Picture this a young lad about 12 years of age and 4 ½ feet high baseball cap at ninety degrees in a imitation addidas tracksuit, with trouser legs tucked into his socks (of course, is definitely the height of fashion). This lad is strutting around, fag in one hand jewellery al over the over, outside McDonalds acting as if he is 8 foot tall and built like a rugby player, when some poor unsuspecting adult (about 17/18) walks round the corner wanting to go to mcdonalds for his dinner glances at the young lad, the young lad jumps up in complete disgust and says “Whats your problem? Wanna make sommin of it? Bling Bling” when the adult starts to walk towards the young lad, the young lad p*sses himself and runs off to either his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend or his brother in the army crying his eyes out.
My mate has become a chav what can i do? answer is shoot him before it is too late
Derived from Chatham in Kent, this term can be applied loosely to every culture with a nasty, thieving element. There are many variants of this creature but all are subject to the following commonalities:

Chavs are completely Amoral, having never been subjected to right and wrong by their inattentive, uncaring and often absent parents.

Chavs are part Magpie, evidentially supported by their love of all things shiny, or as vaccuous, illiterate street-slang would say 'Bling'. They can be seen twokking from the Jewelry counter in Argos/Index.

Whatever their ethnic background, Chavs have a built-in affinity to hip-hop/R&B, even if they are inherently racist (see the Scottish). They see their life as glamorous and cool.

Chavs are for the most part, extremely stupid. However, some of them render a form of low cunning, which can be misinterpreted as intelligence. However this is false. A Chav has no desire to better themself through honest means nor learn anything outside of car modification.

All chavs think that they are nails. Again, this is false. Sitting in a beaten up nova smoking lamberts does n...
Chav - Sub species of human

Commonly thought to be of inferior intellect, the Chavette surprises us with its cunning plan to avoid taking up a professional career and provide itself with free accommodation supplied by tax payers by spawning multi coloured mini chavs at a early stage in life, usually mid teens.
Clearly recognisable by their distinctive tribal Burberry they congregate in town centres and on street corners, Chavs have a reputation of being creative with public property and motor vehicles, building themselves Chaviots out of mechcano sets and strip lighting, and providing us with humorous banta written on toilet walls like ‘sh*t’ and ‘Tasha woz ere’ in an attempt to relieve our boredom while urinating.
Their language is a basic form of English thus avoiding any words they cannot spell or p*onounce, even to the extent of creating new words only they know the meaning of.
Hunting in large groups Chavs will single out the weakest, smallest prey and attack it without mercy avoiding any personal injury and insuring victory.
Chavs unfortunately don't yet fall into the category of rodent and in effect cannot be bludgeoned to death under the guise of pest control. Darn!-
I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you Chavs for the great contribution you’ve made to this country, you’ve made it what it what it is today – a sh*t hole.
also see: Burdon on society.
Chav can be a noun, verb or an adjective. As in “you sh*tty sc*m chav”, or “Hey I like the way you have chavved up ya car/wardrobe/lifestyle/language” etc.

The origins of the word itself are unclear and there are a few theories, perhaps all of them correct. Nonetheless, the current criteria for being a chav applies as laid out in this dictionary and no doubt, as culture dumbs-down even more, the definition will need to be updated. Chavs will no doubt eventually, despite their in-bred lack of intelligence, cotton-on to the fact that burberry and it’s current a*sociations foster great hatred and negativity amongst the majority of the population. This factor however, could backfire, as Chavs could consider the perpetuation of hatred and negativity as a great contribution to humanity, even if it is directed towards themselves from others.

The most recent example of a celebrity Chav is Kenzie in Big Brother. (I can’t remember the name of the boy-band he is in – so uncool – but I know it had the word “Crew” or “Squad” whatever, in the name). In fact, Kenzie actually said “no” initially to being in the BB house, but when he thought long and hard about it, decided to say yes as the word “brother” as in, “bruv-va” or “bruv” for short, sounded cool and he thought it would really do wonders for his street-cred. Kenzie is actually white, but to see his clothes and hear him speak, you would think he is black.

Chavism represents a cultural link with the Trailer Park Tra...
Oh the simple Chav, what a constant source of amusement you are!
Chavs are the dregs of human existence. They live merely to p*ss everyone else off with their love of c*ap clothing and manky gold jewellery.
They have taken the wearing of tracksuits and baseball caps to a new level of pikieness.
Chav girls (or chavettes) commonly sport the Croydon Facelift (hair pulled back in a bun so tight that it pulls their faces tight) with at least 6 dangly faux-gold earings in each ear. Also often seen pushing a pram round shopping centers while chain-smoking and wearing fake burberry or nasty velour tracksuits. A favourite accessory is a hideous gold articulated clown dangling from a thick gold chain around their p*mply acne scarred necks.
Male chavs hang around in gangs spitting alot and trying to start fights with small children or anyone else that they could easily overpower (which really is just small children!). Once they are of driving age they obtain a clapped out old Nova or Metro and then spend a fortune (no one knows where this money comes from, it is one of the many mysteries of the chav) "maxing it up" with big wheels, sound systems and a huge "w*nker pipe" exhaust. Chavs can be seen in any copy of Max Power magazine proudly displaying their efforts at automotive design - t*ssers !!!
Look at the 20 inchers on me Nova, it's well phat innit! Bling Bling!
Emerging British subculture which is quickly becoming an epidemic. Chavs can be found the length and breadth of the country, hanging around any j*nk food outlet, off licence or just hanging around the streets, where they pa*s the time by vandalising property, drinking cheap cider, shouting abuse at pa*sers by and terrorising old people.

Appearance: Chavs have a strict dress code. Designer labels are everything, although knocked off/fake items are almost de-rigeur. Typically, the male chav will wear a Nickelson or Schott hooded top, baggy tracksuit trousers, white designer trainers, and a baseball cap by burberry or Nike. The female chav (chavette) will have peroxide blonde hair scrunched so tight into a pony tail with colourful scrunchies that her forehead stretches. She will wear a dark blue tracksuit with white stripes, an enormous puffa j*cket, hoop earrings, and white trainers. Female chavs are forbidden from wearing socks, and all chavs must wear as much fake gold jewellery as they can fit on their bodies. Mobiles are an added status symbol, and when equipped, the chav must shout into it in the most anti-social way possible, using at least one expletive and the word "innit" per second. Every other word in between should be unrecognisable to non-chavs.

Cars: Typically the Vauxhall Nova, but could include Ford Escort/Orion, Vauxhall Astra, and for chavs with "bling", even a totally shagged 3 series BMW. Whatever the type of car, it must have a spoiler shaped plank...
chav (noun)- 1 Anyone wearing any kind of burberry clothing 2 A youth usually, although not neccessarily in his or her teens who has an undying belief that they are the hardest and coolest individual to have ever walked this planet. The male chav is distinguishable by his birght colours and imitaion gold jewellry which he uses to attract chavettes (see next). Any eye contact will be met with a tirade of abuse a*suming the chav is with his herd. 3 Chavette A female chav who is distinguishable by the use of earings resting on her shoulders, very innapropriate clothing, and a pram. Chavettes are very rarely seen on their own and prefer to hang around with the dominant chav in their herd, usually the father of their child. 4 Chavish the dialect of the chav. Believing that he is a bad boy gangsta rapper, the chav or chavette will converse with others in a secrect language. Scientists have been working for years on trying to decipher chavish but to no avail. Other than swear words that you will manage to pick out, you will not understand any of this tirade; simply a*sume its not pleasant and probably involves your parents and a dog. (see example)
ere dean wats that n*gga lookin at-ee is ganna get a beatin-dere be blood on da floor man. oi f*ggot you startin or wha? yo mumma got banged up by ma dog hoe.
A human sub-species also known as h*mo-inferior. They plan to conquer the world by lowering the nations IQ to single didgit numbers, like themselves. They do this by subjecting those around them to monotonus rap music and brandnames. They are braindead, almost zombie like. They are currently hatching a co-plot to ruin the English language through Abreveation and talking like they havn't got a tongue.
(phonetics) "welw den mush, init dat way den bruv! CHIKEN LAY AN EEEEG BOI!"
From the French ‘Chave Act’ of 1217AD. In direct response to the Holy Roman Empire’s policy of over breeding among the evolutionary challenged (See ‘Missing Link), the 3 economic superpowers of Europe, (Germany, France and Britain) signed the ‘Act’ in an attempt to maintain ‘Pikey’ numbers within their states at a manageable level.

The basic premise was the rotational hosting of wars (See ‘Culls’) and distribution of ‘Social Diseases’ in order to regularly prune back numbers.

However, since 1945 the Act has fallen into disuse due to the excessive pressures of the Liberals (See STDs) and vain attempts to bring new regional partners within the Act to re-empower it have not been a success.

The net result is that levels are at an epidemic status and these bog dwelling, descendents of leper faeces are swelling out from their natural habit and invading ever social corner of the British Isles.
Get off my land, Chav. Release the hounds, Winthrop.
Humanoid in appearance, but primative and animalistic in nature, chavs are fast becoming the bane of humanity. Now all but cla*sified as a completely seperate species, chavs took the left of the fork on the road of evolution when everybody else went right. Today, chavs can be seen in almost every urban area of Britain. Easily identified by either their baseball caps, hooped sports sweaters, excess Burberry and impossibly colourful Nike trainers (male) or sc*aped back frizzy hair, earrings you could train a dolphin to jump through, cheap leggings and Reebok Cla*sics (female), chavs hunt in packs. Unlike other species, chavs hunt for cigarettes and bus fare instead of food. Food is always obtained at fast food establishments such as McDonalds, or convenience stores (Spar, Late Shop). It is quite common for food to be thrown instead of eaten, with the chav preferring his / her fags and cider / Lambrini (charver cava). Chavs are normally hostile towards humans, particularly those who favour alternative music, whom they have branded "moshers" or "grungers". A chav's music collection is limited. Hip-hop and hardcore for the males, Britney and trance for the females. Dogs (the more volatile, the better), mobile phones, cheap or fake gold and "souped-up" (debadged) 1990's Vauxhall Novas are must-have accessories. Note: the above description typifies the average chav, but there are actually quite a few varieties. Be sure to look for them at any of the following location...
Oh, my! A twelve year-old girl wearing a t-shirt proclaiming her status as a ‘sl*t’. How tasteful. Mother would be so proud…
Is she..? Yes, she is! A Chavette! Sorry, didn’t spot it quickly enough – forgive me, I’m blind.

Here are a few clues for Chav-spotters:

Girls (Chavettes, Sengas):
- Bling, and lots of it.
- Hoop earrings you could drive a bus through
- Hair pulled back so tight as to provide a facial expression of constant surprise
- At least three children trailing
- Smoking a fag – a little white stick poking out of your mouth really does make you look TERRIBLY sophisticated, dear…
- Talking on a mobile
- Wearing a variety of coins/Christmas cracker rings on f*ngers
- Cow-eyed look in eyes
- Skin as white as death, with blue tinges here and there (occasional purple and yellow ones too, from constant spousal abuse) and a red nose from smoking/drinking too much
- Skirt pulled up to just below the hair-line (please God don’t EVER let it get any higher)
- Fat Chavettes – without exception - sport tight, too-short tops that would put even the hardiest person off their meal, and trousers that expose a crack minging enough to put a plumber to shame
- Throws litter/gum/cigarette butts onto the pavement/bus floor

- Baseball caps on (but probably don’t know what baseball is)
- Hair so short it could pop balloons
- Fewer t*eth than a Shanghai hobo
- Tiny, skinny frame laden with heavy fake-gold
- Cheap nylon track-suits
- Smoking a fag (of co...
A human with a very little brain. Can be recognised by their fake burberry, socks tucked into "sports label" trousers and endless tacky gold jewllery (mainly bought from Argos!). These primitive people are offten seen swearing,smoking and lobbing things at random people. Pity they can't see how lame they really are!
Just go into your local town centre there should be al least a gang of 8 hanging around a McDonalds somewhere....
The male of the species, the 'chav', is often to be found lurking in braying packs close to fast food outlets or late night stores. It displays a distinctive livery with which it attempts to attract the female ('chavette') - most commonly, the Burberry-effect baseball cap (placed at a jaunty angle, sometimes partially covering the face - this is known in some cultures as 'snidey'); the 'sports' clothing (this is somewhat confusing as the chav is not renowned for its athletic abilities) and countless items of 'bling' (Chav patois meaning jewellery or other adornments). The origins of said 'bling' are various as the chav typically possesses neither a means of employment or indeed any type of education. Chavettes, meanwhile, tend to have hair in at least two colours, ill-fitting tops and white tracksuit tops (usually Kappa). Note their ornate 'love bites': tribal cicatrices around the neck, usually perpetrated by a near-toothless male known as Kev, Daz, Gaz, Baz, Tez or some other monosyllabic name.

Health and Education

Chavs can often be seen smoking - an activity which causes them to spit and cough, but only in public places (see above). They imbibe alcohol, normally in the form of cheap lager / cider normally obtained illegally. This often gives them the impression that they are 'hard' and they will thus attempt to start fights with anyone/thing smaller than them. However, upon retaliation of their prey they tend to run away.

Chavs are, believe it or not, to be fo...
Regional variations

charver, scalley, ned, chor.

A social undercla*s par excellence. The absolute dregs of modern civilization, each one a near clone in IQ (the lowest possible whilst still exhibiting brain stem function), attitude, diet, dress sense, uselessness, abusiveness and complete lack of any sense of decorum.

Likely to be found in congregations outside McDonalds, endlessly smoking cheap cigarettes whilst sporting burberry clothes, ma*ses of cheap 9ct gold jewelry from Argos/Index, baseball caps worn at 90 degrees. Female chavs can be identified from their hair, invariably worn pulled back into the tightest possible configuration and secured with at least 5 "scrunchies".

Unable to converse in any high form of language and too lazy to communicate the limited vocabulary they have properly.

The only good chav is dead one. The only thing better than that is a ma*s grave full of dead chavs and a 24 hour work crew making way for more...
whodya think your'e lookin at? Ah'll batter ya, y' f***in' div!

(then runs to get older brother at first sign of trouble)
modern name: chav
Ancient name: burberritous w*nkerous

Poor thieving hobo got nothing better to do that listen to sh*te music and waste their time talking to other 'chavs'. They like to steal things, phones and wallets particularly, they wear c*appy sports brands and tuck their trousers into their socks like a bunch of f*cking idiots. They are a general waste of space and oxygen and I think they should all be boiled in acid, sealed in concrete and dumped in the sea.
give us a ligwom dan!/ 'sav a toke on dat burn mush! aka give me a fag!
someone who thinks they are the greatest/hardest person in the world. the whole community hate them
common phrases:
3.innit mush
4.yeah bruv
5.get in there ma boi!
6.think your hard mush?
7.what you lookin' at grebo!

rough translation into modern english:
1.i am g*y
2.that is good within statistical boundaries
3.yes fellow companion
4.i agree with your aspects
5.well done my a*sociate!
6.i am *harder* than you becuase i have an obsurd fashion sense
7.i would prefer not to be stared at by someone who has a goal in life or a job as this reminds me how stupid i look
a slag who is always pushing a buggy with screaming kids and she's swearing at them in a scrubby common accent, she will have a cigerette in her hand, she will have acne at 25, permed hair, herpes, will wear rings on every f*nger and a loads of cheap necklaces most common of these has a doll on it. they wear huge ma*sive gold loop earing which they put their ankles behind when they are having s*x so that their legs don't get tired.
see: chaz, sl*t, slapper
also try: townie, kev,
Child, derived from the Gipsy/Polari word for children: chavies
We've got to break camp sharpish, I'll strap the mare you gather the chavies into the wagon.
The IQ of one of these peices of sc*m-sh*ts can be found using the following equation:

IQ = 1
no. of gold chains^2

If you are a chav yourself, and cannot grasp the significance of this equation, it means: The more gold chains you have, the dumber you will.
2)a) If A chav has a total of only 3 gold chains on him/her, how intelligent is she/he?

IQ = 1

IQ = 1/9

The Chav has an IQ of 1/9. The average is 90-100.
Pricks, who hunt in packs
chav: got a cig mate?
pedestrian: oh no sorry.
chav2: lend us 2p m8
pedestrian: ok?
chav: c*m on den
pedestrian: im sorry?
chav2: who sed ya could talk dik ed
pedestrian: erm?
chav3,4,5 and 6: fight, fight, fight
pedestrian: im just walking home
chavette: ya takin da p*ss
pedestrian:listen im jus walking home, whats ya problem
all chavs: oooooooh
chav:c*m on den
pedestrian: erm? *walks to chav*
all chavs: sh*t *run off*
pedestrian: erm?
Derived from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, in full means Cheltenham Average. These sub-human runts have the burberry caps and addidas trousers tucked into red rebok socks.

But the worst thing about the Chav is that they have genitalia thus being allowed to procreate and birth new little runtish chav's. Soon like a cancer they will spread and take over the whole of England.

Too prevent prehaps we should ban fox hunting and leagalize chav hunting.
man, dude, homie, mate. All of which are acceptable, but the are said in there own little accent of which no one can hope to understand unless born into a chav household.
Average male chav stands around 2 foot 7 inches fully grown, Sporting 2/4 stripe adidas lookalike tracksuits ((rips included)), About a hundred million fake pieces of jewellery which they call their bling ((Might explain why they only grow to 2 foot 7, Too much weight)) The common chav when reaching the required driving age for chavs ((around 8 years old)) poleslide into the chav cave, and into their chavmobile or 'chaviot', Rev it about a billion times ((because they think it makes them hard and it also makes the chavettes wet)), Before hitting the nitros.. Well kicking in their AA batteries they must fit into these 'maxed out' Novas, Neons and bodykits and a paintjob that looks so dodgy it must have been made with 'paint by numbers - for chavs'Their driving skills about as impressive as the chavettes buggy pushing skills, Both hitting everything in sight. ((The average chavette falls pregnant around age 12)) After arriving at McDonalds ((only place chavs don't get asked for ID for being 2 foot 7)) They huddle in their crew and wait for the chance to look hard. When finally the unsuspecting 4 year old comes along l*cking his ice cream, The chav will jump up screaming 'wat ya lukin' at, wot?.. ya wan' beef!?' ((But if the 4 year old defended himself, The chavs would s*atter, Some jumping into nearby bushes, Gardens, Dog Houses, Sewers and Push Chairs of the chavettes)...
A young British 'person', bottom bottom cla*s in both status and culture, favouring baseball caps, fake 'sports' 'labels', tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks, trainers that cost the same amount of money as a flat deposit, and an unspeakably antisocial manner : a juvenile ruffian.
"You f*cking faget! Oi! You startin'? You startin'?"
basically, you need to follow this :

Burn chavs, do us all a favour
Army dude : flamethrower ready sir!
King: excellent, burn the sc*m chav into ash!
Chav: no! don't! i lyk av 253434 children innit!! theyz av u cos thre well 'ard lyk bling bling stile!
A f*cking discrace, where did they all come from, 30 years ago my town was cool, now it sucks. Grubby little houses and burnt out cars
looks like evolution c*cked it again
Chav/ Chavette(female)/ Neds/ Kevs etc
Robert Hartland's version, Influenced By Stewart Goodarzi and William Sewell (thankyou).

A young teenage yobo wearing, a real fake burberry Check hat at 90degrees with the front Quiff of his hair gelled! For the t-shirt, A stone island/henry loyd/ or also a sh*tty old addidas t-shirt (commonly worn by the cheap chavs!)is a must have.
For trousers; Addidas/Kappa orlecoqsportif trakkie bottoms Allways tucked into there old footie socks nicked from the local team,
For shoes a pair of sparkling white nike shocks or for the cheap chavs a pair of reebok cla*sics.
But to top it all off they flash off their recently stolen Bling, Bling!! from the back of an argos truck. While smoking the cheapest fags around (Richmond superking are the favorites) and chopsing an innocent 16/17yr old boy who is just trying to walk home in peace.
The female version of this known as kappa slapper or chavette she acts in a similar way and dresses in similar fasion except 3 differences these are, 1) They hav to keep 1 hand free so they may push around there pram with there recently born baby drapped in burberry clothes.
2)They wear their hair in a tight bunch known as the 'Council housed face lift'
3)They wear hooped earings so big a 20stone man could use them as a hoop to swing round and round his waist.
How to turn urself into a chav:

1. Ditch all normal and perfectly acceptable clothes, and wear some shabby tracksuit. Oh dear, u noticed that the trousers are too small, ah well tuck 'em in ur bright yellow socks n no1 will notice.............yea rite.

2. Grab urself a baseball cap and any old chains that look sparkly....

3. Now, shove your hands in ur v. tredy tracksuit pockets and learn the chav walk- sweep each shoulder down, forwards and then upwards making an arch and drag your body along with your shoulders.

4. Now, light a cigarette and suck ur life away on it (some how thinking this is the coolest thing to do).

5. The most important thing to to learn to speak propa. this cannot be taught, like most accents im afraid you'll actually have to hang around with the miserable creatures and hope to just pick it up.

6. Finally you just hang around bus stops, Mc Donalds, Sports shops and pretend u have money to buy stuff from those shops. Walk in the middle of roads (how c*m they neva actually get run ova? :( ) and just be pushed to the very fringes of respectable society and take the tremendous leap to the category- sc*m.

Now, my (once) friend. You have become a complete chav. You are now harder and more tough than anybody i will eva know and i give u all rites to completely ruin the lives of others. Most importantly remember....if somebody looks at u it means they're thinking of killing u, try and think of a clever remark, but don't worry it dosen'...
chavs, chivvies, charvers, townies, scroats, dill holes, kevs, neds, scallies, w*nkers, pikies, hardos, jippos
I guess they're just dirty, loud, ugly, stupid a*seholes that threaten, fight, cause trouble, impregnate 14 year olds, ask for money, ask for fags, try and sell stolen phones, steal your phones, wear c*ap sports wear, drink cheap cider and generally spread their hate.
all chavs are sc*m and shoul be beaten with sticks and/or killed and wiped of the surface of the earth
Harmless on own but when teamed with other 'ard nuts becomes into a super brick throwing, car stealing, spitting machine. Will drive anything thats hot, usually with some retarded RnB blarring out. Phrases like boi, innit, bruv, dosh u up propa good are their own language. Can be identifyed by burbry caps (always at 90 degrees) and socks tucked into trousers.
"There a chav i think i will run him down for the good of man"
The origins of the word are the mid-19th century Romany word chavi, meaning "delinquent male youth". It is sometimes defined as "male youth" but that is in fact inaccurate as the word is intend to carry a negative meaning much as calling a young child a "brat" in English.

The first known recorded history of the words usage comes from a story written in London citing trouble with young people distrubing graves in the London area simply as a means of disrepect. The story was based on an issue brought to light by the Church of England.

History: A local London church (who had the position of owning the a graveyard at that time)had informed the Church of England calling upon its huge power and influence to resolve an issue of local youths disrupting its graveyard. When the church questioned locals it was revealed by local immigrants that the problems came from young Romany which they called "chavi". The immigrants claimed the incidents had no evil motives are were just an example of badly behaved youths playing a prank.

The word enjoyed a period of widespread use around the time but then disappeared from mainstream until around 1988 when a major new service ran a story citing a similiar incident. The source of the story is unknown but it is known to have used the word "Chavi" because a court case followed due to the enthic orgin of the word and the way it was used in the story. The story was again about an issue in London and the paper first ran there.

There have be...
1. Human equivalent of vermin. Fake sportswear, large gold jewellery (bought from argos) and (at least) quadrouple pushchair with females of the 'species'. They use a little known language derived from English slang and American 'gangsta'.Most reproduce by the age of 14, sometimes younger.Chavs are created by their parents through serious neglect or adequate education of any kind. Although the 'species' is so new, their predicted life span is around 40 years, enough time to raise a least 5 broods. They can be found around fast food outlets, shopping malls and other similer places. Their main transport is either a 'modded' sh*te bucket or a police vehicle of some sort.
I saw a chav a minute ago. Obviously, I shot the b*stard
Chav: a type of person who lacks the intelligence to be able to speak or write proper english, uses words, if they are proper words such as 'blingin', 'mingin' etc
You will normally find them outside McDonalds. Their favourite hobbies: picking on anybody who has a brain, having underage s*x with no protection, getting drunk, starting a fight with some random person who has done nothing to them except say "hi".
A chav can be quite easily be identified by their clothing. A Burberry (from the local market- 99p, a bargain!) cap, a Nickelson t shirt, and a Schott hoodie, with adidas tracksuit bottoms rolled into their white nike socks and wearing nike trainers. Female chavs tend to have their hair in a tight bun or ponytail witht the help of several cans of hairspray, their face will be painted in cheap makeup; layer and layers of cheap foundation, mascara and eyeliner. Chavs enjoy showing off their "bling". "Bling" often looks like chocolate coins & is costs £1.99 from Argos. It often appears in the form of over-sized, fake-gold hoop earrings. Favourite jobs of chavs: drug dealer, McDonalds worker, prostitute, page 3 'model'. Chavs are also known as: 'sc*m', 'idiots' and any other insult there is on this earth.
You can tell if someone is a chav or not mostly by their attitude. They think that anyone who doesn't listen to "their" music is a grunger. They think that Burberry is the height of fashion & they look down on anyone who isn't exactly like them. How to humiliate a chav: ask them to recite the alphabet.
small, annoying twat who thinks hes clever by balancing an ugly burberry cap on the back of his head at a 180 degree angle! thinking about it, he probably stuck it there with the chewing gum he'd bin chewing for the past 3 days because he coodnt afford nemore! hed spent all his money on fags and blingin' jewerly, wich he either j*cked or got for 2.50 of the back of a lorry. His inability to dress himself is shown through the way his tracksuits, that already look stupid clingin halfway up his ankles, are tucked into his 'heavy' sports socks, followed by either dirty white trainers or ones that are so dsazzlingly white you need to squint! They are usually found with girls 3ft taller than them and that are 5 yrs older than them! The girls are usually found wearing extremely tight clothe with a coat 3 sizes too small with a fluffy hood that sticks out. They always wear knee high boots, with anything, even with their errr... would you call it a skirt?!?! more like a BELT! and then theres the pink or light blue trackies! they look RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! Their died blonde hair is a reason to wear sungla*ses, although, towards the top of thehead you can see the nice dark roots, with more grease than mcdonalds, which isnt reely suprising since that is their territory and probably their homes! The 15 yr old n her 10 yr old boyfriend probably conceived their 1st 3 kids in the ...
1) Person who does not believe in banks (as such, retains funds as gold plated jewellery)

2) Someone who believes they can go out about their everyday business wearing head-to-toe white without getting it dirty.

