.

Can also be an insult.

Can mean nearly anything you want.
Holy Mquays!

I slammed my mquaysing f*nger in the door!

Mother mquayser!

What the mquays?

I ran as fast as a mquays.
Someone who is proud of the south.

Who doesnt think you have to get dresses up everytime you go somewhere.

People of simple thoughts.

Their truck is their baby.

The dog they hunt with is family.

NASCAR is the number one sport in their world.

They know the meaning and have tasted good down home southern cooking.

Shoot anything that moves off the backporch.

Most of clothes in their closet is camo.

has atleast one black animal named n*gger

Know what It means to get a truck STUCKKKK.

Talk about huntin year around.

belive that the south is like a whole different world.

Know what a country boy need to survive.

Live in a small town.

a tractor is a way to get around town.

atleast one or two walls in your house has something you killed haning on it for everyone to see.

FFA is a family event.

Fishing is a christmas tradition.

fitting all the trucks in your yard is a game.

your neighbors know not to call the police when they hear a gun shot coming from your direction.

You know what jeff foxworthy is talking about.

Their girl friend comes after the truck.

skoal rings make the jeans.

The only thing on there radio is country music.

People with many stories.....
Any child from ages 6 to 11 who roams around country clubs with the sole purpose of annoying everyone in sight. They are rarely ever found in the junior centers of the club where they are suppose to be kept. These children typically come from wealthy homes where their every whim is indulged and their every desire attended to. When their parents tire of their incessant whining and b*tching they drop them off at the country club to which they belong in the hopes that they will become someone elses problem for a while. This usually occurs around the same time every day, about 3 oclock when many of their parents start getting off work. These children love to steal and hide basketb*lls, cell phones, and other objects belonging to older members of the club. The b*lls they are playing with somehow always find their way onto the basketball courts and tennis courts where games are taking place, and they also love to stand on the sidelines of any athletic event taking place and mock every mistake made by the players, often resulting in a suspention of play so someone can cuss out the offending clublet and perhaps physically mame him or her. Clublets have absolutely ZERO respect for anyone older than them, a common trait for their members of their generation, and require a good yelling at or beating every 5 to 10 minutes to keep them at least moderately in line. They respond to no other commands or requests other than physical pain or swear words. The females often are the l...
Country Music at it's best! Wonderfully talented artist who sings about Georgia and various other things that a true southerner can relate to. A must listen to for all.
Zac Brown Band sings,"You know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, pair of jeans that fit just right and my radio up!"
1. Barack Obama's Vice Presidental candidate. He is the old white guy that was too old and too white for the democratic party. Obama chose him for the ticket because he is actually qualified to be president and Obama knows in his heart that he is nothing more than a charlatan who can give a d*mn good speech. Joe Biden will perform d*ck Cheney like duties while working for president Obama. He will do all the real work while Obama sits back in the oval office snorting cocaine and smoking pot. Essentially Joe Biden should have been voted as the Democratic Nominee but liberals are freaks who are obsessed with tree hugging and for some reason harbor all this white guilt that convinces them that having a black man as president will do some sort of good for the country as a whole.

2. The 45th President of the United States of America. Joe Biden took office after the a*sination of Barack Obama by Hillary Clinton.

3. The guy who let Barack Obama make a cuckold bukkake film with his wife in order to become vice president.
(Liberal Freak) "I'm going to vote for Barack Obama. This country needs a black president."

(Joe Biden) "I wish I were black. Then I could snort cocaine, smoke pot, have a racist pastor for 20 years and simply say I heard nothing, funnel money to convicted criminals (Tony Rezko), support the killing of babies that survived botched abortions, and have a*sociations with known domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers) and still be considered a viable option for the presidency because of my skin color."
Something people say when they get mad.
Or it is a replacement for GD or Gosh Darn it.
"You get on my last cotton pickin nerves!"

"d*mn, you so cotton pickin fugly"
Country Club Crest Side of Vallejo, Ca. Home of the world renown Andre Hicks aka Mac Dre aka The Furley Ghost himself.
Crest, Crest Side, Country Club, Mark Ave.
Also home of Mac Mall, cutthroat committee..Famous Mark Ave. known for them bopps hood knockin, sideshows, h*lla crackin throws, n*ggas goin dumb like tycoons n*gga whaaa. Known as your local source for high quality PURP, thizzels sizzels cd's and dvd's, tony yayo, And we got Marine World next door, goin dumb off Medusa with a backwood in my hand.
That is the Crest
American for backa*se which is itself a term that describes the remotest and most isolated part of any area. Since this is the American version it has a lower threshold for remoteness. A city containing a few million people could still be described as a backa*s by most Americans if the city is outside the USA
Ireland? Isn't that in the backa*s of Yurop somewhere?

No people, no roads, no electricity, no signal on my cell phone; that must mean I'm in the backa*s of nowhere
1.) One's name that is sounded like a mix of "Or" With another words or alphabet "n" that sometimes is p*onounced differently depends on the language and grammar in some country.

2.) A name that sounds like an orange fruit people who hear it will misundertood or misinterpret the name Orein

3.) A nickname that was given by my uncle when I was little (4 or 5 years). Since then everyone starts calling me Orein and it became my official name for my Social life and school names but not for my I.D unfortunately.
4.) A name that sounded like a name of a cute girl.
5.) A Helpful person who's willing to help friends or anyone when he/she have free time or energy left from doing lots of thing.
5.) A name that is not commonly used to name people.
6.)Orange colour.
Or + Ain't = Orein
Or + And = Orein
Or + N = Orein
Or + In = Orein
Or + Rain = Orein

2.) Guy1: Hey man, have you see my buddy Orein?
Guy2: Orange?
Guy1: No, Orein
Guy2: What a name
Another name for Nigeria (country on the coast of West Africa).
Also abbreviated as 9ja.
I am from Naija.
Artists such as D'banj are from Naija.
I have lived in Naija most of my life.
1. Singapore is small country infested with a f*cked up community with a majority of its citizens having IQs equal to a primitive monkey. Their kiasu attitudes are their downfall, and yet they're proud of it.

2. Their girls, from a distance, might look pretty, but when they open their mouth, or when they get involved in online conversations, they twit a lot. It's disgusting, but singaporean men love it. That explains why their male population has an average p*nis size of 2 inches fully erect.

3. They raped the english language, making their own version of "english" called singlish, and yet, because of their kiasu attitude, they claim singlish as a whole new language, and are proud of it. Hilarious!
Singaporean 1 with a 2 incher : eh my kukujiao hor.. veli big one! 8 inch monsta larh!!

Singaporean 2 with a 1.5incher : y so short??? mine leh.. i tell u.. is 12 inches sia!

Singaporean 3 (a female who's very kiasu) : walaozzzz, y eeu all sho smallzxzx? i orso gorrrt kukujiaozzz lerrhxx.. 15 inchezxzxz man!!! i veli chioo horhzzxz
{notice how the female twit a lot?)

People from other countries : wtf.. these singaporeans d*mn kiasu.

Men from other countries : god d*mn.. their women's lack of intelligence and ability to speak properly totally ruined our prospect of having boners for the next 10 years.
There are two type of mexicans.

1) They are productive people who come from or have family from the country of Mexico. They can fluently speak English and don't live off of welfare but pay taxes and have a legal source of income.

2) People whom live off welfare, work for pennies and do sh*tty work. Steal jobs from hard working Americans because they are paid less. Cannot speak English. A drain on American society. They believe Mexico is the greatest country in the world yet they live in America.
def. 1-Yeah I'm mexican...but I work my a*s off for my money! Unfortunately not all mexicans are like me! (speaking english)

def. 2-Como esta? No habla englais? Me work 5dollars...all day. You like?
1. A symbol of hope, prosperity, and everything we know of western civilization today. It's a way of life

2. To be so beautiful as to make money simply by sleeping.

3. The ever present threat of communism

4. The strong side defense that Oklahoma used to shut down Texas Tech's five-wide spread offense.

5. The only hope that New Trier has of not being over run by evil Russian mobsters

6. Jewish by nature, black by interpertation.

7. Dislikes A Milli, and thus not a venereal disease.

8. To have many girls vying for your d simultaneously

9. Standing atop a large metaphorical or literal mountain

10. The act of courrupting young and innocent minds with ideas of djzucky like comments.

11. Anything you want
1. Many appreciate the election of Obama because they view him as a djzucky.

2. Dude, that MILF could be a djzucky.

3. “Man, are you disappointed that you live in a democracy now that you’ve been deported from Cuba?”
“Just a little bit, but I’m banking on the djzucky.”

4. Bob Stoops knew he would need to surprise Harrell and the Red Raiders, so he employed the djzucky which worked to perfection.

5. “Hey man, you hear that Boris Ikrinovitchkov and his gang took over Chicago? Do you think that they’ll come for New Trier?”
“Dude, no way, Boris knows we’ve got the djzucky”

6. “He goes to my synagogue and he can ball like none other, he’s definitely a djzucky.”

7. “Dude that MILF is a sl*t”
“Yeah man, but it’s ok, she’s djzucky”

8. “Dude, Jamie, Kristina, Emilay, Erin, Meghan, Mary, and Blake all want his D. He’s a huge djzucky.”

9. “When he finished his trek in the Himalayas, he was totally djzucky.”
Or “Dude he just scored a date with Black Ice, he’s definitely djzucky.”

10. “Man, that’s not cool. Why is he selling pick-up lines and guns to 6th graders?”
“I don’t know dude, he’s just djzucky.”

11. “Djzucky, djzucky djzucky djzucky djzucky 13 djzucky djzucky cool djzucky djzucky bro?”
“Haha, oh djzucky djzucky djzucky, yeah man, djzucky djzucky.”
Someone who cannot resist taking a souvenir from every new place he/she visits. It can be something as simple as a pen of lollipop from a bank, ranging to a pair of wangster shorts belonging to a boy from another team at a track/cross country meet. Kleptomaniacs are known to make up codenames for stolen items and their owners. also for excessive giggling.
(Ca*sie and Annie enter XC bus, giggling.)
Annie: Hey, you guys didn’t hear any weird noises, did you?
Ca*sie: Yea, your mom made some crazy noises last night!
Monkey Face: No… why?
Annie: I will tell you later. Not in front of Britter.
Guillerno: Were you guys looking at trees?
Britter: Trees? Don’t you mean flags? (cackles maniacally)
All: NO! What are you talking about, Victor?
Coach: Yea, Victor, what ARE you talking about?
(All laugh at Britter’s silliness.)
(Later, on bus ride home, with Britter safely terrorizing middle’uns.)
Monkey Face: Okay, what is it?
Annie: Hold on. (lifts up shirt)
Monkey Face: Whaaaat? Oh my GOSH!
(A traffic cone has been revealed under Annie’s seemingly preggers belly.)
(Ca*sie and Annie cackle maniacally.)
Monkey Face: Yalls are serious Kleptomaniacs, dawg.
A university in downtown Manhattan (Greenwich Village) that really, really wants to be NYU, going so far as to have many of its buildings mere blocks away. Populated mostly by kids who didn't or couldn't get into NYU. Had a controversy in 2006 when it switched to just "The New School" from "The New School University" and changed its logo from a standard collegiate shield to what looks like a spray-painted tag. Many people called them out for failing to maintain academic integrity.

Considered to be more avant-garde than your standard university. Actually more or less where rich people send their kids who want an excuse to live in New York City for four (or more) years without working.

Despite the bad rap it has, it's got an extensive list of notable past faculty including Frank O'Hara, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Woody Allen, as well as a pretty long list of notable alumni, including Sufjan Stevens, Jonah Hill, and Marc Jacobs
Paradise Valley, sometimes just called pv, is a town located in Arizona.

The other definition is not accurate. If you live in Paradise Valley, you belong to the scottsdale unified school district. However, many paradise valley residents choose to send their children to private schools including Notre Dame Preparatory (in North Scottsdale), Xavier College Prep, Brophy College Prep, and Phoenix Country Day School (PCDS).

Paradise Valley is considered to be the wealthiest area in Arizona.
There are 12 resorts located in pv, and it is a real estate hot spot for those who can afford it.
The average house in pv costs anything from $1 million to $20 million dollars.

True paradise valley is located between the mountains; mainly Mummy Mt. and Camelback Mt.

Many people overlook paradise valley, thinking Scottsdale/$nobsdale is much nicer. However, this is not true. Not only is pv nicer, but the people in paradise valley are not as obnoxious as scottsdalians; although I'm sure there are just as many b*ob jobs in pv.

The worst part of paradise valley in the Barry Goldwater
"Transpire" is a synonym for "happen," "take place," or "occur," and is most commonly used by lower-income whites or African-Americans when speaking to the media or, more commonly, law enforcement.
"Well officer, me and Junior and Latrell was all just ambulatin' down the thoroughfare here and minding our own businesses with no thought whatsoever of getting into mischief, when suddenly and out of nowhere these three Arab Muslim lookin' fellas - you know, like the President - done leaped out of the bushes at us! Well, they was just leapin' around and yellin' about that Ollie fella that they worship and Junior, bein' the fine, upstandin' American that he is, produced out of nowhere a bottle of tequila and done swung it at one of the terrorists and shattered the bottle against his dome, spraying the immediate vicinity with broken gla*s and liquor, which explains the mess on the sidewalk here and why we all reek of Cuervo. Simultaneously and at the same time, Latrell a*sessed the aptitude of the situation, retrieved a cinder block from that construction site over there, and flung it at yet another of the terrorists in an attempt to defend our country and protect our freedoms. Unfortunately, Latrell has never had the best throwin' arm and he missed that uppity Muslim and accidentally shattered the front gla*s to the convenience store in which we happened to be located in front of during the terrorist attack. Well, with the gla*s already shattered and one terrorist unaccounted for, I thought it would be most prudent and logical to whomp him upside the noggin with the most convenient weapon, which I ascertained to be the ATM machine from inside the store, which is precisely ...
(N)- One who posseses a great deal of irrational anger; one who is easily infuriated; one who yeilds an extreme amount of self and national pride; one with dark hair, a mustache, a large stomach, and a great deal of body hair.
(Adj)- Having a low level of tolerance; having extreme and seemingly irrational anger; having an extreme level of respect and interest for the country of Italy; being covered in dark, coa*se body hair.
(V)- To lash out on someone verbally or physically as an expression of anger or as a means to a*sert dominance.
The Italian lashed out on his wife for forgetting to display an Italian flag on the wall at meal-time.

Dude, my dad went all Italian on me after he saw that I got all F's on my report card.

Hey, lets go Italian that French punk over there until he cries.
An inhabitant of one of the poorest countries of Asia, them are yes, hardworking (not as much as the Chinese). Most of the Vietnamese have become lawyers and doctors and pharmacists. But a local Vietnamese cheats, lies and steals (especially in Vietnam around the Vietnam war) (seriously... my freakin motorcycle was stolen by some sonuvab*tch and his hundred-member gang, and then I had to watch out for my sandals so some runt can't steal them if I ever turned my bac.
Most of them are cheap, although many teenagers in California spend mostly all their money here on brand-name clothing, Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, and more. It's always been a mystery how a Vietnamese woman how paints nails at a nail shop can afford such things.
They are mostly looked down by Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese because of their poor country. The amusement parks there only amuse you by the low-quality of the rides. (Some kid went bashing to the ground on a roller coaster ride. Thank God it was a low one.) Vietnamese have many pride even though they come from such low-cla*s backgrounds.

Also, if you can see, all Vietnamese women have their eyebrows done the same as their friends. If you look afar at a group of Viet girls, you could've sworn they were sisters.
The best thing about Vietnam? ITS PHO IS SO CHEAP!
Guy #1: Check out that skinny Vietnamese chick. No hips at all!

Guy: #2: Daammnn, she looks like she couldn't afford any food!

Guy #3: Yeah, right. Look at her Bebe shirt, Guess jeans, Prada shoes, and Louis Vuitton purse.

Guy #2: I've seen her before! She did my girlfriend's nails the other day!

Guy #1: No way, I think she's the girl who served Pho at that one resturant.

Guy #3: She's that one chick who sold jewelery at Phuoc Luc Tho!

Guy #2: Wait, I think we're mistaken. Her eyebrows look too similar to the other Viet chicks, so I confused her.

All: Ohh...
A rich part of the Hamptons. Everyone who goes there to spend the summers have very nice cars including BMW GMC Mercedes Audi Porshe Lambro's and many other nice cars. It is not a surprize if a child gets a mercedes for their 16 birthday. The kids there live the lives we all wish we could. They ride around in their golfcarts picking up friends at a young age of 13, the police dont car because the children are "privledged" It is not a surprize to see a group of girls riding their $300 bikes to the beach. If you are a somebody in Westhampton you have to belong to belong to their prestigious Country Club. The teenagers that come during the summer know how to party the right way. Most of the locals dont have alot of money it is only the summer people that have alot. Pink ralph lauren polos with white shorts arent very uncommon among the teenagers. Boys were vinyard vines shorts with polos. Dont be suprized if your a local and you get a dirty look from one who has a summer house their.
Girl 1: I dont feel like riding my $500 bike to the beach today.
Girl 2. My daddys chauffer could bring us!
Girl 3: Or I could drive us to the beach in my Mercedes!

Girl 1: After we go to the beach we should go play golf or tennis at Westhampton Country Club!
Whisky.Usually made by the more "country"
Not usually weak.Can be aged.Making it smoother and stronger.
Chick-d*mn,I got some of my dad's moon shine last night.It's been aging for like 14 years.That sh*t knocked me on my a*s.

Guy-Isn't illegal to make that,and sell it?
n. A man from the country or backwoods who is being lovingly referred to. He has done hard work in his past and takes nothing for granted. He sees the good things in life. He has generally good morals, but still likes to throw down with the guys. He has calloused hands, but a velvet soft heart. He is very desireable.

cowboy, country boy, country, backwoods, good man
"Oh him? His name is Whit. He's my amazing cowboo."

"You got yourself a real nice cowboo right there."

"I need me a handsome cowboo."
A woman or a girl who maintains a profile on Facebook or any other social networking website with the sole porpoise of attracting male attention.

It is easy to recognize them by their sl*tty pictures. Nearly all pictures they have will feature themselves, either with underwear, or make up and hair-do obviously only made for the photo. They will nearly always include some (semi) professional pictures of themselves, probably made for a modeling portfolio that never got them a job. Some of the pictures will show them posing in hot pants at hom in front of the radiator and the tucky curtain. Their pictures will consequently attract heaps of comments from w*nking strangers like "wowwwwwwwwwwwwww s*xy".

Most of their contacts are males that they have never met.

To make sure people will only care about their looks they usually fill their details with empty bullsh*t that tries to appear sweet instead of displaying any sort of personality, even attempting to look even more dumb than they actually are by putting "hahahaha" as their favorite book.

They would do virtually everything to appear to be the cheapest easiest wh*re on earth just to get as many men hit on them as possible, so they can think they really are hot and be happy with themselves. Usually this is all what they want, and avoid taking anything with a man any further than flirting and letting him admire them. Just watch: they will never have a wall post from any of her hundreds of male friends that refers ...
old slang term for s*xual relations.

I write separately only because it would be a shame to not quote Shakespeare on this one.
Hamlet: Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
Ophelia: No, my lord.
Hamlet: I mean my head upon your lap.
Ophelia: Aye, my lord.
Hamlet: Or did you think I meant country matters?
Ophelia: I think nothing, my lord.
Hamlet: That's a fair thought, to lie between maid's legs.
adj. : a word used in substitution to 'ghetto'. Often used to refer to something that is not proper and lacks social standing. Can also be used describe a place that overly dark.
e.g. Man, that club is a little too urban for my country a*s.
The southern half of Sarasota County, Florida, made infamous by a spree of pranks in April 2005, consisting of the name spraypainted on the campuses of multiple high schools in the county. It is differentiated from the northern half of the county by a generally lower socioeconomic status and more rural geography, as well as an older and less-educated population. This distinction came to be a source of pride for some residents of the area, who decried the entitled and materialistic views they claimed were a*sociated with the "North County." Also, the state of being a*sociated with that region; for example, a car repair that is rigged with substandard components could be called "South County."
--"Hey man, do you live in Sarasota?"
--"No, I'm from South County."

--"I fixed my exhaust pipe by wrapping a t-shirt around it. South County!"
1) To cheat at something. Maybe a video game, Spades, a card game, or a race.

2) To bang another lady while your rightfully married partner is unable to react to the situation, for whatever reason.

3) To try to do something great for the public to hide how big of a j*rk you are at the personal level.
1) "Quit looking at the other side of my Yu-Gi-Oh cards, you dip-sh*t! If you pull a John Edwards on me like that again, I'll burn your entire collection in the back-yard!"

2) Jessica Simpson's boyfriend had to pull a John Edwards on her in her own home! He was caught banging a chick on top her bed! As if she had enough to be upset about! She's Jessica Simpson! Her life has been dropped on sh*t creek without a paddle!

3) The stupid man is trying to run for Vice President. Even know he cheated on his wife who has breast cancer, he still thinks he has what it takes to become a figure for this country. Encourage people to be stupid and do things wrong. We're not going to let John Edwards pull himself at us again!
A country in Northern Africa bordering on Algeria, Niger, Mauritania and Guinea. The capital city is Bamako.
I'm going to Mau for my holiday, I'll need my Malaria injections.
A legitimate and functional person that can give you good information or opinion when you need it.
Bobby is a very da chyt person, He gave me all the information I needed for my science project.
A great country that despite its flaws is much better than most other countries in the world. The system of punishment and law enforcement is more fair than any other country, America has the most freedom out of any country, and most people who hate on America are people who don't live in America, or get the short end of the stick. Granted, there will be people in every country who work harder than everyone else yet seem to get cheated, and these people all hate the country where they live.
There are people who make more money than anywhere else, and some of them are complete j*rks who don't help others, and many people judge the whole nation based on a few people's actions. There are people who work extremely hard and earn their money. There are people who make tons of money, or not much money at all, and they help others. But why would anybody hear of these people? You only hear about the rich and famous.
So the whole world judges America on what the media portrays, and because America is the land of the Free, the media can say whatever they want. Unless you know and share both sides of the story about America, no comments either way should be shared.
American: Hi, I'm an intelligent scientist devoting my life to bettering mankind, and making money for myself while I do so.
American: Hi, I work really hard and don't get paid nearly as much as I should and live a hard life.
American: Hi, I got a lot of money from my parents and will keep it all for myself.
American: Hi, I've given away all my money and spent my whole life helping those less fortunate.
American: Hi, I risked my life to leave my country get to this country because of the opportunities it can provide for those who work hard.
American: I'm a part of the government and I do all that I can to make the country a better place to live.
American: I'm a part of the government and I do what I want.
American: I own a bunch of guns and go hunting.
American: I work my a*s off to put bad people behind bars and keep people safe.
American: I'm a serial killer.
American: I fight to keep freedom around the world.
American: I will die to protect another person.
A short but s*xy man with giant guns who coaches s*x. Usually known for his country accent, creepy old-mannish manner, and obsession with a*ses.
It was only after I called Coach Connell that my husband and I began to have real kinky s*x.
1. The only English speaking country in all of Central America first colonized by Great Britain. The people are very diverse and are not grouped by being black or white but by their ethnic make up which can be many.

2. An action that one does while visiting the Caribbean's Best Kept Secret, Belize; or a belief or a way of doing something.
1. I went to the sweetest country in Central America, Belize, for my Caribbean getaway.

2. I Belized the cays while visiting the Caribbean's kept secret.

Instead of climbing it mein you better Belize it.
Track event for the nutjobs. Punishment for mid-distance runners as well. Usually involves running eight laps around an outdoor track and 16+ on indoor facilities.
"Chris, since you were such a smarta*s last week, I'm running you in the 2 mile."
"But Mug...I run the 800."
"My best time is barely under 13:00, why would you do such a thing?"
"Oh stop your b*tchin, it'll be fun."
"Ha, f*ck that!"

"Dude, I'm running the two mile today..."
"Ha, sucks to be you!"
Usually practiced by those on the left of the political spectrum when they are confronted with an opinion or belief that is different than theirs.
During the Miss America Pageant, When asked by judge Perez Hilton, an openly g*y gossip blogger, whether she believed in g*y marriage, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, said "We live in a land where you can choose same-s*x marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."
Carrie Prejean was sneered and booed at by the audience and confronted with such abject hate and intolerance by the audience and many liberals for her opinion that many of the g*y men at the event
wondered aloud why the judges did not discriminate against her for her beliefs. The question came up as to why Carrie Prejean was not thrown out of the competition for her stand on g*y marriage.
A small college located in Bumblef*ck, PA that is known for it's music programs and its Jesus lovers.
A tiny, 3-4 block campus, with a few houses, and students can't live off campus anymore.
Greek life is kinda pitiful, because they're not allowed to have houses either.
Few people outside of the Lebanon/Lancaster/Harrisburg area will recognize the name.
Also, somehow all the tour guides forget to mention the train that runs right behind half the dorms at all hours of the day and night.
"My high school was bigger than Lebanon Valley College"

Jay: "I'm going to Lebanon Valley in the fall"
Bob: "Ooh"
Jay: "You have no clue what/where that is, do you?"
Bob: "Nope, sorry"
1. Politically Correct

Words anyone can use to not cause controversy in a public address or statement.

2. Personal Computer

A nickname for most computers made by Microsoft.

If anyone tells you anything but these two, they are retarded.

Not P.C.:
"n*ggers and beaners are deciding to join our country, and I believe that their good exchange is pretty much retarded and gives off a ghetto feel."

"African Americans and Mexican Americans are receiving citizenship for our country, however the trade and commerce regulated by their people is deteriorating the high society standards we all wish to live in."


"Want to come to my house after school and play some games on my P.C.?"
An African country a magical place charged with mysterious energy jungles and beaches where i have wanted to honeymoon for the last 3 hours until my crazy a*s figured it was a fictional african nation in the movie coming to america starring Eddie Murpy.
I want to go to Zamunda for my honeymoon but it doesn't even exist. d*mn you Eddie Murphy for showing me such a beautiful country that is fake!!!!!!!!!!
A once white german music turned out into a compilation of sabana beaner sh*t by ignorant stupid retarded beaners in Sinaloa, Mexico.

This "music" is based on singing as bad as possible, being noisy, obnoxious, having no taste, vulgarity, machism, an*lfabetism, drug dealing and wearing stupid boots and a hat in urban areas, just to mention some.

"people" who likes banda music are normally ignorant idiots who instead of going to school, studying, reading and being a good mexican citizen with a well payed job, they just sat all day drinking Tecate in an old Nissan Pick up laughing their a*ses of when asked if they like to read. normaly becouse of their ignorance they dont even have a highschool diploma so they always b*tch about how poor they are and keep being ignorant and beaners.

This sh*tty music is considered to be mexicans equivalent to the worse hip-hop/country music and white mexicans cant even get away from this sh*tty music, as they will always have an annoying beaner sometimes drug dealer new rich idiot living near their houses, and this stupid chocolate indios will always play that sh*tty music as loud as possible.
studying for a better future? naaaah... i rather listen to banda with my homies!

BIBA LA VANDA!! (for spanish speakers, they will notice the misspellings)

Indio dumba*s: hey look! white moraly correct mexicans who like white peoples music, let's put banda as f*cking loud as possible to p*ss them off!!!
Punjabi is actually the native language from Punjab. But im going to revise it a little. Like a hand job, the punjabi is a hand job for women. So for all of you f*nger blasters out there, its now PUNJABI!!!!
Man at the movies last night I gave my girlfriend a Punjabi!!

No sh*t!!

Yea, f*nger blasted the h*ll out of her.
B: Virginia Patterson Hensley September 8th , 1932

Soulful Country Singer from Winchester, Virginia, who blazed the trail for Country Crossover Music in the late 50s and early 1960s. Her mesmerizing voice and stunning good looks helped bring Pop fans to enjoy Country music styling, and she is the most sucessful female Country Crossover singer in recorded music history. Cline's music evokes feeling and heartache, as her most famous tunes "Crazy", "I Fall To Pieces", and "Sweet Dreams", represent, but her recording career, although brief, ran the gamut from sheer Pop to Rockabilly to Country and Western Swing to Gospel and all things between. Patsy Cline was not a songwriter although penned one song "Stranger In My Arms", under her birth name Virginia Patterson Hensley. She was known to play guitar and piano as well. Her life was cut short on March 5th, 1963, in a plane crash- along with 2 other Grand 'Ol Opry Stars and her manager. Patsy's music remains tragically hip, and unlike other singers of that time, her voice has a modern appeal that is timeless, and her deep rich tone is a contrast to the flat twangs made popular by some of the other Country Music Artists.
Patsy Cline was a Country and Pop Music Legend.
Linkin Park fans (or fanatics,which is almost the same) are usually young people who

1) insanelly like to quote LP lyrics;
2) always find themselves listening to any of the LP albums, like 1023554689 times over and over again;
3) have LP tattos;
4) die their hair the same way one of the band member does;
5) instead of sleeping,are lying on their backs repeating to themselves "Linkin Park please come to my country!!!!Pleaaaase!!!"
6) don't like the Jonas Brothers and think that they are general douchebags;
7) sleep,go to their schools/colleges/jobs,wearing an LP T-shirt;
8) think that "Project Revolution" is one of their goals in life;
9) cry for like a REALLY long time if they find out that the gig in their town is cancelled;
10) have all of the albums (even the singles,LPU albums, other EP's)
11) celebrate the band members' birthdays
12) hate people who say that "LP is sh*t","LP sold themselves","LP sucks","I hate LP" ect;
13) don't even speak,they rap,rap,rap SCREAM (but nowadays just sing (no rapping,no screaming(unfortunatly);
14) (girls) want to marry one of band members (or more than one),want to have kids with them and blah,blah,blah..(boys) are forming similar bands like Linkin Park and are acting like them;
15) are jumping like Bennington during the shows;
16) can do multitask and have changed their names into Mike;
17) believe in the Hybrid Theory soldier;
18) go out of "their f*cking minds" when they see a person who looks kinda like Chester;
A form of entertainment for people who have no interest in life. It is designed to brainwash little boys into thinking video games are in real life. So they now have desires to kill, run over, or shoot people in real life. And for those grown ups, people like video games because they have no interest in life and will never get a girlfriend. They play this "video game" 24/7 and will never have time for their real life situations. These people can be called nerds, low lifes, or just a plain simple "get a f*cking life you f*ckimg fag!! All you do is sit around and play video games!! Get a girlfriend or something". This situation can be caused to mainly the male gender of ages 12 to maybe until they die. This is very common in the United States. Many people of the male gender have died because of video games. This is why we mostly have more females in this country (which is not bad just saying).
Low life: hey what are you going to get for christmas?
Normal Guy: I'm just getting clothes
Low life: awww that sucks I'm getting the gta 4 and gears of war. Im also getting a new headseat for my xbox 360 amd new controllers to play with my buddies (more low lifes)
Normal guy:what do you mean? I actually want clothes so i can impress my girlfriend. Unlike you, f*ggot, i actually have a life!! I dont stay in my house playing video games, i go places and hang out with my friends!!

*walks away*
Low life: friends, who needs them?
ShockUnderwear is underwear that has a little piece of metal, & some wires people can't feel and gives electric shock to the victim, through flowing electric currents. It comes for boys and girls, men & women in many diffrents designs & colors: Such as stripes, solids, flowered prints, animal prints & railraod ties, just like normal underwear. It comes in thongs, g-strings, string bikini breifs, bikini breifs, sports breifs, granny panies, breifs, trunks, boxer breifs, and boxers. Shock Underwear doesn't come cheap. It is very hard to find. Most stores and online sites don't carry it. How sad, since it is a good prank to pull, & if more people knew it would be the new sensation that's sweeping the nation. For added discomfort give the victim a normal wedgie. You the giver will recieve a little shock, but add major discomfort to the wearer of this prank underwear. DON'T put shock underwear, over victims head, otherwise SERIOUS INJURY, & or DEATH may OCCURE. No, I didn't do this to anyone, it is just COMMON SENSE. If more Americans used common sense, this country would be smarter, but anyways shock underwear is fun.
For my sixth birthday, my adopted female cousin came over, gave me a black & yellow railroad tie boxer, it was, but is was also SHOCK UNDERWEAR and I didn't yet know about the shock part of the underwear. I was already emba*sed, but had no choice but to try it on, since I had to be polite & MY MOM WAS THERE. My cousin told me I was six and needed to get out of tidy whitys. Next I go to try in on & it's shocking me around my waist with electrical current. It hurt like h*ll. Next thing I know, is I'm running into the living room in nothing but the shock underwear and myy shirt the shock boxers are shocking me. I have never been so emba*sed, even though I got $2,000.00 from them, since money is no object for her family. To this day, I still wear tidy whitys & have yet to recieve another wedgie. I went to another city and gave them to my male cousin, who I hate.
Basically if someone is "too punk" then they are too f*cking cool and awesome for anything. Too punk for school, too punk to pay, too punk for public transport etc. They do whatever the f*ck they want. True punks get p*ssed all the time, rob f*cking shops blind and abuse people.
Shopkeeper: Get out of my shop.
Customer: No, I am too punk. Get the f*ck out of my country!
The most awesome country rapper there is today!! Colt Ford is a former professional golfer raised near Athens, Ga. He grew up listening to country music, and his first concert was a double bill of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers in Georgia. He eventually gravitated towards R&B and hip-hop and made his musical debut in high school writing a rap for a friend. He found that writing came easy to him and began working with producer Jermaine Dupri and other developing hip-hop artists. His diverse co-writing credentials include country music songwriter Jamey Johnson, songwriter-guitarist Jeremy Popoff of the alt-rock band Lit and hip-hop writer Attitude. Other musical contributions include country artist John Michael Montgomery and country music duo Montgomery Gentry, hip-hop artists Bone Crusher and Sunny Ledfurd and No Doubt's Adrian Young. He also wrote the theme song, "Buck 'Em," for the Professional Bull Riders organization. He is expected to release a new album in 2008.
Colt Ford Songs include Mud Digger, and
01. Ride Through the Country

02. Mr. Goodtime

03. No Trash in My Tralier

04. Cold Beer

05. Never Thought

06. Saddle Up

07. Waffle House

08. Twisted

09. Tailgate audio

10. Dirt Road Anthem

11. Good God O Mighty

12. Like Me

13. Gangsta of Love

14. I Can't Sing

Created in 2001 at Illinois State University, this slang term is used to describe extremely cool events. However, unlike the term cool, rupo refers exclusively to: a) the sense of euphoria and happiness from pleasurable experiences or b) anticipation of a pleasurable experience.

Drafted from the short phenomenan of the slang term "rufus" in the movie Never Been Kissed'", "rupo" was born to give Generation X and Y a unique word to descibe their euphoria. Since it's debute, it's spread across the country has been through gra*sroots efforts including word of mouth and the occasional merchandising.
Example Uses:
• "We just went skydiving, that was so rupo!"

• "The Titans just beat the Colts. The game was totally rupo."

• "I can't wait for my friends to get here, tonight is going to be rupo."
1. A derogatory term for a Jew based upon their disagreeable characteristics (usually in business).
That yid sc*m cheated me out of my promised pay raise.
The boss sent money to build his local synagogue but when I asked for my promised bonus he denied ever having promised it to me....the yid sc*m.
Yid sc*m! They send cash out of the country to support Israelis killing Palestinian civilians.
(1) One of the largest countries in the world

(2) a type of dinnerware used in formal occasions

(3) Puerto Rican Spanish slang for Orange.
When me & my two College roomates went to a nearby Wal*mart supercenter one day to get some things. One of my roomies saw a nice frying pan & saw the label said that the frying pan was made in China. Next we went by housewares & was some nice looking china dinnerware. My other roomie from Puerto Rico went to the refrigerated juice section & said "Look! the "Jugo de china" on sale here!"
Typically consists of North Caldwell, Ess*x Fells, Fairfield, and Roseland. These four towns lie to the western portion of Ess*x county, greatly differing from their poorer eastern neighbors such as Newark, Irvington, and Nutly. West ess*x is a very / one of the most affluent areas in new Jersey. The towns share a regional high school, usually ranked high in the state. West Ess*x is thought to be more snobby than their "rival" neighbor caldwell which is known to be well off yet, alot less affluent than the west ess*x area even though residents of west ess*x travel into caldwell and west caldwell on a daily basis. West ess*x is close in proximity to New York City, and taxes are known to be the highest in the county. Contrary to some residents beliefs that fairfield is a more "guido" town the taxes still maintain higher levels than those of roseland. There is an increasingly large spirit and love for new jersey in this area. Home of the Sopranos, great restaurants, many celebrities, NJ sports team players, especially Devils players. The kids in these towns tend to be stuck up and spoiled, and they are not ashamed of it at all wearing the best clothing labels and driving brand new cars they got as a present from mommy and daddy which they most likely crashed multiple times and their parents just got them new ones anyway. A predominantly white town that crowds the sh*re AKA sleazeside on mdw and prom weekend. Think country clubs and pizzerias.
A bubble town in Central New Jersey. A tiny place of huge expanses and horse farms, where the rich come to experience the country on their 300 acre estates. In the 1970s a developer sued the town for the right to build the largest housing development in New Jersey here. When the town denied the building rights, he sued on the basis that the town did not have enough low-income housing. So he built The Hills, a colony of the same exact beige house over and over again, and enabled people who were not in the top 1% of the earning cla*s to have a Bedminster address.
Nearly 30 years later, the Hills is where the trash lives. West Bedminster is still enormous estates owned by blue bloods, who come out for weekends from their Park Avenue apartments and complain when their Bentleys break an axle from the c*appy dirt roads. The estates are also a place for their children to throw parties when they come home from English boarding schools.
"Downtown" Bedminster is nonexistent, with a few shops. There is a strip mall by The Hills that offers a CVS, grrocery store, ice cream, and several c*appy small stores that are constantly going out of business.
The public school is K-8 and has 80 kids per grade, so you stay isolated in the bubble until you hit your teens.
West Bedminster: You're from Bedminster? You must be incredibly rich and old money. Why aren't you at an English boarding school right now?
Hills Resident: No, I live in The Hills.
WB: Oh, so you're the trash that my taxes send to public school. Your parents work for my parent's Fortune 500 company. . . as janitors.

One who uses facebook to convert or attempt to convert others as a proselyte in one's own religious faith or one's own political party, or to espouse one's doctrine.; One who recruits for conversion (a person) from one belief, doctrine, cause, or faith to another.; a royal douchebag; Also, especially British, face⋅book pros⋅e⋅lyt⋅iz⋅er.

verb- "facebook proselytize"
Facebook Proselytizer- (status in news feed on Monday) "Hey all of you on my friends list... Healthcare reform is bad for our country! So much for global warming?!?!? The weather is fine! We are one step closer to overturning Roe vs. Wade! Yadda, yadda, yadda..."

Facebook Proselytizer- (status in news feed on Tuesday) "Ye must be born again!"

Facebook Proselytizer- (status in news feed on Wednesday) "The governor is a sc*mbag for blah blah blah"

Someone sane on the facebook proselytizer's friend list- "Man, what a douche!?!? Let's see... where's that person... Ah hah! There they are." *cl*cks the x to remove the facebook proselytizer from friend list* "That's much better."
Home to some of the world's most famous a*sholes. Fritzl and Hitler - it doesn't get any better than this!

Also, been living here for 12 years and believe me when I tell you the weather SUCKS b*lls, ALL THE TIME!
Tourist : "Wow I love Austria! Your country is so great!"

Fritzl : "Would you care to see my basement?"
Commander Pinktaurious is also known as "gorncommander" He has a well liked and popular channel on the Youtube network.

He claims to be from the planet Nebulan 5 in a galaxy that earth refers to as The Triangulum Galaxy (also known as Messier 33 or NGC 598). It is a spiral galaxy approximately 3 million light-years away in the constellation Triangulum. The galaxy is also sometimes informally referred to as the Pinwheel Galaxy by some amateur astronomy references. Within Triangulum Pinktaurious resides in the Quadrant Otarcies, In the Nebulan Star System

Pinktaurious’s ability to communicate from outer space to Youtube has been questioned? His following explanation is intriguing at best:

“Light-years are meaningless when traveling through sub-space; also I have the ability to transmit messages to the earth on customary communication networks that are available to sub standard life-forms. While utilizing my ‘Ultra-Computer’ aboard my super ‘Stratastar’ warship, my Communications are transmitted to your inferior world via the ‘Great-Galactic-Grid’ and then downloaded to your minuscule 'World Wide Web'; my broadcasts have traveled trillions of light-years to reach you. My Nebulan Ultra-Computer and Image processors are the finest and of the highest quality known throughout the universe. I have the ability to exercise and tap into any planets communication arrays of my choice including the earth based video sharing website ‘YouTube’, ‘My space’, etc. the Nebulan Ultra-Comput...
a country run by variety shows with that fag joey de leon and that fool willie revillame.

both mofos are making a lot of money out of sarcasm, the minority and making fun of uneducated people as well as the poor people. those two dip sh*ts needs to get out of the air and get a gun, shoot each other between their eyes. those two are perverted f*cks that need to die. if they do. the philippine will be a better place to live in.
GMA: what do you think will happen if joey de leon and willie revillame run for presidency?

Me: my mind is filled with apathy so much, i dont vote. why would i care. politics in the Philippines is so corrupt anyway.

Me again: hey! why the f*ck am i talking to you? you cheating-for-presidency-lying-b*tch!
Having s*x with someone as payment for money you owe them!
Girl 1: mein...I still owe my neighbor $450! I dunno how am gonna pay him as I owe him goin on close to a year now.

Girl 2: hahahaha, why don't you just country pay the guy n' be done with it!
This word quite literally translates into 'awesome,' but it also means an athlete of the running persuasion.

Frequently, when surrounded by running buddies or teammates, a tracklete will have a tendency to go insane. The effects are, but not limited too:
-Forgetting how to p*onounce simple words.
-Laughing uncontrollably for no explainable reason.
-Trying to laugh without smiling.
-Encouraging and/or enforcing group sing-a-longs.

A common misconception of a tracklete is that all members of the species enjoy running. This is, of course, a heinous accusation. Another important detail to note, being cheered on MAY cause a tracklete the desire to punch you in the face. You have been warned.
Bob: Today in Cross Country, this kid was leading a pack of trackletes while running with an American flag he plucked out of someone's yard. It was hilarious.

Sue: My best friend is a true tracklete. Today while running, she stopped and said she had been bitten by a 'mos-quit-ti-te-ti-toe.' She meant 'mosquito.'
People who hail from a group of 7000+ islands in Southeast Asia called the Republic of the Philippines.

Are considered Asians due to geographical location, yet Pacific Islanders due to cultural characteristics.

Though there are MANY stereotypes such as: short, lazy, rice-lovers, flat-nosed, poor, rich, c*cky, etc. Don't believe what you hear or instantly think it is the truth. Just like any other race, there are short people, tall people, dark-skinned, lighter-toned, smaller eyed, big eyed, lazy, hard-working, rich, poor, middle cla*s. They are just like any other race when it comes to characteristics. The Filipinos in america are stereotyped as "ballers" and "gangsters". But like any other race, there are people who dress different ways! Just because a Filipino wears Nike dunks doesn't mean they all do! (Not that that's a bad thing). But, people need to STOP discriminating and hating on them, or anyone else for that matter. They're just people, and should be treated as such.

Just people a lot of Filipinos are "flat nosed", doesn't mean ALL of them are. And just because a lot of them are short, again, doesn't mean ALL of them are. I'm just trying to make a point not to stereotype people. It's not nice.

Filipinos have a rich culture that is very family oriented. We all love and care for one another, and have a huge amount of respect for our elders. There are a few customs and greetings that would show a sign of respect upon meeting someone, such as a "mano" which is whe...
Jaspers - What people from the country call wasps or bees.
" Watch out for the Jaspers!!!"
"Them Jaspers gonna sting you"
" Bloody Jaspers in my Pint"
Right before a guy b*ows his load, he presses up against the recipient's forehead and makes a hissing sound with his mouth, a la Anton Chigurh's cattle gun from No Country for Old Men.
Dude, I gave my gf the "Anton Chigurh" last night, nearly blew her brains out.
The unequivocally false political party within the United States of America's political party system. This party is made up of phony, false, pedantic, and pretentious figureheads. This party believes in giving rights to illegal aliens, (instead of kicking them out of the country, hence the term ILLEGAL), blindly increasing taxes and government programs without any justifiable means or gains for doing so, and leniency/tolerance towards criminals and those individuals who refuse to take responsibility for their own decisions that then lead to their own predicaments/problems in life.

If you believe government should step in to take care of you, even when you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself and you just choose not to work, then this political party is tailor made for you.

According to Sen. Kerry you should stay in school or you will end up in Iraq. Implying all soldiers, who protect America and its citizens are stupid. Say what you want about some of the things Bush has said but he never insulted those who protect our freedoms. And never investigated officials responsible for investigating suspected or proven terrorists. Terrorists dont have human rights.

Special Note: The unemployment rate under the Bush administration was lower then any other time under Clinton's administration, and never approached the 10% that it is now at in Obama's administration. But dont look for any major media outlets to put a report out on that.
The task of shagging a girl from as many different countries as possible, ideally all of them! 1 point for 1 country, doing them in their own country counts as 2 points, 3 points if they don't speak the same language. Paying for it doesn't count
I had an awesome summer backpacking, I managed to cross all of Europe off the Round the World Challenge.

North America is the easiest place on the Round the World Challenge, next on my list is South America
Farmington High School, located in Hartford County, Connecticut is known mainly for the obscenely wealthy population of stuck up a*sholes. Known to have one of the most absurd pep rally's in the entire country that received national coverage, it's ironically not uncommon for people to sit around all night doing nothing but hanging out with their family while watching a Disney film in their personal movie theaters. When rare social gathers do occur it often consists mainly of single-gendered groups playing BP together until the first person pa*ses out and cries and needs to have their stomach pumped. One upside of Farmington is their highly regarded boys soccer team coached by the legend himself, Steve Waters. Cliques are quite common and your entire social status in high school may be determined by your first friend in kindergarten.
Farmington Breh 1: Yo dude did you pick up the lastest Air Max 90's?!

Farmington Breh 2: Yeah those are so hot dude but I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get those new rims for my Mercedes because my mom's credit card is almost maxed out.

Farmington Breh 1: Aight dude, catch you at Farmington High School tomorrow.
Droopage due to a major emotional trauma, such as almost crashing one's pathetic mid-life Harley, having a 22 year old girl laugh at your naked body/"erection," being caught in bed with the babysitter by your wife, losing the mid-term election.

An excellent title for a Country & Western Song.
"Debbie actually pointed when she was laughing at your d*ck?
Viagra Falls !"

"Man, when my wife caught me in bed with Debbie, it was Viagra Falls."

"It was an un-romantic visit to Viagra Falls for Senator Specter when he posted 37% at the polls Tuesday."

"That was Willie Nelson's new song, Viagra Falls."
the absolute WORST place imaginable. basically, dads drag their families halfway across the country to this place, so that they can "honor their father and mother" and "support their fathers." this place causes all normal teenagers of the fathers to become hostile and angry..... cjildren may become suicidal and crazed to the point where they say "eff this shiz!" in conclusion, who CARES what it is.... just DONT EVER agree to go there if your dad gets the "great" idea to pick up your lives.
"hey whats the matter with you??" "oh, nothing new. my dad decided to move us to the seminary and i am fearing for my life. i dont want to die, but i know the feeling is inevitable. what a terribleselfish father i have!!"
A group of people stereotyped as:
big nosed, greedy, cheap, stingy, cheaters, ungentlemanly, non participants when it comes to paying anything, short, fat, with gla*ses, given to using words which insult non Jews, racists, support a foreign country over and above the country where they are permitted to live.

They are stereotyped like that because it's true.
We all chipped in to help give John's widow some needed cash, but Isaac said he didn't have any cash on him today--the cheap Jew.
My boss is a Jew; he never did give me the pay increase that he promised me, and now denies he ever said it.
Moses Cohen, the Jew, owner of that business is in jail for buying invoices and evading taxes.
Something that everybody does at one point in time but is illegal in the US until the age of 21.
d*mn, i can die for my country but i can't drink a beer because it's Underage Drinking. f*ck. I'm moving.
When a woman doesn't shave "down there" and the resulting pubic hair resembles Osama Bin Laden's beard, espcially when wet.
"Dude, did you hit that?"

"No, she had an Osamabush...out of respect for my Country, I couldn't do it."


"h*ll yeah, I went GIHAD on that Osamabush!"
A much underrated country singer, who has an adorable voice. She is most famous for her hit Strawberry Wine.
Pick up Deana Carter's album called "Did I Shave My Legs for This?" You won't regret it.
A character in the Clique Series. She is blonde, tall, and beautiful. However, she has extremely strict parents. Unlike the other girls in the Clique (besides CLaire Lyons), she is very poor. She is at the fancy rich exclusive Octavian Country Day on scholarship, which means she has to work, work, work, work for straight A+s! She loves playing sports although the other girls do nawt.
(these are not excerpts from the books)

Kristen Gregory: Sorry Ma*sie, I can't. I have to study for my Engish Test.
Ma*sie Block: You cannawt be stressing out about school already! We just came back from Winter Break!

Girl: Kristen, Why aren't you wearing designer clothes like the rest of your clique? I mean, I thought you all wore great clothes!
Kristen Gregory: *runs away and cries*
In cross country, the term "Heng" is used in many different ways. Often times, it is a*sociated with the act of getting air when skipping or doing strides. Second, the term is used to describe someone being as "hung" as a horse. Lastly, it can be used as an expression of great amazement.
1. Come on Vincent, you need to "heng" more.
2. Oh you mean Vincent? He is so "heng" its not even funny, i couldn't walk for a week.
3. Oh my "heng"! Did you see what Vincent did?
someone who doesn't have any depth to them. this word is overused by people who don't get to know anybody but instead call them shallow. if you find someone who is a true shallow person they are a pain in the a*s. there are many kinds of shallow people:

1. Followers- followers don't exhibit any personality or opinion at all, they just tag along with whoever they think is popular so they won't get laughed at for being themselves.

2. Groupies - groupies are usually teenage girls who travel in a large group and tell each other "I LUV YOU OMG" but dont really mean it because theyll probably hate them after they get into a little fight. groupies are the best at faking emotions and acting stupid because they think its cute.

3. d*cks- d*cks are guys who spend all day long judging girls, saying if they'd tap that or not. they are always horny and dont know how to maintain a real relationship with a girl.

4. Posers- posers dont have any individuality so they try to be like everyone else. Posers are usually c*cky and self absorbed and have no social skills, so you will usually find them copying your hairstyle or telling people your jokes. They are similar to followers but are just way more outspoken and annoying. Inside they just have no self-esteem and need to learn to get a life of their own.
1. Follower:

normal person: whats up? hows life?
Follower: ....fine...
normal person: whats you're favorite color?
Follower: ... i don't know..
normal person: how can you not know what your favorite color is?
Follower: ... i was afraid you would get offended...

2. Groupie:

groupie 1: aww youre my mostest bestest friend 4EVER!!!!
groupie 2: thanks! *giggle* I Luv you too!!!!
groupie 1: oh can i get your phone number so i can txt u??
groupie 2: Eww psycho stalker NO WAY i hate u!!! go away!!!

3. d*ck:

Normal person: hows it going with you and stacey?
d*ck: she got fat and has acne, i dumped her
Normal person: wait i thought she called you every day saying how much she loved you??
d*ck: ....whatever....
normal person: dude how can you be so shallow?

4. Poser

Poser: obama sucks!! i hate him!!
Normal Person: what are you talking about obama has done more for this country than you!!
Poser: ok. Obama is WIN!
a country that we owe.
Scene One:

Andrew: Duuude, my iPod is made in China!

Gabe: Like no way, dude! So is my grandmother's old rocking chair!

Scene Two:

*two women dining at a Chinese restaurant*

Sheryl: Did you know that Christabel just adopted a Chinese boy name Ethan?

Sheryl's dumb blonde friend: haha, made in China! Go figure....

Scene Three:

*Daisy Duck at Disney Studio promoting her China-made lunchbox for children*

Daisy Duck: *strikes a pose during a commercial shoot* Made in China! ;)
The name of my continent in a few decades. It was our fault, we failed to embrace our culture, we failed to care for our culture, and we failed to give birth to our offspring to continue the culture and language our long dead forefathers have founded. Alexander the Great's empire, The Roman Empire, British Empire, Spanish Empire, and the such are all but obsolete in the future.
While we live in a comfy house making good money, enough to raise 2 children (We need a 2:1 ratio to maintain a culture) but the immigrants are able to spawn 20 babies, causing overpopulation of the world as well.
Global Cooperation must happen to prevent overpopulation and under population, that is not going to happen.

All hail Eurabia, without conquest from them, we have lost.
American: Mexicans are coming in here like j*ck rabbits spawning babies!

European(me): Our government failed to make the people realise they are destroying our culture by not having enough babies, thus less workers, so they bring in immigrants from a completely different culture. While you have Latino immigrants, European in culture, language, and religion. We are the ones suffering a downfall of our civilization. When I retire, I'll be a citizen of the Eurabian Union. Thus I am no longer European, but a Eurabian. Our attempts at preventing this is useless, Russia pays couples to have babies yet it isn't doing much of anything. Do not try to help us, we have lost from the start.

American: You made me realised now that Mexicans may be poor and speaks a different language, but at least both of our countries share a similar history and some in culture, so if our culture is to be destroyed, it's only making my country a dual-language nation like Canada. Thanks for opening my eyes.
The fear installed by Glen Beck into the American public about Barack Obama’s parallels with German Totalitarian Adolf Hitler.

Beck refers to the Glen Beck and Hausen is house in German (from Haus plural Hausen).
Patient: I fear so much for my country its making me sick... SICK! I tell you!

Doctor: You fell victim to Beckhausen Syndrome.
Obama is the worst president in history and will always be the worst president in history. He has very little experience with politics. He has been campaigning ever since he got into office. He obtains the presidency through slanderizing the others when he has no real agenda anyway. Then people complain about bush and all the sh*t he did. At least he stood up for our country in our time of need. If anyone was to say that people would be like, " Oh its just a conspiracy, or some type of agenda for the Bush Administration". They insist on making any comment about Obama racist.

Then every since he was in office continued to spend even more money that we do not have. Things have gotten worse and people think he is the Holy Grail or some sh*t. Everyone gets a d*ckcrush on Obama because he is black. Now we all have to deal with the blacks acting like they no what the f*ck they are actually talking about, which is funny because he actually got all their dumb a*s votes anyway, when they had no prior knowledge of the election at all.

To make it worse, John McCain, who ran against him, was b*tched about his age and experience. With age comes knowledge and wisdom. At least he has been in politics for more than 3 years.

This is the biggest bunch of sh*t I have every seen, USA is going down. thanks obama for your liberal, socialist, and racial supremacy issues. We are all f*cked.
Long Island without that whole civilization thing.
In a nutsh*ll, the ominous beginnings of Upstate New York. If the English Countryside is your idea of paradise, but you don't want to go all the way, then this is the place for you.
Person #1:

h*llo, I live in Scarsdale! That's in Westchester.... Are you impressed yet?

Person #2:

You do? My condolences...
It must be like living in suburban Washington. I mean, everything is colonial, and you have to commute through ghetto everyday. Again, my condolences...
A game where you randomly pick one of the people you follow then you start randomly cl*cking on photos in the "Following" section on the right side of the page. Every time you pull up a new profile you randomly cl*ck again on one the of the photos under the "Following" section. You keep cl*cking until you accomplish one of the following:

You find yourself again after at least 5 cl*cks +5 (points)
You find someone you know personally +2
You travel to a foreign country +1 for each new country
You travel back to your own country +1
You find someone from your state +1
You find someone famous +1
You find someone with no followers -10 (and game over)

Everyone can make up their own rules and scoring. It's a great alternative to solitaire and you can run into some really interesting people to follow.
I played a few rounds of Twitter Roulette while I waited for my laundry to dry. I found a really cool guy to follow in France and I lost the first round after I cl*cked on some lady in Germany with over 10,000 followers but she didn't follow anyone.
1. The theoretical Hero of the Indian Civilization, that will one day actually win a gold medal for India.

2. The theoretical sportsman that will one day win a gold medal with funding from an abroad country for said country with Indian origin.

3. The loss of potential, due to the influence of ones (see Indian Parents) or lack of funding.

4. The most unathletic/under-trained athlete in the world.
1. India has returned home from London with no medals yet again. Most blame this on culture and poor funding rather than bad genetics. Maybe one day there will be an Indian Athlete.

2. Canada and Britain have a very diverse teams, which one even include an Indian Athlete; who was quoted saying he is, "too tired to play shooting targets," for London 2012.

3. Indian Child, "Mother I am very good at skiing, football, and hockey, my coach even says I can become a very great Indian Athlete for the next Olympics,"

Indian Mother, "Thats great beta, now focus on you're studies so you can become a doctor."

4. With zero funding from his government, Raj Singh is truly an Indian Athlete.
A public university located in the small town of Oxford, Ohio, Miami University is a fairly large school that is often confused with University of Miami (located near the Florida city). Its athletic teams are known as the Redhawks and play in the Mid-American Conference, or MAC. A very high proportion of the student body belongs to a fraternity or sorority, which is somewhat unusual amongst Midwestern universities.

Miami supporters like to claim that it's a public ivy, and while there is a credited list of public ivies, it's fairly large and includes Ohio State University among dozens of others. Miami supporters also like to claim that Miami is the best public university in the state of Ohio; however, OSU is much better-known and consistently ranks above it in practically every college ranking publication. Most people outside of academia or the state of Ohio consistently confuse this school with the one in Florida.

Despite the fact that Miami University is a public, i.e. comparatively cheap, university in a reasonably diverse state, its student body is unusually white and wealthy. Miami University is an above-average university, nobody can reasonably dispute this. However...
A score of g for the rating agencies who rate countries, banks,
business for their ability to predict debt defaulters.

And who got it wrong.
That is one of the grating agencies that are telling my country we rate
a c - .

Is that rite?
Yeah, whos rating them!
an unbearably irritating form of music that uses the same twangy gee-tar and awful wavering voice to sing about a very short list of topics such as: cheating spouse, alcoholics drinking to excess, pickup trucks, bein' a good-ol-boy, not havin' any a them-thar t*eth and s*rewin' horses. this form of music is generally played at hoot n' annies, box socials, barn dances and every store north of georgia that douche bags go to buy cowboy hats even though they have no legitimate need for them. in order for a person to get any kind of enjoyment out of country music, however minimal, one must fall under one or more of the following categories: white women, having unnatural love for cheap beer, owning a yard full of garbage, 3 or more missing t*eth, having a lip full of chewing tobacco, attenders of singles' mingles/family reunions, anyone that owns a tractor and thinks that it automatically makes them a cowboy. the more of these criteria met, the bigger the country music fan you are.
bumpkin: YEEEEEHAWWW! hey y'all wanna have a lissen ta my new garth brooks country music see-dee?

yankee: no thanks, i enjoy having a normal intelligence level.

bumpkin: you got a real purdy mouth boy. mmm...

yankee: excuse me?

bumpkin: ain't no body gonna hear you squeal piggy! YEEEEEHAWWW!!!
a person with their priorities so far out of whack, that it is both pitiful and annoying. instead of focusing their attention on issues that really matter like out of control crime rates, global starvation or s*x offenders, they wine about the man deer hunting to try to feed his family because our country is in a recession and it is a long cherished tradition pa*sed down from father to son for hundreds of years. most of these nuts go as far as trying to strip these rights from us because they cant imagine themselves harvesting an animal for their family. so, in a display of infinite ignorance they think that if they wouldnt do it that it isnt right. this last is particularly amusing because most of these idiots are some form of Christian and according to the Bible, people were given domain over the animals and the animals were given to us for food. animal rights nuts dont understand that the deer population is higher now than it was when the pilgrims settled in.
guy 1: what should i get for my mother in law's birthday?

guy 2: what is she into?

guy 1: shes an animal rights nut.

guy 2: so, she is into sodomy huh? you should give her a picture of you in a leather j*cket, eating a steak and wasting some of it. after that, since she is an idiot, you should kick her in the vag.
1. an occupying Arab who was shipped in to create an imaginary land called "Palestine", also known as Fakestine. While the original term "Palestine" was created as a PR move by Ya*ser Arafat, efforts to provide legitimacy for using this name have failed and thus dubbed the made-up land for a made-up people, "Fakestine."
2. Also called Fakestinian Arab. an Arab living in Israel and Arab-occupied territory called Fakestine who advocates the establishment of an Arab homeland there and the annihilation of all the Jews.
3. Any member or descendant of the 1,000,000 Arabs brought by Britain to Israel from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, between 1922 and 1938, in effort to offset the Jewish population.

4. of or pertaining to Fakestine or Fakestinians.
5. descriptive of the made-up people who began calling themselves "Palestinian" in the latter end of the 20th century.

6. of or pertaining to Fakestinian Arabs: "Palestinian" guerrillas, terrorists, refugees by choice, or floor sweepers at WalMart.
7. a victim of oppression by the Zionist pigs: the poor Fakestinian bombed 5 buses today and shot 10 children and now the Zionist pigs won't let him past the check-point to kill more.
1. Most Fakestinians work in PR, others are in the refugee business.
2. My Fakestinian friends get free health care & education from Israel.
3. We are Fakestinian but our grand parents are all from Jordan, Egypt, Syria & Lebanon.

4. That guy throwing rocks at tourists is so Fakestinian
5. Ya*ser Arafat, first leader of the Fakestinian people, was born in Cairo, Egypt 8/24/1929.

6a. Every time we donate money to Fakestinians they spend it on bombs & guns.

6b. This Fakestinian refugee camp has flat screen TVs and a spa.

6c. Well Chief, I tried to put him on the Terror Watch List but it says "Palestinian" is not a real nationality--oh, here we go, Fakestinian.

6d. The Fakestinian Real-Estate industry is booming. What's the secret? Sell Fakestinian land to Jews, then sue the Jews by claiming they stole the land from the Fakestinians.

6e. Oh don't worry about it, we'll get the Fakestinian to clean it up. "Ahmed, clean-up, aisle 5."

7a. A Fakestinian bombed 3 buses today and shot 10 children & now the Zionist pigs won't let the poor guy past the check-point.

7b. The Fakestinian was given priority treatment at Hada*sa Hospital in Israel after he blew up a bus full of Jews--then the Zionist pigs took 2 weeks to pay for all his medical treatment.

7c. Why won't the Zionist pigs accept "killing all Jews" as part of the Fakestinian Peace Treaty?

7d. More Fakestinians bombed Sderot today & those Zionist pigs won't sign a peace treaty.
The idea of Redneck has been fraught with stereotypes, but a redneck is any relatively right-wing, lower/middle cla*s person living in a rural area who has little or no regard for being overly sophisticated or formal. Contrary to popular belief, a person of any race or ethnic background can be a redneck. The only people who can't be rednecks are metros*xuals, members of overly glamorous subcultures, liberals, and male h*mos*xuals.

Redneck is a subculture, but it's more of an ideology than a style. Thus, a redneck can be part of a second subculture as long as it isn't too glamorous. Subcultural members that can be rednecks include Metalheads, wiggers in some cases, and less fancy-looking punks.

Subcultures that cannot be redneck include Emo, Scene, Goth, the richer looking wiggers, and the more fancy-looking punks.

Common activities that rednecks engage in include hunting, fishing, riding ATVs or dirtbikes, shooting, etc. Pickup trucks are preferable for rednecks, though not essential. The Confederate flag is sometimes used to rednecks not to promote racism, but to promote Confederation, or weaker federal government.

Rednecks are the exact opposite of metros*xuals and city people. They are never afraid to express their views, and aren't afraid to get dirty. They also hate gangsta wannabes and are not intimidated by them.
City Gangsta: I went into the country and tried to steal stuff from this barn, but this redneck came out with a shotgun and told me to get the f*ck out. I pulled out my switchblade and showed him my gang tattoos to intimidate him, but he just laughed.
A spotlight used for poaching animals, esp deer. The reference is to instead of using dogs to chase the animal in question, you "spotlight" it, and it freezes, long enough for you to shoot it, usually from your car.
"Waitin in the front yard sittin on a log, single shot rifle and a one eyed dog, yonder come my kinfolk in the moonlight, Lousiana Sat*rday night." -from the Mel Mcdaniels song "Louisiana Sat*rday Night."
One of the only really democratic countries left in the world although socialist policies are being applied by the current president and his administration. Located in North America below Canada and above Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, most Americans are not loud, obese, wealthy and self-absorbed & America only gets 2 percent of its oil from Iraq and did not go to war with Iraq for cheap oil (duh they get most of their oil from Canada) and Bush was not evil or stupid; neither is Obama. It's people are either conservative and very patriotic or liberal and complain about how much the US sucks. But the average citizens loyalty to their country is humbling. They stand for excellent principles but their government is clueless.

The funny part is so many other people from other countries mock America for being racist and not having a culture. America is the most diverse nation in the world, h*llo everyone who lives there ancestors came from another country! They are so open to all cultures it's almost painful (unlike so many other countries).

Its people can't be sterotyped, just like all the French can't be, or the Germans or the Indians. Everyone is different so chill with the stereotyping :D
-The USA mainly cleans up all the other sh*t certain countries that won't be named leave and then gets attacked for "not minding their own business"
-The USA was formed in 1776 after fighting the British for independence
-"I have no idea what Bush did but my country's media tells me he's bad so he must be!"
-Every good song ever made
A small northeastern village, know commonly for its: tramps, Wal-Mart, Curry doughnut druggies and most importantly known for its country renown cellphone s*xting scandal.
Can be used as a verb.
I am gonna do a Tunkhannock on my cellphone tonight.
Look at those shady Tunkhannians.
You think our place is bad, at least it's not Tunkhannock.
Look at that Tunkhannock tramp.
1. a "boy" from Canada who sings like a girl and is believed to be the anti-christ of the music industry

2. Is believed to be anti-christ of music because

~Causes Mental Retardation

~ Causes Brain cancer

~ Causes Ear Cancer

~Can make you deaf

~ can make a normal person head/ears explode if they

have to meet this "Boy" or listen to him

~ has brain-washed slaves girls

5. normal people should not listen for it makes them commit suicide

6. disgrace to Canada
Brainwashed fangirl: I love Justin Bieber! He is like so awesome!

