When doing a girl doggy style the penetrator puts his arms on his hips and continues thrusting as usual thus creating the Peter Pan persona. Once the position has been a*sumed, Peter Pan should start quoting lines from the movie such as "Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!" or "All you need is thrust and a little bit of pixie dust!" or "If i were you, I'd surrender!".
Leslie told me that her boyfriend started yelling something about Never Never Land during s*x last night. I think she got Peter Panned!
generally, a Peter Pan is someone who will never grow up.
Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones still lives fast like he did 20 years ago. He has eternal youth. He is a rock and roll Peter Pan.
Jimmy Machan is THE orginal Peter Pan. And the best.
Jimmy Machan is Peter Pan and he knows it. (:
Bus service commonly used to transport drugs across state lines, because of cheap ticket prices and no baggage checks. (peterpanbus.com)
"You don't know what its like up on that Peter Pan
Paranoia, weeded d*mn, d*mn, but we the man"

Cam'ron (Diplomats / JR. Writer)- Push It 2004 - Diplomatic Immunity 2
As epitomized by the boy in the story who never wants to grow up, to be "peter pan" means to be excessively immature.
Your house just got egged? That's peter pan man.
to peter pan, or peterpanning someone, is when a girl lies on a bed spreading her legs, while the guy runs at her and the jumps up and lands with his p*nis in her v*gina. This has never been performed by any human being alive except for Peter Pan, because he can fly. Caution to all who may try this.
I peter panned your mom last night. It was like flying.
verb- to pick someone up in a wedgie, and fly them around the room.
I peter pan-ed Ryan, all he wanted to do was think happy thoughts.
A Peter Pan is a what women call a hot young boy under the age of eighteen. Its also a safer for women to not come out sounding like pedophile infront of people. Cmon girls, when the new Peter Pan movie came out last year I know I wasn't the only one thinking that that actor kid was hot!
( and yes this term can be used by all races!)
Sally: Did you see that kid with his mom?!
laquesha: Oh my god, d*mn!Uh huh He is too fine.
Kim: God whata Peter Pan, I wan to make him some fri wice!
a name for marijuana or dro. known for getting you so high, it's like you flyin. it gets you more high than normal weed or dro. Peter Pan is only green. the blue counter-part to Peter Pan is PaPa Smurf
d*mn n*gga you high as h*ll.
h*ll yea i just got finish smokin that peter pan
a type of peanut butter. maybe out of buisness as ive not seen it in the stores for a while, then again i dont buy much peanut butter
peter pan peanut butter is better than Jiffy and its cheaper
when you sword fight with a d*ldo and you get your woman in the an*l hole
That peter pan was amazing!

ouch! that peter pan kinda hurt last night
Giving a foot job. Ma*saging a p*nis with one's feet.
Guy#1: Yo, my girl gave me a Peter Pan last night, it was awesome!
Guy#2: Dude, you have a serious foot fetish problem!
A pan you beat off and c*m in. It is synonymous with c*m bucket.
Oh god, oh GOD, OH GODDDD, get the f*cking PETER PANN!....*Spluuuurge*
The wash Bason at a wh*re House.
"Dude my crotch smells like a bums nutsack and i got c*m on my shaft!"
"Its alright man just scrub it off in the peter pan."
a heteros*xual of either gender who hangs out with/works with/ consorts primarily with h*mos*xuals of either gender.
"dude, Jeff is such a Peter Pan." "huh?" "you know, he lives among the fairies." "oh, haha."
Peter pan is a name given to a man who seems to be in possession of a v*gina. this man is a complete fag who needs to shut his d*mn mouth.
Example 1 : Friend 1 "Hey dude you wanna go to the store with me, im getting some socks. i dont need you to come i would just really love the company" Friend 2 "f*ck you Peter Pan! go by yourself p*ssy"

Example 2: " Dude you wanna go to this Sam Adams concert with me?" friend responds," What am i g*y? Sam adams is more of a peter pan than you are"
Peter pan means money (peter pan being green)
this is most famously used by Nicki Minaj inher verse of "Take It Off" by Lloyd
You need a feature? Gimme my peter pan
1. Any man who refuses to grow up and accept his responsibilities.

2. g*y slang for a middle-aged or older g*y man who refuses to grow up emotionally, chases after younger men and usually wears Abercrombie & Fitch and 2(x)ist tighty whities.
1. Get real! Your PlayStation playing, no job havin', weed smokn' boyfriend is never going to ask you to marry him.

2. I like Ted, but he's 43 and he's never had a real boyfriend. Either he's a circuit queen, a wh*re or a Peter Pan.
Someone who can be described as "a g*y little man in tights" or "a man wh*re that hits on anything that looks like a girl."

It is very hard to fit these requirements, however unless you are at a costume party or an actual "man wh*re"
Jeez, is he hitting on Jessica? Wasn't he just doing that with Allysa? God, he's such a peter pan.

You came to the party like that? What are you supposed to be, Peter pan???
The s*xual act involving filling a man's urethra with peanut butter and having their partner suck it out.
Baker gave Means a peter pan last night and now the roof of his mouth is all sticky.
(noun) The pan a prostitute uses to wash down a client's genitals before consumating the deal.
Hookette, eyeing the prospect's wedding tackle: "Easy there, big fella, while I gets my peter pan & gives you a washin down."
1. the act of levitational rape
-OMGosh!! he's hovering over me! AHHHHHHH i'm gonna get peter panned!!

Peter Pannist: >=]
(Requires a girl with a nosering) The act of c*mming up a girl's nostril and having it shoot out the nosering hole.
That receptionist is hot - I'd like to pop out that nosering and Peter Pan her!
To dive, plunge headfirst. The definition reflects the "diving" motion of the skyward fictional Peter Pan character as described within various text and film.
The man just jumped and performed a Peter Pan into the lake.
A creature that touchs little boys that he lures to neverland.(michael j*ckson)
michael j*ckson: Im peter pan I never grow old...CHAMONE!!!
A kleptomaniac that works at the electronics dept in sears
Peter Pan just sold me a TV
means to f*ck somebody up,or beat down somebody
That n*gga tried peter pan me son!
Shut the f*ck up or u will get peter panned!
Someone that likes to show his Pter Pan to boys (Michael j*ckson).

Freak that like to touch boys.
That crazy freak Peter Pan should be lock up for what he does to those poor boys.
Peter Pan is a magical molesting fairy. It means loving,touching,rubbing,and l*cking.
Example: Michael j*ckson pulled a "Peter Pan" on that boy.

Example: Peter Pan touched me in places, gave me $5 Million Dollars, and told me not to tell anyone.
A very hard b*ow to the left shoulder.
Also sometimes called the Peter Pan Blaster.
"Peter Pan Blaster!"
"YOW! Don't do that!"
someone who steals your gf and has s*x with them
A child molester and rapist. He likes to seduce little children to come to Neverland where he can touch them.
Peter Pan should be arrested for touching children.
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