3) Someone who believes they are capable of a*saulting others. (one who is mislead).

4) Someone who pretends to take drugs, but in fact cannot afford such a habit.

5) Someone who feels strongly against the artistic talents of the real world, and so create their own, self contained culture.
That chav is a monkey. (or) That chav belongs in a zoo.
t*sser, d*ckhead, w*nker
Oh look there goes a gaggle of chavs, pa*s the gun dear.
A lower order of the ape family, living in colonies of anywhere above 2. Can be seen at dusk moving towards a McDonalds or similar. Often spotted marking territory on playgrounds or confronting members of the public in search of the resources to create fire. Favourite pastimes include:
-Using a mobile to record anything more illegal than kicking a lamp post
-Searching for "beef"
-Claiming that a member of the public "called their mum"
-Claiming that a member of the public "looked at them"
-Applying a burberry pattern wherever possible
-Smoking anything intoxicating, up to and including anthorax
-Drinking anything intoxicating, up to and including petrol
-Inhaling anything intoxicating, up to and including napalm
-Impregnating the female of the species - the chavette, who are only suitable for fertilising up to the age of 16
Primate ----> h*mo Chavien ----> h*mo Sapien
These are invisilicant who usually stay in herds or flocks for protection. They also have very limited vocabulary that usually consists of 'f*ckin cmon then, got any fags, init, phat, burbury, smash your face in, bling bling,f*ck you, hate goths, hate emos, hate skaters, and hate chavs.
Chavs are all invislicants and ignoramouses.
The lowest common denominator.
chavosity is a disease, taking spinless hosts and uniting them with a shared consiousness.
Chavs number in groups ranging from 1 to 10 kids and adults, wearing failing brand names such as "nickelson" mckenzie and fake burberry.
each chav sports an idiosyncratic personality and a severe inferiority complex, as well as many insecurities shrouded beneath their c*cked baseball caps.
their language is sub english and they tend to p*onounce words with syllablles missing such as 'wi'ed' (wicked) or 'orrite' (alright)
Generally of a hostile nature they tend to fight in groups or call their big brothers in when the odds outweigh theirs.
also reffered to as townies or neds depending on the region in which you live (or how far the virus has spread)
These strange species can seem perfectly harmless until they are placed in their natural habitat. If there is a silverbacked chav who is superior to everyone as he has the latest Scooter album, the other chavs will form a protective ring around him.
These scourge plague the streets of most cities, but most of all Newcastle. The male of the species will have short spiked hair, and will pretend their voice is deep years before it has broken, which appears to be an effective mating call. The female of the species will wear truckloads of makeup and huge (often plastic) earrings the size of the millennium wheel. If temperatures are below -5 degrees C, they will feel inclined to wear a mini skirt which barely covers their hips (see also: Micro Skirt)
When the male and female of the species meet, the male will put on a burbry cap to seem more attractive. Within an hour the two will have engaged in unprotected s*x and whoops!...there goes another teenage pregnancy, another sc*m bag to pay for in our taxes!
Chavs will also force themselves to start smoking at the age of about 12, which is a sign that they are "Hard" or "Belter".
Any human verbal interaction with these vermin will result in an absolutely moronic response such as "Hew man you f*cking daft c*nt!" when asked to rephrase their inadequately worded statement, the same, only slightly more angry response is thrown at you.
No other 'race' other than thei...
Chav = Council House And Violent
Sheesh, what's with all the chavs?
Chav - Council House and Violent!
The chav is a horrible, lower form of humanity who think wearing "old ladies" burberry car rugs fashioned into anything from caps to pants is cool.
worse than Sars
comon enn! arrrr nok u awwt
those really stupid people you see wandering around suburban areas such as the local parks and bus stations who (for girls) have their hair tied back reaaaaaaaaaally tighty and many of millions of scrunchies and lots of gold jewelry
First of all, someone already said that it originates from chatham in kent. I myself have the diespleasure of living in Chatham, so i know wat i'm talking about. Dumb. thats what a chav is. a dumb stupid sheep who follws the fashion sense of a drunk because his crack-dealing dad and his prozzie mum can afford the bling and the burberry. for some reason they think they should be worshipped as gods due to their dangerously angled hats. can be referred to as "scallies" "kevs" and sometimes "townies".

Clean up britain. Kill a chav today.
+ I iz not a chav mate, innit?
+ i'm not your mate
This breed of superhuman, sorry, i mean 'super-stupid-human' can be distinguishable by several features, including their inability to p*onounce parts of each word, and their shirts that look like theyve all been scribbled on by some kid called 'Nickelson'. They come into your towns like a plague and seem to multiply...i cant think of anyone who would want to actually mate with them though, so have come to the conclusion that the f*cktards see f*ck-tard are breeding with themselves. Some, in fact, all breeding has turned out unexpectedly, leading to mutations and deformations of the face, personality, and the giant hoops that protrude from their ears. The gold that they wear yes...were all really convnced that you can afford gold jewellery yet are forced to shoplift toilet tissue from ASDA... is truly impressive...they are obviously kings among men...or chimps rather. But what i admire most is how versatile they are. They can adapt easily to the cold, tucking their trousers into their socks, further proving that people can be so dumb that they lose the ability to dress in the correct order...but overall chavs are great people - if ever an Aeroport Radar Tower fails, never fear! as long as theres a chav handy, t...
ppl who wear burberry and try to look hard by walking like they're missing half of their leg.sometimes missing half of their t*eth making the delusion that they fight all of the time(not very well piano t*eth).usually seen riding in ford escorts or 'chaviots' as i call them.chavs cannot afford real clothes so they either buy things that they think are cool which have "fallen" off of a truck in liverpool.or they steal it from their local market.
Usually listen to Fatman Scoop or some other f*ggot american who shouts too much."kez ya batty, let me roll!"
The chav, more commonly known as 'Arsing sc*mbags'. The group of youths that have commonly given teenagers are bad name. Thus chavs should be hung up, shot, gutted, quartered and run over by a Buick.

To identify a chav, use the common aging sports brands, the stupid gorilla look and walk, the burbery clothing and baseball caps that are too small for their own head. The chav generally has a very low IQ - ranging between -4 and 3.

The motives to chavs actions are the appearance of wanting to be 'Bling' (as the chavites say). The 'Ardnuts' are the most commonly respected and thus the most hated.
Kev: "Bling bling innit my homie Mary?"
Mary: "Innit Kev!"
Kev: "You gotta fag?"
Mary: "What the f*ck you think i'd give you a fab ya g*y?"
Kev: "Aye yer mum."
Mary: "Back off n*gga before I pop an Ice Cream in your a*s!"
Kev: "Let's f*ck off and happy slap some old w*nkers!"
Mary: "Aye yer mum."
The lowest common denomenator of English society, equivalent to white trash for Americans although with many differences.

The word originates from the embittered attitude of people like myself from being perpetually asked "what yu lookin at?" by an individual dressed up like a cross between a gimp, JJB sports and 50 cent.

Chavs are renowned for their aggressive behaviour, amusing use of the english language, original sense of style and behaviour to society as a whole.

Chavs emerse themselves in a perverted form of a sub-culture: their main music tastes are in drum'n'ba*s and c*ap rap. The "female" chavs or Chavettes or Shaza's enjoy r'n'b. They have no apparant interest in literature (lol). In my view their most definitive and humorous attribute is their "use" of the English language, their favourite terms include, "brethren", "rude" and "brrap" (only for the hardcore Chav).

The term "chav" is the commercially utilised form of a notion that has been bouncing around England for years, the specific term being dependant upon location. Popular synonyms include: Pikies, Hood Rats, Kevs, Townies, Neds and many others. The universality of the term if useful in uniting this observation but regrettably depersonalises the word, and also has allowed those whose lives are unaffected by Chavs to pollute and alter the meaning of the term. Because of this it seems inevitable that the term will die out and become a ...
The chav is much like a wild beast. The chav is commonly found in packs hunting on the open plains of the council estate. Their main source of food is found at the local McDonalds, where a Big Mac and fries will see them tamed for over 20 minutes.

The chav's delicacy is known as Vegrandis Parvulus or Small Child.

Aproaching a chav is thought to be very dangerous, especially of you are under the age of 12 and/or a lone female.

Chavs are also responsible for the crime ratings increase that their country of origin has seen over the last 5 years. Unfortunatly, chavs are seen as the cancer of the United Kingdom and as such, many professionals have been searching for a cure. As of yet, all known cures are still illegal.

The chav is also known to posess many magical powers. A chav can afford to own a car and modify it to the extreme (maxing), whilst still being on the dole. The chavs powers also extend to their ability to 'Get away with murder' in a court of law. Law abiding, tax-paying citzens should stay clear of any legal conflicts when it comes to chavs, as they will undoubtably be found to be at fault. Yes, if you was subject to an unprovoked attack by a group of 20 chavs, and left for dead, you will have been recorded on their knock-off video mobile phones and will be found guilty in a court of law for being in the wrong pl...
Comes from a police term:
"Council House a*sociated Violence". Basically anything that's gained or has the potential to gain an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Too young to prosecute fully, too old for a plain and simple slap - unless you know somewhere really dark you can lure him to first >;¬)
A 14 year old burberry and "bling" clad vandal/gangster wannabe who belongs to parents that are probably too busy to pay attention to little "Kev" except when the police knock the door because he's TWOC'rd next door's car again , causing the likelihood of an ASBO and them all getting evicted.
Kevchav has a 13 year old girlfriend called Chantelle who's pregnant, yet they still spend their pocket money on carlsberg, fags and chewing gum.
the kind of sc*m that should come with an automatic kill switch fitted as standard upon birth
chav: oi you wazzup? yeah innit bruv
random person: *cl*ck*
The typical definition of a chav is almost very certain to fix ideas in many heads.
For one, these can be recognised by their so called 'Bling' , the lowest of all jewellery that is available from many markets, Argos, Woolworths and others.

Their clothes. Picture a school kid, approx. 14 - 17, dressed in a wide range of 'top' brands of clothing. Burberry, not to mention the price, FAKES. Fred Perry, their designer sign in whole striped tops and their ancient £5 tracksuit pants or 'Trackies' with the noticable 'boulder burn' from the amount of Cannabis they smoke. And their trainers, tough old Rockports. Whenever did the name of Rockport, the expensive good brand which now is recognised as 'Chavvy'

Normally. They purchase old, wrecked cars from Metros to Escorts and take them to Kwik-Fit and use their benefits usually paying the bills on large alloys wheels. Their car, boasting a ma*sive stereo normally a CD-Player with a wasteful, tasteless amplifier glued to the boot lid.

Their fashion for underage unprotected s*x when under the influence of alcohol is not the only put down. They ruin the beer brands. And smoke, booze and end up dieing early.

Potencially found on alleyways infested with the smell or urine and excrement, drug tools suchas 'Buckets, bongs' and 'Joint stubs' , not to forget, the broken up WKD bottles and empty 'dogged' Vodka quarter bottles.

These are the most stupid, denied mixture of society you just feel like sending to an island with the...
chavs are part human part dog offspring. this comes about from their slaggy mother being so slaggy they actually turn into a dog.the change happens very slowly so no one realises.

due to this nature the chavs hang around in packs, usually consisting of about 8 males who regularly meet up with their chavettes (the female of the species) in the carparks of train stations. they also dwell in the doorways of mcdonalds trying to start a fight with anyone that comes within a 2 meter radius of them, as long as the person is under 4 feet tall, therefore showing no threat.
they are almost always white, and very skinny, where the chavettes are usually overweight, with large stretchmarks on their stomachs form excessive baby having. a chavette will have one baby every year from the age of 13, with their 'boyfriends' being at least 2 years older.
the chavs love hiphop and rap music, while also being extremly racist towards black people but more so asians, who they think are draining all the taxes that they should be getting, which is obviously not true.
they wear plastic tracksuits, imitation reebok, though some may stretch their benefits to buying a reebok baseball cap. the matching traksuit is usually dark blue with a white stripe, white sports socks pulled up to the ankles with the tracky bottoms tucked into them. wearing cheap trainers that they keep emaculatly white, usually writing reebok on them themselves to ...
The Chav is a rare breed of imbecile who communicate to each other through incomprehensible grunts.
They can usually only be fully understood by other Chav's and will rarely acknowledge anybody in a friendly manner out of their own 'crew' with anything other than a firm nod and the occasional "rate" as if to ask the recipient if they are "alright today".
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Females Chavs:

Insist on wearing giant hoop earrings of a colossal size made out of some cheap gold equivalent that turns their skin green.
Their necks accommodate the dreaded "Sovereign" necklace with an engraved picture of someone that they actually know nothing about.
They like to wear velvet tracksuits consisting of pastel shades usually with some kind of untrue motif on the back stating something like "Princess Forever".
They have not done their make up correctly unless their face is a ghastly shade of orange which makes them look like they've been spawned by two Umpa-Lumpa's from Mr Wonka's chocolate factory.
- - - - -
Their hair is usually one of three styles:

1/. Sc*aped back into a ridiculously tight pony tail and secured with 10 thousand scrunchies.
that went out with the Spice Girls. They then finish the common female 'Charver Barnett' by using 5 cans of cheap sticky hair spray to turn their fringes into a rock.
- - - - -
2/. They sometimes claim to have gone to Tony & Guy for a hair cut even though everyone around them knows that they are a c*appy liar because of 2 things:

a/. Their Dole money won't cover a hair cut in that place unless their kids are fed on 9 pence baked beans out of the tin.. AGAIN.

b/. Their hair looks like they used the bathroom bleach on it religiously everyday for the past year. It resembles the straw from Farmer Briggs field that they walk past on their way to th...
trampy little f*cks. they are little morons who think that just cos they have a few hard mates they are the bee's knee's personaly i want to organise 'chav hunting' wouldnt that be a bloody good sport ? jus get a few horses sum mates and a pack of dogs then chase em and laugh with glee as your dogs rip them appart. now that would be a bloody good sport !.

the chavetts are just poor hoes who think that by getting pregannt that are kool. well lets all laugh at them cos they are poor nd f*ckin useless !
strawberry hill in london - it was a nice area but theres one road with pikey houses in it. not you see about 1000 lil t*rds roaming up nd down the street with their c*appy lil peds thinking they are hard. im quite tempted to start a game outa my window called 'see who can hit the pa*sing ped with a brick' a hit gets you 10 points.
Also known as h*mo inferior mushtus. The latest evolution of the common Rat.

Generally a pack animal, chavs are only to be found alone when serving "blackup" duty for a fight or theft. Otherwise there will be at least five of them, ranging in ages from 8-24.At least half of them will be related in some way, leading one to presume that the chav culture encourages inbreeding. This pack is not to be underestimated, as if angered it is quite capable of taking down a stunned 3 year old, if it has the element of surprise.

Standard attire has already been mentioned multiple times in these definitions, so I do not believe I need to elaborate there.

Years of self-enforced isolation from the rest of the cultured world has lead to the chav race developing it's own primitive culture. In this ideology, tacky "celebrity" icons are awarded the same devotion as demi-gods, when there only claim to fame is either through making an appalling R&B track, posing naked for newspapers, or appearing on a dubious reality TV show such as big brother.

The pack leader of a group of chavs can easily be recognised: usually the oldest, he (chavs are patriachal) will always be smoking a 2-week old fag, will be so laden with fake gold "bling" that he will barely be able to walk, and will be wearing the most realistic looking fake sports gear. The Head Chavs word is law in such a pack, though sometimes there are contests for leadership.

Such contests are highly ritualised. They will inevit...
British version of wigger.
chavs...wiggers...what's the difference? there both idiots.
A young adult aged 12-17 wearing and cap,a hoodie with hood up even though its broad daylight and he already has a cap on, adidas tracksuit trousers and has around 200 peices of jewlery from argos worth 5 pounds in total and thinks he is hard because he smokes, his pregnant girlfriend is only 13 and his cap has some lines called burberry but would run for his life if someone hit him because his fight scenario is "cmon then! (shove) cmon then! (shove) you startin!"
Crash course on how to speak chav
common catchphrases

cmon then!
you startin!
sort us a fag
A label stupid, poor, lower cla*s, trampy people gave themselves in order to fit into some kind of steriotypical group (because all the other groups reject them).

They live in estates, feeding off our taxes through benefits, which they spend on countless rings, thick gold chains, cigarettes and alcohol.

If it wasn't for the government these people would be homeless.

simple as.
Copper: You're under arrest.
Chav: What the f*ck for?
Copper: Swearing at a police officer!
Chav- Council house, alcoholic violence
Such a definition can already give you a pretty good idea as to what sort of human sc*m we are dealing with when we are discussing Britain's new social working cla*s.
A race of cowardly, ignorant and, above all, stupid people that believe drinking £1 (or cheaper) cider in a bus stop or such venue is a night out "wiv da lads". When approached by one chav, he will often mumble and look down, but approach the very same chav later with his "crew", he will attempt to look "propa hard" by starting a fight (often failing miserably). When threatened, he will not hesitate to call his "crew" into action and they will (somehow) devise a plan to take you to the floor and just kick you til you pa*s out.
Chavs tend to mock those who are different to them, coming up with various witty names such as "gribly", "mosha" or "goff". Such simple vocabulary, often grunted in an exaggerated deep voice by chavs and in a shrill scream by the chavette, the female equivalent, other favourite words and phrases include "mint", "sound", "mush" (some sort of word they use for each other) and "safe". The fact that nearly all chav words are monosyllabic is no coincidence, as this language is linked not only to their intelligence (or rather lack of), but their feeble attempts to seem intimidating.
Many chavs will point out a person who dresses or appears different to them, much like a dog will bark at or curiously sniff someone or something that is different to them (coincidence, I think not!)
Chav 1: Ova ther mate, f*ckin' goff
Chav 2: Smelly goff... needs a batt'rin'
Chav 3: OII!!!! GOFF!!
Such is the feeble existence of the chav, that they feel the need to taunt those who are either alone or different. Much like a pack of wolves will taunt and kill a lonely deer... as you may be able to tell, chavs are fairly primitive and unsophisticated creatures that follow simple animal instincts to something unusual or even frightening.
As virilent as bubonic plague and spreading like rats emerging from their lairs these undesirables are spawning a legion of illegitimate 'chavlets.'
Linger round Oldham Street & Piccadilly Gardens in Manchista and watch the 'chavometer' peak!
Low chav index before midday tho' as they're still in their pits!
Baying and snarling like a pack of j*ckals round a wounded prey,basball caps c*cked at an angle they take everything out of the system but put tap-all back!
Render the b*stards down!
Chavs ferried in at one end -melted tacky jewellry and Rockport residue exuding out of the other!!
Only Argos Jewellry counters and Cash Generators would miss them.

'Garot a chav today !
Keep the detritus at bay !!''
''I'm innocent !
I've dun nuffin Mr.Dibble !
I woz dumpin me load into one ov me b*tches at that time.
Honest mate.
She'd bunked off skool.''
Picture this your waiting at a bus stop and down the bottom end near the toilets dressed in the same shoes, same trousers, same shirt and same coat. You can't tell the difference betwean the males and females except for the slight diference in make up consistency. The females have 4 kilograms per square centermeter while the males only have 2. They hen proceed to walk past everyone in the bus station callin them "goffs" and "twats" simply because they don't have the same clothes on as them. If anyone so much as looks at them for over two seconds they a*sume that they want a fight and "start on them" as they say. They then get there a*se kicked and stumble away shout threats about there brothers and cousins who are "hard as h*ll"
Giv ten pense how.... whatcha mean chav like im notta chav like p*ss of how you goff ya startin how ive gotta bruvva in tha aprison and he'll f*kin kill ya how.......................Ow y'd ya hit me ow ow ow y ya kickin me OW
A boy/girl (chavette), who loves to 'impress'. They do this by wearing 'Burberry, Adidas, Rockport boots, and the like. Sometimes these are not even fake (usually a cheap accessory or something). The strange thing is though, they actually, in their tiny minds, think they look stylish. Mind you, that socks outside the tracky bottoms thing could catch on, (in Uzbeckistan or somewhere). They are the coolest things on earth as far as they're concerned. Every sane person knows that on the coolness scale they come a few places below molten lava flowing through a blast furnace. Its not their faults because they just don't know anything about style, they need help. So please, please, the next time you see one please just tell them what prats they look. (Don't be frightened 'cos these aren't even plastic gangsters, more like cotton wool w*nksters). we must do something cos these youngsters are our future generation and at the moment they actually think the word chav is a compliment. Need I say more

Fake Burberry , loads of gold (that magically turns green), in their ears and on their f*ngers, any sports tracksuit (bottoms tucked in socks), the most gaudy naff trainers available. Often with chavette in tow similarly attired

Source: gus7268, Dec 29, 2004
to quote starsailor they're just poor misguided fools
Chavettes (female species if you already didnt know) are summed up perfectly by the one & only Mat Lucas in "Little Britain"

Two words- Vicky Pollard!!

"I Din Do Nuffin!!"
"If anywun wants sum stuff nickin jus let me no!!!"
British lower cla*s. Thought to as sc*m by all except themselves. Commonly seen congregating on council estates and outside "maccy D's" wearing nike, schott and a 9 inch thick gold chain.
Wayne Rooney. And a retard. Chavs suck.
A Guy who is 4-5 feet high and thinks he'se the biggest hardest guy in the world Becoz he Smokes Weed and Wearz Burbury
Chav : Ya Been To Mac Donalds?
Chav2: Its Safe
Chav3: Init
Chav4: Seen my New Burbury?
A chav Convo
chav, charv, charva: someone who acts big and hard when they are with the rest of their own kind pick on the young and old never anyone who can fight back.
smoke drink drugs and get pregnant at a very young age,
dress mainly in tracksuits checkard and branded names only.
newcastle chav: here man ya f*kin divi al nock ya clean oot!!
"here mate lends a tab, money, light"

someone who wears rockports and starts on some random person for no reason what so ever!
Closest thing to a human dog.

They tend to walk in packs consisting of a few males and one b*tch (usually for mating). If given eye contact they will take it as a challenge and defend themselves using a knife (also known as shank). Their diet consists of cheap food and cider/beer which they got from benefits.
Fur colour ranges from dark to light tracksuits with a flat peak, gold collar and g*y a*s trainers. Mode of transport is normally a sh*tty little car which they think is 'sick'. They communicate with one another through loud, annoying music and by using words such as 'safe, innit, narrrr mate! and wot ya saying blud?' most of the time this is hard to distinguish.

Highly aggressive-avoid at all cost.
search around dark, poor areas and street corners, you will find plenty of chavs for examples
Chavs are, in simple terms so that any of them reading this can understand, the sc*m of the earth. They contaminate all that is good in the world with their slang talk, fag ends and 'crews'. Now is the time for skaters, moshers, goths, punks, everybody who despises these b*stards, to unite. We must wipe the earth of these sons-of-b*tches. I say legalise Chav Hunting now!! So, take up your weapons and get out there!!
<Chav sc*m1> hey look, people who are'nt like us - lets get 'em ma homies!!
<Chav hunting gang leader> CHARGE!!!!!
<Chav sc*m2> Oh f*ck, they're gonna get us!!
<Chav hunting gang leader> KILL THE b*stardS!!!!

(1)Wears jewellery from Argos
(2)Has a pregnant girlfriend, aged 14
(3)Will punch anyone, especially if they are just minding their own business
(4)Socialise outside of McDonald's, shouting at 10-year-olds that pa*s in the street
(5)Have their own language and slang
(6)Live on council estates
(7)Wear Adidas, Nike etc. Not the 'real' stuff, cheap rip-offs from a market stall.
(8)Can usually be found with a can of lager in one hand and a cigarette in the other
(9)Uneducated, with no ability to read or write
(10)The bane of society

Though stereotypes may divide us, we are all united in hating chavs.
Mikey: Look at this cla*s sovereign ring! An' the gold scratches off it yer wannit to be silver!

Dave: Banged up Bex, now she's got her fifth on the way.
Steve: How old is she?
Dave: 12 next month.

Steve: What 'chu lookin' at? Bring it!
*Scared stranger hurries away, avoiding eye contact*
(4)Mikey: Wanna go out to town?
Dave: Maccy's?
Mikey: Yeh.

Mikey: Innit, blud.


Mikey: Got meself some Adidas an' Nike off the market stall. Innit.

Dave: Yeh, yer startin'?

Steve: Err, yeh, mmmh *grunts*

Two chavs decide to have a drinking contest, but both collaspe from alcohol poisoning and eventually die in hospital. Who won? Society.
council house adolescent vermin
you dirty little chav, i bet you lost your virginity when you were 10
A lower form of life currently dominating the northern half of Great Britain. They appear in sportswear, even though the nearest sport they indulge in is mugging. The most stylish bling a chav can wear is "solid" "gold" chains, hooped earrings for the chavettes and an ASBO for any chav is a definite style item. Their language consists of "swearing, innit, yeah but no, like yer know what I mean? more swearing, whatchoo lookin at, eh? ya startin?"
Yeah but no I ain't trippin watchoo lookin at mush i iz gonna bang u out oh my god didya see big bruvva last night? kamal is so fit
look outside a corner shop or takeaway or whatever at about 11pm at night and you will see chavs, usually in groups between about 5 and 20.
boys wear some kind of hardnut tracksuit, with nike,adidas,scholl,bear,timberland accross it, and have a nike/burbery cap about 90 degrees to their head.
the girls have peroxide blondre hair pulled back so tight their forehead doesnt move, make up put on witha shovel, a trackie with priness or babe or something on the back of it, a fag in one hand and a mobile in the other. oh and both boys and girls wear about 2 tonnes of argos jewellery each.
they normally say things like-
"oi, you startin"
"youre gonna get banged out you little c**t"
"get us some fags"
"its orrigh't innit"
Council Houses And Violence:

Term used to describe people who think hanging round childrens play areas, stations, pubs (because they can't get in) and supermarkets is cool.

7 defining characteristics of a chav:

1) Wear caps which half hang off their head, usually burberry or nike tn

2) Illiterate

3) Socks are tucked into trouser (very cool!!)