Normal person: Thanks for making me listen to Justin Bieber. Now I'm going to kill myself knowning theres no hope in the music industry

Normal Person #2: What is this c*ap! (heads/ears explode)

Normal Canadian: Justin Bieber is a disgrace to my country. I'm going to declare my citizenship and move to Japan.
When you don't want to, can't, or it wouldn't be prudent to claim to have only one best friend. You have plane friends. They are best friends that you would jump on a plane for if they said they needed you.

Choose your plane friends carefully because they would also have to be willing to do the same for you. Generally, you don't have these until you are an adult and all your friends are s*attered throughout the country.
I don't see Marc that much, but his still one of my plane friends.
An extremely exclusive private country club located in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. It maintains three golf courses, a nine hole course off of its main facilities and two eighteen hole courses right outside philadelphia in Flourtown. It also maintains both gra*s and clay tennis courts, a swimming pool, squash courts and a cricket team. One of the poshest clubs in philadelphia, with a membership made up primarily of many very old WASP families. One of the oldest country clubs in the nation, not much has changed about its membership or ideology since its inception in 1854. Membership fees would bankrupt the common family, but for a majority of members they are exempt from paying certain initiation fees if they are born members. (How many of the members afford to not even work)

The Club employs a disproportional amount of African Americans, as caddies/waitstaff as a continuance of many old traditions.
Commonly abbreviated as; PCC
Person 1: Your a member of Philadelphia Cricket Club?
Person 2: Yup, all my life...
Person 1: How do you afford this, you don't even work!
Person 2: Inherited the membership; no fees for me...
A place in Henry County Georgia located on exit 218 on

I-75. It is a good place to stay out of street related type of trouble and a good place for law enforcement to mess with you. This place is the home of Butter heads, butter bodies, p*ssy n*ggas, and the females that love p*ssy n*ggas. The very few females that do look good hibernate year round. This is not a good place for a city kid or some1 looking for fun. Although it is one of the fastest growing cities in America.. it is also the most boring and lamest.. this is the country
Jon: Where you from?
Timothy: I was born and raised in Mcdonough Georgia..
Jon: d*mn.. thats embara*sing.. I would've lied before i said that

j*cko: Man f*ck Henry county and Mcdonough Georgia... I've never been so bored, angry, depressed, and suicidal in my 22 years of life... that is until i Moved to Mcdonough

bored sad Mcdonough lame butterhead
1. Wickii is a person or thing that doesn't give up. Fights the good fights and doesn't back down.

2. To dominate and live with pride.
I never back down ( I never Wickii )
You just got wickiinated.
I have wickii for my country
A sport of endurance. this translates to: a sport where people run themselves into the ground for the sole pursuit of bettering themselves as athletes. Cross country running truly is the purest sport in the world, it consists of two or more (usually much more) individuals racing against each other and themselves, my physical ability against yours. The kind of pain cross country runners go through is indescribable, but it is the most intense pain I have ever experienced. Cross country runners often wear short shorts, this is because wearing longer shorts will mess up their strides and slow them down. While this has attracted ridicule from many non-runners, this is not a problem for runners that are not insecure and do not question their s*xuality.
that cross country race was awesome! i PR'ed by 30 seconds!
The most G type of running there is. ranging from events from typically 600 meters to 1600 meters. These harda*s people have to hold an almost sprint for a sustained amount of time with an explosive burst of energy in the end. These runners have to combine mileage with alot of speed work in order to stay boss.
Ay yo what you tryin to run this year?

Man I aint tryin to run that long distance; i'm tryin to use my speed work and make this 800 meter my b*tch.

I gotcha, i'm gonna be on that middle distance too.
1. Trucker lingo for will comply

2. A band from Chicago with an annoying sound that's chalk full of elevator Jazz, alarm clocks, random noise & pretentious lyrics. Wilco is fronted by a fat a*shole named Jeff Tweedy who is formerly of the late great Alternative Country heroes Uncle Tupelo.

Jeff Tweedy breaks down and cries to elicit sympathy from the girls (or guys, you doesn't matter) he unsuccessfully tries to d*ck down. For those who love Uncle Tupelo should check out a band called Son Volt which is fronted by Jay Farrar also formerly of Uncle Tupelo. Jay Farrar is where Uncle Tupelo's real talent went.

For more on Wilco Or Jeff Tweedy google the following: Fat p*ssies, Soma muscle relaxers, No Talent Prima donnas. Also the Owner/Founder of Urban Dic...
not only stands for United Kingdom but also means you know in text.
example 1

girl: so where are you from??

boy: the UK

girl: what is the UK?

boy: the United Kingdom

girl: oh thats so s*xy

example 2

girl's text: what is up

boy's text: in my rooom all alone

girl's tex: that is so s*xy

boy's text: uk it
1.Unlike what most uneducated half-wits think, Toby Keith IS NOT a racist, redneck, piece of garbage. He is actually VERY patriotic and is one of the few people left in this country who IS PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND SUPPORTS THE TROOPS WHO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM EVERYDAY.

2. Songs that prove this inlcude... Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue; American Soldier, Beer for My Horses, Cryin or Me, among others.

3. He also writes his own material, unlike most of the pop pieces of garbage who make careers writing the SAME song over and over with different words.

4. His songs have meaning and feeling and are about real life situations(i.e the soldiers overseas and the loss of Wayman Tisdale in the song "Cryin for Me").
5. While Toby didnt serve in the military his father did as said in the song "Courtesy of the Red, White and blue' and has also served countless USO tours over in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting our troops.
Toby Keith is a great singer but an even better American, because HE ACTUALLY STILL LOVES THIS COUNTRY AND SUPPORTS OUR MEN AND WOMEN FIGHTING FOR THIS LAND.
When your wife,girlfriend or female friend complain about you getting one dish (i.e macaroni and cheese) at a buffet restaurant when there are a variety of dishes. Named for my friend when she jokingly chastised me for getting just macaroni and cheese at a buffet restaurant
My wife hit me with the wrath of Stormie when we were at Old Country Buffet and all I got was grilled cheese
One of the 5 branches of the U.S. Military. Consists of some of the bravest people on this planet, including my brother-in-law. He attended R.O.T.C. training at UCF a few years ago, then married my sister, (they make a great pair) and they left for Randolf AFB in Texas for a year. Now they're stationed in Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Louisiana. He's a navigator in a B-52 bomber, and getting deployed to Guam next year. An extremely brave guy, and a great brother! So just remember that everyone in any branch of the Military is willing to die for their country to keep all of us selfish a*sholes safe!
The Air Force was established in 1947, shortly after WWII. OH YEAH, and my dad flew the F-4 Phantom in his carrer, thankfully he never had to go into combat. GO USA!
The act of moving from one place to another during s*xual intercourse mid-session. Immigration s*x is a great way for men to last longer, a nice change of pace, and preventing rugburn of the knees/a*s.
Jess: I'm inventive. We started our immigration s*x in the shower once and ended up in the bed.

Me: Orly? Did being all wet make you slip on the way to the bed?

Jess: Yeah it did, but as we slipped his dong landed right in my vag, definitely crossing my border.

Me: Were you okay with that? Some girls I know are against border hoppers.

Jess: Oh yeah, immigration s*x definitely improved this country. ;)
A current day "Outlaw" Country singer. He has had a few hits in his short career including "Love Your Love The Most" and "h*ll On A Heart". He is known for singing about blue-collar workers and general redneck activities.
Eric church f*cking rules! Guys Like Me is my favorite song of all time!!
The art of sandwich making, primarily on a tour bus travelling across the country. Main ingrediant in all sandwiches is LOVE.
I can't wait for my latenightsandwich, they are so tasty and delicious. Not to mention, they are pretty
Remedy for the feeling one gets when you have been around too many people.
I spent the entire weekend with my family and two hundred other friends and relatives and I need to people detox. Call me in a week
A noun used to stereotype those who base their lives on the Metal style and Redneck style of life. The word is based on two separate definitions for one's persona; "Shred," relating to the art of "Guitar Shredding," and "Redneck," putting emphasis to the proud southern, and sometime, unintelligent way of life.
We're goin muddin n breakin in this new Gojira CD the proper Shreddneck way.

Today I think ill go Shreddneck and wear my Mastodon shirt, Skoal ringed levi jeans, Pantera belt buckle, and Rocky boots.

Dude, lets make a Shreddneck version of "Sat*rday Night Special.
Possibly the most racist place in the whole USA, and yes that's including the whole south. Here if you are anything except white, country-fied, and baptist, you are automatically ruled out. It doesn't matter how you act, it's all about social status. The KKK started here, that should be proof enough. Now if you happen to fit the white ,country-fied, baptist profile then you will feel right at home.

I'm not going to talk about the geography here because it's pretty much pine trees and hills, there's another definition under Texas to explain that.
Sub-title to East Texas Welcome Sign: If you don't go to church, they will ask WHY NOT constantly, if you are Jewish that's a synonym for c*ap, and you are called g*y or slacker or city person if not country-fied.
A wealthy suburb of Birmingham, AL (it is actually technically its own city). It is the wealthiest city in Alabama and consistently ranked as one of the top 15 wealthiest (per family) cities in the nation. Mountain Brook is home to most of Alabama's "elite."
There is one high school (Mountain Brook High School), one junior high school (Mountain Brook Junior High), and four elementary schools (Cherokee Bend, Crestline, Mountain Brook, and Brookwood Forest).

Mountain Brook is known for its lavish lifestyles, Christianity (although there is a thriving Jewish populace in the city), conservatism, worship of Alabama and Auburn football, and its country clubs (Mountain Brook Country Club and Birmingham Country Club to be more specific). Mountain Brook people are pejoratively known as "brookies" by other residents of Birmingham. Famous people from Mountain Brook include Natalee Holloway and Courtney Cox.

Detractors of Mountain Brook are quick to point out it's "close-minded, ivory tower mentality," while its fans praise it for it's "good education, low crime rates, and overall safety."

Mountain Brook stores are organized around 3 "villages:" Crestline Village (where city hall is located), Mountain Brook Village, and English Village. Many Mountain Brook residents also shop at the nearby "Summit," which is not technically located in Mountain Brook.
The military academy for the United States Army. Exceptionally difficult to get into, requiring both physical and mental excellence, recommendations from teachers and your congressman, ability to learn and execute anything ordered.

Everyone wishes they could get into the school, but very few would actually be able to thrive and survive it's atmosphere.

They have very strict guidelines that must be adhered to because of training, discipline, and priority. Engineering, mathematics, science, military science, and military history are just some of the mandatory cla*ses, included with mandatory physical cla*ses such as boxing.
Guy 1- Why the h*ll would you want to go to West Point, that place is for tools.

Cadet- Because I feel the duty to my country to lead soldier that will be protecting your sorry-a*s as it sits on the couch in your mother's basement.


Chris (Marine)- Good luck, Kyle! See you on the battlefield.

Kyle (Cadet)- See yah, Chris!
The way to say seriously when you're really drunk & you're feelin country western.
Oh my gosh, girl! Did you see him?! He's really hott. Like, surusly
A popular abbreviation for the word country.
Hey, What cunch are you from?

In my home cunch we do a certain action.
A genre of music commonly refereed to as "chick music" or "g*y music". Bands that would fall under this category are: boy bands, girl bands, pop-country music singers/groups, etc.

It can also be used as an adjective. For instance, if a straight man is watching America's Next Top Model or listening to the Jonas Brothers, he is being h*mosymphonic.
In my Itunes library, I cla*sify all of my *N Sync, Backstreet Boys and Toby Keith songs as h*mosymphonic under the genre setting.

My girlfriend called me h*mosymphonic because she walked in on me watching Project Runway.
Unmapped secret country between Canada and the US, where mail being shipped from the US to Canada is stored when the track history of the item claims that "the international item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada".
I ordered a new Darth Vader Candy Dispenser from Oregon for my little brother's birthday. It should have arrived to Montreal a few days ago. It is probably being held is Usanada... Who knows when I'll receive it! :<
A simply fantastic high school in Appleton Wisconsin with the best atmosphere known to any charter school in the world. Voted one of the top 10 high schools in the country by the New York Times, Renaissance is the best place for a budding artist to learn and grow in their art. With cla*ses in almost any fine art, everyone can find a place at Renaissance.
Renaissance School for the Arts changed my life forever.
Conservative memory loss. Typically afflicts republicans who forget that George Bush administration is responsible for our economic mess, the wars, the job loss, and the debt.
My dad is voting Republican in the mid-term elections. He suffers from elephantzheimers, and blames Obama's two years in office for the country's woes, conveniently ignoring the eight years of Bush f*ck-ups that s*rewed us inside out.
A phrase used by many 16 year olds around the country, particularly by E.P.H.S students to describe one's ability to run fast.
Elliot: How did you get here so fast? We were walking and it took us 20 mins.
Connor: I was just pinging the whole way here on my bike, took 5 mins.
A town in Rockingham County, southern New Hampshire which is 40% apple orchards, 40% rich neighborhoods that try to copy neighboring Windham, 10% middle to lower-middle cla*s neighborhood,s and 10% ugly strip malls. VERY close to ghettos Salem, Manchester, and Nashua so it's not surprising that lots of drugs find their way into the bedrooms of Londonderry teens.

Yes the stereotype that all Windham kids view Londonderry kids as pseudo-rich is true.
Londonderry kid: Wanna hang out?

Windham kid: No, I need to get new gas for my boat and test out my new four-wheeler.

Londonderry kid: That's okay. At least I can get high at Max Apples.
One who takes his shoes off right be for a fight
h*ll yeah I'm a hardee fighter my feet are always dirty after a fight
The definition of lapedis is very loose, it can mean a variety of things. It can be used as an affectionate name for a lover, it can refer to genitalia, or it can be used to replace song lyrics you do not know. It is commonly used in the Northeastern United States. It can mean anything you want it to mean.
Example 1: Come here you s*xy lapedis
Example 2: My lapedis is really itchy
Example 3: Lapedis! Lapedis! Lapedis!
Example 4: All these lapedises are p*ssing me off!
A s*x act between two partners that is illegal in many areas of the world. In this activity the submissive partner lies on his or her stomach with the acting partner on top. The acting partner then sticks their f*nger down their throat to induce vomiting, regurgitating whatever's in their stomach into the submissive partner's a*s crack.

The acting partner then proceeds to eat the vomit out of the a*s crack while performing anilingus, oral stimulation of the a*us. The phrase "English Country" refers to the vibrant colors often found in vomit. "Salad" refers to the eating of vomit from the a*scrack.
"Oh, darling," said the aroused naked woman to her male lover, "I want you to give me an English Country Salad."

"For you, my love," responded the man. "I'll do anything. My only desire is to please you in every way."

Then he stuck his f*nger down his throat and vomited all over her a*s crack. After that he ate all the vomit while l*cking her a*shole, concluding by giving his love a tender kiss on the lips. They cuddled the rest of the night.
It's like belonging to any nationality.
You are proud to be where you are from, you have love for your country and long for it's comforts. The Welsh come from many traditions and patriotism is one of the oldest. And we have every right to be patriotic. We are a strong principality, despite the discrimination we face not just from out brother and sister neighbouring countries but by our Government. One of the oldest languages in Europe and the first people in Britain and we're still alive and fighting. That is something to be proud of.

I truly love my country. I am proud of everything it possess and stands for. Freedom. Unity. Patriotism. Talent. Love. And I may travel and move away from home, but I will NEVER forget the land I came from because, to me, it's the perfect home.
If being Welsh makes me a sheep shagger, a miner, an idiot with a stupid accent, gullible, thick and a down right fool then I proudly accept ALL of those stereotypes because I will never deny my root or what people believe to be my roots. I know different, and that's all that matters :)
Be proud to wave the flag of whatever country you are from :)
Country folk, fond of banjos, log jamming incest and occasional fishing for sh*tties. Have a distinct smell of soy sauce and bickfords.
Man I was driving cross country and came to a town teeming with Arbons. I had to clench my a*se and get out of there quick smart or I could have been on the receiving end of a log jamming.
The sport of running on all types of different terrain. Its tough but you feel good afterward. Mental and Physical strength is needed, discipline too. Injuries are pretty common. It's not as bad as it appears, actually fun. Workouts may include hills or tempos. Usually everyone on the team is really welcoming and accepting, not d-bags/b*tches like the basketball, soccer, or volleyball teams. The XC guys are cute but the girls are hot. Overall, this sport is other sports' punishment.
Xc girl: Oh man, i have to miss the CIF final race because of my shin splints. I hate shin slints.

volleyball girl: How did you get shin splints?

Xc girl: Cross country

volleyball girl: Well all you're doing is just running. It shouldn't be that bad

Xc girl: You try running 8 miles a day. Running is a punishment for your sport. Yeah, just running...

volleyball girl: I stand corrected...
A c*cky, pompous, and predictable doc*mentary about the cross country team of York High School in Illinois. The film was made in 2007 because the team had won 24 state titles in the past 45 years, and in the movie they win a 25th. The Long Green Line is absent of hard work, struggle, and adversity, and is, instead, a boring movie about a team that cruises to victory. To make matters worse, the runners are c*cky, selfish, and several of them were arrested for arson and underage drinking. Unfortunately, this is the movie many non-runners a*sociate with the sport of distance running.
Buddy: "You were a runner in high school?"
Me: "Yeah, I went to states in the 3200m."
Buddy: "Oh, you were like the guys in The Long Green Line?"
Me: "Umm no. For one thing, my state was WAY more competitive than theirs, and for another thing, I wasn't a complete douchebag."
A system for providing medical attention to people, of which Americans have absolutely noe experience, knowledge or understandig of. Yet they have a million strong, gut wrenching opinions about it.
American: "Hey i dont want your "socialiced medicine" system in my country! I am an expert on national healtcare systems. Insurance companies are the Gods of knowledge and all scientists are retards and Universal Healthcare is communism.

European: "Ok.. whatever... I'll go and have my free MRI tomorrow, and take my kids to the doctor for the annual free check."
A system for providing medical attention to people, of which Americans have absolutely noe experience, knowledge or understandig of. Yet they have a million strong, gut wrenching opinions about it.
American: "Hey i dont want your "socialiced medicine" system in my country! I am an expert on national healtcare systems. Insurance companies are the Gods of knowledge and all scientists are retards and Universal Healthcare is communism.

European: "Ok.. whatever... I'll go and have my free MRI tomorrow, and take my kids to the doctor for the annual free check."
An individual who moves their finances/business offsh*re from their host country after making the right contributions to the right people from their host country's political party/parties to enrich them self, wraps them self inside of host country's flag, screaming host country's national anthem at the top of their lungs while making no contributions whatsoever to host country's well being, then trying to take credit for host country's progress.
Dave- Dude! You've just been outsourced!

Jim-Yea, I know. The Wealthy Right-Wing Pig who owns this company just outsourced my job to a country that I can't even p*onounce to increase his bonus after he made a generous campaign contribution to the local politician!
Something sent by G-d, or maybe just other people, to annoy the s*** out of humans and make their lives miserable. Religion is one of the main tools of seperating people. It is also the main cause of war and hate. Still, it's said to be love. There are many different types of religions and even within those religions there are different groups. For example, there are some people who interpret their religion to mean "Stay out of things" while others believe their religion means "b*ow up a country, kill innocent people and serve your G-d!"
I doubt G-d's plan for religion was meant to be like this.

I wish religion never existed because when I think about it, my head hurts horribly.
The small island country located 30 miles southwest of the Phillipines. President Koko and Luley. The capital is Kreplachistan City and there are NO asians located on this island. The most polulated of the Cities is Nutsac Village.

**For Reservations Call: 1-888-Kreplach
Dag yo! Im stoked for spring break. Me n my crew r hittin up the beaches of Kreplachistan!!
1. A flag that stands for freedom.
2. "Le Tricolore" - The flag of France (in the present anti-French climate). This strikes me as being hilariously amusing because the entire reason why the Congress renamed French fries in the first place was to show that France did not support military action for freedom. The ironic juxtaposition inherent in the subtextual deconstructuralist narrative frame of this dialogical reificate is so funny that it makes me want to sh*t my pants, wipe it on the windows, and then run naked through Congress with my hands in the air gibbering like a lunatic.
1. Dude, the American flag is the only freedom flag in the world because everybody knows that America is the only free country in the world.

2. What flag do the French have then?

1. sh*t.
The next U.S. President.
I'm voting for d*ck Gephardt because I want to make my country great again.
Place in Ireland where the Irish language is still spoken and taught. Found in Donegal and other places in the west of Ireland.
h*ll for any one who goes there to learn Irish, great for anyone who likes discos and trips around the country, fun for tourists who find the irish language 'cute'.
1) I'm in a Gaeltacht, get me out of here!
2) I'm in a Gaeltacht, yeay!
3) I'm in a Gaeltacht, take my photo!
"music television" however in the past 2 years, i have yet to see a full music video on it. whatever happened to the mtv that showed the bugles video for 24 hours a day non-stop? (not that i'm condoning their action of playing such a song for such an extended amount of time)
mtv f*cking sucks my left nut. and mtv2 is starting to transform into mtv. there needs to be a channel that strictly shows music videos nonstop and from all genres of music. except country.
Where old people, retards, and anyone from a third world country tries to make a credit card transaction online, and comes to reality that's not what it's for.
"Well, I put my credit card into the slot here, but I couldn't by that new sequin dress because Im a f*cktard."
stands for "well la dee da" used in a situatipn when one acts like he is better than u. ie, his sh*t dont smell.
bob: i just spent the week at my dad's country club playing golf, swimming and getting tan with my hot g/f.

joe: wldd!
Someone with such exceptional skills at computer games that they are considered a professional, competes in tournaments for great sums of money, and may represent his/her country in some sort of Multiplayer Olympics. Athlete is used in its broadest possible term here, as they are not known for their physical strength or ability. May possibly be referred to in the near future as "CyberAthl33t".
"That guy is a athlete? Are you sure, he looks like a nerd, only somehow even geekier!?"

"Yes, I am an athlete. I play games, which somehow counts as a sport and physical recreation, even thought the most exercise I get is opening soft drinks and periodically scratching my a*s."

Nerd: My hero!
Normal Person: Since when is Counter Strike a sport?
Professional Athlete: Cyber what?
1. To bring drugs into a country from overseas, or most goods for that matter. Refer's to the transportation aswell as the goods themselves. Can be Ecstacy, cars, CD's and DVD's or clothes.
2. A sportsman who plays for a domestic team that isn't in the country he represents.
1. "I'm importing some ecstacy from Amsterdam, they are called imports. They don't have a lable yet and I'm not gunna f*ck around 'pressing' them and sh*t." (X)
"My Japanese import is off the hook, yo'." (CAR)
2. "Luc Longley (Chicago Bulls Centre) is an import from Australia."
18 is the legal drinking/gambling age in Australia and most country's except for the USA, where it is still believed 20 year olds can be deterred from booze by shoddy ID laws.
The age every child should move out of home (unless already gone) and go to work/university.
"I turned 18 yesterday and went to the bar I have been drinking at for 2 years and showed them my ID. They congratulated me for successfully tricking them. I am already addicted to betting on dogs/horses/poker mahines."
'to be loyal to ones country'
In the USA and UK this seems to mean:
'totally agree with everything your supposed betters tell you and never question authority'
Im patriotic I am, stand up for the national anthem, suport the England team but I really dont like paying my taxes'
A person who smuggles immigrants into America and they come from any given country for a small fee to cross into the United States. They make very good money doing it. (Average per person $1200)
Juan 1: Did you make it across with a coyote?
Juan 2: No acrossed on my own this time.
the H is for heavey, it is a poo that sinks.
that Hpoo really hums.
my toilet has broken because that Hpoo was too heavey.
that Hpoo could have taken out a 3rd world country
Stupis jealous peasants who are envious of those with the ability to make something of themselves, so they have to bring everyone in society down to their pathetic level so that they can feel better that everyone is now as retarded as them. That goes for your everyday Socialist as well. Stupid c*nts, GET A LIFE AND MAKE SOME MONEY, YOU'LL ENJOY IT!!!!
Castro: 'I know, we'll start a revolution and impose a ridiculous ideology upon people even though it's failed in every other example ever. Don't worry though, everyone will benefit and the country will be far wealthier. I garantee that in 40 years we won't be one of the poorest countries in the world thanks to my stupid left wing ideologies.'
slang term for fluffer nutter sandwich. combines the use of the suffixes "izzle" and "eazy". a flizzleneazy is sandwich consisting of two slices of white bread, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter. a college staple. originates from the language called dee-bonics that began in the country Clementia.
yo merf hit me up with a flizzleneazy my weazy wizzle.
1: A very large carriage, motorcar, or other 4 wheel vehicle, capable of carrying more than 8 people.

Derived from hack --> carriage + Bus. Circa 1946, US.

2: The firing of a new writer.
Doroth Parker: "Go take the hack bus but don't bus my papers."

3: A server hub for maliscious programming.
Walton wanted to show us his country estate, so we jumped in his hack bus, but the fool suffered from so much HUMAS that he couldn't remember exactly where his mansion was.
1.) a group of three people
2.) a s*xual act performed by three people together
3.) a triumvirate, i.e. three people ruling a country or company together
1.) Larry, Harry and Mo were a famous threesome.
2.) "Hey, Tiffany, how about you and me and Delicia go over to my place for a threesome?"
3.) Now that Berrington has taken over the regional management, I think we're soon going to see an end to the Wallace-Kingwill-Mason threesome.
1. Another word for a male's s*xual organ (see p*nis, c*ck, ole johnson, d*ck, sausage etc)
2. Can be used for transporting water around the country
3. You make smoke from it
"I might just check out that bloke's pipe tonight, kerry"
"Ahhh c*ap I stubbed my toe on that pipe- it's sticking outta the ground...the council oughta do summit bout THAT!"
having been born liking either males or females. s*xuality encompa*ses being g*y, bi, straight, l*sbian, transs*xual, or transgendered. s*xuality is the drive designed in humans to what they are attracted to. Most people mistake the word lifestyle for s*xuality which is why there is ignorance in our country.
my s*xuality is g*y
All: This comes from retired Admiral Martin Carmody and has some bona fides a*sociated with it as he still is "connected" in Washington circles. Take it for what it is worth to your particular point of view.
SINCE MAY 1, 2003 Interesting points to remember when we read all the negatives that are printed daily. Since President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1...
· The first battalion of the new Iraqi Army has graduated and is on active duty.
· Over 60,000 Iraqis now provide security to their fellow citizens.
· Nearly all of Iraq's 400 courts are functioning.
· The Iraqi judiciary is fully independent.
· On Monday, October 6 power generation hit 4,518 megawatts -exceeding the prewar average.
· All 22 universities and 43 technical institutes and colleges are open, as are nearly all primary and secondary schools.
· By October 1, Coalition forces had rehabbed over 1,500 schools - 500 more than scheduled.
· Teachers earn from 12 to 25 times their former salaries.
· All 240 hospitals and more than 1200 clinics are open.
· Doctors’ salaries are at least eight times what they were under Saddam.
· Pharmaceutical distribution has gone from essentially nothing to 700 tons in May to a current total of 12,000 tons.
· The Coalition has helped administer over 22 million vaccination doses to Iraq's children.
· A Coalition program has cleared over 14,000 kilometers of Iraq's 27,000 kilometers of weed-choked can*ls, which now irrigate tens of thousand...
Mid-west country-folk (see hillj*ck) slang for nosy or prying. (Gladys Kravitz syndrom from _Bewitched_)
Every time I pull in my girlfriend's driveway, I see that nibby neighbor of hers lookin' out her window.
look guys whats all the hatin about man! serbian, bosnian, croat we're all the same sh*t! im serbian and proud of it but i dont discriminate others! i mean its just stupid how the people all hate each other cuz of politics. f*ck politics man! we're all people and we all used to live in the same country once and now we dont but that shouldnt make us hate each other. serbia consists of mostly serbs but also bosnians and croats. serbia is a beautiful, full w/ fine babies and crazy country. biggest sport in serbia: basketball. a little corupt, yes, but lotsa love for serbia man.
"wait which country won the most basketball championships in the world?"
"i believe it was serbia(yugoslavia)"

"ok...but which country was the one w/ the horrible civil war?"

"and the crazy a*s milosevic is serbian right?"
"yeh thats correct"

"and the women...?"
"the women, my friend, are the highlight of serbia"
Country in North-West Europe which capitol is Amsterdam, inhabited by the dutch. Officially known as Nederland or "Netherland", but referred to in plural in English, French and German out of respect for it's tolerance towards the use of marijuana, prositution and g*y rights.
I'm going to the Netherlands to smoke some weed and visit a clog wearing prostitute before I get married to my d*ke lover in the windmill on the Tulip d*ke.
1. An adjective that describes practically every human being alive with only a few exceptions. I mean, who thinks about other people more than their needs? If you're living in a 3rd world country, suffering constantly or have less than a week to live, you probably aren't going to b*tch, moan and remind everyone else of your suffering as much as some a*shat kid with 2 tests on the same day! (BLASHPEMY! 2 TESTS?? And HOMEWORK on top of that?? IN-JUST-ICE!!)

2. What to call people, when at lost for words, who enter their own name at with a lengthy paragraph telling readers why (self-absorbed a*shat) loves him/herself.
Oh my goodness, it's just a QUIZ. And EVERY-FRICKING-PERSON who went to school got HOMEWORK a*sIGNED TO THEM. How about instead of b*tching to me about your trivial "problems", you DO your homework and stop calling me!!
A way for the government to get us to believe that we are choosing our country's leaders, when in reality, our votes hardly even matter.
At best, my vote can only tie, so why bother? Unless they miscount in Florida...
Also means "I, with God's help" or "I, with God-in-me". Often used in place of "me". Because the people's Identity was destroyed in slavery, Identity is very important in RastafarI -- so I gets capitalIzed a lot. They p*onounce the I's strongly in reggae songs. Emperor Haile Sela*sie I is not "the First" but "Haile Sela*sie *I*."
I and I build the cabin
I and I plant the corn
Didn't my people before me
slave for this country?

Jah Bob Marley
noun, foe-sha-list: Rich college kid who goes dumpster diving and only wears thrift store clothes because he/she thinks it shows solidarity with poor people. Finances frequent cross-country trips to protests that he/she knows nothing about with Daddy's platinum card. Refers to people who show contempt for this lifestyle as capitalist pigs. Misquotes Marx on a regular basis. Is totally lacking in the ability to see the irony in his/her politics.
I am so sick of the wannabe protester, faux-cialist kids in my anthro cla*s, I could scream.
He's our current president. I am a very Christian person and I hate the man. Yes, he's Christian but he doesn't seem to get separation of church and state. And I don't get how you could say abortions are a sensless waste of life yet send innocent people off to war and b*ow up people in an underdeveloped country for shady reasons. And I'm sick of the conservatives calling themselves 'normal people' and 'patriots'. I have a normal, boring life and I love my country, but I could never love GWB.
ignorance plain and simple.
The people who live in the country France. The French are responsible for a*sistance to America in the Revolutionary War, the war in 1812, WWI and WWII and more. The French are also responsible for giving the United States one of the most historical and recodnized landmarks, the Statue of Liberty. Many dislike the French due to them not supporting the War in Iraq, but many of those that dislike the French opposed the War in Iraq. Very strange we hate a country for choosing a side a lot of us are on...
My friend is French and is often beat up for it.
n. pi|e|ty
n. pl. pi|e|ties

1. The state or quality of being pious, especially:
1a. Religious devotion and reverence to a deity.
1b. Devotion and reverence to parents and family: filial piety.

2. A devout act, thought, or statement.

3. A position held conventionally or hypocritically; a statement of such a position: "...the liberated pieties of people who believe that social attitudes have kept pace with women's aspirations�" (Erica Abeel).
"Conferred upon me for the piety Which to my country I was judged to have shown."
-- Milton
This flag is actually the 5th battle flag of the conferacy. Many people claim that this flag represents ricism and hatred. If this is so then why are'nt the other 4 flags generally considered racist. Because groups of a*shole, hateful, racist people stole our heritage, i.e. our flag, to use for their movements which are motivated by fear and ignorance. The people who should be chastised are the one's stealing other peoples heritage and symbolic property.
I can't believe that these racist pig KKK guys are using the confederate flag for their rally. They should have the right to rally in this free country of ours; but they should be jailed for using a symbol of my heritage, which I consider sacred property, for their hateful purposed
A generic name used for estate chavs that dwell within England's burgeoning undercla*s network of council hice (plural of house) across the country.
Dean is a boffdog name and 'roy' should be added to any respectable English name to thus far chaverise it to a level that can be comprehended by those who believe school is where one goes to score marijuana or "link bud" as they refer to it, and to have oral s*x performed on them by girls with an encyclopaedia's worth of communicable s*xual diseases (Leanne from Bestwood. See bestwoodite)
"Yo Deanroy, you got a new tracksuit-dan? Its lookin heavy as my bling mate!"

(this means h*llo, how are you today)
See also Dixie ~

* Origination of name :

I have been asked several times for the origination of this name.
So here it is ~

Once upon a time,
I found out that my niece had been shipped off to some exotic location,
to be on some new reality t.v. show on Fox.

We had no idea where she was, because the location of the show was a secret.

I logged onto Fox t.v. on the computer, to see if I could find out where they had shipped my niece off to and when the show was going to air, so we wouldn't miss it.

I found the official Fox message board for a new show called "Paradise Hotel" and a*sumed that must be the right show.

A nickname was required to log on, and I had to think of something really fast, or log off.

The first thing that came to mind was the "Dixie Chicks" since they had been in the news a lot at the time.

I was upset that the Dixie Chicks were being banned, after one of them had said something negative about the President. (I feel everyone has a right to their opinion, whether we agree with it or not.)

Immediately after making her statement, radio stations refused to play their songs and people started burning their cds.

I thought this was ridiculous and incredibly un-American,

since we send our men and boys off to die in wars in other countries, so that people in other countries can have freedom.

And one of those freedoms is
Actually, Germany didn't declare war on anyone, the US as last. Hitler's aim was to expand towards the east and not to wage war on any western country. The one that declared war on Germany was the UK. (Which had some more reasons, compare: balance of powers, arms race - and don't look it up here.)
In my opinion, France can be considered the country with the greatest losses out of WW2. This whole section is nothing more than telling others your opinion.
Use history books for info about WWII - not google!
One of the oldest universities in the United States - based in Cambridge/Boston, MA. Harvard is famous for having taught many prominent Americans, and is often considered to be the best, or one of the best, universities in the country.

Often criticized for its elitism, extreme focus on career vs. personal life, old-fashioned/strict approach to education, and creation of large, obnoxious egos. A great school with flaws.
The top student from my school was the only one who got into Harvard.
Although it has probably been accidentally and infrequently used for centuries by uneducated english speakers, this degraded form of "excuse me" came into widespread use in the middle cla*s area of the city of chicopee circa 1993. Scott Reed and his friends apparantly recorded the expression for the first time while creating sounds to import into a computer game they were working on. It has since gone into history as an expression used when immitating a retarded person. The expression can still be heard in it's original dialect in the local "food bag" store near the Chicopee Country Club. The Slushy Artist still chants "Scu me...scu me....scu me" each and every time he pulls the slushy lever.
the original recording: "Scu me why my shed burning?"
The coconuts song is the bushmurry's national athem of their country perky coconuts island it has the exact same tune as the milkshake song. the coconuts song is not for the faint hearted.
"Oh my coconuts bring all the boys to the beach and their like bigger than yours d*mn right their bigger than yours d*mn right their bigger than yours" " oh kelsis coconuts r biggest of them all and their like really really big d*mn right their really really big u could touch em but we'd have 2 charge" There are alot more verses to the song but you have to be a bushmurry to know the whole song.
Rampjaar is dutch for 'disaster year'

Rampjaar was in 1672, during the third anglo-dutch war. Basically, Britain and france joined to attack the Netherlands, against the treaty of Dover (signed two years prior). During rampjaar, the dutch flooded many areas of thier country, thus weakening it for the future.
If you are reading this definition, chances are you are on my msn contacts, and I have pointed ye this way. Engeland is samen met Noord-Ierland, Schotland en Wales een van de samenstellende delen van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en tevens de zuidelijkste, grootste en dichtstbevolkte regio van zowel het Verenigd Koninkrijk, als het eiland Groot-Brittannië.

Met de naam Engeland wordt vaak ten onrechte als een pars pro toto heel Groot-Brittannië of het Verenigd Koninkrijk aangeduid, wat vaak door (niet-Engelse) Britten als onaangenaam wordt ervaren. Dit is vergelijkbaar met de (foutieve) aanduiding Holland voor geheel Nederland.
People that can't appreaciate all kinds of music no matter what genre.

Backed up all though music history.And from my expirences in the late 90's and 2000 years.People that will just f*cking mess with you for liking one band or singer they don't.
Me: I like pop,rap,punk,country etc.
Them: Shut the f*ck up!That kind of music sucks!
Me: a*sholes! Why do you have to ruin everything good about music in general.
1. A magic wand used to conjure buses. You can stand there for an hour waiting for your bus to come, but as soon as you light up a fag, it will come round the corner, forcing you to put it out.

2. Something that non-smokers frequently manage to die of cancer without ever using.

3. Something for self-righteous but somewhat timid morons to declaim and campaign against without having to feel like they're going out on a limb.

4. A drug that makes you violent and cuts your IQ in half, damages your liver, frequently causes death on the roads and in homes, destroys careers, lives and families, and costs our country millions every year in lost productivity from people who are too sick to come in to work after using too much of it the night before. Oh no wait, that's beer.
Let's see, what shall I spend my time campaigning against? Racism? No... how about religious fundamentalism? Maybe pollution or censorship... Ah, no, I've got it! Cigarettes!
When you find a nice romantic spot for you and your shorty, and proceed to convice her to get in the back seat so that you can be "more comfortable" and then next thing you're rippin off her skirt and doin the nasty.

The country boy's way of getting into a city girl's pants.

What high school students do to "make out" or "get some" without having to do it at home.

Not to be confused with "parking" which is the act of stopping your automobile and putting it into park.
Yo dawg. We went parkin last night and GOT IT ON!

Yeah, last night after the bar, me and Katie went down Ole Orchard Road parkin...Then we sat on our tailgate and drank some more Stag.

Like oh my me and Andy went parkin last night after the football game and he told me he LOVED me! So I totally melted and we totally like made out...
Litterally "Wannabe Japanese" American slang for anyone who isn't Japanese but wishes they were.

Sympoms include:

1)Dissing your country & race.

2)An Excessive J-rock/J-pop/J-metal/J-Tech/J-Goth/J-Rap CD collection, music videos & wall posters.

3)An extencive Japanese slang vocabulary from music, fashion, lifestyles, books, etc. Words like "Visual Kei" "Gothic l*lita" "Ganguro" "Kogal" "Otaku" "Cosplay" "Yaoi" "Doujinshi" "Para-Para" "Parasite singles" & "Con"

4)Being a total geek about Japanese sent fandoms like games & animations & being really really proud about it.

5)If you think that Japanese sounds s*xier & that the Japanese are s*xier & that they have better taste in everything from music to chewing gum.

6)They tend to know trivial facts beyond slang like Japanese minimum wage & why Halajuku & Shinjuku are the coolest places to visit & they contridict you on your p*onounciation.
"My sister is sooo Wapanese! She sings totmare & Vidoll & Gackt all the time, she has really convincing crossressers pinned to her wall, none of her videos or books are in English, she wont date guys of her own race, she hangs out at Starbucks alot, & she refurs to her sleeping bag as a futon."
verb: to "seacrest" is to say something and/or act in a manner that is off-putting but intended to garner approval and acceptance, but also to do so in a manner that makes others think the subject is trying to hard to get attention.

adjective: description of a person who tries to hard for the attention and acceptance of others, to the point of alienating everyone; aka histrionic with a touch of retardation. Also a description of an act out of desperation used to get attention.

noun: a person who makes several, often strained and/or desperate attempts for the approval and acceptance of others, often to those people's annoyance. A "seacrest" is generally specific to effiminate and/or "metros*xual" men; a "rube" or "country bumpkin" would not be a seacrest but none of the above employ wit or intellectual conversation in their attempts to entertain.

synonyms: twat, plague, Carson Daly
antonyms: cool, Eddie Izzard, shizznit
verb use:
"Remember that guy at the party, the one wearing all the Von Dutch sh*t? I must have accidentally looked him in the eye because he followed me around all night, seacresting me about his celebrity as a DJ even though I've never heard of him."

use of adjective:
"Don't look, but there's Ryan. Oh my God, he's so seacrest - he's still telling jokes even though no one is laughing, even as they walk away. And that impression of Austin Powers? Eh, so seacrest."

use of noun:
"That seacrest kept going on and on about what chitlins are as if NOBODY in America knows what that is except like, four people from the south. What's his white a*s got against soul food? Generalizing then trying to marginalize African-Americans is NOT entertaining."
a state, usually Mississippi or Louisiana, that has the properties of some third world country. This word was first used by Stacey "Scary" Denny.
True life example: My tap water has been brown for over a year due to iron, this is a third world state.

Big tobacco companies put sh*t in cigarettes ON PURPOSE to make them more addictive and more deadly.This of course helps their sales and also helps the medical industry!

We used to have SLAVERY in this country and most of those slaves were forced to work on cotton and tobacco plantations.
That's where these big tobacco f*cks come from.They have much support in congress and the government.

So how dare they tell me I can't smoke pot and how dare they call pot smokers immoral?

That's the pot calling the f*cking kettle black!




Pot should be legalized outright!


That's a no brainer!

If people are sick and pot can help them then let them have it and TO f*ckING h*ll with what the CONGRESS and BIG TOBACCO KKK FAGS SAY ABOUT IT!

Doctors can prescribe morphine for f*cks sake!

SUCK MY b*lls b*tchES!
the country needs some political repairs!
A land in the Balkan Peninsula, sided by the Adriatic Coast on its east side. It was settled by huge migration waves from Russia and Ukrane. These people had no identity as they were adapting new changes in the new environment. During the 10th century these people that came from the north are Croatians, Serbians, Bulgarins, etc. When the Roman Empire clashed and the two churches split all the people
in the Balkan lands were christened to Orthodoxy. The Roman Popes could not stand this prosperity on the east, of Croatians and Serbians, Greeks gaining power. Therefore he sent Crusaders across the sea to catholize the Croatians and also try to convert Serbains (because they were closest to the coast). Unfortunetly they did successed to convert Croatins to Catholic Croatians. Through the ages, the Serbs that settled the east coast
of the Adriatic and without a choice recognized this new faith made my the Popes in Italy. (This is very interesting: are you going to believe what Jesus told his followers to do; +Orthodoxy, or are you going to ammend
new laws that were never made by Jesus; Catholics). Around the 5th century Mohammed, born in 570 in Mecca, Soudi Arabia, from his fortieth year experienced a series of revolutions through which God, Allah, showed him
the truth. He called this religion Islam ("submission"). At the end of the 17th century you could say that Bosnia and Eastern Croatia were mixed with Moslems. Croatia on its western side did not have g...
Townies are a certain type of people, often teenage youths. That wear awful clothets, dislike anyone who is not a townie (Such as grungers, goths and skaters), have a problem with anyone who is not hard, usually drinks/smokes alot and is often looking for a fight.

Townie clothing:
- Male:
Feel the need to wear brands such as; Nike, Kappa and Adidas. Townies often wear hoodies or tracksuits in colours such as light blue, in which trousers and top are of different clashing colours. Trainers always worn. Often have a single stud earring, and gel/wax their hair down.

Female townies are quite possibly the ugliest people ever. Wearing hoodies with places they don't even have the intelligence to know where they are written on them. Or have lame phrases such as "Angel", "Bling" or "69" written on them. Skirts so short they may as well just wear a belt. Long hair that is blatantly bleached or dyed hair blonde hair with roots that are of a totally different colour. To top this at least 2 huge pikey looking earrings (Obviously fake gold bought down at the market) and enough make-up to drown a third world country.

General Characteristics:
Feels the need to act and move with trents in order to fit in and stay cool. Often townies need to take up smoking or regular drinking to fit in with everyone else. Townies also need to act hard and have a hard crew so they can push everyone else around. Townies hate most people that have any intelligence or any change of a futu...
A sect of Protestant Christianity in the south east United States that are known for their very Caucasian congregations, believe in the absolute word by word truth of the King James version of the Bible, and perpetuate themselves by having their deacons find replacement preachers that will not disturb their fundamentalist and far-right theology. Sect is characterized by rampant hypocrisy, prejudice, racial intolerance, bigotry, small-mindedness, and an unenlightened view of the world and social change.

Waspish country clubs without the tennis courts.
My uncle was a Southern Baptist preacher. He hated Jews, blacks, g*ys, and anyone on welfare; but he preached that Jesus loved everyone.
A political philosophy based on the belief that some or all businesses should be run solely for the benefit of the people using them.

Socialism and Communism are based on similar principles. Socialism does not require that a socialized industry be legally owned by the government, but if that were the case it could still be considered socialism. In the strictest sense, Communism prohibits private ownership of money, business, or goods, while Socialism may or may not on a case by case basis. The two can therefore resemble each other and it can be hard to distinguish one from the other.
In a Communist country, I worked in a deli owned by the government and was paid a fixed salary by the government.

In another country's socialized medical system, I am a doctor, own my office, and pay my own salary out of my business account, but legally have no right to decide how to run any aspect of my business. I can't change my prices, deny service to anyone, or increase my own salary.
A person from the country of Well Hunglandia, a small sovereign state in Central Europe with a population of 2000. The capital, Gill*cksville, is known for its numerous examples of fine Asbestos Nouveau architecture, a style derived from the structural possibilities of this material. Most people are very unwell, gout, syphilis and the clap proliferating. This phenomena has been put down to the jaw-dropping quantities of the s*x every capable adult indulges in. The diseases are worn like badges of honour, dignitaries heralded for there complete moral looseness.
They also make nice cheese.
'I am Well Hung, are you Welsh?'
'Yes. boyo. How did you guess?'
'You were attempting to steal my watch and you are virtually unrecognisable as a human being through that thick mat of black hair.'
'I see.'
A well-known "resteraunt" which has spreaded thousands of fast food chain links to their name through all most every country in the world like a deadly virus.

Almost everyone in the world have heard their infamous name, and they either love it or hate it.

Resulting in stepping inside an average abyss of tastebud h*ll, you will be shocked to discover many terrifying sights. The basic area is horrid, and the first thing heard is whiny children complaining that their "McNuggets" are too "salty" and obnoxious overweight adult customers arguing pointlessly at a random worker. Most seats are taken up by either a crowd of 100 college students clustered into the corners of the room wearing baggy bin bags for trousers, idiotic children or teenagers shouting random things about their "meals" or obese men and women who gorge on about 5 of the disgusting, greasy "burgers" which would make a pig look like it has better diet and dining sense. The smell and overall breathing space is terrible, and the tiny sweaty dining areas usually waft with odours of frying faeces coming from the hidden kitchens.

In other information, most sensible people who have better minds and eating plans will stay well clear of this nightmare, rather than the poor, overweight souls who have had their mouths possesed by poorly cooked pieces of "meat" which look like floppy donkey carca*s pressed into a disk-like shape by a child's cookie cutter. Often, terrible bouts of hiccups, burping, vomiting or dior...
a preppy person is what a UK ya would be in america. A preppy gains their name from going to prepatory school, while a ya is called that due to the way they speak (oh, ya, super dahling)-it is taken for granted that a ya went to private school. The main similarities are that they both tend to be affluent (note, they do not have to be mega-rich), they both tend to be old money with big old houses (ya in south east of england, preppy, north east coast of usa), they both tend to have traditional summer houses that have been in the family for generations (ya in highlands of scotland, preppy in places like marthas vineyard), they both have a fashion uniform (a female ya has to wear a pastel pashmina and have long blonde hair, a male ya has to have a gilet and a pink rugby shirt, a preppy basically has to wear ralph lauren with the collar up).
However there are differences, a ya tends to be much less overtly snobby since they belong to an overtly cla*s loving country that will do it for them. a preppy will probably have more money since inheritance tax is destroying the upper cla*s in the UK and therefore the ya culture.
a ya will tend to think of themselves as better than a preppy since they beleive they dont really count because they are not part of an aristocracy, and basically because they are american. a preppy will think they are better than a ya because they probably know they are richer and because they beleive they made their money and did not inherit it (even thoug...
Good people that have my respect any day. Any of my fellow Americans who trash talk the UK can go to h*ll. Likewise for any brit who trash talks Americans. Only uneducated and uninformed people(s) trash other nations people. It's okay to speak out against the government, but the government and people are too separate things. Usually these people who trash talk have never visited the other country, thus they judge their whole opinion on skewed media and television.
f*ck the ignorant a*sholes from America, UK, and all other countries who try and soil the wonderful ties between all democratic nations. I love all my European ancestors and hope they do the same.
2004 Presidential election slogan for the GOP (folllowing Dubya's speech at the signing of the 2004 defense spending bill).
my administration will... "never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people"
Another name for beer.
"I was gettin' buzzed on suds out on some back country roads..." -Big & Rich, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"

Millie: "Darling, please take this bucket of suds and go warsh the truck."
Ezekiel: "Woman the only suds I'm gonna be dealing with is my next f*cking beer that you're gonna get me RIGHT NOW! And while you're at it, make me a sandwich!"
sh*t music that is being labeled "punk" when its just as hard and fast as country. A true pop punk band is The Buzzc*cks. Most of the brainwashed youth that listen to this "pop punk" sh*t started out at hot topic one day looking to fit in. So they bought some random shirts of random bands that they have never heard of for outrageous prices, went home, felt all "punk", went on lime wire, and stole worthless music from the bands on there sh*tty shirts. Then from there these teeny boppers went around sharing their findings to other clueless people, and the cycle goes on and on. Thank you very much hot topic and mtv for ruining what once was an ok genre.
"OMLFG!!!Oh My Like f*cking (non-existant)God!!! Look at this rad Gc shirt. OMLFG joel is like so totally hot. He is so punk wih his hair. I wonder is he gets it done at great clips?... Like i think i am going to buy every f*cking good charlotte item there is in this f*ckong store, put it on my once preppy sl*t body, and be PUNK.. not to mention an individual!!!
a medal received in the military that is handed out like 800mg Ibuprofen is in the military, which anyone in the military knows is given for all ailments including cancer, its a shame too because some people actually deserve this medal versus the people who were waiting to go to battle and received a splinter in their f*nger and kissed a lot of higher ranking a*s and were put in for these medals through chain of command such as ,er, John KerryPeanut f*cker, oh i'm sorry did i really just say that?I deserve my medals so much that I just had to throw them away, Im so proud of me and my country that i'm going too picket and protest the war cause i'm so smart!
John Kerry is a undeserving, disrespectful, piece of c*ap who somehow weaseled his way into saying he has three purple hearts, that he threw away and then later retrieved on e-bay,oh and i almost forgot a very unfortunate frankensteinish looking man!
The British are a country of awesome people who have invented many things and has written great literature. If it wasn't for Britain, the world would be totally different, I mean, Americans really can't bad-mouth Britain as if it wasn't for them, there would be no United States! However, Americans are just as awesome of a group of people as the British. Americans have helped the British, the British have helped Americans, British have made things, Americans have made things, Britain has been a superpower, America is currently a superpower.... seriously, America and Britain, becaise landma*s, are equal. They are definetly the best two countries of the world, and without them, i dont even want to think what the world would be like!!
Is one needed? For real, do you not get my point?>>
Piece of toilet paper excuse for a law that makes it illegal to tamper with your own goods. Also provisions for internet censorship.

Pure evil
Hey I just made my DVD player region free.. I know its illegal under the DMCA but who cares, I dont live in a country where they make such stupid laws

Hey I dont like what it says on this website, Ill claim the stuff on it is my intellectual property and have the site shut down
The h*ll-hole I live in. The place where if you can't get a job at McD's, you decide to become a cop. The place that that moron George W's brother is governor. The place where Jeb Bush could not answer a math question that was on the 10th grade FCAT (standardized test). The place where there are very few smart people. The most popular place for hurricanes to hit in the country. The place where old people come to die. The place where spring-break kids come and party, get busted by the idiot cops, and then never leave. The place with beautiful beaches and morons on them.
The place that is inhabited by Spanish-speaking people, MORONS, more morons, idiot cops, old people who can't drive, spring break kids who can't drive, more morons, cops who break the law every day, more morons, some rednecks (like me), and VERY few intelligent people (like me).
This is the place that George W. originally said he "didn't need", but then had his brother steal it for him even thought Gore won the popular vote. The place where all the morons live, and the smart people can't find a way out because the idiots hinder their every move.
Also called the Sunshine state, although it rains almost every day.
Also called h*ll's waiting room.
1:"Hi, I'd like to work here."
2:"What's your IQ?"
2:"Sorry, you can't work at McDonalds. Why don't you try the police station down the street?"

1:"I have to go to Florida to visit my grandparents."
2:"I love you, man. I'll see ya in heaven."

1:"Did you take the FCAT?"
2:"No, I'm a Bush. I don't have to."

"Do you speak English?"

Cop:"Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?"
Cop:"Awww, dammit. I thought one of us would know. Oh, well. You ran a red light, okay? We'll say you ran a red light. Here's your ticket."

"What's our nation's capital?"

"What do you want to do today?"
"Ooh, let's play Bingo! I haven't done that since I had a heart attack last time I won! That was almost two months ago!"

"Oh, these beaches are beautiful."
"Yeah, will you still think so Tuesday?"
"What happens Tuesday?"
"That's when the hurricane is gonna hit."
"Which hurricane?"

"I got a 340 on the SAT!"
"Wow! That's good! I only got a 420!"
A synonym for a fat woman. When she eats potato chips she will stuff an entire chip in her mouth instead of taking a smaller bite.
Oh my god, look at that whole chipper walking into the Old Country Buffet.
The scissors found in the j*nk drawer of any kitchen in a developed country. These scissors are used for many tasks, from cutting open bags of cereal to school projects, but their name comes from perhaps their most unpleasant use--cutting the occasional dingleberry off of a family pet.
Help! Mom's trying to cut my hair with the dingleberry scissors again!
A word used to describe a male darkie, negro, nigg, black person, african american.

Dervied from the German word Clemydia.

Credited to be made up in Tallaha*see, Fl for the FSU campus and has spread like wild fire through out the country.

Clementine: Female clemaine.
Clemaine! (Yelled out the window of a moving vehicle traveling at high speeds while you see a black person.

That clemaine, that f*cking clemaine stole my wallet. And there he goes with his f*cking clementine, oh sh*t, theres a whole group of chattle.
Place where one of the highest-income families in maryland live, and in the country. Suburban city, 5 minutes outside D.C. where everyone is rich as sh*t and the drives the hottest cars. It consists mainly of a white population (many of which are Jewish) kids who are all snobby and think they're better than everyone else. Kids who attended Whitman Highschool,Landon, Georgetown Prep, or Holton Arms are probabily the smartest and most succsessful kids. They will end up going to colleges such as Georgetown, Vanderbuilt, Emory, UMa*s,and Michigan.
person 1: where did you get your sl 500 benz from?
person 2: My daddy bought it for me.
Accrington could be used as a dictionary example of a sh*thole. I6t is trapped between the majestic beauty of Blackburn and Burnley, both of which deserve greater recognition. Blackburn had the recent honour of being voted one of the ten grimmest towns in the northwest and Burnley is one of the only towns to have BNP (British National Party~~ formerly the British n*zi Party) councillors. Most of the denizens of Accrington are Townies, elsewhere known as Scallies Chavs and Pikeys. Consequently there is an impressively large JJB, and the All Sports gets a lot of business. The Market is also the place to go to get Bling and there is an impressive quantity of Jewellers who trade of the magpie like qualities off Townies (attracted to shiny and tacky things). Accrington has the some of the worst health care, the lowest numbers of students going into higher education and an impressive crime rate. A lot of this can be explained by the fact that house prices in Accrington are among the lowest in the country; therefore you can a*sume it’s the only place where these “people” can afford to live. The only places that can beat Accrington are its suburbs - unlike in most cities where the worst place is the inner city, Accrington has merged into the surrounding towns infecting them like a cancer. Only Baxenden has escaped. Ironically one of its neighbours is the Ribble Valley, which is the reverse in every way. Everyone with sense from Accy (as it is locally known) ends up there if they c...
The guy that my fellow Americans should have voted for, but apparently they don't have enough common sense to see what kind of damage is being done to our country by the divisive two-party system. An honest and real candidate who cares about domestic concerns that Bush and Kerry seem to have forgotten about in favor of fear-mongering, focusing on the so-called "threat" of terrorism.
Ralph has my vote, no matter the odds!
ahh townies how i do loath them they even invade the country u d think you d be safe on the isle of wight but no its infested this is most noticeable in the ryde area wher there are alot of "dirty goffiks" as we are lovingly knowen as they spend their friday and sat*rday nights drinking cheap cyder in the ice rink or c*appy pubs at the bottom of the high street and the hanging round outside the royal squadron the "batty goffs" pub looking for a fight. I pity them they are goning to grow up as nothing and live sad lives trying to immitate the bratz doll collection and failing misarbly most of the females look like they ve been used to clean a toilet and the boys look like they got dressed in the dark. What is the constant obbsession with starting on alteritives and goths all we do is sit smoke and try 2 learn at school and they r always h*mophobic what do they have against g*ys and bis. townies are a disease and there should be a vacination.
my argument with stupid townie slapper:
townie:r u a goff?
me:no i m jus spectrumly challenged
townie:wha?!?!? u starting
me:no but you have the personality of an apple
Townie:(after long time)but... apples dnt hav personalities
Townie:stupid dirty goffik and ur a d*ke 2 u scab
me:yup u gotta a problem
townie:(after bout 5 min) shut up (then walks off looking confused)
1) bosting is a black country term to mean good or great.

2) bost is another black country term for broken or damaged
1) i 'ad a bostin' time i did rrrrrr

2) my computer is bost
The absurdly, unfairly high drinking age in this sh*thole "country" known as the USA. My God, if an adult who is 20 years and 9 months old drinks tonight, society will fall apart! There will be drunk driving accidents even though I don't even own a car!! My God. We must bar these "children" from alcohol for as long as possible!
I f*cking hate college. Everyone with their stupid fake IDs gets to have fun and a good kid like me has to wait around like a schmuck for 3 more months. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but being at a school with NO parties whatsoever, I'm about ready to shoot myself in the head. Never believe anyone who tells you college rocks. It doesn't. I have been to two colleges and I hated them both. Girls f*cking hate me. I'm still a virgin and just want to cry. I'm so d*mn ugly and short on top of it. And painfully shy. College is all the same no matter where you go. f*ck. I just want to be 21 already, this is driving me nuts...
Members of the Republican Party, believed to once be a cult, they try to demolish the States and the rest of the world with the following:

a) pushing christian beliefs on the country
b) eating BBQ
c) funding "the Pa*sion of the Christ"
d) starting wars for no reasons
e) starting wars to distract the country from other terrorists
f) etc.
a) Marriage is supposed to between a man and a woman!
-translates to-
Those fashionable h*mos*xuals laughed at my boots in highschool! Revenge!
b) Lets watch the e-lek-ti-un coverage whiles we eats us some BBQ at Mom's!
c) godgodgod
d) Well... Dat guy... Saddam... He's one bad mother f*cker. Lets go kill peoples and SMOKE 'IM OUT.
e) Osama?
An annual circuit party event in Atlanta, GA (Hotlanta).

Thousands of g*y men from across the country and the world descend upon the "New York of the South" for watersports on the Chattahoochee River.

Lots of wanton s*x and drugs, and after-hours parties in Midtown.
"The River Expo is always on my August circuit party calender."
A true musical talent who does traditional country and heavy metal sometimes in the same concert. Also the ba*s player for Superjoint Ritual. Hank III is the grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Jr.
"Alright my name's Hank Willaims the Third and this is the d*mn band, and we don't really appriciate the radio stations not playin' guys like Wayne Hanc*ck or Dale Watson or Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys or Johnny Dilks or on and on and on, the guys who are really trying to preserve country music of today. They just don't know what the f*ck is goin' on and one day they will come around I'll tell ya."
Slang for chew, chaw, dip, dig, digggle. Originated in the Seattle area and then spread like a forest fire across the country.
Commonly used by boozers. The most popular Doogie Chowser is the 49 cent grizzly.
"Hey man, I freaking hate losing at baseball, gimme a doogie chowser to ease my anxiety.
Call me Ishmael. Some years ago- never mind how long precisely- having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on sh*re, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off- then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me.

There now is your insular city of the Manhattoes, belted round by wharves as Indian isles by coral reefs- commerce surrounds it with her surf. Right and left, the streets take you waterward. Its extreme downtown is the battery, where that noble mole is washed by waves, and cooled by breezes, which a few hours previous were out of sight of land. Look at the crowds of water-gazers t...
Heaven on earth. An amazing school of smart, attractive, h*mogeneous, conservative, well-dressed, wealthy, all-around great American kids that know where they're going and what they're doing. Based on tradition and honor, it's one of the finest universities in the nation. The Greek scene is huge, which adds to the already amazing party scene. And if you're from HSC and have a problem with us, you're probably just p*ssed because you were too stupid to get in. Don't worry, you'll be sucking up to us in about 5 years when we're your bosses. Not only that, but all of us, including the girls, can drink you under the table - ever noticed the number 2 party ranking, along with number 1 beer and liquor? Another good thing about W&L girls - they're smart enough to not give it up to HSC guys because, basically, they can do better. Can't say enough about this school, but there must be a reason it's ranked the as the 15th best liberal arts school in the country. And HSC is what? That's right, third tier, not even close.

P.S. Pearls are still cool.
Student from another college: Oh yeah, he goes to Washington and Lee - his drinking talents are amazing, he's hot, and he's smart.
Student from Washington and Lee: I can't believe anyone could be happy at any other college than Washington and Lee. My friends, cla*ses, sorority/fraternity, opportunities, parties, etc. are amazing.
Person hiring for jobs: This young man went to Washington and Lee and this young man went to Hampden Sydney - well we certainly know who we're hiring. NOT Hampden Sydney.
Electronic Body Music.
A genre of music that is basically Dance music for goths. An off-shoot from the Industrial scene. Its hard to remain unbiased when summing up this genre. Basically its for Cyber Goths, Ravers who want to be goths but cant stand Guitars, and Rivit Heads who want to form a band, but cant play any instruments so they only use electronic music.
Razed In Black are probably the most well known E.B.M. (Unlike VNV nation who would have been but are somehow confused with Industrial)"band".
E.B.M. usually sounds like depressing or angry/angsty dance and techno music.
Played in Goth rooms across the country to p*ss off the Goths and Rivit Heads.
Unlike Industrial Rock which mixes Synths, Techno Beats, Mechanical sounds and other distortions along with the guitar, drum, ba*s, vocal combo to make an overall better sound, EBM takes out the guitars, drums, ba*s. Now im not a fancy pants lawyer, but it doesnt take Shelock Holmes to realise that Industrial Rock without the Guitars, drums and ba*s is just a load of sound effects and dance music with some guy whining about how the world hates him, and how he gets really, like, depressed man, over it.
"Well another night in Eddies "goth" room, listening to dance music for 3 hours before they play any decent music."

-"I requested Oh My Goth by Razed In Black"

-"You mean the ONLY good EBM song?"

-"Yeah it beats VNV nations whining"

-"I requested some Siouxsie, The Cure, Orgy, NIN, KMFDM, Gothministers, Manson, Rasputina, Pig and Switchblade"

-"Did the DJ have any?"

-"Nah but he said he'll put that "call on me" song thats NUMBER ONE IN THE POP CHARTS next...'cus its so EBMy"

-"Glad were in the goth room, no one will notice i slit my wrists...f*cking EBM!"
George W. Bush. 43rd President of the United States. Arrogant Napoleonic monkey and fearmonger of the Republican Party. Is tired, has faltered, and failed. An embarra*sment. Unpatriotic. Hateful. Spiteful.

Bush was born July 6th, 1946 to rich white parents in New Haven, Connecticut, but somehow likes to call himself a Texan. Married to Laura Welsh Bush who killed her boyfriend in 1963. Yale Graduate. Twin daughters Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush. Probably fathered Barney the dog. Dry drunk since he was 40 years old, numerous psychological defects. Reads and comprehends on a 6th grade level, just behind Jethro Bodine. Speaks better Spanish than English.

A dumba*s who raided Social Security to pay for conservative
1) How I like my coffee

2) People from the island of Ireland (Eire). They only purely Celtic country to survive out of the middle ages. Least Anglosized of all the Celtic lands. Kept there language, tradiditions and culture in the face of repeated invasions from Germanic and Nordic tribes such as Saxon, Angles, Jutes, Vikings, etc...

3) Inventors of the bagpipe

4) Second only to the Scottish!
Hey there Shamish, why don't you Irish up my coffee for me.
The greatest continent on the plant.

There is Canada with worlds greatest weed and some of the most laid back care free people in the world. The winters are cold, the summers are warm, and you dont have to ever worry about owning a gun. With less people than the state of California, this country has it all.

There is the United States the greatest neighbour a country could have. Paranoid and gun toting, these people are willing to put there a*s on the line to protect what we all fought for together. Although they have a slight superiority complex, they are willing to ensure their own freedoms and the freedoms of their friends.

Then there is Mexico, where Canadians and Americans go for cheap liquor, loose women and to get the h*ll away from all this bullsh*t.

