When her pants are so tight you can read her lips!
The camel toe on her bikini bottom says, "f*ck me NOW!"
When a woman's pants are so tight, that the actually fabric comes into their beaver, creating the two-mounded image of a camel's toe.
"Oh man, her pants were on so tight, that I could see her camel toe."
When a chick crams herself into a pair of jeans and the crotch area has to displace the fat of her mound and the front of her p*ssy ends up looking like the actual toe of a camel.
My four year old turned around really fast and ran into this chick's camel toe, when he turned back around he had a hoof print on his forehead
A very aesthetically pleasing phenomenon, whereby a woman's venus mound is clearly discernable under the snug fabric of her lower garment. Typically, the fuller the labia, the more pleasing the effect. Tip: since s*xual arousal causes increased blood flow to the genital region "toe" may be enhanced if she finds you desirable:)
mmmm...nice fold!
Camel Toe: A v*ginal wedgie("vedgie"), most commonly caused by tight pants that work their way into the crevices of the vaginia making a shape that clearly resembles a camel's toe
She's got a frontal wedgie, a camel toe!!
where a womans pants are so tight, you can read her lips
Is your crotch hungry girl? 'cause it's eating your pants.
When you can see the shape a woman's p*ssy lips through her pants - in other words, a beautiful sight.
Looking at camel toes makes my d*ck hard.
a poon crease
d*mn b*tch i can see that wet camel toe from a mile away
a frontal wedgie on a female
excuse me gina you have one ma*sive CAMEL TOE!
a p*ssy wedgie
shes got a huge camel toe
When a woman's clothing clings so tightly to her crotch that a viewer can make out the cleft between the labia, she is showing camel toe. So named for the similarity to the actual toe of a camel.

Sometimes applied to viewability of a man's c*ck through his clothes, but this is awkward.

