A FaceBook Troll of epic proportions. He lurks among De motivational poster groups pouncing unexpectedly. His history includes several successful take-overs of several groups.

He takes over forcefully and rules with an Iron fist while he reorganizes the group to fit his liking.

He's extremely intelligent and calculating. He's cold and relentless in his tactics and doesn't believe in forgiveness. He moves among facebook with countless trolls and his victims never again trust anyone the same.

The true Identity of Ven D'ta is a great mystery. Many have falsely claimed to be the dark character. The most common belief is that it is a younger male in his 20's, but no one is even sure of Ven D'ta's gender, much less name/age.

The character Ven D'ta is commonly believed to be based on "V" from the comic books and stories that lead to the movie "V for Vendetta".

The character is described below:
"He is a mysterious anarchist vigilante and freedom fighter, easily recognizable by his Guy Fawkes mask and dark clothing. According to Moore, he was designed to be both a protagonist and antagonist, so that readers could decide for themselves whether he was a hero fighting for a cause, or simply insane."
"Hide your Friend's List, Ven D'ta just showed up."

"Why am I no longer an Admin, and who is Ven D'ta?"

"Where'd the wall and pics go, did Ven D'ta come back?"
The greatest Gangsta Metal Band on Earth! Formed in 1991 by ex-rappers who found rap to be getting stale. Although I disagree, they formed the only good subgenre of metal which lyrics people can relate to instead of "I love Satan, he makes me hard, RAAWWWRRRGGG"

"n*ggaz Neva Die" is da best song eva! Forget Stairway to Heaven or any of that white boy sh*t. It has da best guitar solo and da phatest drum work eva and da lyrics are beautiful.

"We are real, ...
This is the last step for a successful oopst It's stealing something before you leave the house (usually D.V.D's) from a stranger you just blew your load on, while she is in the bathroom cleaning it off the c*m. Make sure you won't see this b*tch again. And if you do, try to oopst her again.
Man, I totally oopst that b*tch and on the way out, I did a don't mind if I do and took some of her D.V.D's.
1. n. see also 'mosh pit'. an area sometimes allocated nearest the stage at a rock concert in which rockers and/or sometimes emos enjoy the volume of the live music by jumping up and down, headbanging and lifting each other up on to their shoulders, but mostly by slamming into each other as hard as they can to try and knock each other over, fighting with the boys and having s*x with the girls.
2. n. is to mosh.1. as war is to warzone i.e. what takes place in a mosh pit
3. the exclamation made by a mosher before they ram into someone else, only used in a non-mosh pit environment, usually before taking unexpecting other people by surprise.
4. v. to charge into someone as hard as possible in an attempt to knock them over (in a mosh pit or otherwise) or ram them into a wall, fence etc. (in a non-mosh pit environment only)
5. cn. collective noun for rocker or mosher

1. someone, usually a rocker, sometimes an emo, who partakes in moshes or who moshes other people
2. a rocker
1. Types of mosh pit, other than 'regular' mosh, include the 'Wall of Death,' in which the moshers (see below) are divided into two moshes (see below) which then run directly at each other head on, causing the moshers in the front row(s) of each mosh to become crushed by the pressure of the enclosing moshers behind and before them, or the moshers are arranged into a ring of death and then run into the middle causing the circle to close and the inner row(s) of moshers to be crushed by the pressure of the enclosing moshers behind and before them. Many bands choose to only use Wall of Deaths once per gig, as doing it more times causes them to lose too many fans.
2. i was in a mosh the other day, twas awesome
3. rocker: (charging toward other person) MOSH!!!
other person: (being moshed) AAARGH!!!
4. let's all mosh (into) that bloke over there
5. i got moshed by a mosh of moshers.

1. We're all moshers
2. I'm a mosher
Deriving from the English "boner," bonuhz came about, and was brought to the English language as a new slang for the word "boner" in the year of 2007. Between a group of friends, bonuhz was spread as a humorous word to replace the original, adding some more spice to this stupid language. This word can be used in many ways, it can also be used incorrectly, defying the whole English language and its standards, such as the following, "hey guys, I gots bonuhz." Originally this sentence would read as the following, "hey guys, I have a boner." Now isn't that nice?
"I GOTS A BONUH" (Bonuhsingular), "Hey guys check out my bonuhz!(Bonuhzplural)"
Part of the VIN number used by Ford to designate the heavy - duty police package installed onto Crown Victoria's from 1985-2008. These cars can top out at around 140+ MPH and can out - accelerate most stock high performers like the Mustang and the Camaro. Can impact 6" curbs at 60 MPH and receive no to little damage due to the large sidewalls on the tires and the heavy duty suspension. This car is also so heavy if that it were to impact another vehicle at highway speeds; the other vehicle would become "non recognizable". Horrible side impact ratings. Horrible rear impact ratings, (explodes like the Pinto does). Can go on harsh terrain at high speed and not get stuck or damaged like other cars; i.e.: (mud, gravel, 10-15% grade hills, ditches, curbs, speed bumps, rough roads, train tracks). Indeed the Crown Victoria is deceiving in appearance, it could probably stomp you're car or truck into the ground.
Ford Crown Victoria - P71
Joe: What the fu*k? Did I hit something?
Josh: I felt a bump...what?
Joe: I think I hit something.