While these families may bicker, they would gladly put their a*ses on the line time and time again to look out for e...
Australian slang for trousers, now rarely heard. More likely to be used in country areas.
"If we are going out, I better put my strides on."
GW in College
A retard who only got into Yale because his Daddy has money and barely got through wth a C- average. A cheerleader and cocaine addict who was commonly arrested for drunk driving.
GW in business
A financial flop who owns several corporations who should be bankrup except for the fact that his daddy put more money into it. Overall.. cant run a company... so how the h*ll is he going to run a country?
GW as president
toooo f*cking much... would take my entire afternoon to write this. The basics... wrong on war, the war on terror, abortion, g*y rights, examples, taxes and life in general.
GW on Sept. 11
After the attacks he had 7 members of the Bin Laden family in the united states in custody,,, want to know what he did with them? He let them leave the country and go back to Iraq. Bad choise Mr. Bush.
An idiot who has no clue what he's saying

"They misunderestimated me"
"I believe that the human being and the fish shoud be able to live together in peace and harmony"
"We should be able to put food on our children"
"Mission Accomplished" (NOT!)
"I know it's a budget... because it has lots of numbers on it!"

We are letting THIS man lead our country? What the f*ck happened?
clearly another attempt by mankind to continue chipping away at earths already fragile ecosystem. manufactured solely for the purpose of depleating natural resources such as oil and oxygen at a much faster rate than other bus-sized vehicles. republicans love 'em.
" i can't wait to show the guys at the country club my new ' W The President ' sticker on my ford excursion! "
My home land. Those who say its a bad place to live go to h*ll. Anyone who says people are lazy or sit around drinking vodka don't know how much people scrafice for their family and their country. Especially when you compare russia to the amount of lazy and over weight people in america. get ur a*s off the computer and go jog.
Many people in my family were part of the Russian White Army. There is a statue in Berlin of one of my family members.
(H.W)President of the United States in the years 1988-1992. Moderately sucessful president who continued policies of the Reagan administration. So the ultimate sucess of his predecessors plan to drive the USSR under through ma*sive military spending. Fought a sucessful war to liberate Kumwait from Saddam Hussein, but failed to remove him from power, leaving a disaster in Iraq which his son had to clean up a decade later. Known for saying "Read my lips, no new taxes". Suceeded by Bill Clinton.
(W.)Current president of the United States 2000-2008. Narrowly defeated Al Gore in 2000 election on issues of morals and smaller government,course of presidency deflected by Spetember 11th attacks. Invaded Afghanistan and deposed the Taliban, against protests of Socialist governments in Europe and Liberal pundits at home, Invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussien. Recently won reelection in contest against John Kerry. Plans ma*sive overhaul of government welfare state programs such as Social Security, Medicare and a simplification of the tax code. George W. has been criticized by a wide variety of people, mainly because he says what he means on subjects he considers important and doesnt give a sh*t if Hollywood, European secularists, Left College Students, or the New York Times disagrees with him or consider him insensitive. Has old-fashioned and conservative values which are especially repugnant to moral relativists and members of alternate lifestyle groups. Has a great deal of satir...
the most amazing name for anything ever
"i have decided to rename this country/my children/my dog/everything i own 'janith'"
The term "statis" has several meanings. All of them good, however. It is a term used to describe someone who is either wealthy, popular with women, famous, or anything else that is deemed "cool".

The word "statis" was created sometime in late 1999 or early 2000. The word was created by a man known as the "BSHT", or "Big Shot Hollywood Tycoon".

However, the reason this term still lives on to this day, is due to one man by the name of Michael J.K. He is often referred to as "The Korean Pop Sensation". He is the individual responsible for popularizing the term.

The term is very popular today. It is mostly used in Los Angeles, but it is used in other parts of the country as well. Apparently, the word is even being used by some people in Harvard University. The word has even reached Asia, and is a very popular term in Seoul, Korea. It has also reached countries such as Japan, China, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Germany, France, Lithuania, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, and Canada.

The word shows no sign of slowing down, as it only continues to become even more and more popular today.
"You definately have your statis now."

"You have all the statis."

"I need to get my statis."

"That chick is trying too hard to get her statis."
Named after the most frostbitten and grim country on this planet: Norway.

On the final day of frost, the Necrowizard will turn earth into Planet Norway.
This means that every single place on this earth will be covered with frost and ice, therefore all lukewarmness or heat will vanish from it, ultimately destroying people like Chris Barnes, Linkin Park, Korn, etc.

Planet Norway is the only goal allowed having when serving the Necrowizard as an acolyte, since having any other goals is g*y, as stated by the blasphemous band an*l c*nt.
"Frown, my acolytes! Frown! For Planet Norway shall soon overcome this lukewarm place, also known as earth!"
"Palestine" is derived from "Provincia Syria Palestinae" a regional name given to what was formerly "Provincia Judea" -- renamed by Roman Emporer Hadrian in 70AD as punishment for the Jewish Revolt, by trying to erase its Jewish identication.

Modern day "Palestine" however, is a complete fabrication. There has never been a separate country or people of Palestine. Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are well aware that there is no connection between the "ancient civilization of the Philistines" and themselves. Philistines were sea-people from the Greek Islands, most likely from Crete. (Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula.) The Philistines settled along the coast of what was called "Canaan" in Biblical times, around the same period as the migration of the ancient Hebrews -- in the 13th and 12th Century, BC. Philistine cities were at constant war with the early Israelites. The Philistine nation was eventually destroyed by the Babylonian invasion of Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC.

Arabs arrived a thousand years later.

The modern usage of "Palestine" comes from the post-Ottoman Empire "British Mandate of Palestine," which included what is now called Jordan. The Arabs now calling themselves "Palestinians" are the same as those calling themselves "Jordanians."
1) A person of both African American and Caucasian decent. (A.K.A "Mixed") 90% of the time characterized by a White mother and a Black father...for some reason almost never the other way around.

2) Person characterized by their desire to be black but not as obvious as the common wigger.

Symptoms include:
A) Random outbursts at racist comments even though their white and their parents aren’t disappearing to the country club with those white sheet draped over their left arm.
B) Asking members of the African American race if they have ever seen "Roots" and cannot believe the struggle the African American people underwent.

3) A black person characterized by the fact they defy all logic in loving Pop/Rock, R&B/Hip-Hop, but never country reserving most black heritage.

A) "Have you heard the new Avril Lavigne song? It's off the chain!" Sentences that should never be put together. But also admits to knowing all the words to Crime Mob's- "Knuck if you Buck"
2) "I woulda never called that man name is KUNTA!"
the build up of sweat that comes from wearing the same crusty a*s underwear for 3 days while driving cross country to go to a john denver fan club meeting at your 7th cousins moms house.
i had viscious road chode before my heteros*xual life mate gates l*cked it clean for me
#1 for gettin money, banks, watches, weapons, chocolate and weed!!!

At the center of Europe,Switzerland is one of the most multiracial country. We speak 4 main languages: French, German, Italian, Romansh and of course English.
My watch is arrivin right from Switzerland...

Ooh man!In switzerland we got the biggest market of weed..let me get this f*ckin white widow...
If you are black and your family has lived in America for so long that they don't know the country in Africa their ancestors originally came from, this is you. Black-Americans are often mistaken for African-Americans.These are two completely different things.
Black American: So I hear you're from Africa.
African: Yes
Black American: So am I!
African: Really?
BA: Yeah
African: What part?
BA: (silence) I don't know but I know my great-great-great-great grand mother moved here from somewhere in the east.
Different groups or factions that have certain opinions on issues and attempt to convince the general public that their position is the correct path, in the hopes that they will be chosen to lead their country.

They all have problems. For example, the two major U.S. political parties:
A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost.

She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She
shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me?

I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air
balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet
above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude
and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Democrat."

"I am," replied the man. "How did you know?" "Well," answered the
balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct, but I have
no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly,
you've not been much help to me."

The man smiled and responded, "You must be a Republican."

"I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?"

"Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you're
going. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot
air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and you
expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position
you were in before we met but, somehow, now it's my fault."
A kind of legitimised "pick-an-a*shole" competition held in certain countries that have democratic tendencies. In this "election", a bunch of worthless b*stards who wouldn't know a moral if it kicked them in the nuts and danced around them singing "I'm a moral", lie through their t*eth and kiss babies in an effort to suck at the public teat for another 3-4 years. Elections are characterised by weasels sticking their faces in front of cameras on a daily basis, a media frenzy that resembles dropping a steak into a piranha tank, and chronic voter nausea as they are forced to decide yet again between a potential disaster and a proven failure. Luckily, watching elections hasn't made me bitter about them...
Person 1: Dude, did you watch the election coverage?
Person 2: No, I thought it would save time if I just sat on a stool and repeatedly hit my d*ck with a metal ruler.

Person A: Hey, I really think that that candidate is going to represent the people and make an important difference in how the country is run.
Person B: Nurse! Up this man's medication at once! He's delusional.

Person 3: Hey, I'm thinking of running for election.
Person 4: f*ck off and die, leech sc*m!
See Trick Daddy Hendrickson.

Cross-country champion of Haddonfield, New Jersey. He is known for a dark silence comparable to that of Calvin Coolidge and his ability to heal the mind with genetic psychosis. Trick Daddy once narrowly escaped death by using his running skills to evade a Confederate General in his pickup truck near the woods. He is a Viking.

See Big Daddy
See Scandinavian
h*llo sir would you please hold my dog while I tie my shoe 4 running????/

Relating to the last paragraph of definition two, the intent of the practioner of the Magickal Arts defines so-called White (used for good)Magick from Black (used for evil) Magick. In Christianity, the church warns against danger that is connected to any practioner of Magick.
Unlike our comic book heroes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly. If this aphorism is so, none can be trusted to use his macickal powers for good only.
Jesus is quoted in the gospels as saying, (in response to someone calling him "Good master") "Why do you call me good? There is none good but God.
The idea that the practioner of white magick can resist temptations to meddle in human lives is not safe. Yet the learned usage of herbs and roots and other folk remedies for healing is not magick but more of the art of the Shauman. But all Magick is self-applied power to make things happen, and to say that "I will only use my powers for good" is to speak from the heart of delusion.
Power over all things of a human's life, when given, or a*sumed by default is so dangerous as to endanger the soul.

Look at the life and death of Jim Jones. He was a pwoerful preacher of the gospel, operated a very large church in San Francisco, was lauded by the mayor for all the good things done for the community by his church members. He gained power over his flock, immense power, to a*sign wives and husbands, to beat children and adults for perceived infractions of his rule, to the turning over to him of entire financial estates of families, and more.

When the dust finally settled in his dusty Jonesville in the jungle of a small country in Central America, the deaths of some five hundred members (and young children as well) of his Jim Jones religion occured. Adults had taken or had forcefully given to their children lethal dosages of cyanide dissolved in koolade. All in one afternoon.

That is a good example of the terror of final power, absolute power... Jim died from a gunshot wound to his head.

Jim Jones had been seduced by his own self-a*sumed power over his flock into thinking he controled life and death of his followers, few of them disagreed, and his followers died by cyanide poisonming.

The practice of Witchcraft also seduces because soon the thought occurs that the spells work because of the practioner's own power.
Most internet nerds have similar hobbies... They usually include listening to garbage rock music, obsessing over anime, and bashing President Bush, declaring him the worst President ever despite having only lived under a grand total of 3 different Presidents.

Bush bashing usually includes the infamously popular 'Bush is a monkey' picture, as well as the 'village idiot' factor. In reality, Bush went to Yale, which is a pretty d*mn fine University for a 'moron chimpanzee' to go to.

Many of them have really no legit reason to bash President Bush. Although Bush has had plenty of questionable moves in his terms, few of them have affected internet nerds directly. None of them are physically fit to go to war if there ever WAS a draft (which there won't be), none of them will ever get laid and have to worry about their partner getting an abortion, and few of them if any have jobs and even if they did, the 'tax breaks for the rich' (what?) aren't going to effect them... particularly because EVERYONE got tax breaks and a big tax return.

Even worse are the ones that don't even live in America, and reside in such politically important places (NOT) such as Canada
A place of inequalities.

The world as it is recognised in the early 21st century could be largely said to be shaped by the British (completely honest opinion said in a non-jingoistic fashion!).

No matter what I define it as, somebody will disagree with it - which in itself is an action which could help define *the world*.

The world today consists of many things I don't like. Too many to list and none of them appear to take particular precedence. However - words like precedence, patrotism, recall, and frustration come high on the list as they remind me of America and the way in which Americans say them; and I can barely bring myself to type its acronym consisting of three letters as it symbolises all that aggrevates me in *the world*.

The accent is piercing and just unbarable, whilst the people of *the world's* last remaining superpower are as thick as f*ckin sh*t.

Its culture consists of celebrity and nothing else. In fact it's involved in every other English speaking country's existence that it drives the inhabitants wild with rage - you think the Arabic world aren't fond of f*ckin America - they should look at their *allies* or f*ckin *coalition* or whatever the b*stards have named it.

Nonetheless, these are my opinions in MY world - and nothing more.
Anne Robinson on Weakest Link on British Satellite TV: "What does NATO stand for?"

Contestant from a country you can guess for yourself : "*hestitates*.... National...American Treaty...."
Most unquestionaing, bovine-like bush worshippers have similar hobbies... They usually include listening to garbage rock music, obsessing over the south, and bashing anyone who isn't President Bush, declaring him the best President ever despite having only lived under a grand total of 3 different Presidents.

non-Bush bashing usually includes the infamously popular 'north vs south' argument, as well as the 'unpatriotic' factor. In reality, Bush's daddy had even more money and power, which is how bush jr got into yale, and a cushy tour in the national guard during vietnam despite effectively failing his pilot's exam.

Many of them have really no legit reason to like President Bush. Although Bush has had one or two honest moves in his terms, few of them have affected any of his supporters directly. None of them are physically fit enough to go to war if there ever WAS a draft (which there won't be), none of them will ever get laid and have to worry about their partner getting an abortion, and few of them if any have jobs and even if they did, the 'tax breaks for the rich' (that means the more you earn the less taxes you pay, dumba*s) aren't going to effect them... particularly because Bush + his close mates got most of the tax breaks and a big fat tax return, paid for by the millions of his supporters in the low and middle cla*ses.

Even worse are the ones that don't know about the world outside America, and reside in such politically important places (NOT) such as any ...
A small country in central America, located between Guatemala and Honduras. The slang term for people from this country is Guanaco. One of its main forms of income is coffee. El Salvador in English means "The Savior".
Person 1: Hey, where are you going this summer?
Person 2: I'm going to go visit my relatives in El Salvador.
the area code for south orange county, one of the richest places in the country. also, its in a huge bubble and life outside it is "g*y" (btw i live here so i have the right to make fun of it)
I live in the 949 and I love listening to music about pain such as My Chemical Romance and watching shows for 12 yr old girls such as The OC.

Dont you just love the dirty polluted 949 beaches?
A CD made up of the top 40 hits such as "My Happy Ending", "My Boo", "Let's Get it (Started/Retarded)" & etc. Performed by a bunch of kids with high, whiney voices, ruining the already c*appy music, unless they are doing a song such as "Float On" by Modest Mouse. Most of the songs are horribly inapropriate but the children are young and innocent therefore completely ignorant of WHAT they are singing.
For example, "My Happy Ending", written and performed by someone who thinks that simply because he/she can play several chords on a guitar can sing about sk8ter bois, hang out with the guys, wear her pants too low, and flip everone off. She also happens to performe some country. The whiney children sing this song completely oblivious to its lyrics and they put it on the CD and -haha!- everyone buys it so the kids can grow up to shop at abercrombie or Pac Sun.
A dirty b*stard that believes communism is the right way in which to lead a country. They are f*cktards with the IQ of a stoner that think such utopian bullsh*t would ever work. According to some old historical doc*ment somewhere, (maybe it's one of the fourteen points, I can't f*cking remember), communism requires total control to be successful, which will never happen because people that have to live under communism don't have the willpower required to kick a*s in war, and, except in China, who is only an exception to the following rule because of us, communism results in a poor-a*s country that can't afford sh*t, including military-related sh*t. Commies need to pull their heads out of their a*ses and look around.

Also, many liberal beliefs and policies (not necessarily the beliefs of democrats, but the beliefs of either party that bleed liberalism) border on being communistic. For instance: welfare, taxes that aren't flat (AKA current tax policy just-about everywhere), and all restrictions of personal freedom, although some such restrictions are good - drugs being illegal and age limits on drinking and smoking just to name a couple.
My grandma ACTUALLY became frustrated when the owner of her first rental home made a half-a*s profit on the deal. When jokingly called a communist by my Dad, she said, "Well, maybe that's what I am."

f*ck the French, they're a bunch of socialist p*ssies.
A lot of Americans will tell you that their country is solely responsible for kickboxing. But... While they had a big part in the development of it. It is originally derived from a combination of boxing, an English/European sport/method of fighting, and muay thai or thai boxing, another combat sport, but invented by the Thai people.
Kicboxing blends the kicking techniques (and knees and elbows if you're taught for street fighting too) of Muay Thai, with the more conventional punching and footwork techniques of western boxing.
All in all. It is the most popular "hybrid" as some people would call it, in the world. It is lots of fun, a good way to get some decent fitness, and a good skill to have.
If you did kickboxing with me, you wouldn't have had your a*se kicked by that little girl.
The term for watching stars at night on a rooftop in either the suburbs or the country (as it is difficult to see the stars in the city due to light pollution).
My friends and I decided to opolis last night after having nothing else to do.
Cetniks formed after 1389. All the balkans was influenced by moslems, so Bosnia became moslem, but those that ddint give up formed cete in the mountains and are known as cetniks. They laregly appeared during the Second World War to protect Serbia. Their motto was and is"Freedom or Death" - "Sloboda ili Smrt" Also they fought for "For the king and fatherland" - "Za Kralja i otadjbinu." In this case it was HRH Peter II of the Karadjordjevic. Great fighters that wanted democratic methods for the Serbs. Wanted to attain Parlamentary Democratic Monarchy. When they failed and the Partizans - Communists took over, they experiated the Cetnik Serbs. Most cetnik now live in Canada, America, England, and Australia. To this day they have a established constitution, and follow Cetnik ethecs and beliefs which are very closely tied with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Cetniks are the REAL SERBS. My great grandfather was a commander under the Cetnik leader (DRAZA MIHALOVIC) who lead his division with other 16 000 Cetniks from Former YU (now Croatia) by walking, which was their only transportation, all the way to Italy. They were Great warriors who kissed every step of Serbia. I am lucky that he is still alive to tell me these untold tales about mytical Serbia that once exsisted and that could have existed.
Taiwan, a democratic nation, unlike China. Look for definitions in words like China, Mao, Mao ZeDong, comrade and you shall see posts made by this brainwashed fool called Comrade Communist Savior, who obviously had his/her brain messed up by China's propaganda just like many people in China. For people in favor of People's Republic of China, read some history, as I had briefly, and you will realize that the Republic of China R.O.C. was established well before the P.R.C. which may actually claim that Taiwan was the real China and that "terrorists" or so-called communists, lead by Mao ZeDong, took over the "real China" using military force. So, if you think about it, China ...
is a vile stinky fungus that is embedded in the centre of body that you can smell a mile off this comes from someone called Edward 'Smelly c*nt' Ford'a disease that is not wanted by anyone.

He has a wash once a bluemoon, and brushes his t*eth every leap year


the g*y boy that has only got 4 shirts and 1 trouser

a school shirt that has fungus all over it. WASH IT U SMELLY c*nt

and has the cheapest season ticket at chelsea, only £400 supposedly hes a millionaire. But i think that millionaire have a wash once in while











skunk, skunk, skunk, skunk, skunk
Ghetto way to say "in the house, for sure." Used to emphasize someone's presence.
Jamal: "Oh yeah! Chingy is the greatest rapper ever!"
Jaleel: "Shut yo mouth b*tch. 2pac in da heezy fo' sheezy."

Dad: "Hey kids, where's your mother?"
Daughter: "I think she's still at work, Daddy."
Dad: "Oh darn. Well I'm hungry...did you remember to put the pot roast in the oven?"
Son: "Chillz my n*gga. Mama in da crib, I just peeped her whip rollin' in 'bout 10 minutes ago. She in da heezy fo' sheezy, and dat sh*t already be cookin' like a mofo, playa."
Dad: "Alrighty then. Hey, did you finish your science homework?"
Son: "No b*tch, dis p*mp don't want none of that sh*t. I'm a' blast gats on yo' a*s! Da only science I be droppin' is da phat rhymes I spit on da mike, beeotch!"
Dad: "OK, Barnaby...just make sure you do it before your tennis match at the country club."
The first and most popular sport in the world. The National Sport of every country in the known world (exept USA and Canada) No other sport can surpa*s this game.
Soccer is my favorite sport, and the same goes for the whole freakin world!
A city in the southwest part of Minneapolis that has a reputation as being "Stuck-up, rich, and snobby." These stereotypes are somewhat outdated, however, as newer and just as wealthy suburbs have grown (Eden Prairie, Plymouth, Minnetonka).

Many people believe Edina to be a bubble, because of its large percentage of white inhabitants, also it is nearly self-serving, providing much of its own funds due to high taxes.

Also has reputation of having the best schools in Minnesota and one of the best public high schools in the country (Rated by US Magazine). Athletics is also very popular, as Edina has won more high school state championships than any other school.
Kid #1 (From Edina): Like, Oh my god, I saw these cute shoes at Southdale the other day, I had my daddy pick them up for me.

Kid #2 (Not From Edina): Look at that snobby a*s girl, what a cake-eater.
A term used by h*mos*xual members of a Jewish Country Club aka "Powerhouse of Excellence" fraternity at the University of Florida. By using this term, you are clarifying for everyone that you are truly a h*mo and enjoy getting tube steak rammed into your a*us where it can gape open. After boomshay and hairies was taken away from this fraternity, Awa Waza became the new term used and has taken it by storm.
"h*llo fellow brother, my name is Larry Bernstein, Awa Waza."
"Wow Larry you are truly a f*ggot."
A permenant resident and/or citizen of the United States of America who through their actions and/or words demean the country by making its citizens all seem ignorant or uneducated. A US citizen who believes the American way of life is superior to all others and cannot/will not accept other languages, laws, regulations, and/or courtesies. No basic understanding of geography or international current events, or sympathy for those who do not have English as their native language.
"Oh, Mrs. So-and-so, this is my boyfriend Alex, he is visiting from Germany." (loudly and slowly as if speaking to a child or some one of a mentally inept ability) "ohh...DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? SINCE YOU ARE GERMAN, ARE YOU A n*zi?"

(you think i'm kidding, my boyfriend has been asked on numerous occasions)
The tendency of American tourists visiting foreign countries to completely insult the culture of those countries, almost always accidentally. Many behaviors practiced by "ugly americans" are simply innocent mistakes involving actions that are perfectly acceptable in America, but are shunned in foreign countries. Some universal symptoms of an ugly american is excessive amounts of luggage, overly casual clothes, etc. However, others vary from country to country. For example, in France, you will get your a*s kicked if you refer to fries as "freedom fries". They're french fries over there, and they're eaten with a fork. To them, this signifies an overly patriotic American with no respect for other cultures. A far easier mistake to make is, in Australia, the peace/victory sign made by sticking out two middle f*ngers is the equivalent to saying "up yours" if the palm is facing the person it's directed at.
I could go on and on and on about the different symptoms of Ugly American. My advice to all Americans: Thoroughly research a country before visiting it.
N - Not
M - My
F - Fuxking, Fxcking
J- Job
1.) It is NMFJ to deal with all these godd*mn TPS reports.

2.) It is NMFJ to pay for your mother's membership fee in "Forget-Me-Not Country Club."
This is a acronym for the saying, "Fresh Off The Boat". This term means to imply that a person is recently arrived in a country. Or that a person is very una*similated to the culture they are currently in.
Thats my cousin Ngueyn, he speaks no english. He's totally FOTB and dosn't knoe what the h*ll is going on.
Quite possibly the worse place on earth. It used to be quite a cute little country town, but it has been run to h*ll by a new breed we call Rich white trash. The pretend to be poor and ghetto, but mommy and daddy really pay for them to dress head to toe in Urban Styles. It's 20 miles away from columbus, and the high school is called Watkins Memorial. The only ones who love pataskala are the alumni of WMHS who dropped out of College and can't make any new friends outside of their little circle.
P-town sucks...but I'd rather drop out of school and stay at home with my friends from HS. I think I'll get drunk and/or married or pregnant. Go WMHS!
The way I f*ckING get around my hometown, The City. What city? THE CITY. 'Nuff said. You upstaters on Long Island would get mugged on the f*cking subway, it's only for the tough.
I saw some upstate Long Islanders on the 4 train last week. What losers, they looked like a bunch of immature, lost tourists. And they actually gave money to the homeless guy! Country folk.
What dumb right wing f*cks seem to think you can run a country without. Dishonist Governmants like to appease dumb rightwing f*cks by saying they'll lower taxes and STILL bring good services. THIS IS AGAINST THE BASIC LAWS OF MATHS.

There are two places for money.
a)In rich people's wallets and
b)in poor people's wallets or the governmants money for services etc.

b) needs it a) doesn't
so where should it be? ITS NOT A HARD QUESTION!
but would you believe it some people are still stupid enough to answer b) and unfortunately they are in power.

And no, dumb rightwing f*cks you shouldn't keep it because you "earnt it" because cleaners work just as hard as you for a millionth of the wage and the chances are that in your society especially your only in your position and cleaners in their's because of WHO MUMMY AND DADDY WAS!!!

SO stop being greedy and start accepting that tax is essential and the rich need to pay A LOT if we're ever going to have FAIRNESS.
Politician: Our Governmant will lower taxes AND increase spending
Three year old: Mummy, You know you said I couldn't have my cake and eat it? well mr Scary Politician thinks you can. Is he stupid mummy?
1. A brain dead person in Florida who is the subject of some recent controversy due to the mis-p*onounciation of her living will, which is nonexistent, thus furthering the irony. Dividing the country into "Life" or "Don't waste money on the brain dead chick" groups.
2. Another term for a discussion on life and death.
3. Schiavo as in schiavoed, schiavoed, to be put to death due to the lack of a living will.
4. One persons private opinion on Schiavo. Opinion may be: "Life! No one should ever die" or "Well, she's a brain dead vegetable, and whats the use of a brain dead vegetable that you can't eat?".
I personally support them pulling the plug on Schiavo because, well, she can't think, love, or do anything. She's a f*cking vegetable, people.
The melodramatic chav/west-country variant of the word "rubbish." Wonderful.
OOOH my god, you're RUBBASH! I wanna swap you for a westlife cd!
By far the most exclusive and all white country club in the tri state area. All the moms play tennis at least 3 days a week, and the fathers play 18 holes of golf almost as frequently. The children are all in the preppiest and private schools around and spend every day of the summer when they are not sailing on their family's yacht in the Mediteranian, either playing golf, tennis, or swimming. The only cars that are under $50,000 belong to the help and seeing a famous face there is nothing new. Also, the sight of the U.S. Open in 1997 and former U.S. presidents are former country club presidents.
Member 1: "Wow, that was a great round of golf. I think I'll go swim a few laps and then eat at the Grill.
Member 2: "Oh, I would so join you, but I have to go down to Neiman's and pick up my Prada bag. They had to have it especially made so that it would match the interior of my BMW."
Member 1: "Wow! That's such a great idea! When I trade in my Bentley for a Mayback, I think I will so do the same thing!"
Mullet: northern/working cla*s p*onounciation for late 80's/early 90's c*ap hair style

Moulet: European/middle cla*s p*onounciation for "mullet".

Both p*onounciations mean the same thing i.e. a bloody stupid haircut - commonly thought of as short round the sides, long-ish on top and long at the back (like Chris Waddle - World Cup Italia '90), sometimes with extra long strands at the bottom of the hair line, so that the twat who decided to have their hair cut in that way can play and twist them.

This particular hair style normally encourages the chant:

Moulet, moulet!! Moulet, moulet!!
Get it cut, cut, cut!!

The mullet/moulet is currently attempting a comback at present. All those who read this should take note and realise that you open yourself to public shaming and possible violence (depending on which part of the country you are in) if seen sporting such a hair style - you have been warned.
Northern folk:
Focking 'ell Denzel. Did ya see that mullet!! Looked like it'd been cut by t'lawnmower.

Middle cla*s:
My word Jospeh! Did you see that Moulet?

Why yes Helga, i did. Get the shotgun!!
Drum Beat : Country seat

Meaning a place where you live,or was born at

From c*ckney rhyming slang
Come round to my drum for a drink
To the honorable dipsh*t above me, known to most of the world as Kirby, I extend to you a hearty "f*ck you". Let’s dissect your specific dipsh*tisms one by one, shall we?

“This school actually isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be from prior posts”
Yes, yes it is. Don’t agree? Go f*ck yourself.

“It's a small, Private Christian school. Simply being a Christian School in its essence makes it seem as if it's a very selective, conservative school”
If by selective, you mean that they let in every Christian self-absorbed a*shole in the state of Washington in, then yes, yes they are selective. And by conservative, I’m sure you mean to say the Christian equivalent of the Islamic schools that train suicide bombers.

“I do not deny the fact that it is conservative.”
Good, call your dipsh*tism failed to show through for once.

“As for the issue regarding s*x at Bear Creek, that is something taken very seriously there,”
What’s there to take seriously? It’s not rocket science.

“because of the Christian beliefs that the school is sworn to uphold.”
I could rant for pages on the stupidity of Christianity, the Christian belief system, and Christianity’s actions throughout history; instead, I’ll just leave it at ‘Christianity sucks c*ck” and leave it at that.

“It is not true that you are expelled simply for having s*x, but there are consequences for it.”
Yes it is, one person got virtually expelled last year for that sole reason. Reasons for it? Oh no! If one person a...
1. Has affiliates all over the country and apparently knows how to install tracking devices on people's computers. Interested in ruining someone's life just for fun.

2. Abbr. for "Boom Bazooka Joe," which was someone's o*gasm phrase on The Real World.
1. BoomBJoe is trying to ruin my life; he hacked into my Hot or Not account and changed all the pa*swords!

2. Mmmmmm BOOM BAZOOKA JOE!!!!!
A very brutal country. You can buy almost everything you can dream of from vending machines. Famous for anime, manga, and disgusting p*rn (s*atophagy, vomit, violent rape, hentai). A peaceful, polite country on the surface with a violent undertone. Overcrowded; surprisingly clean; extremely high smoking rate; obssessed with electronic gadgets; biggest producer economical, quality but also ugly-looking automobiles.
Their music includes cute j-pop to ultra-brutal grindcore. Suicide rate is high, people are nationalistic.
I am going to visit Japan this weekend, should I bring my machine gun?
A great sport that requires both mental and physical strength.... but you have to be careful or you can s*rew up your body, especially if you're a girl.... it requires hours of training and is an awesome sport.
I just got home from xc, and my shin splints are killing me,give me some ice,the remote, and some food... man if cross country girls got injured less, they'd be called football players*falls onto couch and sits there for hours*
The most ghetto of Fairfax County Public Schools. Rivaled only by Annandale High School, who only has any say because they are almost twice the size of Stuart.

Students scan in every morning with picture ID cards, which they are required to wear all day long, by penalty of detention.

Stuart administration feels it is their job to punish the students into conformity. High rate of manipulated test scores and statistics plague the school. Leadership by example is not a term applied at Stuart.

The principal, Mel Riddile, came from a background with STRAIGHT a failed drug rehab program that beat kids into soberness, many of whom have since killed themselves. Somehow this man was nominated for Best Principal in VA in 2005.

Home to one of the strictest security programs in VA. Cameras, golf carts, administration/security/police posted at the end/intersection of every hallway.

90% of seniors have been a*signed detention
75% of seniors have been a*signed Pa*s room (in school suspension)

over 70% of school on free/reduced lunch.

A school where only individual "white" sports excel:
Cross Country
and a little bit of soccer...surprisingly our best player is white at a school of over 40% hispanic.

Racial Breakdown:
40% Chent (Spanish)
35% Raghead (Arab)
10% Asian
15% Other (White/Black/Other)
ATPL = Airline Transport Pilot Lincense (airliner pilots license, or briefly ATP)

The ATPL license entitled you to a professional activity as captain or a copilot on all airplanes (also over 5.7 tons), the samples (types of aircraft), registered in the license, e.g. an Airbus A320 or Boeing 737. That means it that you can be used as pilot then in an aviation enterprise e.g. at Lufthansa or airlines like this one. These enterprises use airplanes which must be flown by the permission of the airplane ago in principle with two pilots (airliners). For these airplanes the ATP license is necessary. After this question is asked again and again, I would like to deal equal at the beginning, thus in order to anticipate it: the substantial difference to the CPL consists of the fact that you may fly airplanes, which are certified in the group of airworthiness "airliners" (so, this so-called "group of airworthiness" is quite important) with the ATPL also, besides applies still the condition specified above (two pilots).

Requirements and conditions:
- You must be at least 21 years old.
- The CPL and the IFR Rating must be present (the beginning of the training is already possible at the age of 19 years)
- alternatively it is also possible to do a continuous training without previous knowledge (inito)
- knowledge of the english language
- (in addition, the minimum age is handled differently by the flight schools, generally it is 21 years, as specified above, but it may als...
a 150 lb dirty messican whose parents are illegal immigrants in this country. he claims to lift weights, however, he has the body of a pre-pubescent 10 yr old girl. you may have seen this kid's website, he is currently a student at the university of oregon where he is studying lawn care management. he cuts lawns and sells oranges on the side of the road for extra cash, but his real job is the nighttime shift manager at Taco Bell. do not mess with this animal folks, he will talk sh*t to you on an internet message board.
hey JIMINEYE..... hurry up with my number 7 combo you dirty messican.
The Legendary character played by Al Pacino in the movie Scarface. Tony (Antonio) was a dope slinging Cuban refugee who made it big in Miami by sellind bricks of yayo by the tonne. He is notorious for his crazy a*s lines and b*lls of steel.
"Say 'ello to my little friend"

"In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the woman"

"f*ck Gaspar Gomez, and f*ck the f*ckin' Diaz brothers! f*ck'em all! I bury those c*ck-a-roaches!"
Short for The Horseshoe. A lengthy drive that my boys and I take when we chief. It stems from US 40 and takes you on a scenic adventure through the country. The specific route is only visible to those in possesion of a fat Blunt, preferably some dank. The Shoe is renown for being shrouded in mystery, and often leads to self-discovery or insanity.
J-We fittin to hit the shoe?
A-for sure.
Z-straight, lets hit up the 500 first and cop a rello.
a place where it is simply, white trash with a lot of cash. there is soo much incest amongst the older hick population that it is impossible to know who is married to whom. the younger generation are OC posers and, honestly, you will NEVER be true So Cal 'cause not only do you probably not know who your father is, you live in the desert, listen to too much country, and spend hours on end at the ponies or more accurately at the pizza joint on highland giving c*ap to the workers. remember that the people you diss are the ones that are leaving while you stay behind and go to Chaffey for four years.
shorty: i smell and have a huge gap in my two front t*eth...oh and i have nothing to do today, but leave work for the ponies. twinkie, will you keep an eye on the shop?
twinkie: sure thing, i'll come by and check unexpectly 'cause the workers are dumba*ses. but of course i don't keep an eye on my shop 'cause i let my workers smoke by the shrubs in the back in the wild fire season while i make pa*ses at the young white girls at the pizza joint.
shorty: sounds good! just tell me when the slaves change the oldies to their horrible music...all that alternative rock scares off an*l UPS store.
pretty self explanatory.. when someone has a sweet life, there life is going pretty good at the time. Or it also can be used sarcastically when that person's life is not so sweet.
girl: Dude! I just got a nice new car for my 16th birthday
friend: sweet life! :-D

or in a more sarcastic way..

girl: Dude my parents are making me take a pottery cla*s and go country line dancing with them
friend (mocking her): hahahaha sweet life?
An epidemic that is spreading across private schools across America. Rich f*ckups that feel the need to protect their necks are especially likely to contract Collar Popping Syndrome, or C.P.S. The disease involves a person wearing a button down shirt with the collar fl*cked up. Not only is this hazardous to personal health but it is also a mortal sin. Anyone, preppy or not, who catches C.P.S. will surely be d*mned for it.
"Oh my god!! look at those f*ckups at the country club, they all have collar popping syndrome. Also see Stang Banga
A great little country nestled between Belgium and Germany. People speak Dutch there and go everywhere on a bicycle. They're famous for their tulips and windmills, but they have great cities too. Go there and check out the awesome art, fachion , and architecture.
"I'm going to the Netherlands this summer to get down with my Dutch homies."
There are two types of feminists.

Type #1) The kind who just wants true equality. Unfortunately, their conception of "equality" usually include something along the lines of "women should get health benefits" instead of, oh say, something like "women AND men should get health benefits". While they do try to include men sometimes, it's usually in an afterthought.

The best example of this can be observed in politically moderate areas. They may be difficult to find and you can find some of their books on Amazon or eBay. Do not try to buy their books in stores as they have been pushed into obscurity by the more radical feminists.

Type #2) The kind that seems to be everywhere and has so much political power that it could make anyone with half a brain sick. Their demand for equality does not ever include men unless it's along the lines of "ALL female workers should be paid as much as men (especially the CEOs...)". These kind of feminists are the ones that conservatives target and they're usually the ones called "man-hating l*sbians". Of course, I'm not saying it's not true because it is (please refer to Eve Ensler).

While it is often argued that these feminists are only a small fraction of feminism, it does often seem like they're the only kind. They're the kind to w...
Hinduism is the most ancient religion in the world. At present it is the third largest religion in the world with nearly 900 million followers where 850 million live in India. It originated 3000 years ago at the banks of river Indus( now sadly in Pakistan ) with the creation of sacred Vedic texts , the major language is Sanskrit( mother of all present day european languages ). It is a way of living more than a religion. The many forms of Hinduism are henotheistic religions. They recognize a single deity, and view other Gods and Goddesses as manifestations or aspects of that supreme God. Henotheistic and polytheistic religions have traditionally been among the world's most religiously tolerant faiths. Hindus are divided into four groups, namely the brahmins(priests), kshatriyas(warriors), vaishyas(traders) and harijans(workers). India was(and still is) the land of hindus, there is no other country which we can call our own.
India was ruled by Muslims for 1000 years and then christians(British) for 200 years, even then Hinduism existed, thanks to the warrior clans of sikhs,marathas and rajputs. We have never tried to convert other people by force, bribe or lure, although fresh converts are welcome. The sacred texts of Hinduism are Bhagwad Gita( the word of Lord Krishna ),Ramayana( the legend of Prince Ram ), Mahabharata( the second longest epic in the world,it describes the biggest ever war in India,fought at Kurukshetra,and the lessons to learn from it) and the Vedas (...
Quite possibly the most uninhabitable country since Canada (no, that's just a joke because I hate Canadians and Canada so much...).

Everything that sucks about Sweden:
1)The taxes are mind-b*owing
2)It's run by a communist government
3)There is no other country on Earth that gives such power to femin*zis
4)There is no other country on Earth that has so many brain dead politicians

And the list goes on and on! It doesn't ever seem to stop! I could probably write a novel on how many bad things there are about Sweden. However, to make things fair, here are all the good things about Sweden.

Everything that rocks about Sweden:
1)The landscape looks kind of nice
2)Not overpopulated

And that's pretty much all I can think of. I can probably count the number of good things about Sweden on my f*ngers. Basically, this country can be summarized in two categories, "too little of everything good" and "too much of everything bad".
Sweden: You wouldn't want to live there after living in a better place, such as anywhere else in the world, but it would be nice for a visit. Well, maybe not.
One of the best towns in Connecticut, known for the academic excellence of their school system, and beautiful homes. Based on Mastery Test, and SAT scores, has the "smartest" school system in the state of Connecticut, and are ranked number 6 in the country, for the same statistic.
I live in Simsbury, possibly the best town in Connecticut, and it doesn't matter that my family pays so much in taxes because I have one of the best education systems in the country.
One of the best cartoon network shows on the planet. It's about three boys ed,edd n eddy, who live in a coldesack i live in a coldesack which is realy rare. anyway the other characters on that show are so frickin stupid and insane that its so funny. Theres this kid who is best friends with a plank of wood with a painted face on it. Theres another boy named ceven who allways rides his bike and acts like a he owns the coldesack. There's this boy who acts like a girl, hangs around with ed's younger sister and dose all that girl stuff, hes funny to look at cause hes such f***et. Thers this fouron boy named rolf from a eropian country no ones heard of, he always refers to ed, edd n eddy as"ed bouys", i cack myself laughing every time i here him say that. Theres a girl who is ed's younger sister who is much smaller than him but treats him like a younger brother cause ed is as dumb as dumb can get. Theres another girl that ed, edd n eddy all adore, all the boys always try to get her attention but none of them get treated seriously by her. Then theres the canker sisters who live in a caravan park behind the coldesack there like the older girl version of ed, edd n eddy except for the fact that the cankers are related to each other. No grown ups are ever shown in the cartoon, but there parents are mentioned in every episode somewhere.
rolf: h*llo ed bouys.
Eddy: Hey rolf wanna go on my cruise witch is actually a cheap floaty with a seat and underpants flag.It's only twenty five cents.
Rolf: oooooo i havn't been on a cruise before why not.
Eddy: ca-ching, we only need three more quarters till we can get jaw-breackers from the candy store.
Some of the most civilized and richect people in America. I shall soon become one, once i reach the age of 18. Those people are frickin smart and all the Muslims i kno are effin millionaires. Man if we do kick Muslims out of this country there goes all of our highest tax payers, the eceonomy will decrease sharply.
All the Muslims i kno are doctors(ALOT of em), lawyers, and engineers. Im happy i kno muslims because i get to go to their house and i got to try caviore, and a bunch of rich people food. They always give me the most expensive birthday presents and i get to go with my muslims friends on expensive trips for free. God bless Muslims.
1. (noun) Idiot

2. Person convinced that the world is in some way less impressive than they.
Today, whilst burning some incense to get rid of the smell of fried bacon, I was told by a pa*sing anti-idiotarian that 'God would fill me with love for Objectivism if I woke up to the fact that I was a traitorous crack-wh*re fag-loving femin*zi in need of a violent insertion of his 'gigantic' clue-by-four'. He then called my employers to tell them that I was a traitor to my country.
anyone who shows superior intellect over you
I got into an argument with him but he was James Michael over me, so i wet myself and went emo in the corner of my room for hours
A workout which you will witness in almost any commercial gym up and down the country, but especially so in Liverpool. The guilty parties are skinny, scally males who believe that sitting on both the bench press or bicep curl machines for a few reps on each will sculpt a herculean body that will make female jaws hit the floor. They perform the workout with weightlifter gloves on the ends of their stick-like arms, and as they are usually exercising with about 5 or 6 mates, they have intervals of 5 minutes between sets thus making all their "hard work" completely futile. Little do they know that the back and the triceps need equal attention as the previously mentioned body parts, as do the legs, abs and shoulders if they are to look remotely athletic and not end up with man-t*ts on their skinny bodies. But whatever, the higher the percentage of scallies who are deformed, the better I say.
Hehe, look at those w*nkers doing that guido workout.

(half an hour later) Ok, I really do need to work my chest here.
The most Asian and second most Jewish (Churchill=#1 for Jews) public school in at least the state of Maryland. One of the most liberal and preppy schools in the country. Churchill sucks.
Oh my gawd I only went to the mall twice this weekend. Ugh.
The hottest b*tches on this side of America. To good for any of the guys inhabiting the camp, the four girls would listen to Santeria while imagining away all of the flaws of the boys of the Tent Unit. At 1:30pm everyday of July, the flaps of the tent would open up, revealing the four l*litas to a swarm of 12 year old suitors. By saying mildly flirtatious things, each of the boys would leave at 2:30, dreaming of the chance they so wanted to have with the hotties in Tent 11. The girls had many an amusing time, one being threatened to be raped by a young, but very sketchy boy who weighed about 50 pounds and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach. Another peed behind the tent, an event that was claimed to have been witnessed by a boy who was in love with her, and had also popped a squat (but taken a dump) behind his tent a few days before. The resident blonde of the tent had a flaming marshmallow dropped on her flaxen locks by one of the boys who Tent 11 referred to as the "BroFros", after canoeing, and almost dying, across a dark and stormy lake. The last, but not least member of the tent, was an intent, and very skilled yogi master, who was even better than the instructor of her cla*s. The dancing to "Hey Mama" was better than even Beyonce could do, with a the best Brazilian bootie shake seen outside of the move's native country. The skirts were also shortest, but worn in a cla*sy and very appealing way. At night, the girls would have long a lovely discussions on the "...
One of the nicer, safer countries to visit in Africa. Nairobi, the capital, is very nice. It's a lot like San Francisco, only third world. Kenya has spectacularly gorgeous countryside, and unique wildlife that should exist for at least another two or three years before industrialization drives them into extinction. Great place to vacation!
Example? East African country. A place that for some reason is home to a lot of fast runners. The top three fastest people on my track team were from Kenya. That's weird.
Towson is a place where everyone has an opinion. Like anywhere else in the country, each group feels more entitled to the town than the others. The private school kids, the ones in plaids and pastels, they scoff at the punks. The punks in jeans that may or may not be skating will look down upon the rich snobs. Regardless, Towson is a place for both. Towson is a place where the private schoolers, the public schoolers, the preps, the punks, the goths, the jocks, the families, the college students...where everyone can feel like they own it. There are enough people like you in Towson to make you feel at home.

In Towson, you can tell your inside story to a total stranger (or say, post it on a website much like this), talk about your high school, your friends, or anything else in your life and expect people to understand you. You find yourself off at college talking about how Towson Commons is cool if you're in middle school (inside) or if you're under the influence (outside) when you realize no one else knows what you're talking about and they don't care either.

Lacrosse is much bigger in Towson than it is anywhere else. Look around. Count the LaxWorld, STX, or (insert high school) lacrosse stickers plastered to the back of SUVs, Volvos, and anything else that goes through the roundabout. Yes, there are other sports. Yes, they can field entire teams. No, they will not eclipse lacrosse in Towson.

Like it or not, Towson will remain the same, despite your be...
Children living in the country of Iraq. These children now have the oppertunity to grow up in a country where they can choose their own careers, own property, perhaps go to college in another country, and someday raise children of their own. Due to not growing up under a dictator, they now can have such liberties as choosing where they will live, learning about science and technology, Getting television that is not state-run, and not worrying about being put in prison for expressing a political thought.
I'm glad the soldiers are here to protect me, give me food, clothing and shelter, and allow my dad to come back from Prison for making a joke about Saddams mustache.
p*onounced NAI-robe. Derogatory term for African Americans. Originates from the name of the country Nairobia in eastern Africa, but it is an all-inclusive term. It is not limited to Africans of Nairobian descent.
My family is racist, my uncle calls black people nairobs.
A country that LOST in a war against the United States. Not only was the war won by the United States, but it was a b*owout. Until Vietnam, our military was never so successful. With G. Warren Nutter (my grandpa, a*sistant secretary of defense) running the war, we won decisevily. We estimated bodycounts in which we overwhelmingly won. Media said that it was wrong, that they lost less. Turns out we won by even more than we thought. The Vietcong was wiped out by the time we left Vietnam, and the North Vietnamese army was pushed back and annihilated. (see victory to understand how the war went for the United States)
Hippie- whoa dude, im really high! i think were loosing the war!
Intelligent person- look, we killed far more of them, sent them back and completed our goal.
General public- dude, he's right, we're loosing!
Politicians- If we dont pull out, we wont be reellected!!!
Nutter- Yes, but it would be better for the world to keep fighting. We are extremely victorious and could cripple communism in Asia. The public is wrong and we could still help the world before next election
Politicians- No! i dun care!! we leave!!!
An SUV developed by the General Motors owned Hummer. Despite what people say, the car is not driven exclusively by men with small p*nis syndrome (sps) or soccer moms, but that doesn't mean that SPS victims and soccer moms don't drive them. Some people use them legit, such as long trips across the country with the family and all your sh*t, or off-roading, though the latter is rather rare.

The H2 has also been popularized by the hip-hop world which regularly rapes SUVs and trucks by lowering them, adding useless 24 inch chrome rims, and "p*mping" them with nasty vinyls. Hopefully that won't stop you from buying an H2 should you need it (off-roading or long trips where you need cargo and the family. No, soccer games that are 20 minutes away DO NOT count.).
I was driving my 530i when I saw two Hummer H2s. One had the off-road kit and had some guys and some camping-looking gear in the trunk, the other had a mom, four kids, and a bunch of soccer gear. I was lucky to follow the mom and saw that she only drove for about 10 minutes saying "I needed it".
An online mod of Half-Life (and a newer, graphical-focused version being a mod of the Half-Life sequel, Half-Life 2) which is about as addictive as every drug combined to the average PC gamer. It is also known to be the one game that has the ability to convert one hardcore console gamer into a full-time PC gamer within a few hours of play due to its sheer addictiveness.

The game pits Counter-Terrorists against Terrorists in a tactical shooter environment, though nowadays it is seen by the average gamer more as a pure shooter game with a simple goal: kill your opponents, then work as a team. Many see the community as a bad thing because of this. They also are stereotyped to use numbers in every sentence, a.k.a 1337 speak.

To this day, Counter-Strike alone has generated more Internet traffic than the entire country of Italy.
Steve: Thanks for getting me into Counter-Strike, Andy. Now I'll never be able to pick up Halo 2 again!

Andy: N0w 1t pwns j00r s0le.

Steve 10 Years Later: CS is tearing my life apart -- but I love every minute of it.
The small number of states where the majority of the citizens chose to elect a Giant Deusch instead of a t*rd Sandwich for president.
"Not a huge fan of Kerry but how can a guy support freedom but oppose g*y marriage? People came to this country to escape those types of restrictions. My wife and I are still a straight couple even if the g*y ciple next door gets married. There contrat is completely separate and unrelated to ours. Even though I think g*y marriage is gross, it's really nobody's else's business but theirs."
A place full of people who think they're cooler than everyone else because there's a cheesy MTV show about their town. Laguna Beach residents also like referring to people that they know on the show or pointing out parts of the show that aren't totally accurate because they think that the rest of the country cares about their stupid little town.
Laguna Beacher: Yea Lauren and Kristen from Laguna Beach were in my cla*s in 2nd grade. I went out with both of them.

Other Person: I don't give a f*ck. MTV is for losers and middle-aged fags who wish they were teenagers again.
a free open source course management system used for those with no knowledge of websites
"Did you do your Moodle cla*s work?"
"Nah f*ck that moodle"

The BIG Country of, Luxembourg
- Russel '4x4' Snider
boy/girl who: lives in an East Coast big city (i.e. Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta); comes from an old-money family; has a summer house in Cape Cod, Nantucket, or Southampton; goes to either elite private school near home or boarding school; often a wasp; despite common misconception does not shop at Hollister, Abercrombie, or American Eagle-actually shops at JCrew, Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstroms, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste; mother is retired or doesn't work and hosts charity events; father is broker, banker, lawyer, or doctor and has a pa*sion for golf; belongs to one or more country clubs; pastimes include tennis, golf, lacrosse, crew, horseback riding, hunting, and sailing; has impeccable manners (taught by grandmother); never talks about money; appreciates fine art, furniture, and wine; has old family name; destined for an ivyschool.

note: A prep can be confused with a snob, but technically this is impossible because a prep never talks about having money and is always polite.
Girl: Will you meet me after my tennis lesson at the club?
Boy: I'm taking the boat out, but I can be there by dinner. What's going on over there?
Girl: My mom is hosting the benefit dinner and said I could bring a date.

Girl2 (to Girl3): What preps.
maori are New Zealanders who have found a new way to exploit anyone with money, Generally anyone who lives in New Zealand is a New Zealander, however some of the population of "Aoetaroa" have decided they're different from the rest of us. They don't even need to have a different skin colour, just some sort of very weak and diluted claim to a realative who didnt even originate from this country. Unfortunately the weak polititions of New Zealand have given them almost anything they want to avoid an "Uprising" or to put anyones nose out of joint. It is really sad what has become of this country, and its people, maori is way of spelling uncontrolable ridiculously ignorant seperatism of a once fine nation. It is also a way of spelling "we will lie about anything" including the fact that our ancestors were fooled, destroyed and educated by the English settlers who were years ahead of them.
"Awwww bro I got one 800th maori in me I think on my dads uncles brothers wifes ex mother in-laws side so I can get into Uni and stuff for cheap aye and dont even have to try"

"Aww bro the laws dont apply to me Im maori" ..... how does that make you special....

A branch of the armed services formed on Nov. 10th 1775 to stop the British from attacking merchant vessels.Only branch of the Armed Forces to have red white and blue in their uniform.Are the president's corps which means they can be called to action at any time w/out an act of congress or act of war.The Spearhead of the U.S. military first one in last one out.Unlike the the Special Forces (SEALS,Rangers,Combat Controllers etc.)don't have to ride the short bus.Can kick any other branches a*s simply because they are trained highly killers.Always faithful to corps and country.A highly prided family of few who won every great war there was.Nick-names include: Leatherneck,Jarhead,Marine,Grunt,Devil Dog,Ministers of Death Praying for War.

And to all Semper Fi!!!
Reporter:"Why'd you join the marines?"

Leatherneck:"I wanted to be the 1st kid on my block w/ a confirmed kill."
According To The Altered Torah : The Land Promised By God To The Jews.

According To US, Britian, And UN : The Only Safe Haven For The Jews.

In Reality : A Country Formed By The Blood Of The Palestinians.
Israli Soldier: "We Are Peace-Loving Jews"

Palestinian Boy: "Liar! You Stole Our Land And Killed My Father"

- The Boy Throws A Little Rock On The Israeli Soldier Which Barely Touches Him -

Israeli Soldier : "Oh My God He Is A Terrorist!!"

- Rat-ta-ta-tatt -at-tat-tat-ta-tat-tat-atat-tat-at -ra-ta-tat-at-at-at-tat -
A place in the south western part of Australia, just south of Perth.

Full of losers from wannabe's to dole bludgers.

People from around Peth usually refer to people from Mandurah as either 'a bunch of old farts' or 'a bunch of country w*nkers that have never been to the city'
person from mandurah going for a job interview in Perth-

"So where you from?"
"Me, well i'm from Mandurah."
"Get the f*ck out of my office."
Relative term for someone who is known by people who have never met them because they have done something worth talking about or putting in the media.

For example, you may hear about a guy who saved a drowning baby in your city, but no one outside of you county has heard of him. So celebrity is a relative term.

Most people usually only think of celebrities as the kind who are in the entertainment industry, because they are the best known, and even if they fade out of mainstream, they will usually still have cult status.

The guy who saves the baby, if he makes national news, will be popular for maybe a week or two, then no one will give a d*mn anymore.

People with the more stable celebrity status are not just entertainers, but also politicians and bussinessmen. Can anyone honestly say that Bill Gates and George W. Bush aren`t celebrities? But they never had to sing or act.

Also, people should not hate on celebrities so much. Not all of them are bad, and most of the things people complain about(ie all the other definitions for celebrity) are not the real problems with them anyway.

People who hate celebrities are just jealous. There is not any need to be jealous, and celeb-haters will pretend to agree with that because they are just insecure losers who take refuge by being poser and by dissing people they know ar...
My country: above Belgium and next to Germany. The beautifull Northsea creating a coast with lots of beaches.
Very modern with very big city's but also small ones. Famous designers for shoes, clothes and bling-bling.
And NO we don't wear wooden shoes, that's like 300 years ago lol! The windmile is very rare here, because it's so boring! :P

The weather is either good or bad, it depends. Our language is cool and we use many weird expressions such as: Dat breekt mijn klomp
( That breaks my wooden shoe )as in: I'm suprised by this, Im shocked

Our gouverment is very soft, the jails are like hotels with playstations and it's legal to have 5 grams of weed/pod/dutch with you!!!
Dutch person A: Alles goed?

Dutch person B: Ach doe gezond man, wat is niau?!

Dutch person A: Je bent een sjembek dat zeurt maar je weet niet wastkeburt :P

Dutch person B: stfu....
A country which didn't create science-Arabia did. Arabia also created maths. India and China created Medicine, Astronomy and Astrology. The Greeks didn't even invent the pillar, Koreans did. Overall, countries more ancient than Greece like China, India and the Middle East created everything the Greeks like to claim 'credit' for. Greeks weren't the creators. Indian scripts date back to 20,000 years ago, Greeks are only 2,000 years old. Also, India created the alphabet, as Sanskrit, and were the first people to actually write down written language. Once again, Greeks weren't even around at that point.
Greek: My people created everything!
Asians: Nope, we did. Even before you even existed.
Greek: d*mn. *cries*
Phillips Exeter Academy is a boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire of approximately 1,000 students. Regarded as the most prestigious high school in the country, most notably for academics, Phillips Exeter Academy is renowned worldwide for its unique teaching method, “The Harkness Table.” The principal is based off the idea that the students are of such a high intellect that they are able to teach each other, and thus the teacher of the cla*s simply acts as a moderator for the brilliant discussion which occurs. In simpler terms, the students are so smart they teach themselves and don’t need a teacher to tell them what to do.
Students of PEA, known as Exonians, have an infamous rivalry with the students of Phillips Academy Andover, another East coast boarding school. Founded a few years earlier and with a slightly larger student body, Andover is normally considered the age old back up, or “safety school” to Exeter. There are many examples of the clashing between the two. Exeter Red/Andover Blue Exeter wins football, basketball, track…/Andover wins hockey Exeter accepts the most brilliant minds of the world/Andover accepts George W. Bush
In essence, Exeter is the school for the distinctive minds of the United States and beyond. Unfortunately, Andover, and many of the East coast boarding schools, remain places for the children of the pompous rich to attend and survive on the graces of their parents. Exeter alumni continue to make innumerable contributions the world,...
a code of conduct followed by Samurais in feudal Japan. Commonly parodied for its humorous sounding name. Often paired with words such as shogun, "Osaka country's kitchen," Meiji, Tokugawa, and daimyo.
Wow, in that social studies cla*s, my teacher was all like BUSHIDO and DAIMYO and OSAKA COUNTRY'S KITCHEN!!!
p*onounced 'lon-juh', a longer is an Australian colloquialism for the erect part of the male genatallia. Often used in country-towns, as people in those remote locations often compare there longers to those of farm animals.
"Look at my longer!"
"No thanks."
"A clean drinker! I like that!"
A prep is NOT some sl*tty b*tch wearing A&F.

A prep is NOT the three chicks from mean girls.

A prep is NOT the guy who makes fun of you for wearing all black.

A prep is a gently reared east coast (mostly) *preparatory school attending* boy or girl. A prep knows certain things such as how to p*onounce Greenwich Village and Boca Raton, what to wear at a country club, what exactly an oxford shirt is, what chinos are, to pull out the chair of the girl to the right of you when at dinner, how to play tennis and golf, where Vineyard Vines is from and about how much their bags cost. A prep knows what Seersuckers are and owns often more than one pair, they shop at places like St. Johns, Ralph Lauren Purple Label (and blue), Lily Pulitzer, LaCoste and sometimes J. Crew and Burberry.

A prep is often Old Money, meaning that they have had money in their family for generations. They are usually a family of doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. The major difference between a Old Money prep and a New Money prep is that New Money flaunts their wealth, where an Old Money prep has had money in their family for generations and is more careful.

They vacation at Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Hilton Head, South Beach, Coconut Grove, St. Bart's, Barbados, Boca Raton, Fiji, Sundance, Sun Valley, Alta, Telluride and Duck. They usually have more than one house, a ski house and a summer house. They usually go to ivy league colleges, popular choices are Harvard and Yale.

To tell a *r...
A pretentious-sounding, but meaningless word that illiterate ijits, who want you to think they are from some African nation, impress themselves by claiming that's what they are.

The word barrister becomes meaningless when used by people writing emails from email domains from anywhere except Nigeria, but claiming to be from Nigeria.
This Nigeria Scam came today:


Dear Sir,
I am Barrister . Emmanuel Nwachukwu, a solicitor at law. One of my clienta
National of your country, who has lived in my country for many years, and
who hereinafter shall be referred to as my client , Mr Lewis Peter who dead
with his family of three .
After reading all of the disgustingly inaccurate definitions above, I thought that it was about time for someone who knows what they are talking about to write. Now, I may not live there, but Broooklyn, while it is home to some not so great neighborhoods, also is home to three of the top ten richest people in the world, a multitude of respectable, rich, Academy Award winning actors, many famous artists, and Saint Ann's, which is considered the best and most exclusive High School in the country. Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope, are full of rich, multi-racial (but the majority is white) celebrities and businessmen, with children who are models and only wear clothing that is over $150. There are also many specialty boutiques, in which only haute couture is sold. To say that Brooklyn houses the worst and most violent neighborhoods in NYC, is purely inaccurate. What about the Bronx, Harlem, Lower East Side, areas around Delancy Street, and Little Somalia, which in the heart of Manhatten is considered the most dangerous neighborhood in New York. The inaccuracys of the above definitions is appaling. Please, if you have any NYC pride, just throw your diamonds up.
Sarah Jessica Parker lives on my block.
Gweneth Paltrow is moving to mine.
Where do you guys live?
Brooklyn.... Duh.
Arguably the best movie ever made. Written and directed by the creator of Beavis and Butthead - Mike Judge. The main character, Peter Gibbons, played by Ron Livingston, hates his repetitive, monotonous job working in Initech with his buddies Samir Naheenanajad and Michael Bolton. Fed up with his job, Peter decides to see an occpational hypnotherapist who helps him to relax by hypnotising him into temporarily not caring, however he dies before taking the hypnosis off of Peter, leaving him in a relaxed, care-free state of mind which makes for a hilarious movie.
The funniest characters in the movie are definitely Initech's software Engineers Samir and Michael, both of which who also dislike their jobs, and plan to program a virus to rip Initech off for thousands of dollars. Samir dislikes the workers for being unable to p*onounce his last name, and Michael dislikes them for constantly referring to the Singer Michael Bolton, whom he hates but pretends to like in order to fit in with them and make them happy.
If you have not seen the movie, I Highly Recommend it.
Samir: "I do not understand why no one in this country can p*onounce my last name, its not that difficult.. NA-HEE-NANA-JAD, Naheenanajad"

Michael: "Yeah well at least your name isn't Michael Bolton!"

Samir: "You know, there is nothing wrong with that name."

Michael: "There WAS nothing wrong with it.. until I was about 12 years old, and that No Talent a*s Clown started becoming famous and winning Grammy's."

Samir: "Why don't you just go by Mike, Instead of Michael"

Michael: "s*rew that, why should i change, he's the one who Sucks!"

{Enter Peter}: "Hey guys, wanna go to Chachki's, get some coffee? I gotta get outta here, I think I'm gonna lose it"

Co-Worker: "Uh OH! Sounds like someone's got a case of the MONDAYS :-( "
Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889–April 30, 1945) was the Führer und Reichskanzler (Leader and Imperial chancellor) of Germany from 1933 to his death. He was leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), better known as the n*zi Party.

He came from a working cla*s family and dreamed of being a painter, his ruthless farther said 'over my dead body' and so it was that when His farther died he took up his dream of being a romantic painter, & a sh*te one at that. However his father's voice echoed on and he joined the army were he became hysterically blind, A psychiatrist who helped Hitler during this time has a lot to be blamed for, Hitler was a nobody, poor grades, lazy and hopless....This psychiatrist restored faith in Hitler and told him he could do magnificent things if he chose to, so he did. The reason why I admire Hitler is that he is underestimated, even in his day....he was an average Joe who cared for his country in the wrong way and achieved great things. Plus for someone to manipulate an entire country, German mostly had no idea of the sickness and evil inflicted on jews or ethnic groups aka 'mud races' quite an achievement. I think Hitler and n*zis had to happen, it was and still is one of humanities darkest hours.......we wouldn't be were we are now if this didn't happen. If Hitler didn't do it, some other Christian with his built in antisemetics would have.
Someone who offers to much information about a person place or thing. Usually in a vain attempt to impress you. They use terms like couture for expensive, muave for beige and twall for expensive ugly country c*ap.
Do you like my sweater? Its sooo French couture. Hmph,Hmph, Hmph
A country I am proud to call my home.

We have every thing

high living standards
Strong economy
good music
good people
and Canada is especially proud to call the United States of America its neighbour, friend and ally
Canada is lucky to have such a good friend as America who will fight to the death for us even when a bucn of hypocrite Canadians trash talk America

God bless Canada
God bless America
A country with a rich history, site of the world's first city, now illegally invaded by the US to the digust of the U.N. and the rest of the world.

Dumba*ses, terrorists are not attacking the US for no reason, they are p*ssed off that their homelands keep getting interfered with/attacked.

All this is going to do is create a harder breed of terrorists. Foreign terrorists are coming to the war zone of Iraq for just a chance to fight Americans. That should say a lot about the international image of America.
All nationalistic bullsh*t does is create more wars. But lets keep killing each other until the planet is rubble. But even though the guy I'm killing bleeds the same red blood as me, at least he doesn't look like me. So my team/country must be better.
Me. I don't mind being called a Yank, since us Yankees winning the American Civil War and keeping the country together (no thanks to the British) is part of my family's heritage. Thanks for reminding me. I don't particularly mind being called fat and stupid either, because I'm not. So go right ahead. I get my news on the internet from various sources, making sure to check the left and the right, and I don't watch TV, so go ahead and call me ignorant or brainwashed or whatever. Oh, I'm racist redneck, too. So racist that my best friend is asian american and another of my close friends is from Singapore. I guess I am a bit of a redneck, though, I like to fix my own car when I can and generally be self-reliant.

I'm an American and I love my country. If you can accept that, I have nothing against you. If not, you can go f*ck yourself, because in the end, it just doesn't matter if you hate America. Doesn't matter at all.
America hater: I hate America! You are all a bunch of nationalist bigots!