Also misspelled as camal toe
The spandex shorts, without panties, were perfect to expose Jane's camel toe.
The reson guys watch girls volleyball.LOL
d*mn she got a bigg a*s camel toe
When a girls v*gina gets so hungry, it eats her pants!
"Her v*gina must have been really hungry; look at that camel toe."
Appears when a woman's labias are protruding, and thus can be seen even when she has clothes on.
"She had a camel toe.....I thought about how badly I wanted to rub her p*ssy, but I had to keep calm."
A condition brought on by the wearing of pants so tight that the genitals concealed beneath them bulge slightly, causing a cleft at the center seam in the crotch, thus resembling the foot of a camel. Most frequent for females but not impossible for males.
d*mn! Clarice has got a wicked camel toe goin' today!
when a womans pants are so tight or rolled up that you can see the shape of her p*ssy which looks like an actual camels toe
Whoa! her camel toe is eating her pants!
Simply put, it's is a p*ssy wedgie
She has a frontal wedgie, a camel toe!
An image of a camel's hoof caused by pants which fit so tightly as to expose the labia major through the fabric. While this is a fairly commonly known phenomenon, what most men do NOT know is that a Camel Toe can produce a tiny o*gasm when I a woman attempts to walk whilst wearing such tight pants.
"I bought this really tight pair of jeans the other day and when I was walking to the bus, the Camel Toe gave me a cute little o*gasm!"
When tight spandex hug the labia (better known as the outter lips of your v*gina)
Some people are grossed out by camel toes, but they are completely normal and natural. If you seem to be having a camel toe, you might want to try one of the following steps 1) get larger pants 2) pull your shirt down (which might cause you to show breast cleavage which is always a plus, and attracts other s*xual beings both straight males and l*sbian women) 3) Flaunt it, your v*gina is beautiful and everyone should be able to admire the lovely V shape that is going on down there in your pants (when s*xual beings see this camel toe, they will think of s*x because you will be able to better notice the outer lining of the v*gina!!)
Steve: d*mn that girl had a nice camel toe, I wanted to f*ck her when I saw it. She had a pretty nice p*ssy, I wanna get in that!!!
A full frontal wedgie on a woman.
Fix yourself girl, you got a camel toe.
when a girl wheres a thong that is to tight and u can see the outlines of the v*gina,its kinda like a wedgie and looks like a hard taco in her pants ( its great cause girls usually dont know if they have a camel toe and if you look down at it she wont think ur a pervert cause ur not looking at her b*obs).
i looked at her pants and saw the two lumps, she didnt care cause i was looking down and not up at her b*obs.she didnt know she had a camel toe.
When a girls panties are so tight that you can see their labia
When a woman's v*ginal lips are shown through excessively tight pants. Usually sweat pants.
"You know the Don from West 2? She's got ma*sive camel toe. It makes me mad horny."
An accentuated v*gina in tight a*s undies or pants.
She had a camel toe because her volleyball shorts were so tight.
When a woman wears pants that are too tight and the seam goes up her v*gina. Like a reversed wedgie.
That girl is sportin' some major camel toe!
The covering of clothing over a woman's v*gina that says rub here to open. There are two sides to every camel toe and they both need attention to unlock the door.
dude #1: Her camel toe is inviting me to touch it.
dude#2: Yep, it's freakin awesome, I think I got wood!
Dude #1: I'll j*rk off to her later....
The hoof of a camel.
My camel's toe became wet after he put it in the oasis.
Camel toe: when a girls p*ssy lips are clearly showing through her tight pants, shorts, swimsuit or spandex. When properly shown, it looks like the girl is wearing body paint
When my girl and me go looking for a hookup with another girl, we make sure that our camel toes are the center of attention. If our p*ssies are wet, it looks like a wet t-shirt contest.
a tasty treat that you can eat
camel toe: sweet dessert
When the woman's pants are so tight you can see how big her p*ssy is. Something that's worth staring at besides her t*ts.
Sorority girls have the biggest camel toes. :`D
When the labia (better known as the outer lips of your v*ginal region) show through your tight pants or spandex. it comes out in a V shape. The v*gina is typically V shaped, which is ironic since the word v*gina starts with a "V." Coincidence? I think not!
check yourself girlll.. you got a camel toe.
A fashion in which a girl wears her clothes so tight around her genitalia that her p*ssy becomes visible.
The camel toe fad was popular in '03 but in the past two years it has since died out.
The act of having s*xual intercourse with the crotch of your pants. Usually existing in "yoga pants" or spandex.
Wow, Renee seems to be really getting it on with her camel toe.
When a girls downstairs lips push up against her tight pants and you can almost read what they are saying......also known as 'mumblers'!!
Her pants were so tight that I could see her lips moving but I struggled a little to read what they were telling me!!