Later that night, Joe gets out and looks at the front of his Crown Victoria.

Joe: Holy sh**!

There was half of a human torso and a complete mangled bicycle stuck in the grill of the Crown Vic with blood dripping from it all.
Northern Virgina or "NOVA" for short is an area in the due North and North Eastern part of Commonwealth of Virginia. This area is dominated by the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and the city of Alexandria. In addition it contains many smaller cities which share common boarders/land with the larger counties.

In this region south and West of the Potomac River, also very far South of the Mason Dixon line, the most arrogant and staunch yuppies found in the Commonwealth if Virginia can be found. Even those considered "lower cla*s" in this region live far better than your average person. In addition, while there are a high number of immigrants in this region, many of them prefer to be considered "Caucasian."

Northern Virginians love to play dual roles. First they claim to be "northern" which in fact they are just a step above Red Necks and one step below Hill Billies on the evolutionary chain.
Finally they all proclaim they are
from the District of Columbia or "D.C

If a Northern Virginian was dropped of on Martin Luther King Ave in SE Washington, or Suitland PKWY where D.C. and Prince Georges County Maryland boarder, said Virginian would pee his/her pants.
Most people from the "NOVA" area have never been beyond Georgetown in the District of Columbia (which ironically boarders Arlington County/Roslyn V.A.) and very few of them ever venture beyond their sheltered communities and ways of life.
(jüs dü-ker)

A human stool (feces) that looks as if it were ran through a juicer.

The act of pushing out human stool that looks as if it were run through a juicer.

A juice dooker, unlike diarrhea, has the semi unified consistency of soft serve ice cream. Some juice dookers will have a modic*m of partial solids, which may or may not spurt at random intervals during the process of defecation. Not to be confused with a Juicy Duce.
Example 1:

Michael j*ckson (MJ): “What’s up Khan? Why is your face all frowned up like that man? Are you feeling okay?”

V. M. Khan: “I’m alright Michael j*ckson, but I feel sorry for the toilet I fill with this juice dooker I been brewing.”

MJ: “You nasty Khan.”

V. M. Khan: ”…let me hold a million till next month.”

Example 2:

{In public men’s room}
MJ: “Oh! Oh no! Uh, hi Khan…”

V. M. Khan: “…What the f*** Michael j*ckson? What are you doing?”

MJ: “Well, Bubbles fixed me pancakes and eggs, (grunt) and I guess monkey hygiene isn’t up to human standards. I was trying to hold it, but…”

V. M. Khan: “Dude, you couldn’t make it to the stall before you started pushing out that juice dooker!? …Let me hold a million till next week.”
It refers to a person who is a big pain in the butt
"She's such a coccydyniac, laughs for nothing at all and expects us to laugh at her comments too..somebody save me please."
can also be said as SONAD one word - it is to suck on a d*ck.
Idea from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall - "You don't wanna stick your P in a V!" "No but I wanna B my L on somebodies T's."

I want S on a D!
The Sloppy v*gina Theorem (SVT) states that if a girl is still a virgin and has never used her v*gina then she has no need for upkeep and it will more than likely be sloppy.
Thomas: Man I'd love to f*ck Audry
Charlie: Dude she's never her v*gina before
Thomas: f*ck that means its sloppy
Charlie: d*mn SVT...

The SVT (Sloppy v*gina Theorem)
Not your Grandpa's Cadillac.

This 4-door Sports Car has a Corvette ZR-1 engine, with a whopping 556 hp, gets to 60 in 3.9 seconds, and has handeling and braking power that's unbelievable for a sedan. The only thing that can compete with this sedan is the Porsche Panamera, which costs literally twice as much.
I was cruising in my 350Z yesterday when I pulled up to a red light next to this CTS-V, he looked over at me and we knew it was ON! Light turned green, I knew it'd be embara*sing...I'm pretty sure he got to 60 when I got to 30!
The M.A.C. System refers to a remarkably simple system that every male puts into effect at one time or another. The M.A.C. stands for:

M-Move in

In short, once one of your friends is done or broken up with a girl, you silently move in to support the girl in her time of dire need. Crushed and heartbroken, the girl will talk incessantly, but will eventually open up s*xually. It can be noted that this system requires almost minimal effort and simply nodding and listening works, combined with a few hugs.