4) Put on fake east london accents, to try and sound ghetto

5) Have fake gold ring, ear rings and chains

6) Listen to sh*t music

7) Start fights with just about anyone
also known as rudie, townie or d*ck head
there are many definitions of "chav" the first I will always say is that "they" are always from council estates becoz they need to protect themselves from other w*nkers, drug dealers etc. The males are known as chavs the females are chavettes. Both types are short, either very slender or grossly fat all adorned with disgusting Pikie gold earrings(about 50) gold necklaces etc basicly any real or fake gold sh*te.
Maybe they originated from peckham? :-(
They are constantly swearing and being general t*ssers, smoking and dossing living off the state with their 10 yr old pregnant birds :-() maybe chav comes from the word "chaved" e.g they always nick stuff from the sh*tty council estates who sell it to others who then get it chaved and so the cycle continues. All have 0-1 point of IQ and no education, their parents either p*mps, wh*res, j*nkies or all three are either never there or have buggered off years ago(gd idea!) they are the peasant undercla*s full of sh*t and most are alcoholics some are drug users others jst are chain smokers. They beat innocents up for no reason :-() d*ckbrains as for the women :
pull their shoddily dyed hair back in that ultra-tight bun known as a ‘council-house facelift’, wear skirts too short for their mottled blue thighs, and expose too much of their distressingly flabby midriffs”. The scottish call them NEDS-non educated dilinquents.
They wear f*cking laughable burberry and other sh*tty baseball caps at amazing angles!! and then they were...
1. See also wangsta, townie.

2. A youth who claims to be "Gangsta".

3. A chav would commonly wear a Burberry baseball cap at a high or jaunty angle, a t-shirt and trackies from such labels as Kappa, Addidas, and Nike, and Reebok Cla*sics, as well as fake jewellry, which to them is known as "bling".

4. Chav's are given many names, such as Townies, and Cackers.

5. People who aren't chavs refer to those who are as sc*m. This is because they are known to cause havoc throughout Council estates and otherwise.

6. Chav's are generlly known to be uneducated thieves. They usually resort to stealing bling from Jewelers.

7. Chav's cannot p*onounce words properly. They use extreme slang terms, such as "Innit", "Ahhh, is 'ardcore mate" and "This bling is f*ckin' safe yeah".

8. They are the mortal enemies of skater's and goth's, for an unknown reason.
Some chav quotes:

Le's do some f*ckin' skaaaag yeah mate.

You want some beef muthaf*cka?

Why d'yoo dress in black you greb caaaaunt?
This is the incorrect spelling that the c*ckneys made up. The correct spelling and p*onunciation is charv. It originated from charver or charva which was the gypsie name (reason for big hoop earrings) for small child in newcastle {geordieland). Since the time when this was all it meant the definition of charv has changed completely.

A charv is now a person who:

If A Girl:
Wears foundation so thick it makes their skin orange
Wears large hooped earrings
Has their hair tied back so tightly that it gives them a home-made facelift
Loads of "Bling"
Usually has a pram or stroller of some sort {or a bump}{or both}

If A Boy:
Hooped Earing in atleast one ear
Walks like hes c*apped himself

Wears Burberry Caps
Wears Burberry Scarfs
Wears Tog 24s, Berghaus or Fred Perry
Wears Rock Ports
Usually smokes (fags or dope)
Talk Out the side of their mouth, often missing of letters
Is usually totally mortal {or in the case of wanna-bes fakes being totally mortal i.e. Beau Jay}
Thinks they are better than everyone
Usually are on dole (not that evri1 who is is necessarily a charv)(needlessly on dole that is)

You may get the impression from this that all charvs are evil but this is not the case. There are a small minority of charvs that do actually have souls and although they are evil to most uncharv people are kind and respectful to the uncharvs (and their m8z) that they have known for a long time. Don't...
There are a group of boys about 12 - 16 years of age clustered outside the door of a newsagent's. They are all dressed almost identically- some sort of white/blue tracksuit, most likely with some kind of stripe pattern. The trousers are baggy and tucked into their white sports socks, which are pulled up stupidly high. Many of their heads are topped with some kind of baseball cap, and most of their necks are adorned with thick imitation gold/silver chains. Their hair is s*aved almost bald at the back and sides, and is gelled neatly forward onto their spotty foreheads in a series of precise spikes. Their eyes are sunken and in their hands they clutch cigarettes and bottles of Stella Artois. Anybody who walks past who does not resemble them exactly will be spat at, challenged, insulted, shoved and generally attacked, and anyone who pa*ses by who looks similar to them will be sworn at and possibly stabbed to death.
They are sometimes seen with girlfriends, who wear their hair in pigtails and plaster their ugly faces with enough make-up to cover the surface of the moon in a layer about two inches thick. They (unflatteringly) wear almost exacltly the same clothes as their boyfriends, except tighter and pulled lower down for the world to see the tops of black lace thongs poking from their flabby white a*ses. They wear earrings big enough to sit a budgie in.
"'ere you, d*ck'ead, 'ave you got twenny p fo't' bus? You what? you WHAT? Let me check them pockets! Yeah you 'ave, you d*ck'ead! Well what's that then!? Gi' me that you little c*nt, or I'll f*ckin' do you in proper bad! Yeah I will, d*ck'ead. I proper will! Don't start me, you little twat, 'cos I'll proper make somefin of it! 'Ere, Daz, come over ;ere an' 'elp us out!
An english wigger. This species of wigger has gotten quite out of hand, as it is not in it's natural environment. In native wigger countries they are kept down by ridicule and the threat of getting the c*ap kicked out of them.
Look at that chav in the track suit.
Council Housed And Violent
Regarded as s*xually impotent, if not a parent of three by fifteen.
chavs are annoying little pricks who hang round in ma*sive tribes. they invest in buying the stupidest fakest jewlry and when they take the female chavs to the cinema, if the plot is anything more intelectual than your plotless americain pie, the chav and his chavettes brain will explode.
ways to spot a chav:
-if you see a c*appy old car, with mods which make it comically stupid looking, and blacked out windows, expect a chav to be behind the wheel.
- their trademarked cloths. no one could think to wear the stupid burberry caps and nike tracsuits as these chavs and townies.
- the way they walk. you see them 'bowlin' it down the high street, they remind me of apes (primative roots), or someone bending over to scoop up cash, after all they are complete pikeys
(it is hard to tell the difference between male and female chavs, so i tend to treat them all as the same gender. the only difference is that female chavs seem to be on their periods 24/7.)

older people, 17- 21 will be confronted by a tribe of chavs from time to time, who will either want to mug them, or give them money to buy some fags and booze (fags to make them look hard, booze to get them all drunk, 1 bottle will be plenty)
world famous chavster big-boy 50 cent was bottled off at reading this year, serves him right to try and turn all the punk rockers there into chavs. i would like to go beat him up, but looking at his t*eth,i think someone beat me to it
cancer of the world,
they have there own little culture,
you cannot find a worse type of person
no one likes a chav. SEE TOWNIES, TOWNIE OR NED
if you come across one, kill it
no one will miss it
Small, provoking and annoying little c*nts that hunt for their prey nightly on the roads of Northern Britain.
These territorial little rodents can be seen impregnating 13 year olds, stealing from your garage, walking around in public whilst fondling their testicles and wearing burberry caps whilst yelling "Yo Dikhed!".

A more HIV infested population qualifies these twats to be worse than Scallies.
If fact, I usually find myself crying out at night, cold and alone, for the return of the Scallies.

Chavs usually have an IQ of -1 and spend their time hanging outside McDonalds (they can't afford anything off the £1 menu). Dressed up with an "Ess*x face lift" for the female kind, and trakkies tucked into socks for the male version, this species is *Hazardous!*. The government has marked the worst with ASBO's, a form of award for these juenvile delincuants.

Be warned, any form of eye contact will provoke these terrotorial predators!
Chav Language.

"Ya f*ckin wat dikhed?!"
"Yo'what nobhed?!"
"Wat ya lukin at?!?!!"
"Errr ya f*ckin GOFF!"
some of the biggest douche bags on the planet. they need to go f*ck themselves. i don't live in england, but from what i hear, chavs are extreme f*ggots. even worse... THEY'VE SPREAD TO AMERICA!! they're not the same as the ones in england (i still call them chavs, but collars could work, too), but american chavs are just as f*ckin g*y. they don't wear as much plaid, but they wear bright-colored collared shirts (pink, light-blue, bright green), with the collars up. and all the clothes are made by american eagle, hollister, or other f*ckin GIRL stores like that. but, like the english chavs, they're always trying to pick fights, and think they're better than everyone else. they obsess over cars, money, and other possesions, since they don't have any morals, thus they try to fill themselves with things. they're little sh*ts to their parents. i.e. "i got grounded for yelling at my mom! haha!" "yeah i yell at my mom all the time too!" "haha!". not kidding, that's a real conversation i overheard between to chavs on my school bus.
chavs are basically wiggers mixed with preps/jocks
"i got money, cars, i got everything any kid would want!" <-- another thing i overheard a f*ckin chav say on my bus (and no, that's not what everyone wants, just those f*ggot chavs do)
see: c*nt or f*cking loser
those chavs r c*nts and f*ckin losers innit m8
Easily recognisable by their Nike Shox trainers in absurd colours, football socks pulled up to the knees with Nike tracksuit bottoms tucked into them, a fake Rocksport j*cket from off the market and a burberry cap off the back of a lorry ( also fake). You will also notice their funny walk as they are weighed down by the amount of fake jewelery purchased from the Argos catalogue. Older chavs are found not on the street corners, but on the roads in souped up Novas with their neon lights and floor sc*aping body kits which max out at 30mph! They have also been known to ride absurdly stupid mini motos. If you are aproached by a chav, do NOT back away. Advance quickly and shout random big words at him or them. With the weight of their jewelry dragging them down, its a simple case of loading your M-16 and blasting away.
Noo man not mi burbray cap, cost mi a fiva oof the market
Theres the Chav and Chavette
1. Chav (the male) wears a baseball cap with henri lloyd, nike or the a fake burberry printed on, with the peak bent inwards at the sides and pointing to the sky. A rockport/henri lloyd j*cket with coller up so you can see that they can afford designer labels. Addidas trackies with white nike socks pulled over them. Some sort of henri lloyd or Nike trainers to match there outfit.Also smoke, swear all the time and come out with some rare words.
2. Chavette (female) will mostly have their tied tightly back with two bits dangling down the side of face or it will be curly with a full can of hair spray on either way, with loads of make up and as many gold hoop earings they can fit onto there ear lobes, huge chains with som sort of large pendant on the end (commonly a rag doll) wears nearlly the same as the Chav some sort of henri lloyd/fred perry/rockport/nike/adidas jumper/tracksuit top and trackie bottoms with no sock and nike/henri lloyd trainers.
friend - mate, mush
isn't it - innit
bye - later, chow, in a bit, in a bit sh*t (oh wow they think there poets)

Alryt mush, sh*t out tonight innit, u got any weed so we can go make a f*ckin joint, need to get f*kin stoned man! U got anything else dun to ya nova mate, f*kin wicked init mate! u shud get it in max power mate
low cla*s sh*ts who have nothing better to do than start c*ap with people who arent like themselves and steal stuff they cant afford.
the number of gold chains they have around their neck sums up to be more then their IQ.
they also have their own lingo that nobody can actually understand.
other people that are like chavs are townies
youve seen them. they stand around bus stations and macdonalds with burberry (is that how its spelt) hats, and immitation tracksuits. dont forget the cheap "bling" and obsession with mobile phones.

chavs try to p*onounce as little constonants in a word as possible,and ay it as rude as possible so "may i see your phone?" becomes "oi may le mee c ur fon"

the female chav will listen to any black woman singing about how they got cheated on by their ex. the male will listen to rappers talking about how they "b*ow caps in a n***** a*s" on the "westside" (the male chav will also claim they are from the "westside" even if they are clearly easter)
"omg innit bruv, 'e cul'd uz shovs"
"no, i called u a chav"
"is i' coz am black?"
"but your white"
"c*m on dave, lez leave dis twa' n' go to du kebab van"
Chav a greatly increasing disease and threat to our immediate society.
Chav a young male who hangs round Mcdonalds smoking in his "gang" looking out for young children or single people to either steal or attack.He always has lots of FAKE gold jewelery who wears his cap at 90 degrees, lots of berberry and tracksuits (always adidas or nike etc). Chavette a female chav who wears big hoop earrings she is holding a cigarette in 1 hand and a pram handle in the other at the age of 16(the legel age of s*x) already with 3 children and a 8 year old daughter(mini chav.)
All chavs have to hang araound in "gangs" and beat up people who are only 4 or 5(it happened to me once i was 7 there were 5 14 year olds chavs I really didn't hurt much lol)they always look for weak people even then they're normally too much for them so they always have a chaviot or chavmobile ready to run away in, it was 20 inch tires and a plank of wood for the spoiler.
~10 chavs all smoking outside Tesco's ~ 1 emo~
*emo looks at them then looks away in disgust*
chav #1 : Oi watcha lookin at??
chav #2:yea u wanna fite bruv
chav #3: yea mate comon lets haveus a fite comon
emo:All i was doing was walking through here I'm not looking for a fight
chav#1: oi u watd u say bout my mum
emo# i did not say anything about your mum i simply said I don't want a fight
chav#3: Oi rite now u cant get way wiv saying sh*t like that bout ma boi
chav#2 :yea comon we have usself a fite
*emo walks up to them punches chav#1 in the nose and all chavs run away back 2 Mcdonalds*

All chavs should die take up chav hunting not fox hunting
Clean the world up kill a chav today
ewww, the most disgusting thing you could ever become.

Chavs are sc*m, they pick on people who don't follow their trend of:

girls -
+ tracksuit.
+ fake gold necklaces, earrings and other jewellry.
+ fake brand name clothing.
+ low cut tops (shows way too much).
+ 5 inches of make-up at least. (underneath it all they are ugly)
Boys -
+ tracksuit
+ fake brand names
+ wears chunky bracelets

Facts about chavs:

- They are usually found near a bus stop, or on a park.
- McDonalds is their palace.
- Usually thick as a plank.
- Spits every 5 seconds.
- Never a virgin past the age of 13.
- Chavettes refer to their friends as 'slags' or 'b*tches' but will never tell eachother to their faces, or they'll deny if asked.
- Usually rasist.
- Chavs like the chavettes because they are wh*res and are easy.
- Always fighing.
- Drinking cider or some other cheap version of booze on friday nights.
- Smokes.
- Listens to 'MC music' a squeakier version of the crazy frog.
- Say their tough and hard, but when you want to fight back it's all "I'm gonna get my cousin"
- Nobody likes them, but they have to stay friends with them because they'll get their inter-bredded family to beat you up.

In all chavs probably the most hated thing in britain.

***save the UK, kill a chav***
I am going to keep this simple...

Chav = Sc*m
Look at that Chav over there, such sc*m
Stupid annoying a*ses, need to get a life, think they're superior to the human race, (female and male chavs) shag everything that moves, (male chav) hand always in their pants, (female chav) MUST get pregnant as soon as period starts, regardless of age,
walk with shoulders swinging, obssessed with brand names, play sh*tty whiny music very p*ss takingly loudly on buses, hang around Mcdonalds for a meal, talk like twats, look like twats, use cheap deodrant and tell mates "its prada i swear, blud!"
f*ck you, chavs, you killed Britain
A Chav is a type of person, usually aged 10-29, known for their anti-social behavior and a rough lifestyle that incudes hanging around the street and starting conflicts with people who are not like them. The Chavs are todays menaces on Britain’s streets, roaming urban areas causing trouble and vandalizing things at random. Other names for chavs include: Chavette (a female chav), neds (used in Scotland), townies and ratboys.
Chavs wear hooded sweaters, tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks and baseball caps – usually Burberry - at a 45 degree angle - sometimes with a hood over. Cheap jewelery is commonplace on most chavs or chavettes, ranging from fancy chains on the boys and ma*sive ear rings on the female chavs.
Their musical taste mainly includes R&B, Hip-hop, dance and other similar genres. Chav targets include moshers, emos and other people who don't dress or act the way the typical chav does.
At most MacDonald’s outlets at least 7 or 8 chavs are knocking about, buzzing about the playground swing they tore off the other day, or humiliating the people who walk through the door or sit on the next table along. Chavs (or chavettes) also like to hang out a kids playgrounds, bus stops, and many other places where they stand the chance of abusing innocent people till the police come and sort them out. Even at the cinema there are chavs (not even watching the film) sitting there showing off their mobiles and throwing popcorn at a person 5 rows down.
Chavs are known to...
Complete and utter waste of space. Recent (couple of years) incursion into British culture is the "Chav."
There are two forms of this word;
Chav = Cheltenam Average
Chav = Council House and Violent

I'm sure everyone has heard of these t*sspots, but if you aren't quite sure.. Perhaps this will jog your memory?
- Pitiful IQ, of which barely rivals an amoeba.
- Burburry baseball cap, always worn at an angle
- Utmost idiocy and unbelievably annoying abuse of the English language.
- Tracksuits or other branded clothing such as Addidas or Reebok.
- Bling Central. At least one golden coloured ring on each f*nger, a couple of chains.
- In order to become a chav you must first be either really short, really lanky or incredibly fat (normally chavettes)
- Huge groups of complete remedials.
- Immensely tacky clothing, complete with retarded gestures when speaking to a fellow zombie.
- Normally in groups of 10 or more, you can often see the whole group fighting each other just for the h*ll of it or all beating on some innocent bystander who happened to look in their general direction.
-Only nutrition comes from fast food restaurants, most cla*sic being McDonalds. Often because it's all they can afford.

Basically, if you have seen Shaun of The Dead, chavs are the zombies + burberry + bling + 9 other companions - 200 braincells.

A group of chavs often take a while to decide what to do. This is due to the fact that the sharing of the single brain cell they have take...
Council Housed And Violent
That chav stole my wallet then beat me up!
The humble chav, aka sc*m. These simple creatures walk the earth clad in as many fake lables as they can fit on their puny, weak, little bodies. Their language consists of...well if we could work it out im sure it would make sense to someone. Commonly seen in 'crews' of about...2500 hanging around on street corners drinking the o so delightful bottle of 'white lightning' bragging about how many 'mother f*ckers' they managed to father in a space of a week.

Chavettes, aka sl*ts, are commonly found pushing a lovely pushchair(probably stolen off some unsuspecting pa*ser by) round and round followed by a crowd of possible 'fathers' of the poor little socially rejected child.

These creatures somehow aquire a liking for hip hop/r&b and burberry. Chavs seem to have a 'limp' which means one side of their body has 2 flop mysteriously to one side in unison, carefully avoiding puddles and any signs of dirt that might affect the pristine white reebok cla*sics.These creatures somehow aquire a liking for hip hop/r&b and burberry. Often seen wearing matching fake tracksuits and chav caps, these individuals like to pick fights with little children or old aged pentioners(who would probably beat them in a fight anyway). They drive round and round the local one way system revving up their 'blingin' peices of chavved up metal they call cars or little scooters that they probably havn't even got a licence for...using up all the petrol they probably more than likely stole from someone elses...
Now found in most areas of Britain, (to the horror of us all) the Chav is a human sub-species that survives on council tax and thrives on making the lives of every functional member of society, that little bit more painful!
Chavs seem to have developed there own language due to the fact they cannot understand nor learn the traditional proper English like rest of the country.

Both chav males and females usually have more than 1 partner, indulging in random bursts of s*xual acts at local bus stops, outside shops and in banged up but 'p*mped out' old cars.

You can easily spot a Chav by their hilarious yet disturbing appearance.
Males consist of tracksuit bottoms and a baggy Fred Perry sweatshirt, accompanied with tacky white trainers and a cap balacned on top their heads.
Females also wear tracksuit bottoms, but sport much more unattractive, usaully dirty tops that are 3 sizes to small. The hair is always dirty/greasy and is either pulled in to a ponytail so tight that wrinkles are forms on the forehead or it is left dangling down limply.
Always watch out for either the cheap or very expensive (but always tacky and ugly) gold jewellery.

If you are confronted by a chav, (this will always be when other chavs are around, as they hope to attract a mate or gain admiration), just use any word with 3 syllables or above, and walk away when the look of confusion and anger spread across their face.
Chav language:
Chav 1: 'Ere ya gimp. Got a fag?
Chav 2: Nah, ye dik'ead. Dant call mi a gimp.

How to get away from a conflict with a Chav:
Chav 1: 'Ere mate. Got 'ny dosh?
Person: Do you meen money? No sorry, I don't.
Chav 1: Well let us check ya pockets.
Person: What? No!
Chav 1: Why? Ya sayin' I'm dodgy or summet? Ya f*ckin' Emo!
Chav 2: Yeah mate! Kick 'is 'ead in!
Chav 3: Whay! f*ckin' get in there ma son!
Chav 1: Yeah, I fink I'll giv ya a smack just t' teach ya not to f*ck 'bout wit' me!
Person: Very well, a*sault me if it will give you satisfaction. But it will not change the undeniable fact that you, my socially and academically challenged friend, will amount to no more than drug dealer or at best a McDonalds worker in your pathetic life.
Chav 1: (black stare) Ya f*ckin' what? (To other chavs) What did this bell-end sniffa' jus' say ta me?
Chav 2: 'Avent a f*ckin' clue.
Chav 3: He used to many, like f*ckin', school words or summet.
(Person walks away unharmed while the gaggle of chavs continue to argue.)
let's face it... it's a d*mn sight better to be emo
''hey mate, you coming chav hunting?''
''yeah, let me grab the bike and the air rifle''
hoodied, happy slapping granny muggers who wear lacoste shoes, chains, and trackies and will stab you at any point.

sworn enemies-

*old ladies

favourite makes-


weapons of choice-

*lead pipes

celebrity chavs-

*wayne rooney
*lady sovereign
*jade goody
*lilly allen
*britney spears

places of hangout-

*street corners
chav- oi you filthy f*ckin skater!
skater- yah dude?
chav- f*ckin stop skatin in fronta me mate, youre sh*t
skater- u just dissed me but then called me mate you idiot
chav- (pulls out knife)yeah say that to ma face b*tch
skater- ok, YOURE AN IDIOT
chav- ya mums an idiot and she was good in bed too
skater- my mum has more self-pride than to sleep with you.
chav- ya mum has more self pride than to sleep with ya mum
skater- that dosent make sense.
chav- f*ck you u grebo
skater- im a skater.
chav- f*ck you grebo!!!
Will be on benefits, Someone who robs old ladies, Does not know what a word above 4 letters reads, Cannot talk or spell in proper English, Has no GCSE's, Cannot spell their own name, Waste of space, Always wears a tracksuit, Is a d*ck and
Lives on an estate
Normal Person: Your a Chav
Chav: Brap!
1. The British equivalent of the United State's "Wiggers," "Guidos (although these are by definition always of Italian descent-and I do mean descent)," or "total idiots."

While there are certain genuine sorts who talk the talk AND walk the walk (usually raised in actual rough neighborhoods), the American "chav" is almost always from an affluent suburb and descends from lilly-white, non-divorced, WASP parentage. The former is instantly recognizable by the "thousand mile stare" or "serial killer shark eyes" that they have. The latter is always recognizable by the "Chip n' Dales" male stripper air freshener that is hanging in their Mom's BMW (which they are trying to pretend is their own, and always refer to as "the Beamer").

2. The precise creature that Sacha Baron Cohen is mimicking and satirizing (to hilarious results) when in the character of "Ali G".
-Countless wanna-be DeeJays "spinning" in totally inappropriate Irish pubs (on Long Island) or at even more inappropriate "County Fairs" and "10th Annual Pig Breeding/Pumpkin Growing Festivals" (throughout the Midwest and antebellum South).

-Eminem might be a chav without his the talent.

the strange love of sports gear and sock tucking
Weasel, Minister of chavs
A lower form of primate that takes pleasure in terrorising older and younger people when in large groups. Often found in McDonalds, loitering near shops (with no hope whatsoever of being able to buy anything, having spent all their money on cheap jewellery) or destroying local children's parks. Luckily for the rest of the population chavs insist on smoking, eating regularly from McDonalds, carrying around loaded firearms (yes, they are that stupid) in their pockets, and taking drugs; lowering their life expectancy dramatically. It's just a d*mn shame that they can breed so quickly (possibly a defense mechanism against their short life-expectancy). A chav of 13 is likely to be already supporting 3 thildren via different fathers, all of whom have cleared off long since. Hence the chavette will buy a bumper-sized buggy, wielding it with such agility that she is able to use it as a battering ram in the rush to the '90% off' sale at adidas.
You can find a chav (or rather, a group of them) in every town that contains a pub and a few council houses.
You can find a chav (or rather, a group of them) in every town that contains a pub and a few council houses.
Chavs are unsociable little buggers who have as much brains as a penally deprived gorila.
imagine this, your walking down the road and hen some butt monkey comes up to you and says" ya start'in bruv" you ignore it and start walking again , then the little window l*cker say "Yeah! Keep walking innit bling bling foe shigidy" leading to much hatred and wishing to make them bleed.
Chavs are everwhere and they will never go untill we all put aside our differences and officially murder them all and crucify them.
Used to describe the typical burbury clad, fashion obsessed idiotic teenage under-cla*s in England, usually the South-East.

A writer in the Independent thought it derived from the name of the town of Chatham in Kent, where the term is best known and probably originated, others have reported it as Cheltenham. But it seems that the word is from a much older undercla*s, the gypsies, many of whom have lived in that area for generations. Chav is almost certainly from the Romany word for a child, chavi, recorded from the middle of the nineteenth century. We know it was being used as a term of address to an adult man a little later in the century, but it hasn’t often been recorded in print since and its derivative chav is quite new to most people.

Other terms for the cla*s also have Romany connections; another is charver, Romany for prostitute. Yet another is the deeply insulting pikey, presumably from the Kentish dialect term for gypsy that was borrowed from turnpike, so a person who travels the roads.

Note - a female Chav is often called a Chavette.
"I was walking down Romford High Street and I was surrounded by Chav sc*m. This is why I hate that place on a Friday night."
The British equivalent of American white trash - but more ghetto and less redneck
British chav: p*ss off ya stupid yankee prick or i'll thump your a*se good, ya hear me f*cker? (*bling bling*)

American redneck: shut up you stupid liberal limey queer! you anti-American God-hating liberal losers got your a*ses kicked in the Revolution. just you come on down to Texas and say that in front of me and my 7 cousins and we'll show you the 2nd Amendment you stupid punk! oh yeah, and God Bless America too!
Chavs are the Burberry-obsessed, sports-gear wearing, poor spelling teenage - middle-aged sc*m of the nation.

Chavs cannot, and will not be seen with less than 3 kilos of cheap, plastic jewellery, probably bought or stolen from Argos, Index, some other catalog company, or the 20 pence vending machines designed for five year olds.

Chavs like hurling insults at anything that moves, and pick fights with anyone and anything. Anyone not wearing some Chav brand is automatically "Gawrth" (which, translates to 'Goth').

Chavs usually like smoking cigarettes or weed, and drinking vodka or cider. They hang around by "Maccy D'zzz" (McDonalds), or "Beee x*x Kaii" (Burger King). They usually go to cinemas or shopping centres on weekends, or school holidays. At the cinemas, they must watch a sequel to a film, while texting a friend or throwing popcorn at people.