Me: *shakes head at the irony of it*
An awesome state that is a paradise for outdoorsmen and city dwellers alike. It is illogical to call it "Minnesota Junior," being that it has a larger population than Minnesota by over 400,000. Madison rocks, it's easily the coolest state capitol and has one of the sweetest colleges in the country. Milwaukee offers all the amenities of a metropolis without being as much of a black hole for state resources like the Twin Cities or Chicago. Hurray for my northeastern neighbor Wisconsin.
While it is possible that Wisconsin is the best state in the Midwest, the Hawkeyes will always be better than the Badgers.
A great group who protects our 2nd amendment. You people are morons we don't have highest percent of gun related deaths,ANY country under going a revolution easily outpaces us . We also need NRA to help us gain Automatic weapons to help protect this country. We will be a much better militia with Automatic weapons. Any one who thinks it will bring more violence is wrong it would help catch the missusers, Its not like we will be handing them out like candy there will be background checks and licenses given out. If we know who has the guns we can catch the bad ones easier.

Oh yeah and to break your serio type i am from NY and i have no facial hair or a long hair on my head let alone a mullet. I also have all my t*eth, live in a House, and have never been arrested.
Rosie O'Donel is a fat stupid errogant communist pig who beleives every freedom is bad for society.
American football is the best sport in the world. I giv kudos to rugby players, becasue yes rugby is a tough sport that i actually blew my shoulder out playing. Football is better, not only than rugby, but than any other sport in exsistence. You need the endurance of a runner, the strength of a rugby player. Football uses pads, because it makes the game harder because ur carrying around an extra 10 pounds. Also, football takes different angles and different play types than any other sport making it an extremely dangerous game, even with pads. Plus, it takes more mental ability than playing chess. The players have to memorize 100's of small details. If a person messes up just once it could be a damaging b*ow to his or her team. Football is the worlds toughest sport, and the hardest. For those reasons, it is the best.
Fool: Cross country is the best sport!
Idiot: Baseball is the best sport!
Loser: Football is for idiots and fat people, and takes no strength.

Scholar: Football takes more strength, endurance, agility, skill, mental capacity, and b*lls to play than any other sport played by men.
Military personell that have been stuffed so full of sh*t that they think they are more useful than they actually are.

Common Marine culture states that their training is "a challenge of a liftime" and that they are invaluable to the modern U.S. military. They bring no more to the U.S. military than any other branch and their training is not much more difficult than anything you'll go through in the military. In fact, if you compared to the "elite warrior" (because Marines believe they are) programs of other branches it is easier.

They only believe all this because they are told this from the very beginning, including the recruiting process. The Marines have found a niche in recruiting by making people believe they are the "elite fighting" branch and it has worked effectively.

While other branches have taken other routes. Army recruiters tell you that combat is an option. Navy recruiters tell you that their boot camp is easy and is only six weeks. While Air Force recruiters will tell you that they are the most technological military branch and are the head of the U.S. military's nuclear power and aviation.

The truth is, joining the Army is becoming a soldier. A soldier is a warrior and a fighter so expect combat. Navy training is not easy, the basic training isn't even six weeks. All of the training can take anywhere from four months to two and a half years. The Air Force isn't the top in any f*cking thing, they pretty much share nuclear and air dominance wit...
The ONLY genre of music. PERIOD.

Rap is true. Rap is the heart and soul voice of the streets proclaiming thier lives and telling us a story of heartache and woe. Living on the street is tough. I want to Snoop Dogg's mansion and he told me how hard his life is and how gangsta he is. Then he kicked me out and s*rewed my mother. He is my hero.

Me and all my friends are townies and some people just don't seem to realise that we are the best. Just last week, it took 24 of us to beat up an old lady. That is how hardcore we are. Sure, she killed 13 of us in the process but we managed to blacken her eye slightly.

As every intelligented person knows, msuic MUST consist of the following things
1: Lyrics (Cla*sical has none)
2: A beat (Jazz has non)
3: Computer generated sounds (Rock has none

When was the last time Mozart mixed up a beat like Dr. Dre or Beethoven showed us his rapping skills and flow? NEVER! That proves they were not talented. When has Jimi Hendrix ever told us about himself through computer generated beats and not that sh*tty block of wood that only retarded children listen to.

If you're not a townie and don't listen to Gangsta rap, that means you are a emo which means you must be beaten up and killed for being a miserable b*stard.
Straight G fo life n*gga!
Cheeky b*stards have the nerve to also put Cla*sical, Opera, Jazz, Blues, Swing, Rock, Metal, Country, Reggae, Punk, Alternative and other forms of non-rap or pop are somehow considered music in the eyes of people to old to realise that music has finally been invented.
The British National Party, who's presence in politics in our country makes me proud to be British. Contrary the misconceptions of the bulk of the population, the BNP are not racist - they in fact are tolerant to people of all religion and ethnicity. All they wish to do is put an end to Islamic extremism and tighten immigration laws.

The BNP is just as respectable a political party as Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems. When member Stuart Williams said his dream was to "Shoot Pakis, that's all I want to do is shoot Pakis. I'm waiting for war. My dream is to have a transit van with a machine gun in the back, with about a million bullets to fire on people coming out of the mosque on Friday." he was simply addressing the issue of religious extremism. Sure it could sound racist taken out of context.

When member Steve Barkham told of stamping on an Asian man's head until blood began to pour out of his mouth and eyes, he was only displaying his pa*sion for the traditions of our great white-skinned nation - didn't we used to have colonies across Asia? No it's a lie.

Vote BNP.
Tommy awoke early to vote BNP, then returned home, beat up his wife, molested the kids then decided to go drive around looking for a Paki to beat up. He put on his police uniform and set off to work.
the good place to go if your from the country looking for some "excitement" in the most mundane sense of the term. a lot of ppl. go to school there from long island and NYC = rich b*tches and farms in upstate new york. its okay for maybe a week and then u get bored ESPECIALLY if your from the city. kids there have attitudes. ppl. dress all vintage-y/artsy but then contradict themselves by buying out all of the hollister fall collection. posers. kids who are "punk" have doctor parents who visit every couple days. there are a lot of art and music students in the area. they r the most ridiculous of them all. a few select people are genuine but the rest just wish they could understand anything at all. they fail out of school and get their "allowance" taken away. lots of hippies, weed usage, shrooms, etc etc etc. not a good atmosphere for busy, motivated ppl. there are A LOT of sl*tty girls trying to beat the girl to guy ratio by "giving it there all" ppl. are very c*cky, even hideous kids who have no chance. the bars in the area are okay...nothing compared to boston where im from. music scenes alright ...there are a few too many college bands with cases on themselves even though they havent made it yet, just b/c they've played successfully in local places doesnt mean u get to give up. LOTS of metros*xuals. many guys swing both ways, and dress way too well. appearances are important to ppl in albany, but looks can AND ARE deceiving. the punk kids r almost completely alll posers...
cute, preppy clothing reserved for true preps. the clothing is mostly sundresses and skirts in bold, bright and colorful prints/patterns. the polos are solid except for a few with piping, stripes and contrasting collar colors. lilly also sells tennis skorts that arent as bright as the sundresses and skirts may be, but still have the signature lilly look. lilly is meant to be worn to country clubs, yacht clubs, and worn on vacation to a prestigious place such as st. barts or new england.
prep 1: im wearing my new lilly dress to dinner at the yacht club tonight!

prep 2: im going to wear my new skirt with my matching polo. i just hope that there isnt anyone there wearing the same print as i am!
Loctated in Barker Country, USA.
This AMAZING game show is fun to watch. You can play along (exept for the wheel part) and scream at the TV for one fun filled hour of vain popping entertainment. There are also hot chickes known as the as Barker's Beauties who the whole Price Is Right Audience knows Bob Barker at 80 years old is banging.
I'm going to Barker Country to play plinko and nail some of those Barker's Beauties and scream until my head explodes! And while I'm bleeding all over the old people and armed forces that are sitting next to me, I'll be sporting my matching T-shirt with all of my buds!
Promising of spreading "the joy of kickball", The World Adult Kickball Aa*sociation (WAKA) was founded in 1998 in Washington, D.C. and was supposed to be an "alternative" to the local softball teams which were deemed "too competitive" for some. By 2001 there were 4 divisions in the DC metro area and by 2003 it had started to spread across the country. Was a good time until the novelty wore off, they raised the dues and generally just got way too big way too fast. With divisions in every city, it has now become what it set out to counteract and is now nothing more than a sh*ll of it's former self.
"You playing in WAKA this summer?"
"No thanks, I've been to enough frat parties in my life."
I have lived in Oklahoma for the majority of my life. For the most part, yes, the state is somewhat boring. Most of the towns here are rather small, and there is a strong Christian influence here (bible belt) and that hinders the education levels in some aspects.

However, this is not for the lack of teaching. It just causes some to deny certain sciences and things of the like, putting more stock into Sunday school than Public school.

With all that being said, there are some beautiful places here, if you like seeing rolling countrysides and those sort of places. There are many landmarks here, and there is a lot of history here. Oklahoma is often referred to as "Native America" due to the fact that a lot of tribes of Indian live here, having been moved here when it was considered to be the indian territory. There is a lot of culture here, and it can be a fun place to learn about the history of this country... the underlying history that is, before it became the United States. That is to say, if you are interested in learning these sorts of things.

As for modern issues, there are very modern areas here as well, just not as many as you would find in say, New York, or California. We have Oklahoma City, and Tulsa as the main urban areas. There are also other smaller cities such as Stillwater for example that offer good schools, fairly large communities, and decent entertainment.

Personally, I do not care for OKC. It is too big, and too dirty. The roa...
One of the most wealthy communities in the well know howard county (a.k.a HoCo). This is the chillest place to live. The community was built in 1990 and they are planning on building till 2010. Where everyone lives in walking distance of eachother and have the most p*mped out homes. Right down the street (walking distance) from the local pool,tenis courts, golf course(surrounds community), supermarket(weis),italian restaurant and sports cafe (manigas), hair salon (sheer brothers),of course celebree (kids learning center where the working parents drop off their children for around $200-300 a week, subway, nail sallon, and much much more. Many of these already loaded teens either work as life gaurds at the waverly pool, Mangias, celebree, subway or weis. This three neighbrohood community is made of the most expensive houses around, the town houses go for around $700,000 and up. Homes and town houses are filled with big screen plasma TVs, swimming pools,pool tables, own private moon bounces, recording studios, soda machines, and too many computers for one family. These are definetly where the most chill parties go down. Ussually every1 here is a prep and if you don't go to Mount Hebron High school (best lax in country woo!) then you're either switching to MRHS or go to a private school. In the day teens are chilling at their private pools,having lunch at mangias, getting your nails/hair done, working at the waverly shopping center, playing a litle bit of tennis at o...
The eternal dumba*s with the IQ of a raisin who is the leader of the h*ll-hole now called America. Free country my a*se. He is censoring p*rn, tying in religion with government, and goes on vacation more than any other president. He made up the UMD's in Iraq and is gonna get us nuked. It's said that Bin Laden already has plans to nuke us with bombs snuck into the USA.
I hope all you who voted for Bush suffer...
p*onounced flack a late

This word has been very useful in describing a feeling, and an action.
A woman was taking break at work and walked outside to sit by the gra*s near her building. There she found a bird on the ground who flapped and struggled and stressed and could not improve her condition. She could not re compose herself or fly. The woman was concerned and took the bird to a country vet and asked for help. The next day she told me the story of this bird and tried to describe the (ascribed) feelings and real actions of this little bird. She created this new word.
I flaqualate over my mortgage payment being due. I don't have enough money.
Someone will flaqualate because his ex wife is yelling about the kids.
The boss is a pain and he will cause the entire department to flaqualate ( be unable to take action)
I had a flaqualtory response to that movie, It was a real psychological thriller.
My flaqualations went on for hours, but finally I found my way through the dilemma
Even though the judge said it was okay, I found myself flaqualating for a while.
The stock market began to flaqualate over Microsoft, but pulled out of it this past week.
A country located in central-eastern Europe. A beautiful, yet undiscovered country by many tourists. Famous for the gorgeous plentiful women, Dracula, amazing food and liquors, the 2nd largest building in the world, and parties. Romania is a country that is well established after communism. Romania has 22 million inhabitants.
I never been to such a crazy party in my life, this country is f*cking unbelievable.
The Kerry detractor comments are TERRIFYING. Having just graduated from an great prep school I was lucky to be able to attend and finished two consecutive intensive US History and political science courses, these comments seem lifted straight out of everything from the Salem Witch trials to Orwell's 1984.
Someone said that Kerry is wealthier than Bush, and therefore could not legislate in any way benefiting the indigent. This seems almost too ridiculous to be sincere, but factually, all you need to do is look up pending legislation before the Senate Subcomittee on Finance and you'll see a bill Kerry has written this year called the Kids First Act which provides healthcare for children who fall below Medicaid and SCHIP cutoffs by rolling back Bush's taxcuts for people who make over 300, 000 dollars a year.
Erica says that there are weapons of ma*s destruction in Iraq. Even George W admits that there aren't. You've gotta stop watching so much Fox News, Erica, but it's not just you-- 46 percent of Fox viewers believe that there is a direct link between Iraq and Al-Queda, as compared to only 9 percent of PBS viewers. Also, I don't know where you learned US Government and Policy, but obviously Senators do not have the authority to issue purple hearts to themselves or anyone else.
I'd love Boekenoogen to get back to me about Kerry receiving purple hearts for "splinters" when he gets back from a tour of duty in, say, Tel Aviv, gets shot at by insurgents, and saves a ...
A "ball" or "dance" that is formal and most commonly held during the junior and senior years of high school. A popular and anticipated event to the lives of many students, where tradition goes a date is taken, dresses are bought and tuxedoes and limos are usually rented, complete with expensive preparation that include trips to salons, boutiques, hotels, etc. A pre-photo shoot and dinner are common amongst large parties or regular dates. Held usually in a school gymnasium, or if the student government has some money, a hotel, country club, or even a boat. Hip-hop or mainstream music is usually played, complete with dancing or socializing in a decorated or themed setting. A prom king or queen that have been elected days before the prom are crowned. Proms usually end with an after party or dinner.
Student #1: Hey tell me about the prom coming up!
Student #2: Well, my date is Michael, and we're matching with the colors red and white. We're gonna have dinner with my friends at Olive Garden. The prom theme is something tropical. The court nominees are Ashley, Shannon, Mich*lle, Adrian, Jordan, and Jacob. I'm gonna vote for Ashley and Jake. Afterward, I'm heading to Ashley's party. I'm so excited!
A place fille with rednecks. It's pretty much Texas only smaller and with far less people. Iv'e been to most of the 50 states and Oklahoma isn't much different from any other central southern state, its got it's good and bad points, the bad being the rednecks, the good being you can get the best barbeque in the country there and in texas. People there need to recognize that they are country boys. I'm a New Yorker and even with NY's problems, I recognize that I am one, not deny it. same way that Californians are lazy liberals and need to recognize it. Oklahomans, if you want to be sophisticated city sl*ckers, then move to Boston or NY or something!
Oklahoman: Us good ol boys with our pickups and beer n guns are so-phisticated!
New Yorker: No your not. Get over it. If you want to be sophisticated come up north and live the city life. If you want to stay a country boy stay there.
Californian: Up with abortion and g*y marriage, dude!
(Note: I am not saying it is bad to be a country boy, that is a fine lifestyle for those who prefer it. Same goes to the california valley girls and surfers, if thats the way you want to live that is fine, those ways are as good as my way, but I'm just saying you cant live in a trailer in Oklahoma and drive a 1959 Ford pickup and be sophisticated.)
n. a slang term for frisbee golf uncommonly known in most parts of the country; often used by sl*ck bikers in Traverse City named Meagan.
(v. frolfing)
v. Hey, you wanna go frolfing?
Yea, just let me go stick these ta*sels on my bike first!
Immortal technique is a New York rapper who was born in Peru. His songs are very influential and target all audiences. Although he is an "underground" rapper, his lyrics, which also attack political issues, make immortal technique one of the most educated and meaningful rappers.
I pledge no allegiance, n*gga f*ck the president's speeches
I'm baptized by America and covered in leeches
The dirty water that bleaches your soul and your facial features
Drownin' you in propaganda that they spit through the speakers
And if you speak about the evil that the government does
The Patriot Act'll track you to the type of your blood
This sh*t is run by fake Christians, fake politicians
Look at they mansions, then look at the conditions you live in
All they talk about is terrorism on television
They tell you to listen, but they don't really tell you they mission
They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion
Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician
They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose
Fahrenheit 9/11, that's just scratchin' the surface

They say the rebels in Iraq still fight for Saddam
But that's bullsh*t, I'll show you why it's totally wrong
Cuz if another country invaded the hood tonight
It'd be warfare through Harlem, and Washington Heights
I wouldn't be fightin' for Bush or White America's dream
I'd be fightin' for my people's survival and self-esteem
And of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons
We sold him that sh*t, after Ronald Reagan's election
Mercenary contractors fightin' a new era
Corporate military bankin' off the war on terror
They controllin' the ghetto, with the failed attack
Tryna distract the fact that they engineerin' the crack

Cuz innocent people get murdered in the ...
a country located in South East Europe that was once big and powerful.
Serbia dates back to the first half of the 9th century. The Kingdom of Serbia was established in the 11th century, Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the Nemanjic dynasty, rose to power in 1170 and started renewing the Serbian state in the Raska(south-west Serbia) region. In the 13th century it eventually expanded in land, the Serbian Empire. Medieval Serbia enjoyed a high political, economic and cultural reputation in Medieval Europe, reached its apex in mid-14th century, during the rule of Tzar Stefan Dusan. Tzar Stefan Dusan doubled the size of his kingdom seizing territories to the south, southeast and east. For at least half a mellenium, the serbs occupied lands extending from the Danube, Sava, and Morava rivers to the Adriatic Sea and the Šar Mountains. The Serbian emipre reached it's peak up to the end of the 14th century until the battle of kosovo where the serbian army was defeated my the turkish muslim army in 1389(Kosovo holds a symbolic place in Serbian History and is regarded as the heart of Serbia which is why the Serbian goverment will not allow is to become an interpentded state to the Albanians). Serbian resistance to Ottoman domination, latent for many decades surfaced at the beginning of 19th century with the First and Second Serbian Uprising in 1804 and 1815. Resulting from the uprisings and subsequent wars against the Ottoman Empire, the independent Principality of Serbia was formed and granted international recognition in 1878. The Balkan wars 1912 - 1913...
You know you're Armenian when...
1. Asked where he's from, your dad may reply "I'm hye." People will never look at you the same way.
2. You're last name ends with either "ian" or "yan".
3. You live in Los Angeles County. If you don't many of your relatives do, in the areas north of Hollywood. (Glendale, Burbank, etc.)
4. Your family considers the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide a national day of mourning.
5. Your parents are still holding a grudge over the genocide, and hate Turks with a pa*sion.
6. Church is attended as a social event.
7. Often, when your family meets other Armenians, it's realized that you're all related.
8. Dolmeh: You either hate it or love it.
9. Though you are not rich, you enjoy luxuries such as brand name clothing, jewlery, nice cars, and more.
10. After watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", you were shocked to realize that your own relatives resemble many of the characters.
11. Your parents were probably born in Iran, and fled the country before or during the war.
The act of discrediting a political opponent by making exaggurated or outrightly false claims about his/her character and past actions.

Coined from the 2004 US Presidential campaign, where the the conservative group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth aired a commercial criticizing democrat John Kerry's reputation as a war hero in Vietnam. It has since become a popular term with leftist journalists.
Jed: Sylva says she's against the war, but she has no idea about how much it protects our country. It's not like she actually earned her PhD in political science - her daddy has influence at that college.

Alex: Dude, stop swift boating my girlfriend!
(1) A real prep is a person, male or female who is normally a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or WASP. Preps can be any religion, however. A prep is rich because of old money inherited and pa*sed down to other generations. Preps live in Colonial style houses in New England. Preps shop at places like IZOD, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Orvis, Lily Pulitzer and other boutiques. Preppy people wear pastels, polo shirts, khakis, sweaters, sun dresses, birkenstocks, TEVAs, Docksiders, belts and ribbons. Materials of choice are wool, cotton, corduroy, silk and occasionally denim.Preps play tennis, golf, squash, raquet ball and field hockey. You will see a prep driving a stereotypical car like a BMW, a flashy Mercedes, a cla*sy Jaguar, a boxy Volvo or any convertible (Volkswagen Beetle convertible) or SUV (Isuzu Trooper). A true prep is not spoiled and gets all good things in moderation. Preps belong to country clubs (inland) or yacht clubs for those lucky enough to live on the coast or near a large body of water. Preps go to Beer Blasts and can be stuffy. Contrary to popular beliefs, true preps do not make fun of punks, goths or any other group. Preps are not brought up mean, and do not have time to make fun of people.
(2)A person, male or female, who shops at AE, Aeropostale, A&F and other "preppy stores." Acts ditzy to get friends or seem easy. Plays soccer or lacrosse, normally. T...
A style of shoe that somehow became the standard in casual footwear for young men and teenagers in my area (rural Southwestern Ontario) in the early '90's.
Country folk often make questionable fashion choices. The "deck shoe" was a prime example.
The third part of the Advance Wars Series (the fourth is Battalion Wars, which doesn't have the word Advance Wars in it...and it will probably bring shame to the Advance Wars Frachise). First there was Advance Wars, then Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and now Advance Wars Duel Strike. This is the ongoing story of the 4 nations, Orange Star, Blue moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth, and their struggle with the evil military force, the Black Hole Army. After the wars with Black Hole in Cosmo and Macro Land, Black Hole has struck in Omega land. Responding two this threat, Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth, have combines to form the Allied Nations, and have headed toward Omega Land, to stop black Hole once and for all. When they arrive, they meet new Commanding Officers, like Orange stars Rachel and jake, and Blue Moons Sasha, Yellow Comets Grimm, and Green Earths Xavier. And there are new units, like the Aircraft Carrier, Mega Tank, and Stealth Fighters. But Black Hole has some tricks up their sleeve, they have new Commanding Officers as well, Jugger, Lord Von Volt, Kindle, and Koal, plus they have new equipment as well, the Black Boat, the Black Bomb, and the Pipe Runner. And so it begins.
If you look at each of the different nations CO's and Unit look (all have the same type of units, but depending on what nations CO you have, depends on power, and look)
Orange Stars Units and CO's would be our equivalents to the Americans

Blue moons CO's and U...
SUV stands for Sport-Utility-Vehicle but can also be read as: Super Ugly Vehicle, Stupid Useless Vehicle, Sport Useless Vehicle, Super Useless Vehicle, Sucky Useless Vehicle, or Seriously Ugly Vehicle. Most SUV's sit in the garage and never go off road unless one of their tires b*ows out. They are an extra heavy, environmentally hostile, overpriced status symbol with poor gas mileage, high repair costs, and a history of rolling over. Driven mostly by the same Baby Boomers who brought us bell bottoms and disco. They are viewed by some psychologists as a Freudian expression of insecurity and lack of s*xual endowment. People hit by SUV's usually die instantly. Some an*lysts predict the death of the SUV fad/craze to be 2006.
Bill: Hey look at my new SUV, it weighs six tons, is 20 feet long, gets 4 miles to the gallon, and has never seen a dirt road.
John: What do you need it for?
Bill: I feel insecure and the commercials looked exciting. Hey would you like to see an old pair of my bell bottoms?
John: No thanks, me and my wife are taking our new hybrid cross country to go camping.
Bill: Well have a good time, I'm taking out a loan to buy some gas to drive to work this month.
The second choice when naming our beloved United States of America.

America is named for Amerigo vespucci. Let's all be thankful that cartographers chose to name our country after the man's first name, not his last...
George Bush is not the president of MY Vespucci Land.
"A dumb f*cking "sport" played with "guns" that in reality are a gadget that shoots "paintb*lls", the eponyms of note.
This game takes on an eerie and all together too close for this author's comfort resemblance to small unit tactics that this author practised when this author was in his country's armed forces...
The players of this "game" are usually wealthy overgrown adolescents that have yet to grow up; Also, one finds the washouts and unsuitables that can't make it into their own country's armed forces...
The ones that think that this is a great game should try carrying a Rifle, a Full and HEAVY Rucksack, Tactical load bearing webbing, and a STEEL HELMET THAT WEIGHS MORE FOR EVERY SECOND YOU WEAR THE f*ckING THING!!!
The Rich and Powerful like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Princes should do this themselves, and get their family members in on the fun. It won't go on for long...Paintball! What a ridiculous excuse for reality!!!"
Someone quoted this about paintball and i would just like to let them know that paintball isn't just for "wealthy overgrown adolesents." most real players of this sport aren't even that rich! In fact, hardly any hardcore paintball player has a high income. It's just that we love this fantastic sport and we prefer to spend our money on paintball than our car, girlfriend, etc. And another thing, some of the people I play with, including myself, are/were in the military, so we know what it feels like to have all that weight on us. S...
I love New Jersey. There is no other way to explain it. I have traveled all over the country and the world and there is no other place I would rather live. I have lived in Jersey.. no not Joisey... for my whole life until I moved to Tennessee to attend college. I hated it. The day I graduated from college I moved right back home and don't plan on moving out of this state again. Oh, and not to mention that Jersey girls are the hottest!
Tennessee Idiots: "Oh, you're from JOISEY! Do you live like the Suprano's?"
Me: No, f*ck off! I live in New Jersey on a farm, and i'm not Italian and I don't live like the f*ckin Suprano's!
Liquid found in rivers, lakes, bars, veins, rain, dew, and ground in and surrounding the quiant country of Poland. Its origins are most likely based off the Polish word for water (woda-->wodka(then through a dumb translation)-->vodka(stupid Anglo-Saxon p*onounciation)). It is an odderless alcoholic beverage, and it is very potent. A Polish (and Russian/Ukranians) blood alcohol limit is higher (scientific fact) then other world ethnicitys because of the high consumption of this liquid over these countries history. Its dirt cheap. You can buy it anywhere from bars, liquor stores, gas stations, the guy down the street, to little Piotreks backyard shed. It comes in a wide variety of potencies, anywhere form 40% and up really. Take your pick. Most people who dislike the drink, have: 1.) Drank sh*tty Smirnoff (which is the WORST excuse for vodka I have ever had the displeasure of drinking a 26er of). 2.) Enjoy female drinks like American/Canadian beer/draft, coolers, or tasty(read=p*ssy) alcohols like "sambuca" or "flavored rums". 3.) Never tried REAL vodka from: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, or any slavic nation. 4.) Have neve rhad Zubruwka (one of the best vodkas I ahve ever ahd the pleasure of drinking a 40 of).
Examplse of Vodkas, many, many uses.
"I had a rat infestation, so I put puddles of vodka on the ground"
"My boss p*ssed me off so I injected him with vodka"
"My wife p*ssed me off so I drank a bottle, and she didn't p*ss me off anymore"
"uwalilem sie jak zwierze, cyzsta wodka!"Remember, when in a bar in Poland all you need to remember is:
Vodka, czysto, z lodem. A few of those, and your dandy!
A real patriot. To many he seems to be a conspiracy nut h*ll-bent on fear-mongering and a preacher to the conspiracy choir. Especially if you've never heard him before and catch him in rant mode.
What many people fail to realize is that he hopes he is wrong about everything he exposes.
The problem is, he isn't most of the time. If he is, then he's only trying to shed light on a potentially dangerous scheme that could take place. Keeping a peeled eye on all the shenanigans of the apparent new world order and going over it with a fine tooth comb...inevitably he will come across some false alarms.
He appears to have quite a charisma when he is explaining the evil deeds of the elite that control the world. This can be intimidating to many people and I will admit I was turned off by it, but it is a real quality he has. He speaks with pa*sion for a real mission everyone should start considering.
He tends to cater to theism quite a lot but this flaw that many atheists or others not into god is heavily overweighed by his extreme intelligence, forsight and pa*sion to try to wake people up and show that the true patriots are the ones who care about the well-being of the country regardless if it is unpopular, not the flag-waving brownshirts that believe everything they see on the TV.
A real intrigue to his method is that he is not on a particular political party like one would a* most likely some fringe conservative or some raging liberal. He exposes both for being t...
To read this daily from Buffalo, New York, is to engage in a masochism not seen since the onset of self-flagellation.

Without question one of the worst newspapers to emerge in this country ever. Nobody ever thought it was possible to have so many pages with nothing pertinent or interesting to say. They are so typically one-sided in regard to political issues that they think nothing of endorsing a candidate without even a reasonable argument as to why.

The worst part of this rag is the "My View" column. They devoted a large space in the Opinions section to musings by the local yokels about their childhood memories of Grandma's potato salad, summer days spent in the basement with the lights off, or weekends at Uncle Wally's when he would slither into bed with cousin Mikey. However, those who have something relevant to say are relegated to a small paragraph in another area, so they can maintain space for this c*ap and all the former editors/employees who for some reason never go away.

They are further proof that a one-paper town is a lot like a child listening in on an adult conversation. They're only going to let you hear what they want you to hear.
The Buffalo News has to be absorbant for the amount of sh*t that lands on it's pages.
A phrase that some idiot came up with. I can understand being proud of your race... but I don't think it's necessary to scream it every chance you get and go on to spell it "aZn pRyDe". Asian people are just like any other race, there are good people and there are bad people... this phrase IS suggestive that all asians are superior to every other race. So superior, in fact, that they have to move to our country because their country is too bada*s for them... and then act like morons.

Why the h*ll would you act like such a dipsh*t? Indeed, people will give you the attention you are no doubt trying to get with this idiocy, but forget getting any respect.
aZn pRyDe foo!!!11, Behold my IGNORANCE
a song that's really emotional originally written about billie's dad dying, NOT about summer or sept. 11 or the war in iraq or katrina BUT can be interpreted that way if you want.

a really great song but is becoming the next boulevard of broken dreams. now every radio station in the country plays this song to sh*t and every preppy poser idiot is screaming "i heart greenday!11!!111111 this is teh bestest song eva!!!!!! im totally teh biggest greenday fan eVa111!" when they only know this song and BoBD.

d*mn green day for being so mainstream.
(something that actually happened to me)

my friend: ooh, do you have green day on your ipod? me: uhh, YEAH. i have all their albums. her: omg, i LOVE wake me up when september ends. *listens to it* me: my favorite song is she. hear, listen to it. her: *listends* mm, i don't like it. *changes it back to wake me up when september ends* me: *fumes*
A country located in Southeast Asia between Japan and China. Because of the recent economic rise from a third world country to the 10th largest economy in the world, it is often refered to as the eastern tiger. It has a history going back over 4000 years (This is clearly doc*mented and there is almost no dispute over it), and there are theories that the Japanese may have been civilized by the Koreans.

Its culture is both complex and rich, but many modern-day Koreans are increasingly embracing technology and disgarding a lot of the original culture. However, core principals such as deference to elders are still very apparent.

Today, Korean pop-culture is becoming increasingly influential in the Southeast Asian area; many Korean celebrities, such as BoA, can now fluently speak Japanese and Chinese as well because of their popularity in those regions. The Japanese loooove K-Pop and K-Drama, and the Korean movie industry is gaining more and more influence.

But modern day Korean culture is still developing, and takes many inputs from foriegn countries. Popular imports include Japanese manga and rap.

The food in Korea is considered to be delicious by many foreigners. However, it is not for everyone as many dishes include garlic as a key ingredient. Prominant dishes include bul-go-gi (marinated grilled beef), kim-chi (spiced pickled cabbage), and bi-bim-bap (rice mixed with various side dishes, such as the aforementioned bulgogi and kimchi)

Korea is probably the...
Word invented by President of the United States, George W. Bush, to highlight the fact that the population had completely mistaken him for someone who would actually have the intellectual capacity to run the country.
The population have misunderestimated my stupidity, as can be seen by their voting for me.
A fine example of cracker music, it's not really that bad, but its just very, very...(i wanna say white?)
I made my own lyrics for this:
"Sweet home alabama!,
Whitest country in the state!
We gon' hang us a neega,
We'll use my stereo as bait!"
"Semper Fidelis"
1.Marine Pride;

2.The Motto of the United States Marine Corps. Latin for always faithful. Faithful to God, Country, Family and the Corps.

3.Semper Fidelis is a Latin motto translating to "always faithful". It is the motto of:The Marine Corps

4.Semper Fidelis is the title of the official march of the United States Marine Corps, composed by John Phillip Sousa in 1889. Sousa was director of the United States Marine Corp Band when a replacement for Hail to the Chief was requested, but later rejected. Sousa considered it to be his "most musical" march.

5.Semper fidelis" is a fabulous Latin motto meaning that in centuries of Roman might the soldier swore that he would fight

6.The United States Marine Corps, the amphibious infantry complementary to the United States Navy, who often reduce it to Semper Fi; the motto signifies the dedication that individual Marines are expected to have to "The Corps" and to their fellow fighting men and women, for the rest of their days and beyond.
my neighbor was a semper fi veteran during the iraq war
A country filled with chicks who have amazing bodies, round features, and are probably smarter than you, but dont worry, their head is filled with s*xual knowledge. Amazing palce to party or go shopping, go chill in the malls you find in any district and end up spendign less money than you would in most western countrys's mcdonald'. Unfortunately lots of gypsies immigrate from romania...these people are uneducated and probably couldnt find good internet cuz they were lookign for it in the bakery like the example above. So...alcohol, girls, and chilling. If you are not romanian you are wellcome to enjoy the cheap luxury which is hungary.
people chilling in hungary - hey, this is awesome, my d*ck's been up eversince we got to this place, I cant decide which girl to go with, wanna get drunk? - sure man, its so cheap, we could also do whatever the f*ck we wanted, this place rules

meanwhile in romania:

romanian #1 - hey lets go to hungary and f*ck it up
romanian #2 - no, plese pick my a*s instead
romanian #1 - ok
Rollins: One of the most absurd colleges in the country where the most elite kids in the country recieve an excecllent education while living at a country club. Playboy recognized Rollins as the 3rd best party school in the country due to the extremely hot girls that constantly chill by the pool. In addition, many believe that student who go to Rollins will not be prepared for the real world because of the relaxed lifestyle, but in reality around 60 of the Fortune 1000 richest people went to Rollins.
Student 1: What do you want to do here at Rollins today?
Student 2: Lets do some coke and lay by the pool and look at all the hot girls while occa*sionly watching some sweet wakeboarders on the lake.
Student 1: Ok, hold on though I need to study and then drive my M3 to 711 and get some beer.
Student 2: K sounds good, buy some condoms too since its so easy to get layed here by f*cking a*s hoes who are truly not sl*ts.
1. a mysteriously popular forum for professional sharks to fob off underperforming investments onto gullible amateur investors- particularly targeting the elderly and mentally incompentent.
2. a media outlet for stale news that has circulated through wall street and already been entirely priced in. see 1.
3. a t.v. channel where demi-literate carpetbaggers, carneys, and c*ckgobblers are invited on to maunder and prevaricate and thereby encourage everyone to throw their money away.
4. an eye magnet for bored, horny, attention-deficit disordered wall streeters
"That fat guy on cnbc just said the new economy would last forever and I should leverage my retirement savings into Sycamore Networks, MicroStrategy and I2 Technologies."
"That chick on cnbc might be stupid but she is hot. She has some d*ck-sucking lips."
"There is a fat hyperactive gremlin with a ritalin problem on cnbc with his own show, called MadMoney. He is a testament to special education in this country."
The most common song structure, comprising of the main verse then the chorus followed by the verse again.

This song structure is by far the most common and can be described by one word brainwashing.

A bridge can be used to flow the verse into the chorus and vice versa.

As a side note if any of you knew anything about Nirvana you guys would know Kurt Cobain had an affinity for changing the name of his songs and band, which you would know by reading any biography of the band. So I am sure that the song was probably reffered to as verse chorus verse, and sappy. Since Verse Chorus Verse songs are very sappy. Just like that song. Also being a musician myself I know that bands often "nickname" songs and use different names often made up by the singer to lable the song when used for publlic. EX: My band has a song we call "The surf Song" But the name of the song is Mogow.
Verse:My name is Jim I love the country wind

Chorus:My name is Jim ooohhhh my name is Jim

Verse:My name is Jim I love the country wind

That is verse chorus verse.
It is NOT the entire stretch of the United States East Coast. It is the east coast that stretches between Boston and D.C. If you live in western Florida, you do not live in the east coast. If you live in N/S Carolina, you do not live in the east coast. It is the most superior and educated part of the country. It is the wealthiest and the most liberal all at the same time. It is where this country was founded and has so much more going for it than the west coast.
Guy from Florida: Where are you from?
Guy from Greenwich: the east coast
Guy from Florida: Oh me too.
Guy from Greenwich: really..where? boston, philly, nyc, d.c.?
Guy from Florida; NO, florida
Guy from Greenwich: ahhahaa...east coast my a*s.
Serb..coming form the race serbians..
serbs are south slavs from the peninsula, and jugoslavija & the kingdom of serbs..
Serb is a meaning for one person who comes from the race serbian.. it is a shorcut.. eg: she is a serb ( instead of she is a serbian girl)
Serbs are from the kingdom of serbs, but now form serbia & montenegro.. we serbs are similar to the greeks, russians & macedonians..
We all believe in one thing :: god
we all have the same religion :: ORTHODOX
we all have the same belief :: god (Boga), the virgin mary (bogorodica), jesus (isus), our saints (sveti jovan, sveti sava, sveti vasulije and so on)
we all have the same christmas, eatser :: christmas (Bozic) JANUARY 7TH , easter (uskrus) APRIL but is always 1 week after the Australian EASTER)
Any serb would know this :P
Greeks, russians & macedonians r our orthodox borthers & sisters.. through our religion.. beliefs.. friendships, countires boardering eachother.. we are connected.
I am serbian.. :) my parents are serbs, my dad is a serb.. he was in the war against the croatz.. we won :).. our country was fromaly called YUOGLSAVIJA (yuoglsavia) (kingdom of serbs), it then changed to SERBIJA, now formaly known as SERBIA & MONTENEGRO (srbija i crna gora).
our history goes far back in the 15 bc.. the turks took over our country.. we got it back.. many ciities were ruined.. our food and music changed. but not too much, we still have traditional serbian food and music.. AND our religion stood strong.. ORTHODOX.. we are not the type of people to be pushed around by muslims or any other religion.. we got out country back after a war with the Ottoman Empire and his Ottoman Turks.. KARADJORJE is our hero.. (rather not tell you all the details, but he killed the empire)
We are serbs.. we are not affraid of anything, were religious people, who believe in god, jesus and the virgin mary, we go along our daily lifes praying and believing and having faith in our religious beliefs.
We follow our comandments, and go to church every sunday, before a saint day.. a few days before christmas, a few days before easter.
We are not anoying people, we are not refugee's, we are not non slavic.. we are not catholic.. we are not what you people a*sume us to be.. why don't you's come to our country.. and se...
A code used by CB owners possibly since the dawn of amateur radio, the code 10-4 simply means "Message received". Since the 70s the code system have been popular in law-enforcement circles then evolved to what it is today. Nowadays when people use these codes, they are mostly refering to the police radio code system, which is more detailed then its original version, so I'am only listing the police code system here rather than the out dated CB code version.

Please note that these code vary from one country to another or even used differntly in differnt state/province in the same country

10-0 Use Caution
10-1 You are being received Poorly
10-2 You are being received Clearly
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 O.K.
10-5 Relay Message
10-6 Busy with Call
10-7 Out of service, (completely)
10-7b Out of service (personal)
10-7c Out of service (court)
10-7od Out of service (off duty)
10-8 In service
10-8ot In service (over time)
10-9 Repeat last message
10-10 Out of service, Radio on
10-11 Give F.C.C. Call Sign/Dispatching too fast
10-12 Visitors or officials present
10-13 Advise weather and road conditions
10-14 Convoy or escort detail
10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-15m Prisoner in custody (mental case)
10-16 Pick up prisoner
10-17 Pick up papers
10-18 Complete present a*signment ASAP/Get there ASAP
10-19 Return to office
10-20 Your location
10-21 Call by telephone
10-21A Phone home, my ETA is _____
10-21B Call your home
10-22 Cancel last message/Take no...
1. The name giving to the legendary person that is often seen sprinting around the UK - England more the most.

No one knows who this person is, it just "mystically runs" pa*sed at random times, too quick for you to see him (legend has it that it is a male - apparently)

Some have heard it cry out strange noises and cries. For example: "oooooooorly"

This could be some sort of distress call or perhaps a mating call to his true love - who, as legend has it, is the reason this person is running around the country.

2. One that runs in a mystical or stealthy manner
1. I was walking along one day when I heard "Ooooorly" then a figure flew pa*sed at great speed. I must have been Mystic Runner

2 Person A: "Yo, yo, s'up guys"
Person B: "Hey how'd joo get pa*sed security"
Person A: "Just call me a Mystic Runner"
This is hilarious. I had no idea that people spent so much energy hating, of all people, a group of family dedicated women known as "soccer moms". I fit some definitions; I'm in my early 30's, drive a fuel inefficient SUV to lug my kids & their equiptment, the family dog and our mountain bikes or snow boards, for lack of a better choice of vehicles that can accomodate my lifestyle--but please, as if I had much choice. When a fuel efficient car that can accomodate my kids and our stuff is an option I'll buy it, and yes I'm Christian. But here's where I differ...I'd NEVER put any bumper stickers on my SUV cuz it ruins the paint ;) My kids are homeschooled anyway. YES homeschooled! They learn what they want to learn and what is not taught in school (and I am not talking about the Bible, I'm talking skills needed in the real world). I am not an an*l retentive mom who censors everything. That's unrealistic. There are harsh realities that I don't shelter my kids from because I would be doing them a disservice. My 8 year old listens to everything (r&b and rap being his favorites), loves Jazz and Oldies too, just NOT country music. Because my child is exposed to the cursing in rap, plays "violent" games like Unreal Tournament, watches Harry Potter movies, etc. he is a well rounded kid. We do censor of course, but aren't tight a*sed. We are not our child's "Friend" either and...
completely hypocritical, some (not all) but some escape over the border to our beautiful nation to work for $.25 an hour and take pride in the nation they just escaped from, now im not sayin i hate mexicans h*ll i love em love the food and the people , but theyre pride for the nation that they try to get away from is so sad, if the united states were treatin me bad ( theyre not i love america through and through) i wouldnt take pride in it at that time, especially if i escaped it , basically im tellin mexicans be proud of your heritage but enough with the blastin of the music and the long a*s parades that makes it harder than h*ll to drive through when goin to work . and if your in america and you have a mexican flag up atleast put up an american flag too! there finally some one told them...
mexican: god bless america the land that i came here legally and adopted as my nation this way i can make it in the country and be somethin unlike sitting on a step listening to in truth polka with spanish in it and ONLY loving my mexican pride.
Best f*cking country in the world.. all you other f*ckers better not diss it, and as for the ones that live in this country (immigrants etc), if you like to tease aussies and diss the country you live in (Oz), well how about you fags f*ck OFF AND GO BACK TO YOUR OWN sh*tTY RUN DOWN POOR COUNTRY.
Leb: f*cking Aussie c*nt
Aussie: f*ck you, you greasy b*stard
Leb: I'll call my cousins
Aussie: Go back to the f*cking hole you crawled out of (Lebannon)
*** Ozzie smashes the sh*t out of the leb and the leb cries***
Aussie: Australia, the only bad thing is grease.
Saikano is an anime about...
"Shuji and Chise are two Hokkaido high school students barely starting a relationship with each other. Then, with no warning, a squadron of bombers from an unknown country destroy the city of Sapporo. All hope is lost when suddenly, the bombers are destroyed by a small red light floating across the sky. At this point, Shuji finds out that the one responsible for eliminating the enemy forces is Chise, who reveals herself as a cyborg engineered for ma*s-destruction."(plot summary by
It is a very dramatic and touching anime, which truley illustrates the terrors of war.
Saikano= Saishuu Heiki Kanojo = She, The Ultimate Weapon
A country in Eastern Europe. Croatia is fully recovered from the war and ready to come into the European Union. Croatia is a wonderful country, and you can see that by the amount of people coming to Croatia, and moving back to Croatia from the foreing world. My family left Croatia in the war and we came back this summmer. I wouldn't call working and making money here EASY, but life here is better and more enjoyable for me then when I lived in the United States. Plus here, I have much more friends and concerts and places to go out. I LOVE CROATIA!!!
Croatia is a beautiful country in southeastern Europe.
Happy, down to earth people, very laid back (Perth especially, Sydney not so much, but still laid back compared to the rest of the world), great health care system, gorgeous beaches, nice cities, cute towns. Though those accents you hear in movies are totally over-the-top (e.g. Crocodile Dundee style accents). The accent varies from the East Coast to the West Coast (East Coast accent is stronger). Has the best j*nk food (i always thought America did til I actually went their), we have WAY more many flavours of potato chips and chocolate is nicer and more flavours. We love our sports, not all of us, but most for sure.

Ok now for the down-side of gets hot in summer! 40C (104F) is not uncommon (even higher sometimes, but most Aussies enjoy summer and go to the beach a lot. Most places don't get snow and the places that do the snow isn't as good as overseas snow, the people that live there will probably disagree. We don't have heaps of international movies and entertainment been made here except for Australian productions and tv. We don't have as many free-to-air TV channels, but we have enough so we're not couch potatoes. We get made out to other countries like we're bush weirdos with bad accents, which annoys just about every Aussie I know. No other country can do our accent right, do you how many times me and my family & frie...
basically a sl*t puta is how u say sl*t in spanish i dunno why stupid ppl confuse this for a b*tch.
me:you puta u slept with my man
Girl:im not a b*tch
Me:stupid ppl are ruining this country its a sl*t by da way.
1. An individual from the continent of the americas

2. A term of nationality for a United States citizen, a nation who's population approximates 70% of western europe. Certain states within said nation are larger and more densly populated than many countries within Western Europe, which makes travel within and particularly outside of the nation monetarily prohibative for approximately 50% of the population. For that percentage, governmental working standards do not provide paid holiday remotely simiar to world standards (10 days per year.) These conditions prohibit experience outside of a limited sphere and therefore perpetuate ignorance and indifference. This results in the unfortunate election and re-election of a system who maintains these standards in the name of 'patriotism' and 'freedom;' whilst never really providing either iconic ideal. This group maintains psychological function by instituting self-protecting biases of uniqueness and self importance to maintain integrity, and anything that threatens it is fiercly defended against, furthering the vicious circle. Perhaps after witnessing certain evidential and undeniable mistakes of their chosen system of rule, the population will over time begin to realize that the government is providing more regulations than freedoms and will moderate their opinions accordingly. With the pa*sage of time, perhaps these citizens can accept, and be accepted to a place among the world's great nations, rather than claiming t...
What the media must be if it does not kiss Republican a*s. It certainly could not be objective, if the media acknowledges any negative occurrence regarding conservative issues every good journalist knows you are supposed to serve your country and sweep it under the rug to make the government look good. Silly Dems! News is for n*zis!
If the discovery of unfavorable facts surface, simply declare your hatred by claiming the source to be part of the liberal media.

My report card says I got straight Fs. AHHHHH MY TEACHERS HATE ME! f*ckING LIBERAL MEDIA! DIE KERRY KOMMIES!!!!!!!!
The main line is a place where there are tons of rich a*s kids riding around in whatever car they want. whether it is the new BMW or Mercedes or maybe it's the mustang or STI. Merion Golf Club and Philly Country Club are the two most prestigious clubs and consist of nearly 100% WASPS. radnor valley is the country club that the jews like to hold onto because they wouldn't get accepted at either of the previous two. Malvern Prep, The Haverford School, Baldwin, Agnes Irwin, Shipley, Radnor, and Lower Merion are the preppiest schools around and are filled with very many rich kids. "nantucket" or "bermuda" red shorts are all over during the summers and no one would think about going out without a collared shirt on. if you don't wear J Crew, Abercrombie, American Eagle, or whatever else you aren't likely to fit in with the stereotypical mainliner.
Just like in all places there are exceptions and not EVERYONE is rich and snobbish like that; however, it is fairly prominent and behind every stereotype there is truth.
Let's go to the mall, get some starbucks, get f*cked up, then tomorrow morning we'll go to my sh*re house in avalon or nantucket for the weekend. god i love the main line.
A topic that teenage-middlecla*s kids rant about on this website, even though their parents make a good amount of money, they live in a two story house in a nice neighborhood, and they live in America (the most godd*mn powerful country in the world). These kids will often cry about how much their life "sucks", because they get so much pre-algebra homework, and because no one left comments on their Myspace.
What these kids need to realize is that the ONLY people that should complain about a sh*tty life are the starving 3rd world kids. THIS is why so many people hate Americans. Because they have it all, and they still b*tch over sh*t like "Oh, were having chicken for lunch, I hate chicken. Life sucks...". Be thankful for what you have, a*sface.
Person 1 : "Ugh, my life SUCKS."
Poor 3rd world kid : "Yeah, I bet it sucks to live in a free country. Stop being so godd*mn selfcentered."
Form of AFL, also known as International Fagball.

A term which refers to the sport and fraternity of Australian Rules Football outside of the Australian continent, as well as the tragic and laughable attempts of this commuinity to expand the game beyond the southern land.

Governed and overseen by a lightweight organisation known as the International Australian Football Council (IAFC) which is widely famous for its extensive collection of funny photographs.

Not to be mistaken with International Rules, an equally poor attempt to give AFL some level of international credibility.

International AFL is played unprofessionally (see: Park Footy) in various global powerhouses such Narau, Denmark, Canada and Senegal. Denmark, home to the largest AFL premiership outside Australia, enjoys enormous levels of success with a reletively low ex-pat player percentage of 99.80% and the largest average attendences of any country in the world, excluding Australia, ...
Typically, this word has become a derogatory name for a guy or a girl who takes pride in the way they approach, and appear, in life. Common misconceptions about "preps" are that we are a bunch of c*cky, New England elitist types who have more money than God, himself, and an inherent desire to flaunt it in the form of clothing, cars, housing, education and social standing.

First off: You don't have to be from the north to be a prep. Let me make this very clear. What prep initially implies is that you went to preparatory school, hence the word "prep" (I'll discuss later how it's a cultural identity). There are plenty of good southern preparatory schools, which include Woodberry Forest, Virginia Episcopal get the idea. There are good preparatory schools in every corner of this country, but it's the New England boarding schools that have a*sisted in establishing this stereotyped location.

Let's get on with true prep culture:

A prep's wardrobe consists of some expensive clothing, but they've had it for the better part of a decade--excluding the two Vineyard Vines polos they got for their birthday and the 50% off sale at Brooks Brothers--indicating the true preppy trait of valuing "cla*sic" over "trendy". We don't buy into the Lacoste trend of now, but we will gladly wear "handed down from dad" Lacoste polo shirt when it still maintained an a*sociation with Izod, which was well before it became the token icon of a sold out, soulless and materialist...
Many people believe Charles Darwin was a racist. He was not and that has been proven time and time again. Charles Darwin was a British person, born February 12 1809, described by himself as "A very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intelect." Charles Darwin might have been a country parson like his father thought, although a quick quirk of fate kept him from that turnout, when a botanist recommended Darwin for an appointment as a naturalist on the H.M.S. Beagle (without pay!). Darwin revolutionalised evolution when he wrote a book in 1858 called "The Origin of the Species" and published it in 1859. His friend, with whom he hadn't talked about evolution at all, sent him a journal which was very much like Darwin's book! Darwin was shocked and quickly published his book before his friend published his, and it sold out on the first day. Darwin has been hated by many Christians throughout the past century and a half. Darwin has been said to have "put god out of a job". Darwin quietly gave up Christianity. Many Christians find room for both God and Darwin, but most Christians think Darwin was a heretic. I am a Darwinist, and am currently running a petition to make April 19th a religious holiday, as Darwin died April 19th, 1882, after being bedridden for a very long time.
There are three major kinds of
Business school ranked #1 in the country for entrepreneurship...average SAT of incoming frosh is Bentley College, BMWs and Audis are a common sight; kids come from money; Unfortunately, the sports teams are D3 and suck a lot. Graduates get good jobs working in investment banking or for big4/consulting firms.
Since I'm looking to start my own business someday, I'm gonna apply to Babson College.
One of my favourite places in the entire world. If your coming to the south Coast of England dont even bother visiting anywhere else. Vibrant city, quality restaurants and pubs, great clubs, one of the few places I dont feel paranoid walking about, like I'm about to get my head smashed in by some huge arrogant Lairy Stella drinking lad, as they all steer clear believing it to be 'full of f*ckin queers innit'.

The reality is, whilst there is a high proportion of g*ys, (who incidently I have noticed never cause trouble, never brawl, never shout in the street and never litter) the place is actually crawling with local student beauties from the 3 major universities, and ladies from all round the country who come to escape the narrow-minded overtly hetros*xual, cultureless, burberry ridden, chav infested laddish sh*t holes like neighbouring portsmouth, bognor regis, southampton and (further away) Ess*x and shop at the millions of different boutiques and shops, very many of which are set up by the resident g*y community.

The only criticism is that the average cost of going out in the city of Brighton now rivals the cost of a night out in London. Although one night out in Brighton will make all fut...
An NGO that mostly gives educational information to people. They are a source for the pill, other contraceptives, Plan B aka emergency contraception, STI testing, HIV testing and counseling, pregnancy testing and counseling, abortion care. The organization's main principle is that every person has the right to decide when they are going to have children, how many they want them, and they believe that the best way to do accomplish this is age-appropriate, comprehensive s*x ed including abstinence and information on protection should one choose to become s*xually active. They are pro-choice
A super-posh private school divided into two campuses: the 'Middle School' (consisting of grades 7-9) is located in residential Bel Air area, and the 'Upper School' (consisting of grads 10-12) is located in the fine Studio City area, of which I am a proud patron.

anyway, you will only be accepted into Harvard Westlake if you are one or more of these things:
~very very rich (bonus if you're jewish too)
~a product of a Hollywood mogul/empress
~unusually intellectual (as in a genius)
~you have a sibling who goes there

yes, Harvard-Weslake is for rich-b*tches, man-h*ars, child prodigies, and bloomind Hollywoodites. if you are any of the above listed, than you're pretty much on the Harvard-Westlake golden steamer choo-choo!

don't get me wrong, Harvard-Westlake isn't a bad school! in fact, going to Harvard-Westlake will give your parents plenty to brag about! it's the best private school in the friggin country!

just be warned, you just might catch the deadly 'Supahpreppyrichiesmarta*s' virus while in attendance!

worthy of note: if you are actually black and, like me, have been called names such as oreo or wack, or milk and cookies, or likewise, Harvard Westlake is the school for you, because the ghettoist kids here are pretty much the white boys who watch too much MTV. and that is dam...
A human creation (yes a human creation) that involves a relationship usually between 2 persons, or more depending on the culture (There are places in the world where you can have more than 1 wife you know.)

Love evolved from being pure s*x at the younger state of the human back in prehistory, then through societies were born, the idea of living as a couple came up as a way to live more easily (and possibly have s*x more easily) and as time went by, the different cultural influences over time brought love to what it is today, although it differs from country to country, and from person to person: to some of them it is only s*x, while to other its a huge "feeling" that has nothing to do with s*x. Even though love started from s*x, we "created" it into something that has more or less to do with s*x. Through these cultural influences, people limit their possibilities in life by putting "invisible laws" such as "no s*x with other people", "only one lover" as the idea of making someone "one special person" is very big, and there is much more restrictions to love than those 2.

In north america, love is usually a "strong feeling" towards another person, people get to know others usually before "Going out" and their love is based off something else than s*x, although s*x is included in the extremly huge majority of couples.

In Japan, people go out before knowing eachother and they learn about eachother after.

In some islamic countries and India(?) , men can have several...
It is really pathetic that so many Americans have written definitions for the UK,England etc when they don't even live here and most of them have never even been here. They use urban dictionary to argue the point that they are not stupid, fat, opionated liars etc then they say things like this 'An island of crumpet eating tea sucking whiny b*stards who are jealous of the USA and its might'.

Sure, America may be a super power now but pick up a f*cking history book, super powers never last forever, like the Romans, Egyptians and even the UK which used to own about the quarter of the world. America is already the most hated country in the world so be nice to the other countries if you want us to help you need it and stop banging on about saving our a*ses in the second world war, you only got involved cause of Pearl Harbour and stuff and less people would have died if you'd helped at the start but this is in the past so it doesn't even matter now anyway.

Anyways the UK is a group of countries and islands, the biggest being England. It is on the same line of latitude as Labrador (the place not the dog) but because of the warm sea current that i forget the name of, the climate is temperate. It is a fairly peaceful place to live and most people don't really give a f*ck.

However there is an increasing epidemic of
writer of the famous "i have a dream" speech and a hero. see also MLK. He prospered in the time of rosa parks
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.

Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.

In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory no...
Mario is the star of the once Mario Brothersgames, but is now the star of anything with the name Mario in it. He was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, and shipped off to his parents with his brother Luigi via stork, when suddenly, Kamek, one of Bowser's servants, attacks the stork, causing him to drop the babies. Mario drops to Yoshi's Island, but Luigi is captured.

Mario teams up with several Yoshi to save Luigi from the clutches of Bowser. After several months of adventuring, they make it to Bowser's castle (he's still a youth, so he's pretty much a brat). They thwart his evil scheme, free Luigi and are back to being the unseperable pair.

A year later, when they learn how to make words, they meet Princess Peach, and immedietely become best friends. Bowser, who also peers at Peach, falls madly in love with her, and decides he must have her. Mario and Luigi thwart his often attempts at capturing her with their brains.

Soon Mario and Luigi would come from the future, and meet with their younger selves for when the invasion of the Shroobs would occur. Shroobs were an alien race wh...
n: toe-vur; One who frequents the Team Love forum. Short for Team-Lover. Once a*sembled together in groups of two or more becomes a magnificent task force. Can be found in their natural habitats near the Hudson River, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Omaha (NE), or s*attered throughout the country generally around College Campuses.

Term contrived by one infamous ex-member, who later developed an addiction to cocaine and Simon Joyner music. (hehehe)
1) What is the pa*sword for the tover space?
2) The tovers are my best friends!
3) Let's have a tover meet up at the next Tilly and the Wall show!
The term "poge" (p*onounced with a long "o", like "rogue") is used in the military as a general descriptor for someone who's MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is anything but Infantry. In the Marines an Infantry MOS is preceeded by "03" (i.e. "0311 - Basic Rifleman"). The term is synonomous with REMF ("Rear Echelon Motherf*cker"). If your USMC MOS starts with "01" ("Administration") you are considered a big 'ole poge.

It is important to remember that there are different levels of being a poge depending on who you are talking to. Starting at the front line, each echelon considers the folks behind him a poge. Boiled down like this, it becomes glaringly apparent that the only folks who are NOT poges are grunts but non-grunts feel the need to decrease their poge level by pointing f*ngers at someone who is more of a poge than they are. They have an inner desire to be a door-kicker but that desire didn't run deep enough to actually join the Infantry and they usually make fun of grunts while at the same time trying to be like them.

It is also important to understand that any member of the service will, under diress, admit that the service as a whole could not function at all if it were not for the mighty poge. They are administrators, facilitators and have their f*ngers in every aspect of the grunt's life with the exception of ...
The worship of Ville Valo, lead singer of HIM, as Lord Almighty and Ultimate Teacher. Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus is regarded as a Jesus-like figure, the Son of God, or in real life, just a really good friend. Aki Hakala, also of The Rasmus, is Lauri's lover, known as a Mary Magdalene of sorts. Eicca Toppinen of Apocalyptica is our only prophet, and he wrote the only gospel in our Bible (other than the scripts of Lauri and Valo) which is the Gospel according to Eicca. Saints and revered people include Tarja Turunen, Tuomas Holopainen, Linde, Migé Amour, Gas Lipstick, Burton Emmerson, Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo Lötjönen, Eero Heinonen, Pauli Rantasalmi, Siiri Nordin and Teijo Jämsä.

A Dynasticist is someone who practices Dynasticism. They wear rosaries around their necks as necklaces, and as tributes to the Lord Valo. They also sometimes wear a tuque or a beanie, as a tribute to Valo and to Lauri, but this is optional. They also tend to wear a lot of black and say a lot of random things i.e. "Margaritas for all!" They are generally very hyper and happy about a lot of silly things, but can experience periods of sporradic depression and emotion, usually cured by a good listen to any of the available religious hymns i.e. In the Shadows and Your Sweet 666. They are easily distinguishable from normal humans by their extremely thick black eyeliner and their random attempts at a Finnish accent. The most zealous of Dynasticists can be seen in the months of April, October, and Novem...
Now, I can only speak for public schools in Florida, but I think *most* other states' educational systems loosely follow this pattern.

Public schools are schools which are controlled and funded (or underfunded, depending on how you think about it) by the government. They are usually p*ss poor and lots of kids can't even read by the fifth grade. Many public schools are a travesty of education and a stain on our fine country. In addition to making kids stupid, they breed politically correct nonsense like a disease. They are filled with violence and many children are transformed into s*anky hoes who can't remember having virginity. Any parent worth their beans will send their child to a private school. I know MY children will never set foot into a public school!
Ewww...a public school? Well, I'll have to wear my bullet proof vest!

Public school kid: Holy cow! You are wearing a shirt from Lacoste and seem to be reading a book!
Private school kid: Why, yes I am.
Public school kid: This indicates both money AND intelligence! You go to a private school don't you!
A state in the northeastern United States. One of the first states. Its major cities are Philadelphia in the east and Pittsburgh in the west. Central PA is filled with beautiful countryside and the capital, Harrisburg, also to several Amish farms (go to Lancaster if you want to see a good example). Although PA doesn't have the best roads in the country, it is full of beautiful scenery and friendly people. It is also where our nation began. The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, the nation's first capital, on July 4th, 1776. Other significant states to see if you like American history would be Ma*sachusetts and Virginia, correct me if I missed one. I don't know much about Pittsburgh, I apologize, so could someone from Pittsburgh back me up?
I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life and plan to stay here if I don't go down South.

Go Flyers!!!!

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to a*sume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

suck on that, California (and Florida too)
1. A bit of culture in the middle of meth country (Mt. Pleasant, UT). However, this culture is made up of upper-middle cla*s trash from throughout America.

2. 40% of Wasatchers are carriers of mono, the clap, and/or Mercer Island pubic beetles.

3. A 19 year old senior trolling for 12-13 year old girls is NOT considered perverted, sick, or gross but rather cool and "romantic".

4. You've spent four years of your life tripping on cough syrup and huffing windex. After a few months/a year of community college, you drop out to live with your parents, who soon give you the boot after you snort 500 mg of adderall off the coffee table. A bright future as a freeloader, myspace band member, and/or SLC gutter punk.
Senior #1: So I pound some freshman chick in the butt, bust a load in her eye, then make her suck a mean fart out of my a*s. All she wanted in return was a shot of smirnoff!

Senior #2: HAHAHAHAHA! h*lla wasatch!
Formally know as the R.O.C, the Republic of China. Taiwan was just a province of the ROC until the communist (known as the red bandits to people in the ROC)took over mainland China. Taiwan is now all that is left of the first democratic country in Asia. Many people(especially in Europe) think Taiwan as part of the communist PRC, People's Republic of China. But, of course, that isn't true. It is the wish of many Taiwanese to reunite with mainland China as a DEMOCRATIC country and get rid of communism for good. Taiwan has little to none international power due to the oppresion of the PRC. The ROC competes in the Olympics as Taipei, capital of Taiwan. Why? Because this was the only way that it could have a chance to enter most international events due to the PRC. Taiwan today is in chaos and desperatly needs an extremely strong leader to make the first democratic country in Asia great again.
It is true that Taiwan is now in chaos. I'm lying if I said it's not. I am a person that is loyal to the Republic of China, not the province Taiwan. I will never bow to the communist government and 5 star flag. I will do everything in my power and lifetime to make the Republic of China great again and get rid of the traitors of the Chinese culture for good.
Preps are the kind of people that value money more than anything else. They will double cross their friends creating drama for no reason.
This doesnt bother me. skaters will be skaters and preps will be preps. They each have their own idea of a good time and wat they want to get out of life. The only problem i have with preps is their must fit in mantality. They all care wat other ppl think about them over wat they kno they wanna be. Other ppl wouldnt have such a low opinion of them if they didnt earn it. In my book its better to serve a night in jail fighting for wat you believe in than going to the mall finding the next "big" thing that everyone else wants.

Ok so now all you preps out there reading this trying to figure out wat people think of you are saying "well at least im not a dirty sc*m in jail". Well to tell you the truth Jessica Simpson would not last a second if she went bankrupt. Rich ppl arent always like that. Jessica Simpson is a POP star. She doesnt do anything for herself. Thats all pop culture will ever do to you. You fall into the trap that you'll become just like wont. Advertisement have you buying stuff that will make you "cool" wont.
Now wat good is a country were you can be unique and speak out if everyone wants to be like everyone else. Overall this is the problem with the human race. We always want more and 999 out of 1000 of us will do something thats easier to be "popular". That 1 person though...they will be truly happy and not pursue wat the media persieves to be the good life. They will be the indiviual that will know when they die they will have done ...
Colloquial version of the English language as spoken in Malaysia and it is a portmanteau of the word Malay and English. The language shares substantial linguistic similarities with Singlish in Singapore. In real essence, Manglish and Singlish are one and the same although there are a few slang words that exist in one and not in another. For all practical purposes, Manglish and Singlish are subsets of the same group.

Theoretically, English as spoken in Malaysia is based on British English and called Malaysian English. British spelling is generally followed. However, the influence of American English modes of expression and slang is strong, particularly among Malaysian youth.

Since 1968, Malay, or Bahasa Melayu, has been the country's sole official language. While English is widely used, many Malay words have become part of common usage in informal English or Manglish (also means Mangled English). An example is suffixing sentences with lah, e.g. "Don't be so worried-lah", which is usually used to present a sentence as rather light-going and not so serious, the suffix has no specific meaning. Although Chinese dialects also make abundant use of the suffix lah and there is some disagreement as to which language it was originally borrowed from. There is also a strong influence from Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Tamil, which are other major dialects and languages spoken in Malaysia. Manglish also uses some anachronistic British terms from the era of British colonization...
Sweden is a wonderful nation located in the northern parts of Europe. Its inhabitants are renowned for their beauty, a common prejudice wich is 95% correct. (the 5% flaw is due to immigrants who hae not yet been integrigated with the other populace.
The people of Sweden is also extremely intelligent and better educated than the generall american or france person.
Sweden also offers a spectacular variouty of wonderful nature. Sweden is actually so great that the word "swedish" is being used world-wide as an expression to determing how good or wonderful something is.