The M.A.C. System was made popular by Mac, a fictional character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His system is highly underrated and deserves as much attention as the D.E.N.N.I.S. System.
Example #1

Dennis: "What is this swooping in business?"

Mac: "Oh that's my system,The MAC: Move in After Completion. I wait til you're done with them and then I swoop in, give them a shoulder to cry on, then we hump."

Dennis: "You've been humping these girls after I'm done with them?"

Mac: "Oh yeah dude! I'm swimming in your wake."

Example #2

Robert: "Hey, Charlie, you get laid this weekend?"

Charlie: "Yeah, Mike broke up with Holly on Thursday so I used The M.A.C. System on her and we made sweet, pa*sionate love."

Robert: "No kidding? Bump it."
abbreviation: Direct t*rd Vapour. A fart that is so rich and stinky that one is a*sured the stench emanates directly from a t*rd sitting near the a*us. Traditionally, within an hour of D.T.V offence, the offender will be required to use the bathroom to evacuate the t*rd.
noun. Jerry's fart was so smelly, I was certain that it was D.T.V.

verb. Jesus Christ Jerry! Quit D.T.V.-ing over there!
1.The action of getting palatic with your political party posse- or whatever posse you have.

2.Intoxicated to the point of inability to carry out job, loss of self control and inability to answer questions asked.
Caution : If Taoiseach'd - DO NOT UNDERGO RADIO OR T.V INTERVIEWS, Do not operate heavy goods such as Banks or small Islands.

3.Can sometimes be mistaken for "being nasally"

Being Taoiseach'd at work is the ONLY time you can turn up to work after a night on the tiles still p*ssed and not get the sack
I got "Taoiseach'd" last night and drunk dialled my ex
v. The act where one masterbates through speech, taking great personal pleasure by listening to one's self drone on endlessly.
I can't stand listening to that geek's verbal masterbation; will someone please stuff a log in the f*cker's mouth!
Best equipped variant of a Pontiac firebird, sharing the same cha*sis as the Chevy Camaro, both collectively called "F-Body cars." A Trans Am is a Firebird, but not all Firebirds are Trans Am's, make sense? A tasteful stand-out-in-the crowd true American muscle car, for those who find Fords distasteful and Chevy's too conservative. The Pontiac Trans Am is often depicted as the ultimate bada*s mobile.

Trans Am's are always V-8's (except for a few 80's 3rd gen models offered with the spectacular Turbo V-6 Grand National engine.

The best examples are the 4th gen 93-97 LT1 and 98-02 LS1 powered Trans Ams. The WS6 Ram Air Trans Am is the most aggressively styled road rocket to ever hit the street. For a time was the official car of the NHRA. Often sited by car magazines as the best 'bang for the buck' musclecar money can buy.

On the road, they are imposing, rumbling, and a little indimidating to other commuters. A renegade-looking car. Outlawish. Disobedient. Muscular styling with the power to back it up and then some.
"My honday civic just got whooped by a trans am!"

"d*mn...that's a nice car man. What is that, a trans am?"

"I wish I had a trans am."

"There goes that punk kid in his trans am."
Deadly Viper a*sa*sanation Squad. Seen in the movie Kill Bill.
Quentin Tarantino is a f*cking genious!!!
One of the best things to ever come from Harlem. Was a member of Fat Joe's group D.I.T.C. Gunned down in '99.

Rest In Peace.
"And everytime I'm jammed I always find a loophole / I got a crime record longer than Manute Bol / And my raps is unbelievable like aliens and flying saucers / No more iron horses cause I'm buying Porsches" - M.V.P. ("Lifestyles ov da Poor and Dangerous" - Big L, 1995)
Hollywood slang for influential g*y men who may (or may not) be HIV +
Hollywood-- It's a land of H.I.V.I.P.'s, p*rn stars in love, scheming dermatologists, cell-phone conversations that never quite connect, and dying men who wear million-dollar watches.
The word on the street for a V-12 engine found in Merc's, BM's, Audi's, Aston's, Spitfires, etc, etc...
As in: Dame Grease / Never Thought

Never Thought I'd have a Benz
Fo' ?V-twizzy?, when a dime's on a ?D-Throw?
You know the tinks
Never thought a n*gga like me would cheat in the game
v. the act of having a girl or girls stolen from you by another man.
Unlucky dude: Hey ladies, let's have s*x.
Ladies: well... i dont know.
Unlucky dude: c'mon
Ladies: uh... fine.
Stud: Ladies, don't f*ck him f*ck me.
Ladies: Ok!
Friend: sh*t man, you just got Orth'd.
d*ck Cheney

(np. Richard Bruce Cheney b.1941-)
(aka Darth Vader. Frankenstein’s monster, the penguin, Jaba The Hut.)