Chavs usually think it's cool to spend money on c*appy, fake items. One chav said, and I quote: "yeh well all u stoopid emos fink chavs r cheep, i js spent 40 quid on a burbery cap soo stfu". (This cap, was fake.)

Chavs enjoy grafitti-ing too. Usually in bathroom stalls, scribbles of "Jess wuz yer 2kaii6" or "Lulu 2k7" can be found all over Britain.

Hmm... what else to say? You get the idea.
"yh wel chavs lyke roolz, dun tey? "

^. A typical chav's vocabulary.

"Errr ghey mingarrr!!"

^. A typical chav's favourite insult.
A prime example of regressive evolution. What's left over now that Britain's working cla*s has become middle cla*s.
Chavs tend to be either skinny and physically underdeveloped due to excessive consumption of illegal stimulants and long periods running from the police, or morbidly obese due to a diet consisting primarily of any American Burger Corp's finest offerings.

Chavs can often be found loitering in large herds, engaging in a range of antisocial behaviour around urban landmarks such as bus stations, shopping malls or McDonald's - basically anywhere they may come into contact with normal folk whom they can try to intimidate from within the safety of the chav herd.
The Chav female, or chavette, reaches breeding age at the age of 9, at which time her pregnancy to family friend "Uncle Dazza" (aged 26) may be publicised on the front page of the Sun newspaper. This may also lead to an appearance on daytime TV and a period of incarceration for "Uncle Dazza".

Bizarrely (see mating section below), elders in Chav communities often have an obsession with Paedophiles ("Pedos") which is often whipped into a frenzy by the British Tabloid press. This prompts one of the Chav communities' quaintest customs - "Pedo" outings, at which Chav young are taught the basics of identifying and dealing with Pedos by (generally female) members of the Chav community. During this event, which often run in summer and take the form of a kind of community Festival, everyone from "Paediatricia...
A Chav, a sad people who realy have much time on there hands, they think they don't need school and all they do to kill off time in there useless life is to start on rondom people
a chav some times hangs out in a emty market place smoking and and drunk girly drinks that thay nicked off there little sister waiting for a person to walk by and jump them till the police come and say to the police "oh my days i want to press charges" when there was like 7 and 1 guy cuted up.
i personly say kill them all
And under culture of growing moronic fags who have never worked and wear the equivalent of a bin bag with a logo on for clothing.

To show How 'hard' they are as they call it, they huddle into large groups (of about thirty) and 'start' on small children or old age pensioners.

But the 'hard' doesn't stop there! They also wear industrial standards gold painted jewelery to make it look like they have been through 'pain'

As well as fashion, they are extremely good at breeding. God knows how when they look like they shoved their piles covered faces into a grease fryer but the average chav can be seen with 6 children and a chavvette mother putrid enough to make you squirm.

They also have an obsession with other peoples moms. Now this is beyond my grasp of why, but if it makes them happy then they should be killed.

Sayings include:
"I shagged ya mom last night and she was good"
"I'll shank ya!!" (see shank)
"Gimme 50p mate!!!"

Overall, chavs are lazy sc*mbags of Britain who don't work and who the tax payers like ourselves have to pay for. Make them work!

And remember! They want your mom!
I'm walking down a road... 30 chavs appear... MATE GIMME 50p!!! I take a gun out, they run.
sc*mbag, retard, g*y, fag, trash
your a chav "your a sc*mbag"
Council Houses And Violence

-caucasian (white)
-cheap sports gear
-burberry caps
-hoop earrings
-too much "bling"
-waste of space
-greasy gel hair
-always chewing gum
-McDonalds cling-ons
-low I-Q

this could go on forever...
why do they exist?
Shopkeeper: How can i help?
Kayleigh: What the f*ck you chink? why you lookin a' me like dat fo? I aint a chav..U wna smack? gimme a packet a' fags..and a vodka

Dad: Your a waste of space!
Ashleigh: What..so i'm 14 wid 5 kids without their dads, no where to live, got AIDS from 57 people ..so what?
a chav is a mindless creature, the origins of chavism remain a mystery becasue nobody has been able to infiltrate the culture, similar to the native Americians. Many including myself believe that the chav plauge began in the Kent town of Chatham and has slowly spread thjroughout the united kingdom.

Initially the lower cla*s sc*m were unorganised and there crimes and actions had a far less damaging impact. It would appear that the creation of chavism has given these people the chance to reign havok on the nation. The chavs travel in groups as can be seen many sat*rday nights in parks or outside macdonalds, these groups report to the authority of popular culture tv personalities. Programmes like trisha, hollyoaks ,big brother and EASTENDERS provide chavs with guidance on how to live their chav existance similar to religous gatherings.

chavs are noticeable for many reason there dress usually 'trakie bottoms' burberry caps and shirts covered in mindless scribble and the infamnous gold often purchased at argos. There language is poor and often uninterpretable, dialouge includes innit,mush,gangster etc. Chavs also have the habbit of starting fights as a display for their teenage girlfreind h*ars. these girlfreinds are almost as bad as male chavs because they usually get pregnanat and this result on a strain on governemnt benifits. Other hobbies including begging ,stealing , s*x ,starting fights,macdonalds, hanging on street corners,watching trash tv, not going 2 work or s...
There are people in the world who think that the label "Chav" is cla*sist, and refers to those who are working cla*s. However, once and for all, it does not. "Chav" in fact refers to those who have absolutely no respect for anything at all, though in fact demand to be respected all the same. They can be found spitting on the streets; they can be found sitting in bus shelters cadging a smoke off other people; they can be found in courtrooms everywhere for street crimes. They will happily attack anyone who so much as looks at them (Ex. 1), all the while hurling abuse at people who are differently dressed/significantly older/significantly younger/in a smaller group. They somehow eke amusement out of destroying that which has been created by others, including bus shelters and spraying graffiti over fresh paint. They refuse to accept any responsibility for anything, ever, and if they find themselves in a tight spot in life, it is always someone else's fault. (Ex. 2.) They also have a tendency to sponge off the state. For example, somewhere in not-so-Great Britain there is a family who have literally 12 children. Nobody in the family works, and because of the system the children allow the parents to claim £44,000 a year in benefits. That's close to £4000 a month (I myself work, and earn around £600), and the parents then go on to claim that they can't stop having kids "because they cannot afford condoms". They receive £4K a month and they can't spare a tenner for some johnnies?...
Dictionary Definition: h*mous Burberryus (i) h*mous Burberryus, adj as in Chavlike or Chavish (ii)noun given to a social cla*s group called the Chavs who are frowned upon by other cla*ses; literal meaning: Council Housed And Violent (iii) noun the Normal-Normans group accuse anyone who looks like they like football or rap and call them it.

Also known as: Yobbs, Hooligans, Sc*m, ASBO Regulars, Vandals, Dope Scroungers, Neds, Townies, Kevs, Charvers, Steeks, Spides, Bazzas, Yarcos, Ratboys, Kappa Slappers, Skangers, Scutters, Janners, Stigs and Scallies.

Description: Means Council Housed And Violent. they are often mistaken for Townies who choose to follow in their culture but are really just puffs. They generally are known for: smoking, drug taking, drug dealing, vandalism, rowdy behavior, wearing Burberry and florescent clothes so a car won’t run them over when they occasionally dive into the road, wearing trainers, stealing and getting Anti Social Behavior Orders. They are generally quite violent and hang out in ma*sive groups where there is a light, similar to its cousin species the moth. These moth/ape hybrid are intolerant of any kind of authority or order. They are found in cities and large towns where the crime rate is high. They are conscious of the fact there are other rivals that may not like them, so they hang out in big Gangs to stop someone kicking the living c*ap out of them...
Chav the skum

Chav is a derogatory slang term in popular usage throughout England. It refers to a council house anti-socially violent subculture stereotype of a person who is uneducated, uncultured and p*one to antisocial or immoral behavior. The label is typically, though not exclusively, applied to teenagers and young adults who enjoy stabby/shooting white working-cla*s or lower-middle cla*s origin. Chav is used for both s*xes, but a male chav is sometimes referred to as a chavster and a female as a chavette. Other synonyms include; 'barry', 'Rick Wing', 'bazzer', 'kev', 'scally', 'shaz', 'sharon', 'townie', and 'trev'. In Scotland a male chav is known as a 'ned' whilst a female chav is known as a 'senga'. The term was first popularised by the Popb*tch website and taken up enthusiastically by the tabloid press. It is similar to the United States terms white trash, wigger or n*gger, but not the Australian word bogan, which is actually a rough around edges, generally lower middle cla*s white Australian, that is a bit more of a country Australian, drinking lots of beer, driving big Australian cars, there is no similarity to Chavs. Response to the term has ranged from acceptance to criticism that the term is a new manifestation of cla*sism.
Chavs are also very similiar to other antisocial youth subcultures, including charvas and ch*res.
The word chav is commonly thought to be from the mid-19th century Romany word chavi, meaning "delinquent youth"; but some ...
a chav is a person who is a complete twat and goes around terrorising people. the girls wear/look like : trackies, usually pregnant, soon to be pregnant, or already has a child/children. they wear tacky gold necklaces of a clown or doll. either that or "Ma*sIV" gold chains. the hands of a chavette are usually heavily adourned with gold rings or soverings which are absolute bollocks. the shoes chavettes like to wear are K Swiss, Lacoste, Fred Perry or some other bag of w*nk bollocks. The j*ckets they wear are either Berghaus, h*lly Hansen or some other "designer" make. their faces are caked in make up to hide the uglyness and the hair is heavily straightened with the hottest straighteners you can get. possibly GHDs. the girls always accuse perfectly normal, cool people, such as grebs or emos, of "givin them evils". i get several people at school saying to me, "what u lookin at" or my personal favourite, "why wer u givin me evils in PE." OH MY f*ckING GOD. there is no rest. the boys wear trackies, thick woolly socks which their trackies are tucked into. they wear the same shoes and coats as the girls. also reebok, and adidas, nike and other sports shoes are worn. the boys will usually ask out girls who are lovely people, but not quite "a fit bird". i have had people ask me out before and it is so fake. it's pretty obvious these people have nothing better to do. the boys will leer at girls and call people such as emos, or alternatives, "slags". i am still trying to figure out...
a chav is a person who is a complete twat and goes around terrorising people. the girls wear/look like : trackies, usually pregnant, soon to be pregnant, or already has a child/children. they wear tacky gold necklaces of a clown or doll. either that or "Ma*sIV" gold chains. the hands of a chavette are usually heavily adourned with gold rings or soverings which are absolute bollocks. the shoes chavettes like to wear are K Swiss, Lacoste, Fred Perry or some other bag of w*nk bollocks. The j*ckets they wear are either Berghaus, h*lly Hansen or some other "designer" make. their faces are caked in make up to hide the uglyness and the hair is heavily straightened with the hottest straighteners you can get. possibly GHDs. the girls always accuse perfectly normal, cool people, such as grebs or emos, of "givin them evils". i get several people at school saying to me, "what u lookin at" or my personal favourite, "why wer u givin me evils in PE." OH MY f*ckNIG GOD. there is no rest. the boys wear trackies, thick woolly socks which their trackies are tucked into. they wear the same shoes and coats as the girls. also reebok, and adidas, nike and other sports shoes are worn. the boys will usually ask out girls who are lovely people, but not quite "a fit bird". i have had people ask me out before and it is so fake. it's pretty obvious these people have nothing better to do. the boys will leer at girls and call people such as emos, or alternatives, "slags". i am still trying to figure out...
Darwins theory believes that man evolved from primates evolved from fish etc etc. However a recent discovery means that there is now evidence that man 'devolves' on occasion, thus the 'chav'. 'Chavs' (council housed and violent) are a top competitor for the lowest form of life on the planet. From a distance they look like the average human being but there are five major diffrences.

1.intelligence, on average chavs have an IQ of around 30 this means that they are as smart as the average gorilla. They have 'adapted' to change the entire english language and often do not even use words that they cant p*onounce or dont understand. This means that "excuse me could you tell me where the nearest boutique is please". Becomes "nah where da fooks maccy d's too like?".
2.Skin. As you know the human being is usually either black or white... Chavs are orange.
3.Pack hunters. Despite the fact that they think they are 'hard' this rule only applies when what they are fighting is
A) smaller than them.
B) not carrying a weapon.
C) the chavs have weapons.
D) the person/animal is not likely to fight back.
If you do encouter a chav on it's own it is not likely to start on you without provoction, if it does all you have to do is pull a knife out, they will generally back away or failing that, laugh at them they will not be able to stand the humiliation.
4.breeding. One of britains main problems is that chavs breed like rat's and start at a very early age, by the age of 17 the chavet...
CHAV- (Council House And Violence),
Natural Eemy - The Emo

I chav is basically a wannabe gangster, they wear the bling bling, listen to the black man rap, smoke, and generally don't appreciate the things around them, most of them are failures in school.
They usually wear lots of "bling" and have baseball caps at 90degrees with a matching tracksuit and trousers tucked into football socks.

Popular brands include:

Fred Perry
3 Stipe
Stone Island
Ben Sherman
and anything with the england football badge.

Attitude: Most chavs think there it, and start to smoke from an early age, if you just look at one funny, he will be on your case, this is probably due to too much cannabis effecting the brain.
Remeber smoke responsibly!
Examples of popular Chav language:

"init mate"
"You startin'"
"You wanna take this outside?"
"<general swear word here>"
"SAF" (Sound as f**k)
"FAF" (Fit as f**k)

They use lots of abrieviations:

"m8" = "mate"
"n" = "and"
"b" = "be"
"2" = "to"
Of all the sperm cells that reache the egg, those destined to be a "Chav" deny those with a more privalidged potential future the right to live. After they reach the egg, their usefulness is spent. They will then spend the rest of their illustriest lives roaming in gangs of Burbery clad gangs, vandalising stuff, hurling abuse at random people and sponging off the tax payers money.

They hate all upstanding or better off citizens, and want everyone else to descend to their rabid level of intelligence, because then at least they won't feel so bad about being an inferior bottom feeder of society.
Tips for a chave free day: Avoid anywhere that is urban.
A chav is someone who can only say anything about you when they have 300 more chavs next to them and there is only one of you. As soon as the chav is on his own they try to act your friend. Word of advice... dont get sucked in and say " oh dont worry about it" because he will just do it again. Take the quick, easy and best way through it and make sure that foot imprint you left on his face doesnt come off.
Chav 1: hey d*ckhead
Anyone other than chav *takes no notice
Chav 2-301: kick his a*s chav number one
Chav 1: no... im too scared that my power of eating McDonalds wont beat him
Chav 1: ow my head... what you doing man i was only playing...(whatever)

A Parasite of the state is totally uneducated (except for theft, knifing and general violence), is commonly found (with offspring) in the areas of McDonald’s, Argos, ASDA, Aldi and Lidl, or any other cheap (sportswear) retail outlet; and of course young children’s play areas. Easily identified by bad fashion of tracksuit (or any other cheap item of clothing), Burberry items, baseball cap and Bling; of course the constant bad language.

Only purpose in life is to breed from the earliest age so enhancing benefit claims for child allowance and housing; thus providing the "income" to purchase (on HP) Bling Argos (Elizabeth Duke) and Plasma TV with SKY subscription (HD of course).

These are the true children of New Labour, thank you Tony Blair and Gordon Brown; I suppose compulsory voting is a guaranteed winner now; if only Chavs could put a cross in the right box!!
Chavs are found in every town or village with “social housing”, the male is often seen walking a little in front of his b*tch and offspring (all clothed as described above, although young Chavs tend to be grubby and unwashed), the female (b*tch) is following with offspring (one in pram, the other some way behind) and her ugly mother, all with lit cigarettes and at least one with a can of cider or cheap lager.
A chav, commonly a young boy, who hangs around the corner of a McDonalds or an 'offie' (off lisence)trying to pick a fight with the first unsuspecting person they see (usually a person half their age, or half theie size, which is saying something, as the average height of a chav is around 4") They 'start on' their pray in packs, but alone they sulk around and run off, when a police man comes strolling their way.
A chavette, more often than not 14 years old and pregnant, are not much differant to chavs, except for the fact that their girls. (*ahem*)
Chavs prefer to wear big brands, or big 'fake' brands. Usually wear brightly coloured tracksuits, tucked into their socks, a burberry cap, stuck at an abnormal angle, and lots of *ahem* 'bling, bling'.
They like to talk, in a way that abuses the english language. They abbreviate most words, although they do not know what the word means!
A chav also thinks that the only population of people are chavs and goths, and clearly if you are not part of one of these catagories, nothing you say matters (although to them only what a fellow chav says matters anyway)
A typical chav conversation
"ight la, whats appnin, u goin to maccyDs laters ked?"
"innit la!"
When some lanky immature white dude trying to do Hip Hop, but can't understand it therefore can't do it properly with thought, the result is usually Chav.
MTV helps to spread the culture of chavs.
The twats that walk around with some kind of strange limp as if their "hard" and could "kick the sh*t out of you". To non-chavs, the walk actually looks like the chavs have sh*t themseleves, they most likely have, when their 15 year old girlfreind(a chavette)tells them shes pregnant.

Chavs are the waste of space that no one likes, the teachers hate them adults hate them, grebs hate them, as do emos and goths. Many townies dont,this is because townies suck up to them so they dont have the p*ss taken.

Chavs can be found hanging around the streets at night smoking and rolling around on the floor p*ssed, they'll be in groups of 6-15 so they look "hard".

If a chav says anything to you, you most likely wont understand a word of it, this is because, since their not human they dont talk any word found in a normal dictionary (unless its swearing) they'll be the ones that talk in a strange barking fashion.

A compliment to a chav could include issuing them an ASBO, to them this proves they are a "hard",to normal people it proves they need mental help.
Chav: f*cking greb!
Greb: Wow your smart, next u can learn to count to ten.
Chav: I'll kick the sh*t out of u!
Greb: Go on then
Chav: *never hits the greb, walks off, muttering* F*cking grebs!
Greb: *shouts after the chav:* wow that really hurt!
Somone who thinks their "tough as" but are usually seen crying because someones said something about their mum.

They are seen wearing branded sports ware, hoodies, track suit bottoms, "bling", cap, and the chavettes carry knock off handbags like "Channel" and "D&G", short skirts (with curry stains on them) high heels, huge hooped earings that are big enough for Dolphins to jump through, and hoodies (taken from their ex partners).

Usually hang outside take aways like Mc Donalds and Burger king, Parks, and on the streets.

Chavettes are mainly fat and get pregnant at the age of 12 and by the age of 20 end up with 14 kids with names like Mercedes, Roxy, Brooklyn, Lambrini, Cherri, Chantelle, Preston (seen as a cla*sy name for a baby chav), Klloee (Like Chloe), Clayton, Paris, Whitney, Chardonnay, Kandi, and Bentley
Chav: Awright baybe. How'z about we goes get a kabab and go clubbin'?

Chavette: Oi f*ck aff! Ya know they wont let me in tha clubs, am only 14. Plus am feedin' for 2 now, go get me a large kabab.

Chav: Yahh awright. Oi! Lambrini get aurf that f*ckin' dog!

*Baby chav Brooklyn pee's on carpet*

Chavette: f*ck me! Put 'im outside would'ya?

*Chav picks up baby and put's him in the garden. It is night time*

Chav 2: Ay! Look oo' it iz blud! *gives baby bottle of beer*

Chav: C'mon baybe. Letz go out "n" get p*ssed.

Chavette: Fyne! Put that Cbeebies on for em. That'll keep em' entertained. f*ck! That Tam keeps sendin' me textes (chav word for text) sayin' I stole 'er babeh (chav word for baby)
an ever-growing population of people mostly from council estates. these are mostly 9-15 year olds who think they are gods gift to the world because they are 14 and already has had a child with their morbidley obese girlfriend who probably gave her boyfriends best mate a b*ow job for a fruit pastille. their main hangout spots are town centres and street corners where they harra*s the elderly and the weak and think that this is cool. to attract the opposite s*x, which is called a chavette, they wear far to much fake gold and silver which they most probably stole from a market stall at skegness, and wear baseball caps, fake tracksuits (you will find that these are mostly adidas, nike and TN) and and apply ridiculous amounts of cheap aftershave which has the distinctive smell of cat urine. when they have attracted a mate they will give their mate a gift to help their chances of sleeping with them, this is usually an alcoholic beverage (stella artois and cheap cider are highly common) they will then take them to a mating spot, popular spots are on parks and behind bike sheds at school. after this the female or "chavette" will live benifits for the rest of their life and get a council flat which the tax payers will provide, the chavette will then turn the flat into a h*ar house and will bring a different chav home almost every night and will neglect the child, unfortunatly this will most probably result in the baby following in their parents footsteps. the chavs and chavettes ha...
someone who enjoys going out at weekends to go on a "sesh" Most of these people wear clothes such as Henleys, G-star, Gio Goi and Fly 53. But there are some people who can wear these labels without being cla*sed as a chav. They have no imagination and tend to copy what other people do or say.
Normal person 1: Omg look at that chav, he wears such chavvy clothes.
Normal person 2: Yeh i know, what a chav
A sub-human species. These people are the sc*m of the earth, the have no knowledge of anything intellectual, interesting or remotely smart.

Chavs in particular like to hang around on the street doing nothing but scaring poor innocent scene and emo kids, as well as gentle old ladies and gents, who would never have dreamt at this young age, of behaving in such an unsocial manner, as they knew they would get the beating of their lifetimes.

Chavs, as we know, have no moral backbone. They tend to do nothing but swear like they have Tourettes, making up stupid sayings (See examples below).
Chavs are given too much liberty, and this must be stopped. They are corrupting today's and the futures youth.

The government and Gordon Brown take too lightly, if not at all, on this situation. This is why we must also vote out Labour, and in with a party who can lead this country into being a well balanced, criminal free country.

Chavs like to think they own the place. If you go onto any estate, anywhere in England, you will find a chav.

Just so long as you know, chav is no longer a stereotype.
It is a CULT.
These chavs practice the art of CHAVS, which is to beat people up, scare and harra*s the public, and loiter about, as they have nothing better to do apart from getting ASBOs and setting things like bins on fire.

Thanks for taking you time to read my definition on the sc*m of the earth we call CHAVS.

(Vote out labour.)
A Chav Is The Sc*m Of The Earth !

And They Cant Talk Propperly They Use Street Slang Which Is A Load Of c*ap !
Chav-Yo Emo Go Slit Ya Self Yeahh Mattee !

Emo- *Carries On Listening To Awsome Music!*

Chav- Yeahh Ladd Youu Listen To Your Emo Musicc Yeahh Ladd Init !

Emo- *Walks Off Listening To Awsome Music*
Chavs. The blissfully unaware youth of the UK.

They terrorise little children, old women and bus drivers. They enjoy not doing anything they're told, it gives them a sick pleasure that scientists have yet to figure out.

You hear them before you see them. Yes, they have ridiculous accents, p*mply faces, a cigarette in one hand and yell "I'll shank you blad, wot?!" to your 5yr old son. Chavs prefer to wear, tracksuits, white trainers, 9ct gold from Argos, and Burberry.

They hate anyone who makes sense. Due to dropping out of school, they lack intelligence, so they have created their own language. No one understands it, not even chavs. It just makes them feel better about themselves.

Chavette is the term for a female chav. They accessorize with Buggies, lots of makeup and huge gold hoops. They think they're "choong" (good looking). Unfortunatley, this species can breed.

Chavs think they are gangsters. They try to pick up chicks with their Modded cars. Which us average citizens call Chavviot. They invest into these cars by installing stereo systems and speakers bigger than the car door itself. The government are still stunned and confused as to where this money comes from. It's the mystery of the chav.

So how do we spot them?

Outside Mcdonalds, or anywhere where the weak are.

What do they do?

They hunt in packs. Mercilessly attacking their victims with nonsensical slang. Leaving both the chav, and the vitcim confused.
The Chav, commonly mistaken for a human being.
It is actually a sub species that is thought to have strong links to neanderthilic culture. Indeed, the basic desires for s*x, loud things, fighting and fast things are all common between the two.

There are two main breeds of chav. The female, more cunning, of the species sometimes called a Chavette. Scientific name being Chavettus Femiminine. The current technical term for such an entity, is sl*t. Normally known to lose their "V"'s or Virginity before reaching full s*xual maturity, they ensure that the chav race does not dye out by producing many offspring each year. They seem to have a natural affinity towards Nike Air Max and Burberry check. Both normally fake, this is a*sumed to be a more modern attempt at tribal markings. In this way, the Chav tribes can recognise each other in the frequent fights. They do infact posess some intelligence in the form of breeding rapidly and young so as to abuse the benefits system for as long as possible. Common drinks of the Chavette include Lambrini and other cheap alcoholic beverages.