Him: you have a ma*sive camel toe!
Her: what the h*ll is a camel toe?
Him: your p*ssy has t*eth and it eating your pants!
When a womens clothes are to tight and you can acutally see the p*ssy crater.
d*mn!!! I can see your camel toe
the unsightly appearance of the outline of a woman's genitals when she wears pants that are too tight
That girl need to learn to wear clothing that is less tight so we don't have to see her camel toe.
A shot consisting of 1 part Baileys Irish Cream and 1 part Cointreau. Original recipe developed by Fav.
Bartender: Hey Mac, the usual?
Fav: No make me a Camel Toe...and keep 'em comin' !
Bartender: Rough day?
Fav: Yeah. I got laid off, found out I got the genital warts, my wife is pregnant and to top it off, I am sterile.
Bartender: Next one's on the house.
Fav: Gee, thanks.
Bartender: Always good to see you Fav !
We all know that the camel toe is the crease in a womans pants that displays the crease in her v*gina, as seen in the pics this can also happen to a man.
Here is your very own CAMEL TOE home game.
Step 1- Grab your pants by the waist band.
Step 2- Now try to pull them up to your shoulders.
Step 3- Share your brand new camel toe with your friends and family.
a woman's v*gina that shows through her pants because they are on so tight. Also known as "packing yo yo's" and "moose knuckles"
d*mn Liz, those size three jeans are really poking your camel toe. . .
Ma'am, could you please come back inside the store - we have reason to believe that you are packing yoyo's. .
I came to the Memphis zoo to see some wildlife, but all I saw was some ghetto moose knuckles!!!
A camel toe is the hoof of a camel. It is sometimes used to describe when a girls' pants are sucked into her crotch, most likely due to the striking similarities of a camels' toe and the v*gina.
"A camel toe must be pretty buffed figuring all the sand it has to travel over in the desert."
when girl's wearin pants h*lla tight that they get a wedgie in their koochie
Her pants were so tight she was sportin' that camel toe
frontal wedgie
you can see the lips moving but you can't figure out what they're saying
When the majestical sidewalls of the v*gina pertrude to form a nice outline, cause by some sort of clothing rising up in there.
I stared at the camel toe and it seemed to wave at me.
when a females pants are so high you can see the chape of a camel's toe in the crotch region
The act of having s*xual intercourse with the crotch of your pants. Usually existing in "yoga pants" or spandex.
Wow, Renee is really getting it on with her camel toe.
when a girl's p*ssy looks like a "V" with a line down the middle looking like a camel's toe. (i see about 400 girl's each day here in h-town texas!:-D)
DAAAAAAYUMN!!!! that's a nice camel toe!
When they are smiling from top and bottom!!
Camel Toes can even talk your way out of a ticket!!
a front wedgey. when the bottom clothing is pulled up so high and tight that the v*ginal lips get split by the seem and create the effect of a camels toe.
Jesus! look at that muma's camel toe! thats bad! Put it away luv!
When a chicks pants or shorts(bottoms) ar really tight and it forms a crack with two humps on the side.
Hommie1:dude lets go to the pool and see some camel toe
hommie2:h*ll ya lets do it!
basically what everyone else has said..

when pants or shorts are so tight it makes a camel toe

(especially in volleyball)
"check urself girl.... u got a camel toe"
Something that no man wants to see.
"Oh My! My Granny Is Really Showing Off Some Nice Camel Toe Tonight!"

"I would not get up in that camel toe."
Camel toes are most often caused by tight restrictive clothing ie: spandex, lycra, ect...
When j*cked up to the breast area it causes the "camel toe" effect, also known as the moose knuckle.
"d*mn if she'd feed that thing a pair of jeans in the morning it wouldn't munch on her like that!" She got a nasty camel toe!!
The protruding mound of a females genetalia.
"Jesus, her pants are so tight i can read her lips"
Also known as "Beef Curtains" b/c the "Camel Toe" looks like Roast Beef and hangs like curtains on either side of the pants seam.
Hey Billy, I didn't know what was for dinner until your mom walked in with those Beef Curtains!! MMMMM...They sure were tasty!!
Also known as "Moose Knuckles".
My gosh Sally....I really like what you've done with your Moose Knuckles!! They look great!
When a woman shaves off her p*ssy hair cause it's summer time and wants to fit into her bikini but unfortunately she's a big girl with a gynormous p*ssy and because she s*aved the jungle down there, her p*ssy lips protrude thru the tightly fitted bikini bottom, exposing what looks like...a camel toe.
Godd*mn Bret, look at that camel toe at 4 o'clock. That thing could pick up a bowling ball up off the floor!
when a girls lips droop over her panties; commonly reffered to as "toe"
Marty:"I like nice loose camel toes"
Trav:"did u see Stephs toe"
Iain:"Ya it was sweet"
her v*gina is eating her pants!
check out that camel toe... buddy sure is hungry
Whe you can see a girls p*ssy through her pants?
Her camel toe is hott!
A naked or tightly clothed female reproductive organ, wherein, the inner labia (labia minora) remain inwards or, at least, do not fall below the outer labia (labia majora). The opposite of moose knuckle.
She can't be a sl*t, look at that camel toe!
camel toe. when girls wear shorts, pants etc.. that are too tight in the front/ride up. not attractive.
"omg..look how hot shelby is! i love her shorts!... (shelby turns to face them) OH! sh*t! WHAT A CAMEL TOE! EWWW!
Magical M , Crow Bar, Claw Hammer, u name it, one of the most interesting visible female bits
Dude!! Did u see that camel toe? One hungry p*ssy (I always slow down when I see one by the bus stop)
When a woman's thong gets stuck in her tweeter.
whoa girl, ur p*ssy not get fed much!
Also known as camels hoof
1. Being able to see the follds of a vulva inside a tight pair of pants on a woman.
2. An EXTREAMELY loose p*ssy.
Either we didnt have enough stools at the bar, or Suzy has the biggest camel toe ive ever seen!
Camel Toe, Also known as Cameltosis, when a woman has over sized lips and they droop down, looks like a camel toe, sometimes they'll wear pants so tight you can see there c*itoris, looks like a little p*nis; "cameltosis"
"d*mn, that b*tch has a major case of "Cameltosis"