1) 46th ‘Vice’ President of the United States, and former Secretary of Defense. Puppetmaster to the early 21st century military Junta George W. Bush. (see Blackadder III and Prince George IV.)
2) (Disney origin) Jafar. The evil Vizir (advisor) to the brainless Sultan, in the Disney cartoon Aladdin.
2) Jabba the Hut (see Empire of Evil)
3) The fat, corrupt guy in the famous Humphrey Bogart movie Ca*sablanca, sometimes credited as Sydney Greenstreet.

-(Harry Potter): A Goblin. A morose, sullen individual who lives in a vault or bunker
Scene is by far the most used and abused of all labels.

I say that because... scene kids exploit that they're scene. And non-scene kids usually exploit the fact the the scene kids are "scene" (sarcastically) as well.

To me all social labels are bullsh*t. But they're used all the time. Even by me. So scene generally goes like this.

-Into the local xcore music of your area. (Any kind of xcore music... hardxcore, metalxcore, grindxcore, etc)

-Into a certain fashion; band tees are a large part, especially if the band tees are for the local kids. Since the scene revolves around the MUSIC, that's incorperated into most of the other aspects of things. Other parts of the fashion; sparkly stuff, skulls on things, pearls, ribbons, tight jeans, bright (but usually well matched) colors- it's kind of usually an interesting mix of preppy fashion and... shall we say emo/hardxcore fashion? I like to watch it. It's terribly fun. Especially watching the kids who fail at it miserably. Those people are usually fakes though...

-Hair. Okay okay. The hair... can occasionally be rediculous. Colors, I rly don't mind. Interesting hair colors are awesome. But when the color is very badly done... go get it done professionally? And if you did get it done by a pro and it STILL sucks... you need to change your shop buddy! Hair usually means like I said the colors(blackblackblack. blonde streaks, red streaks, and purple seem to be common too. Which I'm totally getting purple so stfu!), it...
A really weird way to say Z. Used by Australians, the British, and Canadians. The Alphabet should only be p*onounced with vowels, not with other included letters such as "d"...

See also: Zee, the correct way of saying the letter Z...
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Zed.
That friend of yours who always has a sh*t girlfriend everyone has to put up with, or a c*ap best mate from school they always ask out with you, or the person who finds the most obnoxious person at a party and exposes everyone to them: i.e. someone who digs up prats.
"I thought she'd be fine at the game, but all she did was talk about her holiday with other girls during extra time. I feel like such a pratdigger".
We the man e*aculates into a girls mouth or throat, then the girl( or guy if you are that way) coughs the white oozy cream out of her nose while standing on her head.
Person 1-Dude, I was getin some lettuce, and she pulled an upside down reverse volcano of snow!

Person 2-Umm, right, you wanna have s*x in my butthole?

Person 1-Well, you didn't hear a word I said.
this is a complex definition, a master f*cker can be may thing as the list that fallows
1) a peson who is extreamly good at s*x( you have to at least have s*x 4 times a day)
2) a person simmalar to a p*mp by haveing s*x with many women at the same time
3) a man of woman who has made there partner c*mm all over themselves
4)a peson who ruins lives and is a Computer f*cker(see compter f*cker). this person resembles a derek
5)a man who can masterbate at least 10 times a day
6)someone who is so nerdy that he becomes attractive(inspite of his nerdy ness he is a very good love maker)
7) a very larger p*nis
8)a man or a woman who doesn't even have to have s*x to make there partner c*mm
9)a teacher that gives a f*ck load of homework and eats your tests
10)someone you hate very stongly
"wow holey sh*t i came in like 4 seconds he is a MASTER f*ckER"

"yeah i'm a master f*cker for christ sake i did you moma and you dady at the same time"

"god d*mn that master f*cker made me j*zz on myself"

" d*mn that computer f*cker is also a master f*cker"

" Those valley twins are master f*ckers"

"d*mn he has a master f*cker"

"that was weird all i had to do was look at that master f*cker and i came"

"our science teacher is a master f*cker"

yo bro you a master f*cker now get outa my grill"
The process of chemically bonding magma and dust particles and adding MgClON to cause a nuclear explosion.
I mean when a neo-conservative defenestrates it's like Raskolnikov filibuster deoxymonohydroxinate.
A large clump of sparklers that are air tightly wrapped with electrical tape. Once the fuse is lit, it takes about 50 seconds to detonate. Detonation occurs when all the sparklers in the air tight tape go off at the same time compressing against the tape and eventually going off. Once exploded a sparkler bomb of 16 standard sparklers has the equivallant of 1/4 a stick of dynamite.
I used a sparkler bomb to b*ow the door off a soda machine.
The act of not eating.