The country also has a long and great history record, as expected from a country as overall nice as Sweden.
From 1561 to 1718 Sweden is considered to be an great european power(becoming a super power during the Thirty-years war 1618-1648), culminating by the year of 1658 by nearly total annihilation of Denmark, what saved the country was an incorrectly drawn map of Copenhagens defenses.
Sadly, Sweden is no longer a super power however the king and queen of Sweden reminds of the nations glory.

Many great poets, authors and scientists was swedish.
For example Carl Michael Bellman
Guidos today give the whole Italian culture a bad name. Gelled up b*ow outs, shirts extra small - bout the size my 8 year old niece would wear. Stupid sungla*ses worn day and night. Usually all second generation Italians, and either don't speak of word of the language, or have learned just enough to enforce their guido image. Dark hair, waxed eyebrows, fake tans, lots of tacky jewlery. The modern day guido has usually never worked a day in their life (considered among guidos as an on going accomplishment) which leaves themselves babied by mama and papa. Thats right, no matter whos birthday it was for the BMW is still DADDY's b*tch! Which brings up another point, Guidos drive BMW's Italians drive Cadillacs a*sholes. And even realer italians drive fiats and alfo romeos.
The guido doesnt care what his appearance really is, with a gut, skinny arms, a tight track suit and sandals he will still think he is the sh*t.
Every guido ive seen wears some form of womens facial make-up. Often when the guido does not have a desirable pigment to their eyes they will buy colored contacts.
The guido takes pictures of himself in poses that he wants to seem candid, often these pictures are numerous and the guido selects the 1 of 100 pics to put on his myspace page, which is littered with images of italian flags and the colors red white and green.
The common guido cannot tell you how old the Pope is, or who the leader of italy is. In fact, they probably dont even realize that when they call...
A nicely built American muscle car. The Z06 Corvette has been a longitme favorite of the American hot-rod crowd who seek strong engines and quick throttle responses in their automobiles.

Although the Z06 has a powerful V8 engine and a sleek cha*sis, it still fails to accomplish the efficiency and the agility of many European or Japanese imports. The Chevrolet powerhouse has yet to produce 100 horsepowers for every liter of its gigantic 7.0 liter engine.

Track performance seekers who are not biased regarding the country of origin of their car may consider a cheaper yet equally well performing Japanese import such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR or the Subaru Impreza WRX STi.
I have recently done an oil change on my z06 corvette.
1. To gain unauthorized access in a surprise move to an undefended entry point.
2. In the context of the game Risk, to prevent a player from earining the North America bonus on his/her turn, by taking the country of Alaska by Kamchatka.
3. To access a program or computer through opened ports or scripts originally intened to allow the creator(s) special access to software or files.
4. The act of performing non-consensual an*l s*x.
Sarah: "So next turn I'll be able to get the North America bonus. There's my tactical move to fortify Greenland. I'm done."

Alex: "I'll put my three armies on Kamchatka...Sarah, let's roll for Alaska."

Stuart (pointing): " just got backdoored!"
N; A small town located in the center of Rhode Island that contributes cultural, intellectual and monetary a*sets for the entirety of the smallest state in the country. EG is home to successful CEO's, the govenor of RI, noted artisans, professional NFL and NBA atheletes, students who can continually boast the highest standardized testing scores and a diverse collection of noted professionals who also create the data which makes EG the wealthiest town of RI. Downtown EG is lined with acclaimed galleries and restaurants as well as beautiful harbor views. Kids who have a problem with the town are generally community members who can't meet the $200,000 income needed to "fit in" with the lower/average quartile and suffer severe psychological distortions/defense mechanisms in the form of rage.
Since I am a "townie" and my family doesn't match the average East Greenwich profile I am going to develop a skewed definition of EG and use such rage as a defense mechanism to avoid making an effort to utilize the wealth of resources the town provides.
A South American country with a surprisingly tiny number of pure Native American people and mestizos. Known for its large Spanish and Italian population, its warm people, and also for its current economic depression and several corrupt leaders.
"Don't cry for me, Argentina...
the truth is I never left you,
all through my wild days,
my mad existance,
I kept my promise-
don't keep your distance..."
-From Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical, "Evita".

A country that shouldn't cry for Eva Peron (despite that the historical Eva never said that).
Being appointed to a desired position or responsibility then using that position or responsibility to help keep the views or policies of the person who appointed you in effect as a payback for being placed there. Sometimes referred to as log-rolling.
This behavior is mostly practiced by people who have always blindly trusted the power structure and never wavered from this belief as they feel that people in said positions are there due to brains, qualifications, the ability to treat others fairly or work ethic despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, example #1 being George W Bush.
A "C" student on a good day who never touched something he couldnt s*rew up, he nonetheless was appointed leader of the free world by judges appointed by HIS daddy, 41 and actually a decent enough guy. He did in fact, get properly elected the second time by manipulating the fears of the stupid, the h*mophobic, the incestuous and the highly religious. It is amusing that these groups have such a large amount of overlap.
Being Alito means keeping everyone in their place from the rich on down to a*sist those at the top from having to participate in a truly meritocratic democracy and instead live to perpetuate the same type of backward 1600's English aristocracy that our ancestors deserted.
The result of this desertion was the founding of America, the greatest country the world has ever seen in large part as a rebuff to those practices and behaviors. This obvious fact seems lost on the A...
A con that has lasted an eon of time. Which proves still how uneducated and primitive the human race is. Religion itself is evil being the cause of so much blood shed throughout the years.

Religion itself was created by a paraniod soul who found away to strike fear into the hearts of people by creating a fictional character called 'God' and claimed he was 'Real' the uneducated ma*s of people did believe this and have done for some time now.

Religion in reality is just a way to bully people around, lay down a set of rules to keep them in line, and have them punished with fear of going to 'h*ll' if they do wrong.

Something for confused lost people to follow to take the sting of a lonely, pathectic sop story of a life that death will eventually claim and whom no will care.

Something some people use as an excuse to dominate another country. I.E. Muslim man says Christmas tree offends my faith. Tells the British left wing Labour Government. Blair bends over backwards to make sure these forgein slimes get what they want and doesn't give to f*cks about his own people.
Hey man I've just coverted my Religion to Islam, they gave me this piece of c*ap dress, told me to grow a beard, gave my signed copy of the Quoran and a pic n' mix of Semtex and C4.
The name "United States" is used when speaking positively about the country. "America" is used when speaking negatively about the country. Just my observations.

For negative definitions on this country, see America.
Compare these two sentences:

"The United States is a country that tries to do good in this world."

"America is the most messed up and oil-hungry nation on the planet."
1) The greatest beverage known to mankind; possibly the greatest invention ever. Rivals sliced-bread and fire; no lie. Goes well with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.

2) Ridiculously better than the original 'Dr Pepper', and every other softdrink put together.

3) Can be used as payment for any services rendered, a*suming the correct quantity is involved.

4) Also known as DDP.
My God in heaven; Diet Dr. Pepper is amazing. If only they had it in every country in the world, all of humanity would hold hands and sing Kumbai-a.

Man, I want a Captain-DDP right now; tastes great and gets you drunk at the same time!

Yo Maria, thanks for mailing that form for me; I owe you some serious DDP for that one.
A program started in the 1920's to 1930's to support women who's job was to stay home and take care of the kids and run the house. Women were not allowed or encouraged to work, and as so, were unable to support themselves after a divorce. Somehow, the program has continued until this day, since the modern woman is apparently still unable to care for herself, or provide for herself. The system is flawed in several ways, the main one being that if the modern day family decides to keep the "mom/honey bunny" at home, the dad must usually find a high paying job or work much overtime to make up the missing income from his loving spouse staying at home. Its a good deal the first year as mom has playdates for the kids, dinner on the table, clean house, etc. After the novelty of marrige for the woman has worn off, after about 12 months, The downward spiral begins. Mom stops cooking, spends the day out shopping with friends, banging everyone but their husband, no dinner cooked when the husband gets home, and sure as h*ll no clean underware in the drawer. Credit card debt starts just to pay the monthly bills, Husband tries to get MORE overtime to keep credit cards from building and that helps for a while. Just want to make honey bunny happy and give her everything she desires...right?! After year #3 the husband starts to think in the back of his mind that they are in trouble, Wifey poo knew after the first year when she started banging the mail man, cable guy, and everyone at the loc...
united states of america - a beautiful country that:
1. has the world's greater dictator as the president
2. has really bad education (you finished highschool and you can already spell!!??? wow dude, u're so smart!)
3. has populaton that is completely blind for the things their goverment is doing to the world and believes that everything said on tv must be truth
(do you really think you are the only democratic country on this planet??? and i mean really thanx for all the help you offer to the world! you really helped croatia when they were in war! all those medicines and food...sure, each and every product's "sell till" date expired..but hey..where would croatia be witouth them today???)
4.had slaves just a coulple of decades ago (so to the masterbrain and the author of the entrie below: "dude you freed slaves that would not be slaves if there wasn't for you..they would probably be free and running around somewhere in africa")
5. is "home" to various evils such as: mc'donalds, great deal of reallity shows, michael j*ckson, etc.
6. has really fat people (man, u ppl should really start thinking about that problem, i went on a cruise a few months ago. the ship was full of americans and i have to say that i have never ever seen a nation that can eat as much as you can.)
7. has the worst dressed people on earth (you should come to italy, or france for example, not to see the monuments, but simply to learn the menaing of the words: fashion and style)
8. has the biggest ...
verb: cheney, cheneyed, cheneying

1) missing something by a country mile

2) to aim for the broad side of a barn and hit a lawyer

3) hunting when drunk and blind as a bat

4) taking lawyers out of season

5) premature e*aculation
"What the f*ck are you shootin at, Bobby Sue? You almost go me instead, you f*cking idiot! You go to h*ll, Clint! It's the first time I cheneyed my shot in over a week!"

"Hey caddy, get me a 6-iron! I'm in no mood to cheney this putt!"

"Honey, get me some paper towels. I went to p*ss in the toilet but got it all over the seat. I cheneyed the direction of my stream again. Oops."

"Darling, I think I just cheneyed in my underwear. Get me a smoke, will ya. "Marvin, I'm so sick and tired of you cheneying early and falling asleep ten seconds later. Get your own cigarette, you inadequate moron!"
->A person from the country mongolia . The same boys along with ghenghis khan , there horse archers and heavy calvary took over a ma*sive part of the world . Eventually split into several hordes . After that the horde's armies where localized and where filled with soldiers from conquered areas.
Look at the mongol on his little pony with his bow and arrow pwning some euros.

Hey real preps cause mongol blood flows through my blood I get more useful skills than playing Polo. Up for a match of horse archery , lance work or sword work?
A nice country, made up of two main islands (the North, and South island, unoriginal, I know). It is a very green place, and yes, it has alot of sheep.

As far as I can see, it is not as beautiful as it is made out to be, but since I live in New Zealand, I am used to it, and don't know much better.

It does have beautiful forests, but the countryside is mostly farm areas.

It has the highest rate of youth suicide in the world.

On the plus side, Wellington (the capital city) has one of the largest number of restaurants per head in the world!

We do not actually hate Aussies, some people sometimes mock Aussies, in one way or another, but hardly any of them are serious.

I have yet to meet an incredibly racist person living in New Zealand.

Well, if you aren't very used to alot of green, then New Zealand is definately for you, and by the way, in the 80's we were incredibly backward, but now I'd say we are fine.

Oh, and if you are going to go to New Zealand, make sure you go in the summer, it can get quite wet and rainy in the winter (and incredibly windy if you go to Wellington) (for all you people in the US, your winter = our summer).

Places I reccomend:

I'd suggest you go to Auckland (the largest city in New Zealand), but not for too long as you run out of things to do very quickly.

Martinborough, in February, or March, so you can catch the Martinborough fair, which is quite nice, and you can also check out the vineyards if you have a taste for wi...
"Fornification Under Consent of King". Used in England during the 15th century to denote having permission to have s*x. It was implemented in an attempt to slow down the population growth, as the number of people living in England at the time was quickly approaching the limit that the country could support. Not only was the over-population causing problems with crime, if the population had continued to grow at a steady rate, the country would have been forced to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
"My lord, I have come to you to get a license for F.U.C.K."
"Denied, I will have no ugly people reproducing in my kingdom!"
1) A Top ranked engineering college, also home to 15 Electron microscopes, there is no other place in the country that can boast that
2) #3 party school in the Nation, yet also the 32nd best academic university in the Nation (and on its way up)
3) best d*mn beirut players if the world
4) even if i do go to college off my father's coin, i am still getting two degrees for the price of one, so it balances out
5) school on the side of a mountain, which is the cause of the s*xiness of all the ladies
6) im from chicago, how could i have New Jersey tags on my car?
7) one more thing, people who cant win a special olympics spelling bee dont have a mean ACT score of 29 and mean SAT score of 1300 so get off your high horse and stop whining about the fact that lehigh was too good for someone like you
if my father didn't pay $43,000 a year for me to go to Lehigh University, he would be driving a Z-8 right now, but instead he has to live with the Z-4.
Term which refers to the old game cartridges that were used by the NES and the cartridges that were used by SNES. These NES cartridges were infamous for getting so very dusty and unclean that your warm, moist, stinky breath had to be applied at the opening of said cartridge (See Nintendo b*ow) to even get them to work at all! SNES cartridges were not AS bad but STILL suffered the same problems = same "solution" to NES cartridges being dusty.

After throughly "breathing" on these cartridges, and after a relatively short period of time, the game that would be using the cartridge would freeze up as the moisture ran out, and the TV which would be hooked up to your game will look psychedelic in 16 bit blocks.

For an idea of what these cartridges look like, look to your left. Occasionally there will be an ad for Busted Tees next to this definition and it will have a girl wearing a demin skirt and a green shirt saying b*ow Me with a pic of a side view of a NES cartridge.
1996 (NES)- "My Cobra Command cartridge is acting up again!" Argh *Huff Huff*

1998 (SNES)- "Donkey Kong Country isn't working again..."

1999 (SNES)- "Yoshi's Island is always working as usual ;D"

2000 (???) - "s*rew this c*ap im gonna go play playstation"
Orginated from hokkien langguage widely use in SINGAPORE. Now the words have spread to their neighbour country MALAYSIA.

Wa-Lau means "Oh my DAD", same meaning of some people say "Oh My GOD". Because the founder was not a religion guy, so instead of using the GOD, it use his own DAD.

Some might use WA-MA! mean "oh my MOM" for those mummy's boy.

And last but not list, the "eh" is just a finishing touch to enchance the words Walau or Wama!
Walau-eh! my car broke down.

Wa-ma-eh, Who parked the car at my car park.
Madison is a typical New England town located in Connecticut (near Mystic Seaport) on the sh*re of the Long Island Sound. The population is comprised mainly of wealthy summer-residents with primary houses in New York, Pennsylvania and Ma*sachusetts. The quaint, preppy town is known for having picturesque sunsets, many extravagant homes, and beautiful beaches. The Madison Beach Club and country club provide activities like tennis, swimming, golf, sailing, and motor boating. These members only clubs also offer a variety of social events and gatherings for the entire family.
While summering in Madison, I drank a couple of LITs(Long Island Iceteas) and hooked up with my tennis partner after I took her sailing on my boat.
The greatest coutry in the world. (or used to be anyways)

Thanks in part to George W. Bush, America is now the most hated country in the world. Poor presidential decisions have caused a war, a c*appy economy, high gas prices, global warming, as well as a new low in stupidity.

America used to be a place that people were proud to call "home" but now, most people just say they're canadian when they're really American.

In america, a third-string QB for a pro football team will be paid roughly 6 times as much as a blue-collar worker who works hard every single day.

People would rather read about who Jennifer Anniston is currently dating, rather then the current situation in Iraq.

American kids all dream about how they want to be Pro sports players, not for the love of the game, but for the love of the money.

America is the only place where the more money that is dumped into schools, the dumber the children get.

The reputation of America has been forever tarnished, thanks to George W Bush.
America, my home, sweet home.
1) Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world. Many call it the Europe of the Middle-East. It is the only place I know where you can go skiing and swim in a real beach on the same day.

Sadly, there have been many religious and ethnic wars which have destroyed the country over and over. But, we always end up rebuilding it to be more beautiful than ever.

2) Lebanese are always capable of knowing each other's origins for some reason.

3)Our women always fight over who should wash the dishes while the men discuss politics.

4) We are the inventors of Frarabic (French Arabic), which I also like to call French Tourettes. Sometimes, when you can't find a word in arabic, you involuntarily replace it with a French word (Sometimes English) while replacing the "P" sounds with "B" sounds.

5) Overly polite amogst each other, not always polite amogst others.

6) It takes us about an hour to say good-bye (Applies to all arabs)

7) Our women have natural beauty. Despite their hairy bodies, they wax often so it does not show.

8) Ever try Kibbi Nayi, Tabbouleh, Fattoush or Hommous? If you did, you would swear off all fast food forever.

9) God save Lebanon!
1) Bob: Wow! Have you ever been to Lebanon?
Joe: Nope.
Bob: Oh my freaking God! It's AMAZING!

2) Tarek: Inta min il loubnen?
Fadi: Kif 3rifit?

Translation: Tarek: You're lebanese?
Fadi: How'd u know?

3)Leila: A3teeni sa7nik, yalla
Lilian: Mish ma32ooli inti! Inti a3teeni sa7nik
Leila: Yalla, inti bi bayti, a3teeni sa7nik 7abibti!
*And so on and so forth

Translation: Leila: Come on, give me your plate!
Lilian: I can't believe you! You give me your plate!
Leila: Come on, you're in my house, give me your plate honey!

4) Gha*san: Wa2afni il Bolice mbara7.
Jiryis: Lezzim tintibhi aktar.
Gha*san: Akhad il Auto taba3i kamen!

5) Sans definition

6) -O.K. Bye!
-Bye say hi to your wife!
-Ok you say hi to yours!
-Make sure you come back soon
-You should come to our house sometime
-Incha allah!
-And bring your kids, too!
-Of course. How old is your son again?
-Oh, he's turning fifteen soon.
-Wow he's becoming a man
*Three hours later*
-No way! I thought he was dead!
-No he's still alive, but he's in the hospital.
-O.K., I think I need to get going now!
-All right, see you!
-See you!
(Talk trash about each other once door closes)

7) -Have you seen Rita?
-And her friend Mayy isn't bad either.
-You think I got a shot?
-Good luck.

8) -Dude, Oh My GOOOD! I went to this arabic wedding yesterday!
-I'm never eating McDonald's again!!

9) See audio on top left of page

General: An stereotypical Italian-American male born and raised Catholic in New York or New Jersey.

Type I: The old, mafia, Tony Soprano guy. Knows a guys who knows a guy who can get your foundation fixed for cheap. Nothing beats his mama's meatb*lls.

Type II: The young male. Roots usually can be traced back to Sicilly, even though he has never left the country and doesn't own a pa*sport. Nor can he speak more than a dozen words in Italian.

Interests of Type II (or "The Next Generation"):

-Cars: BMW 3 series and/or Honda Civic. Tints, a "bangin" stereo system that blasts music no one with taste wants to hear, one or more Italian flags, added rims, holes in the muffler.
-Women: Long hair that they touch too much out of insecurity, fake tan, implants, frosty lipstick, white jeans, gold earrings and/or necklaces with their name on it, easy to bed, giggles a lot, extra points if she is named Maria or Gina. Should put out after the first date or else is considered "a tease" or "a l*sbian", yells a lot, gold diggers.
-Self: Going to the gym, being latently h*mos*xual, too much hair gel or grease (large, defined spikes or sl*cked back), fake tan, date rape, weed, cocaine, gambling, Newport cigarettes, blue collar jobs, lacking culture, curses a lot, going to clubs in Manhattan, cash money (no wallet), gaudy jewelry, hanging out in packs, being short (read: Napolean complex), looking in the mirror, white caps and/or visors tilted the side, taking photogr...
Africas largest country, a civil war for 22 years, peace came in 2005 for 22 days until rebel leader John Garang (R.I.P) from southern Sudan died in a plane crash (some say he was murderd). Sudan is rich with petrol and uranium but the goverment takes all that money letting the public poor, im from Sudan im 17 years old i was born n lived all my life in London like my whole family, but i go to Sudan every year because its my mother land roots. It has great marijuana and wild life (trust me), but dont bother going as a forigner (especially now) because war and all the trouble. Still a beautifull country the heart of Africa. 1
Sudan is the heart of Africa

Sudanese people are known for their hospitality and marijuana!!

Usually a white male with limited education - someone who is generally intolerant of other people who differ and/or disagree with his thinking & outlook. These folks tend to look at the world in black & white terms - there are no shades of gray, or room for flexibility.

These folks live all over the country with the heaviest concentration in the southeast & midwest.

Some characteristics of " red necks "

1. White male
2. Drinks lots of beer
3. Wears Wrangler jeans
4. Wears tshirts,sweatshirts that are usually too small
5. Usually has a beer gut from drinking lots of beer
6. Lives on j*nk food, lots of beef, fried chicken
7. Nascar fan
8. Outdoor hobbies/activities - fishing, hunting
9. Drives a pickup truck
10. Hates Liberals, g*ys, Minorities
11. Does not read much except cheap magazines
12. Often treats women like 2nd cla*s citizens
13. Strict with his kids - often will use physical force to discipline his kids
14. Usually not open to reasoning & negotiation
15. Supported & Voted for George W. Bush
George W. Bush is a cla*sic example of a red neck - just look at his redneck " my way or the highway " FAILED approach to government.
1) Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world. Many call it the Europe of the Middle-East. It is the only place I know where you can go skiing and swim in a real beach on the same day.

Sadly, there have been many religious and ethnic wars which have destroyed the country over and over. But, we always end up rebuilding it to be more beautiful than ever.

2) Lebanese are always capable of knowing each other's origins for some reason.

3)Our women always fight over who should wash the dishes while the men discuss politics.

4) We are the inventors of Frarabic (French Arabic), which I also like to call French Tourettes. Sometimes, when you can't find a word in arabic, you involuntarily replace it with a French word (Sometimes English) while replacing the "P" sounds with "B" sounds.

5) Overly polite amogst each other, not always polite amogst others.

6) It takes us about an hour to say good-bye (Applies to all arabs)

7) Our women have natural beauty. Despite their hairy bodies, they wax often so it does not show.

8) Ever try Kibbi Nayi, Tabbouleh, Fattoush or Hommous? If you did, you would swear off all fast food forever.

9) God save Lebanon!
1) Bob: Wow! Have you ever been to Lebanon?
Joe: Nope.
Bob: Oh my freaking God! It's AMAZING!

2) Tarek: Inta min il loubnen?
Fadi: Kif 3rifit?

Translation: Tarek: You're lebanese?
Fadi: How'd u know?

3)Leila: A3teeni sa7nik, yalla
Lilian: Mish ma32ooli inti! Inti a3teeni sa7nik
Leila: Yalla, inti bi bayti, a3teeni sa7nik 7abibti!
*And so on and so forth

Translation: Leila: Come on, give me your plate!
Lilian: I can't believe you! You give me your plate!
Leila: Come on, you're in my house, give me your plate honey!

4) Gha*san: Wa2afni il Bolice mbara7.
Jiryis: Lezzim tintibhi aktar.
Gha*san: Akhad il Auto taba3i kamen!

5) Sans definition

6) -O.K. Bye!
-Bye say hi to your wife!
-Ok you say hi to yours!
-Make sure you come back soon
-You should come to our house sometime
-Incha allah!
-And bring your kids, too!
-Of course. How old is your son again?
-Oh, he's turning fifteen soon.
-Wow he's becoming a man
*Three hours later*
-No way! I thought he was dead!
-No he's still alive, but he's in the hospital.
-O.K., I think I need to get going now!
-All right, see you!
-See you!
(Talk trash about each other once door closes)

7) -Have you seen Rita?
-And her friend Mayy isn't bad either.
-You think I got a shot?
-Good luck.

8) -Dude, Oh My GOOOD! I went to this arabic wedding yesterday!
-I'm never eating McDonald's again!!

9) See audio on top left of page
A c*appy old city located between some dirty rivers (which often have cars or bodies in them). p*ssburgh basically is full of rednecks (ever hear the saying "Pennsylvania: Philadelphia on one side, Alabama on the other"). p*ssburgh is full of racists too. Everyone in the city claims to have such huge pride in their city but they don't. That is why Iron City went out of business (because everyone is cheap and just drinks Miller Lite, which is a hypocricy in itself because everyone is racist and Miller Lite donates to the Negro College Fund). That is also why the Penguins might leave town (p*ssburghers don't like hockey too much becaues it is too complicated of a sport to get drunk and watch, and also cause the Penguins never play defense). p*ssburgh claims to be a big drinking town but in reality no one here can handle their liquor, which is why p*ssburgh is one of the leading DUI cities in the country. p*ssburgh has no good job opportunities. p*ssburgh claims to have their own language (yinz, n'at) but in reality NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT except when they do it on purpose. p*ssburghers want to have their own identity SO MUCH but whether they like it or not p*ssburgh is a below average run of the mill city. For example, people think when you get a sandwich with french fries on it that is called ordering it "Pittsburgh style" but in reality NOBODY who doesn't live in Pittsburgh has ever heard of that. p*ssburgh was rated one of the worst cities for singles, and it ce...
Good old Katonah... This small town in Westchester New York in many ways is very similar to Chappaqua, but much nicer. If you are over the age of 16 you most likely live in a house over $1 Million and have atleast 3 friends who drive a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus. Most teens wear either Lacoste or Ralph Lauren everywhere they go, especialy to the country clubs to which they belong. Although the wealth in this town is extrordinary, people prefer to have wealth, not show it off it tacky Mcmansions so it is often thought of as less wealthy. This however is not true. Katonah is a small hamlet in the town of Bedford, home to Ralph Lauren and Martha Stuert. If your going to move to Westchester this is the place to be.
Just because I don't flaunt my wealth in tacky excess it doesn't mean that I can't travel to Europe and the Carribbean for every break and shop at the Westchester.
-down to earth kid from katonah
considered by many to be the greatest a*sualt rifle ever made. it is still in use in almost every communist and former soviet satalite country but in an updated form. the original fired a 7.62(.311 cal.)by 39mm the 39mm refering to the length of the bra*s or steel rimless casing that contains the powder and ignition primer for each bullet.this round was originaly designed for the SKS rifle and the round itself is in fact inpired by the german STG-44 the first real a*sualt rifle. contrary to the popular belief, the STG-44 actually had little to do with the AK series rifle, and actually was the basis behind the heckler and koch series of guns such as the G3 or the MP5. the M1 Garand actually had some design incorperated into the AK such as the bolt locking mechanism. later models of AK were 5.45x39mm and now they are using NATO round of 5.56x45mm.there have also been machine pistols, submachine guns, light machine guns, pistol, and sniper rifles based of the original design by mikhail kalashnikov.
the avtomat kalashnikova series of rifles are easy to manufacture as the reciever is nothing more than stamped sheet metal. the reciever was previously the hardest part to manufacture on any gun before the german MP-40, a 9mm para submachine gun that was one of the first guns made with main parts made of stamped sheet metal, such as the reciever.
because of loose tolerances during the manufacture the AK is the most reliable a*sualt rifle. its acuracy may not be as great as the M-...
Okay, I was going to be really mean and say how c*appy I think the midwest is. But, with the exception of Missouri (which was actually kind of pretty) and Kansas (which was too flat for my taste), I've not really seen the midwest. And I know plenty of people from the midwest who are really nice and cool. Sure, midwesterners get labeled as fat, boring and backward, but hey, you can find people like that all over the country, right? I don't think the midwest has a monopoly.

I admit, I must have the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Colorado and the beaches of California, the spicy food of the southwest, and the sunshine all over the west, but I'm sure the midwest has it's share of interesting stuff too.

Anyway, we're all Americans, so what difference does it make?
The midwest probably gets slammed by people who have never even been there, or just pa*sed through.
A fascinating but, unfortunately it seems, moribund form of radio broadcasting that utilizes radio frequencies from about 1,800 kHz to 30,000 kHz. Some say that the Internet is totally to blame for shortwave's demise, but in fact there are many other reasons: poor propagation conditions (e.g. coronal flares on the Sun that can block radio reception for many days), mismanagement and bad frequency allocation by the stations themselves, transmitters in disrepair, lack of funding for the stations, radio frequency interference caused by various appliances that create walls of noise when one is listening for stations, etc. On shortwave, one can often hear interesting cultural programs and music produced by the host country, and some shortwave listeners have created a hobby-within-a-hobby of collecting "QSL" (verification of reception) cards, pennants, CDs, books, etc.
Back in the late 1970's, I loved to listen to Radio Tahiti on my shortwave receiver.
The 18th ranked University in the country, according to US News and World Report. Vandy also seems a bit preppy at first, but is really what you make of it. You don't have to wear polo shirts. You dont have to get the finest blonde women either. Usually the two go hand in hand. So, if your smart, you should come to Vandy, because the majority of those who slander it are probably just jealous because they were waitlisted or rejected, or just never applied because they weren't good enough. If your preppy and smart, congratulations, you will find the most attractive blonde women in all of the US, who just want you for your money, polo shirts and AVs. If your a middle cla*s liberal New Yorker like me, bring your girlfriend from home!
Will: Are you going out tonight at Vanderbilt to drink, wear a polo shirt and pick up blondes with syphilis?
Matt: Eh, I think I'll get drunk tonight with my high school girlfriend and have s*x with her instead. Then in 5 years I'll make more money than all of my friends.
Will: That sounds almost as good as never worrying about money at all!
known for absolutely no nightlife, lacrosse and being rich. the 3 high schools include mt. hebron and centennial, and then not holding up their end: howard high school. by CNN money ellicott city is ranked as the 20th best city in the entire united states, as being an overall city to live in: crime, schools, richness, etc. this city is mainly white, with up and coming asian population and some blacks. its a very sugar coated place, as there is nothing to do. everyone that grows up in ec, moves back. its just that place. the loopholes in this 'perfect place' is town and country. a poor, disgusting neighborhood with mexicans running rampant. its really in centennial's district, but they didnt want it. so these kids go to, and tarnish, mt hebron. besides this anomaly, its a good place. its ec
" hey, where do u live again?"
"the bronx, its so rough, my mom got shot today by the mafia, where do u live, again?"
"um... I live in ellicott city. "
City in India, a.k.a Calcutta. Capital of the state of West Bengal in the eastern part of the country. Kolkata is known for its a*sociation with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

An unimpressive city, some parts are very dirty. Not recommended for visiting.
My flight out of Kolkata was late
The reason Hitler wanted to get rid of sc*m (Jews) was because he saw them as a threat to his Third Reich and to his New World Order. He created the n*zi party as a way to protect the White race from its main enemy (Jews), Not Negroes because without the Jew the Negro is nothing. Since Jews envy the fact that Whites (Europeans) are rulers of the world. They have tried and till this day still are trying ANYTHING to destroy this race and take their place are rulers of the world. If there were no Jews on earth, then n*zism would never exist because there would be no threat to the Whites and the world will be a much better, saner, and more secure place. In case you don't know, Jews have always being b*stards throughout history.
The Jews are race manipulators and nation-wreckers. They have being expelled from just about every single European nation because of their malevolence and evil nature. They use their intelligence for derogatory purposes.
They are responsible for wrecking and mongrelizing Ancient Egypt.
They are responsible for wrecking the Roman Empire.
They are responsible for murdering 600,000,000 Whites. In 1930 33% of the world was White or Caucasian. ow is about 7% and dropping. Now the Jews are trying ANYTING to bring that 7% to a 0%.
There was no Holocaust. The Jews are liars. The n*zis murdered about 1 million and a half million people. Most of them Jews. Not 6 million. If it was 6 million then the n*zis would have to killed 1370 Jews every day non-stop ...
A city in northeastern Kansas having the fifth largest population in the state, with over 114,000 residents. It is located in the Kansas City metropolitan area; only 20 miles southwest of the downtown area. Olathe is the home of Mahaffie House, a 19th century stagecoach stop along what used to be the Santa Fe Trail, The Great Mall of The Great Plains, the largest outlet mall in the midwest, the headquarters of Garmin International, who manufactures GPS systems, and Mid-America Nazerene University, as well as the Kansas Sate School for the Deaf. Founded in the mid 1800's, Olathe is a town that retains old traditions, while developing into a booming 21st century city. Old Settler's Days are one of those traditions, being celebrated annually every year since 1898. Every September during the first Thursday-Friday after Labor Day, the main streets of downtown Olathe are transformed into a carnival, with rides, games, and vendors. On the last day of Old Settler's, thousands of people gather to watch the annual parade, which showcases local school marching bands, small businesses, and various organizations in the city. It's truly a cla*sic small town America experience.

Olathe's school district is nationally recognized as one of the best in the nation. With 32 elementary schools, 8 jr. high schools, and 4 high schools, it's also one of the largest school distri...
A beautiful country east of India.....its makes the people of the country very very angry when called Indian or pakistani..Bengalis are usually very dark..looking like black people..they either have curly or straight hair....the main religions in the country are..islam, christianity, hinduism, or buddism.....holds the record for the world's most corruted country in the world...people of this country are known to lie and steal and kill very much..although many people are religous.....a growing country though with many great sights....has mountains and more than half of the country is islands.....also has Cox's Bazaar which is the longest beach in the world....and one of the most beautiful islands called..St. martin's island.....the big city is called is very populated, dirty, and dangerous..but the Gulshan and Dhanmondi district of the city are very modern with american-like buildings and stores...also has the Boshundara Mall which is one of the biggest in SOuth asia.....the city with the most Bengali immigrants live in New York city...mostly in Queens and Brookyln...most of the bengali youth in new york city are in gangs and are in to hip hop bangladesh the money is called dollar is 60 you could buy a video game with 2 dollars there!!..just like the people the language is called Bengali...the most popular sports are soccer, cricket, and next time you go to call a bengali an indian think twice because they ...
Famous for singing rock/country/blues type of music. died from an overdose while on the sh*tter.
Dialogue in the afterlife between Elvis Presley and Jimmy Hendrix

Elvis: Jimmy Hendrix, holy sh*t u were awesome wen u were alive

Hendrix: Yeah, drugs suck

Elvis: d*mn straight they do, they killed us both, I wish we were still alive, I would still be whorin' my body to every woman i saw, and I could still be making music

Hendrix: Well at least i could actually PLAY THE GUITAR, you just sat back and strummed a few notes, plus you would be abunch of old shrivled cahones if you were still alive, the only hole you would be f*ckin' is one cut out of a picture where your mouth is. Now see... if i was still alive, I would be usin' my black skin to get me to the top of the charts with a hardcore rap album n*gga WHAT!!!

Elvis: I never did like you f*kin' moon crickets

Hendrix: b*tch don't be talkin' that sh*t around here in dis section of heaven ya heard. you might find yo self wit shrapnel in yo thinkin' box

Elvis (after taking a bottle of whiskey to the head): b*tch... buuuuuuuurrrp!!!!!!! weur both dead so it dont do sh*t to me and ualhulahlualh(slurs words)

Hendrix: OH YEAH!?!?!?!? AT LEAST I DIDN'T DIE ON DA sh*tTER b*tch, TOP DAT!!!
The worst people to ever walk the planet. Egos over 100%. They're all greasy and have disgusting fat bodies. Their country sucks. They think they're all that, everyone who wrote definitions claims to be italian and right there is proof that they think they are all that. Guess what? Us Brit's could kick italian's a*ses. And guess what? Having a tan all year round is horrible. It looks really bad and guess what? NO ONE WANTS TO BE ITALIAN. They're ignorant and blind to the world around them. A disgrace to Europe. The Roman Empire was horrible. It drove all of Europe into the dark ages, all because of f*cking italians. Just imagine where we'd be right now if italians didn't f*ck up the world. Italians should die. Any italian reading this can kiss my a*s.

Poland/ Britan/ Czech Rep/ Russia/ Germany/ French/ Finland/Sweden/Switzerland/all the other European country people: No one cares. Go shove your small p*nises up your mother's vag's. All you are good for is drugs and mafia movies. No one cares about you, go drown yourselves.
The best friend of the United States, along with the UK and Australia. Its people are generally much more calm, rational and reasonable than their counterparts to the south. Its soldiers fought bravely and in countless cases died with honor side by side with British and American troops in the trenches of the Great War, on the beaches of Normandy, and in the mountains of Korea. Has a history and culture similar to our own, but generally less obsessed with violence and killing. Tends to be more liberal politically, never having had slavery or segragation, and less puritanical when dealing with alcohol and marijuana. Has a large French-speaking population, which, to their credit, has not yet surrendered to Germany
Bentley College is a business school in Waltham, MA. It is mainly an institution for the advancement of wealthy people. Most students are rich and get in a lot easier than the smaller population that is amazingly talented and got scholarships. The campus is completely lacking in diversity besides maybe the Asian population. Putting whiteout over fresh snow does not compare to the whiteness of Bentley.

More importantly, Bentley discriminates on the basis of talent and money. So if you don't have a good amount of either, you are not currently a Bentley student.

The campus has organizations that were made to give students fun things to do and keeps there little minds busy. People make friends of course, although if a job offering came up, they would happily punch their friend in the face to get it.

About once a semester there is some kind of big fundraiser on campus. These are social events where people joke around and pretend they are helping people. They put on their serious face, and then forget why they cared and go party.

Republicans and Democrats make up the political spectrum at Bentley. These are the people that may have important influence on the political life of this country some day, so they are highly propagandized and told not to think. Oh wait, nobody tells them that, but they do it anyways. Some students are good and decent, but many more students are loud, chauvinistic, competitive, and lazy. There idea of working together is teaming up...
BORN: Avril Ramona Lavigne.
GENDER: Female.
D.O.B.: Sept. 27, 1984.
NATIONALITY: Canadian (Born in Napanee).
OCCUPATION: Music Artist (rock, pop, punk, some country). She plays the guitar, drums, piano, and of course, sings. She is also beginning to appear in movies, and is launching her modeling career.
APPEARANCE: Caucasian. Blue eyes. Naturally brown hair, but recently died blonde. Petit build. GORGEOUS!
MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to Derek Whibley of rock group, "
Okay, to the two who wrote this: the truth is the Chinese and Japanese people in general get along just fine. They are both emerging world-superpowers and their economic ties are bringing them closer together. Also, with the booming economy, more people are traveling. I’ve never heard of any Japanese who went to China or any Chinese who went to Japan say anything negative about the people’s attitude towards them there. But, if you must talk about their political ties in the past and present, please don’t be so ignorant as to write the things below:

"'ok if japan has apologized numerous times, why cant they just issue an official apology then? yes, certain ppl have "apologized" for japans actions, but has the government?? has the japanese government even admitted to doing the things they did in WWII?'

The apologies I am talking about are from the Japanese government. There is on Wikipedia I believe an entire list of these apologies, it's rather long my friend. There is also been the offers of financial compensation that were TURNED DOWN BY THE CCP. Japan has issued numerous official government apologies.’”

The problem here is that Japan's action does not match her words. Yes they apologized to the China and Korea for brutal ma*s murders and rape, but then they turned around to worship their war-crime generals. Key word here is WORSHIP. It is hard for people not to feel that the official apologies are just superficial words. I’ll take some excerpts from a re...
BORN: Avril Ramona Lavigne.
GENDER: Female.
D.O.B.: Sept. 27, 1984.
NATIONALITY: Canadian (Born in Napanee).
OCCUPATION: Music Artist (rock, pop, punk, some country). She plays the guitar, drums, and piano. She is also beginning to appear in movies, and is launching her modeling career.
APPEARANCE: Caucasian. Blue eyes. Naturally brown hair, but recently died blonde. Petit build. GORGEOUS!
MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to Derek Whibley of rock group, "Sum 41".

An amazing, beautiful, confident, young artist who started out as a small-town girl with a dream, and a great pair of pipes to boot! She was discovered by famous country singer, Shania Twain, when Av won a contest t...
A man who wears gold chains, shirts unbuttoned far too low, drives a car he can not afford and believes that all these things make him an amazing person. A scamache is extremely full of himself and generally sleazy. A pinky ring or any excessive amounts of man jewelry is a dead give away. In some areas of the country, they are referred to as a "guito".
Oh my gosh, some guy just fed me some corny line and said that if I slept with him he'd take me for a ride in his Corvette.

Ew, what a scamache.
a "vhost" is either a vanity host, or a virtual host.
on a place like IRC, vhost usually refers to a vanity host.
vanity hosts are domains that usually make up some sort of sentence, such as:
these kind of hosts show up when a person on IRC searches for your username.
usually, one would have some kind of generic host provided by your ISP, or possibly your actual IP if the IRC server you're on fails to do a reverse dns on your IP.

most sh*ll services provide options to include vhosts like this, since most either control an uplink or host a dns server, or both.

those who create such vhosts often use domain suffixes (such as .com, .net, and .org, but more commonly more obscure ones such as country suffixes and stuff like .name) as part of the actual made by the domain, such as:

a list of country TLD's, or top level domains (domain suffixes) can be found at:

Now that i'm writing this definition, the word virtual host reminds me of a feature just about every commercial webhosting company provides, which i believe is the ability to host more than one website on the server.
oh, i'm leet: my hostname is!

Pretty much the most overrated school in the country, except for its location and campus (which are both pretty nice)
I go to Boston College. I am the sh*t and my college is the sh*t, even though it wasn't one of my first choices.
Truely skilled and talented teenagers and college age students. Both men and women are a part of colorguard. And NO the men are not always h*mos*xual. Colorguards add a punch of color and fun to a marching bands field show. Colorguard teams will SPIN not TWIRL flags, rifles, sabres, and many other things (i.e. brooms,different props such as wood cut into a 1/2 moon shape or just about anything). Colorguards may also do an indoor show which is done on a basketball court sized floor with beautiful floor covering and the shows are done to music that the girls(and or guys) pick out and mix together. Colorguard girls are no longer the fatt and ugly girls like it used to be now its anyone that has the ability to spin a 5-8 foot pole that is about 6 pounds and a 5 pound rifle and do it in time with the music as well as march in time and on step with the rest of the band all while spinning and t*ssing and catching and dancing and acting to the judges. Any one who says that colorguard isn't hard should see my shoulder I have a rotator cuff that needs surgery and elbows and wrists that already have arthritis. I have more injuries form colorguard then from soccer and I was on the Varsity team for BOTH. NORE are colorguard members Wh*reS, sl*tS, or anything else liek that. Yes, I'm sure that there are some on teams throught the country; however, that is the case with all sports teams and culbs.
HOTH stands for "houses of the holy", which is the 5th Led Zeppelin album. It was released in 1973, by Alantic records. Some people count this as their most "experimental" album because the album had a reggae type song called "D'yer Mak'er" (p*onounced Jamaica, like the country) and a funk type song called "The Crunge". This album was a turning point for Zeppelin, as the music started getting heavier they were loosing some of their blues sound.

Houses of the Holy is also the name of one of Led Zeppelin's songs on the album Physical Graffiti.
HOTH is my favorite album.
The state with the country's lowest crime rate, year after year. A place where the air is clean and you can drive even on an Interstate without seeing another car. "It's all relative"? Yes, but not in the way that many people took it. When I meet someone from "home," it often turns out that we have cousins, albeit distant ones, in common.
I grew up in a West Virginia town that was home to a state mental hospital with a wing for what were then called "criminally insane" (much scarier sounding than "defective delinquents"). One misty, late-summer evening when I was about fourteen, a friend and I were alone in my house playing a board game when we heard on the radio that some inmates of that wing had escaped. We did something very unusual for that time and place, and when my father came home about half an hour later, he was surprised to find the door locked.
short for Joe's Public aka The Public Theater in NYC
Named after founder Joe Papp, this has become an all encompa*sing nickname for The Public Theater (a world renowned American theater known as a platform for art of all genres and audiences; and being one of the oldest esteemed avant-garde theaters in NYC

"Joe's Pub at The Public Theater debuted in October 1998 and quickly became one of New York City's most celebrated and in-demand showcase venues for live music and performance. With its genre-blind booking and vast diversity of interests, the stage at Joe's Pub gives voice to a world of varied and stellar artists."

"Founded by Joseph Papp as the Shakespeare Workshop and now one of the nation’s preeminent cultural institutions, The Public is an American theater in which all the country’s voices, rhythms, and cultures converge....The Public Theater produces new plays, musicals, productions of Shakespeare, and other cla*sics in its headquarters on Lafayette Street (the former Astor library, which opened as The Public Theater in 1967 with the world premiere of the musical Hair) and at the Delacorte Theater, its permanent summertime home of free Shakespeare in Central Park. The Public's newest performance space, Joe's Pub, has become an important venue for new work and intimate performances by musicians, spoken-word artists, and solo performers."
A c*appy old city located between some dirty rivers (which often have cars or bodies in them). p*ssburgh basically is full of rednecks (ever hear the saying "Pennsylvania: Philadelphia on one side, Alabama on the other"). p*ssburgh is full of racists too. Everyone in the city claims to have such huge pride in their city but they don't. That is why Iron City went out of business (because everyone is cheap and just drinks Miller Lite, which is a hypocricy in itself because everyone is racist and Miller Lite donates to the Negro College Fund). That is also why the Penguins might leave town (p*ssburghers don't like hockey too much becaues it is too complicated of a sport to get drunk and watch, and also cause the Penguins never play defense). p*ssburgh claims to be a big drinking town but in reality no one here can handle their liquor, which is why p*ssburgh is one of the leading DUI cities in the country. p*ssburgh has no good job opportunities. p*ssburgh claims to have their own language (yinz, n'at) but in reality NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT except when they do it on purpose. p*ssburghers want to have their own identity SO MUCH but whether they like it or not p*ssburgh is a below average run of the mill city. For example, people think when you get a sandwich with french fries on it that is called ordering it "Pittsburgh style" but in reality NOBODY who doesn't live in Pittsburgh has ever heard of that. p*ssburgh was rated one of the worst cities for singles, and it certainly is....
People from the Country of Poland.
Often seen in more wealthy countries especially European since Poland joined the European Union.
Polish people generally move to wealthier countries in search of better pay and lifestyle but often are ignorant of the fact that people native to that country find it hard enough to get a job without them taking them all just because they are willing to work for less money or in poorer conditions.
Some Polish people do not work at all, only claim benefits from the state and sit in their houses which are given to them on entry to an EU country. They often are ignorant of fashion and wear brightly coloured track-suites and rubber hats. Polish people are well known in most shopping centres and are almost always on police record for stealing or attacking people.
Hey man have you got a job at the sweatshop yet?

No those f*cking Polish people are taking them all, and I got my car stolen by a Polish man in brightly coloured swimming shorts
a very popular drink in Fiji, commonly made with in a big bowl and is served to special guests in the country.
I tried kava when I visited Fiji and didn't like it very much. I thought it tasted like murky water with a hint of gra*s (or vice versa). Don't bash me for this, I'm just stating my opinion!
A country with a very rich history and amazing culture existed until 1991. Now it's so called "Russian Federation" controlled by greedy "new russians" who don't care about anyone or anything and just stealing and ruining what was created before them by Soviet Union and before that.
Russian police : Hey you there, speed limite was 60 km/h and you were going like 250
Dude: Here's 10 $ for ya bustard
Russian police: All right! Good day to you my friend! Oh, by the way, may i wash your car?
Russian with brain: s*rew this governement, they didn't create democracy or anything. The factories don't work and no one is taking us seriously. And this reforms... now i have to pay 2500 rubels for electricity insted of 300.
Kappa Alpha Psi , a college Fraternity, now comprised of functioning Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters on major campuses and in cities throughout the country, is the crystallization of a dream. It is the beautiful realization of a vision shared commonly by the late Revered Founders Elder Watson Diggs, "The Dreamer"; John Milton Lee ; Byron K. Armstrong; Guy Levis Grant; Ezra D. Alexander; Henry T. Asher; Marcus P. Blakemore; Paul W. Caine; Edward G. Irvin and George W. Edmonds.

It was the vision of these astute men that enabled them in the school year 1910 - 11, more specifically the night of January 5, 1911, on the campus of Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana, to sow the seed of a fraternal tree whose fruit is available to, and now enjoyed by, college men everywhere, regardless of their color, religion or national origin. It is a fact of which KAPPA ALPHA PSI is justly proud that the Constitution has never contained any clause which either excluded or suggested the exclusion of a man from membership merely because of his color, creed, or national origin. The Constitution of KAPPA ALPHA PSI is predicated upon, and dedicated to, the principles of achievement through a truly democratic Fraternity.

Chartered and incorporated originally under the laws of the State of Indiana as Kappa Alpha Nu on May 15, 1911, the name was changed to KAPPA ALPHA PSI on a resolution offered and adopted at the Grand Chapter in December 1914. This change became effective April 15, 1...
1. The famous "Green Tylenol"
2. An ungroomed package... can be either s*x.
3. The worst president of the United States of America that there has ever been.
4. A c*appy close minded Republican.
5. Man with one of the lowest IQ's in the world... 90 (and we let this guy take over the country!)
6. A low shrub with many branches.
Example for #1: Meggis: Who's got the bush!?
Brookelyn: Yo! I got's the bush biznitch! So, lets get lit!
Example for #2: Holy sh*t! That bush is outta control. Get my scissors and I'll trim it up for ya.
Example for #3: George Bush Jr.
Example for #4: George Bush Jr.
Example for #5: George Bush Jr.
Example for #6: I have a beautiful Prim Rosebush outside in my front yard.
The political stance of soulless morally degenerate neo-n*zi extremists who believe that they should have the legal right and choice to murder or exterminate undesirable humans. (see n*zi for similar views.)
The term pro-choice is a fundamentally flawed and a contradiction of their doctrine. To have the choice to take one human's life is depriving another human of the choice to live. They ignore the obvious signs of protest (clenching fists, cowering etc.) which make it all too clear that the person they're dismembering alive DOES NOT CHOOSE THIS! They pretend to be so proud of their stance, but they lack the courage to call it what it really is: pro-murder. Instead they try pawn off their namby-pamby contradictory term of pro-choice.
Pro-choicers pretend to support the choice of women, meanwhile tens of millions of woman have been slaughtered and deprived of choice. Hence the pro-choicers put the "moron" in "oxymoron".
Also known as baby-murderers, pro-choicers p...
A very cla*sy, expensive, preppy, Vineyard Vines-wearing area in Westchester County, NY. It is along the same lines of Bedford in terms of wealth, with a slightly less well-known reputation. The pristine landscaping is beautiful, and everyone seems to know each other. The houses are too expensive and exclusive for anyone to afford, over $1,000,000 (and thats on the cheap end). Its filled with with either brand new multi-million dollar construction or huge old houses that look as great as ever. It lacks a hot spot such as Greenwich Ave, but its warmth and quaint-ness gives it the "cute, bedroom town" appeal. Everyone here is from super rich suburban catholic families consisting of both parents being either doctors, lawyers, or owners of an italian restaurant usually named after one of more members of the family. In some rare cases, the dad's dont even need to work, they are that secure. They usually vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Myrtle Beach, or the Bahamas. The kids usually either get brand new Lexus's or Audi's, or receive the hand-me-down BMW that their dad recently gave them, which they drive every friday to the Westchester Mall to shop at stores like J.Crew. Unlike Scarsdale and Bronxville, most of these Somers kids are super smart, and work hard to do well in school, an...
Townie is a word describing a person of a sub-culture in Great Britain whose lifestyle is based on fascism, hatred and shallow-mindedness. Most grow out of being mindless during their early to mid-twenties.

Townies of both s*xes are normally found in groups, loitering around town centres, as well as places that would seem odd to normal people, e.g. the parking lot of a funeral parlour, golf courses, chemists/drug stores. The loitering is a prelude to one of their hobbies which is intimidating normal humans.

Unlike decent members of society a townie, or chav, see people who look different to him or herself, as well things like culture, art, literature, education and abiding by the law, as things to be feared, hated and laughed at.

Characteristic behaviour of townies when out in public places includes riding mopeds/motor scooters with the baffles removed to create noise, spend a fortune on customizing ridiculous little cars like a Nova or Fiesta (genuine Fiesta and Nova owners excepted as their vehicle is used...
Italian people are just people from italy or people with italian heritage. they dont eat domino pizza, wear fat gold chains, talk wiv stupid voices, play accordians or work for d mafia. all you stupid ppl out there hu pretend to be italian gangsters should choke on that fako c*ap you call pizza. and to all you stupid racist b*tches who say that they're all mafioso, greasy patriotic twats, just take a look around a second. everyone has a right to be proud of they're country, especially italy, who got alot to be proud of. so f*ck u haters. get a life. specially dat moosh guy.
Wannabe Italian: Shuta your face, or i get my papa to f*ck you up, he in da mafia, u kno, he a big boss, ye?

Real Italian: stow it fatty.


Real italian: f*ck you.

Wannabe italian: yeah!!! you kno my papa, he f*ck u up....

Real Italian: no, really, shut up.
some one who lives in the country, born and raised, more than 15 miles from a city. Lives on a farm, instead of useing fields for crops they use the feild for mud running. own atleast one motorcycle and are very into what type of vehicle they like. drink bear 18 hours a day. wear harley davidson clothes. have a nine inch lift on there truck with huge muddin tires. have a party just to go hunting. animals are not allowed in the house. and are racist
my dads side of the family is every thing i just said above, we are your typical hick, we live 20 mile from the nearest town, we two motorcycles, very into ford trucks hate chevies, drink bear everyday of the week, have parties to go hunting, play in the mud with our dirt bikes and four wheelers, we live on a farm, cats and dogs sleep outside, my dad is very racist.
As a Wyomissing resident and former student here is my retort to the above remarks. The most overlooked aspect of the district of Wyomissing is its fellow borough, West Reading. Wyomissing is composed of two parts, the borough of Wyomissing and the borough of West Reading. Wyomissing is defined by its luscious park system, bordered by rich houses and mansions. West Reading however, is an extension of the crime-ridden city of Reading which often earns top honors in crime, murder, and rape rates. The citizens of West Reading are mostly illegal immigrants and other fatherless families deprived of guidance and money. These kids are thrown into a school system along with the wealthy children of the doctors, lawyers, and business owners working in the city of Reading. The high school system is split up into levels by subject. These levels are AP, honors, academic, and comprehensive. Most of the rich kids wind up filling there schedules with the most AP and honors courses that will fit; many of Wyomissing’s brightest also take extra AP courses in the summer to further enhance their already spilling over GPA. The academic and comprehensive cla*ses are composed of the illegals of West Reading as well as the rich kids overwhelmed by the success of their older siblings. These younger brothers and sisters, deprived of attention because of the genius of their siblings, find refuge in either the increasingly popular “gothic” attitude or pose as a ghetto West Reading thug formerly from G...
I don't think that I really got my point across for the state of Kentucky as I did for Louisville I have to say, I have rarely, if ever, been more offended in all my life. Kentucky is the South, has always been the South, and, so help me God, will always be the South. As Southern as Georgia, as someone said! I’m offended as a Kentuckian, as an historian, and as someone who has spent his entire life studying the history and culture of the South. Red-faced angry offended! There shouldn’t even be an argument, though, God help me, I know that there is. When someone can prove to me that the Ohio River has been moved south of Kentucky, as well as the Mason-Dixon line, I might entertain the argument. Until then, I am inclined to believe that anyone who would call Kentucky “Midwestern,” which is offensive to every fiber of my being (did I mention that?), is misinformed and doesn’t know much of what they speak. Truly, you don’t know the South if you don’t find it in Kentucky, and I don’t really care where you claim to be from or know. You can’t pigeon-hole the South! It’s much more than anything you might be inclined to believe. People want to judge every state in the South by the Deep South, I’ve come to believe. Well, the South exists in two (maybe, three) parts: The Deep South and the Upper South (some might add Mid-South, as I note a few of you have). The accents aren’t all identical, but the culture is--or is very well close.

Now, about Louisville. I do see why you’d think...
1) a sylabic rambling used to fill in the words to a country western song that you forgot the words for.
" Amariilo by morning, Heebner-schneebner do, Heebner-schneebner, deebner do. Amarillo's on my mind."
" She took my dog to the pound, heebner-schneebner, and flatted the tires on my pick-up, heebner-schneebner, and then she left me, heebner-schneebner, do"
A teen mother is a female (between the ages of 13 and 19) who has a child.

If she became pregnant by accident because of unprotected s*x...well, that sucks. This is why there needs to be better s*x education in this country, and parents need to have "the talk" with their kids.

If she had it intentionally...well, then this is a girl who has taken her youth and prematurely flushed it down the toilet. This is an example of yet another worthless person, and God knows we don't need more of them in this country.

Girls this young (even if they think they are) are really not ready to have children. The maturity and responsibility is just not there yet. In addition, there is usually a lack of financial resources (money).

For those that may argue that "Well, my grandparents decided to have children at 18, etc..."
Uhm, if you haven't noticed, society is a lot different now. Look around.
"She had a kid? Wow. Too bad for her"
"Yeah, it was her idea to get pregnant!"
"At 18???"
"Wow. Well, too bad for her. She is a teen mother."
An adventure that leaves you with a changed outlook. Specifically, traveling and taking risks (either physically or mentally) resulting in a memorable experience that provides for new knowledge or personal growth.
A: Our expedenture to Mexico was great! Spending time in a different country changed my life!

B: Like the time we got stuck out in the middle of nowhere and all we had was a 12-case of Tecate and a can of beans?

A: Oh yeah...
Cracker is a slur that was used by Whites Originally To describe Free White Indentured servants/slaves as In the early days Of America and austrila where basically slave collinies for the Surf cla*s Of England,Ireland& scotland these whites where Brought To the Americas against their will In a 3rd pa*sage To cut welfair cost in England.upon Freedom Black slaves where promised 40 achers and a mule White slaves where Promised 50 achers and a ho.only about 25% ever got land promised to them The free Whites who got land was the wrost land In the country where Cotton and tobaco could not be farmed the only crop able to farm was Corn witch they distilled To make wiskey Like their ancestors did in Ireland & the scotish Highlands they where called Corn crackers Or crackers after their one and only crop they grew. this land is In W.Va,Va,Pa,ohio
Cracker- Jimmy Crack corn and I don't care My masters run away. A American Folk song about Free white slaves Or corn crackers
apparnetly on this sight, people like to b*tch about how high school sucks...didnt any one tell u this or did u figure it out after your 4 years? I realized it about 2-3 days into my freshmen year and i find that the only cla*ses that really prepare anyone for life are the buisness cla*ses and the tech cla*ses...see in NY, we have one of the greatest testing systems in the country, but we have a 20-30% pa*sing rate on math becuz we take a year and a half of math and try and cram it into 3 hours, which is complete bullsh*t...anyway, high school teachers arent that bad...where im from, we have maybe 5-10% of teachers that are complete cynical a*sholes who have either been castrated or been tragic burn victims...i read about someone saying history was useless...besides tech and business, without history, you would repeat the mistakes of the here's a suggestion to the cynical realists/ex high school students/b*tching liberals/suburban teenager that thinks high school is hard...shut the f*ck up and deal with it, jesus christ do you need some vagasil for your p*ssy? are you that retentive and stupid that the only thing you can do is b*tch? high school is free, college is a b*tch when it comes to costs...thats why im moving to europe...GO EUROPE!!!
1. The Seventh Layer of h*ll= High school
2. High School is Jesus Punishment for kids that whack off
3. high school is for the Dumba*s that may have a chance to not end up at mcdonalds for the rest of his/her pathetic life...
Fresh Off The Boat ..

Or other people use FOB for Someone who has broken english or a distinct accent (Any race or colour)

People who are imigrants and are new to a country.
Kylie: "j*ckeE You're so fob"
j*ckeE: "No, I got veby goot engrish"
Kylie: "d*mn Fob"
j*ckeE: "My engrish betta den yours!"
Your parents parents, usually old. You may not want to visit them now, but when they open up, you will hear well-spun stories of their "glory days". And if you are lucky you will hear stories of their many diffrent conquests, being either drugs or boyfriends/girlfriends. War stories are a popular and exiting one. Maybe their immagration from a diffrent country in times of need. They will enjoy talking to their grandchildren, offering advice or just being in your presence. Enjoy them while they last, they are not here for ever.
Grandpa: "I remember when I was 22 and me and my friend bought some LSD and went train-hopping around Canada"

Grandchild: "really?"

Grandma: "Oh william! don't give bobby any ideas!"

Grandpa: *laughing* "but they were the best times of my life"

grandson: *thinking* 'I can't wait to tell my kids funny stories of drugs, drinking, and women!'
long live grandparents!
You can find this pretty country in the centre of Europe. Lithuania is famous for making very delicious beer, hot girls and good basketball team.Although there are much more famous things but these 3 are the most important ones.
Lithuanians should thank for some nations (for example: for SSRS, Poland) for the breaking own Lithuanian's past.
The language of Lithuania is established as one of the most euphonious in the world.
Capital - Vilnius
English: I love you Lithuania, my Motherland!
The same in Lithuanian: As tave myliu Lietuva, Tevyne mano!
Charles Clarke was formerly the Home Secretary in Tony Blair's fascist New Labour Government. His physical appearance was that of a beetroot-faced commandant, while his policies explicitly stated that for reasons of national security, every person living in Britain needed to be f*ngerprinted,, investigated, and issued with an ID card which was to be carried at all times under threat of arrest and torture.

Under the excuse of a nationwide epidemic, the terrifyingly named Avian Flu (which had already killed 23 people throughout Asia and Europe) he planned to instigate a curfew and using the pretext of "inoculation" to insert into every British person a microchip similar to the ones used on domestic pets.

His department was also in charge of the criminal records unit which provided employers with details of the criminal records of the public. Sadly such was the ruthless inefficiency of this department that 3000 people ended up wrongly portrayed as criminals when they were in fact innocent.
He was also in charge of the department which released thousands of foreign murderers, rapists and thugs onto the streets when they should actually have been deporte...
One republic, under G O D Government of Democracy, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. ( Some battle that the acronym GOD must come out of the Pledge of Allegience, while many Americans without the church cannot get in their opinion. A lack of resistance therefore is building against those who would protect this acronym, title, or as some have and the CONSTITUTION suggest is a diety Creator of Americans. The realize, they say, that since the liberty, undivisibility, and justice is failed then then, really, in all the sense of rationality indicated that there is little purpose to fly the flag. "It is a insult to those who know real liberty." Without these truths in action, others say it is a symbol to the people to Form a Government To Serve their interest and reinlist all liberties lost.
Government Of Democracy, GOD; A Title, A gereric indication of the inherent GODLY power of the people over the Government. G O D is the Govenment Entrusted to Americans to Infiltrate the World. To spread the "name of GOD" as a diety without offering freedom and equality is an oxy moron and not prudent of the American People.

"The Forefather of our Country were not forming a Religion, but a Country, unlike any world power ever lived. Success followed their endeavor until America's Leaders became in debt to World Banks and Conspiracies that led the country into Bankruptsey created a handful of World Bankers. In 2006, the American Debt National is over 8 trillion dollars. Theologist in political and government science as well as men who pulblish around the world believe that this is why the new ruling that IMENIENT DOMAIN has been held more important than the rights of the people. The American Soil and the Citizens there are the only collaterial for this DEBT. The only way out of this debt in international bankruptsey or by obeying the Constitution to "gather the militia and protect from foreign invasions at sea." Axis has identified a 40 year theorey written by an American dwelling Athiest ( As a Free American, and to enjoy those freedoms, Axis announces that GOD must stay every where and in every Doc*ment and be replaced in public places.) Not a a sentence of condemnation but of Freedoms. To understand why Americans Believe in God, however they understand him, ...
I think that, unlike many people posting here, I'll use rational argument to prove my points...

1. Liberals are smarter than Conservatives in general. Type in '2004 Election by IQ' into Google or some other search engine.
2. Liberals are more stable than conservatives when it comes to family and the like. In New England, the most liberal part of the country, there are 2.4 divorces per 1000 people. In Texas, there are 4.2 divorces per 1000 people. In the Bible belt, divorce is at the highest rates in the country.
3. Liberals believe in strict economic laws and loose laws dealing with personal freedoms. Abortion, DUH. If you don't want to get one, don't get it. Seriously, some radical christian families in the midwest are living in trailers with six or seven
half-starved children because they are anti-condom, anti-abortion fundamentalists who are lobbying to have the supposedly "immoral" rights outlawed. Yet they fail to realize that abortions keep mistakes from happening (rape and perverted incest) and that they are in a dogsh*t condition because they don't know that the average child costs about $220,000.
the average wage and marriage age in the south and bible belt is lower than those in the north, mainly california, oregona, new england, DC, washington. blue states. More blue staters have completed college than red-staters.

"The liberals from Ma*sachusetts have long prided themselves on their emphasis on education, and it has paid off: People who stay in school longer get married at a later age, when they are more mature, are more likely to secure a better job, and job income increases with each level of formal education. As a result, Ma*sachusetts also leads in per capita and family income while births by teenagers, as a percent of total births, was 7.4 for Ma*sachusetts and 16.1 for Texas."
Boston Globe, or NYTimes. (don't remember)

If you find anything that contradicts this information (proof, really) post it!
A terrible president. Someone who:

- issues tax cuts that give money to people who have it, while taking money from people who don't have it (if someone can explain this logic to me, I would greatly appreciate it).

- can't spell "tomato", whines about being "misunderestimated", and butchers the English language in general every time he talks, then has the d*mn nerve to say the National Anthem "oughta" be sung in English ("oughta" is not a word, btw).

- corners the man behind a direct attack on our nation, then leaves him in the custody of his own people to attack a country that had nothing to do with said attack (or with anything else, for that matter) because he thinks they might have weapons of ma*s destruction.

- considers the utter annihilation of h*mos*xuality, Paganism, and, in general, everything that disagrees with his moral beliefs, more important than ending the poverty in this country.