The other type of Chav to be looked at here is the Male breed of chav. These are by far the most common of the species and are the "Hunter Gatherer" types of each ...
a twat. usually tries to act like thay are black when they are clearly white. can be found outside or inside mcdonalds or near a JD sports. usually wear baggy tracksuits that hang round their a*ses which make them look like they shat themsleves. listen to shiity chart hiphop e.g 50 cent, sean kingston, rhianna and all that other sh*t. sometimes hang around camden just to shout abuse at the pa*sing by emo poofs and f*ggoths. talk about big brother and im a celebrity... have no sense of taste or originality and usually follow what is popular. also they talk like k*obs.
chavvy white boy:yo G. wats gwan'in. u is lookin buff in ur battyriders innit. wanna c*m down 2 mcdonalds and set my sum head. dont be scared by my small p*nis and 1 blond pube doe. bruv!
slaggy chav girl:yh bruv. ill link u buh i wanna meet up wid ma chixx.
Somone who has the biggest gob on them... pills on foundation, looks like coco the clown and hates emo's
Shut up you Chav, go drowm yourself in foundation
this is for my fellow confused americans. Simply put, chavs are the british equivalent of w*nkstas and wiggas here. Just imagine your local eminem wannabe, but more posuer-ish and with a hilarious an unintelligible accent.
How would I have an example of chav talk? I'm an AMERICAN!
A person, usually wearing burberry and chain-smoking. No-one likes them, exept for fellow chavs
*Woman walks by with small child.*
Chav: Yo gash, you best make dat fing your holdin stop staring at me, I might have to box up its face gurl.
Woman: Excuse me do you want to say that again?
Chav: I said... *trails off because a huge man walks up to him, presumably the childs father.*
Man: What are you talking about you dirty chav?
Chav: Nothing- I was, er... *chav p*ssy runs away.*
some tards that dress in trackies an wer sh*ty caps.
they talk sh*t. say brap al the time and look for fights deal drugs, get kicked out of skool an work in tesco. says like all the time
any scary person in trackies u see walking towards u thats a chav.
The Chav is a rare breed of imbecile who communicate to each other through incomprehensible grunts.
They can usually only be fully understood by other Chav's and will rarely acknowledge anybody in a friendly manner out of their own 'crew' with anything other than a firm nod and the occasional "rate" as if to ask the recipient if they are "alright today".
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Females Chavs:

Insist on wearing giant hoop earrings of a colossal size made out of some cheap gold equivalent that turns their skin green.
Their necks accommodate the dreaded "Sovereign" necklace with an engraved picture of someone that they actually know nothing about.
They like to wear velvet tracksuits consisting of pastel shades usually with some kind of untrue motif on the back stating something like "Princess Forever".
They have not done their make up correctly unless their face is a ghastly shade of orange which makes them look like they've been spawned by two Umpa-Lumpa's from Mr Wonka's chocolate factory.
- - - - -
Their hair is usually one of three styles:

1/. Sc*aped back into a ridiculously tight pony tail and secured with 10 thousand scrunchies.
that went out with the Spice Girls. They then finish the common female 'Charver Barnett' by using 5 cans of cheap sticky hair spray to turn their fringes into a rock.
- - - - -
2/. They sometimes claim to have gone to Tony & Guy for a hair cut even though everyone around them knows that they are a c*appy liar because of 2 things:

a/. Their Dole money won't cover a hair cut in that place unless their kids are fed on 9 pence baked beans out of the tin.. AGAIN.

b/. Their hair looks like they used the bathroom bleach on it religiously everyday for the past year. It resembles the straw from Farmer Briggs field that they walk past on their way to th...
A chav is some-one who thinks their hard but they're really not. Listens to all that dj cammy sh*t (the chipmonk whos b*lls are still cemented to his stomach) which isnt even music, its just one c*appy beat with 9 songs mixed into it. They listen to this on their sh*tty stolen samsung D500 which they stole off of they're nan most probably. They walk swaying their arms like a chimp, in groups of about 5 preying on innocent OAP'sm mugging them for a bag of chips, a bus ticket home and some shaaving fome. Their main greeting is 'sh*t boh' oh 'yes blod' and they have their own means of communication. They all have more greese on their faces than a mcdonalds fryer, wear white nike Tn tracksuits which are too big, wear matching hats, white Tn shox and fake 'tommy hilf*nger' boxers. They all ride ridiculously small mini motos which should be b*own up, with the chav on it.
a chavs conversation
'sh*t boh, what u been up to blod' said big dave
'not much yeah, got some dj cammy on ma mums phone now' replied lil jon
'lets have a listen' asked big dave. they listened to the sh*t.
'ahhh thats well good mush, gotta bang that outter ma dads vectra sum time'
there are about 1,000,000,000 "chav charecterisrics" and a chav is someone who has about 45% of those characteristics or more. about 70% of chav characteristics are ethically bad things, like aggressive behaviour. about 30% are related to tastes in music, fashion, etc. therefore, a chav must have at least 15/70 of ethically bad charecteristics, therefore, they are sc*m.

chavs taste in music is EXTREMLY limited, and they tend to only listen to the lowest quality of drum and ba*s, and the most aggressive, unethical forms of rap/hip-hop. their fashion sense is limited to 1. bling 2. stuff that sh*tty celebrities wear and 3. stuff that other people say is good.

and now we come to the 3rd and final reason that chavs must be exterminated. their attitude is pathetic. they think they can speak english just because they were born in england, but they cant, they use the same sh*tty insults again and again, they hate everyone who isnt a chav, and have 3 labels for people: their mates are chavs, people that dont like them are g*y, and people that are different from them are gofs, even though they dont know the meaning of the words chav, goth, and g*y. chavs have s*x with the first drunk person they see, dont use condoms, and get pregnant, and dont give a sh*tt about the baby. they talk on m...
Chavs are the sc*m of the earth, the lowest social cla*s. They are a bunch of immature anti-social twats who have nothing better to do than try and appear hard using the following methods:

*Wearing big thick (fake) gold chains around their necks, usually out side of their shirt.
*Burberry.. enough said
*Wearing hoodies and caps so that people and (more importantly) security cameras cannot see their ugly faces.
*They vandalize and graffiti walls and cars.
*They start fights on anyone different to them, but only if they are in a large group, a lone chav will always back down and run off to get his big brother if he finds himself confronted 1 on 1.
*They sit on street corners smoking and drinking cheap cider and shouting at people and smashing beer bottles on the pavement (if they were able to steal their dads Stella).
*They are so stupid that the stereotype anyone who hates them as an emo, chavs have a blind hatred for emos because of the way they dress. This is because chavs are to f*cking retarded to figure out that people dont hate them for what they wear, while they do look ridiculous, chavs are mainly hated for being thugs and vandals rather than what they wear. Unlike chavs, emos dont do anything wrong but chavs just like to make themselves feel as if they are superior to someone. Chavs also hate rockers/moshers but dont start fights with them because they would get the sh*t kicked out of them.


They buy a sh*tty car and spend lo...
CHAV = Counsil House a*sociated Vermin

your basic chav is usually 15-18 but can however, progress into early 20s before realising what idiots they have been and what they have do to s*rew up their life for ever.

chavs are easily recognised, they hang around on street corners, smoking cheap ciggarettes and wearing fake sportswear.

the usual chav speaks in a language that normal people can't understand without a translator. the chav language's sentances will always start with "yerr bruvv" and end with "innit".

the female form of a chav goes by the name of chavette. these girls are usually between the ages of 10-13 and instead of finding a chav their age to mate with, they settle for one which is 2-3 years older. chavettes will usually produce more than 5 baby chavs who will live only with the chavette, as the father chav is in prison.

now you have the infomation you need, go now. and avoid this species of human.
Chavs are idiots who need to grow up.
Chavs vary from working cla*s to middle cla*s- usually.

A middle cla*s chav will:
-Be intimidated by fellow lower cla*s chavs, strive to fit in and hence reform to chav beliving its the only form of acceptance. Though will still get the p*ss taken out of by other chavs. There is hope for them that they wil see sence.

A working cla*s chav will:
-THINK that they are from the GHETTO. Point of there existance- WANT TO BE BLACK.

Picture this: A 14 year old girl and a 16/15 year old boy hanging outside Mcdonalds. Probably smoking a pack of Mayfair.
Girl- too much orange foundation, badly done eyemake up, straw like hair after exessive straightening, or over moussed into rats-tails like way. Otherwise sl*ckbacked greasy hair. HUGE fake gold Argos earings. Loads of cheap soverign rings, some saying words like 'SISTER' (or in this case 'MUM'. Lacoste or Sergio trainers, Chav Jeans (or trakkie bottoms), Leg warmers, Chav branded hoodie. Carrying FAKE Louis Vuitton, Guicci, Prada handbag/POUCH. Bottle of WHITE LIGHTENING or CIDER in the oher hand. Smelling of cheap 'SO...?' deodrant. Possibly pregnant or desting to be, looking disgusted at Goths, Rockers, Skaters, Emos pa*sing by.

Boy- over gelled short hair, dirty looking face, smelling of Lynx and fags. 'Nike' pouch over Sergio nylon hoodie, Mckenzie tracksuit bottoms, big black wool socks and black Lacoste trainers. Lots of cheap Soverign rings. Terrible acne and greasy looking. Arm round chav girl. Trying to be ...
The Chav (or Lamo Inferior) is a sub species of baboon which has somehow learned to do a feeble imitation of the English language and live among the British as parasites.
The origins of the word chav are unclear. Opinion is divided as to whether the word is a corruption of the Romany word "chavi", (roughly translating as "child") or an abbreviation of the word "Chatham," a town, like many in southeast England, with an inordinately high proportion of these creatures.
The chavs themselves are thought by many to be the result of some sort of bio-terrorism or the accidental release of biohazardous materials from a research facility located near a McDonalds "restaurant."
The females (or "chavettes") can be identified by absurdly large hoop earrings and incredibly tight sc*aped-back ponytail hairstyle. The male is the same size as the female but tends to wear tracksuits with hood up in all weathers or pink/powder blue/hooped polo shirts with collars turned up.
Renowned for cowardice, aggression, and a tendency to breed like the head lice they keep as pets (along with Staffordshire bull terriers.)
The mating habits of the Chav revolve around the males driving around urban areas in small, cheap cars filled with sub-woofers blaring out repetitive random noise and hooting sounds. This mating call can be heard for many kilometres. The unfeasably large hoop earrings on the females vibrate and jangle in response to this noise, letting them know that a potential mate is somewh...
Lovers of all things cheap and tacky, the chav is the lowest form of life in British society. When not committing grand theft auto, a*sault and GBH they normally congregate in urban areas especially outside Co-Ops, McDonald's and beer gardens, as their youthful appearance and demeanour restricts them from entering public houses or purchasing alcohol.

Once they have reinforced their numbers, they will proceed to hand out both verbal and physical beatings to any pa*sing unsuspecting and innocent member of the public.
Scientists have studied this behaviour and have estimated that such acts are performed in order to compensate for small genitalia.

Their normal mode of dress can include caps hoodies and cheap knock-off "trackies". Chavs have close relations with magpies as they love all things shiny or "bling".

Until driving age, chavs' mode of travel is by double-decker bus, where according to chav law, it is mandatory to sit upstairs on the back seat playing R n B, hip hop or "hardcore" dance music such as "niche" or "casolocos" very loudly from surprisingly expensive phones with MP3 player facilities. Chav law also states that they must be as loud and annoying as possible, and must bang on windows and make V signs to every pa*sing vehicle.

Chavettes, or female chavs, are the primary scroungers of the species. Chav law dictates the production of children from as early an age as possible in order to gain wealth from the state. Normal citizens utilise contacepti...
chavs are retards who think that they're rebels,
lets stand on a street corner and drink white lightening while shouting abuse at some old lady through a stolen traffic cone
ere right d*ck'ed, i'm a proper 'ard chav me. I wunt mess or i'll get my boiz on you. 2k10 init, BUZZZZZIIIN MATE.
A bunch of twats, about 2 foot tall, trackies, reebok cla*sic trainers, plastic-gold jewelry, fake burberry, usualy spotted outside McDonalds, terrorizing OAP's, and with a joint of weed (gra*s mowings) shouting "oi blud, u startin on me geez, i'll f*ckn bang ya f*ggit"
hey darren, look at that chav over there, READY! AIM! FIRE!
The dirt under the dirt of the f*nger nails of society who are usually seen wearing Adidas or Nike trainers with filthy Nike tracksuits tucked into their socks. Chavs try to look "hard" with a drugged up appearance with one half s*aved eyebrow while spitting onto floors or robbing old people's homes.
The bottom run of society. If approached by a chav, consider yourself lucky if they only ask you for a cigarette or some spare change.
Person 1: Oh look it's one of THOSE chavs..

Person 2: Lets hope it doesn't come up to us either asking us for money or to try and beat us up
A british teenager, a rat brain, an obsession with c*ap cars, some terrible slang, the hotheadedness of a gladiator with none of the physical capabilites (like at all), and fifty yards of yellow plaid fabric all thrown in God*'s Blender.

*Note: there is no God.

*written by a proud Emo.
A group of chav teens sit on a wall in a park. A four year old girl walks by.
Chav 1: "Oi! You! this is our turf 'ere in da park!"
Little girl: "uhmmm...."
Chav 2:She's talkin' back! Le'ss get 'er!
Other chavs: f*ckin' 'ey!

Reporter: in our local news, a group of teenagers was beaten to death by a small girl near Picadilly Circus. There were no survivors.
a twattish person who like n*zis label and stereotype everyone else
also they like to start fights then run away and mug old ladies
look at the chavs in the zoo
1. Council House a*sociated Vermin

2. A group of slow witted humans who thrive off Fags and Cheap jewelery.

3. Can be seen in your local town centre/ sreet corner in groups between 4-25.

The female parters of the chav are known as chavettes/wh*res/suts/orange and they are normally dragging along chavlings (small children old enough to be their younger siblings nether mind their children) and they usually wear tracksuits they got form a dingy market stall and have earings large enough that the moon could fit through with grace.

the chav (male) is normally very skinny... and if they are muscley (very rare) then they are normally on steroids.
they have the brain and emotional capacity of a tea spoon and they originated from the townie which are likes chavs but less violent/socially acceptable... but unfortunately they died out in the late nineties/ early 2000's

chavs like to pick on people who are not physically strong but they "hunt" in packs as to provide back up if they need it. if i chav is on his own he will not even look at a pa*ser by in the wrong way because he knows that he is too weak without his friends holding down his victim.
they are a*sociated with council houses and live off money earned by tax payers.

the chav is considered one of the lowest forms of human life and if you ask most british people even a chavs mother they will agree that the bes...
A chav is a kind of w*nker who destroys the United Kingdom most chavs are on the dole or steal and sell knocked off gear.

The most common place to find chavs are on a social networking site by the name of bebo. The main place you see a chav is lurking around at your nearest corner shop or even on the high street or McDonalds (Chavs are known to call McDonalds Mcey Ds and why cause there retarded). Chav are also known to be scared of cla*sic music as stores play it to keep the chavs out. Chavs are that retarded as if there chav mate walks into a store with cla*sic music playing they take it as they like that style of music which ends up kicking them out of the pack.

To know what a chav looks like they are covered in Jewellery or even Cheap Jewellery which was stolen from there last victim they last took out. Chavs also look common and continently frown just to make them self look hard.

A chavette which is a girl chav is most likely to have a baby at the age of 14 as they will date anyone as they come across like some cheap hoe. Still chavette are a bit like the male species of a chav they are common and try to look hard

Chavs hunt around in packs like wolfs searching for there next victim. Looking at a chav even just glancing they will take it very serious as this is one of the mo...
A "hardcore" swearing, ASBO holding, benefit claiming, burbury tracksuit wearing, drunken, crack using person. Usually rides a BMX, due to their driving liscence being taken off them, or they just can't afford a car. baseball caps are popular being worn so that the peak of the cap is vertical in the air, and the head part is virtually on the back of their neck. tracksuits are tucked into socks, and chavs usually walk like a penguin, rocking their shoulders side to side.
Vicki Pollard from Little Britain is an equivallent female version of a chav.
Man kind's largest step backwards in many years, and risks the almost total disolvement of Darwin's theory. A chav is usually a person between the ages of 8 and 28, appears/pretends/tries to be iliterate and though cowardness/ignorance/stupidity tries as hard as possible to fit in, even to the extent of buying/stealing/being handed to by taxpayers the most unattractive collection of casual sports wear and cheap jewellry possible. The rule is "the more you can wear the better" so combinations such as c*appy Nike cap AND a hoodie make you an alpha-chav/geezer/waste of good DNA.

They generally refuse to contribute to society/evolution and infact do their best to absorb their funds from "snobs" (chav dialect for those who work for a living) through refusing to get out of bed before noon, unless they are 110% sure they can steal enough to buy 8 cans of Stella/Lucozade/Alco-pops before lunch.

Chavs travel in packs for protecion/appearance/because no body loves them, and should generally be avoided. If you can't avoid them the law does state you can mame them (this may need checking).

A chav-mobile will generally be on its 18th user, Vauxhall and look like it drove past Halfords (chav-mecca) with a very strong magnet attached. In recent years Vauxhall did employ the chav-designer superstar called "irmscher", who has started making more upmoddel kits for 'semi-chavs'. These are usually black 1.0/1.2/1.4 Corsa's with split exhausts and blacked out windows (because the...
chav: council house and violence
"Mother what does the word chav stand for?"
"It stands for council house and violence ma lil stunna mwah mwah mwah pwincess big nips."
A chav is somebody who seems to think they are the most "hard" person in the world, They seem to pick on small children, animals and elderly people.
If you wish to see more definitions for chav, d*ckhead, a*sehole and twat may be useful.
A chav (male) check list:
Sickeningly angled baseball cap,
Trackie bottoms which are either too big or too small, Tastefully tucked into 3 year old football socks.
Tons of "bling" (fake/cheap/plastic gold often from argos) placed in every place possible.
Gawdy trainers, often Nike or Addidas
Climbing boots, often Rockports or Timberlands.
Burberry patterns in any place possible.
Hair to imitate hedgehog.
A c*appy "customised" old car, Complete with huge stereo system and neon lights.

A chavette (female) checklist:
Make-up applied with a shovel, Foundation often giving the "satsuma" effect.
Tackily coloured tracksuit bottoms (baby pink/blue)
A skirt so short it is more a belt.
Gold ear-rings large enough to train dolphins with,
Gawdy trainers, often Nike or Addidas, In "matching" baby pink/blue colours.
Climbing boots, often Rockports or Timberlands.
Hair in Croyden facelift (so tight it stretches the face)
A gold clown necklace hanging from their neck, Possibly to represent themselves.
A pram. At least 3 children must be theirs.

Both gender of chavs MUST:
Chain smoke,
Drink cheap alchohol,
Think everyone in the world is "starting" on them,
Spit regularly,
Eat tons of Netto food and j*nk food,
A "top of the range" mobile, Complete with music,
Have trouble speaking regular english, Tend to speak a language only other chavs understand and have "innit" and "yer mum" in every other sentence,
A very low IQ oftwen in the negative numbers...
general sc*m that listens to rap music and owns a Vauxhaul Nova, or the likes of
Dude that guy was a total chav.
chav, the modern word for a*shole
chavs,they mug old people.
one word, "twat", end of story.
"Look at that chav. What a chav."
Also referred to as "charvers" and "w*nkers", chavs make no decisions as lone people. They only work in packs of "chav-tastic herds". They first developed as a species around three years ago, and since have reproduced ferociously to become the most common form of human sc*m in the UK. To witness the shocking effects of this wave of filth, go to any town centre, street or bus shelter between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. After 9pm, the streets become safe again as the chavs are called in by their parents to go to bed. "Rock hard chavs", indeed. Chavs are distinguished by the brands Fred Perry, Burberry and especially Berghaus. Beware! Chavs think that these brands are awesome and that trousers are meant to be tucked into their socks. If a fight with a chav seems likely, do not worry. There need to be about 20 chavs to equal man without sight, hearing and arms. It's also worth noting that if your reply to "I'll f*cking spark you out, you queer goth c*nt" is "OK then.", they will likely run away. Their best-known hobbies are smoking, drinking (Lambrini) and shouting attempted insults at random strangers whom they could not actually hurt if the stranger stood still and the chav had a chainsaw. So, bravo chavs. You are now OFFICIALLY the sc*m of the world.
The cow says "Moo"
The chav says "I'll f*cking spark you out, you f*cking hypocrite!" (some pathetic chav called one of my friends a hypocrite once, without knowing the meaning)
You wanna know what a chav is? Google Image search it, cos it disturbed me for life!!!

And so you get big groups of chavs hanging around outside McDonalds/bus stops/shopping centres trying to look intimidating... Well until my equally intimidating emo friends come over, have a fight, and flatten them, of course.
Chav phrases include, "uite?", "brap", "bruv", "bling", "i is sayin", "boss", "cla*s" and "Whatever, Yo Mother works at McDonalds," usually with some vulgar hand gestures.
Chav stands for : Council House And Violence - C.H.A.V

a term describing, a British version of what americans would called trailer trash. most commonly seen in full adidas sports tracksuits, and caps. Chavs also commonly wear, fake designer brands and therefore taint the image of these labels, e.g. Burberry Caps.

Notorious for petty crime, and domestic drug use - of course a ma*sive generalization.
Alan 'Oi Dave, was you with them Chavs last week'

Dave 'Me! Hangings out with Chavs?! f*ck off mate! And anyway, i'm too f*ckin busy with them shifts at Maccy D's'

Alan 'Yeh fairplay mate, ha, you a f*ckin Chav never... Now pa*s me that wrench, this car's gotta stereo'
The word chav or chavette, is a word used for low-life sc*m that want to be black. One day a noob decided that he wanted to look like 2pac and decided to copy his dress style, but he epically failed and therefore he dressed like a scrub with tracksuit bottoms round his ankles hi top sneakers, a vest with a tracksuit top and a hat turned to 90 degrees. also chavs decide to wear an inconsiderable amount of 'bling'. now usually most chavs are on the dole or benefits and claming of our governments. usually chavs listen to r n b hip hop etc, basically any songs where the singer is singing about huge a*ses and shooting other people. chavs are usually aged between 12-16 and by the time they are 18 have grown into mature people, almost. they usually hang out with mcdonalds and also show off there nokia 3210's as they are too poor to afford good phones. chavs are the skidmarks on the underpants of society and by 2020 i predict a huge war will take place between progressive rockers and chavs. that will be fun >_< another name for chav is wigger.
chav 1: sup bruv
chav 2: ....
chav 1: ay brav why iz u airing me innit
chav 2: i iz finkins about me fams in the hoodz of shoplandz

chav 1: manting i az been tinksin bout them 2, i fink we shuld cuts dem up innit
chav 2: yh we shuld shank dem hardcore eh
chav 1: sozz bruvting buts my mumz dole money aint come through yet, she iz trying to work on da corna as ard as she can but the fish mongers are sueing er 4 da bad a*s smell coming from her pooooooosssssy
Chav (lazyus sc*mbagius).

.outside the local spar
.street corners

.council estates
.mc donalds, burger king etc.

.hair cut short with highlights in (innit)
.fake bling, chains with dollar signs on etc.
.burberry, adidas or nike tracksuit

.baseball cap at a ninety degree angle
.cheap polo shirt with the collar sticking up
.anything fred perry
.any sort of knackered white trainer

.hair in a ponytail with a fluorescent hair band (scrunchie)
.puffa j*cket and tracksuit bottoms or a velour tracksuit
.fluorecent pop socks with the the tracksuit bottoms tucked into them
.reebok trainers

.standing on street corners shouting abuse at anyone
.vandalising local parks
.in mc donalds eating their manky fast food really messily
.riding a ridiculously small mini motor bike around the local park.
.drinking cheap cider or alcopops in local parks or anywhere thats got a bench because their legs get very tired you know (and also they like to rip the bench out of the ground for a laff)

the common garden chav is unable to speak properly so it uses dumbed down versions of correct english, here is a list of the words they mostly use:
.cla*s (probably the only real word they can say)
(scientists have been trying to work this language out for twenty years and they still haven't figured it out)

.gangsta rap...
council house a*sociated vermin
chav: person who live's on benifit but doesn't benifit society him: (chav, her: (chavette)
unlike people who are just out of luck, these people, 'chav's' actively avoid work and are a nuisance to normal people. is a*sociated with council houses, but can be a fashion statement for the lower IQ, eg, Jade Goody, Jordan, N-Dubbs, (could be spelt different, but who cares)
The UK's answer to the wigger, with most of the black slang being lost in the move across the Atlantic and curiously replaced by Burberry. The attitude, utter uselessness, and tendancy to start reproducing before one is old enough to shave remains unchanged. Vehicle modification and aversion to legally purchased items are likewise similar. Minor regional variances in clothing and music tastes may occur, but do not hinder identification - if you've seen one, you will immediately be able to recognize the other types.
"Why's that guy got his tracksuit tucked into his socks?"
"That thing's a chav. Just like the ones you've got back home that wear their trousers with the crotch down at their ankles. We just don't have clothes big enough here, so they had to pick something else that looked just as stupid. But inside, they're all the same."
"Oh, a wigger? They've made it over here, too? The planet is doomed!"
This wonderful breed of human trash, are a form of degenerate bred by a liberal policy that has encouraged whole neighbourhoods of these morally bankrupt sc*msuckers.

The welfare state has generously provided these vaguely humanoid creatures the financial means to breed ma*sive families of 8 or 9 brutalised child chavs in waiting.
Because of this the swine now outnumber true humans 6 to 1 in areas like Swanley and Orpington, in Kent

The women are easy to spot, they are the ones calling their two year old children c**ts because the poor little souls can't keep up with a woman about 4 ft taller than them. You see them every morning on their way to the off license.

The men are unctious, revolting, trogladytes who beg for fags and booze outside said offie and look for the first excuse to gang up with their mates to beat up a 10 year old.

They have a very effective method of indoctrinating their children with the chav ethos:(the following is irony by the way, just in case you're a bit slow)
1) Physical abuse - The chav father AND mother are very good at this. Why ask kids nicely to do something, when you can brain them with the remote control."I'm watching Jeremy Kyle"
2) Thieving as a lifestyle choice - It's how dad gets the little luxuries.
3) Normalisation of drug taking in the family home - Marijuana can make you a real man, eh kids? and psychotic, for extra fun, too!
4)Bravery is not how tough you are it's inversely proportional to how many of you can gang...
One hormonal teenage boy, dressed up in fake Adidas and Argos jewellery with a pregnant girlfriend who turned 12 last week. Typically living in a council house in Croydon, with yobbish mates who like to hang around outside McDonald's and mug old ladies for entertainment.

There you have the epitome of a chav.
Chav Speak:~

Cardiff Chavs.
Also known by the names,
cheifos, waynes, kevs, darrens, bras, bros, bres, spas, spafes, safes, sc*mmaz, twat rats, dole moles, filthy f*ck faced f*ckers, beppos, council estate stem cells and Olympians, *this last name is derived from observing their behaviour of almost constantly appearing dressed in sports attire. Note> This is not true on days of which they are required to attend County Court or go for an interview for Londis where they will revert to wearing ben sherman shirt, top shop jeans and black Lacoste Wainers, ie> Trainers.
Cardiff puke differ from other UK filth monkeys in two key areas. Firstly, Dey talks in sum f*ckins kind of like f*ckins welsh f*ckins gangsta fings and pluralises almost every words so theys ends ups sayings stuffs thats constantly fluctuating between collective tense, misp*onounced verbs and nonsenses. This has led to the belief that bin eaters have knowledge of the future and are bred for thier skills in palms readings and the art of tarot. This was given creadence by the recent discovery by anthropologists that "izzit?" and "innit" were ancient druidic for "magic" and "wizard power"
The second major difference is their level of hostility. Where as a pack of Happy Shopper Hyenas will usually only attack if their number is greater by at least 5 times than that of their prey, ie> Old ladies, disabled people, cats, a 14 year old Diffchav was observed throwing random punches at pa*sers by while walking solo down Cit...
A lame excuse for a teenager.
Usually sporting every single bit of Nike they can find and the whitest trainers you have ever seen.
The usual habitat for a chav is either McDonalds or outside the Co-op.
And looking 'hard' on their BMX's.
Seem too refer too everyone as 'mate' even though they are having a go at them.

Mostly they think they are s*x on legs, but everyone knows we just laugh about them behind their backs.
Normal: ... Hi?
Normal: .. No -Thinking- Why is this randomer having a go?
Chav: -Lights 'Fag'- I AIN'T EVEN BOTHERED MATE.
Normal: Ok then.. O.O
C = Council H = House A = And V = Violent
A young person that wears fake burberry caps and tracksuits.
Usually wears lots of plastic jewellery with dollar symbols on it.
Bob : Hey look! i got some cheap buberry and a fake pear of Nike/Adidas trainers!!!