"Look at those f*ckin "Camel Toes"
when a woman pulls her pants up too far and the hem goes up her v*gina and makes everyone in the general area wnat to slit their wrists because it is disgusting
One day, my math teacher Mrs. Morlock walked into cla*s and she had the biggest camel toe ive ever seen!
when a females genitalia is being split, agonisingly, in two by her pants which have been pulled up, simon cowell style, underneath her sweating, dogmuff pits (anyone with a camel toe must have dog muff pits). why women do this is something i would like to know babes
wheeey, camel toe
1. when the labio majora has its back to the wall created by pants that are too tight. 2. imagine a burger from the #2 value meal at mcdonalds, now imagine stickin that half way into a womans v*gina, now put some tight a*s pants on this woman and you have the looks of a camel toe. a p*ssyfoot aka. deerfoot 3. beef curtains
1. when i pulled down the pants i asked for super size fries with that burger long and behold it was a camel toe. 2. that ladies cameltoe looks like a pork bun.
when the p*ssy lips resemble old pieces of roast beef, and are clearly visible through a thick pair of pants.
shes got old pastrami lips in her pants.
camel toe is a phenomenon caused when middle aged ladies, women with no sense of style, and several varieties of the white trash subspecies attempt to wear pants that are:

a) far too small
b) pulled up too high
c) were made between 1981-1986

please note that the occurrence of the camel toe is not limited to, although commonly found with, any "acid washed" fabric and tapered pant legs.
that girl is bustin some real camel toe
the definition through ones underclothes or tight feeting pants, of the lips of the laboria majora, and sometimes laboria minora usually a*sociated with ferals or hotties.
See that hottie ...baby brings water to my eyes with the camel toe view
A song often played by the Bob and Tom Show whis is syndicated out of Indianapolis, IN
Stu: Hey Yo what cha listening to?
Pidaso: Bob and Tom, Yo!
Stu: They playin' Camel Toe again?
Pidaso: Are you a dumb sh*t! Of course they are, that's all that is played!!!!
When a girl has m*sturbated too much thus resulting in an enlargement of the lips of the v*gina. This coupled with tight jeans results in the effect of what looks like a hump or "camel toe" in the pants by the said v*gina.
"d*mn bro you see her camel toe?"
"h*llz yeah that sh*t is huge, its like 3 combined into 1"
When a chic gets her pants wedged in her stank a*s p*ssy.
The librariean had crazy camel toe.
a Camel Toe is a Wedgie except from the front of you. more as, not in the butt, the p*nis/v*gina.
"oh !@#$!! that guy just gave me a camel toe!! thats gonna KiLL in the morning!!"
there are two types of camel toes the 1st one is from tight clothes. the 2nd type of camel toe is caused from alot of s*x and playing with yourself, the 1st one you see outside of the clothes but not when the clothes are taken off, the second one you see when nude and outside of the clothes.
50% of girls that have camel toes have had s*x more than once.
It looks like a bunch of mexicans crammed in a van...like a big taco
Julio: Dammmm did you see Jaymer's camel toe last night?! that sh*t was runnin deep!