- bashes stem-cell research because he will not take an innocent life in order to save a life, but has no problem with killing innocent civilians in his fight against terrorism.

- Says he follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, who was a pacifist, an advocate of the seperation of church and state, and who taught people to care for people less fortunate than us. With that said, it makes perfect sense for him to bomb countries on a whim, give a cold shoulder to the poverty problem in America, and try to push Christianity upon every last American citizen.
Host Mother
1.) A woman who acts as a "host" parent to any type of exchange student that should come into her house.

This phrase MUST be devided into two groups:

Cool Host Mother:

1. A host mother who is patient, kind and helpful, especially with students who do not understand sh*t about the country's language at the beginning of their stay.

2.A host mother who can have rules that vary slightly from the rules of the actual parents of the student and, depending how awesome she is, may even encourage ideas or certain behaviors that coincide with what the student has been originally raised with by his or her own parents. (In general the student feels more comfortable sharing secrets and some of the naughty things they've done with the host mother. This is due to the fact that real mums tend to freak out more than the host mothers, who temporarily adopt students after they have hit puberty, and didn't know anything about what the student was like as Mummy's little baby, hence eliminating the strong emotion protective parent factor).

3. A host mother who let's the students have as much freedom as is reasonably allowed, and takes the student on trips with her often to see other places in the country (this comes in handy as sometimes exchange students can be stuck in Nowhereville while they're abroad.)

4. A host mother who is very in touch with her inner 20 year old.

sh*tty Host Mother:

1. A host mother who is extremely impatient and annoying with the s...
Iceland is, as has been well doc*mented, a small island in the North Atlantic. It was settled in the 9th century, mainly by Norwegians and other Scandinavians, but also by a few Celts from Scotland and Ireland. There is a theory that the Norwegians in particular left for Iceland to escape the growing tyranny and expanding power of the Scandinavian Kings, especially King Harald Fair-hair of Norway. The first settler was Ingolfur Arnarson, arriving in 870 AD, and he built a farm on the site of modern day Reykjavik, the capital. Iceland was the first republic and developed a system of proto-democracy with a national Parliament called the Althing established in 930 AD, and a very sophistocated system of law developed. This was surprisingly liberal; women had practically equal rights to men. For instance, they could take part in legal proceedings and declare themselves divorced whenever they wished, whilst retaining all property rights. Considering women only got equal property rights in Britain in the 19th century, this is impressive I feel.
The term 'Viking' as an ethnic term is wrong; to the Scandinavians it meant specifically a raider, so not all, or even most, Icelanders were Vikings. Practically all were simple farmers. No towns existed in medieval Iceland, and farms were self-sufficient units.
An Icelander was the first to land on Greenland, which was settled by Eirik the Red after he had been outlawed from Iceland, who called it this to make it more attractive to oth...
There is alot of americans (n sum auzzies) dissin MY country, saying that--
1-we are mongrels,
2.we never brush our t*et,
3.we hate the irish,
4.we eat crumpets an scones an drink tea all day,
5.'can't go five minutes without diving into a bottle '.
6.we cant do sport despite inventing them all,
7.we are patriotic,
8.have stupid accents,
9.we are stuck up and claim that we hate america baecuase there men come over and shag all our women ..WTF.
10. automaticaly think were from london

all i can say in reply is can the americian call us mongreals when we fecking discovered there fecking country
2.we do brush our t*eth that is why we dont need to spend £££ getting them whitened etc
3. we dont hate the irish there cool n have amazing FIT accents
4. we hardly ever eat scones n crumptets n so what if we drink beats sitting on fat a*ses eating double bugers chips and coke
5. we can go plenty a time with out a drink, u guys just dont no how to have fun. an at least we dont try an fix all our troubles by going on 'trisha' or 'the jeremy kyle show' an gettin cruddy counclling. n if 1 of us were n acholic at least we wouldnt sue the alchol comoany for getting us drunk. (think fat people suing maccds or smokers suing the ciggy company)
6.yes thankyou we did invent them all, an america can hardly critisize us for sport skills we are indeed much better then them at fotball (the most popular sport of all) and 2 u auzzie peeps out there im quite pso...
A city located on Lake Ontario that thinks it rules but in reality, it sucks.

Toronto prides itself with being diverse with Indonesian, Chinese and Muslims of all sorts. But unfortunately they are so caught up with trying to make these people feel welcome that white people get left behind. Just watch City TV. There is this ugly a*s dark skin foreign news woman that looks like a hairy a*s and the only reason she got the job is because she isn't white. I don't know about you but i'd rather watch a hot white woman on TV. All of these young professional Indonesian women try to dress like business women and take pride in their ethnicity. They also like to go to this coffee shop called Timothy's that is for f*ggots. Then they sit in there with their chinese and black friends and talk about issues and how they find it challenging to cut in in Canada with white people when it's them that cause the real problem.

It is also full of f*ggots and adademics that preach g*y rights, and like to bash Americans. That p*sses me off large because they live the same type of life as Americans but they still like to lay insults. I also can't stand g*y men that carry a man purse or fag bag. They look like f*cking p*ssies and they spend all their time in the salon getting highlights.

Even the white people there are a*sholes. They think that just because the Blue Jays play in Toronto that they have a Major League City. As a result all sorts of posers emerge. The most evident are the Jama...
The first inhabitants of Australia before the Europeans. They were not a civilization as they lacked the intellectual ability or intelligence to create a community larger than a tribe. Their culture was/is very primitive as they never evolved from Stone Age technology. Prior to European settlement, Australian Aboriginals lived a nomadic lifestyle across all terrains of Australia. Their religious theories are somewhat ludacris and generally consist of impossible theories that even the most basic of science proves an impossibilty. Now that Europeans have successfully established a first world country currently known as Australia, Aboriginals complain about thier "stolen" and "lost" culture and lifestyle yet insist on enjoying the benefits of white mans technology/lifestyle. They are pacified by the Government with extremely generous payment benefits. Their current lifestyle sees them living in extreme squalor despite thier non-deserved payment income. Income dole is usually used to purchase alcohol and narcotics. Usually industrial and household chemicals are used in substitute for genuine narcotics. They in a metaphoric term, they are a cancer to the Australian people.
Outside a shop
Aboriginal: Aye brudder you godda schmoke or a dollar? I need a few a dollar to feed me 12 kids aye.
Man: Yeah heres a few dollars get out of my way
Aboriginal: Urghghgh errr
*later man sees his generously donated currency being currently used by the aboriginal to purchase cheap alcoholic beverages*
* Noun; one who is from the country, and who wants to keep it country. Oh, and you sure as h*ll ain't no redneck if you don't support the Rebel cause in the Civil War. Yes, some rednecks are white trash, but these rednecks are the smart ones, because they improvise with what they have. For instance, if they don't have a lot of money, and they want a pool, they steal one. Or, they get a looooot of duct tape and make a big a*s circle with it.
Fred: Hey man, do you wanna go ter the fishin club ternite or tomorry, caws me and Georgina was gonna do sumfin ternite an I figgered I better clear all at up witch chu for I made plans wi' her.

Leon: Naw... at's fine. What chu and 'da little lady gots planned fer ternite?

Fred: We're gonna git her mustache s*aved! It hadn't been dun in a while.

Leon: wife got hers shave yesterdee! How bout dat!

*Jeff Foxworthy
*Larry the Cable Guy
*Bill Engvall
*Ron White

****These guys are from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but that term doesn't really fit in with the term redneck. I suppose they were being sarcastic...hmmm...
1. "g*ying up" is one of those phrases that works on the various pejorative meanings of g*y, in this instance to mean s*rewed up or not functioning correctly to some degree. This works forwards from the traditional belief that there is something inherently messed up about h*mos*xuality and extends the definition of 'g*y' accordingly.

Therefore, to g*y something up is to ruin or corrupt it, especially through socially unpleasant or malicious behaviour, and for something to become 'g*yed up' is for it to work to a less than satisfactory level, especially due to faulty wiring or some other internal defect.

Of course, there is little h*mophobic intent in the use of these words.

2. "g*ying up" can also be used as one of those phrases that works on the stereotypical aspects of g*yness. If a club, or room, or 30-minute television show, is 'g*yed up', it will undoubtedly have one of the following: flashing lights, colourful streamers, loud, ba*sy tra...
One of two main political parties in the United States of America, the other being the republican party. Although previously popular, liberalism is thought to have died in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan. In light of all the good he did and republicans since his time, the democratic party has dissolved into nothing more than a semi strung together group of radical, misinformed, modern hippies with little respect for their freedom.

The basic democrat values center around redistribution of wealth, enviromentalism, pro abortion and g*y marriage, anti war, high taxes, care for the poor, and a principally philanthropic state. Let's look deeper into this:

Redistribution of wealth is basically taking from the rich to give to poor (very Robin Hood-esque). However, liberalism makes it so that anyone who is successful and has made their way up the rigorous economic and business ladder, must give all their money away to pay for someone else's welfare, free medical care, etc. In that sense, the democratic party is often credited with caring for the poor and republicans caring only for the rich. However, liberalism promotes spoon feeding the incompetent, while conservatism promotes hard work and having each citizen make their own living and moreover, control their own lives. Therefore, liberalism is also well credited with being "too involved" in the citizen's lives.

The democrat party is also largely in favor of g*y marriage and pro choice abortion. They are in favor ...
Sounds like "lowly", not "lolly".

1. (n) Abbreviation for l*lita fashion. Also, someone who wears this fashion.

Other abbreviations common in this fashion are:

Gothloli/Gosurori = Gothic l*lita
Amaloli = Amai l*lita/Sweet l*lita
Punk-loli/Panloli = Punk l*lita
Waloli = Waf*ku l*lita (l*lita with traditional Japanese garb)
Qiloli = Qipao l*lita (Qipao "chee-pow" = Chinese dress)
Gurololi = Grotesque l*lita (l*litas with eyepatches, fake bruises, and spattered blood on their clothes)

Loligoth/Lolligoth = ugly Western version of gothic l*lita as seen at Hot Topic; or, UK version of gothic l*lita with heightened Western-goth appearance (lit. "l*lita Goth")

EGL = Elegant Gothic l*lita (from Moi-même-Moitié)
EGA = Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (from Moi-même-Moitié)

Kodona = Kodomo-Otona ("child-adult", from Gothic&l*lita Bible vol.1)

Besides these, you can put just about any adjective in front of "loli" to create a new style of l*lita. Kurololi (black/kuro l*lita), Shirololi (white/shiro l*lita), Pirate loli, Country loli, Cyberloli, Hobo loli (yes, I have wit...
In Britain, 'gentry' is the term applied for those people who belong to the upper cla*s with country estates often (but non always!) farmed on their behalf by others, and who may be without a peerage or other hereditay title.
"Ok, Tommy darling, now that you're in London, there's a thing you must know. This isn't America...So, before we go out visiting my c*ckney friends, dress well, drive on the LEFT side, mix with the local gentry, and don't crash Tarquin's Bentley..."

"Ugh, ok, honey. I promise. Who's this Tarquin anyway? "
Originally, the word rape was akin to rapine, rapture, raptor, and rapacious, and referred to the more general violations, such as looting, destruction, and capture of citizens that are inflicted upon a town or country during war, eg. the Rape of Nanking. Today, some dictionaries still define rape to include any serious and destructive a*sault against a person or community.

English rape was in use since the 14th century in the general sense of "seize prey, take by force," from raper, an Old French legal term for "to seize", in turn from Latin rapere "seize, carry off by force, abduct". The Latin term was also used for s*xual violation, but only very rarely. The legendary event known as the "Rape of the Sabine Women", while ultimately motivated s*xually, did not entail s*xual violation of the Sabine women on the spot, who were rather abducted, and then implored by the Romans to marry them (as opposed to striking a deal with their fathers or brothers first, as would have been required by law).

Though the s*xual connotation is today dominant, the word "rape" can be used in non-s*xual context in literary English. In "the rape of the Silmarils" in J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion", the word "rape" is used with its old meaning of "seizing and taking away". In Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock, the word "rape" is used hyperbolically, exaggerating a trivial violation against a person. Compare also the adjective rapacious which retains the generic meaning.

a country in Central Africa often referred to as "Africa in Miniature" with so many different ethnic groups and peace loving people.

Bilingual English and French. With over 250local languages.
Corrupt Government/police officers/nurses/teachers etc
Cameroon men, smooth talkers, undisputed heartbreakers with less respect for women.
Spend more than their income. DEBTORS
Cameroonian women, very independent and great dancers, beer drinkers.
High alchohol rate in men and women.
Football fans and a great football nation
Origin of MAKOSSA Music which others copy now in Africa

Population. 16million
Woman 1: My husband stays late outside and returns at 2.00am all the time.

Woman 2: is he from Cameroon?
Our emotional state of choice is Ecstasy. Our nourishment of choice is Love. Our addiction of choice is technology.
Our religion of choice is music. Our currency of choice is knowledge. Our politics of choice is none.
Our society of choice is utopian though we know it will never be. You may hate us. You may dismiss us. You may misunderstand us. You may be unaware of our existence.
We can only hope you do not care to judge us, because we would never judge you. We are not criminals. We are not disillusioned. We are not drug addicts. We are not naive children...
We are one ma*sive, global, tribal village that transcends man-made law, physical geography, and time itself.
We are The Ma*sive. One Ma*sive.
We were first drawn by the sound. From far away, the thunderous, muffled, echoing beat was comparable to a mother's heart soothing a child in her womb of concrete, steel, and electrical wiring.
We were drawn back into this womb, and there, in the heat, dampness, and darkness of it,
We came to accept that we are all equal. Not only to the darkness, and to ourselves, but to the very music slamming into us and pa*sing through our souls: we are all equal.
And somewhere around 35 Hz we could feel the hand of God at our backs, pushing us forward, pushing us to push ourselves to strengthen our minds, our bodies, and our spirits,
Pushing us to turn to the person beside us to join hands and uplift them by sharing the uncontrollable joy we felt from creating this magi...
Acronym for "International Music Pirate". Essentially, someone who downloads music from any of the free "illegal" music download sites from a country where downloading isn't officially "illegal" (Canada as an example) and whom then sends those songs to people in countries where it is illegal (the USA as an example)
Oh ya, I got that album from my IMP in Canada. Excellent tunes. You should check it out
Refers to the First World War, 1914-1918. Not as popular as World War Two is today, as American film producers have not made as many films about it, most likely because it would make the U.S look weak the U.S. as their country had very little to do with the war.

The Great War was the war that defined warfare for probably a very long time. Armies, unused to light infantry battles and the use of tactics over numbers, found themselves in a stalemate, "dug in" at opposing trenches that stretched for miles and miles. This warfare was particularly gruesome, as the cramped and dangerous conditions led to many serious diseases, both mental and physical. The phrase "over the top" was created in this war, when frustrated army commanders ordered their soldiers to simply get out of their trenches and charge the enemy positions. When units went "over the top," it was common for the entire unit to be completely wiped out, resulting in the deaths of thousands in a few hours.

The war itself was brought about due to rising tensions in Europe and the web of alliances that existed. When the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was a*sa*sinated by Serbian terrorists, Austria blamed Russia, as Russia had always promised to protect Serbia should Austria look to seize it. Following this outbreak, Germany and Italy declared war on Russia's ally France, whereupon Britain was inevitably thrown into the fray.

Rememberance Day parades are held every year in every town in most of Europe (not sure abou...
What Is?

Broken English is form of Binary which can take many long hours to know good but Broken English can teach quicker. Broken English is used for many people in New York City to jpspeak in Can*l Street, where this born. Broken English purpose to collect all people on Can*l Street, Black People, White People, Asian People to speak one language so no confusion, no?. Many immigrantes from my country do same ting and speak same this way. It give many benefit to us, especially to Russia and Hitler. Broken English is new very fast ... instrument ... to communicate with people that are not you and want to do something when you give money.

Broken English living here.

Broken English born in Can*l Street from Michael Lecolant. He was mother. Husband was Your Mom and Your Face. This was maked when two people wasn't allowed to speak Traditional Chinese or Bangladeshian because they did not do learning for it. No homework for both of those people. Michael Lecolant used all english he knew from watching Hey Arnold and Spanish Soccer. After taking much valuabled time from both staring to each othering face, they decide to make new way of speak for each other. Much days were lost, and then Broken English was doing the speaking.
Broken English screaming word

Not Expedition but Long Journey hard task

"Look good fast pretty, baby"

~ j*ck Johnson on s*x with Broken English
White female who tends only to date black guys.
Based on the p*rn star of the same name who speacialises in interracial p*rn, claiming to be the web's first "black c*ck only sl*t".
Spring Thomases usually fall into one of the following categories:

1. An out and out sl*t who simply loves c*ck, committed to the belief that black means bigger, rougher, and therefore better for her overall requirement. See example 1 below.

2. A prissy little rich kid who eats the black meat to p*ss daddy off for selfish gain. See example 2 below.

3. A hippy girl who considers herself to be "culturally curious", who thinks that sleeping with black guys is some social experiment, putting herself in touch with her supposed earthy ancestral roots. See example 3 below.

4. A dumb-a*s middle-cla*s white chick who sees black guys as fashion accessories. See example 4 below.

5. A variation to this is the "Part time Spring Thomas":
A white chick who'll go out and revenge f*ck a black guy just to get one up on her cheating (white) boyfriend. See example 5 below.

Despite the various reasons for being a "Spring Thomas", they are all united by their ability to be simultaneously offensive to both Caucasians and African Americans.
White chick: "f*ck me harder cotton picker"
Black dude: "Keep that sh*t up b*tch and I'll break this a*s in two, you little Spring Thomas".
White chick: "Mmmm... yeah!!" (push back, push back)

Country Club Member 1: "Gee Todd, my daughter's datin' a black dude."
Country Club Member 2: "Heck Josh, maybe it's time to buy her that Mercedes Benz. You don't want her to become a Spring Thomas."

Black dude 1: "You seen that hot hippy chick moved in across the street?"
Black dude 2: "h*ll yeah, me and Simon spit roasted it last night".
Black dude 3: "Sweet man, a white chick with dreads - I knew she'd be a real Spring Thomas."

White bimbo 1: "Hey-ya Sara, what ya doin'?"
White bimbo 2: "Crusin' for black guys - Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton have both been seen with one".
White bimbo 3: "Ooo, you little Spring Thomas, hee hee hee hee".

White guy 1: "sh*t dude, I know I cheated on Jane, but she didn't have to go and take black d*ck up her a*s."
White guy 2: "Relax guy, she's just being a part time Spring Thomas, she'll be back eating white bread before you know it."
1)A nice place to visit, wide variety of foods from 3 major ethic backgrounds...Malay, Indian and Chinese. Humid weather tha goes all year round. Its too small, people who get sick of singapore seek refuge to thier neighbour..Malaysia.

And you know what im sick of? THE SINGAPOREAN GOVERNMENT!

2)A country that claims to be democratic....BULLsh*t. In the pledge "To build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achive happiness, prosperity..." this is also bullsh*t. A sh*tty new car in singapore can buy you a new house in australia for the same price. Not to forget, this is a MALAY country and yet its swarmed with all these chinese muthaf*ckers. Its so racist to malays and indians. Chinese ppl are taking over these countries.(Sadly, Malaysia is now 50% chinese). Whats with the strict rules? Why can't ppl protest for thier own rights? Isn't this suppose to be a democratic country? This communist country is corrupted to the core.
Sadrudin: Hey I have to go back to Singapore to serve National Service for 2 years, eventhough Im a Australian Citizen.

Habib:That's bull!

Sadrudin: Nah, the Singapore government is too f*cked up to realize that my entire life, family, education is here now.

Habib:Uleh, I feel for ya bro.
g*y Useless country with no lights or running water that relies on 18th century technology for basic lighting. Their leader is so f*cking clouded by his ginormous bouffant that the hairs at his hairline are literally pulling at his brain thus causing gookefying trauma. It also doesnt help that his eyes are slanted at 90 degree angles distorting his clarity. There is no real reason to gear North Korea or North GOOKDOM because any attack they would launch (regardless of what country is targeted) would only lead to their total annihilation. Has no real economy and is totally useless. Once the kimchied landma*s is finally decimated, it would be better served by building Asia's largest multiplex theatre / shopping mall.
Welcome to North Korea. I CHINK I GOT GOOK IN MY EYE.
I was exposed to the Jehova's Witness "Truth," when I fell in love with a girl that was a witness. Although, I was raised Catholic, I was willing to investigate Jehovah's Witness doctrine believing it was fundamentally Christian. Therin, much to my shergrin I learned of my terrible misjudgement. Firstly, Jehovah's Witnesses claim almost an elitist stance that they are the only religion and that they take nothing away from the bible nor add anything. Secondly, they claim that the material earthly goal one should strive to attain is to live a life that is as Christlike as possible. (That is not only in study, speech but also in action. However, if one observes the practices of this so called religion from an objective, scholastic point of view, they will soon see JW's for what they are a masochistic and spiritually oppressive cult. I hope my personal experiences and observations will shed some light on what I am conveying. It would help to print the Webster definition of cult to illustrate my point.
The girl I fell in love with attended the Eagle Rock, California Jehovah's Witnesss Kingdom Hall and had since she was seven. At eighteen she became pregnant, bore an illegitimate child and received a public reprisal which for layman is a shunning of other members of the congregation. Would not the spirit of Christ inspire said Christians to help this girl emotionally and financially rather than close her out. Even her own family was told to shun her. Now for those of you that do not know JW Kingdom Halls are run by otherwise socially deficient men who oppress the freedoms and voices of women perhaps necessitated by the fact there are alot of beautiful women ussually black or hispanic and really geeky looking guys. Now throughout life young girls are taught that dating, marriage with non-believers (any non JW even if he is a Christian Pastor) or fear public dissfellowship which means the persons personal life is made public and noone in the congregation is allowed to so much as say h*llo to them. Stron Chrisian compa*sion huh? These zealots go so far as to put these womens house under surveillance and call at all hours taking away from their freedom. Further, the JW cult ensures for its self preservation by enforcing their will through religion as an all consuming lifestyle by making members attend congregation 6-12 hours a week plus field service. Nontheless girls will be girls and my s*xy little JW managed 8 s*xual partners in 10 years. Between us I have to sa...
A communist country ran by a short and ugly dictator named Kim Jung Il. It is the only country in the world where the government (rarely) distributes food to you and you can't get it anywhere else unless you enjoy tree bark and gra*s. It is the only country where concentration camps thrive. It is the only country where everyone shares one religion: Kim Jung-il.

North Korea: the greatest theocracy in the world!
When I used to live in South Korea, my school asked me and others to donate money to buy grain for the North Koreans. About three years later, I found out that the donations went and will go to the military. This is why South Korea must reunite with her northern neighbor to get rid of this h*llhole. I wish Bush would just nuke the Kims, but what can I expect from him?
i'm from jersey, have been all my life.

i'm gonna spend a lot of time writing this entry. i'll give you everything about jersey, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

first.. new jersey people are conceited. it's true. we hate everyone else. and we think we are better than everyone else. and we never stop talking about how great new jersey is. then we tell people to "shut the f*ck up" when they tell us all we talk about is jersey. i just recently was in the south .. and i can honestly say, that i do think i am better than them. it's not my fault.. it's cause i'm from jersey. my friends and i were the rudest, most obnoxious people there. everyone just stared at us. then we saw other rude people, and i asked them where they were from. obviously, they said jersey.

why are new jersey people self centered? becasue we have reason to be. first of all, some of the most famous people have come from our state. just to name A FEW.. tom cruise, frank sinatra, bruce springsteen, kevin smith, whitney houston, martha stewart, lauryn hill, catch 22, anne hathaway, queen latifa, my chemical romance, j*ck nicholson, bruce willis, the four seasons, danny devito .. and the list goes on. not only do we have famous people.. we rank in the top 10 of smartest states every year.

not only are we smart and famous.. we're rich. bergen, somerset, morris, and hunderton counties rank as in the counties top 15 richest counties. and despite the slums of newark and camden which are some of the coun...
Three points:
1. The Philippines is NOT a messed up country. You think they look down on people of other countries? No, they actually look up to them.

2. If you want to know an unbiased account of what the Philippines is, go to Wikipedia. If you only want to bash the Philippines, be my guest and go add a definition.

3.If you want the real definition for "Philippines" you can actually go there and ask the local people what they think it means.

The Philippines is a country with it's ups and downs just like any other country. So quit bashing specific countries and learn to love 'em.
The Philippines is an awesome country!
Let me explain texas, the only thing big in texas are all the woman's a*ses, peoples mouths, attitudes and egos. People in Texas should realize by looking at their map, that my forefathers from Oklahoma, built 17 bridges to get the h*ll out of Texas and back into God's country. If they are not smart enough, 99.9% of Texans are also the lowest form of human being that lives on the face of this planet. Feel free to kick my a*s if you think you can get the job done. Bring Mexico with you because, Sam Houston should have got his a*skicked. Cause you are all half spic and half n*gger half polack, and 100% the stupidest a*ses
Texas is south of Oklahoma It is windy there because Kansas b*ows and Texas Sucks. Further more if you dont like what I have to say then you can all kiss Oklahoma rosy red rebel d*ck with a side of sweet potatoes. Quit telling the farmers game wardens and police officers that you were trying to help the sheep through the fence, go straight to h*ll and call me when you get there.
someone who gets absolutly spangeled as f*ck on ketamine disconnecting the brain from the body walking round like a zombie in the mist watchin the world turn upside down.

looking like there incredibly drunk, falling and rolling while dribbling all over the place.

k is becoming more and more common, its run wild in the free party scene and is now spilling into clubs across the country,

"today is a good day because today is a k day, infact everydays a k day...hooray for the k"
my mate ricky is such a f*ckin k monster he can devour 2 grams of k in 2 lines, this is all very well apart from he's the driver.
"A country full of "doods" wearing speedos with pubic hair sticking out and big gold chains. They listen to chalga and and drink Rakija like it's water. If Russians ever come (military or civilian) they pay gypsies a carton of cigarettes to wait for them at the airport with sticks and pitchforks. In fact, most Bulgarians are probably gypsies. The women have recently developed a new style - short, cropped red dyed hair (on the head and the genitals). If you have a TV back in your home country, they'll probably sleep with you (even if you are a Turk!). If that happens (if you ever visit this primitive land), you can be sure that you will wake up covered in sweaty pretzels and gummy worms (a favorite snack of the Bulgar) and there will be a general stench of Rakija and vomit. The woman will likely be gone with your wallet and your chewing gum. Bulgaria is indeed a beautiful place."
- Are you nuts ?! Have you ever been to bulgaria or you are just talking that way.May be our country is not the richest in Europe but we definately are not as miserable as you describe us.We've got everything - TVs,computers,DVDs,cell phones,lots of things.And no bulgarian girl (unless she's a gypsy) will sleep with you because of tha fact that you have TV.You are so wrong about Bulgaria.As for me,this is a wonderful country with lots of friendly people.It's a fact that the most beautiful chicks are from Bulgaria.So my friens - suck it,because you're all wrong !
9 millions inhabitants, slightly smaller than California and France. Easily the best country in the world. Original home of PirateBay, ThatAnnoyingThing, Victoria Silvstedt, In Flames, Opeth, ABBA, Ericsson, Volvo, SAAB, Björn Borg, Fäbojäntan, Sven-Göran Ericsson, Zlatan and myself. But I live in Ireland now. FU. You need 4.5 years of education to sell ice cream in Sweden.

The people are tall and usually NOT blonde! All Swedes are interested in surfing internet, except the stupid people, all of them become politicians. The country is secretly run by the charismatic King Carl Gustaf Bernadotte the XVI, who has two HAWT daughters.

Sweden has not been in a war for 200 years, mainly because Hitl3r liked us and wanted to use Sweden's iron for fortified cereals and railroads to attack Finland and Norway.

Since Sweden has the most developed internet access combined liberal regulations we probably have the most pr0n in the world.
sweden r0xx0r my b0XX0r
Hahahaha yo it's hilarious how "ya'll" Texans think bigger is so much better, the only thing bigger in Texas is your women, nipples, and percentage of unemployment. Please, just please try and find me one person who really WANTS to move to Texas and for what reason, so they have an excuse to have s*x with their realli hot Aunt Josephine? I just wish everyone in the world could just go into Texas and beat the sh*t out of every sister f*cking redneck in the ma*sive dump they call a state. I use to live in Texas but then got the f*ck out and moved north to New York so my b*lls would stop sticking together. It's unbelieveable how I lived in that piece of sh*t for 16 years, thank God I'm out and I thank all you "H-Town" home boys for your ghetto inspiring rap sounds you like to call "songs". Also, thanks a whole f*cking lot for giving us this piece of sh*t president that REALLY has no clue what the f*ck he's doing. Stop getting mad and all self defensive because you don't like people making fun of you, get the h*ll out and people will respect you. If anyone of you can find a way out of that sh*t hole, go for it and realize what all those cow boy hats and boots do to you.
1st dude- yo I'm from Texas

2nd dude- yo your a fat f*ck

1st dude- nah i snuck in from mexico, i'm not really fat i'm just trying to blend it with the crowd

2nd dude- well that fat suit is awesome, you look just like everyone else here
A rich Northern California town about 40 miles south of San Francisco. People cannot stress enough how rediculiouslly rich the residents of Palo Alto are. A one room shack cost more then a 10 room mansion in Connecticut. It's known as the Greenwich of the west coast. Palo Alto is made up of two sections, the north end and the south end. The north end is the older part, full of old large mansions, Downtown, and Stanford University. The south end is new and more hip, full of large, four story, city like town houses and a starbucks or apple store on every block. There are two high schools, Gunn and Paly. Palo Alto is known for having two of the best public high schools in the country, Gunn ranking 50th in the country. Kids that grow up in Palo Alto have larger trust funds then Paris Hilton and more then 3/4 either go to a UC school (UCLA, UC Berkeley) or Stanford. The other 50 kids either go out of state, go to Foothill Communty College, or live off their parents millions. Laguna Beach should have been filmed in Palo Alto, the kids are richer, the houses are larger, and the people are hotter. The Grateful Dead are from Palo Alto, and many famous artists, poets, and bands from the 60's and 70's got their start in Palo Alto, making Palo Alto the largest hippie town full of rich people in the world. Like greenwich in CT, there are other rich towns that boarder Palo Alto. Darien, Wilton, Westport, and Fairfield are the rich towns that boarder Greenwich, whereas, Athert...
Life in the wonderful world of the unique scene kids of the country.

The typical scene boy:
Hi, I'm a f*cking moron. You can certaintly find me on myspace. You’ll recognize me and my kind because my display name is namexcorex*x, or it has a huge word following my name, but I have no idea what it means, it just looks cool. I'm straight edge, when I feel like it. It totally depends on who I hang out with and what they are, cause god forbid I think for myself. I have no self esteem, I act like I do, but I'm crying on the inside. I have really nice unique hair. It's long in the front, to cover up my insecurities, but its short in the back, so i still have a little bit of masculinity. I shop at PacSun and other places that sell Tilt’s girls jeans I own numerous pairs but only wear 1, they have to be tight on my matchstick body, I love the feeling of my b*lls pressed up tight against my inner thigh. I try to look like a girl as much as I can without going under the knife. I don't eat meat, cause fall out boy says not to, but I love underage drinking and making out with other guys that look more like girls than I do. I have a girlfriend, but only so my parents don’t think im g*y. I go to hardxcore shows and dance like I'm having a seizure or have parkinsons. I make a complete fool out of myself to try to get attention, even though I fail miserably. Sometimes I pay money to go to a club but i sit outside and bum cigs and smoke them hoping it makes me look cool. I really hav...
Migration Institute Australia

morons that help other illegal morons make up stories to stay in the country , if they haven't already made up their story helped by other queue jumpers at a detention centre they are in also in Australia
Lee wong says he mate try this, you are in fear of your life if you return to your country that story is working for me I got it from the agent from the MIA Migration Institute Australia.

Carlos says will do , seems like telling them about my low wages from back home isn't going to cut it in them allowing me to stay here so I can steal joe b*ows job round the corner, if that don't work I try plan 55 from MIA Migration Institute Australia.
from the word fob, meaning "freash off the boat". It relates new migrants and there bad english, their pituclar fobby accent and their customs from their home country .
Fobs are known for their stingyness and there insistant haggling. They are aslo known for eating dogs.
typical asian fobby lingo
-i hurt my f*nger i need ambulang (ambulance).
-sa low down (slow down).
-two dolla bread very special for you.
-Eating dim sim wif a steam dumpling double soya sauce and a coconut drink.
-luv u long time.
Australian slang, short for Sharon, commonly a*sociated with 'westies' (West Sydney) or country girls.
Shazza is normally the girlfriend to Dazza (Daren); has 5 or more kids and spends all her dole at the pub on the pokies.
Aye Shazza get me a beer!
Oh my god she is such a shazza! go the mullet lol.
a sl*tty wh*re that CANNOT sing if she wanted to (she makes avril lavigne sound like a goddess)...the worst possible celebrity you can find or talk about. America is her home country and WE ALL hate her, and that makes her music career very very very VERY sad. For she had to depend on international stupid ITALIAN teenagers that are brainwashed into believing shes good.
she stole aaron carter away from lindsay lohan.
she started fights with avril lavigne.
she called ashlee simpson a poser.
and she is basically a s*ank that must be KILLED.
me"i want to punch hilary"
hilary"im too cool to get punched! i rawk hardd!!! and i have joel that will kick your a*s anyway!"
me" yay no more hilary"
me:: and WE GET JOEL!!!
*just as i may add one more thing: she used to be an overweight mess of a kid, and amazingly her money got her into being an anorexic mess of a sl*t.
hilary fan: " oh ma gawd im so rawwwk jus like HILARY DUFF!!! "hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of..." *blasts the stereo*
me: " grrr shut up -- my ears, they're bleeding!! ahhh help!!
hilary fan: " no, she rawks!!"
fan's mother: "turn that noise down you'll make the world explode!!"
hilary fan: " but MOM!!!"
mother: "i said shut it off!"
Succesful liberal filmaker, who's made various critically acclaimed films such as the Oscar-winning "Bowling for Columbine", which drew attention to the USA's vast amount of guns and gun-related deaths.Also, "Fahrenheit 911", which made the basic and obvious point that George W Bush is an evil c*nt. Moore has also written bestselling books, such as "Stupid White Men" and "Dude, Where's My Country?". His next big film project is entitled "Sicko", and is concerned with America's backward healthcare system.
Michael Moore has been described as:
"Savagely hilarious...angry, side-splitting" - Irish Times
"Caustic, breakneck, tell-it-like-it-is" - Observer
-An annoying person who thinks they are your homie, but in reality they are not.

-A person who pretends to be your homie, but on the real is using you for something and is not your homie.

Derives from the contraction of the words fake and homie.
Don keeps following me around, trying to hang with me and my crew. What a fomie!

Jose and I were h*lla tight for a week, but then he asked to borrow my credit card and he stole my identity and left the country. What a fomie!
Quite possibly the most contreversial high school in the country. Was designed for Lutheran education and yet 85% of its students seem no different than many atheists at public school systems.

No matter what there's always something terribly wrong at the school. So at the least it is far from boring, yet also extremely far from any place that you'd actually WANT to be. For some people it's quite alright, but for others it is possibly the worst school in the world.

I personally wouldn't mind if it was burned to the ground to never be heard from again, although I do speak for myself and not others. On a final note it has the LAMEST mascot I have ever seen, hands down. I'd even take the Nittany Lions over it!
Student 1: I hate this school, I hate everyone here, I'm so transferring A.S.A.P. Besides, who the h*ll is a PACER???

Student 2: Wow this place is a dump, but I don't mind it here.

Student 3: Yay, God! Yay, Sh*reland! Mmm.. 30 on my ACT.

Myself: The minority I will go, away from all you hoes. Ay Ho! What'd ya know, Sh*reland really b*ows!
the most beautiful country in the world. used to be part of Columbia until november 3, 1903 when it declared its independence from Columbia. it is an isthmus because it connects South America and North America like Egypt connects Asia to Africa. RexGibson the douchebag who says it means p*ssy is a dumba*s so he can go straight to h*ll f*ck him. although not that big of a country it has an abundance of mountains a jungles not to mention that it is sorrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south making it one of the best places to see a sunset or sunrise. stupid a*s americans invaded panama in december of 1989 with their operation "just cause" and killed 4000 panamanians. "just cause" my a*s.
Panama, i was born there and lived there most of my life. thanks america for killing ruthlessly killing our people and and disregarding the properties of panamanian citizens.
The worst state in the united states. The schools are ranked the lowest in the country, people cannot half way speak proper english because they talk like they have sh*t in their mouths. The summers are horrible because it is hot and humid. There are absolutely no emission laws so you can smoke up the world with your polluting piece of sh*t, therefore creating more pollution-the air thick and you would be lucky to ever get fresh air, and the air always reeks of some nasty smelling sh*t. They say there is alot of charm and southern hospitality, bullsh*t, all it is is southern hostility. There are no truly nice people down here. They are only nice when they have to be. Customer service sucks a*s!!! South carolinians dont have manners- they hardly say "thank you" or "please." The only reason some people like this state b/c they were born and raised in it and they unforunately dont know any better. There are way too many young women popping out kids here. The average 21 year old has minimum of 3 kids, living off of uncle sam, b*tch about having to work the little bit they have so they can maintain benefits, while the rest of the population that have to work their a*ses off to pay taxes for these sc*m bag a*s b*tches. They only have these kids for a paycheck and they always act like their kids are a pain in their a*s, showing them no love, and you wonder why there are gangs and so much crime in south carolina?! All the people here are ugly and inbred. There is absolutely no pre...
A nation of vast culture and unprecedented potential.China unlike America has used their brains to figure out that war rarely gets you what you want.

China has committed to bettering its own people through economic rejuvenation. Not conquer and conquest, like ah, the American gov. In fact China took the time to inform the world of its intentions and that it does not want the world to perceive China as a threat. China created a doctrine and announced it to the world. It is a foreign policy doctrine created by the People's Republic of China in the early 21st century. It addresses concerns the world may have about its strengthening global position. Quote: "The term (China's peaceful rise)is used primarily to rea*sure the nations of Asia and the United States that the rise of the PRC in military and economic prominence will not pose a threat to peace and stability, and that other nations will benefit from PRC's rising power and influence. Explicit in the doctrine, is the notion that PRC's economic and military development is not a zero-sum game and that China is less of an economic competitor than an economic opportunity"

Fearful westerners may not be comforted by this; but China which is much much older than America, does not have an aggressive past. It is the great defender, and even in defense it showed its enemies mercy, declining to conquer attacking enemies, in some defensive battles, china pushed the opposing army all the way back to their capital city, and afte...
A character from the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist. He has a grudge against state alchemists for the war in his home country Ishbal and is set on killing them. His right arm has strange markings on it, and is able to destroy with an alchemy like power, but its not alchemy.
His countrys religion, or the belief in the god Ishbala, frequently pops up when he's talking.
"My right hand is the judgement of god!" - Scar
country term for a girl's vigina
The hot water heater is broken, can I borrow enough warm water so my daughters can wash their monk-monks for school?
country term for a girl's vigina
The hot water heater is broken, can I borrow enough warm water so my daughters can wash their monk-monks for school?
A phrase quite obviously inspired by John Madden. Contrary to popular belief, Captain Obvious is capable of flying but is afraid to, so he drives around the country in an RV, constantly on the lookout for blatantly obvious things to explain to the general public.
Buffalo trails New England by three at the two minute warning. When we return, that means Buffalo will have two minutes left to try to score. A field goal will tie the game. A touchdown will put Buffalo ahead. If Buffalo scores with any time left on the clock, New England will have a chance to score. If Buffalo kicks a field goal, a field goal will be enough for New England to win the game. If Buffalo scores a touchdown, New England will need a touchdown to win the game. Unless Buffalo misses the extra point, in which case New England can tie the game with a field goal following Buffalo's field goal. Of course, any time remaining will give Buffalo another chance to score and go ahead. Oh, and I've talked for so long that the game is now over. I don't think Buffalo scored. Now if you'll excuse me I need to attend to my, "ahem", other civic duties by driving around the country in my ridiculous RV, alerting the American public that gas costs more than it did last year, there are 50 stars on the U.S. flag (same as the number of states!!), Bill Clinton had a fling with an intern IN THE OVAL OFFICE, and I am the most colossal j*cka*s in the history of RV-driving douchebags ever to announce pro football games on a level far below the intelectual capacity of a first trimester fetus conceived via incest. Until next Monday Night, with Al Michaels, this is Captain Obvious.
Commonly used as an acronym for a (m)arriage (o)f (c)onvenience. A marriage of convenience, as the name suggests, is not a love marriage but instead, arranged in order to gain proper credentials to reside in a certain country (visas) or to conceal the fact that one is g*y/l*sbian from their family. Because of this, MOC's are most commonly organized by South Asian g*ys and l*sbians due to the traditional familial pressure to marry.
Girl 1: You know how it looks to the family, an unmarried Muslim girl in her late 20's. My parents say if I don't get married soon, they'll arrange one for me!

Girl 2: Why don't you just arrange an MOC with a g*y guy?
This is the group of people I have compiled a list of to be a*sa*sinated during the revolution. Who's with me. The oil industry, media, medicine, political c*ck-smokers, anyone who uses children to promote their own welfare,people who use old people and minority issues just like the child users, every one of them who promised something and didnt deliver and te ones who stopped them, all of them must die and I want the blood on my hands!

At least as long as I can find something else to wipe it on, like a dead party-members shirt or something...
We, the government, care about your children, thats why 10% of the population owns 90% of the wealth. -- die!!!

lunesta, ambien,cialis,war in country here every 3 seconds on tv, also called brainwashing when "they" talk about other countries doing it but ok for them to do it. Just start counting how many times key words are repeated in commercials and the news and watch as the US slowly but surely insinuates that iran and syria are behind hezbollah so that they have an excuse to invade iran for oil which makes those 10% even more rich and will leave us paying 4-5 f*cking dollars at the pump even though we have the power to say f*ck you to these people if everyone got off of their d*mn a*ses, or just stayed on their a*ses and no one went anywhere at all and no one bought any f*cking gas or anything, of course they would just starve us out in the city as we are completely at their mercy to get food, think long and hard about your real position in life here people, this is no wild insane rant. They do only what is necessary to uphold the illusion that they give a miniscule sh*t about you and that only to support their interests. There's just a taste of what I'm talking about.

Bring on the revolution!!!!!!!
There are two contexts in which this word can be used, the first being the racist context, the second being the specified context.

Racist: A racist would use this word to describe any and all persons of African decent, reguardless of social status, income or religion.

Specific: Someone using this word in the specified sense believes that there are good and bad people of every race... that there is a difference between a black person and a n*gger. (Black person: hard working honest contributing citizen. n*gger: Some sc*m bag that is perfectly healthy, however, sits at home all day collecting my tax dollars via welfare, and uses the money that he/she gets to buy luxury items such as a ridiculous gold chain with a medalion the size of a manhole cover, or, like the "n*ggers" where I come from, use this welfare money to buy crack on a day to day basis, instead of getting a f*cking job and making an honest living.
Not so much an example, but a personal view...

Every race has its sc*m... including whites.. I dont feel that someone should be labeled a racist because they use the word n*gger (spic, chink, etc.) to define the sc*m bags in their area, as long as they dont generalize entire races.

Also, people that use the word n*gger to describe these sc*m bags also shouldnt be considered racists for this fact also...: if i had a dime for every time i heard a bunch of "n*ggers" (no not black people that contribute to society) calling eachother n*ggers, IE: "yo my n*gga"... I would be filthy f*cking rich. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "n*gga AND n*gger"!!!!!! If those sorry a*s individuals dont want to be called n*ggers they need to stop selling dope, stop collecting my tax dollars, and get f*cking jobs... theres no reason for it... it is the n*ggers, spics, c*inks, and white trash alike that is bringing this country down.
thank you.
Indonesia, the place where tourists die all the time at the hands of Islam and Muslims!

2002 –Muslims kill 202 people, 88 were Australians.
2003 -The Marriott Hotel in Jakarta bombed, 11 people dead.
2004 –Australian Emba*sy in Jakarta bombed, 11 people dead.
2005 –Another bomb blast in Bali, 23 people dead.
2006 –Are there any idiot tourists left to bomb?

Is there an Islamic trend here?

Indonesia located in the southeastern part of Asia is said to be made up of 206 million people, however it is more factual that its population is around 245 million people. See government corruption.

Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia although very little Arabic is used. Indonesian is the main language spoken and it is said that close to 90% of Indonesians are Muslim, making Indonesia the Islamic population capital of the world in terms of numbers. Islam can differ from region to region depending on variations and influences. See Islam or Abangan.

Indonesia has 33 provinces with some of them having separatist powers, depending on Islamic sectionalists. This means the country has not been unified and is struggling with a warped version of democracy. Indonesia has many human violations issues regarding East Timor and people of Ind...
A person of a visible minority group who hates members of his/her own ethnicity and his/her own culture in general.

Killmanjaroos often have not been taught to speak the language of their native culture, and often possess little or no real knowledge of their background, customs and traditions. Because of this, Killmanjaroos relate more with Western culture and adjust their behaviour, clothing and speech to try to fit in. But since their physical appearance still identifies them as members of a visible minority, and they cannot alter that, Killmanjaroos are unable to fit in 100%. This in turn is a source of endless frustration.

Killmanjaroos' anger is directed at their native culture and religion, because they believe that is solely to blame for their inability to fit into mainly Caucasian Western crowds. They will go out of their way to debase members of their own faith and immigrants from their own native country.
Brown-Skinned Turbaned Sikh: Oh great, it looks like our flight has been delayed again. If our plane doesn't leave soon, I'll miss my tour bus in Hawaii. Are you staying in Honolulu as well?

Killmanjaroo (Clean-Shaven, Brown-Skinned w/ Sikh Parents): Shut the f*ck up you stinkin {racial slur}! Why don't you go back to India!?!

Sikh: I was born here in the UK ya motherf*ckin coconut! How about I rip you open and see if you really are white on the inside!?! Yeah, that's right, you'd better walk away!
Definatly the g*yest branch of the military, not g*y as in happy but just outright h*mos*xual. The NAVY has been around a long time and have pretty much been a bunch of little wiener l*ckers since day one. Sure the Marine Corps is a part of the NAVY but ask any Marine what they think. Joining the NAVY isn't serving your country, it's being able to be a nasty un-disciplined little piece of S**t, and rat on every other person to make them selves look better.
SAILOR 1:Hey Jim, wanna l*ck my b*lls?

SAILOR 2:Sure I'm in the NAVY, I love ball l*cking.

CIVILIAN: Man where can i go to get college money and still be accepted for being a total h*mo?

NAVY RECRUITER: IN THE NAVY! Join now and we will provide 35k for college and a gallon of vaseline. What else could you ask for.
A country of purple heathered mountains, the freshest, most crisp and pure water in the uk, deep, mysterious lochs, ancient forest, spectacular wildlife and of course inhabited by a race of people who are decended from the ancient celts....a hardy bunch of warriors who have been feared the world over, since the great roman invasion. you may find none of this list a*sociated with england. it is quite obvious that the old chip on the shoulder started with our neighbours to the south. so jealous of scotlands quality, its fertile land, its beauty....that they wanted it for themselves.'re nae f*cking getting it....just to emphasise the message our ancestors gave to yours.
first along came the romans. the most powerful empire the ancient world has seen. over the english channel they sailed, landing in the south of england. one or two swishes of their swords and they had control over it all.....apart from the north. to the north lay a landscape that became more forrested, mountainous and mysterious. so, the romans arrived in what is now scotland. to cut a long history lesson short.....there were many skirmishes in which the romans had won and lost. but the basic craic was that the natives scared the sh*t out of them so much....they had to build walls to mark the extremity of their empire....and to keep out the natives from invading them! the natives were named 'picts', or 'pictii'. this reffered to the fact they painted themselves blue with shapes and images of animals. in true celtic style....they went into battle naked....not really giving a sh*t. weapons of choice: spears, big huge swords and shields. also deadly charriots. we have a story to tell about the roman invasion....not only were the english not there....but they cant claim to have succeeded in repelling the worlds most powerful empire! i think they may be jealous. later along the time line the 'scotti' of antrim, northern ireland, migrated the short crossing to argyll and began to settle eventually becoming allies of the picts. through this alliance they steadily gained power in northern britain....repelling attempted invasions fro...
Wales is a country famous for its beautiful breathtaking scenery, friendly people,coal mines, wldlife, and one of the oldest launguages. Wales is usually sereotyped, we are often called sheep shaggers, which we are not.people in wales live in usually small communities in the valleys like myself, but also have busy and exciting towns like cardiff. we have tourist attractions such as Snowdonia where you can take a train ride to the summit of Snowdon and view the fantastic views, or the town with the longest name ever, llanfairpwllgwyngwll - gogeruqueendrob - pwllandisillio - gogogoch (sorry if theres a spelling mistake lol!) there are beautiful coastlines and interesting people with many a story to tell.hearing locals speak our launguage will leave tourists mesmorised. there are many famous welshes, tom jones, catherine zeta jones, charlotte church, gavin henson to name a few. Wales is a very Cultural country and we celebrate an Eistedfodd once a year. We are not all called gweneth or daffydd. the one downside of wales is that we do have a lot of rain during winter, yet spring time is beautiful with daffodils sprouting and baby lambs roaming the fields. definitly a place to visit!
amy: i visited my family in wales for the summer.
jess: really!? what was it like?
amy: the most beautiful place ive seen. ever.

bore dda, prynhawn dda a nos dda.
good moring, good afternoon and goodnight!

visit wales!
Bali - Indonesia the place where tourists die all the time at the hands of Islam and Muslims!

2002 –Muslims kill 202 people, 88 were Australians.
2003 -The Marriott Hotel in Jakarta bombed, 11 people dead.
2004 –Australian Emba*sy in Jakarta bombed, 11 people dead.
2005 –Another bomb blast in Bali, 23 people dead.
2006 –Are there any idiot tourists left to bomb?

Is there an Islamic trend here?

Bali is located in Indonesia.

Indonesia is located in the southeastern part of Asia is said to be made up of 206 million people, however it is more factual that its population is around 245 million people. See government corruption.

Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia although very little Arabic is used. Indonesian is the main language spoken and it is said that close to 90% of Indonesians are Muslim, making Indonesia the Islamic population capital of the world in terms of numbers. Islam can differ from region to region depending on variations and influences. See Islam or Abangan.

Indonesia has 33 provinces with some of them having separatist powers, depending on Islamic sectionalists. This means the country has not been unified and is struggling with a warped version of democracy. Indonesia has many human violations issues regarding East Timor and people of Indonesian Chinese background that were brutally murdered to name but a few. Pribumi people consider themselves as natives of Indonesia and do not like the Indonesian Chinese as they have more wealth...
The northern half of the United States, pretty much any region where the only people who say y'all are african american. A region of the United States that has less obesity,violent crime,poverty,and divorce than "The Bible Belt" i.e. The South. A region of the United States where people don't have the need to brag about how Godfearing and patriotic they are or how more American they are. A region of the United States that has a temperate 4 season climate, where it isn't scorching, unbearably hot much of the year. A region of the United States that contains it's largest,most productive cities and metro areas (yes, L.A. most deffinantly is not a southern city, and California is not The South.) The North has tremendous diversity in everything from politics to ethnic and racial groups contrary to what some southerners whine about. Ma*sachusetts has had republican governors,no democrat, non-stop for the past 20 years, has a low crime rate, and the lowest divorce rate in the country. f*ck that fat drug addict,confirmed bachelor Rush Limbaugh. The cities with the lowest crime rates are in New Jersey,Conn,Cali, and Ma*s. The states with the highest crime rates,divorce rate,poverty,low sat scores,and obesity are southern.
The North is cool/cold in the winter,cool/warm in spring and fall, and hot in the summer. The North has a high population density, it's crowded. The state with the highest casualty rate in the Iraq War and it's aftermath is Vermont, not a southern state. New York City had a higher rate/proportion of it's young men in the army during vietnam than any southern city. My father is from The South and managed to escaped.
A movie, but not just any movie, produced in 1996 by New Line Home Entertainment that is 113 minutes of pure enjoyment. The plot line is a magical duo and their cross country trip to return a breifcase to its rightful owner. This movie is full of cooky mishaps, moronic confusion, and just pure hillarious-ness. An unrated version has recently been re-released with never before seen footage. This is unarguably the greatest movie of all time and has had fans as slaves since the day of the release. Should certainly be reguarded with the highest of standards, for it set the bar for every comedy movie to follow. Simply Brilliant.
Hey, have you seen Dumb and Dumber!?

Yeah man, of course! I p*ssed my pants twice!
A very beautiful place in South East Asia. It has a lot of people living there about 141,822,000. and the place is the size of wyoming. It used to be called east-pakistan.
The language spoken there is bengali. The nae of the country bangladesh come from the term " land of the bengals".

Bangladesh has the biggest mall in south Asia, Bashundara city mall. IT is a gorgeous mall( my kinda mall)

Bangladesh has a very beautiful beach i think near sylet im not sure but it is the worlds longest beach and the sand is really good for pedicures.
Bangladesh has my kinda mall.
Best Villain ever. Scientific genuis known as Victor Von Doom, also known in Fantastic 4 and in Marvel as one of the baddest dudes next to Magneto (h*ll no) and Venom (...maybe). Doctor Doom runs his own country, Latveria, and has diplomatic immunity, meaning it's against International Law to kill him, causing hero's to be in a Catch-22. If they harm Doom, they're actually breaking the law, meaning that those hero p*sses aren't gonna do anything. But sometimes those b*tches do anyway.

Doom also is known to help his people of Latveria, and actually has become, in a sense, a contreversial icon. Many people out there say that, true, Doom is a Villainy, the term "Villain" is used loosely with him. His main goal is helping his people of his native Latveria and, of course, ruling the world, in which he did at one point in time. Even nearly eradicated poverty and hunger for the people of the world, but gave his power back since he grew tired of no one challenging him. Doom likes a challenge.

If you like the rapper Daniel Dumile, with plenty of alter-egoes such as MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, half of Danger DOOM, and half of Madvillainy. As you can prolly tell by the names, this guy is a big Doctor Doom fan and even wears a mask that resembles Doom's own, and raps about DOOM here and there.

In truth, Doctor Doom has become an icon. For being one of the few who transcend the everyday villain, and, not to mention, being loved by the sickest rapper of our time, Doctor Doom is an ...
a pretty kick a*s country
the state's neighbor to the north
a place where we can all smoke weed in harmony
where a lot of people go to act like idiots, blaze and drink like crazy
filled with sl*tty Molson Canadian beer girls
the hometown of wayne gretzky, jim carrey, mike myers and many other kicka*s people
known for being pretty easy to get along with
are sterotyped like h*ll,
dont live in igloos
are sparsley populated considering it is the 2nd largest contry in the world
love hockey
are pretty easygoing
have the largest asian population outside of asian (same with italian)
have a complete a*s hole running the country
have a kick a*s mtv program
share niagara falls with the states but slighty bigger than other half
share north america with mexico and america
need to be taken a bit more serious
Canada+America+Mexic= a pretty s*rewed up continent.
"I live in canada."
"Canada is a big country"
"Some guy in canada invented superman"
"I like smarties."
"Tim hortons was created by a canadian hockey player. so they have tim hortons in the states?"
"My cousin from the US has a girl friend in canada."
"Come to canada for lots of weed beer and sl*tty girls."
The most beautiful country in South America, and one of the nicest in the world. The country is divided in three regions: The pacific coast, where you can find the nicest district beaches in the short south of Lima (from 40 Km. south), we got districts beaches called Punta Hermosa(where the best surf female performer in the world Sofia Mulanovich raised) , San Bartolo, Santa María, Asia, Cerro Azul (130 Km) , etc. We got big waves, a californian beaches live style, the most delicious seafood in the world (mariscos), nice clubs, nice camping spaces right at the oceanfront with no restrictions, etc. In the far north from Lima (540 Km.) you'll find Huanchaco, Pimentel (700km.), Mancora(1000Km.), Cabo Blanco (1200km) where you'll find nice resorts, nice food at the oceanfront, and you just can go camping and drinking with your bodies. Then you go 100 km. east from Lima and from the begining of the road you gonna start climbing up and seeing a lot of huge mountains and at the 90 Km. of the central road from Lima you gonna start seeing snowpeak mountains. That region is called the "Sierra"(Highlands). You can go either north or south, you'll find dozens of cities and towns rounded by snowpeak huge mountains (that's 10000 feet above sea level), beautiful landscapes (just like the ones you see in switzerland, but we got 12 switzerlands in there), the weather is cold (the highest you go the colder it gets), sunny, and by 60 F- 70 F degrees in some places, and that's where most of...
Doctor Doom
Best Villain ever. Scientific genuis known as Victor Von Doom, also known in Fantastic 4 and in Marvel as one of the baddest dudes next to Magneto (h*ll no) and Venom (...maybe). Doctor Doom runs his own country, Latveria, and has diplomatic immunity, meaning it's against International Law to kill him, causing hero's to be in a Catch-22. If they harm Doom, they're actually breaking the law, meaning that those hero p*sses aren't gonna do anything. But sometimes those b*tches do anyway.

Doom also is known to help his people of Latveria, and actually has become, in a sense, a contreversial icon. Many people out there say that, true, Doom is a Villainy, the term "Villain" is used loosely with him. His main goal is helping his people of his native Latveria and, of course, ruling the world, in which he did at one point in time. Even nearly eradicated poverty and hunger for the people of the world, but gave his power back since he grew tired of no one challenging him. Doom likes a challenge.

If you like the rapper Daniel Dumile, with plenty of alter-egoes such as MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, half of Danger DOOM, and half of Madvillainy. As you can prolly tell by the names, this guy is a big Doctor Doom fan and even wears a mask that resembles Doom's own, and raps about DOOM here and there.

In truth, Doctor Doom has become an icon. For being one of the few who transcend the everyday villain, and, not to mention, being loved by the sickest rapper of our time, Doct...
He Was A Great Composer, And Guitar Player.

He Referred To His Work As Project Object, As All Of His Work Was Part Of A Major Project Which Was All In Relation Which Each Other.

Examples Used By Him Were, For Instance: b*owjobs, Which Appeared In Alot Of Albums Over A Span Of Years, Not Because He Had An Obsession With Them But Because It Was To Unify The Collection. Also Fido Was Used In Some Albums Three Years Apart Or More From Each Other, The Fido He Speaks Of Is The Same Fido The Dog He Said In Earlier Albums, Again For Reasons Of Unifying His Collection, Of What Is Known As Project Object.

He Wanted To Run For President. He Stated On Crossfire, He Was A Conservative. He Understood The Concept That, America Is Disguised As A Democracy, But It Is Really Moving Towards A Facist Theocracy, As The Government Is Creating Laws Which Abide By Christian Beliefs, This Is Not Fair As This Country Was Created To Be A Melting Pot And Not For Certain Christians To Run And Bend Laws Around.

He Also Understood The Concept Schools In America Were Mediocre. If You Think About It They Are Run To Benefit The Government, It Makes Alot Of Sense That College Education Generally Allows You To Make A Higher Wage. If The Government Is Getting Money From You Going Out With That Degree And Doing Business For Them Oversees, Or What Not, Then Chances Are They Can Afford To Have The American Dollar Worth More As There Making And Pocketing More Than They Were ...
Someone who is enraged by evidence of another's success and as a result has to try to one up the successful person or simply put the successful person down. Hating is much more than just being jealous of the person who has done well. The hater would find much satisfaction in seeing some form of misfortune come to that person.

Haters may also simply find satisfaction in someone else’s misfortune. When a friend falls off a bicycle and lands in the sewer for instance, it is a normal reaction to laugh at the situation. However, a hater will respond slightly differently by laughing at the person in a ridiculing manner.

Haters have a special link to one another and they tend to fuel each others hate by hating in groups. It may be a form of stress relief or something entirely different but they do seem to become happy from the escalation of hate for a person that arises in these groups.

Haters generally tend to hate people who are doing well even more so - racists excluded - if they are closer or more similar to them or of a similar social cla*s.

When Jesus talked about prophets not being welcome in their own home town, he was probably talking about the haters.

There is one African tribe that used to be famous for hating its best hunters. A great hunter would make the biggest catch in months for instance, and then everybody would put him down by telling him that they couldn’t believe that he could expect them to eat something so puny and unhealthy look...
A face-eating disease known for the first time in 3rd world countries where those fools can't afford common medicine....f*cking a*sholes, so basically it eats away at your face making it impossible for you to accomplish every-day tasks. Term originated by Hewlett-Woodmere's finest Andrew, Max, and manager David.
Where to start... ah yes all the grimey people in hewlett...

That mutha f*cka from that f*ck a*s country has muchor so she can't suck my d*ck...and do other things also...
Short for 'Lebanese Forces'. Ultra right-wing Catholic militia notorious for it's ma*sacres of civilians durring the Lebanese civil war and it's alliance with Israel. Merger of the Phalange, Guardians of the Cedars, National Front, and other a*sorted baby-killers. In short, total raving psycopaths with guns. Supposedly disarmed in 1990, it still shows up at oppurtunistic moments. Members are generally the most closed-minded and bigottous in Lebanon, and wish to return the country to Christian Hegemony.
My aunt's with the LF, I pretend not to know her.
Also known as a Paper Cutout Euro or PCEs for short, this sort will be found on various chat/discussion/debate venues. They will prate on about how free they really are despite ma*sive amounts of evidence to the contrary, attempt to compare thir crime rates to that of the USA, despite the ma*sive disparities in population, blindly claim that the USA is the worst polluter in the world without considering Gross Domestic Product, etc. In a way, they are the moden equivalents of those from Europe who decided that all Americans were like the character in "A Fistful of Dollars"; dusty serape well worn, a loaded .45 Colt to settle any slight, and not to be counted out if there was grifting to be done or profit to be made.
The USA has a lot more murders then my European country does!! The USA is a dangerous place to live!!

Interesting....when you do a proportionate/per capita comparison, it seems that your country has more comparative crime per capita, especially violent crime.

We are more free then the USA!

Oh, so that is why that one person was jailed for writing a book denying the holocaust? If they did so in the USA, they would be ridiculed, not jailed; you were also going to talk about tolerance? You a*suredly are a Paper Cutout European.
North of the Southern Ocean, and situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is the world's smallest continent and largest island.

Isolated from other countries, we have a diverse variety of fauna and wildlife that can be found nowhere else in the world. Our unique array of animals (koalas, penguins and kangaroos in particular) attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, as do our brilliant beaches, our stunning mountain ranges, crystalline blue waters and harsh beauty of the Australian outback. (Outback = desert for all you uneducated cretins).

We have the world's largest coral reef (the Great Barrier Reef), the world's largest monolith (Uluru, formerly known as Ayre's Rock), and we have the world's largest Uranium depostis, as well as major deposits of copper, iron, coal, oil and natural gas.

Yes, we have an accent, though compared to what you hear on movies such as Crocodile Dundee, our accents are definitely not that strong. The Eastern accent is stronger than the accent of Aussies that l...
A great idea that led to lots of fun for the US and UK soldiers.
Managed to whoop Saddam's a*s and find him hiding in a hole.
For some stupid reason most Brits were against to war, blaming the lie about WMDs. Presumably they'd have preferred Saddam still there and his sons raping the women and children of Iraq as they did. I dispair at my country sometimes...
"why are you angry at the government?"
"what about it?"
"it was illegal and wrong" (just saying what everyone else does)
"what, so you would have been happier with saddam still in power and the people of Iraq living a sh*t life, then?"
"errrr....oh.....uhmmmm.....i'm a thick sh*t aren't I?"
people such as those who run this website and if you speak out against them they play with the vote tallies until the votes come out in their favor
also republicanliberals who although they have a complete monopoly on power and on all branches of government fail to represent those who voted for them as they are SUPPOSED to do (being that this is SUPPOSED to be a representative democracy) and haven't done one d*mn thing they are supposed to such as overturn roe v. wade , get the Satanic Darwinian indoctrination out of our schools , demolish the UN , deport 11 million illegal aliens , etc. and demolish the polytheocracy that exists in this country and secure our borders.
liberals to the left and liberals to the right , p*ss and sh*t on this f*cker its a dictatorship gimme a flag to c*ap on and wipe my butt on and i'll pretend its bill clintons face
First off, if you're a rap hater and you're reading this, then back down now if you want to. But from now on stop your endless ranting, raving and b*tching about rap being c*ap because no one is listening to you anymore. You've made your point---or at least tried to. That's all.

Many people say rap sucks because it's just words. You're sort of right on the words part. But have you even listened to the words in a Tupac song? And the beats that back those up? Didn't think so. And that's why many of you haters hate---because you listen to the first 3 seconds of it and then decide the whole genre sucks. If you listen closely, you'll learn Tupac and others rap about love, and many other important things in life. There are also many of you who also hate a genre just because another person does. Now THAT's pathetic. Don't even get me started on that life lesson there.

There are some kinds of rap that DO suck. Stuff like 50 Cent, G-Unit, Yung Joc, all those f*ckheads who rap only about hoes, money, drugs and cars. That's MAINSTREAM rap. And I'm sure most of you hate rap because this mainstream rap is the only sh*t you've ever heard. Go grab yourself a f*cking Kanye West or Eminem CD, f*cktards. And actually listen to the words they say, then come back and tell me they didn't move you. I dare you.

And by the way, note that a rap song won an Oscar this year. Only proves my point that people like rap.