Fred : (pulling out a gun) Today you die chav...
A foul species found mainly in inner city or subhurban Britain.

Both male and female, Chavs have many distinguished features and traits.

.Female Appearance.
-INDECENT use of orange foundation, applied in layers, with a clear line between the natural skin (usually pale) and the foundation.
-CLOGGED up mascara to give the spider legs eylash effect.
-TOO much blusher for the 'clown' look.
-BLEACHED blonde straw like hair, 3 inch black roots. Usually over straightend or scrunched- so it looks like rat tails. Hair worn down or in a sl*tty side ponytail.
-FAKE designer handbags, usually fake Louis Vuitton or Dior with a double 'o'.
-CHEAP jewellry from Argos, usually in the Elizabeth Duke range.

.Female Traits.
-USUALLY alot more aggressive and blatent then the male species. Will give filthy looks and make ludicrous comments in public at anyone who's not in a tracksuit. Very b*tchy, has about 10 friends who are clones of eachoher who constantlly b*tch about each other.
-HOLDS vapid conversations on her mobile, usally robbed, in public places to a 'friend' named 'Shanikqua'.
-WILL have some kinds of s*xual intercourse by the time she is 14.
-SMOKES too much and applies cheap deodrant over the smell of smoke in school hours- which makes it smell 10x worse.

.Male Appearance.
-WEARS baggy cotton or nylon tracksuit bottoms with reebock cla*sic trainers. Wears a Nike cap to cover his bald head.
-DEODRANT consists of Lynx, and too much of it.
-WEARS a man b...
One of the lowest social stereotypes, chavs are normally seen outside a local shop, such as budgens or the co-op. You can generally tell if they are chavs by making someone who is stereotyped as emo past them and seeing if they shout stupid and hardly worthwhile comments at them. Commonly found in the nightmares of old ladies, chavs are generally anti social and aggressive, unless by themselves, then they turn into stuttering idiots.
Chav 1- "oi sh*thead, go slit your wrists with a rusty razor blade"
Chav 2- "oi mate, i got so f*ckin p*ssed last night and you never guess who i shagged"
Chav 1-"who?"
Chav 2-"ya mum!!"
Chav is usually a male and comes from Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom. Comes from two words Chatham-Average = CHAV. Trouble starter, cheap fashion (Coq-Sportif, Robe-di-Cappa etc). Vocabulary: Oi, Brav, c*nt, p*ss Off, Fak-Hof ye c*nt, Prick etc.
Go to Chatham High Street for prime examples of the species. A Chav is also similar to an east london c*ckney c*nt.
Also referred to as "charvers" and "w*nkers", chavs make no decisions as lone people. They only work in packs of "chav-tastic herds". They first developed as a species around three years ago, and since have reproduced ferociously to become the most common form of human sc*m in the UK. To witness the shocking effects of this wave of filth, go to any town centre, street or bus shelter between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. After 9pm, the streets become safe again as the chavs are called in by their parents to go to bed. "Rock hard chavs", indeed. Chavs are distinguished by the brands Fred Perry, Burberry and especially Berghaus. Beware! Chavs think that these brands are awesome and that trousers are meant to be tucked into their socks. If a fight with a chav seems likely, do not worry. There need to be about 20 chavs to equal man without sight, hearing and arms. It's also worth noting that if your reply to "I'll f*cking spark you out, you queer goth c*nt" is "OK then.", they will likely run away. Their best-known hobbies are smoking, drinking (Lambrini) and shouting attempted insults at random strangers whom they could not actually hurt if the stranger stood still and the chav had a chainsaw. So, bravo chavs. You are now OFFICIALLY the sc*m of the world.
The cow says "Moo"
The chav says "I'll f*cking spark you out, you f*cking hypocrite!"
The absolute sc*m of modern Britain. They wear fake burberry, baseball caps, hoodies, designer logos like Adidas and Lonsdale, and just cause trouble to innocent people who have done nothing wrong to them. Chavs usuallly isten to c*appy music like G-Unit and 50 Cent and other sh*tty rap stuff. They have no education whatsoever and can't seem to understand anything intellectual.
Chav1: y0 did u wotch big brother last nite
Chav2: ye it woz wikkid m8
The usual Chav, Stands for Council House affiliated Vermin, is a person that stand outsides Mcdonalds all the time but doesn't actually have enough money to actually go in. If you don't know what a chav looks like go to your park and look for a bench, there will be a flock of the creatures. If there are females in the group, the males will make their sh*tty baseball caps face 90degrees skyward in some type of crude mating display and use their own language to attract a mate, using phrases like: "F***! Yur lu'in fit, b*tch! Ho muuch fur da nite, blud" You will also see younger males perfomed this mating dance aswell, don't be shocked by this sight as, by the age of 11, most chavs have already had a child or an abortion.
Most chavs listen to "ganstazz" music from people that are usaully girls that show as much as flesh possible or men that talk fast about drugs, guns, booze and shooting people, which is all that stimulates a chav's mind. They all like to pretend that they are black but are also extremely racist as well.
There favourite pa*s-times include:

1.Listening to their "music"
2.Collecting STDs
3.Training their kids to steal from shops
4. Making fun of anyone who dosn't wear fake "designer" clothes and grunt all the time(e.g: emos greebos goths
in old terms a 'yob' or a 'thug'. a perosn with no educational backroundround whatsoever. and who play music on the bus really louldy.
lifespan of a chav:
mugging people from the age of seven
first fag ten
first ever asbo twelve
first ever child thirteen upwards

chavs love to over populate the world even more by breeding from the age of thirteen
a chav is someone who does not have good taste in music and only likes ba*s line remixs and would not be able to give an example of a good song if their life depended on it
f*ggots who act tight continually wear tracksuits, trainers, fake gold jewellery, caps(burberry normally) wear like a billion rings.. have pony tails on top of their heads.. listen to c*ap music mainly RAVE or RnB or watever have no self respect, are always fighting, complete THUGS, they steal and their idea of a good night is sitting in the park raving
the bit out with their cheap cider
Ha look at that big chav ..stealing their fake gold jewellery from Argos
Basically, the British version of an American douchebag. They ride around in c*appy tuner cars, dress like gangsters , wear obnoxious amounts of blinged out jewelry (especially earrings), knock up teenage girls, and smoke. Overall, they act like loitering a*sholes.
Those stupid chavs in the parking lot gave me so much lip I'd like to crack some skulls!
Council Housed Anti-sociol Vermin.
Dirty Chav.

Chav it up yo, brap!
A chav is like used toilet paper, you wouldn't want to go near it again. Female Chavs (Chavettes) tend to wear ma*ses of make-up that's thicker than custard. They also wear skirts which are infact belt and have this growth coming off the side of their head which is s'pose to be some form of hairstyle. They also have monroe piercing which look like huge moles.

Male chavs are loud and try to grab their p*nis to look 'ard even though we all know there not hard and there p*nis can not get hard in anyway because they all have v*ginas. You can spot on of these chavs by identifying their tucked in tracksuits in their cheap knock-off trainers and their fake burbury because they can't afford the real shizz.

I could go on but there's too much to say
Ew ... quick there's a chav around the corner, let's poke it and see if it aquirms.
A sub-human species, often thought to be descended from fish, due to their tiny memories and 'gawping' facial expressions.
The average chav spends most of his time, when not hammered or pretending to be 'hard', drinking, teaching his 4 chidren about the 'honourable' ways of the chav, and generally being a nuisance. It is though there may be a plot to try and take over the world, which would explain their huge breeding, but they will lack sobriety when attacking. If you ever meet a chav, you should take on step towards him and he'll run screaming to his (pregnant) girlfriend.
An unfortunate sub-human diagnosed with Chav, (Chronic Humanoid Attitude Virus). Normally very annoyed with everything and monosyllabic, because of unexplainable brain shrinking.
"Your mum's a Chav"
C= Council-
H= House
A= Agressive &
V= Violent...
Chav... that sums it urp ^^^^^
The word Chav is, in fact, an acronym for Council House a*sociated Vermin, this is reflected in their magpie like attraction to shiny things as well as discount fake sports wear. Chavs can also be identified by the vomit inducing stench of stale tobacco smoke and unwashed clothes
'Hey look a dirty chav'
Burberry wearing, cider sucking, fake gold flaunting, fight picking, subhuman sc*m.
Those two chavs thought they could pick on us, and we busted open their empty heads.
Have you beaten a chav today?
a total c*nt.
chav: ite wasteman.

adam: how's your 7 kids?
Mainly attaching itself to teenagers, the Chav virus destroys the brains ability to p*onounce words such as "The" "Isn't it" and "Brother". This leaves the teenager with a vocabulary such as "Da" "Init" and "Bruv".

Along with the loss of certain words, a taste for burbury appears and the teenager will shed all sensible clothes to wear these. They will also buy jewelery from Argos as if it is worth millions.

The Chav will also harm others for no reason, they will also threaten, but do not worry as these are hollow threats and they will only hurt you once and not stab or kill you.
Jamie said he is going to stab Chris, but because he is a chav he will only hit him.
Council house and violence, usually a*sociated with white folk. hang about and cause mischief. usually wears sporty clothing like tracksuits or Burberry
look at that bre, just come out his council house and he up to no good alread, f**kin chav
"Council House And Violent"

British teenagers and lower income families dole scroungers who mostly all come from council estates,Their uniform consists off trackpants and hoodies and little sh*tty baseball caps when it's summer they like to wear vests along with their trackies,They also like to wear Jewellery such as sovereign rings and knecklaces and never take their baseball caps off,The teenagers like to hang out in parks alleys shopping centres and their group usually consists off 6+,They like to shop lift intimidate people and use alot off foul language,They are disrespectful to the elderly and usually can be found travelling on the public transport systems or if they have or can afford their own means off travel usually travel in little novas or if they are drug dealer chavs they roam about in wrx's,Their girlfriends are called chavettes they usally have orange faces big ear rings chew gum and have a foul mouth on them,Most usually have their first child by 17,The older generation off chavs in the 25+ mark are usually all unemployed overweight wear baseball caps and clothes from the late 90's are unshaven and still act like they are 18,Most are addicted to dope or cocaine,The older generation off chavettes are usually big fat mammas with foul mouths and 3 kids to 3 different dads,The half decent looking ones are shagging the top drug dealer and getting all his money so she can keep herself looking good and support her b*stard children,CHAVS are the biggest bunch o...
chav is a fashion statement. it is another word for a thug or a gang member. chavs are fond of hoodies and caps nd they like sitting on walls smoking. lots of people want to kill chavs. lots of chavs want to kill people.
" omg my sister is a mega chav coz she wears a hoodie!"
The alpha-male species of the chav is commonly seen hanging around almost any street corner or outside Mc Donald’s at night on a week day. They are easily identifiable, they wear baseball caps or hoods, “sports label” tracksuit trousers with socks tucked in to them, as an identification of rank (the higher the socks, the higher the Chavvy status), they ‘trend knock-off trainers’ and can typically be seen in mock Burberry clothing. Their combat experience to accompany their rank can be distinguished by the amount of battle honours (or ASBO's) gained.

The female of the species, or Chavette, can usually be identified pushing a pram around shopping centers or pubs smoking, drinking (commonly ‘x*xX’ or ‘special brew extra strength’) and swearing at the infant, or Chavlette. The ‘Croydon Facelift’
(where the hair is tied back into a bun so tightly that it stretches the skin on their face backwards) is common among the females as is cheap, imitation gold jewelry (or ‘bling’). The females status can usually be accurately judged by the sheer enormity of it’s hoped gold earrings.

The common Chav holds it’s own dialect, known as ‘Chavish’. Scientists have worked to try and understand this strange dialect...
The word "chav" is derived from a particular description of the buggers themselves:

4 words to sum it up. Lovely.
-look. he's a right chav!
-no he's not. we're not on a council estate. nobber.
Verb: To steal something.
Noun: Someone who thinks they're "well'ard" wears a baseball cap pointing straight up, sometimes (fake) Burberry, wears tracksuits tucked into their socks
I chavved your pen
That guy is such a chav
You f*cking chav
Stands for Council House And Violence.
Chavs usually live of benefits, vary in all ages, common to have a chav family,wear plently of tacky jewellery, teenage mums, council houses, yobs, thugs, rip off designers such as burbery, swear 24/7..
Chav: Like me new f***** burbery cap? Got it for a fiver man.
Steretypically, the chav is possibly the most imbecilic, arrogant, mindless, violent and stupid person around. They gather in large numbers and hurl insults to anyone who does not follow thier 'fashion'. Which consists mainly of fake gld jewelry, Burberry, tracksuits and other sportswear. Also, a peaked cap is a must have all-season accessory.
-A girl all in black walks past a group of chavs-
Chav:Oy, you, you a f*ckin' dirty greb or somefin'?
-Girl walks of faster-
-CHavs start to follow-
Eventually, the girl gets sick of the, and will find some of her friends, who sort out the chavs
People that hang around bus shelters, shelters on the seafront. Have s*x in the public toilets and then get p*ssed on cheap cider or "fosters m8".

They then talk about how there mums other sons brothers cousin has a nova with 1000bhp and about 10 turbo chargers on it. When they get bored they mindlessly call a few people w*nkers and twats for no reason, and then go up the coastal path to smoke weed out of sight of the "pigs".
Chav 1: "that is a f*ckin savage car m8, nova m8, how fast does it do about 300mph?

Chav 2: "Oi m8 look at that twat over there......YOU f*ckING w*nkER M8" (randomly and pointlessly shouts abouse at pa*sers by who have done nothing wrong)

Chav 3: "M8 BIT OF GRa*s GOTA SPIN ITTT IN MY NOVA MM888888!!"
a complete twat
plural : chavs
female : chavette
just go to hethersett and ull see plenty of chavs
proof that some of h*mosapien is actually de-evoloving back to a chimp, sorry thats insulting to chimps they at least been involved in many scientifc experiments!!!
chavs are the bottom of the genetic sess pool. they cant fight one on one they have to be in gangs to be hard, get one on his own and threaten them they sh*t thereselves and start crying. they have no trouble damaging stealing your car damaging your property if you stand up for your self. they wihnge all foreigners are taking there houses\jobs maybe if you got of your a*s and worked for a living we wouldnt have to employ people from abroad!!!! they verbally abuse anyone with a darker shade of skin than them and genrically label them a paki as they are thick as sh*t, they dont realise that the indians they insult actually despise pakistan more than them. unfortunaltey for average uk citizen if you ever defend yourself aginst them you end up in court they get a slap on the wrist and start over agian, coppers are powerless as chavs know law better than half of these stupid bent laywers who probaly get huge payouts for representing them and after trying to convict them for crimes the coppers get told give em a warning or asbo which on paper is more use for wiping your a*s with. best cure to deal with them??? good fashioned unrestrained street level viglantism, when chav corpses and burnt out chav houses start becoming a regular occurance maybe the government will get off its stupid weak EU ruled a*se and do something mind you with our human rights act we would get a 25yr sentence whilst a criminals gets freed after a few years insted of there full sentnece and given compensation
Simple: COUNCIL HOUSE and VIOLENT; offspring of which should be castrated at 13 and females having full vasectomy at 12 or earliest clinical age.

This should stop the social cancer of this country and save our taxes spent on housing and child benefits extra.

Chav’s not working (safe bet) and offspring should be sent to Afghanistan or Iraq to draw on insurgent fire allowing our troops to locate the enemy with little risk to them self.
This parasite of the state is totally uneducated (except for theft, knifing and general violence), is commonly found (with offspring) in the areas of McDonald’s, Lidel and Aldi; and of course young children’s play areas. Easily identified by bad fashion of tracksuit, Burberry items, baseball cap and bling; and of course bad language.

Chavs are the true children of New Labour, thank you Tony Blair and Gordon Brown; I suppose compulsory voting is a guaranteed winner now; if only Chavs could put a cross in the right box!!
Chav:An illiterate sub species from the normal h*mosapien (humans).
There moronic behaviour towards society and other people is totally undignified; and depressingly our society some what agrees with this ASBO culture. Our future now lies in their knuckle dusting hands.
Chavs NEED to conform to a smoking, immature; bullying way of life. They sport the latest tracksuits from Nike, Addidas, Lacoste & many other companies which persuade young people to turn into this separate race. Their ignorance towards people who refuse to be one of them is pitiful; as they spend all there time hara*sing, spitting, mugging & intimidating good people; with there extensive vocabulary of “ya mum”, “u gt a blem” & “init”. I myself look down on these spongers of society for there stupidity of being a chav. Also not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, which is, be your self. Therefore I have no sympathy for these people for what they do and have done to condemn my country as something it is not.
I will once again be proud to fly the English flag when these people have fled.
Chav can be commonly found outside Mc Donalds in large groups, (safety in numbers i suppose) for fear of being intimidated.
Following old ladies and waiting to mug them.
the most common plance in court.
chav = a complete d*ck head who can only look hard by beating other people up. chavs are the sc*m of the earth, and all the chav girls are complete ugly mingers.

i think any one in their right mind will agree
look at the CHAV trying to be so solid in his burberry
Why? i don't understand, surely these people must know they look like complete and utter twats. I mean can someone really dress like a retarded charity shop and expect people to accept them as they are...whats up with that. Any way i just have to say that one day i might decide to make things more interesting in life and go on a chav killing spree with a flamethrower and a staple gun.
Mr Green: lets go beat the sh*t out of that f*cking chav!

Mr Blue: ok, but i get to use the sulphuric acid.

Mr Green: sure thing, i want to scalp him this time.
(n.) Stupid, ignorant, often illiterate moron with no respect for other human beings. Generally have very bad taste in music and clothing, they are afraid of anything vaguely complicated or different. Commonly speak like dis m8, innit. txt tlk isnt kl m8, so dnt use it, k?! (These stupid creatures are easily outwitted)
1. 'Go faster' stripes.
2. Burbery.
3. White trainers(especially nike or reebok).
4. tlkin like a moron m8 innit
5. Thick 'gold' chain worn round neck.
6. Soveriegn rings.
7. Big hoopy earings.
8. Listens to rap, hip-hop,r&b and/or dance style music.
9.Hate goths.
10.Difficult to understand.
You're getting bored! All of these are signs of chavvyness!
someone who has no brains, lives on a council estate and wears burberry, fred perry and tucks their trousers into their socks
wayne rooney is a chav and anyone who has no brains
twats who hang around outside McDonalds wearing burberry caps/gold chains/big puffy white j*ckets, smoking/swearing continuously. ALso listen to rap, hiphop etc.
argh, save me from the chavs!
UK youth wearing a specific style, including cap (usually burberry) tracksuit bottoms (nike, adidas) tucked into football socks. Shoes (trainers) are always white (nike, adidas). Also Wears cheap 'jewellery' called 'bling'. 'Bling' includes big, cheap, f*ck-off rings and multiple cheap, golden chains. Female version called chavette. Wears a ton of makeup and dresses similar to male chavs apart from no cap
Chav Habits
Chavs can usually be found in gangs of more than 20, with chavettes in tow(who will be shagged later that night). They're main habits include terrorising pedestrians, vandalism, smoking, using words such as 'init' and 'minger', picking fights with other none-chav youths, unprotected s*x, hanging around council estates and chip shops (the chav's temple), riding aroung town on £10 BMX's on sat*rdays and asking total random strangers on the street if they can borrow 50p.
How to confront a chav
1. Do not confront a chav gang (unless you are hard or armed). Chav gangs give the chav more confidence in 'safety in numbers' and a desire for them to show off in front of they're 'friends'.
2. Use your brain, chavs have no IQ over 0.01.
3. Be confident, chavs can smell fear.
4. Give them a f*cking good hiding!
HINT: Don't confront a chav gang unless necessary.
Chavs can also be called
A term used to describe southern England teenagers whose features include:

-extensive vocabulary and the ability to p*onounce words with as many as 3 syllables such as “cigarette” or “gimme-chips”.

-artistic skill, demonstrated by the graffiti adorning their vehicle of choice, the Chaviot.

-constructive skill; this comprises mostly of the deconstruction of a Vauxhall Nova into a Chaviot: a Vauxhall Nova-turned-urinal (the glovebox is used for larger excraments)

-inexpensive trainers

-Flammable hoodies

-"Gold" chains which end up being made of iron and start to rust.

-breeding children in order to obtain free accomodation

-only fear being Norton AntiChav and anybody over 5 foot tall.

-a desire to look like medusa (or at least to turn people to stone by spitting at them)

-use of the word batty boy when a member of the public does not turn over their phone.

-a magnetic attraction to fast food outlets.

-applying the word racist to anybody who disagrees with their agenda.

-Courage; proportional to number of Chavs congregated with them, or Chavs-per-kfc.

-Music taste; Hippie Hop, Rap, RnB Break dancing (which originated from Chavs trying to steal tyre-plates off moving vehicles).
Chav: gimme phone
Person: no
Chav: gimme chips
Person – uses Norton AntiChav to eliminate Chav.
An unfortunate sub-culture which is a waste of space and should be exiled

Not worthy of being called "British"

Also they'd rather spend money on a c*appy old car than buy a new one
Chav-Lend me 10 bar, bruvva, WTF are you looking at?

British person-Get stuffed, you are the skidmark on the underpants of society! How many British soldiers died for pieces of sh*t like you! YOU'RE AN INSULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*chav showing off his banged-up 1980's Nova with a huge exhaust and black headlights, normal person drives past in a Jaguar*
People who think they 'own' territory and decide to spit on 'their' territory to mark it. They also wear hoodies/tramp caps to hide their ugly faces from the world. Another clothing is the cla*sic 'trackies', trousers designed to fall down and show underwear to disgraced pa*ser-bys.
OMG, he really needs to pull up his trousers, the Chav.
a british stereotype.
male chavs wear fake burberry (bought from sketchy market stalls), trainers, fake gold jewellry, and anything they can get from the sports soccer sale. they are seen with cigarettes, drugs and cheap alcohol(eg strongbow or tesco value lager). they also wear a ma*sive tacky fake diamond in their ear.
chavettes wear ma*sive hoop earrings, sh*tloads of foundation (the oranger the better), fake designer brands , fake uggs, fake tan, fake anything.
chavs live in council houses and will steal your bike.
make sure you don't make eye contact or they'll yell at you in your face, you wont understand what their saying though.
What do you call a chavette with two brain cells?

Chav a and chav b race off a cliff. Who wins?

what should you do if you run over a chav?
Reverse to make sure

Why shouldn't you run over a chav on a bike?
it might be your bike

brrrrrrap braaaaap dat iz bare sik mannn ennit dooooo
Chav is an abbreviation of the phrase "Council House and Violent". Which is used to describe a particular section of British Society. Although in recent years Chavs have spread to mainland Europe, in the hope of more property to vandalise and a fresh society to weigh down.
Normally encountered sporting imitation Adidas tracksuits tucked into their socks; Burberry caps and white training shoes. Should you meet some in public profanities will likely be heard, although to who or what these are are directed is usually difficult to understand. Much like other wild animals most chavs will become defensive if interrupted during their routine activities; these include taggin, smoking/spitting in car parks, congregating outside fast food outlets and having s*x with underage girls in alleyways. Although unless they greatly outnumber you, their garbled bark is usually far worse than their bite.
It's simple, when Neanderthals evolved these people quite obviously got left behind, it makes you feel sorry for them.....NOT!

If we had them all killed I expect that several make up shops, Argos and various tracksuit shops would become bankrupt as Chavs account for most of the sales of cheap awful jewellery that sends your neck/wrist/ear green. The upside is that cheap tracksuits would become less popular so shops would have to stock decent clothing that doesn't make you look like a blue tree trunk, YAY for that. As well the sales of foundation would fall and I wouldn't have to walk around town and see umpa lumpa's ever time I feel like going shopping.

A chav is a lot like a piece of litter, no-one wants it around but no-one wants to pick it up, simple. That leads to something else, the countries overall IQ would go up if all chav's moved to mars, because the average chav probably has -1 IQ so yay for intelligence.

I have to admit some do have souls, there are the select few that actually are nice to you IF THEY HAVE KNOWN YOU FOR AGES! otherwise they may be nice to you for various other reasons:
~They want to copy off your school work
~You have money, they don't
~They are alone, no crew members etc.
~They are working in McDonald's and so close to being fired from the only job they have
~You are giving them their benefits.

~Probably pregnant five times by the age of sixteen
~They are more orange than the orange that you peel and eat
~Wearing tracksui...
chav. An acronum for ''COUNSIL HOUSING AND VIOLENCE'' They are often seen to be wearing a tracksuit (ironic because they never actually go anywhere near a track, field or gym) or hoodie with loose jeans and a flat cap. These ''people'' think that they are all more important than anybody else and they think they own the street. But everybody else sees them as self-absorbed c*nts
two chav kids are sitting outside burger king,acting like they are the s**t. A man walks past.

Kid 1: oi mate, are you looking for some f*cking trouble.
kid 2: A knife in your gut?
Man: (under his breath) f*cking chavs
Complete w*nkshafts who think there hard and hunt in packs on emos when there on there own they shud all just drop dead!!! they also listen 2 w*nk music
chav1:luk lid an emo
chav2,3,4,5&6:lets get him
Stinked up freaks of nature that THINK there hard when they see a person with long hair or when there in group of 5 or more. they really need to start looking after there kids instead of getting battered all the time. lol at chavs
Chav: Brap Brap, wot you looking mate you bein cheeky?

Long haired man: Wot?! you Better shut that mouth before you get a slap you little tramp!

Chav: *while walking away* il get you battered mate *repeats many times*

*Chav leaves*

Long haired man:... wot a chav.
Remember that dude/dudette standing on a street corner, with a bottle of Strongbow in one hand, a packet of Kingsize Lamburt and Butler in the other, weighed down with ridiculously oversized gold chains? He/She was stood there with their little Chavvy mates trying to look tough and terrorising old grandpeoples?

Rivals with Emo's, Moshers, Goths, etc.

Also, Queen of the Chavs is Kerry Katona.
I walked past the rejected member of society, otherwise known as the Chav.
A person/group of people who go around thinking they are better than everyone else. They copy everyone else as they have no imagination of their own. With things such as music and clothing style. They tend to do nothing with their lives and spend their lives getting moved on by the police from certain places and drinking cheap alcahol.
"Hey guys, this is my new friend!"

*The group start to murmer to themselves*

"Wow thats great..."