Monica: O yeah that shi*t was deep

Julio: It looked real tight and packed up in there, like a bunch of mexicans crammed into a van or somethin...

Monica: Yeah or like a big taco
the safety word for the sisterhood of the traveling facials in our bananahammock!!!!!
Guy: Hey baby how are you?
Girl: CAMEL TOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's when the sisterhood of the traveling facials in our bananahammock c*mSHOT on the guy!! We literally save our girl from the enemy.

p.s. Bananahammock means speedo
when a girl pikks her pants up to high creating a V-shaped between her groin and thighs.
commonly found on gurls that buy their pants in roosevelt for 5 dollars, mostly short mexican gurls that have a muffin top and small butts.
omgg do yu like my new pants? i got them at roosevelt
eww no! yu have a camel toe!
womans p*ssy lips so big they eat the seam of her pants.when the pants is pulled down to the knees and the p*ssy is still in them.
that girl's camel toe was so big it looked like two sides of beef hanging down
when a girls pant/shorts are so tight it the out line off a camels toe it spilts between your p*ssy/v*gina/or if you want to call it your pee pee lmao!! its just something that is not the best to turn guys on unless some of u guys are freaks like my cousin loves camel toe jkjkjk! hope she doesnt see this but acually camel toe are a pain in the a*s i mean how embarissing is it to walk around in some tight a*s pant/shorts lmao!!!

like when my friend was wearing some spandex shorts i was like d*mn girl u got a major spandex camel toe lol wtf lol i was like eww gross lol but dont lie i now all those girls ouut there have at least had a camel toe unless you were some saggy b*oty granny panties lmao!!!! and unless u a want a be girl with a p*nis ewww!!!
Found at the end of a camel's foot with others of its kind.
The term "camel toe" totally doesn't have other, dirty connotations.
camel stuck in a chicks body popin out of her p*ssy or she decided to eat it and it couldnt come out her rear end!!!! you will experince this at skool becuz the teachers get them and leave it cuz they thnk it makes them kool but its animal abuse!!! i am bored as u may hav noticed my ex-friend k**** wnts u ta no she is a sagittarious she likes long walks on da beach and cheats so it dznt matter if shes taken and she iz ugly and desreate like old people!!! i luv ya more den ma caucluator
your mother..........i can't think of anything else to say...except...i love you...suk on that!!
CAMEL TOE!!!!!! b*tch...i hate this 'add ur own' thingie, it taked bloody half an hour 2 do....bloody f*ckin h*ll!!! itz like sooooo not tea and crupets ya no like itz honk honk i am a sheep!!! or im daneil radcliffe here mi roar...arrrrrrrr if u wanna humpy pumpy lemme no ppl btw i tlk to a note book and take spellin lesions and a bis*xual chick luvs ta hit on mi!!!!!!!!! TURTLE TURTLE DO A HURTLE!!!!! SXC!!!!!!! I AM A SCORPIO LUV CANCER CUZ MST OF DEM HAV CANCER LIKE MA(HAHAHA) GOLD FISH AND NO WE R NOT ON CRACK!!!(ONLY IF ITZ UR CRACK WILL I BE ON IT)
a wedgie in the womens viagina area.
Stretchy sweat pants are the cause of the probelm.
Usually fat chunky women have this problem.
"Her pants are riding up her viagina. Look at that beast of a camel toe."
When a chick has jeans so tight and pulled up too high, her lips of her vag show and look like a camels toe
d*mn!! THat chick has a ma*sive camel toe!!!!
When a guy's j*nk is hanging out of his shorts. Esp. at the beach when it gets all sandy and funky.
OMG, your dad totally has a camel toe. No, no, don't look.
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