Now, I've been a resident of the U.S. ever sice I was born. Since then ...
New Zealand is awesome. We have lots of sheep in our country, more sheep than people, but this does not mean we f*ck our sheep. That's like saying 'australians f*ck their kangaroos'. Australians, may I add, think they are better than us because their country is ten times bigger than us. (I will leave the rest to you intelligent non-new zealanders to figure out)
New Zealand is home to the first person in the world to climb Mt. Everest, has a great tourism industry, as it is full of beautiful rolling green hills, as well as lovely forest filled with amazing native birds such as the kiwi and the tui, the air is really clean unlike some big cities in the USA and Australia which are filled with smog, also because it is small where ever you live you never are more than a two hours drive away from the ocean, and it also has a mountain ranges in the north and south island which are great for snow-sports in the winter. Of course the list goes on, but I would be typing for ever if I was to list all the reason why New Zealand is so brilliant. Of course it can be a bit chilly at times, but hey, only weaklings (and Australians) can't handle the cold. Toughen up.
tourist 1: so why are you guys in New Zealand?

tourist 2: I've been sitting in the beautiful natural hot springs in rotorua.

tourist 3: i've been carving up the mountain bro

tourist 4 (australian): *shiver* i'm f*ckn cold my flips flops and shorts shorts are to cold. i need about seeex more layers, i'm not tough enough for this beautiful place
People from Indian Subcontinent who represent the world most diverse group of people hailing from a country of more than 1 billion people.
The 5th largest economy in the world which is growing at 8% GDP per annum and have largest pool of talented and young professionals, engineers, doctors, enterpreneurs & managers.

More than 25 million Indians represents the most successful group of immigrants in Europe, US &
Asia. Most of them have talent to create wealth. They may arrive with couple of hundred dollars in the pocket but end up making millions due to fighting spirit to make it big in the foereign country.

Needless to say they come in all shapes and sizes, with different personalities, thinking and behaviour. More than 10000 year old continuous Indian civilisation has survived the invasion from the British who left the country bankrupt and divided 60 years ago. Since than country has emerged as major economic and nuclear power with major technological advances.

In 2006 the country has emerged as number #1 outsourcing destination for foreign multinationals with world share of 44% in IT & BPO industry and fast capturing world share of finance industry, biotech and pharma research. Inspite of western stereotype and narrow world view India is advancing and Indians are doing well.
A derogatory term for the state of Texas, used by people who dislike the ego-centric and in-your-face "cowboy wanna-be" deportment of many Texans.
Dude, I do NOT want to spend my one week off this year from work in effin' Texa*s! I hate the cowboy vibe, and don't like country music. Pleeze...can't we go somewhere else?


"Don't Mess with Texa*s". Yeehaw! Like, what a stupid bumper sticker to promote Texas! What do they mean to imply? Come to Texa*s and get your a*s kicked?, uh...I think I'll go to Baja California for vacation instead. Less brainless cowboy testoserone than Texa*s!
1. the university of Idaho vandals.

2. students of the unversity of Idaho

3. the worst 1-A college football program in the country over that last 5 years. This sh*tty a*s group of rag-tag posers can't play football to save their lives. Ex-coach Cable is heavily blamed. Also the high level of h*mos*xuality on this team makes them soft.
Eric: Where can I f*ck goats and also earn a college degree?
Mike: At the University of Idaho

Tom: Which football team makes you abolutely sick to watch play?
Jake: The Idaho Vandals

Sam: Oh my god I wanna get my a*s kicked
Ellen: Play for the Idaho Vandals!
Sam: ok that sounds great. They take it in the a*s every week.
ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW is more of a hardcore version of WWE and TNA. It started of in the 90's and almost when country wide before it was shut down. Recently the WWE has "re-vived" ECW.
In the 90's ECW matches always consisted under Extreme Rules Which basicly meant that there are no rules. Some of the main wepons were chairs,Tables, Barbed Wire and Fire. Some of the wrestler that started their include sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, RVD and Rey Mysterio

Now with the New ECW only one or two matches a night are called under extreme rules. Some of the wrestler that have joined ECW since it was revived are: Big Show, CM Punk, Kurt Angle and Test

The Current ECW champion is : The big show
The current Commentators are : Tazz & Joey Styles
It is currently being showed in USA on the sci-fi network and goes...
A fine city in the West Riding of Yorkshire consisting of roughly half a million inhabitants, with an undeserved reputation. Full of friendly folk and fantastic scenery, Bradford is one of the nicest cities in the country.

Popular misconceptions include that the city is small, unclean, unfriendly and unkept. Many even go as far to say as it is a suburb of Leeds. Bradford is the seventh biggest city in the country, has won awards for being the cleanest in the country, is one of the few remaining places that you can smile at somebody and they will smile back, and the city's Lister Park has recently been awarded the Best Park in the UK Award after a recent renovation.

Spontanious conversations occur with the people you least expect, people are genuine, care about how you are and are without doubt some of the most helpful around.

Whilst not renowned for its nightlife, Bradford doesn't fair too badly, with the Rock, Indie and Alternative scene firmly established at venues around the city including Bradford Rio
A terrible band that somehow managed to hop on the gravy train that MTV rides around the country while making c*appy shows. They are led by a singer who sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles and a paper sack on his head, some idiot who jumps off of things and forgets to play his instrument because he has actually figured out he has no talent and might as well still try to have fun while not looking like a fool (he fails at that), and a few other members who are of no noteworthy talent.

While anyone with even a drop of taste in music will dismiss them as anything more than garbage, many people have been fooled by the obvious voice and sound enhancements that are used to make their CDs worth anything more than cup coasters. These people, are of course, the same people who believe Lindsay Lohan, The Blackeyed Peas, Outkast, and some other singers who fall into this talentless dumpster are good.

They are 95% religiously defended by girls who follow whatever is trendy but have no opinion of their own, and the 5% of guys who put up with the c*appy music in order to get in said girls' pants. (just check out the names of those that defend them on this site, almost all girls)
Friend 1 : Wow, I just experienced the worst thing ever in my life...
Mr. Bruce : And that would be?
Friend 1 : Fall Out Boy. *begins to vomit bucket loads*
Mr. Bruce : I'll call 9-1-1 right away!

Friend 2 : Hey Bruce! I just got that Fall Out Boy cd my girlfriend has been telling me about and it rocks!.
Mr. Bruce : *right eye twitches as he tries to comprehend what he just heard*
Ex-Friend 2 : Yah, We're gonafa derrdowww ddOWWWgw inga aeari *is silenced abruptly by a fist to the mouth*
Ex-Friend 2's Girlfriend : I can't believe you hit him for loving such an aweso... *is also silenced by a fist*
Two piece contemporary garage rock band who led the Garage Rock Revival in the early 2000s. Their music consist of mainly a guitar and drum set, with the occasional piano and a few more instruments. j*ck White is the songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and the vocalist. Meg White is the drummer who basically lays down a steady beat in every song.

The Whites Stripes' music is a fuse of Delta Blues, three chord Punk, raw power of 60s Garage Rock, quirky and down home lyrics, country-folk, slight elements of jazz, and yes even southern gospel. With a random listenening of a song, you might here j*ck White as: Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Paul McCartney, or Kurt Cobain just to name a few.

By many critics and audience, The White Stripes will surely become Rock legends one day (if they haven't already). With songs like "Seven Nation Army" becoming soccer anthems, the future looks very bright for this band.
Recommended - The White Stripes songs
I Fought the Pirantas
Little Bird
h*llo Operator
Your Pretty Good Looking For A Girl
Offend In Every Way
Ball and Biscuit
I'm Lonely (But I'm Not That Lonely Yet)
Hotel Yorba
Truth Doesn't Make A Noise
Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
Blue Orchid
My Doorbell
Fell In Love With a Girl
Black Math
When mad hot cross-country runners strip down in yellow school buses, j*ck up the heat, and rub up on each other. Predominantly male-oriented. For more information, see squish mitten or hungry unicorn.
Julian See Dub loves to play the Hot Game with my pride meat.
Common country slang for money, cash, or income.
1. I really hate my job, but the chiggle sure is great.

2. I love my job, but it doesn't pay chiggle.

3. I would have chipped in for dinner, but I don't have chiggle.
Short for video peek.
Usually, a 15-30 second video communication captured with the camcorder function of a cell phone or other handheld device. Veeks can be easily published online from cell phones through

v. intr.
The act of communicating with mobile video technology.
Dude, did you see the veek of those two crazy girls at the Jura*sic5 show last night?

At first my bf was totally freaking out about my cross country drive but when I veeked him every 100 miles he chilled.
A form of government that sounds fair (like sharing your leftover sandwich with some bum on the street) but often is just hij*cked by a small group of elites who promise that the poor lazy types will get to take the property and wealth of the enterprising rich types. In the end history records them as jagoffs: Stalin, Castro, Kim Il Sung, Mao Tse Tug, Ho Chi Minh were all "Communists" that in real life were probably among the richest people on earth... now how could that possibly happen in a "Communist" country?
Communism makes people feel compa*sion for their fellow man but there has yet to be a TRUE Communist state even attempted. Though to be honest if I were in a TRUE Communist state I sure wouldn't work very hard, cause really, why should I? I'm owed stuff by my Communist government. Gimme!
A small "selective" musical group/cult. They sing,dance, and gyrate on stage. Long rehersals means long nights and VM sleepovers.Which basically means s*x,drinking,and boardgames! Represented by the colors black and gold, and led by a hairy italian man who spends his days sweating and taking care of his lovely children. If you are lucky enough the sweaty guy may even make you some spaghetti, that is if you mow his lawn or babysit the kids. This group has claimed to get you a full scholarship to college, yet this theory has yet to be proven. Most students graduate out of this program to go to community colleges or the drive-thru at a burger joint. Claims to be recognized for excellence all over the country. This too is yet to be proven..
Doc:"Everyone wants to be in Vocal Motion, and if they say they dont, then they are lying!Everyone hates us until they get in and lose all their friends and babysit my kids.Then you get spaghetti and long days with me, and that my friends, is a good life."
See example first
Latinos are:
People from Latin America (not Spain).
except for people from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, when they are emigrants (as the ones who live in the States or in any other country) they behave badly, they steal, they kill, don't melt with the nation that's taking them in, throw killing glares at people who are not like them and so on. Not the best ones to be your daughter's husband.
They are illiterate.
They are rather lazy and are always drunk whatever their age is.
They are dirty, live in dirty places, wear dirty clothes, stink.
A population with no values, so they could sell their children for money, and kill you because someone has paid them to do it and they don't even know you, no values.

Girls, instead, are far better and educated than men
- this is true -

My grandma,who was 97,was hit many times and then killed by a group of Latinos just to steal her purse in which, as everyone would expect, there were only $3. When they noticed they dragged her along and placed her in the middle of the road as a punishment they said.
Philistine = No Culture
A conformist in everything they do. A person who is obsessed with sports, s*x (among the High School and College set in particular, but some may not be at all) and Motor vehicles. They listen to whatever everyone else is listening to (especially if it is Country Music, Cla*sic Rock, Nickleback, Limp Bizkit or rap/Hip Hop in the case of many younger philistines), wear whatever everyone else is wearing, and avoid anything that is in the least bit unusual, unique, or eccentric. They tend to have little to no use for art, be of limited intelligence, be obsessed with such things as NASCAR, golf, Hunting and Fishing, and tend to drive gas guzzling vehicles like SUVs and Extended cab Pickup Trucks. They are the fuel behind reality television
A phrase you say when:

1) People suggest for you to do something completely retarded.
2) You don't really believe what someone has said.
3) Someone says something stupid that makes no sense.
4) Someone is making fun of you.

Also can be used frequently with cool thing. The phrase becomes really effective if you use hand motions to interpret it. The most common one is moving your hand in a roller coaster fashion: Move it slowly up like you are climbing the first hill on a coaster for the first two words, and draw them out saying them in a high pitched voice....Yeah Maaaaaaaaaaannnn....Then for the next word, still in a high pitched voice, act like you are at the top of the hill and stop for a second....Yooouuuu(Pause)....Then plummet down the hill with the last word saying it real fast and in a deep voice....Right....And thus you have the hand motions.
Friend: "Why don't you go play in the street?"
You: "Yeah Man You Right!"

Friend: "My uncle is the King of an African country, and he has twenty pet lions."
You: "Yeah Man You Right!"

Friend: "Your face is so ugly, it looks like you fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down."
You: "Yeah Man You Right!"
When I first found out that George W. Bush was running for President, I was aghast. Not just aghast, but literally laughing out loud. The man is and was clearly an idiot, and his father was such a failure as President that we kicked his a*s out of office after one term. Why the h*ll would anyone with half a brain prop this man up as a candidate, let alone vote for him? As the race rolled along and I realized the Republicans were serious about white-washing and selling this amoral, spoiled aristocrat/self-proclaimed newborn Christian to the American people, I stated that if he ever got elected I would have to leave the country. Sadly, I discovered that Americans are far more easily manipulated than I ever could have imagined. Of course after he stole a second election I knew it was time to get out. When he "won" (with the help of the kind folks at Diebold) the second time, my heart broke. I cannot drive down the road without seeing those repulsive "W" stickers proudly displayed on cars. And in the name of this great nation he and his cronies helped not build, but who are contributing to its downfall. It is sickening.

Initially I was going to take up a lot of space here typing in fact after fact about Bush’s war crimes, his cocaine abuse, his constant lying, his foul mouth, his hypocrisy, and his cluelessness, but I realized a number of things:

Firstly, many people have done this better than I ever could, and it is not making a d*mn bit of difference, as the people p...
what Texas Hill Country folk wear for shoes. good for smashing c*ckroches..
My old texas boots trap many a c*ckroches with my pointed toes. In Texas, side of boots used for kicking mexican butts.
spurs used for getting a move on whatever we'r on top of!
In Texas we ride most anything thats warm & moves.....
A person that comes to North America that isn't white. That means the people that come here from europe are often pretty clean cut and act just like us when they loose the accent.

The true forigners are the ones from the far east. They don't dress like us, smell pretty like us, watch the same sports as us or like the same music as us. Some of the ones that go on to university and later to take jobs away from us the white people make a sad attempt to pretend they have intrest in North American culture but it is just so they can network and make open minded liberals think that they are just as american as anyone else. Then they have lame politically correct dinner partys with liberals where they share their cultural experiences and eventually there is a huge movement to give them extra holidays for their own cults and religions and to legalize women beating because it is part of the arabs herritage back in the old country.

Americans are White people, black people, hispanic folks and the natives and the rest don't fit in.

Some foreigners are nice people but their presence is turning this once bad a*s land of the free into a sensitive p*ssy nation and it would be better if they would stop creeping up.
I can't stand it when foreigners date beautiful white women because then her children will turn out to be a bunch of foreign mutts that smell like fried ethnic food.

I can't stand how we have to be politically correct with foreigners. Why can't everone find peace in their own country instead of tainting our beautiful genepools. I don't want to move to Iran and take their jobs away from the locals.

I would rather make love to a cactus then with someone that isn't white. If any of my kids ever dated a foreigner, i'd kick them the f*ck out.
A phrase you say when:

1) People suggest for you to do something completely retarded.
2) You don't really believe what someone has said.
3) Someone says something stupid that makes no sense.
4) Someone is making fun of you.

Also can be used frequently with cool thing. The phrase becomes really effective if you use hand motions to interpret it. The most common one is moving your hand in a roller coaster fashion: Move it slowly up like you are climbing the first hill on a coaster for the first two words, and draw them out saying them in a high pitched voice....Yeah Maaaaaaaaaaannnn....Then for the next word, still in a high pitched voice, act like you are at the top of the hill and stop for a second....Yooouuuu(Pause) ....Then plummet down the hill with the last word saying it real fast and in a deep voice....Right....And thus you have the hand motions.
Friend: "Why don't you go play in the street?"
You: "Yeah Man You Right!"

Friend: "My uncle is the King of an African country, and he has twenty pet lions."
You: "Yeah Man You Right!"

Friend: "Your face is so ugly, it looks like you fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down."
You: "Yeah Man You Right!"
A Catholic, private high school located Poughkeepsie, NY. It technically lies in the town, however, is only a short drive from the heart of the city. While this in itself would be enough to create a diverse student body, the school also attracts students from the sticks of Dover and Hyde Park, the ghetto of Newburgh, and the privileged suburbias of Spackenkill and Arlington, along with other surrounding towns. Nevertheless, this diversity in hometowns does not affect the makeup of the student body. About 90% of the population is caucasion, and the difference in hometown, only creates difference in the "type" of white kid one is. (i.e. rich kid, country kid, city kid, goth kid etc.) Each year, over 95% of graduating seniors go onto a four-year of two-year college, making Lourdes very attractive to parents who can afford tuition. AP and college-level courses are offered, but are not yet as widely available to students as the administration would have you believe.

The teachers and administration of Lourdes are as diverse as the student body. As many students will attest to, the teachers range in everything from appearance, to nationality, to s*xual orientation, to teaching skill. This is not to say, however, in any way, that the teachers and administration are not satisfactory, they are, in fact, top-notch teachers and, more importantly, people. In the spring of 2005, some of the administration were involved in a "racism" scandal that captured the attention of th...
lexus is a well made car. why. because toyota is a well made car. but lets get one thing straight. the only reason way lexus can sell cars is through there intensive and annoying advertising and their "claims" to so many innovations. how often do you ever see an S cla*s advertisement on tv let alone advertising all of its gadgets. the S-cla*s advertises itself. period. i will admit that the LS is a more reliable car. doesnt mean its better. the S-cla*s is a rich mans car that keeps the car for 4 years at most. say all the bad things you want about the S..the bottom line is that the S-cla*s is the best selling premium sedan ever made even though its the highest priced among the rest. the facts speak for itself. it is an engineering masterpeice and innovation leader. any car magazine journalist would agree.
every design aspect that Lexus has created was a result of mercedes benz. there is one thing that Lexus will never be able to engineer. Prestige, History, Cla*s. When is the last time you saw the amba*sador or prince of a country in a Lexus. it will never happen. Even the richest in Japan drive Benzs.
the only major thing that Lexus has invented is the LS that virtually parks itself. Big deal. the S-cla*s virtually drives itself. it will accelerate and come to a complete stop by itself. imagine driving in traffic and all you have to do is steer. beat that. Why does no one know about this, because Mercedes doesnt have to make cheesy commercials to show off...
Springboro High School is located in Springboro, a city south of Dayton, Ohio, where all the rich people live. Springboro has 3 country clubs and neighborhoods filled with million dollar homes. Springboro High School is ranked 7th for the wealthiest school in the state of Ohio. Many other schools in Ohio hate Springboro High School for the wealthy snobs that go there. Turn 16, get a car. The student parking lot boasts nicer cars than the faculty parking lot. There is no surprise to see students driving BMW’s, Porches, and Hummers. The guys in Springboro that buckle there pants below there butt think they’re from “da hood.” The jocks wear basketball shorts with their boxers showing, and baseball caps. They spray Axe and Abercrombie and Fitch cologne like it's there job. Abercrombie and Fitch is the official school uniform for both boys and girls. You’ll find almost every single girl wearing “Birks” (Birkenstocks) with skin tight jeans or skinny jeans with pointy black heels. You could probably see the skinniest girls with love-handles. They also own the newest designer bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. Their hair is fried from straightening or curling their hair too much. The girls wear their boyfriend’s football jerseys. The teen hang out is "BDubs" (BW3s.) Nickname for SHS is “Candy land” which explains why there are drug sniffing dogs prowling the student lockers and cars at any time of the year. Students that go to SHS have a unique accent. The other schools say ...
a person who declares themselves with 3 different nations.
a person who is second generation immigrant but moved to another country due to god-know-what reason and now has some sorta citizenship in their new country.
that's tri nationality, though very rarely excepted in most countries.
my folks are south american, but i was born in australia and now i live in SoCal... isn't that what tri-nationality suppose to be?

tri nationalism rocks except for lost identity, but i'm proud to be an american
A small SUNY school in the heart of Plattsburgh, NY, a small north country town on Lake Champlain about 20 minutes away from the border (and a really "awesome" bar called The Rocket, where you can get some coke with that Molson). Nearly every student enrolled, except for the copious amounts of Japanese exchange students, had Plattsburgh as about number six on their list of schools they wished to attend. Then, they either got lazy or didn't get into any other school they applied to. So they came to Plattsburgh State University becuase if you could write your name on the application you were in. This led to the ma*sive influx of freshmen in the fall of 06, leading to really lame parties and no parking spaces for anyone. In past years, it was actually really fun. Then all the fun people left. Over the years, it has gotten progressively lamer. When students get really bored of the lameness, they take a trip to Montreal and realize how sh*tty their life is. This is usually compensated for by heavily drinking at least 5 days out of the week and smoking ones self stupid, then going downtown to get Pizza Bonos. Homework is rarely done, not because of laziness, but because this is Plattsburgh.

for some reason, the administrators changed the name to Plattsburgh State University College in 05. why the repetativeness? no one knows.

One of the qualities a Plattsburgh State student must have is a deep, penetrating hatred for ones self and a want to either jump off of the Kehoe ad...
Since you guys are so fond of Ron White, here's a saying of his that captures exactly the way I feel about what most of you idjits here have accomplished...which is simply shootin' off your mouth.

"I had the remain silent, but I didn't have the ABILITY".

Someone here actually made sense when he said that Texas is more Western than Southern, regardless of it's position on the US map, or the fact that the majority live in the Eastern half of it.

And to the a*shole that said, "We (Mexicans) were here before you "wetbacks" came from Europe, I have this to say; if you feel slighted because most of us got to cross in SHIPS instead of dying in the back of an enclosed truck full of carbon monoxide 'cause one of your vatos says it's "okay", i'm truly sorry you had such a bad experience sneaking into my state, and we'd be more than happy to ship you anywhere you like, along with your other "Southern" brothers and sisters who keep invading our country illegaly through any means possible. And FYI Jose, MY people were here way before YOUR people were a gleam in a Spaniards eye! Wanna play Indians and Mexicans again?

I love Texas, because it's home, not because of some misguided Southern Pride. In my mind it's about time to find another place to build an Alamo, like around Houston.
Illegal Alien: Viva la whatever it takes to over-run the US!

Texan: American by BIRTH...Texan by the grace of GOD!

Andrews County, Texas P.D. call in: "License check please...Jose Porfirio Rodriguez, WHITE MALE!"

Why do we catch flak for being "politically uncorrect", when even the cops can't tell what they are? Enuf said.
A country recently formed from the two greatest countries in the world, Canada and Australia. This is a nation for Canadians who have Australian friends or vice versa.
The favourite pastimes of Cantralians include shotgunning beers and playing ruckey (a hybrid of rugby and ice hockey).
My wife and I are holidaying in Cantralia over the summer.
Going to Cantralia to shotgun some beers and play some ruckey.
Cantralia is the sweetest f*cking country in the world.
A small SUNY school in the heart of Plattsburgh, NY, a small north country town on Lake Champlain about 20 minutes away from the border (and a really "awesome" bar called The Rocket, where you can get some coke with that Molson). Nearly every student enrolled, except for the copious amounts of Japanese exchange students, had Plattsburgh as about number six on their list of schools they wished to attend. Then, they either got lazy or didn't get into any other school they applied to. So they came to Plattsburgh State University becuase if you could write your name on the application you were in. This led to the ma*sive influx of freshmen in the fall of 06, leading to really lame parties and no parking spaces for anyone. In past years, it was actually really fun. Then all the fun people left. Over the years, it has gotten progressively lamer. When students get really bored of the lameness, they take a trip to Montreal and realize how sh*tty their life is. This is usually compensated for by heavily drinking at least 5 days out of the week and smoking ones self stupid, then going downtown to get Pizza Bonos. Homework is rarely done, not because of laziness, but because this is Plattsburgh.

for some reason, the administrators changed the name to Plattsburgh State University College in 05. why the repetativeness? no one knows.

One of the qualities a Plattsburgh State student must have is a deep, penetrating hatred for ones self and a want to either jump off of the Kehoe ad...
Darien is a small town that has a populatio of nice and preppy people. I should know because my friends and I are one of those nice people. Not all people in Darien are rich and drink alcohol. The only reason we wear brands such as polo, juicy,vinyard vines,ect. is becuase we care about how we come across to other people. It's called pride. Most of us have extremly good grades and don't go to collage on just sports scholarships becasue we actually work for the grades and many peoples goals are to get into collages like princton, harvard, and other good collages. It has nothing to do with donating money. And not ALL of our houses are on the water. And we dont all have over sized SUVS, ever heard pollution? I've seen plenty of other cars, such as mercedes, Jeeps, mini coopers, and even a few not so nice cars.And their not all blue either, for example mine is silver, and I've seen a lot red and yellow and green cars too. And maybe some of the houses are close together but thats only because we have to make room for all the people to live here because so many people want live in such a friendly town. We shop at the Darien Sport shop only because they have the best clothes and those clothes are the latest style. Nobody wants to be left out!!! And noone shops at target, come on! And the Stepford Wives was filmed here I know the house it was filmed in and i know some of the extras in the movie, they wanted real darieners. Also a soon to be movie is comming out that ws filmed here...
Germany, a country that knows how to deal with its past. Nowhere else are so many memorials for the victims of the country's past. And nowhere else are students supposed to know the whole history of the Holocaust. Once there was a Concentration Camp (by the way an English invention that was abused by the n*zis) in my neighbourhood and it now is a memorial, always visited by all kinds of people...
our grandfathers in germany killed 6 million people for no reason, but our children will know and won't repeat it.
Others killed more and no one knows.

What will happen next?
back in the olden days when I was a young boy in nebraska this term used to mean to open a soda bottle. but times have changed and now it is a term for violence against one another which i believe mimicks the direction in which our country is headed. in short to pop a cap is to f*cking shoot someone okay.
back in nebraska- pop a cap off that coca cola product please my good sir

now a days- I'm gonna pop a cap in yo a* good sir
a bad thing.

They had no WMD and that should've been the end of it.

Iraq FINALLY let UN weapon inspectors in to look around. They found nothing, but war was declaired anyway.

It's true, probably a good 70% of the British people were against the war from the very start. Not because we are against war with our enemies, or the enemies of our friends, but because Iraq were really no threat. Why couldn't the CIA/MI6 just a*sasinate Saddam if they felt that strongly about him?

In the aftermath of 9/11, Britain was proud to hear Tony Blair giving his shoulder-to-shoulder speach, we were proud to go to Afghanistan to fight the Talliban and help try to find Bin Laden. We've suffered terrorism for many years (all my life), and know what it means, and will steadfastly back our Governments policy of ALWAYS standing up to terrorism even if it does make us a target again.
Terrorits are cowards, they don't wear uniforms or fight under a flag. They sneak around, in the dark planting bombs, before sneaking away again like rats. The men who fought the US/UK invasion were not terrorists or cowards, they were scared young men trying to defend their country.
The Iraq war was a mistake, if we truely are commited to fighting the GOOD fight, then we must keep ourselves focused on the real enemies.
I have lived in LF my whole life and i currently go to the wealthy, beautiful, smart, Lake Forest High School.

Lake Forest is a very wealthy white christian suburb located along Lake Michigan in the north sh*re of Chicago. The residents have more money than they know what to do with. Majority own multiple homes and at least one boat. Their children attend Lake Forest High School, one of the top three best high schools in Illinois. Not to mention one of the filthiest rich schools in the country, even though the whole school consists of about 2,000 very affluent, rich, wealthy, spoiled, BEAUTIFUL kids. For a reference to the outsiders, Lake Forest is the Greenwich or Orange County of the Midwest.
Lake Forest kids are too good for anything costing less than 200 dollars, and thats only clothes wise.

Most everyone in lake forest belongs to at least one country club, i belong to Exmoor, some others are Onwentsia CC, North Sh*re CC, Indian Hill CC, Lake Forest CC, Medina, Royal Melbourne, and many more
The richest country club in Wisconsin. Location.. Mequon, Wi.
I went to North Sh*re CC (County Club, for you low cla*s idiots), to talk about poor people and sip my fine gla*s of $100 Zenato Vinyard wine; and later talk and compare how rich I was opposed to other Mequon residents. Of course I would be eating caviar (no, you drink sherry with duck, not seafood!).
Place in Georgia. Home Of the EAST COWETA INDIANS, No alcohol on sundays,no liquor stores, home of like 4(maybe more) waffle houses, PeachTree Landing, Summergrove(eww), Mexican Sundays at Wal-Mart, retards who stop for green lights, Ga.'s largest mall that will never be, home of Alan j*ckson, the newly remodeled Taco Bell, home of soon to be famous rapper BINGO (hahaha), lots of rich people (snobbly white folks), poor people (mexicans, rednecks, trailer trash, black folks-excluding my crazy car washing obsessed neigbors-,me and my homies), Home of the Barbie Beach in the old couples front yard (old man playin with barbies yeah thats scary), home of the welcome to Newnan sign in the middle of Newnan (not at the beginning), MLK use to chill here, Newnan is the City of Homes, only place ( i hope) in the world that has had a spatula on the side of the road for 5yrs now and home of the retard (me) who checks to see if its there everytime I drive by, some movies were filmed downtown(can't remember which) oh yeah the new movie broken bridges was filmed in newnan or some of it, i think we also have the country's worst c*mmute to work or somethin like that, a dunkin dognuts that has never seen a cop( mostly cuz their at waffle house), and in short one of the most boring yet awesome cities southwest of atlanta. If you look at a Ga. map you won't see every city but you will see Newnan. Oh and the biggest hangout (unfortunatly) is you guessed it wal-mart.
The idea that Jews should rule the country of Israel.
An idea I don't understand why many people make a bid deal of, since it has already been accomplished long ago (in 1948, with the daclareation for formation of Israel).
-My opinion is that Zionism is a wrong idea.
-But the idea has already been accomplished! It useless to say that it's wrong now. That is just like publishing a book, and 10 years later regretting publishing it.
a town south of Grapevine lake, which mainly consists of extremely large and expensive houses, expensive stores, in which nothing of true value exists, and, generally, really snotty people who take for granted the amount of incredible resources that they have at their f*ngertips, only paying attention to the fleeting fads of their media surrounded world; a bubble, if you will, sheilding its inhabitants to the rest of the world to such a degree of ignorance, that life outside of their sheltered world is almost alien to them; for the benefit of those who live there who are not like that, that miniscule minority, I would like to say this: there are thinking people in Southlake, as rare as that may be, so don't think everyone there is stuck up and bratty, because they suffer more than you could imagine being surrounded by this frivrility... I should know, being I spent almost 8 years of my life the way, nationally ranked sports teams a good town does not make, because some of the people are ugly to their very core.
12 heavily tanned and made-up girls walk down the Town Square of Southlake sidewalk, talking to each other as if they are great friends. One girl leaves after a little while to God-knows-where (probably out wasting her inheiritance money). Once out of earshot, the remainder of the group proceed to bash on thier "friend" to such a degree, that you could not tell that a friendly word had ever pa*sed between them. Said girl comes back, and the former conversation resumes, until another girl, also heavily made-up and tanned, walks by. A seemingly mutual friendly greeting occurs, but once the girl leaves, the backstabbing reaches a feverish pitch... this would not be so bad, save the fact that these people do not represent just teenage girls but little boys and girls, mothers and fathers, and even some grandparents, on occasions.
the proper, albanian word for kosovo
kosovo is just a word the rest of the world uses
for example ENGLAND is the word english speaking people use. other countries use different words.
and to all you hating racist people that seem to hate kosovo so much, stop and think. The only reason that "kosovans are beggars that take refuge in other countries" is because of all the serbians. if none of that bullsh*t happened then there wouldnt be such a problem. so stop hating on the kosovans and start hating on serbians.
AND all those dumb-a*s people who say kosovans caused the violence can go and jump off a cliff. being a kosovan and having kosovan parents who lived through the problems i know the truth and so does every other kosovan. Milosejvic tried to wipe out everything to do with the true kosvo and albanian. they 1) tried to stop us speaking albanian or 2) they would close every school in kosovo. being the die-hard patriots we are we chose option 1.
AND also every kosovan knows that the crisis in kosova started well before it was on the news.
Dont get me wrong i have nothing against SERBIA
its YUGOSLAVIA that i hate.
but some serbians seem to be confused and hate kosovans, forgetting that they are serbian now, not yugoslavian.
Also, i think that Serbia and Kosova have the best family values these days. i would prefer seeing cousins and family rather than seeing friends. because i can have all the fun but with my family!!
so to all you kosovan hater and confused serbi...
St. John's Prep, located in Danvers, Ma*sachusetts is an all boys private high school. Started by the Xaverian Brothers, the Prep is well known due to its powerhouse athletics, difficult academic workload, and beautiful campus. Typically, graduates attend big name universities around the country. The Prep is modeled after Boston College, a school where many Prep grads apply and attend after graduation.

Students of the Prep typically come from very wealthy families of the North Sh*re of Ma*sachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. The student parking lot includes dozens of wealthy vehicle marques and students are typically adorned in their extremely preppy attire including Polo or Tommy Hilfiger. The boys of the Prep are the crème of the crop and many of the girls in the local area want a "Prep Boy" to bring home to Mom and Dad.

St. John's breeds the best and brightest. It turns ordinary boys into leaders and gentlemen. People know when they meet a Prep boy because of his cla*s and dignity as well as their outstanding respect and distinctive mannerisms.

Without a doubt the Prep is the best school for boys the world throughout. There is no finer school that will provide the depth and precision of an education while transforming an ordinary boy into a world cla*s gentleman.
"Where do you go to high school, young man?"
"I go to St. John's Prep..."
"Well allow me to introduce you to my daughter!"
A Dhimmi is a word used by Muslims to describe a Christian or a Jew, and most recently people who do not follow Islam but live in an Islamic country or another country that does not follow Islam.

Dhimmi's in past centuries who lived under a Muslim dominated country lost most of their legal rights and privileges if they did not convert to Islam. Dhimmi’s were also targeted and preyed upon because they were not allowed to testify in courts against Muslims, like Islamic or Sharia courts of today. It made Dhimmi’s easy targets and added incentives for them to hurry up and convert to Islam, or suffer until they do.

Dhimmi's have to pay Jizya a tax for practicing their religion. In other words Islam uses the method of Dhimmi and Jizya to force Islamic conversions when they slowly take over a country.
"Excuse me Sir, yes you on the camel, are you Dhimmi?

"No not me I can't afford it, I'm Muslim!"

"Hey you on the donkey are you Dhimmi?"

"No not I, why would I?" "I would lose my rights as a person and have to pay higher taxes." "No I'm Muslim."
n. A non-collegiate resident of Troy, NY displaying a complete lack of intelligence or social graces. Often the product of inbreeding. Parents may be sister and brother, sister and father, brother and mother, aunt and grandfather, etc. Is often identified by one or more of the following characteristics: obesity, blank facial expression, missing t*eth, drooling, and extreme stench. Often a forth or fifth generation welfare recipient. Recreational activities include vandalism and other petty crimes. Make country folk from Appalachia seem urbane by comparison.
"I just ran over another Troylet. Oh well."
"That Troylet just peed on my car."
"She is a high cla*s Troylet." (Referring to a teenage prostitute working out of the Super 8 motel.)
"I think I just found the missing link. Sorry, it was just a Troylet."
"Recent Amoeba research may shed some light on Troylet behavior."
"Now that is a Troylet's feast." (Referring to a full dumpster.)
"Troy wouldn't be nearly as bad were it not for the Troylets."
"She looks 90 years old and she is a great grandmother, but that Troylet is only 41 years old."
You're at a party, and theres a very hot chick there, but she shoots you down when you try to make your move. so later on you wait til shes sitting down and facing the other direction, deep in conversation with your friend. This part takes extreme guile and Wit. You slowly creep up on that self-righteous b*tch, then start m*sturbating inaudibly so she doesnt expect you, when your close to climax go close to her face and get her attention then j*zz on her face, she'll open her mouth in shock, so you insert your p*nis, for a wee bit of Felatio, and to wipe off all your excess Semen, finish with a c*ck slap, then make your exit. This is best performed in a different state/county/country or continent due to the extreme disrespect youll get from the local folk, back home though, await your Heroes welcome!
"I was at this house-party in Idaho and this hot chick was there, she shot me down when i made my move, That b*tch got the Mullan-Surprise by the end of the night!"

"I gave this b*tch a Mullan-Surprise while i was away on holiday"
A country music duo, consisting of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, they are known for hits such as "Hillbilly Shoes," "h*ll Yeah," "Gone," and more recently, "Some People Change." They have six albums (in chronological order): Tattoos & Scars, Carrying On, My Town, You Do Your Thing, Something To Be Proud Of: Best Of 1999-2005, and Some People Change. In 2000, they broke Brooks & Dunn's winning streak at the CMA awards by winning the "Vocal Duo of the Year" award. Eddie and Troy are the best singers ever. =)
"Hey, I'm going to a Montgomery Gentry concert on Friday."
"Man, I'm jealous!!"
Let me state a few facts first, beginning with self-experience. I've started developing into the whole goth lifestyle back in late '04, starting out by wearing black. I wasn't into the whole Marilyn Manson or Linkin Park bullsh*t at that time, because I knew they weren't goth bands. After the whole black clothings, I started getting into goth rock(ex: Bauhaus, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, HIM, The 69 Eyes). Then afterwards, other sets of metal was what I started listening to as well(excluding Nu-Metal). At first, I thought that I was never going to change my image. But that obviously wasn't true.

However, the goths of what I saw, were different from the goths of today. The goths back then were there to live life on the "darker" sides of things, meaning that they would abolish of whatever that is related to the mainstream. Those who were different. Those who were unique. Those who had their own style in clothings, words, and what not. The whole "goth" scene developed from a germanic/barbaric tribe that invaded the Roman Empire. The first kind of goths were known as the "visigoths", or aka The Noble Ones. They sacked the Roman Empire, otherwise known as the "mainstream" of that time.. so I'm pretty sure you can compare that to the gothic scene of my time.

Then suddenly, the whole goth scene started to evolve ONCE again. Kids are now transforming the scene into a trend, buying merchandise after merchandise, giving the impression as if they're buying candy from a store. They ...
popularized by the film "office space" this refers to a d*ckface who has in some way wronged or annoyed you or is in general a prick, take for instance: Michael Bolton
exerpt from a scene in "office space"

Samir: No one in this country can ever p*onounce my name right. It's not that hard: Samir Na-gheen-an-a-jar. Nagheenanajar.

Michael Bolton: Yeah, well at least your name isn't Michael Bolton.

Samir: You know there's nothing wrong with that name.

Michael Bolton: There was nothing wrong with it... until I was about 12 years old and that no-talent a*s clown became famous and started winning Grammys.
The New Joysee government is known for being incredibly corrupt. This has been a trend ever since Satan was elected as governor of the state in 1917 when he claimed that his opponent, Jesus, had once been issued the death penalty due to a recorded criminal record.

Today, the members of the New Joysee State Senate eat at least 5 children a day, and the Govenor generally eats at least 7, though one day he once ate 24 in one sitting, fulfilling a dare in a childish attempt to impress his wife.

"In all honesty, the government is run by the Mafia," reported an actual Jersey resident quote. Unfortunately the resident and the reporter went "missing" shortly thereafter.

New Joysee was the 41st state in the United States of America. The state slogan was "The Armpit of America!", now "The Fabulous Armpit State!". As of 10/01/07 the capitol is New Joysee City.

Created when the Old Joysee was cast beneath the sea by the god Poseidon, the City-State of New Joysee is a scientifically formulated mixture of cow cheese, old fashioned blue-collar values, and fungally festooned ferret felt, best enjoyed while enjoying romance under a full moon listening to muskrat love. In some mythologies, New Joysee is the land of Paradise, the Garden of Alden, even. However, such stories are generally believed only by hopelessly psychotic homeless people who wander the streets of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Note: Only f*cking New Yorkers say New Joysee. New Jersey is a lot cleaner than o...
An alternate generic name for any of the many psychotic,theocratic,kleptocracies that exist in the middle east with the last letters consisting of the dreaded "STAN".These countries could fill Tard Wagons(short yellow bus)for the next century due to the fact that they are full of TARDO(retarded)backwards people.
My vacation really sucked because I accidently arranged to spend it in a filthy,vile,bleak Tardistan country!
a place full of hicks that strive to make our country the best chicken possible =)

thank u kentucky for kentucky fried chicken and well.....yeh thats pretty much it...
person from indiana: hey dude wanna go get something to eat, i mean..we here at bloomington indiana are the residents of the number one party place in america.

other person: oky doky.

person from kentucky: f*ck me in the a*s real hard until i cant feel it and then put some semen into my eye and ill pretend i dont like it but i really will =D
Verb (p*onounced like 'Dodge') - To lie or prevert the truth for the purpose of impressing friends or complete stangers in a pathologically reflexive matter. Characteristicly, dojing is usually easily invalidiated if the one being dojed is skeptical enough to look into the claim.
Dojer: "I only take out my Ferrari for special occasions."
Dojed: "Are you dojing me?"

Dojer: "Yeah, I was in Maui for Christmas last year, but personally, I think Tahiti is much nicer."
Dojed: "You told me last week you've never been out of the country."
Dojer: "Oh, I had forgeten about Maui and Tahiti."
Dojed: "You'd forgotten?"
Dojer: "Yeah, you've never forgetten something?"
Dojed: "Dude, you're dojing me, just admit it."
1. A type of people of spanish decent that are slowly taking over this god d*mned country. They drive ugly cars, work for minimum wage, smell like tacos, f*ck ugly women, and talk sh*t about everyone behind there back in there foreign tongue.
2. Human like creature that cannot speak correctly. They smell like there native food, the bean. In 2026 a law will be pa*sed that it will be legal to hunt these creatures. If you do come in contact with one always remember:
I. Stay calm
II. Dont make any sudden movements
III.Dont cook any tacos
IV. Call the INS immidiatley
Mom :"Stay calm honey daddys loading the shot gun to take care of the Spic problem"
If you want to know what it was like to live in Ohio in the 1930's; and it's not beneath your dignity to work boring, dangerous, even filthy jobs, then Lima, -a city on Hog Creek in western Ohio, exactly between Cincinnati and Toledo off I-75-, is the place to be!
Winters are fairly mild, summers cool, -Lima is not as hot as Cincinnati, nor as cold as Fort Wayne.
Were it not for the occasional explosion over at the nearby BP oil refinery, (the backbone of the entire job base in Lima), or military contracts making jeeps and tanks, I would consider Lima even bucolic, at least in its outskirts.
Shawnee, an old Indian reservation to the south, (also on Hog Creek, but downwind of the refinery), is now a township with its own country club where all the rich people want to live. Years ago, there was even a Johnny Appleseed tree in front of Shawnee School.

Unlike Flint,-a town also off I-75, with it's own share of misery and contributions to the past, Lima has never depended on just one industry. So, if a company makes an exit, (and several have), others seem to fill in where that one left off.
Some speculate, though, that if the oil refinery ever leaves, it would be a death b*ow just like what happened to Flint with General Motors..
I'd like to see that happen. Lima people have that kind of s*distic streak in them. More to the point, the oil refinery has put Lima on the map as a potential nuclear strike target, so the reason for all the military.

n. A non-collegiate resident of Troy, NY displaying a complete lack of intelligence or social graces. Often the product of inbreeding. Parents may be sister and brother, sister and father, brother and mother, aunt and grandfather, etc. Is often identified by one or more of the following characteristics: obesity, blank facial expression, missing t*eth, drooling, and extreme stench. Often a forth or fifth generation welfare recipient. Recreational activities include vandalism and other petty crimes. Make country folk from Appalachia seem urbane by comparison.
"I just ran over another Troylet. Oh well."
"That Troylet just peed on my car."
"She is a high cla*s Troylet." (Referring to a teenage prostitute working out of the Super 8 motel.)
"I think I just found the missing link. Sorry, it was just a Troylet."
"Recent Amoeba research may shed some light on Troylet behavior."
"Now that is a Troylet's feast." (Referring to a full dumpster.)
"Troy wouldn't be nearly as bad were it not for the Troylets."
"Can you believe that great grandmother is only 41 years old? She must be a Troylet."
A woman who's supposed to be a wh*re for everyone in her husband's family, but has to appear very modest to outsiders, and therefore uses a a mobile tent(burka) whenever she goes out.
These women usually satisfy the urges of a great many men(considering each muslim family usually has 5 to 10 kids, depending on the extend of welfare in the country), but can't claim credit for it because if they tell about it to others they will be punished for defaming their family in a noble Islamic ritual called honor killing.
Ahmed: How's your new daughter-in-law?
Mohamed: She gets tired too fast, but me and my sons are gonna teach her to be a good Muslimah and take care of my and my 13 sons.
A very elitist and very southern sorority with a reputation for selecting wealthy, country club, upper-crust Daddy's girls from only the best families and preparatory schools. Known for being the "beautiful people" at the most prestigious universities, Kappa Delta girls wear and drive only the best because they are spoiled blue bloods that have unlimited access to their family trust funds. They often vacation in Europe or in moneyed hot spots like Martha's Vineyard, Palm Beach, or the Hamptons. KDs throw ridiculous parties and only date the cream of the crop available on campus.

Kappa Delta is extremely selective so it helps if your Daddy donates a million dollars to your respective university before rush. Likewise, mothers of prospective KDs use all their resources and contacts to ensure their daughters get into KD. Kappa Deltas are debutantes, socialites, WASPs, and are stereotypical sorority girls--hot, rich, and stuck-up.
My mother is a Rockefeller and I'm a model. Do you think Kappa Delta will let me in?

Maybe, but you should probably have your dad donate a few million just to make sure.
1- a southern hickish US state. rural Georgia is hick city. the city of atlanta is one that gets a bad rap for being the home of the 'dirty south.' actually, the whole state is dirty. a state that thinks it invented BBQ ribs for some reason.

2- a little country in the Caucus Mountains of Asia. former Soviets. Stalin grew up here.
1- How y'all doin? I'm Billy Bob from Georgia and this is my wife, my cousin Suzy!

2- Joseph Stalin grew up in Georgia- not the American one.
A very elitist and very southern sorority with a reputation for selecting wealthy, country club, upper-crust Daddy's girls from only the best families and preparatory schools. Known for being the "beautiful people" at the most prestigious universities, Kappa Delta girls wear and drive only the best because they are spoiled blue bloods that have unlimited access to their family trust funds. They often vacation in Europe or in moneyed hot spots like Martha's Vineyard, Palm Beach, or the Hamptons. KDs throw ridiculous parties and only date the cream of the crop available on campus.

Kappa Delta is extremely selective so it helps if your Daddy donates a million dollars to your respective university before rush. Likewise, mothers of prospective KDs use all their resources and contacts to ensure their daughters get into KD. Kappa Deltas are debutantes, socialites, WASPs, and are stereotypical sorority girls--hot, rich, and stuck-up.
My mother is a Rockefeller and I'm a model. Do you think Kappa Delta will let me in?

Maybe, but you should probably have your dad donate a few million just to make sure.
An event strictly involving only males. Activities on a lads night out include; drinking (alcohol), gambling, the muffin game and many many more.

The lads night had its origins (like fireworks) in the middle east, where Ghengis Khan would ride with his clan to a neighbouring tribe and destroy them. This version of a lads night did not catch on in europe.

The breakthrough in europe for the lads night came with Schiller (Goethe's best friend) in the 18th Century. He called it the gentleman's petit renaissance. These nights generally involved silhouette making and shirades.

At around the same time in the emerging states of america, the english were enjoying lads nights. The americans did not appreciate these evenings of drunken revelry, and declared war. This ended (temporarily) the lads night in the Americas.

Centuries later, the weight of being without a lads night society took its toll. America's economy crashed and the country went into a depression sending shockwaves throughout the world. President Hoover saw the mistake and called upon a lads night revival, giving tax breaks to those who threw the best poker nights and owned the best laser challenge sets.

In the present day, the lads night out has lost it's way slightly. It is no longer the driving political power it once was. Taken over by the proles and the ma*ses it has fallen into disrepute. More and more lads nights end in injury and arrests.

The future of the lads night is then unclear. Perhaps i...
A sly moronic retard. Who can't manage a country let alone himself. Unable to make a intelligent speech or show any smarts whatsoever. Hates black people( Connie does not count). Can't keep a country out a debt, but can start wars with innocent bystanders for oil( but it is still high!)!Take five days to make any attempt to save people in New Orleans from death, doom, and diaster! He is as intelligent as this chair I'm sitting in. He looks like a white chimp or a monkey's a*s. Not the brightest bulb in the knife draw.
I George W. Bush and this is what I be thinking: George W. Bush is a smart president..even better than Clinton, and JFK. "What the quickest way to the get to Seseme Street...I mean New Orleans?" "Look d*ck I stayed in the lines!" "All these words making my brain hurt!" "Global warming isn't dangerous...the sun is always warm." "5+2+4+3+7= ELEVENTY" George W.Bush isn't the best we have.
East Islip : Where to bein, Well as the other 2 definitions have mentioned, EI is definitely wealthy and upper middle cla*s. On the contrary though it isnt as stuck up as described below. HAHA just kidding. East Islip, like Great Neck, Oyster Bay, and Great River is known for its money, cars, fashion, housing, and behavior. East Islip is primeraly white and rich. Although EI does have a section that is equal to being upper middle cla*s in say Baysh*re. As of 2007 EI school district is operating on a contingency budget. Many clubs, sports, and electives have been cut, but as usual EI residents opened their fat wallets to donate money to save some clubs, the majority of the High School's sports, and some school functions. As for the East Islip Middle School, it is definitely home to some extremely stuck up teens. The school received a huge expansion about 2-3 yrs. ago, almost doubling the cla*sroom amount. The School is quite impressive looking both on the inside and the outside with its new brick and its spankin new food court that is home to its OWN deli, pizzeria, regular lunch line, hamburger line, and misc. foods. The teens tend to wear A and F, Hollister, Lacoste, and girls have anything and everything from Coach, Prada, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs. The richer residents tend to reside south of Main Street in estates like, Country Village, Deer Run, Hollins, Moorings and Great River (Technically GR is a town but it is kinda like a village of EI). The Moorings is the only gat...
people volunteer at church, school or community for many reasons: mostly because they want to help and be involved, but there are other reasons, too.
In some areas, like school and church, there's a significant social pressure to volunteer, it's frowned upon not to do it. So some people do it for that reason - just to keep or gain a good reputation. Some schools require their student's parents to volunteer a certain amount of hours or to pay additional tuition.

Other people volunteer to meet new people, like after relocating from another city.
People volunteer, because they feel the obligation to do it, or the pa*sion.
Others again volunteer to fill a void in their lifes.
There are many reasons to volunteer, and many ways to do so.
People here look strange at you, if you don't volunteer in some way.

Volunteering is fun. You can help others and meet new interesting people at the same time.

I'm divorced and my children are grown up and live on the other side of the country. So I volunteer to have something to do.
An indigenous person born and raised here who is decended from generations of ancestors who have for thousands of years worked, fought and died to protect this great land. Not a foreigner who's just got off a plane at Heathrow, the underside of a truck at Dover or a banana boat in the 50's.
I concider myself British because I can trace my family tree in this country back some 400 years. My grandparents fought in WW2 and my great grandparents in WW1. I would not concider myself British if I was born and could trace my family roots in another country and merely came to this country in order to find work or improve my quality of life. Equally I would not claim to be, or expect to be recognised as Indian if I upped sticks and moved to Delhi, or Nigerian if I moved to Abuja.
The slang in Orange Country for guys that are extremly hot, but complete a*sholes. The combination of hot a*sholes.
Oh my god, like those guys in Huntington Beach are such hosshales!
You don't have to live in the South of the US to be one, you don't even have to live in the US at all for that matter, you can be a redneck anywhere on this world, f.i. in Holland, as long as you live in a rather rural area, collect licence-plates, like cheap beer and want a Chevy Blazer, if you like at least some country-music and if you aren't too rich, you have all right to call yourself a dutch redneck, which we do...;-) An US-redneck-friend of mine will even send me a confederative flag, LOL.

Being a redneck is not necessary a bad thing, though it's used as an offensive word.
My dad calls us "island-rednecks", as we live on a remote island, but I never found out, if this is a compliment or an a*sault.
Proud to be a dutch redneck!
n. English Prep/Preps.
A person (male) who:
- follows the latest fashions;
- is slightly effeminate/metros*xual but likes to put out a masculine front;
- is in the middle-upper socio-economic cla*s;
- displays ignorance to, and fear of, AND discrimination towards, anything that does not concern them... i.e. other cliques, "geek" stuff, other fashions, basically everything the media does not perpetuate as "cool";
- Usually has many of the latest and most expensive material possessions kindly provided by the bank of mum and dad, before any of their peers have them: These things include laptops, cars, phones, cameras, clothes;
- Wear plenty of pastel colours, ripped jeans, spiky hair, striped jumpers, polo shirts, and anything else in the same kind of category. Freshboy clothing stores often "cherry-pick" various other fashion types for things that they can water down and market to Freshboys.

As said in a definition for Prep, these people will grow up to be usually ignorant, closed-minded country club patrons, who think they know it all yet haven't a clue.

Having said that, there are some Freshboys that are genuinely nice, and only dress like a Freshboy because in actual fact the dress sense (in moderation) is perfectly fine....
A country known for reasonably good beer, hockey, snow, and maple syrup. Gave the world some good actors, and d*mn funny comedians. Canada's greatest gift to the world: The Kids In The Hall.

Also a country full of arrogant, hypocritical snobs who greatly enjoy talking sh*t about other countries for no apparent reason. Childish internet tough guys with a ma*sive, and entirely undeserved superiority complex that makes Americans seem modest by comparison. Canadians take third place in arrogance coming in second to France, with Brazil taking up first place.

When thinking of these people, think of Canada as America's little brother. For this metaphor, imagine America as the older brother that became a doctor, went off to war, and became a famous hero. Canada didn't go to college, because Canada wanted to smoke pot, and try doing stand-up comedy. Canada is great fun at parties, but get it drunk, and all Canada does is talk sh*t about America. Canada's overall good really, it's just those few times the more asinine part of Canada shows -like in the other definitions posted here- that make Canada look bad. If only someone could SHUT that part of Canada UP, Canada would be so much better for it, and there would be less awkwardness between Canada and it's brother America.

Also, it's rumored the country is so full of immagrants because any natural born canadians are born with extremely small, pine cone shaped genitalia making reproduction nearly impossible. This rumor is unp...
Chanukah means dedication in Hebrew. It commemorates the victory of the Maccabees. They entered Jerusalem and cleaned the Jewish temple of the "abominations" such as the Greek gods that Antiochus Epiphanes imposed on the Jews when he attempted to coerce them into giving up their religion.
The real story of Chanukah is not the one about the little miracle concerning the temple's single pure oil can that lasted 8 days during the Chanukah (dedication) of the temple by the Maccabees, about 2200 years ago.
The Maccabees' victory may well be the first victory of a guerrilla army against an invading world power. Judah Maccabee (="hammer") and his brothers led a brilliant campaign in the Judean hills. Several of the 5 brothers died in those battles.
More importantly, the victory was that of those Jews who believed in their biblical God and refused to a*similate, over those Jews who had accepted the Greek culture. One war was waged by the Maccabees against the foreign rulers, the Syrians, who were called "Greeks" in the Chanukah story as theirs was a Greek culture. That culture was dominant just about anywhere then. However, there was a parallel civil war meant to rid Judea of the a*similationists who were adopting the Greek culture. Had the Maccabees lost Judaism may not have lasted long. Due to the victory the Maccabee dynasty ruled the country for more than 200 years, and Judaism as it existed then survived for millennia afterwards. This said, some observe that today's J...
The definition of a flip-flopping, hypocritical politian who would rather prove conservatives wrong then take care of the nation's problems. Also they like to tell the lower cla*s people they care for them but really, are just as rich as the Bush's. They like to spend your hard earned tax money on worthless bullsh*t and raise taxes! They also like to tell you what to do with your money and free time, for the "common good" of the people. They like to state that we are out of hand in our pursuit of Usama Bin Laden, and that 9/11 was George Bush's fault, even though, during the Clinton Reign we were bombed in f*cking Africa, on the USS cole and guess where else in 1993? THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! They also like to give the people the Defeatism mindset with the war in Iraq, because, even though Hilary Clinton and John Kerry, along with many other liberal sc*m, voted for the war, they like to say we're losing it. And who can forget when beloved Former Presid*ck Clinton bombed Iraq's facility's of "WMDS" in 1998 so he couldn't be Impeached? Who also remembers how he ended up bombing a f*cking asprin factory. Nice Job you lieing c*cksucker. My friends, liberals are sc*m and will lead this country to the slow self-destructing ways of socialism. NOW LET'S ALL THANK KARL MARX FOR ANOTHER GREAT DAY IN THE UNITED STATES!
A specialized term to address the lowest cla*s in the society. It is widely used for hispanics (unrespectively) of superbly low socioeconomic cla*ses from urban inner city areas (the ghetto), who are usually illegal immigrants (99.9999% of cases) settling in those regions of the country in enormous numbers and always, are perceived as burdens for the state and national economies with unemployment (99%) while infesting those regional cultures with very large legal and illegal influxes of poor non-a*similatory populations. These immigrant populations usually do not a*similate at all into mainstream culture. They prefer not to learn simple English, mingle with other cultures, attend college, etc. and this then tends to lead to cultural and linguistic isolation, economic hardship, low-income hispanic populations living forever on welfare, disgruntled youth and racial misunderstandings. It is used as a derogatory term to certain people who appear to be porch-monkey. People with higher social economic cla*s like me call ourselves non-mexican and we are f*cking proud of our unrelated root.
1. You stupid f*ck, if I want some one to mow my lawn, I'd pick up Mexicans wandering about Home Depot.
2. Jose is a Mexican because he sits on his porch 24/7 appearing to be a Porch Monkey.
3. Kenny of the Animated Series South Park is categorized as Mexican for his stupendously low income household (up to date his family had made what us people tip our Mexican maid for a PERSONAL service: $3.50)
4. Why are you being a Mexican? Eurasia is not a lump of monkey sh*t. You must have taken the GED to reach this far: a*sistant Manager for a sh*t Dipping Corporation)
5. Mexican is our next burden after the Black. They are the next n*ggerS.
Person who controls every facet of government, society, and life-style of the subjects under his/her control. The unitary executive is above the law, and has the self-granted authority to invade any country s/he pleases, imprison any person s/he so desires without concern for habeas corpus, and literally rob the poor to give to the rich.
This is my third attempt to submit the definition of UNITARY EXECUTIVE to Urban Dictionary, as the first two attempts were cancelled BEFORE being seen by the editors. Probably because it was censored by the Unitary Executive himself, or his cronies.
SEVERNA PARK, located centrally within Anne Arundel County, is made up of miles of sh*reline of the Chesapeake Bay, Severn River, and Magothy River. The tree lined sh*re not only furnishes a private feeling to water front living within many well maintained residential communities, but also provides an exquisite setting for sailing, fishing, crabbing, boating and for recreational water sports. Local business thrives within this well established community, which offers residents close-to-home shopping. And with its close proximity to some of the nation’s hottest cities, thirty minutes from D.C., twenty minutes from Baltimore and fifteen from Annapolis, Severna Park is a sought after suburban place of residence.
SP is home to about thirty-five thousand people and ten thousand households, half of which of have children. As a resident of Severna Park myself, I can offer up my own insight on the typical lifestyle of a child containing home here in the Park.

Unarguably, the most outstanding aspect of Severna Park residents (Parkies) is their ability to excel at all aspects of life. This is most likely attributed to an inbred need to ‘keep up with the Jones’.” These citizens are known throughout Maryland for their ability to both work extremely hard, at least for nine months out of the year, and party just as hard.
Parents maintain uncommonly demanding lives. Fathers spend most of their time at work acting as the bred winners of the household. And they tend to do well. The ...
Okay, well, indie kids. first off, let me tell you how different the are from emo and scene kids. like, 20295823 miles off. emo kids are crying dark kids that didnt turn into indie kids after the early 2000's. (most indie kids were originally the 1990s emo kids, but thats a completely different definition than the new wave emo kids)
scene kids are rainbow wearing, makeup smearing kids who stick it to people unlike them, or slightly like them.
okay, so indie kids. i guess ill define them descriptivly if you want:
of course, they listen to indie music, consisting of bands such as of montreal, owen pallett, casiotone for the painfully alone, and more bands that you've probably never heard of. more popular bands they listen to are the shins, the decemberists, bloc party, and of course, the beatles, david bowie, and talking heads.
a mistake people generally make is comparing the personality lineaments of emo kids to indie kids. emo kids are depressed and want to cut themselves. indie kids are quite the opposite. yes, they are only human, so of course they get sad sometimes, but indie kids usually have an upbeat look at life. their music is usually happy, so that most likely has an effect on their moods.
indie kids mostly consist of liberals, and i have never ever seen a republican indie kid. they dont only hang out with indie kids though, but it is a nice plus to them to have friends that appreciate their music, and dont listen to 50 cent.
most in...
this word is not to be confused with whigger, wigger, poser, honky, cracker, etc. anything demeaning a whiteperson. this is a white person(male), who grew up in the urban lifestyle (not suburban as for whigger), how he acts is because of his upcoming, listened to hip hop his whole life, had black people as friends ever since daycare, even has the swagger(dresses, vocabulary, voice, walk, etc). had to help take care of the family household(whether having to deal drugs on the block, working odd jobs, etc), most lack education but try to make something of themselves down the road, if ever caught out in the suburbs or country bars, they would either get laughed at because they would be considered an the whigger cla*s, but yet has no clue thats how he was raised, so hes being himself. respected by black people and even accepted by them. the rappers paul wall, lil wyte and eminem, george jung(on b*ow) and myself joshua would be considered as whitebread(true definition), for how they were raised. also last but not least, doesnt overdo the ebonics language like some stupid whigger would
whitebread(true definition)

whitebread(josh)-hey whats goin on sean, how you livin?
sean(blackfriend)-not much josh just trying to stay afloat
josh-thats whats up, cool, well see you at school tomorrow

whigger(brad)-yo what up sean mah potna, whats crackalackin folk?
sean(stranger)-ugh who the f*ck are you, what you doing in our neighborhood
brad-oh its like that, why you hatin fo? i wanna be your potna
sean-whatever you poser get the f*ck outta here, before me and my boy josh stomp a mudhole in youre a*s
There are two types of people who attend Michigan State University:

1. People who were, quite frankly, too stupid to get into the University of Michigan


2. People who are happy to be there because, quite frankly, they couldn't get into anywhere else

Type 1 will often ramble on and on about how bad U of M "sucks", and will often try to fabricate reasons for why this is true. Type 1 will claim that U of M is "overrated" for undergraduate studies while ignoring our business, engineering, and LSA schools (top ranked in the country no matter how you spin it), our direct placement into great jobs after graduation, and our placement into top graduate, medical, and law schools across the country after graduation.

Type 1 will often argue that MSU is the place to go if you want to party. OK. U of M is the place to go if you want a GOOD job. Michigan graduates will secure jobs with firms in NYC, LA, and Chicago. MSU grads STAY in Michigan.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 truly believe in a rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State, which Michigan students will refuse to acknowledge simply because they already KNOW they're better.

Michigan State students are not taught to love Michigan State--they're taught to hate the University of Michigan. What you get is a school of bitter idiots who party so much in order to drink away the pain of rejection from one of our nation's great universities.
The coolest dude on earth. He killed more people than anybody else. Even so he doesn't get half the credit that he deserves. Hitler gets it all the credit. Hitler, compared to Stalin, was a flower painting loose p*ssy. He was obsessed with half measures, like targeting specific religions, Stalin targeted all religions. Stalin targeted people from all walks of life and often killed people, or sent them to the Gulags to die for no reason. That is f*cking awsome. Stalin was fortunate enough to be attacked by Germany and conquor much of eastern Europe. He put those countries under harsh and corrupt rule, like any dictator who knows what he's doing would. People compare President Bush to Hitler, which is much closer than comparing him to Stalin. Stalin moved his country forward and kept the country unified. How did he keep the country unified? He killed the b*stards!! That's the way to do it! Hitler was much to concerned with the war and too obsessed with sucking his man lover's d*ck to kill his own people. Stalin shot his own wife(and probably T-bagged her too). Stalin was teh pwnage and the most 1337 dude ever.
Hitler: I like painting flowers, but my f*cking Jew art teacher says I suck so i have to suck his p*nis to pa*s. so Im going to kill all the Jews one day.

Stalin: IM STALIN b*tch!!!!!!! BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!!!!
Your state of being after leaving the country of Thailand. Looking back and realizing that you are now most likely going to h*ll for exploiting these poor, poor people.
I f*cked two hookers and a cab driver with a family for 200 baht (conversion 5.00 bucks American) before I left Thailand but only after paying 20 baht for the hotel room and the cab ride and a women at a barber shop to shave my entire body! I'm Thaimatized! I can't believe I did that!
Taproot is an nu-metal/alternative metal/rap-metal/alternative pop-rock/post-grunge band from Ann Arbor, Michigan consisting of Stephen Richards on vocals/guitar, Mike DeWolf on guitar, Philip Lipscomb on ba*s, and Jarrod Montangue on drums. they formed in late 1997 and have released 3 indie albums (Something More Than Nothing, Mentobe EP, and Upon Us) before signing to a major label. their earlier releases have a hard-edged nu-metal/rap-metal sound similar to bands like Limp Bizkit.

in 1998, the band sent a demo to Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. impressed with their material, he offered to get them a recording contract through Interscope Records. however, after extended negotiations, Taproot looked elsewhere, where they finally landed a lucrative record deal with Atlantic Records. feeling betrayed, Durst heavily cursed the band on vocalist Stephen Richards' answering machine (the message can be found on multiple p2p programs like LimeWire). he also put some blame on System of a Down, who a*sisted Taproot in securing the Atlantic deal. in retaliation, Durst kicked System of a Down off the 1999 Family Values Tour, replacing them with Staind.

during the summer of 2000, Taproot released their major-label debut titled Gift. with the success of their lead single "Again & Again", and earning a spot on Ozzfest due to j*ck Osbourne becoming a fan of their music, they quickly gained popularity within modern rock fans. another single was released (the song "I") but never had...
1. Antichrist (see
2. a butthole who almost choked on a pretzel
3. worst president in the history of this embarra*sed country
4. a blithering idiot
5. One who cannot say the name of a weapon he has millions of.
6. unfair tyrant who raises taxes like we were only paying $10.
2. Joe: i almost choked on a pretzel.
Dude: OMG ur such a bush
3. Bush is worse than Warren G Harding and Nixon combined
4. I just got a zero on a test that u get five hundred points on just for putting ur name on it! i'm such a bush!
5. What do you call a man who cannot say words correctly? A Bush (i.e "Nucular" and "Sad*mn Husain")
6. "My fellow americans, we need more tax dollars, which we only have 9 trillion dollars of. We have now increased the price by 500,00 dollars. "
a race that is mostly being bulsh*tted about..
a race that causes someones to be so ridicilous..
a race that is mostly thought wrongly..
a race that causes -somehow?!?!? - ppl to change their thoughts when they visit the country in which they live..
a race that was lied about for some countries' benefits in history..
a race that in shocked since ppl can still believe that lies..
a race that isnt eventually digested..
a race that has modern people in own country..
a race that has Istanbul ( someones should digest that)
a race that has opened the doors of archives to Armenians in order to research genocide lie..
a race that is still waiting for some Armenians (to make a search)..
a race that expects to be opened the door of opposite archives..
a race that accepts some Armenians were killed but not systematically..not genocide..
a race that has bad some ppl like every race !..
without having knowledge, having an idea about turk is so ridicilous that most falls into this dont have to like but you have to respect!!
info : i have just read that someone sentenced Turks coz of killing 2 million funny..coz in 1915, there was 1,3 million Armenians in
you can ask to me why you believe my should believe coz Ottoman Empire used to take a tax from un-muslims like had to count them correctly coz of money that would come from
by the way they just used to take money as a tax...not their daughters or mothers..
The current president of the United States. Who thinks the war is helping our country. NEWS FLASH its not. If the war doesn't end soon most of america is going to be gone. Except for Paris Hilton.
Bob from Texas: Oh My godness George W. Bush is amazing.
Joe from not Texas: UMM,, What the heck? He smells like baby p*op.