*Group murmer to themselves again*

"oh.my.god shes a chav "
Chav- subspecies of human. noted for the choice of sh*ll-suit body armour, their chariot, usually a Nova, choice in sh*t beer, tucking leg garments (refered to as "trakkies") into the socks, the body language and accent.
Ess*x is the sfest place to be in a zombie outbreak, just try to blend in with the chavs and you should live for at least a day*

*being in ess*x, you will probably be "shanked" or "have a cap popped in yo a*s"
Someone who doesn't have an imagination of their own and because of this, copies everyone else's style. Usually goes out on a "sesh" at weekends and gets p*ssed out of their head. They themselves believe that they aren't chavs.
Normal person: Omg, why do you have to go out on a sesh every weekend, your such a chav!
a person who wears burberry, smokes makes fun of people who are different from others, watches X-Factor other reality shows and adds "eh" on words such as "me", "Hippie" "baby"

In northern ireland they are known as spides
Chav 1: look at that hippeh
Chav 2: X -factor is better than oor hippie music!!
Being ugly but yet tring to appear uglier by wearing hideous tracksuits and usually over-blinged. Easily found, just look for council houses and herds of kids.
Wow! Check out that beasty looking woman. Thats gotta be a chav!!
verb (ch-ae-hve)
to an*lly rape with pathetic chav like p*nis*.

*see Chenis.
chav1: oi ! dnt u evr disrescept me again infron of me m8s or ill chav u in the a*se.

roasta: wikked roasta!
general sc*m
several theories to the origination of the word most popular being council housed and violent

can be found in most towns or cities outside McDonald's and other fast food outlets trying to intimidate with large numbers though this always fails with the oldest member of the group being 15 with a can of white ace
usually they will be abusive to anyone who does not comply to their requests such as gizza fag (roughly translated by experts to give me a cigarette though we can not be sure)

They like to dress in the height of fashion usually a Adidas tracksuit or some variation with there baseball caps at a 45 degree to 90 degree angle
Female chav's or chavettes like to dress similar or wear skimpy tops that to any normal human looks ridiculous the chavette almost always has their hair pulled back for reasons unknown but gives a shocked or surprised appearance to the chavette
both male and female enjoy gold jewelry or "bling"
other accessories chavs have include lighters, Windsor blue's, white ace or special brew 3 babies by different dads

they also have there own form of language including hand symbols and gestures though in reality most of this has been stolen from the hip hop and gangsta rap community

due to this it is also thought the whigger
A chav is a common, rude, rough person. they wear naff clothes.
A chav joke would be, "What are the first words a chav baby says to its single parent?" Answer: "What are YOU looking at??" or: "If there are two chavs in a car and no loud music playing, what kind of car is it?" Answer: "A police car."
chav actually stands for council house and violent.
they tend to be quite thick and self-obsessed and use their own made-up words such as blud or merc
chav: what ya lookin at blud?
emo: nothing good
chav:come say it to my face, i'll merc ya
*emo walks over*
*chav runs away to his benefit paid rented flat, and gets high*
Someone who constantly wears the same black tracksuit over and over again. They stand in the street intimidating everyone with 3 litres of white lightening and shouting "braaaaaap"
me: errr look at that chav over there, what a tramp. I shouldnt look for too long or they might threaten to pop a cap in my a*s

usually dress like a guy and smell super bad

yeah chavs SUCK
hey im chav

yeah u r

im so street

yea im streeter though im fuhkin Gangster yo

im fuhkin Gee Homes
A young white h*mos*xual whose diet consists solely of partially digested corn and peanuts picked from feces, washed down with post-asparagus consumption urine.
"Hi, I be a chav!"
Sc*m of the Earth which you will find in poor places.

Chav actually stands for Council House And Violent.
Person 1: Want to go McDonalds.

Person 2: Hmmm ok. Wait we'll probably get shanked by chavs.
proof that evolution has a reverse gear
what day does a chav get confused on? fathers day
Illiterate, badly dressed, unhealthy, unappealing, badly brought up, sc*m. The lowest species on the planet. Worse than nits and lice. Commonly found on street corners, smoking, picking on people smaller than themselves, causing trouble and ruining our country.

Can be seen on Jeremy Kyle, outside McDonalds, and in the county court on special occasions such as their brother's bail a*sesment or their prize-giving ceremonies (ASBO allocations).

They have also been known to threaten people into buying them cigarettes or alcohol, whilst their pregnant thirteen year old girlfriends grab your mobile out of your pocket, to sell at a pawn brokers to fund their bling addiction.

Most chavs love mouthing off as if they "blatently" rule the planet, though most of them contradict themselves, for example "I ain't got to get no job and nobody ain't gonna fockin' make me get no job." In this sentence they have badly said that they aren't going to get NO job (ie. they are going to get at least one} and nobody isn't going to make them get no job (nobody will stop me from getting a job).

Ignorance must be bliss...

Most chavs are only like that because they are a little bit thick, so instead of attending school, they choose to skive and smoke etc. instead, there...
The disastrous result of bog weed mating with Jordan on a ma*sive scale. They dress in a uniform of tracksuits and a*sorted pikey jewelrey found in the homes of elderly people and cattle sheds. The typical male chav is loud,weedy and barely coherant. He is also racist, h*mophobic, and anti-semitic, while simultaeously worshipping Ali G, a jew dressed up as a black man, and other people who live lives different to themselves. This is thecase for most chavs. Female chavs are jaundiced, ill educated, perpetualy inseminated and privy to the Croydon Facelift hairstyle, where the hair is pulled back so tight that their eyes are placed some 3 inches above their scalps, and Ugg boots worn with very short pleated skirts, revealing their flabby doughlike limbs. Female chavs are so devoid of taste that this style will be mantained if the girl in queston weighs 300 pounds and has an unhealthy 5 o'clock shadow surrounding her thighs. Chavs hunt in packs, picking on people superior to them in every way or form, explaining their maurauding pensioner-slapping antics with th words, 'i has a learnin' difficulty blud, innit'. These words will be accompanied by the pungent odour of a homemade stick of 'ganga' which is usually comprised of table salt and the remnants of last nights microwaved chicken tikka masala.
Chavs live in their 'cribs' or Council Rented Iredeemably Basic Shacks. They are usually tastefully decorated with 1970's style brown wallpaper, and as many tv sets as they can aff...
A chav... is a strange creature that was not born in that way but was mutated at some point during their life into a burbary wearing, fast food scoffing, cigarette smoking monster who has no ambitions or dreams other than acting hard , having s*x with any woman no matter how fugly and getting wasted ever Sat*rday off cheap cider...

Appearance: Usually they are easy to spot, aged around 8-18 (because after that age they get a grip), they usually wear burbary, or cheap imitation tracksuits with their trouser legs tucked into their imitation Nike or Adidas trainers. Usually the chav women have long hair tied in a side ponytail, so much makeup that you'd need a chisel to get it off and 2 times out of 10 they are pregnant. Often they have greasy skin and ridden with acne.

Habitat: Often they inhabit small dwellings on council estates in Britain and are very territorial, often hanging around their neighborhood, intimidating pa*sers by and discussing "fitbirds" in their strange, ever changing language.

If there was a rare case of anybody actually Wanting to find chavs, for catching or hunting, the best place would probably be outside shops, in parks or in a place where people will have to walk through them or around.

The social structu...
Chav is not a word for ALL teenagers. Chavs are caucasian and caucasian only!! The blacks who try to act "chav" are called coconuts. Chavs may try to act black funnily enough but the actual facts that remain is that chavs hate blacks and are very racist people. Chav culture is mostly dominant in Kent, once into London a black boy (african/asian/carribean woteva) will run up on him with a mac 10 and spray untill there is no more blood to bleed.
Chavs wear nike caps, not new era because new era costs £30 which is £30 way tooooo much for Chavs, fake tracks and reebok workouts. Also they have 9C gold jewellery from Swanley market or Dartfordand a fag. They drive chap cars too. A chav comes from a neighbourhood which has council flats however there is no problem of guns or drugs which they like to think there is.
Get it right - Swanley aint Peckham yerrr so u best not run ur mouf bludd.
Chavs also use 'boi' and 'mate' NOT 'bludd' or 'fam'.
Drum and ba*s music too...not grime.
White boy riding in a vauxhall pull up side a n*gga in a beamer, white boy pulls out two mates...n*gga pulls out a mac...n*gga wos a g...white boy wos a chav.
A small person who has not learnt any life morrals and spends there time walking the street coreners at night p*ssed on chea cider, they tend to vandalise public property,terrorise old and young pepole and skip school so they can get there 13year old friend pregnat in a drunken stumble and be an absent father, they have liitle or no life goals and use the money supposed to be for those in real finacail pridictiment and spen it on these three main compniants
this inferiar race will die out in around 1000yers time when the goverment sends them to the moon and they relises that they used all there oxgen and they dont know how to make any more!!!!!!!!!!!
A chav tryed to mugg me, i punched him in the face and kicked his b*lls (if he has any) he soon left me alone
a small little d*ck head who is about 5 foot tall and most probably got a 1.5 inch p*nis who dresses in nothing but branded clothes wears too much jewelry who thinks they are 10 men and acts asif they can hammer anyone (even the female chavs act like this but they wear tight pants sometimes jeans).they usually hang around in a big gruop attempting to intimidate anyone and everyone when all you have to do is floor one and they run away like b*tches. but be warned they think they are solid when they have around 20 people behind them. however one on one they lose easily do not be afraid they are f*cking p*ssies.
chav-"ere mates u hit me the other night"
person-"no we did not stop trying to pick fights"
chav-"bullsh*t u n me one on one mates"
person-(punches chav in nose breaks it chav cries and goes off in ambulences.
The American equivalent of trailer trash.
Karol Jo looks like a chav. Look at the way she wears a headband with her ponytail. The tattoo on the back of her neck and her facial piercings make her look extra trashy.
Also known as Charv

Chavs tend to swagger, throw out those West/East side hand gestures, and act rude. They are usually antisocial, but very confident in themselves. Chavs don't usually play sports because they are known to be lazy. They enjoy happy slapping and being obstructive to society. Most Chavs take part in underage drinking, smoking, drug use, and s*x. Slang is definitely an important part of being a chav. Instead of 'isn't it' they say 'innit' and they replace the 'th' sound with the 'd' sound.

What they wear:
-tracksuit bottoms tucked into socks
-puffy j*ckets
-fake Burberry (FAKE)
-gold/silver chains (FAKE)
-Sports caps or Burberry caps

-tracksuits (pink or baby blue)
-Burberry (FAKE)
-gold/silver chains (FAKE)
-large hoop or dangle earrings
-tight pony tail
-thickly applied makeup
(Innocent person walks down street minding their own business.)
Chav: "What you lookin' at?"

...nuff said
"run its a chav along with his homies"
A frighteningly unintelligent (AND POOR) creature with no morals or fashion sense. For more information see:White TrashandScratter.
CHAV: Oi! wot u lukin at! I iz well 'ard i iz mate. I'll f*kin merk ya! Ya f*kin g*y goff, innit.
CIVILIZED PERSON: Pardon? I'm afraid i don't speak Working cla*s scrounger language. Can you speak any English?
CIVILIZED PERSON: Please go back to your council estate you pathetic piece of POOR WHITE TRASH.
(Luckily, by this time the police arrive and arrest the chav for breaching the conditions of his Anti Social Behavioural Order.)
a 12-16 year old, hangs outside macdonalds with his 'crew' of 'homees' as if they own the place wearing a baseball hat at a 90 degrees angle, a england shirt or polo shirt , (winter) a light blue tracksuit, of course black addidas tracksuit bottoms, white trainers and LOADS of jewlery 'bling'. if you take a slight glance they think you are looking for fight or some sort of trouble they will shout insults untill the person walks towards them, then the run off and continue to shout insults into the air. chavs hate people who dont lsiten to the trashy rap,garage,hardcore, R&B you are cla*sed as a 'neek' 'grundger' or 'EMOOO' even thoguh there is nothing wrong with these type of people. HELP THE NATION..KILL A CHAV!
chav:shut up u neeks, we will bash you up blad. normal people: f*ck off dirty chav!
There are people in the world who think that the label "Chav" is cla*sist, and refers to those who are working cla*s. However, once and for all, it does not. "Chav" in fact refers to those who have absolutely no respect for anything at all, though in fact demand to be respected all the same. They can be found spitting on the streets; they can be found sitting in bus shelters cadging a smoke off other people; they can be found in courtrooms everywhere for street crimes. They will happily attack anyone who so much as looks at them (Ex. 1), all the while hurling abuse at people who are differently dressed/significantly older/significantly younger/in a smaller group. They somehow eke amusement out of destroying that which has been created by others, including bus shelters and spraying graffiti over fresh paint. They refuse to accept any responsibility for anything, ever, and if they find themselves in a tight spot in life, it is always someone else's fault. (Ex. 2.) They also have a tendency to sponge off the state. For example, somewhere in not-so-Great Britain there is a family who have literally 12 children. Nobody in the family works, and because of the system the children allow the parents to claim £44,000 a year in benefits. That's close to £4000 a month (I myself work, and earn around £600), and the parents then go on to claim that they can't stop having kids "because they cannot afford condoms". They receive £4K a month and they can't spare a tenner for som...
simply put, a prick. Thats it really they r just a bunch of pricks.

The End
look at that retarded chav, whata stupid prick
usually a kid about 13 wearing a burberry baseball cap at 90 degrees and his fringe pointing in the same direction. will also be wearing a striped jumper usually fred perry or henri lloyd.his tracky bottoms cuffs will always be tucked into his socks. they also usually wear pristine white rebok trainers bought of a market for £10 or rockport boots. his hands will be covered in fake gold and he will be spouting words like "ye guy" and "f*ckin mint"
anyone wearing burberry
danielle westbrook also known as the burberry princess
Ugly, Benefit scrounger, Unemployed, Lazy, Spotty, Thug, sh*t Music Taste, Interbred, Sc*m Of The Earth, Hunt in Packs, Should of ALL been put down at Birth. Need to be sterilised to stop breeding. Either that or hope they all get Chlamydia which makes them infertile *hopes* The same intelligence as a mouldy potato. Need to be shot at point blank range.
There goes a group of thick Chavs, probably going to start a fight with some defenseless person for no reason at all.
its a british stereotype... generally a teenager or young adult, but you get chavs in their 40s too. they shop at sports shops only, and wear tracksuits everywhere. the girls sc*ape their hair back into a bun and sl*ck it with gel. the girls also wear extremely large hooped earrings. both male and female chavs wear as much fake gold and fake burberry as possible. they like to chew noisily and swear their heads off. most live on council estates and often have kids in their teens. the british form of a redkneck
A: whos that chick with all the bling?

B: thats stacey, the chav.
Low lifes, Unwanted by the public, Violent, and basically hated by everyone, even their own so called friends dont like them, they just hang out with them just to be popular.

The girls are always dressed in the long cheap shirt that says "Im your b*tch" or something like that, they wear their hair really tight up or they will have the small layered pony tail almost at the top of their head with a fringe that is totally identical to all their "mates", usually with unatural looking blonde streaks.
The wear cheap looking make up, and rediculously large hooped ear rings, they will ware their tight skinney jeans (wich all the emo's and scene kids had way before them)
they wear silver and gold dolly shoes or they would wear tracksuits and nike trainers.
Most the girls are pregnant before they are 15 or have atleast had s*x at 12 years old.

The boys dye their hair blonde or blonde streaks and ususally spike it up or wear a baseball hat.
they either wear football kit or tracksuits and always wear nike trainers.
they usually smoke from the age of 10, and have one ear pierced with a huge rock in it.
They use words like "innit" and "mush" or "Bruv" and they like to be idiots on the street by harrasing old ladies or picking fights with people older than them.
they also pretend they are funny when they start pretending to flirt with other girls, usually like emo's or goth's, then they pretend to ask them out and when they are turned down they start to insult the girls and real...
chavs are mindless b*tches that dont have the knoledge to speak properly
for example "wat up bruv ows it anging init" "cool blad but some grungies dont even know illav em"
weird chav
a stereotyped group.
chavs started in England with loads of wannabe gangstas trying to be hard and jsut turning out total nobs and turned into chavs.
the typical chav are trackies caps and maccy ds blud.
they also have there own languge.
C- Council
H- House
A- And
V- Violence
Normal people would say: Hey, how are you? or something like that
Chavs say:
Aryytee mayyyte?! Innit blud. Wazzup? Yeah mayte. Im gunno fooking twat ya aryytee? Innit mayyyte!
A d*ckhead
U just got merked blad. Yeah sick mate. Put a donk on it! Omg wtf you chav
A culture of people who dress a certain way(track suits and burberry often) and often speak in slang, alot of so these called chavs indulge in the "happy slap" trend,Chavs have no manners and are often in groups, they call these groups "Mandems" and these so called "Mandems" are often named after the postcode of the area they live in i.e b64 etc...
Billy the chav: Tell my mans im top don round ere'

Manny the chav:My man must be dizzy blude
An english derived term for a common type of British citizens. They can be of any age (usually 12 through to 80), and they all smoke, do drugs and binge drink.
Female and male chavs are both quite similar, as their dressing style (tracksuit) is the same, and both genders do not work.
Below is a typical example of a conversation between two chavs.
A: Ayup, why you lose so much fat, like?
B: I just popped out another one.
A: Whos da dad?
B: Dunno.
A: OMG dat's like sooo gangsta. :L
B: Yeah man. We so gangsta.
A: So why dey call us chavs?
council Housed And Violent

usually spotted around mcdonalds or starting on people through town
"yea i was just walking through town and these chavs came up to me and told me im a twat and to c*nt my hair"

"yea council housed sc*m!"
Council Homed And Violent
chav: ex. burberry wearin
council house and violent.
Usualy fat people with greasy hair who think
ther 'solid' when with another chav.
chav- f*ck OFF YA f*ckN f*ck f*ck HIPPY sh*tE
hippy- CHAV
hippy- yma?
HIPPY- stupid chav
chav- WELL ERR f*ckN sh*t BOLLIX c*nt a*se sh*tE.
hippy- ok, i thort so
-hippy walks away-
council house and violence
what more can i say
they use retarded word like
"reet bruv"
and the main offenders
"are you stupid fam" and "brapppp"
Instead of talking to a chav
why dont you just talk to a brick wall
you'd get better convesersation with it
Now in the dictionary as: Counsel House And Violence.

Don't know how true this is but anyways...
Chav 1: Init man I beat up sum samalis today
Chav 2: Sick, Lets go back to your place
Chav 1: Nah I can't me mams Kicked me outta it again, Although I dont care, its such a sh*thole
Chav 2: Yeah man, Counsel House init man
A teenager or young adult that thinks they are hard, cover themselves in "bling", dress in tracksuit clothes, sometimes hoodies, and stink like burberry aftershave and perfume. You usually see them in groups or gangs. Usually they like to cause damage to buildings and other things like roadsigns, and if you tend to approach one they start to intimidate you for no reason. Chav girls are usually fat and wear pink hoodies, preferably the brands mckenzie or bench.
*2 friends in school playground walk past some chavs*
Chav 1: Oi, ugly b**ch, ya startin on me?
Friend 1: I didn't do anything.
Chav 2: Yeh ya did i saw ya! Ya pushed me bruv!
Chav 1: Come on then if ya fink your hard
Friend 2: p*ss off, pikeys.
self invernted term to sound gangsta
just a stupid label
annoying twats who r gangsta wannabees
they think they are hard and solid, but they are just retarded.
they use words such as safe or innit dude omg how retarded
they are hated so much in the uk
they are the worst possible people u can ever get to know
chavs wear tracksuits n fake gold jewellery which just looks retarded gangster wannabbes
they are stupid and have many problems
smoking from a young age losing virgintiy as well at a young age
why do they bother
moshers cant stand chavs
chavs try ganging up on emos but they never win
all chavs are wusses n cowards
they try acting hard but no one is scared of them
chavs always get the sh*t beat out of them

basic defintion- everyone hates them
a 14 yr old chavette girl and her chav boyfriend try ganging up on an emo girl, but the moshers notice what is going on and beat the sh*t out of the both of them
chav stands for council house and violence.

just go to worcestershire, uk theres loads of them.

Person 1: I live in a council house, and I'm violent. What ya gonna do bout that?

Person 2: Call u a Chav!

Person 3: What did u call me??
a faking hooligan with only the word 'emo' in their vocabulary.
indie walks past some chavs...

chav 1: emo
indie: *ignores*
chav 2: emo
indie: your originality becomes you.
chav 1: EMO
indie: i have never met someone who's had their favourite appendage so far up their shallow a*se that they've forgotten their own gender *walks away*
chav 1&2: emo...
There are 3 types of 'Chav'

-Wannabe Chav- These are you're 8-11 kidswho go round in tracksuits, caps pointed upwards, with some type of addidas j*cket on. they ussualy wonder round in groups and thing there badboys just because there are lots of them. They sometime smoke, becuase that makes you look 'hard' and will try to start a fight with and imitate what you say. These are very annoying and should all try a bit harder. commonly reffered to as Charva

- g*y Chav - These Chavs always seem to be poor, smell and where the same clothes all the time. They commonly ask you for a 'fag' (Ciggarette) at which most people reply to as no. They then say 'yeah you do' for some reason, even if you do don't OR they will ask you for a lighter, it is less common that they will say 'yeah you do' if you say no. They where the same clothes as a typical Chav and hang around in groups of 2-4 in which they will go round drawing on walls saying stuff like 'Bez was ere reppin B6 07' or they terroise smaller, more innocent people. These Chavs are ussualy very stupid.

-'Safe' Chav- These Chavs are alright, they wear the more expensive type of Nike,Adidas and do not seem to have a problem with anybody. They will not start fights, but they may ask you for a fag. if you reply no, they says its alright and leave. You can talk to them, and they will have no problem with you. These Chavs hang around in larger groups 6-8 but pose no ...
The chav is normally a cla*s of people below working cla*s, i.e cla*sless if you like. They have no money of their own as they get all of this from the government.. how nice of them. Getting payed to do nothing, and incentive to have many many offspring - as they get even more money for this. And, free housing.
The chav father is typically 12 - 17 years of age , towards their early 20's they will have roughly 10 chilren of whom all have different mothers.

The same applies to the chav mother except she will have 10 children of different fathers! this is how they are planning to take over the world - OVERBREEDING.

All chavs have to wear "uniform" if they want to be a part of the gang, if they do not conform to this "cult like" demands of the leaders they will be extradited until they learn to do as all others do. Typically, they all wear imitation sports clothes, a favourite look is to tuck ones socks into ones trousers, possibly to intimidate pa*sers by.

One of the favourite habits of the chav is to hang around shopping centres near argos and "maccy'dees" as they like to call it. They feel that they are very scary, often calling out swear words and insults that would not impress three yr olds. "oi spekkie" , "haha t**t you've got a tie on" . yet when confronted they usually run away, if not they just cowar!

lastly they have built their own language from base english, most words are less than 2 sylables long so as not to confuse each other. not that they would know what longer words meant anyway as most drop out of school at 11.
either a fit young lad hanging round in bus shelters, parks or churchyards usually wearing a tracksuit with his bottoms tucked into his socks or a old lazy fart that lives on benifits or a young sl*t!!
o o im a chav il top ya motor!!
Immigrant to the United Kingdom from Chavonia. Due to the usual socio-political factors that determine one's cla*s/employment/housing/education etc etc, Chavs tend to be at the lowest level in these areas and are therefore victimised in the media and by those who need someone to look down on. Interestingly, to cover up the obvious bigotry of Chav-hating the country of Chavonia has been removed from the world map and people now pretend that it doesn't exist and that the Chav is merely a British person who affects the demeanour of someone born into an undercla*s, and could therefore speak like a middle-cla*s person, get a job in graphic-design and join the local golf club, should he or she so desire. The commonly held belief that Chavs are naturally violent is something of a misconception - it's true that they sometimes give goffs/moshers/emos and other fashion victims a bit of a kicking but usually they perform this service quite reluctantly for up to ten or fifteen pounds.
He's a chav you say? That tells me very little about him, but quite a lot about you.
Council House And Violent, British youths aged 10-25 who wear hats peaked up at 90 degree angles wear nike or adidas track pants nike shoes ride around on small motorbikes through their housing estates always up to no good drinking liquor in the parks smoking joints hara*sing people walking bye by saying stuff to them or giving them dirty looks they steal cars litter the place and are always on the run from cops
There was so many chavs today down the town this whole town is infested with them
a chav is a soul less person that goes around insulting anyone that is capable of forming a sentance without the use of a swear word thrown in.
OI. im gna fck u sdwys. - said the chav. pretty much how spelt. shockingly.
a chav is a person who wears lots of burberry stuff& fake fur, thinks alot of themselves & is a complete fool. also, are very fug-like and like to push old ladies over& hang about on the street. its kind of the english version of 'gangster'.
'hey, do you like my brand new burberry hat?'
'you chav.'
An American definition of chav because most of these definitions on here are British:

Symptoms of a chav:
Adidas, Air Jordans or any expensive sneakers
White tees

Baggy jeans that don't fit
A p*ssed off look on their face
An ipod
An expensive cell phone
Is most likely white
Probably comes from a middle cla*s family but pretends to be ghetto
Listens to rap

Uses the words: mad, tight, retarded, g*y, yo, ayo, and often typ3s Lik3 tHiS.
They hate emos and goths, or anyone they think is emo or goth. They often accuse people of being goth even when they're not.
They hate h*mos*xuals
They're very ignorant and arrogant and can't think for themselves, they always do what they're friends are doing
They often vandalize

They fight all the time
They think they're tougher than they really are and accuse people of "runnin' their mouth"
Basically just really stupid neanderthals.
So you're walking down the street and you see a p*ssed off looking white boy wearing Nike shorts that sag to his knees or baggy jeans. He's wearing a white tee or a jersey of some kind, with a chain or two. He's wearing 200 dollar Air Jordans or Adidas. When you look at him he says, "What the f*ck are you staring at?"
He's a chav.
white peeple in England who wear cheap sprt kit all da tym lives in a council flat has 400 babies and smokes and drinks woteva dere age
Person 1: excuse u r sitting on mi wall
chav 1: Oi !! wot did u fink ya doin? u knt shaat @ me?? kum ere paedo im gona get ma bro on u.....etc
Chav, is a derogatory term applied to certain young people that is usually heard in the United Kingdom. The stereotypical image of a chav is a white aggressive teen or young adult, of working cla*s background, who wears branded sports and casual clothing, who often fights and engages in petty criminality, and are often a*sumed to be unemployed or in a low paid job. The word is believe to have arisen due to stereotypes portrayed in the British sketchshow 'Little Britain'.
Vicky Pollard from Little Britain is a chav.
Ages can range from a minimum of 12 reaching the maximum of 30 and possibly above.Locations can range from parks to council houses to town flats.Rarely seen on there own,usually in packs as you will find they are quite useless on their own.They are unable to comply with the law and are p*onouned for their bad attitudes in society.Very hard to reason with even worse to understand.Incapable of thinking for themselves,hense their codes of dress,they have to look like clones of each other.They enjoy activities such as creating spawn to carry on their cult.They are extreamly vile-mouthed that always have something petty to say also they are very argumentative.They interrigate other people and make a society look deprived.
Chav 1-"u owt 2nyt brav"
Chav 2-"yeh mayte nt got mch cash dole cme in layt"
Chav 1-"sme blad bad dat init"
Chav 2-"yh blad"
One of the major downfalls of Britain. Chavs have now become an epidemic by over-breeding and it will be a much more difficult task to rid Britain of these rodents.
Can be spotted wearing mainly fake versions of burberry, track suits which have been ucked into thier socks, white trainers and endless amounts of cheap gold argos rings and chains.
Seen with a high, tight ponytail/poker straight hair, fake tan and bad makeup. Will wear tracksuit bottoms/white skinny jeans and normally a plain top with a large poofy j*cket. can wear either dolly shoes or desiegner trainers and emense amounts of, again, cheap gold argos jewelery.
additions to this can be chav babies (born and expecting), fags, cheap nd illegal alchahol, mobile phones and baseball caps and hoodie (both hood and cap worn at same time).
On thier own hey are safe but in large numbers be prepared.
The only way to rid Britain of these things is to show them that we are united and beat the sh*t out of them instead of trying to ignore them and walk away.
another way is to stop calling them chavs and instead call them somehing they would not want to be a*sociated with although that may be difficult.
But keep in mind its good to kick them when they are down!
Chav: OI MATE!!! what the f*ck you looking at!!! come on them! you think your so f*cking hard init! f*ck sake!
Man: *knocks chav out*
A CHAV is a person who wears cheap sports wear ALL the time, a mangey cap on their head, hood up and dirty trainers with ear piercings and studs an often spitting, drinking and swearing. Very unstylish in the fashion world but much of the popluation is turning into the stereotypical 'CHAV'.
"Hey Ben look over there its a gang of CHAV s. We should cross over so we don't have to walk past them!"