1) to give out information in an overly obvious, even patronizing manner. Done intentionally for the purpose of being rude, or perhaps done by a teacher too lazy to engage his/her students in discussion (by attempting to prevent discussion by leaving no room for speculation). Done unintentionally by people simply trying to be clear (I'm toeing the line right now, lol), or by those who don't understand the power of understatement. When such behavior is comical--see captain obvious

2) Telling people only what they want to hear, or only what you want them to hear, aka, disguising opinion as fact.

Not to be confused with spoonfed, which refers to those who are unable to care for themselves physically or mentally and so must rely on others. Derogatory.
1) Example:
Customer: So, what's wrong with my car?
Mechanic: Well, there seems to be a problem with a differential...differentials are sets of gears that...
Customer: Hey, no need to spoonfeed me, sir. Just give me the facts.

2)Think back on all the political speeches you've ever heard or polit. editorials you've read. Remember the ones telling you to 'take heart in the current crisis, and stand strong, because America is God's country and we WILL triumph over evil'?
yeah. Spoooonfeeeeeding
A state in the Midwest region of the U.S. Bordered by Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and the likes of Michigan. Known as the "Hoosier State," its name is often mistakingly referred to as its largest city of Indianapolis by outsiders from the Midwest (except those from Michigan) who are too stupid to know the difference between Indiana and Indianapolis. It ranks 14th in population with over 6 million residents. It is often stereotyped as a place of rednecks (some believe it to have the most of any midwest state), corn, covered bridges and homes with a basketball hoop adjacent to a gigantic cornfield. The real Indiana, although with a lot of corn ranks #1 in the production of steel (Gary), popcorn, mint, tomatoes, musical instuments, caskets, recreational vehicles (RVs), pharmacueticals and truck bodies. Other important things about Indiana is its love for basketball and auto racing. "Hoosier hysteria" is the term that describes its craze for the sport. The Indy 500 in Indianapolis is the world's largest single-day sporting event. The Brickyard 400, also in Indianapolis is the 2nd largest race in the NASCAR circuit.

Indiana's capital and largest city is Indianapolis. It is the 12th largest largest city in the U.S. with 792,000 in its city limits and 1.7 million in the metro area. Indy is not Napt-town anymore. It is in the midst of a huge renneisance and Carmel is perhaps its most well-known suburb, known for its posh setting. No other city in Indiana can come remotely close to...
The Best Band EVER. Period. End of story.

More specifically, a jam band whose music combined rock, folk, blues, bluegra*s, psychadelia, country, jazz, and gospel, along with an indescribable sort of magical purity that is apparent to almost anyone who actually takes the timeto listen to it, but is mostly noticed by hippies, stoners, and liberals, all of which I identify with. As a side note, j*cka*ses, b*stards, conservative douchebags, mindless capitalist minions, and many people who voted for Bush are immune to this effect.

Members of the Grateful Dead included Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, and of course, Jerry Garcia, may he rest in peace. Some of their better songs are "j*ck Straw," "Fire on the Mountain," "Scarlet Begonias," "Friend of the Devil," "Sugar Magnolia," "Ca*sidy," "Sugaree," "Samson & Delilah," "Box of Rain," Eyes of the World," "The Wheel," "Ramble on Rose," and "Playing in the Band." Their best albums are Terrapin Station, Europe '72, Blues for Allah, Steal your Face, Shakedown Street, and Aoxomoxoa (if only for the album cover.) One major aspect of the Grateful Dead that is dificult to cla*sify was their customized sound system, the Wall of Sound. This sound system had a seperate speaker for each instrument, and was designed so that the music could be heard over half a mile away with minimal degradation. Due to a combination of the Wall of Sound, the evolving nature of the Dead's songs, and their tendency to jam for long periods of t...
Toronto is the largest city in Canada and for many decades now has been the nation's economic and cultural capital. Since the population of Canada outside of Southern Ontario, Greater Montreal and British Columbia's Lower Mainland is made up of far-away pockets of isolated people who only leave the clammy warmth of their squalid kitchens for four months out of the year (June to September), most forest-dwelling, coal-mining, hayseed Canadians harbour a profound and innate hatred for Toronto because:

a) if you were so inclined, you could dine on a different ethnic cuisine every day for a year, prepared by people who know what they're doing;
b) lots of cool and smart g*y people live there;
c) the city is unabashedly liberal-minded and hates hypocritical bigots;
d) new and innovative cultural experiences are created every day by a thriving arts scene in the city's beautiful and unique neighbourhoods;
e) Toronto has for a very long time funded all the welfare bums and 'seasonal workers' who live in most of the rest of the country; these ingrates have always been jealous and resentful of the hand that feeds them;
f) after being supported by Toronto for decades, Alberta
Barack Obama is a democrat running in the presidential elections of 2008. He has a good chance to be the first black man to ever be president.

Unfortunately, because he is black, he get pumelled by the media for the dumbest sh*t. I just loooove this country.

"HOLY sh*t, Barack Obama's white southern mom's great great great great grandfather owned a slave!"

""What a horrible man. He just paid his college parking tickets now. What has life come to?"

"His dad made him go to a MADRa*sA as a child!? That makes me question whether or not hes a terrorist. He says hes a christian now, but once youre a muslim, youre always a muslim, right?"

"Oh no! He dabbled in drugs when he was a youngster! Instead of taking care of my son who is probably getting high on meth while I don't know it, I'm gong to have a hissy fit because a candidate tried to hide that he was a smoker. Surely, having such a shameful habit, he should be open with us! How can we trust him?"
The same thing as a limousine or latte liberal but on the other end of the spectrum. They talk about people working their way up, but they themselves grew up wealthy and never had a job that daddy's friends didn't set them up with, and wouldn't have kept those jobs on their own. They want the government out of everybody's lives until it's time to parcel out the subsidies.

The only major difference between them and limousine liberals is that they play more golf.
Limo Lib: "Every time I drive my Lexus to Starbucks I feel so sad for all those poor people I see. The government should give them all of someone else's money, as long as it's not mine"

Country Club Conservative: "Oh big deal. They're just too lazy to hire a lobbyist to get money for them."
The greatest quarterback of all time.
Boomquisha: Girl, you see my man Michael Vick on yo Zenith screen last night.
LaPatricia: Oooooooooooo girl, he is fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
Boomquisha: My god, girl, get cho priorities straight. His game is fine too. He ran fo 213 yards and threw for 4 touchdowns.
LaPatricia: (daydreaming) What you say?
A small town located in the southwestern corner of Connecticut. Darien is situated in Fairfield County, which contains some of the most wealthy and impoverished towns and cities in the entire country. Statistically, the majority of the town is W.A.S.P.y (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), although there is the occasional Jew or Asian around. Most adolescent Darien residents identify strongly with their town, whose mascot is the "Blue Wave", and aren't even offended when outsiders call them "D-Baggers". Darien is very well-known for its lacrosse team, which has accomplished infinite success in the past. Most teens attend Darien High School, which can barely be considered a public school. Those who do not attend 'the high school' are shipped off to some of the most elite boarding schools in New England, such as Loomis Chaffee, Exeter, Deerfield, and Rosemary Choate. Those who choose to live at home will attend any of the local private schools, including Brunswick, St. Luke's School, Greenwich Academy, Fairfield Preparatory, Greens Farms Academy, or Convent of the Sacred Heart. On the whole, Darienites define themselves by their material wealth, which is usually reflected by their country club membership(s), home size and location, number and brand of cars owned, and quality of their wardrobe. Darien is most well-known for its coastal areas, which are monopolized by those who live in such private a*sociations as Tokeneke, Noroton Bay, and Delafield Island, to name a few....
A word President George W. Bush and the media use to describe how congress encourages terrorists by not funding a futile war on Islamic Extremists.
I also understand that if the country - if the experience were to fail, radicals would be emboldened, people that had been - that can't stand America would find, you know, new ways to recruit, there would be, potentially, additional resources for them to use at their disposal. - President George W. Bush
1- Have a rich culture, knowledge of literature, sports and the arts.
2- HAVE WAY TOO MANY GYPSIES IN THEIR COUNTRY.. these peeps are not registered residents so they can't get a job and all they do is dig through trash and force you to get your windows washed while trying to steal your wallet.
3- Are the cleanest people ever. So hygenically perfect it's almost unhuman.
4- Have the oldest cars man has ever known. Since it's Europe's dumpster, they get all they 1947 skala's and skoda's
5- are exposed to more pollution than elizabeth, nj, mexico city and los angeles combined. try breathing in belgrade. it's pretty d*mn tough.
6- are amazingly un-racist considering pretty much every nation has tried to slaughter em.
7- LIKE SAUSAGE WAY TOO MUCH and can't deal with proper nutrition
8-Don't know english unless they're young
9- Mostly Orthodox Christians.
Woman: Hi I'd like some serbian low fat cheese
Woman: Now not only do I have build up in my arteries due to the terrible pollution in serbia, but the 98% fat sausage and extremely fatty cheese will probably kill me before Nato or Croatia tries to again. HOORAY!
Woman: HVALA!
1- Have a rich culture, knowledge of literature, sports and the arts.
2- HAVE WAY TOO MANY GYPSIES IN THEIR COUNTRY.. these peeps are not registered residents so they can't get a job and all they do is dig through trash and force you to get your windows washed while trying to steal your wallet.
3- Are the cleanest people ever. So hygenically perfect it's almost unhuman.
4- Have the oldest cars man has ever known. Since it's Europe's dumpster, they get all they 1947 skala's and skoda's
5- are exposed to more pollution than elizabeth, nj, mexico city and los angeles combined. try breathing in belgrade. it's pretty d*mn tough.
6- are amazingly un-racist considering pretty much every nation has tried to slaughter em.
7- LIKE SAUSAGE WAY TOO MUCH and can't deal with proper nutrition
8-Don't know english unless they're young
9- Mostly Orthodox Christians.
Woman: Hi I'd like some serbian low fat cheese
Woman: Now not only do I have build up in my arteries due to the terrible pollution in serbia, but the 98% fat sausage and extremely fatty cheese will probably kill me before Nato or Croatia tries to again. HOORAY!
Woman: HVALA!
1- Have a rich culture, knowledge of literature, sports and the arts.
2- HAVE WAY TOO MANY GYPSIES IN THEIR COUNTRY.. these peeps are not registered residents so they can't get a job and all they do is dig through trash and force you to get your windows washed while trying to steal your wallet.
3- Are the cleanest people ever. So hygenically perfect it's almost unhuman.
4- Have the oldest cars man has ever known. Since it's Europe's dumpster, they get all they 1947 skala's and skoda's
5- are exposed to more pollution than elizabeth, nj, mexico city and los angeles combined. try breathing in belgrade. it's pretty d*mn tough.
6- are amazingly un-racist considering pretty much every nation has tried to slaughter em.
7- LIKE SAUSAGE WAY TOO MUCH and can't deal with proper nutrition
8-Don't know english unless they're young
9- Mostly Orthodox Christians.
Woman: Hi I'd like some serbian low fat cheese
Woman: Now not only do I have build up in my arteries due to the terrible pollution in serbia, but the 98% fat sausage and extremely fatty cheese will probably kill me before Nato or Croatia tries to again. HOORAY!
Woman: HVALA!
A n00b is often confused with "newb". A n00b (noob, n0ob, nOOb, no0b, etc) is someone one a virtual game/forum/RPG/Other Online Community who will type in chatspeak and annoy other players/members. A Newb is short for Newbie, which is someone new to the community.

Online Games

N00bs on virtual games (Neopets, Subeta, VHR, etc) will generally spam out the forums, beg other players for ingame currency or free items/pets (if it's a pet game we're talking about), and generally be annoying enough to get themselves a ban. How long they have been on the game has got nothing to do with it. They will often talk in ALL CAPS, chtspk, 1337 5p3@k, AlTeRnAtInG CaPs, or copletly lack in teh arias o proper gramer and spelin. And often their messages have excessive question and exclamation points. They have also been known to randomly message seasoned players with "do u want 2 b my frend?".

NB - If they know enough HTML, their lookups/personalisable areas usually have obnoxiously huge type and so much glitter it hurts to look at it. And loud music. Very loud music.

N00bs on Forums

Noobs on forums are basically twins of virtual game n00bs, minus the begging other players for money and ite...
1. (n) (sing: Pastie) "Pay-stees" Pasties are adhesive coverings applied to conceal the nipples, often at a strip club. They vary in size and are usually not much larger than the performer's areola.

Pasties are currently worn by most neo-burlesque performers. Burlesque pasties may feature ta*sels which hang from their centers, which the performers often twirl while performing.

Some women wear pasties to conceal their nipples and keep them from poking out from under a shirt, instead of wearing a bra.

2. (n) (sing: Pasty) "Paa-stees" A pasty (Cornish: Pasti, Hoggan, incorrectly written as pastie) is a type of pie, originally from Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is a baked savoury pastry case traditionally filled with diced meat, sliced potato and onion.

Cornish miner migrants helped to spread pasties into the rest of the world in the 19th century. As tin mining in Cornwall began to fail, miners brought their expertise and traditions to new mining regions, such as the Upper Penninsela of Michigan, where a small influx of Finnish immigrants followed the Cornish miners in 1864. These Finns (and many other ethnic groups) adopted the pasty for use in the Copper Country copper mines. About 30 years later, a much larger flood of Finnish immigrants found their countrymen baking pasties, and a*sumed that it was a Finnish invention. As a result, the pasty has become strongly a*sociated with Finnish culture in this area.

3. (n) (Sing: Pastie) "Pah-stees" A pastie is a large...
A wanna be but doesnt hav the money to be a true one is. A person who wants to be an true one but parents wont allow them to go to prepitory school.They wear Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie & Fitch, Express,Armani Exchange. They might have expensive clothes too as, Burberry, J Crew, Juicy Coutoure, Lacoste, Gucci, Rock & Republic, True Religion, Seven, polo etc. but mostly wear hollister and the other things. They drive cars that are more than 30,000 like, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porche. They have the top cars and homes that you can imangine. Most preps have been out of the country more than anyone before the age of 18. Preps are known as Stuck-up Anorexic b*tchy Snobs that only care about their selves but itz not true if u know us. We vacation at ritzy Hotels and beaches or in a different country eating exotic foods, and looking for a 2nd,3rd,or even 6th house(knowing that i have 7 houses). Preps are members of country clubs and always hang and eat there. Being preppy is not a cl...
The only really good thing John Kerry ever did was serve in Vietnam congrats and thank you Mr. Kerry however, he was not fit to lead this country. He was for the war in Iraq until half way through his campeign for Democratic nomination and he saw that other Campaigners against the war had higher ratings. He flipped flopped on everything and it was hard to know where he stood/stands. Bush may not be the best but he was the less of the two evils.
Dem.- I'm voting for John Kerry!!
Rep.- Why!?!?!
Dem- Ummmm He fought in a war!!!
Rep.- So did my uncle but no ones making him president.!!!
First of all, Communism is an idea that never actually worked in any country.
There are certain ideas of Communism. It promotes equality and in theory turns out to be a cla*sless society.
To put it simply, in Communism- you contribute what you are able to do, and you get paid the same amount of money as everyone else.
What that means is, if Im able to work 7 hours, and my friend Johnny is able to work only 3 hours, we would both earn the same amount of money, say 100 dollars. In theory, people would be happy and okay with the idea that the guy in a cubical next to them in an office works half as much (because that's all they are able to work), but gets paid the same as a guy who works twice as much as him.
In an ideal Communism, there is no set line of productivity. Communism depends entirely on the people. In theory, people would honestly work as much as they are capable of working. Some can work more, and some can work less. But in theory, everybody would be honest with themselves and work as hard as they can, without slacking off. When Russia gave Communism a shot, it failed miserably. People understood that since there was no line of minimal productivity, and since there was the idea of "do what you can, get what everybody else gets", people simply said that they were only capable of working two hours, and still got a set payment of money. So in reality, people werent doing sh*t, producing very little, and the government still payed them.
However, the govenment CO...
Ntibutu is a word which you use in the popular Croatian game called "Kalodont". The purpose of this game is to end your word on nt, so the other player can't continue the game , because in that language there is no word that begins with NT.
Or it wasn't until Boney Rock didnt invent a word called Ntibutu, which in his explanation is a big country in the Middle East. Or an animal.
In Africa lions eat Ntibutus.

My friend was in Ntibutu. It's great country. You can buy all records of Djuka Chaich and Misho Kovach almost for free. I love Ntibutu.

Ntibutu mater.
A chubber] of a boy who was found on Tatooine by Qui-Gon Jinn. He believed everything he heard deep space pilots say, engaged in dangerous races in spacecraft he claimed to build, believed Jedi could never die, took strange men home with him, developed crushes] on hot women twice his age, and was a slave- er- a person, and his name was Anakin.

After Qui-Gon used his force powers to cheat on a dice roll and then influenced the outcome of the race (how else could a kid who's never actually finished the race before WIN against the greatest racers in the galaxy?), Anakin was freed from his slavery].

He was then taken from his mother (who had given birth to him without having slept with any man... YEEEEAAH RIIIIIGHT) to be trained as a Jedi]. But apparently, ten was too old to be trained, so he was then taken into the middle of a war on some garden planet that everyone made a big stink about. He accidentally destroyed a Trade Federation ship which none of the elite pilots could get close to doing. Lucky b*stard (no really, he was lucky, and he was the the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents).

He was then taken as the Padawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi (who only trained...
*Warning - if you are a southerner STOP READING NOW, or be prepared to read things about yourself that (although stunningly true) will make you want to kill me*

Ok, I'm sure everone can tell this page is going to be devoted to completely insulting southern hertiage, beliefs, and their way of life. As I'm sure you can tell, I don't like southerners and stand for the opposite of everything they believe in, so here goes.

Southerners are a sickening disturbing plague. Although a southerner may seem like a normal, rational person at first, they are anything but this. southerners are tobacco chewing, confederate flag wearing, cousin f*cking, country music listening, oppressive b*stards that deserve to be violently murdered. Living in the South (a fate worse than death), I have been exposed to rednecks on a regular basis; and one thing always tends to be true about ALL of them. They are blatantly ignorant. These morons seem to think the Civil War is still going on. I am so tired of hearing sh*t about the South rising again. THE SOUTH f*ckING LOST, GET THE h*ll OVER IT, YOU STUPID INBRED b*stardS. Which brings me to another thing I hate about southerners, why the h*ll do they think they are BETTER than other people? Racism is a staple of redneck life and they think if you are different from them you are some how inferior. Ya know, if you're different than the ignorant rednecks you are obviously superior. Rednecks are a festering wound on the a*s of humanity

The act of lovingly touching your c*ck, a*s, t*ts and Bits With either your own or somebody Elses left over p*op. In some parts of the country such as Maine where fecalbation is still being frowned upon it is secretly known as brown sticking
Human fecal matter actually makes for a great topical cream good for silkening up that rough skin.
One might say something like Sorry I'm late for work Andy! I had to take a sh*t so bad! It was soft like i like.. so... I took a minute to Fecalbate you know,... to clear my mind.
Or hey Chef Deryck thanks for not flushing, I totally used your sh*t to Fecalbate I just had to get one off! What did you eat last night?
People who Fecalbate also commonly StinkPalm people on a regular basis. Express your selves for Christs sake people! Its just p*op

Its allot like m*sturbation with p*op.
A phrase meaning the mental process you use. One thing triggers another thought on and on until you say something random, which is only percieved as random by others not in your head. Also can be used when you pause after a joke or something along those lines and then finally understand it.
Lola- We have to do a project on a country for history. What do you think I should do?
(pause..Biore pondering)
Biore- Hm.. I really want a potato
Lola- Random..:/
Biore- I was playing hopscotch in my head. I thought of countries and I thought of Ireland. I thought of Ireland's famine and how they had to eat potatos. That made me want one. Not random at all!!
Example 2:
Emma: And the blonde thought the directions were wrong on the Kool-Aid packet, because you can't fit 4 quarts into that tiny thing! :]
Claire: pause..................OMG lol!
Emma:'re so stupid that took you forever to get!
Claire: Shut up! I was playing hopscotch in my head. Duh!
Known as a subculture of radical, sometime's judgemental, righteous, and somehow powerfully persuasive, l*sbians who all seem to know eachother.

Turned into a comedy based, l*sbian, online talk show, podcast, where NYC based l*sbian Sandi, airs her personal conversations, views, and dirty laundry, with friends living locally and in other major cities across the country...... Oh dear, I hope I didn't build your expectations too high ... but what else am I supposed to say? I'm a stupid douche bag, come listen to my c*appy podcast? Even though that's true, you can't expect me to say that. I mean, really now.
Q. Did you see that "supposedly" l*sbian movie/show? They had bis*xuals kissing, OBVIOUSLY for mens entertainment, portraying themselves as lipstick l*sbians!

A. Yes I did, and I think The l*sbian Mafia is going to give them a hard time.
A public school in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC, that opened in the 2006-2007 school year. Most stuck up public school in history. Mascot is the Knights, colours are purple and white...soooo g*y.
Most kids are from South Meck or Providence High Schools, J.M. Robinson or South Charlotte Middle Schools, plus a select few from other schools. In its first year, sports teams have sucked.
Everyone oohs and aahs about the $23,000,000 football field, even though the JV and Varsity teams playing on it suck. So it did cost a ton of money to build the school, but the outside looks like a prison. However, the inside is REAL nice.
The teachers treat you like sh*t and expect you to beat the whole school system on exams so that the principal will have bragging rights that the first year at AK was a success. There is also some electromagnetic boundary that prevents your cell phone from working inside the school. Rumor has it that the Band Room works for your phone.

Dominant style at AK is 'preppy' with brands like Hollister, AE, and Abercrombie popular with most everyone. But there is a bit of some faux-punk, Goth, dELiAs fanatics who think they are non conformist, and people who dont really care about the brand.
Oh yeah, and you arent allowed to get away with anything cause the security guards ride on John Deeres around the campus or they patrol the bathrooms. a*sholes.
Most people at AK live in manchines. But some live in normal middle cla*s homes and are 'p...
1. a person who is overly self-righteous that they don't reside in America
2. a person who has excessive pride in something, i.e. a country, without any basis for that pride
3. a person who seems to get a lot of satisfaction from the blunders its southern neighbor makes; so in other words, a smug prig who is smug not because they do anything right or take any action and initiative in the international arena, but because they don't do anything wrong; i.e., they don't do anything period
4. a person that takes excessive pride in their peacefulness and healthcare and other domestic politicies; which is fine, but shouldn't be a point of bragging, because the only reason you have the domestic budget for those policies is because you have a junior military, something along the lines of an adventure camp; and the reason is because canadians rely completely on the U.S. armed forces and negating the need for their own, meaning they have a lot of money then to spend on social programs
5. a person who touts their nation's healthcare and low-crime rate to the point of moral superiority; that makes no sense considering the population of their country is a fraction the size of the U.S.; the only major steady flow of immigration comes from East Asia, esp. Taiwan, which is a hard-working and prosperous ethnic group where crime is almost non-existent; and also, the easiest way for an Asian to get Canadia citizenship is to prove to the Candadian government they have $1,000,000 in saving...
Warning -if you are a southerner STOP READING NOW, or be prepared to read things about yourself that although stunningly true will make you want to kill me.

Ok, I'm sure everyone can tell this page is going to be devoted to completely insulting southern heritage, beliefs, and their way of life. As I'm sure you can tell, I don't like southerners and stand for the opposite of everything they believe in, so here goes.
Southerners are a sickening disturbing plague. Although a southerner may seem like a normal, rational person at first, they are anything but this. Southerners are tobacco chewing, confederate flag wearing, cousin f*cking, country music listening, oppressive b*stards that deserve to be violently murdered. Living in the South a fate worse than death, I have been exposed to inbreds on a regular basis; and one thing always tends to be true about ALL of them. They are blatantly ignorant. These morons seem to think the Civil War is still going on. I am so tired of hearing sh*t about the South rising again. THE SOUTH f*ckING LOST, GET THE h*ll OVER IT, YOU STUPID INBRED b*stardS. Which brings me to another thing I hate about southerners, why the h*ll do they think they are BETTER than other people? Racism is a staple of southern life and they think if you are different from them you are some how inferior and it goes for both all races but mostly the whites and blacks going at it here. Both quietly hate each other while in public they kiss each other’s a*ses. Ya kn...
new zealand--the coolest country ever, except not. its really really pretty and the mountains are AMAZING, but its so small and quite. the population is practically zero, and theres not much going on there. but u gotta remeber, kiwi's (ppl from nz, name due to national bird, kiwi) are really great people. they're simple and not all materialistic. lol. but the problem i had with nz, (and so the reason i moved to california) was b/c the guys there are soo NOT hot. the cali guys are waaaay better. its all pretty old-fashioned over there and the guys all where uniforms and get math scholarships. ok, so u get my point: they're nerds. but u also gotta remeber that there's been a lot of kiwi's who have been the first to do stuff--like climb mt. everest, etc. for such a tiny country, we're pretty f*ckn sweet! (oh ya and the prime minister is a women--helen clarke. but w.e she looks like a man so it duznt really matter.)
peep 1: hey bud, like nz?
peep 2: nah. not too good. not mucho going on there.

peep: hey dude, wats nz like?
peep 2: totally awsome. peeps there are great and really friendly. and the country is pretty f*ckn gorgeous.
any person who are from the states of virginia, north carolina, south carolina, alabama, georgia, florida, tennesee, mississippi,texas,louisiana, and arkansas. Contrary to popular belief of ignorant yankees who only visit certains parts of the south the south is the most populated region in the U.S. followed by the West coast.So lets do a comparison so the yankees can see the difference or make them more jealous of us.

Georgia- one of the fastest growing states of the u.s. home to the 9th most populated metro area in the U.S. Atlanta with a metro area of 5.1 million ppl and growing also home to CNN which all you yankees watch to find out whats going on with the world.

Texas- the 2nd most populated state in the u.s. behind california also contains 2 major cities that are in the top 10 largest cities and in the top 10 largest metro areas.

Virginia- started southern culture and american culture as a whole. Home to most concentrated army, naval, and air force bases in the whole U.S. and the world so if u wanna serve uncle sam nine times out of 10 you yankees gon be stationed in Virginia.Also started Aol which all you yankees use. Only 5 metro areas in the U.S. have more fortune 500 companies than the Richmond metro area. Hampton roads the largest natural ice free harbor in the world.

North Carolina- a major financial and banking institution in the U.S. also another fast growing southern state in the recent u.s. census it over threw new jersey to become the 10th m...
A city in Northern California that hasn't seen an infrastructure upgrade since the 1800's. Theres pretty much four groups of people. Pretentious yuppies, Asians, Fags, and Bums. The Asians are rude and act like they own the city. Most of them can't speak a word of English. The fags are not only abundant and welcomed, but also encouraged to be as "out of the closet" as possible. Finally being a bum in San Francisco is more of a way of life to these people than a problem. They have the gall to ask me for money while I'm working my a*s off unloading a truck, then tell me that they dont want pennies, only silver coins.
San Francisco is "tolerant" of everything and tough on nothing, including illegal immigration. The chief of police, Heather Wong, or Fong, or whatever, admitted on TV that SF was a "sanctuary city", so apparently Federal immigration rules don't apply there. Could probably be voted the LEAST American city in the country
If someone says something rude or strange in a conversation creating a long awkward pause say speaking of airplanes and continue with a new subject to distract from that morons opinion. It should be said with emphasis on the beginning of the word
Man 1:The reason for our government's lack of control is because of George Bush's lack of knowledge.

Man 2:Well I think President Bush is an outstanding man and has done great things for the country.


Man 1: Speaking of airplanes the season finale of Lost totally answered a lot of my questions... but it did bring up more.
If you're criminally ignorant of history but want to appear cool, you pretend to know something by cheering for Fidel Castro & Che Guevara. You also show what a non-conformist you are by wearing a soul-patch & a Latin ring on your thumb (on the inside of the ring it says "made in China" since it was made by orphans in a sweat-shop).

Fidel Castro by his own admission has been a communist since 17, despite what uninformed people write on the internet, he was not "forced into the Soviet sphere" by the US embargo. Rather, the US was one of the first countries to recognize his government after the revolution, and Castro was given a ticker-tape parade in NYC. As always happens after such revolutions, Castro was unable to live up to his Utopian promises. In order to hold power, he suspended human rights. During the heyday of the Soviet Bloc, Cuba had the most repressive laws of any communist country. Habeas Corpus doesn't exist in Cuba. Under laws enacted by Castro, people can be imprisoned indefinitely, even executed, if they have an "appearance" that suggests they may do something immoral. In the 60s, Castro sent people to slave-labor camps for listening to the Beatles, now there's a statue of John Lennon in Havana, why? Because Castro needs green dollars to continue his regime, and Americans & Europeans like to get their picture taken at the statue so they can look cool. Unless something in Cuba is related to tourism or foreign dollars, it is left to rot and crumb...
Malaysia is the country for malays only, though all races are there. Malay government building up more goverment institutions to feed malays because this malay youth is so f*cking dumb they can't find a fair way to feed themselves.
If you go to any government office, malay men and women cut silly jokes to each other instead of paying attention to their work. Infact they are not capable doing any kinda work, may be because they are genetically dork. One more thing, they are being very proud to be muslims, though a father f*cks his on daughter. They are big time liar and not trustworthy. Never go there.
I went there last year and went to immigration department to process my professional visa. I found all malay there who were wardering around in offices like a f*cking dumb robat instead of helping their customers. And they expect all foreigners to speak their f*cking Bahasa Malayu. They can't understand a single word of english, even though their government always do "visit malaysia" thingy, they should propmot English first, like singapore did.
A self-professed Christian who labors under the mistaken impression that Christians are persecuted in this country, and that he or she is commonly persecuted for his or her beliefs. These people usually attempt to convert everyone they know or meet to their own denomination of "born again" Christianity, thereby alienating a number of non-Christians as well as Christians of denominations not of their own, then attribute their subsequent shunning by society to a fictitious, widespread anti-Christian mania.
Josh: "Hi, my name is Josh, and I'm a Jesus freak."
Tim "Hi, my name is Tim, and I'm Jewish."
Josh: "You need the love of Jesus in your life! Repent! You're going to h*ll!"
Tim: *walks away*
Josh: "Why do you hate me? Why must I be persecuted?!"
A sandwich made using Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Creme Fluff. Hence the name. Seems to be very popular in the New England states but is known throughout the country. "Fluffernutter" is a registered trademark of Durkee-Mower Inc., the maker of "Marshmallow Fluff" brand marshmallow creme. Kids also love their parents more for packing these in their school lunches instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Son: "Hey Mom, my lunch has PB&J and that sucks. Why didn't I get a Fluffer Nutter like my sister?"
Mother: "Because I like her better so she gets the better sandwich!"
Daughter: "Cool! Fluffer Nutters rock!! And so do you, Mom!"
the all time coolest country and the coolest people. they are good at everything, and anything. sure, they do stupid bull fighting. but saying that all of them do is just a stereotype. i am part spanish/greek/asian/white and stand tall and proud as a spaniard. we are even faring and better than those fat, gross, ignorant brits. we are simply the coolest people around today.
us spaniards can kick those brits butts anytime we want. today, we point and laugh out loud at them for losing a war to a bunch of american farmers. anyone spanish reading this is lucky im on their side. anyone british reading this can kiss my butt. spain is better than britain will ever be!
People from Wales, a small country in the UK (of which England is the don). Welsh people are often accused of being 'sheep shaggers', which they vehemently deny, althought I say there's no smoke without fire. Welsh people populate the 'valleys', where they eat porridge and make love to the aforementioned fluffy animals. Welsh people tend to speak with a very weird but funny accent and the only thing more ridiculous than the comical value of their accents is their 'language', if you can even call it that. It's quite a f*cked up lingo by anyone's standards and is akin to playing a voice recording backwards. Not too sure about them being as intelligent as other (biased) people have said they are on here, but from what I've seen they're second in the IQ stakes to pretty much everyone but the sheep they have s*xual relations with (see Welsh Big Brother contestants along with your everyday Welsh person for examples of some of most dolt-like people in the world). Wales is also home to 'the only g*y in the village' Daffyd Thomas.
English Person: Glynn, do you want to come round to mine to hang out?
Sheep Shagger AKA Welsh Person: Do you have any porridge in?
English Person: No, I don't consume that bland food in my house, go back to your own country and ask for some porridge with your weird lingo.
Sheep Shagger AKA Welsh Person: Well then I'm sorry but I'll just stay home and get intimate with the sheep that I stole from the nearby non-bestiality farm.
A word with many meanings. This is a word that can replace nearly any other word in the dictionary to take on the appropriate meaning to the user in of that word. This was a fad that began at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA in the late 90's and has steadily caught on around the world today. There is an "underground" hint to the usage of this word, thus users of the term Reinders are generally accepted as cool people. It is speculated that the originators of this term were part of a secret society where Reinders was the code word for entry. Some believe that this society still exists throughout the country.
"My bologna has a first name, is Oscar. My bologna has a second name it's "R-e-i-n-d-e-r-s."

"I'd love to rent that old movie with Richard Gere, 'An officer and a Reinders' tonight.
19K (Nineteen Kilo) is an Army MOS for M1 Armor Crewmen. The Armor Crewman works as part of a team to operate armored equipment and fire weapons to destroy enemy positions. During peacetime, tank and armor units must stay ready to defend our country anywhere in the world. During combat, their role is to operate tanks and amphibious a*sault vehicles to engage and destroy the enemy. Tanks like the M1A2 Abrams use mobility, firepower and shock effect to close with and extinguish enemy forces.
My MOSC is 19K1O. I b*ow sh*t up. Hooah!
A sandwich made using Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Creme Fluff. Hence the name. Seems to be very popular in the New England states but is known throughout the country. "Fluffernutter" is a registered trademark of Durkee-Mower Inc., the maker of "Marshmallow Fluff" brand marshmallow creme. Kids also love their parents more for packing these in their school lunches instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Son: "Hey Mom, my lunch has PB&J and that sucks. Why didn't I get a Fluffer Nutter like my sister?"
Mother: "Because I like her better so she gets the better sandwich!"
Daughter: "Cool! Fluffer Nutters rock!! And so do you, Mom!"
The purest compound of noob, or more definitively, the simplest form of noob. The noob molecule consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and titanium. It is very unstable, can be found in all three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) on earth, and is usually saturated.

To be less specific in chemical makeup, noobsauce consists of two major ingredients: noob and sauce.

The noob is a lonely creature that roams the internet searching for an answer but often only finds people against him in his journey to find the truth. Many noobs grow out of their state to become noobhaters themselves, but the process of maturity is long and arduous.

Sauce is a key ingredient in almost every living substance. Some believe that the term sauce is too unspecific, and that there are many different types of sauce. While this is true, sauce in its most basic form is no type of sauce at all. In fact, tomato sauce, like noobsauce, is made of two very different bases: tomato and sauce. Sauce can be combined with almost anything, and, for the purpose of this definition, sauce bonds with the purest essence of noob to create the compound that we today know as noobsauce.

The origin of noobsauce is unknown, but most likely was a joint creation between the vast amount of users of the world wide web. According to currently accepted theories, these intelligent pioneers of science experimented with the noob compound and accidently came across this substance. They found its characteristics remar...
All American organization, but with some restrictions. These are the requirements:

1- You have to be unemployed so you tell everyone that a mexican took your job that´s why you are a minuteman.
2- You MUST hate mexicans and brown skin people even if they are americans working under the sun, and they speak good english. (Don´t let em´fool you around).
3- You have to live in the woods.
4- You have to smoke ckack every day ( no exceptions).
5- You have to be fat, ugly, grown beard.
6- You gotta have German or Northern European Heritage, so you tell everyone that you´re Aryan descent (you wish), then you can join a Neo- n*zi organization after 3 months and get extra welfare and food stamps (we can trade em´for crack, hehehe!!!)
7- You must have knowledge of geography. You know basics... America is a continent, Mexico another one, and Canada is another one, and Alaska is a country (don´t know where the f*ck´s at!)... and Europe is in the north of the US, I mean America( I don´t know why people call it US anyway) and.. wait a second Canada is down south right?. Well f*ck it!

P.S: We watch the "Jerry Springer Show" on every meeting so we educate ourselves how to improve the American Society. If you miss the show you won´t be allowed to participate in our meeting (No Exceptions... AGAIN!!)

GOD BLESS THE MINUTEMAN!!! (Please God Mercyyyyyyy!!!!)
Common word for USA.

People from USA often mistake themselves for being better than the rest of the world, although the white people in USA were europeans a few hundred years ago, and the black people were africans brought there by the europeans.
The native americans, the indians, were sadly almost terminated by the guns and diseases brought from across the ocean by the europeans.

It would have been cool if the true americans, the indians, still ruled their country instead of the descendants of europeans and africans.
Are you american?

Yeah, but my ancestors lived in china.
The lead singer and pianist of the godly band, Queen. He was born in 1946 on Zanzibar, an island off of Africa, with Indian and Persian background, with the name of Farrokh Bulsara. Because of the revolution striking the country at that time, he and his family moved to England where he met Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon. They formed the cla*sic rock and roll band Queen.
Freddie Mercury had, in short, an amazing voice. He had a four-octave range, but prefers to sing in falsetto. However, due to a throat condition, he had to lower these notes when singing live.
Freddie Mercury had faced criticism from the public due to his s*xuality (he was bis*xual), but kept up an admirable "I don't give a sh*t" attitude.
In early 1987, tragedy hit the band when Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS. However, he refused to admit to the public he had the disease. Despite this, Queen released two more albums. The signs of illness were almost impossible to hide during the making of the music videos for the singles I'm Going Slightly Mad and ...
Most of these definitions are pretty accurate, but none of them mention Canadian preps. We enjoy the same lifestyle as American preps, but we live in places like Oakville, London (ontario), Kanata, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, And some parts of British Columbia. We sail our boats on lake Ontario, we ride our horses along the Trans Canada trail, we don't shop at the malls, and if we do, it's only because they have stores like J Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, or Ralph Lauren. We don't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle. We summer on the cape of in the vineyard. We belong to country clubs, and party as hard as we work. We attend boarding schools in the USA, or Candian ones like Ridley. Or we attend private or gifted/enriched day schools. We usually have pretty good relationships with our parents. We respect them, and they are very good to us. We live in historic (or historic looking) houses with manicured lawns and well cared for gardens. We don't have gigantic stone gargloyles or electric gates; we are not flashy! We don't really watch TV that much, though their are some shows we enjoy. We do our homework and plan to attend Universities like Yale, Princeton, McGill, or Queens. We aren't snobby, we're generally pretty nice and friendly people. We were brought up well by old money families. We'll end up marrying well to do preppy boys and raising preppy children. Most preps are caucasion, but we can be any race. We usually have straight, shoulder lengt...

a form of insulting / taking to people,
another word forbutters, just saying it quickly..
most commonly used in private schools across the country.
"ergh, my hair is so buzz !?"
"hi buzz "
" adam is so buzz "

e.c.t e.c.t
Not to be confused with the grimey beach town of the immediate north seaside heights. This beach town is to the south of Ortley Beach and Seaside Heights, and the north of Island Beach State Park between the Barnegat Bay and Atlantic Ocean. It starts right after Funtown Pier Meters and ends at 13th avenue. Unlike the guido capital of the world Seaside Heights, the park is not littered with guidos, bennies, bathrooms, cheesesteak and pizza stands, and s*anky hoes. Granted some bennies do know about the park, they would rather stay as close to the heights as possible so not to stray away from their tourist comrades.
It may only be 2 miles long with around 2,000 residents, but it is the perfect place to get a true taste of why New Jersey beaches are the nicest in the country. The wide, pearly white sand beach is well maintained and is the nicest in the area. You cannot bring coolers, gla*s, alcohol, or pets on the beach, but bring a surfboard, bodyboard, skimboard, fishing pole, and a good attitude. The lifeguards are on duty everyday during the summer months from 10-5, so if you decide to get caught in a rip current, do it during those hours. Beach badges for the season are $35 before June 15, and $45 there after.
Beach by day, Sawmill by night for a drink or really big slice of pizza. For the families, Funtown Pier is loaded with rides, food, and arcades. In the morning Betty and Nick's has good breakfast and the Park Bakery is one of the best around. For Lunc...
ok contrary to most of the ill-cited and ignorant definitions here, tamil is not THE oldest language in the world. yes it is cool and tamil people are cool but the language is not the source of every other asian language you idiot.

tamil, is indeed an old language and very unique and is spoken in many parts of the world with over 77 million speakers, yes that is amazing :) but stop claimin it for what it isnt. tamil, like many other dravidian languages have some influence from the sanskrit. so jus because other languages like malaysian, maldivian and sinhalese have similar roots does not mean they are derived from tamil.

the sanskrit is a very old language datin back to about 1700BC, where as earliest tamil scriptures date back to only about 300BC. the sanskrit holds its cultural position in south and southeast asia and is akin (equivalent to) to latin and greek of the western world, which have all evolved into modern day languages spoken around the globe today.

the tamil language is largely spoken in india and sri lanka (cool country, must visit), with smaller communities of speakers around the globe :)
idiot: "tamil is cool, its the oldest language in the world"

x*x: "yes its cool but you are wrong my idiot friend! udhee vernum ma?!" (do you want a slap?)
Coogi sweaters were originally made for older white folks who played golf at the local country club. Now the bright, expensive designs have been discovered by the, of course, mostly low income, poverty stricken, hip-hop culture. Basically, if one owns a Coogi sweater, the rent will be over due but one gains status. Yup, with some construction boots made by Timberland and a skiing coat made by The North Face, you can look fresh AND not have any money to buy the groceries... Nice.
Kih' 1: "Man, my stomach grumbling..."
Kih' 2: "Go get some grub, what."
Kih' 1: "Nah man I got this coogi so b*tches can know that I got the biggest c*ck aroun' and I got no dough, you think you cou spot me?"
Kih' 2:"Nah, but you lookin' mad colorful due', zaaaaaa."
The Crossroads of America. Called the Hoosier State but not even its residents know why. It gets a bad rap due to its Great Lakes location in the Midwest. It is not part of the Rust Belt as it’s perceived and much of it lies too far south to be considered. The worst thing about this state is that its 6.3 million residents are surrounded by the four worst states: Ohio (decaying Rust Belt), Michigan (decaying Rust Belt), Kentucky (indred hillbillies) and Illinois (liberal and pretentious). That’s a bad combination, I know. The good news is that Indiana has faired better off economically than its neighbors: it’s the fastest-growing state by population in the Midwest, lower taxes, extremely reasonable cost of living, job growth despite layoffs in hard manufacturing, an increase in wages despite cutbacks in the auto industry and more corporate investments. Indiana is stereotyped as a place with nothing but corn, basketball and hicks, like ignorant morons from the coasts think who have never been there. I am here to argue otherwise and to defend my roots. Let’s get a few common misconceptions straight:

1. Yes, there is a lot of corn but there is more than corn in Indiana. Other agricultural products include soybeans (#3 in the country), mint, tomatoes, swine and poultry. Forests cover much of southern Indiana. Indiana has more covered bridges than any state. The state does have number of great tourists attractions: casinos on Lake Michigan and the Ohio River, Indianapolis has...
An evil company that is responsible for the highly addictive game MapleStory. Which is responsible for 20% of the hobos in this country.
Darn, I don't have any money to buy Nexon cash with, I'll go steal my mothers credit card!
A phenomena occuring in the music industry, in which an aspect of a band member's (usually the frontman/woman's) personality, actions, etc. becomes subject to quite a lot of debate among both fans and haters of the band. This would be perfectly alright, except for what inevitably happens is that the debate becomes so overb*own that people begin to forget about the music of the band, and all they really know is the trivial feud over the aspect of the frontman/frontwoman. Named after Freddie Mercury, the frontman of the British cla*sic rock band Queen, and Kurt Cobain, the frontman of the early '90s grunge band Nirvana.
Mercury/Cobain Effect:

Nirvana Fan 1: Courtney killed Kurt Cobain!

Nirvana Fan 2: Kurt killed himself!

Nirvana Fan 3: You're both wrong, Kurt is alive and well and hiding out in Winchestertonfieldville even as we speak!

Nirvana Fans 1 and 2: How dare you have an opinion that differs from mine, never mind the fact that it's a free country and everyone has the right to believe whatever they choose!

Nirvana fan with a brain: Guys, can't we just talk about the MUSIC instead of whether or not Kurt killed himself...?


Nirvana fan with a brain: *sigh*

* * *

Queen fan 1: Freddie Mercury was g*y!!!

Queen fan 2: No, he was bis*xual!

Queen fan 3: He had a girlfriend and therefore was straight, so both of you shut up!

Queen fan 3: No, he was straight in the 1970s, but in the '80s, for some strange reason unknown to everyone on the planet, became g*y!

Queen fan with a brain: Why does Freddie Mercury's orientation matter so much to you guys? He and his band made a lot of great music, and music is the whole reason we listen to Queen in the first place, so can't we just talk about the songs? You know, the whole REASON we all like Queen?

{insert awkward silence here}

Weirdo: Forget that, I think he was TRIs*xUAL!!!

Queen fan with a brain: Just...just forget I...
A person from another country sneaking over our borders so their lazy a*ses dont pay money to come here, and think they're hot sh*t saying us white people are jeaslous that we dont speak spanish, when there are plenty of spanish speaking caucasians that have to translate for their dumb a*ses.
Juan Carlos who mows my lawn is an illegal immigrant.
HOLY c*ap! The man who defined modern guitar and killed the devil. Rumors have it that he played left handed but this is myth, Jimi Hendrix played the guitar with his mind. He was granted telepathic guitar god powers by Robert Johnson, the previous nigra messiah, who gave the white man's pool aids. Jimi Hendrix was a dirty hippie and in a feat of pure willpower smoked enough pot to kill himself in the late 1700s. But rumor has it that he escaped death and went to live on an island with Beethoven, Elvis, Tupac, Santa, and that annoying Urkel kid from Family Matters. He releases albums annually but people still think he's dead because all of Jimi Hendrix's fans are too high to even stand up. Some people who listen to progressive metal or Slash like to say that he had no talent and that they like better music, but this is a misnomer since progressive metal and Slash are not music but actually white noise generated when two g*y males sodomise goats in gimp outfits.
Sacred prayer to Jimi Hendrix, the ultimate nigra:

Oh Jimi,
Please grant me guitar power,
So that I may slap a b*tch,
For disrespecting my name,
My family,
My country,
My dog,
My shoes,
My guitar.
Grant me to the power,
To fly,
And shoot lasers from my hands,
Like Captain Planet, only not g*y.

noun. A 1947 "Silversides" Greyhound Bus that was rescued by the B-Town Posse from a j*nkyard. It was slated to be destroyed and turned into sc*ap metal. Thankfully it did not suffer that fate and lived to see yet another day.
It went through many phases from being a beat-up hunk o' j*nk to an AMAZING velveteen lounge on wheels. Lots of LOVE went into restoring it and getting it up and on the road again.
The Heaven Bus is now legendary.
It was the vehicle that toured the B-Town Posse to many a reggae shows (Reggae on the River), festivals (Oregon Country Fair) and concerts (Coach*lla). The WICKED DJ CREW was also privy to being toted around on this p*mpadelic luxury coach. It was also the transportation of choice for the Mystic Family Circus. Hot springs were also frequently visited by happy Heaven Bus riders.
No one has seen the Heaven Bus for years now. Some people doubt that it even exists.
Now only a select few know of it's whereabouts, rumor has it, that it is slated for a "Heaven Revival Tour".
Oh my god, I gotta pack! Heaven Bus will be here any second to pick me up. We're going on tour for a month this time.
...What am I going to wear?!?!?!?

Hey!, there's a "HEAVEN" party tonight at Jelly's! Let's go!!!!! Who's the D.J.?
The Illinois Valley is a region that is located in the north-central part of Illinois. Approximately 100 miles southwest of Chicago, the Illinois Valley is often referred to simply as "the IV"
Though the region is not geographically defined it is generally accepted that it is bordered by Mendota on the North, Streator on the South, Princeton on the West, and Ma*seilles on the East.
The IV is characterized by a larger than average number of bars per capita, resulting in a higher level of alcoholism than is generally found across the country. Alternatively, there is a larger than average number of churches per capita.
The IV is located in a largely rural area covered in corn and soybean fields.
There are many business establishments named after the Illinois Valley, including Illinois Valley Community Hospital (IVCH) and Illinois Valley Community College (IVCC). IVCC students characteristically play Euchre and other card games instead of going to cla*s, as a result it is not uncommon to remain an IVCC student for three years or more.
I've got to go home and visit my parents in the IV.

I need to make a trip to the Golf'n'Pub and Tiki.
So you're heading to the Illinois Valley?
Contrary to popular belief, watching anime or reading manga does not make a wapanese. A wapanese s a person who takes it to that level where people look at them and feel a rising urge to punch them.

What they are: Mostly caucasians, that believe by watching untranslated japanese cartoons (anime), eating nothing but asian j*nk food they can buy online (Pocky, a*sorted ramen and mountains of sweets) and in short, grabbing anything with the slightest trace of Japan, and in turn shunning all western items, believing them to be inferior. A wapanese is a wannabe Japanese person. Often they know little to nothing about Japan (only what they've read), but hold a belief that it is the best country in the world, and harbour deep ambitions about living there, despite being unemployed and living with their parents.

What they think: That if indeed they did imigrate to Japan, they would be adored and revered and have women fawning over them. Unlikely, as they are generally vastly annoying (And annoyingly vast). Aso they believe that merely by watching Naruto, they can become Ninja.

Habitat: You will generally meet a lot of cool people at anime conventions, who's lives are not ruled by the going on of Tokyo Mew mew etc. but you can always spot the wapanese being a loud, disagreeable a*shole, telling british artists that their drawings are not "TRUE MANGA", because ...
A kind of bra for the male population, worn on the inside of the pants.
JF: Good grief…look at those nuts… I wonder how you manage not stepping on them Jeff?
JW: Well I use a blanger of course!
JF: A what? Blanger?
JW: Yeah a blanger…OMG country folk… It’s a kind of bra that I wear on the inside of my pants..a ball hanger FFS….You get it? BALLHANGER…..BLANGER….
One of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation, Colgate University is home to some of the brightest and best young men and women, who hail from a variety of states and countries. Colgate, or 'Gate, as it is affectionately called by the student body, sports Division 1 athletic teams and a famously lively party scene. It has very little affiliation with the toothpaste brand, and anyone who makes what he or she thinks is a witty and original quip regarding the shared name should light his or her self on fire and jump out of a window for being so mindless...and go back to Hamilton College, the ugly cousin of Colgate.
"So, where are you going to college?"

"Colgate University."

"Oh, I didn't know you were so interested in toothpaste! Do you want to be a dentist?"

"Oh, that's really original you dumb sh*t. Excuse me while I graduate from one of the best schools in the country. Why don't you go back to Bucknell, get drunk, and f*ck your sister. a*shole. Oh yeah, and Cornell can suck my d*ck."
An incredibly arrogant scientists who claims someone's denying religion makes them more intelligent.
Despite having a brilliant mind, he has become far more intolerant than the "religious" groups he despises (and makes this hatred publicly known).
He spends his time whining about how a single foolish president of a country he doesn't even live in said quite some time ago that he doesn't believe atheists to be patriotic citizens.
Apparently, he hates it when people say bad things about him and what he thinks, but has no problem letting the world know that he thinks "religious" people are morons.

He's infamous for bunching every religion of all time into a little ball and blaming that ball for all the world's problems.

He denies all the incredible supernatural acts throughout history witnessed by millions of people because he believes himself more intelligent, and therefore the events didn't happen (or were remarkable coincidence).

He also claims "religion" hinders science, despite Newton, Bacon, Galileo, Kepler, and some of the most brilliant minds in history being Christians. I mean, even Ben Franklin was a deist (though hardly religious).
Richard Dawkins: "Christians are stupid for wasting their lives trying to convert people to religion, so I will in turn waste my life trying to convert them back."

Richard Dawkins: "Religion destroys nations. That's why as Europe began to lose its religious foundations it became weaker and weaker despite once being the center of all world powers, while the United States, which had only been around for a few hundred years, held onto its religious beliefs and rapidly rose to become the greatest power in the world in a very short time. Therefore, I have to turn America away from religion, because I'm jealous."

Richard Dawkins was the kid in school who claimed anyone within his circle of friends was cool and everyone outside of it wasn't.
Therefore, by his logic, he was friends with all the coolest kids in school, despite this not being true.
Don't you just love Richard Dawkins and his "facts"?
A country whose main moral justification for existing is its geopolitical policies during the second world war which have somehow subsequently been portrayed as a humanitarian intervention rather than a political long-term strategy for survival.
European citizen: "The USA consistently invades sovereign nations, supports and empowers dictators, sells weapons and advanced technology to rough nations, kidnaps and tortures other nations' citizens, etc. This has got to stop. You're destroying the very democratic values upon which the Founding Fathers created you."

American citizen: "Well... you weren't this c*cky when we helped you guys against the n*zis fifty years ago!"

European citizen: "Oh my f*cking God, here we go again... your highly praised participation in the WW2 didn't come out of sheer solidarity, you ignorant f*ck. I know you guys are short on history, but pick up a God d*mn history book. The only reason you participated in the WW2 is because you knew you were going to get dragged in at some point. Even your politicians knew that, however, it took a bloody ma*sacre on your military forces before the American public realized it might be in their own interests to fight a growing fascist superpower. NOW STFU!"
Someone who has just entered a english speaking country, and has poor english skills and has a very odd and mocked accent. Normally a person who has moved from a eastern country to a western country;

e.g. India to UK

Most of them wear trampy clothes (most asian freshies wear sandals the whole year round), and education is all they talk about.

If it is an asian freshy, then their man aim is to get their children to get all A*, and for their children to go to oxford uni.
White man: wa*s up dawg?
Freshy: vat about my dog? Yes, my son just got 6 A for A level. He is goin oxford uni.
White man: Blad, did i wanna noe dat? You are sum top freshie.
A terrible subject, ussually taught in a tiny, stuffy cla*sroom, that is way too hot because of the close proximity of bodies and the heater that stays on too long into summer. most commonly taught by teachers who cannot speak the English language properly and come from a forein country, invloves a lot of nut-eating and Urban Dictionary surfing.
henry: hey dude, im mind numbingly bored and uncomfortable, and i have a strange craving for walnuts.
james: sounds a bit like english lit mate.
henry: OH GOD NO, id rather eat my own sh*t.
Lebanon is a great country, it is the only country where ugly people can bang beautiful girls, its number 1 on the tourism list of Saudi people..Lebanese citizens have so many interests in life. womans main priority there is to enlarge their breasts and lips, speak the invented freshorabic wear trendy sungla*ses.
men objectives are proportional to womans interests, the non fagot men are less than 10%,they think democracy is bullsh*tting and cursing certain ministers in the government.and all Lebanese citizens share 1 thing in common, blaming syria for their mis fortunate life events.
tony : hey there a sheep attacked my mom yesterday and banged her 10 times till death.
johnny : i am certain that it's a syrian sheep.

fahad : i am tired of banging saudi dudes in the a*s
abdullah : lets go to lebanon, you can bang any s*x there and you wont even know if its a man or a woman.
This article refers to English subculture. Virtually nobody in England refers to the country as Britain, but for some reason, most Americans do, so hopefully this title will help the Americans among us find what they're looking for.
It's a worldwide misconception that English culture revolves heavily around Tea, bowler hats, walking canes, deducing things and saying little idioms like "spiffing!" and "tally-ho old chap!".
This is infact, not the case.
Sadly, Britain is becoming more and more like America every day, due to the majority of television shows being aired coming from the USA.
Yes we drink Tea, but we also drink as much, if not more coffee.
you will never hear anybody say "spiffing!" or some similar phrase except if they are the living dead from the 1900's, or being sarcastic.
I've lived in England all my life, and i've never seen a single Bowler hat except at fancy dress parties
We do, however, have a thriving youth subculture. England's Answer to the American Gangsta is the Chav, who think they're solid as rock, when infact the word is a business term derived from "Chelmsford Average". It was originally used to describe a typical resident of the English area of Chelmsford. These people had relatively low paid jobs, but spent almost everything...
A Lexus. A Toyota Camry with leather seats and comfort creatures. An overpriced Econo Box. A brand that makes you feel that you have some expensive and exclusive. A Japanese-Mercedes Benz-Wannabe. A disguised Toyota Camry for Rich Folks. A Hyped Up Rav 4, Land Cruised with Leather Seats.
I need to buy an Econo Box for grocery shopping for the maid, I might get her a Rich Man Toyota (Lexus). My friends at the Country Club will laugh at me if they see me going to the Toyota Dealer to buy a car, how embarra*sing will be!
I'm proud of being Icelandic. I'm sure you're patriotic too of your country. And I've been reading definitions about Iceland not wanting to be Norwegian and I'm saying that I don't have any problem with the fellow Norwegians out there.

Its quite a conflict on this site.
Personally I think that Iceland should get over the fact that it used to be Norwegian territory. And my father came from Iceland and I've lived in Norway for seven years now and I've met the most nice and clean people ever.

No they wouldn't be in trouble without their Oil. Vikings didn't all come from Norway either. Some came from Sweden. All of Scandinavia. And plus you're all descended from Norwegians who probably loved you.

Did you notice? Oh wait it's probably because you just wanted to start a show for the whole Urban Dictionary. My father who was Icelandic born there and everything is too descended from other Scandinavians who I love.

So now that I've mentioned it no one needs conflict. And I think that people who like to cause conflicts are simply uneducated little cretins with no talent.

I'm still proud of being Icelandic.

Peace People
1. Being of the country Britain. (no not great f*ck that)
2. Being of the country where most racist in the world come from.
3. Being of the country that conquered most other countries and everyone hates them for it.
4.Being of the country that has a smarter leader then USA's leader atleast they werent that stupid.
5. Person not as great as the USA although the USA is full of the 2nd most racist b*stards.
Colored man: Hey is that guy that racist British guy?
Colored man2: Yeah thats him.....keep way.
Indian guy: Hey that b*tches great great great grandpa raped my countries women.
Derogatory term for a Russian black man popular within the ghettos of Moscow and surrounding areas. Extremely insulting.
Hey you f*cking Tarbooshnic, get the f*ck outta my god d*mned country!
A proud nation consisting of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other nationalities. Who should work together for the betterment of there mother land....but sadly everyone can see with the above definitions. oh well thats Sri Lankan........sad isnt it???

Sad cause I am Sri Lankan my self and very ashamed of most of the people in my country......
Cant give an example its too sad the sinhalese
Someone who doesn't join a fraternity for some reason. Maybe they're a douchebag who shouldn't join in the first place, or maybe they're balled for some reason. Regardless, they are not fraternity material.
"I don't wanna join a frat because they are g*y," said one GDI. "Well, I guess you wouldn't fit in to my fraternity anyway. We don't refer to our brotherhood as a frat. Would you refer to your country as a c*nt? If you would, get the f*ck out of my house. If I see you again, I'll haze your a*s so quick I won't even be able to 'ball your a*s."
Having two lives, one of which you do not want other's to know about.
The life that everyone believes is your "true" life is one of complacency and subtlety, one in which the person is generally una*suming and does whatever they are told. However, in the second, "secret" life, the true essence of the person is displayed, and is generally only revealed to coworkers and/or close friends. Sometimes, the person may go their whole life without anyone ever revealing their true identity, as they may not be accepted for who they really are by the ones they love. This is the cla*sic scenario for many super heros and young girls whos parents are from "the old country" and dont want their AMERICAN KIDS to experience an AMERICAN lifestyle.
Charles: Hey Amanda, whats up? Can you hang out?
Amanda: No, I have stay home, my parents are here. They are from another country, and they dont accept me hanging out with american kids. They dont know about my double life yet.
Charles: That sucks. Oh well, want to see a movie later?
Amanda: Sure, I'll just tell them i'm working. They're pretty gullible, they'll buy anything I tell them.
Charles: Sweet!
One of the greatest and most influential rock'n'roll bands of all time. They formed in Britain in 1962, naming their band after a Muddy Waters song. They are inspired by American blues and rock'n'roll acts including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry (they REALLY love Chuck!), Bo Diddley and much, much more. They are practically the world's first hard rock band. They have experimented with other styles in their career, like soul, reggae, psychedelic rock, country rock, disco and more, but have always maintained that cla*sic "Stonesy" hard rock sound. They have greatly i...
A Puerto Rican or other Latin American who came to Utica, NY via New York City, Florida or California any number of years ago and has made a life for him or herself in this decaying cesspool of forgotten human beings as either a bus driver, landlord, police officer or any other job that pays a semi-livable wage. The pejoritative connotations of this word are due to the fact that there must be something obviously wrong with any Hispanic who would leave his or her native country and move to America's a*us. The perjoritave connotations are augmented by the fact that these transplanted Hispanics don't seem to realize (yet, at least) that they made a poor decision by moving from, say, El Salvador or Mexico to Utica, NY.
If that Hispanic guy's from Puerto Rico what the h*ll is he doing in Utica?
I don't know, I guess he's a Uticano.

I got chased by some Uticanos on my way to school.

Italian Vinny: Uticanos are taking all our jobs.

Redneck "Red" Smith: Uticanos are taking all our jobs.

Polish Margaret Muntz: Uticanos are taking all our jobs (even though we don't work).

Bosnian Igor Slosovich: We have to compete against Uticanos for jobs.

African-American Otis Freeman: When we go to prison all of the Uticano prison guards rough us up.
A Freeman (who can also be a woman) is a conservative working-or middle-cla*s American individual who drinks domestic beer, likes to fish and hunt and enjoys football, baseball and NASCAR. A Freeman will often display a disproportionate amount of pride relative to his or her social and economic status. This pride often manifests itself as a penchant for big vehicles with large wheels which gives the impression to the Freeman that he or she is "riding high" or intimidating to everybody on the road who is driving smaller vehicles. Many Freemen harbor the paranoid suspicion that the government wants to confis*ate their firearms so they will bumper sticker their cars with placards that read, "You can pry my gun from my cold dead hands." Freemen comprise the majority of patronage for many US companies like WalMart and McDonald's and are the largest contributors to state and Indian reservation gambling enterprises across the country. Ninety percent of white prison inmates are Freemen and 9 out of 10 country albums are purchased by Freemen (the other 1 out of 10 country albums are purchased by music critics who then sell or donate that country music album to a secondhand music-or book-store). While often parodied on TV (SNL's skit "Appalachian ER," for instance) and in larger sophisticated cities like Boston and L.A., Freemen are widely respected in most parts of Middle America where they are viewed as a type of vital backbone to the nation. Without Freemen WalMarts would be hard...
The spawn(er) of Satan’s idiot troll, who happens to be our 43rd president. Known for her ability to degrade any individual, race, or situation in a manner that makes it sound, if anything, nice. However the thought behind it is anything but.

During her time in the white house and after she became involved in many projects, charities, and events each with an ulterior motive behind them. Most notable of these being her charitable donation to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund under the condition (yes I did say condition) that the charity do business with an educational software company owned by her son Neil Bush.
In another prime example, after winning a recognition she won $36,000 of which she gave most, that is MOST to charity. Leaving the question of her definition of Some.
About the war in Iraq she was quoted saying, "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" This esteemed quote shows a complete lack of respect of the country that she helped hold sway over.

Also noted for her being the subject of many cruel, belittling, but accurate jokes much of which doesn’t have to do with her, but with her relation to George Sr. and Jr. According to comedian Doug Stanhope, she is known to consort with Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, and George Bush Sr. in a bathtub fantasy, in which it is rumoured she “unrolls her flaccid labia, like some ball-less nut sack”

What is apparently the only new show on TBS this year, and perhaps the only reason the network decided to pick up the 1st round of the MLB playoffs.

Much to the dismay of baseball fans throughout the country, TBS averages 2-3 commercials for this show during each break and at least one in-game advertisement per inning. The promos for this show, which stars Frank Caliendo doing several god awful impersonations (half of which you cant even tell who its supposed to be), have caused many viewers to scramble frantically for the remote to either flip the channel or hit the mute button to minimize the pain inflicted on the ears.

I would say this show wouldn't even last a whole season, but this is TBS we're talking about, and lets get serious, theres not exactly a whole lot of people rushing to pitch their show to TBS. Still, if this show averages more than 10 viewers a night, I