"No don't worry Bernard, they try and look hard but really they are just loser 10 - 21 year olds. They have no strength but they may have weapons, just don't look them in the eye and run if they talk to you!"
Boys/Girls who deal drugs wear jeans so loose we see their pants and practically go blind.Boys who want to get a girl preganant and never talk to them again.Girls who think they are cool when wearing cheap burberry from the 99p store when they all look like a bunch of losers
1st chav:YO BRUV,wa*supp oh my gawd blad guess wat!
2nd chav:WAT BLAD
Typicaly working cla*s white children that have some how gone against there perants morrals and dignaty and have singed on to the dole, pepole that hate chavs are often cla*sed as snobs. I hate chavs and where common as they come i mean we live in a two up two down with me,my brother, my mother and my sis and non of us have resorted to becoming that inferier race.
This is how a chavs day tends to go

"Wake up at 11pm"
"arive late to school, because they seem to think that education dose not matter"
"skip afternoon cla*s, go home nick your mums benifit money"
"go out get p*ssed"
"get a girl pregnant"
"spead a std"
"go home"
"repeat this cycle till there 45 and then there two old to pull even the most hidiouss slapper, that what yers of unprotected s*x gets you"
Anyone who wears sporting attire when not playing sport. Simple as that.
Most Popular Chav Brands:
1. Nike
2. Mckenzie
3. Ecko
English word, taking england by storm as more and more common women fall intot he 'chav' category. A chav is a person with the following features:
-Bleached hair
-fake burberry/louis vuitton/ any designer at all that they can pick up at the market.
-usually pregnant before they reach their twentys
-usually smoker
"Omigod....look at that chav." (points to woman with all of the above. lol.) Britney is an american chav.
A British term, meaning "misplaced tracksuit".
Him's a Chav innit?
Radley wells
"you know radley wells?"
"he's a right chav."
Chav's - girls or boys can be chav's, boys usually wear or can be spotted by wearing track suit bottoms really baggy, baseball cap or hoodies! They think they are the best, like gods gift and prance around thinking every girl likes them and always uses the words "boom,weng,man"

How to spot a girl chav or chavette: they have either blonde or black hair, false nails that are melted onto there real nails,clumpy mascara, spider lashes, track suit bottoms with a brand name on them e.g adidas/nike,pastey foundation,glossy lips and really tight hairsrayed hair! Uses obnoxious words such as c*nt,w*nker,b*stard,fiesty etc

Chav's also think they are the best,they bully people if they think there better than them!
They don't like people sticking up for themselves or argueing back!

All chav's think there in girls cases prettier and more safisticated than other girls and in the boys cases they think they are way better looking than fellow boys!
weng boom chavette spider lashes
A bunch of people who where the Burberry colours with pride, dress in sports wear and think not brushing their t*eth is good.

also drives a load of sh*t, and also cant drive for sh*t.

Lack of eduction present.
"Oi, get out the f*cking way you Chav, im going to get something you never got. An Education. "
The word originally derives from the first letter of each of the following words;
Council House And Violence.
And is frequently used, to explain males of the young, middle-aged and the elderly riff raff types (chavs), that are up to no good and have unfortunately over-populated England. Making England go downhill and making it a very dangerous and depressing place to live.

These animals (the chavs) take great pleasure in making everybody's lives a misery and are only ever intimidating when they hang around in groups / gangs of anything from 3-50 people.
Individually, they are cowards.

They are happy to remain unemployed and to scrounge as much money as they can off of government benefits and people.
They also like to smoke dope, sniff glue, get drunk and to get their girlfriends pregnant, as much as possible. It's like a hobby to them.
They also have to remain as the most negative role-model to their kids, in the hope that he or she will turn out like him (the parent). the chav(s) in the U.K actually believe that behaving as a bad role-model is fun they feel that it is the way forward in life for themselves and for their kids.
They also like to attack elderly people who are pretty much defenseless people and are easy targets for the chavs to getting some quick money, for their drug / booze fix.
As of course the chav will do everything within their power to avoid getting a real job.
Chavs can be found on most street corners within the U.K, wearing sportswear such as; tracksuit tops and bottoms. Also white trainers and Burberry / Fred Perry polo shirts. Normally a typical stripey design to their shirt is the most favoured. The same goes for their sweaters / jumpers, which are also stripey, (almost like that of Dennis The Menace, - the cartoon character). Oh yes, the shirt is almost always tucked upwards for some very strange reason, looking very much like Elvis Presley.
They also like to wear fake jewelery around their necks and they have a very strange tedency to tucking their socks outwards and over their tracksuit bottoms, so that the sock is showing on the outside and is completely visible to the public. And they also have the most obvious commoners fashion accesory / item ='s the baseball cap.
Normally with the Burberry styled; Rupert The Bear type of design to it.
I don't know if they wear these baseball caps with the hope and belief, that one day the baseball cap will give them extra braincells? As I cannot think of why they would need to wear a baseball cap if they do not play baseball?
Council House And Violence
see that person livin in a council house and being violent? well that is a CHAV
A byword for someone who has a taste for a certain types of sports brand casual clothes such as nike, adidas, etc wear baseball caps, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and tuck their trousers into their socks.

Stereotypically, they exhibit agressive behavior, drink white lightning, are overs*xed, living in relative poverty in menial jobs and being a general nusance. However, this is a common misconception as you don't have to be working cla*s or from a working cla*s background to be a stereotype chav by a long stretch. You don't even have to throw burberry over yourself anymore either, just act like a moron and an obnoxious pain in the hole and that'll probably be enough (even if you still have to wait for your mum to pick you up).

Many pretentious, social commenting boregois Cretins who follow this stereotype love to wail at how "it reflects middle cla*s snobbery".

Unfortuntately, these self-appointed commentators are hypocritically following exactly the same chav stereotype to the letter and are so short sighted, they fail to see what hypocritical, ignorant, talentless c*nts they really are.
"You chav b*stard! Go back to your white lightning outside Maccy D's!"

"But your such a snob you need to demonise the working cla*s! You deserve any misery chavs throw at you!"

"h*llo moron? You believe like said previous cretin that all working cla*s follow the same pattern of mindless drunken talentless thuggery! What makes you different?"

..."I read the Times as well as the Daily Express..."
Okay everyone, I've read over several definitions of a Chav, and determined the American equivalent.

A 'Chav' in America would be a Bro, with certain Ricer and a Wigger traits infused, with the exceptions that Bros wear dirt biking apparel instead of premium designer clothing, and 'make up' trucks instead of Novas.

The equivalent of the Chavette would be the Bro Hoe. Bleached blonde on top, dark on bottom. Not as fertile as Chavettes, but never without a pack of cigarettes and thick eye liner.
See that Bro over there, wearing his shiny Fox wifebeater, chilling in his alcoholic stepdad's trashed out, raised F150. If he were English he'd be such a Chav.

"She's a down low bro hoe Chavette fo sho" - Dead in Ditches by Hollywood Undead
There is no such thing as a chav. All said "Chavs" are wannabes and therefore cannot exist, the most pathetic (therefore laughable) "Chavs" are those who watch T.V, and then copy a rap video, (normally resulting in said "Chav" getting drunk on alcopops and then having a sc*ape with the police while on a second-hand moped down the M25) examples of pathetic "Chavs" are those who followed Ali G and his mannerisms (forgetting, or just being stupid enough to not realise) that he is taking the F'ing p*ss out of them. In short, "Chavs" are miss understood bunnies that stab away the parents that never hugged them. It is a major insult to be called a Chav (any type of labelling is a load of bull anyway)
Bloke: You sound like a d*ck

"Chav" stabs bloke
Derogatory term for certain youths in Britain. Chavs can mainly be identified by their general attire, including:

Tracksuits, White Trainers, Burberry Caps, Ridiculous Amounts of Gold Jewellry, Football Shirts, Brand names such as McKenzie, Fred Perry and h*lly Hansen

Chav vocabulary s largely made of slang and misp*onouced words, such as d*ck 'ead, Fags (cigarettes) and F***in' Mosher.

Chavs have reputations as being very young parents, antisocial, alcoholics and drug addicts. If unsure, avoid them. But it can grow to be a loved past time to try and eliminate them from the face of the earth, as we often have tried to do.
Two in every three British youths are chavs. Let's face it, you could get mugged anywhere.
Comes from the Geordie word "Charva" meaning a young person who wears tracksuits and jewelry while hanging around street corners acting hard.

Charva has been used in North East England for at least thirty years and perhaps even longer. Chav became popular in 2004 after being used to describe problem kids in the mainstream UK media.

The word Charva itself comes from the Romany word "Chavi" meaning child.
"It's Chava not Chav."
The term 'chav' has been broadened, and there are many things that define a chav. A chav is usually rude, common, and a fashion freak. The males will wear caps and pristeen white trainers, tracksuits and coats that cling to the waist. The females also sport these coats, but will wear huuuuuuuuuuge earrings (usually hoops) shirts with logos, boots (usually Ugg or slouch boots at present) Can wear jeans or short skirts, often denim or 'raa-raa skirts' as they have been heard to be called. They wear lots of make-up, and are often orange with foundation. They seem to enjoy meandering about in large groups, drinking cheap alcohol, making cheap shots at pa*sers by, and saying things like 'innit' and 'wha'ever.' The comic character Vicky Pollard is an only very slightly exaggerated version of a chav. They will only attack in large groups, and sometimes the males will mutter things as one walks past, often derogatory and very rarely complimentary. The 'brave' ones will pick fights with lone geeks or Goths, whereas others will even more bravely yell obscene things as they pa*s in their cars (usually blaring c*ap music) or spit in one's hair.
A geek is walking past, innocently carrying a bag of shopping in one hand, and perhaps a book in the other. The geek is unfortunate enough to have to pa*s a bus shelter under which some chavs are hiding from the rain. The geek contemplates - is it worth crossing the road? No - the geek will stick it out. The geek pa*ses through, its eyes fl*ckering onto those of a female chav, who says, 'What you lookin' at, enit?" The geek says nothing. If it is lucky, it might escape uns*athed, but insulted. If it is unlucky, it will be beaten up or spat upon by the male chavs, while the female chavs scream or shout encouragement, while drinking aforementioned cheap alchohol.
A vile, parasitic, sub-human and inbred off shoot of humanity, thought to have originated from caves chavs still;

Possess little or no education (Vocab consisting of poorly p*onounced 'words' and abrehviations such as; innit, yer m8, wht u chattin', u startin'.)

An infatuation with dirt cheap shiny objects (The Bigger and more of them the better)

Cheap sports clothing (Tucked into football socks usually even though they arn't playing football)

Often engage in illegal activity (Starting from very young ages - they are the reason woolworths had to close down it's stores ¬¬)

Listen to sh*t popular / chart music (They have no desire or ability to be individual)

Like the animals they are they group in herds (This is too appear remotely threatening, but probably more for safety ... or perhaps they are just meeting up waiting for a disabled elderly victom to amble past them so they can 'Deck her for her shineys - money')

Human equivilent of magpies (Building on the attraction to shiney objects)

Have no future (They WILL grow up to be
The dregs of british society alongside pikey's. Male's aspire to look like black rappers with little success and the females pathetically imitate Katie Price also with the same degree of brilliance. Try watching the film 'Harry Brown'. The only un-realistic parts are the riots and the psychotic, murderous old man.
1. I want to get the newspaper from the shop but all those f*cking chav's are hanging around there.

2. Oy you little chav c*nt stop harrasing that old lady!
chav, this is basically not in the same group as civilized humans. they wear amazing clothes(straight off the catwalk) and show off authentic gold jewelry that only we can lust after. their language is one of maturity.

chavs=end of western civilization and must be iradicated quikly

the good thing about this is ive used big words so they wont understand this(:
As I understand it a definative "chav" is a person from a working cla*s background who has fallen upon good fortune and gained a small wealth (possibly from the outrageous British property market or by being employed as a proffesional football player). As opposed to bettering themselves or investing said gains a "chav" proceeds to spend their financial winfall on overpriced "fashion" labels and garish jewellery (always gold). A "chav" as I now commonly use the word has become a label for teenagers to twenty-somethings who exercise boorish behaviour, commonly found congregating around local shops and telephone boxes for the teenage "chav" and in national chain "Wine-bars" for the over 18 versions. I have also read that the term "chav" is a modern version of the word "yuppie" but as opposed to a ponytail, mobile phone and shiny polyester suit a "chav" dons a magnitude of gold that would make Mr T jealous, a baseball cap (the more jaunty the angle the better) and clothing with someone elses name written all over it ie; Fred Perry, Henry LLoyd ect.....
Examples of "chavs" in the social limelight are Colleen Rooney, The Sugababes (especially Mutya, which is such a fitting name) and most proffesional footballers.
C.H.A.V = Council House And Violent
Chav - People oftern wearing sportswear, striped jumpers, baseball caps on the back of their head pointing almost vertical with a the peak bent round so much that it almost forms a full circle, and lots of big shiny argos jewelry.
Sc*m of the earth.
Chav: Ugly people thinking that they are cool wearing burberry clothing and fake addidas,lecoste etc you all deserve to die.
chavs tend to think there " 'ard as b*lls" wich leads to how stupid they are. as b*lls arnt hard at all. they use idiotic phrases that nobody understands like "its the dogs bollacks" and use made up words as insults.
they tend to wear tracksuit trousers, that they probberly "nicked" from their local grocery store. they always want to fight but only when they have their friends with them.
the girls wear short skirts and have s*x with anything that moves, even a street post if the wind is strong enough. they wear tight shirts and wear a ton of make up, but it still dosnt hide their "mingin'" faces.

avoid chavs at all cost. they are sum.
use to live in england. but i got away from them. stupid chavs.
chavs are simply the dregs of human existance which generaly show them selfs as being dumb, lazy and violent.
the cla*sic chav will hang around a lamp post shouting at anyone who walks past him and trying to start fights with inocent people, untill someone punches him in the face and couses him to run off cring to his brother/girlfriend/friends saying that they were randomly attacked for no reason
People who should basically go die! They are a race of tacky, ugly people who can't seem to see everyone hates them and that they have no future/musical taste/sense of style/contraception.

See w*nker sc*m b*stard scrounger retard fail
Non-Chav: Hi
Chav: You startin mate!?! You wanna be banged out!?!
Non-Chav: *walks away*
Originally an initialism meaning "Council Housed and Violent", C.H.A.V, was used on social service reports warning officials of the nature of welfare criminals in council houses. With rising numbers of outlandish and farfetched cases of welfare criminality, the tabloid papers like; The Sun; The Daily Mail and the Daily Star adopted the initialism and formed it into a word to describe the "Chav" sub-culture that was rapidly developing around 2005 with more readily available Labour benefits. The word is less commonly used now as it quickly turned into an insult as the scope of the word was very small, stereotypically referring to people wearing Burberry clothing, so anyone not acutely fitting that generalisation would be offended so when the real chavs realised how it was being used they took offense and probably walked twenty yards away from the person who had called them a chav and loudly shouted an insult followed by a threat ( or vice-versa) to gain attention and recognition from fellow chavs that they were going to kick off. This scene could still be seen in the present in poor, village type places, or any place where their is a "big fish in a little pond" scenario. The modern "chav" still has links with some of the lazy and "chavish" mannerisms that the original word summarized, it has become an insult to the poor who wear fake clothing, smell, and are illegally claiming the dole because they ar...
The result of a dysgenics program designed by the "upper-cla*s" to control the "middle-cla*s".
Katie: Oh look mummy, there's a scary Chav!
Mummy: Don't worry darling, daddy's working very hard to pay our taxes to make sure the police will protect us from the benefit claiming lower-cla*s.
A cancerous polyp on the metaphorical a*us of the UK.

Males usually in tracksuits and baseball caps, legs of the same said tracksuits tucked into the socks. The speculation is that it reduces "drag" when running away from the police.

Females can be observed herding many children, rarely the offspring will know who their father is or even have the same one.
The proper arena for proof of paternity for the chav is the Jeremy Kyle show as long as the chav makes sure on the day that they have greasy hair, a vile attitude and less than ten t*eth.

The female of the species most commonly wear giant hoop earrings which can be seen from low earth orbiting spacecraft. The Ess*x facelift hairstyle is preferred, the hair pulled so tightly back from the face that the smallest facial expression becomes impossible.

Lots of gold tinted jewellery is a must have accessory. Argos is the desired outlet for these tawdry baubles of chav office, the more gaudy the "bling" as it is known, the higher the chav ranking.

The male example of a chav will be comfiest when with 10 or more of his kind, usually loitering outside corner shops and fast food outlets spitting and drinking cans of Fosters or Carling, verbally abusing pa*sers by.

But only when with his brethren do we see the c*cky attitude and foul mouth of the chav. That is of course if you can actually understand what he is saying as to the rest of humanity it sounds like the grunting and squawking of pigs being tortured to death.
Charlotte Henriksen & Lila Ledesma.
"sup bruvvv!"
"init lykkk!"
"we iz such a chav."

"gimmme some drugz yee? i 'av run out."

"wow, look at how cool those people are! they must be charlotte & lila!"
racist name for mexicans fresh from mexico. originating from the fact that many mexicans have the last name "Chavez"
"Yula and I were being swamped by the Chavz at the bus stop again"
I. Of or relating to the stereotypical scene of the chavs.

II. The stereotype, culture and fashion of the chavs. There is, however, no defined music genre labelled 'chav'.
I. "That cap is well chav."

II. "You look like a chav with that haircut, grow it long again."
Chavism represents a cultural link with the Trailer Park Trash in The States which is actually a sub-culture of black America.

Note: Trailer Park Trash and Black culture are two totally different things. Trailer Park Trash are not a subculture of Black America and they do not feed off of one another MissyM.
A Black Lawyer or Judge have nothing in common with Trailer Park Trash/chav. Most Blacks have nothing in common with Trailer Park Trash! Many Whites have nothing in common with Trailer Park Trash.
(n) Bilious invective directed at poor people by insecure, empty-headed 'readers' of 'Heat' magazine and the Daily Mail. An acceptable form of cla*s snobbery for people who are too 'right-on' (or perhaps just too poor) to join a country club.

A concept invented by media cokeheads to give underpaid, overworked middle cla*s bores something to look down on and prevent them rebelling against the people who sell them for pennies every single day of the year.
"Look at that Adrian. Some dirty chavs! I'm glad we've got our over-mortgaged little shoe-box and our Vauxhall Nova so we can see how we're different from them."
Romany word meaning "little child". Recently misappropriated by the mainstream media and used as a slur against British working cla*s culture, while at the same time denigrating it's language of origin. To be called a chav is to be a scapegoat and effectively a "white n*gger".
In many ways, both chavs and US trailer trash are 'not-quite-white', in the sense that they are seen as thieving, violent, promiscuous and thoroughly unrespectable: the very tropes that historically have been applied to Irish, Asian and Black immigrants in Europe and America.
A guy who does drugs.....not hardcore drugs
Normally hangs out with his other chav mates and smokes weed.
generally likes skateboarding

chavette: female version of a chav..does not smoke as much
Dude, you are such a chav...all you do is smoke on the wall all day
a youthful youth, generally found in a council flat..or his ennddzz. you will never find one without his hood..a chav is naked with his hood
duuude did you see that chav back there?
yeahh man he looked like he was raping that child!

oi breh, that n*gga back there called us a chav!
eeh lets murk that d*ck
A boring stupid idiot who pretends to like greenday so all the emo girls will think hes cool. Their usually short, have bad hair, and dress like gangsters. Their friends are either mentally retarded people or other chavs. Known for very bad comebacks.
girl:eww im breaking up with you ur a chav
aaron (chav):well i slept with ur mom ON THURSDAY
girl:ok whatever
aaron (chav): ur a fat goth!!!!! ooo.
girl:just shut up. ur sad.
aaron (chav): ur mom!!!!!
Not middle cla*s, privileged and an ignorant w*nker.
Often poorly educated as a result of all the middle cla*s w*nkers monopolising all of the best opportunities for an education.
Nowhere near as bigoted as your average middle cla*s w*nker either.
Usually sick of listening to c*ap spouted by people who are obviously frustrated that not being able to pick on people of different colours has deprived them of targets for their hatred.
I would rather be a chav than a middle cla*s w*nker!
a slang english word having to do with a person that wears brand name clothing or anything having to do with jewlery anything gangster, or cool

chav, chavvy, chava, charva
girl 1: i just got a new outfit from
girl 2: that is sooo chav!!!
Pejorative term, typically employed by timid middle-cla*s teens to describe their poorer, more aggressive working-cla*s brethren.

Its use often reflects both a fear of its target and a deeply unpleasant sense of social superiority. Parallel fears of relative poverty can be found throughout history, from worries about Victorian street urchins to contempt for medieval peasants.

Its users arguably deserve every bit of grief they get from those they describe as such.
"We'd better go round the other way - there's a load of chavs stood outside the offie."
A person who isnt black that tries to be black.

*You will find chavs in most London secondary schools.

*Chavs are mostly girls, whereas there are very few chav boys.
Using Jamaican words (e.g: bludclart, ra*sclart, wagwaan) and also trying to kiss their t*eth.

Trying hairstyles particularly suited to afro (e.g: using a sl*ck-brush *a hair flattening brush, trying to make the hair look like afro by curling the ends of the hair and doing a high ponytail, making curls with the short hair near the fore head and flattening and curling with gel and sticking to the skin.

NOTE: A black or black-mixed person cannot be a chav.
A male British person of (generally) low socio-economic status with a characteristic clothing style, dialect, and mode of consumer activity.

A chav is generally cunning and resourceful and invokes fear amongst his more pa*sive and uncreative contemporaries. The character the "artful dodger" from d*ckens' "Oliver Twist" represents the archetypal chav: poor and lacking in ambition, but clever, witty, and fond of creative-poetic language. The authentic "c*ckney", long since vanished from London, might also be considered a type of proto-chav.

The term "chav" is almost exclusively used in a derogatory sense by out-group persons, most commonly lower or middle-cla*s British persons actively seeking to establish a more prestigious socio-economic status and the corresponding identity.

The term - and the emotional and negative connotations a*sociated therewith - (see the vast majority of the other definitions above) can be considered the latest manifestation of the typically rigid British conception of cla*s-consciousness.
Setting: public space in any English city. Two pedestrians are approached by a young person dressed in a track suit and a "Burberry" hat.

"Oi, gimme a fag, geezer"


"a f*ckin' cig, mosha"

"Oh, sorry, I don't smoke"

"'id I say you should talk? Shut the f*ck up and get out outta my sight"

Two pedestrians continue on their way. The first, non-smoking pedestrian, seeks to counter his humiliation by addressing the second pedestrian:

"f*ckin' chav."

(nervous laughter)
What neo-snobs call people they find all too unfashionable, especially the unfashionably poor.
Bah, I'm a neo-snob. Down with chavs. And for those who still aren't quite sure what a chav is, you'll know it when you see it.
"So what i listen to rap music, wear tracksuits and have relatively white trainers, I like to hang about with my m8s (in big groups). But you cants say all "chavs" do crime and stuff like that all my m8s are chavs and chavettes"

from the words of bulletboy, the chavette of mmc :D
look theres a bunch of chavs on minimotos, ruuuuuuuun!
1. An incredibly socially smooth persona.A cool person of cla*s that has the freshest sh*t in any genre of style or people even if he/she had no contact with the prior. Usually a Chav is underground, urban and everything that doesn't directly involve him/her with glamourous or popular money culture as the mainstay of his/her existence ( unless he/she chooses to at any given moment.

2. To be Chav: to be smooth. To rule some genre of entity without having to big themselves up.
1.Dat man be Chav, star...don' worry bout' them dumb comps cuz he smooth talkin'

2. yo' dat was chav son.
Myth. An image created by the media, regarding teenagers who hang around in big groups as trouble making sc*m bags. Although some of these so called chavs may be trouble makers, this is not the case for many. 'Chavs' are normally found around parks, dressed in named clothes such as adidas, Nike, Reebok, Burberry, Gucci, etc.
It is also a myth that they have low eduaction. This a*sumption is a stereotypical view of people from council estates expressed via the ma*s media. Chavs originate from London
Vicky pollard, Victoria Beckham, Jade Goody are some examples of so called chavs
Summat that all you dirty little greebos wannabe but are too afraid to because you cant wear t-shirts from the years of cutting your arms up looking for attention.
basically the normal working cla*s english man.
i love all chavs. f*ck dirty stinkin greebos!
Another lame word you'll only hear white people use, never will you find a cool urban person using this c*appy language.
Rightous, tubulor, stoked, pothead, dude, awesome, neat, cool beans etc
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