When a slice of lettuce is too much!

The opposite of Kirstie Alley Syndrome.

To drive up to a fastfood drive-thru, order nothing, then break down and cry.

To go to chic restaurants and be seen, and not order anything.

To have restaurants and cafes go broke.

To make starving African kids seem overweight and fat.

To be the poster girl for anorexia and bulimia.

To be beautiful yet a slave to beauty.
"I tell you Mum I'm full!" "I've had my Duromine, Speed, nose candy, amphetamines and ate last month!"

"Oh my gawd your coming down with Nicole Richie Syndrome!"

Have you seen Chantelle, she's like a stick; she's definitely got Nicole Richie Syndrome.
in leu of spring break. (n.)(1) A "break" from society that involves many provocative and promiscous acts and deeds, which only occur during the time of the break. (n.) (2) One who performs such leud and promiscous acts and deeds during the time of the break.

(adj.) An overly promiscous act.

(v.) The performance of such leud and promiscous acts NOT during a break.
(n.)(1) "We should get t-shirts made...."I survived Spring sl*t...and I survived it well."

"That wasn't spring break! That was spring sl*t!"

(n.)(2) "pssst, you know that girl AR?"
"She's a Spring sl*t."

(v.) "You are spring sl*tting out!"

(adj.) "What a spring sl*tty time I had at my college reunion!"

"She is acting in such a spring sl*tty way."
Yong Jie used to be a high vulgar phrase known in the city of Singapore. It has derived from the Navajo word which means gonorrhea, and also evolved from the Hokkien phrase for "f*cked up child". However, due to the frequent use of "Yong Jie" by many teenagers today, this phrase has become a common phrase in Singlish to use to describe nearly everything, be it good or bad. The more common uses of Yong Jie are as follow:

1. A highly philosophical person who is very versed in the cultivation of the arts, but unfortunately is only fairly good in the sciences.

2. A RVD fan.

3. A mushroom.

4. A dumb Liverpool fan.

5. A counterfeit Catholic.

6. A liar who succ*mbs to s*xual temptations very easily.

7. An inconspicuous perv.

8. A loser brawler who thinks he fights like R-V-D, and has ruffled a few feathers because of this trait.

9. A f*cked up child whose parents do not even want to acknowledge.

10. Something you get if you have unsafe s*x.

11. A ravishing teenager who is so arrogant he thinks he shouldn't model for companies he believes will smear his reputation.

12. Keane fanboy.

13. A joke critic.

14. A teenager who used to love Pokemon, but can never p*onounce their names.

15. An egomaniac with perfect facial and bodily features who is unforgiving to we commoners with some unpleasant looks.

16. Annoying prank caller.

17. A crybaby

18. A g*y who admires aging Chinese singers.
Referring to road head, this is usually used in a sentence when someone is talking about a car ride with a girl. The rule of the road is when and if you give a girl a ride somewhere in your car and she gives you no money or gift, she must follow the rule of the road and give you road head.
guy 1: i gave cindy a ride home last night.
guy 2: did she follow the rule of the road?
guy 1: naw, she gave me $10

bill: i gave sarah a ride to wal mart earlier.
jimmy: you use the rule of the road?
bill: yeah, she tried to stop by an ATM to give me cash but i refused and made her sucky sucky
"The Bus Uncle"is a Cantonese video clip capturing a verbal altercation aboard a bus in Hong Kong on April 27,2006.The clip was taken by a pa*senger,uploaded to HK Golden Forum,and then quickly mirrored on YouTube and Google Video.Soon after its debut on YouTube,the 6-minute video became a cultural sensation in Hong Kong and inspired vigorous debate and discussion on life and etiquette in the city.Attracting over one million hits, the clip became one of YouTube's most viewed items in May 2006.Its copious use of profanity and its rhetorical outbursts attracted the attention of local and international media,and some of its utterances became catchphrases in Hong Kong and Chinese communities around the world.
Roger(The Bus uncle),"Get off the bus at once!Dun stay on the bus!" Elvis,"Dis isn't necessary." Roger,"If it isn't necessary,why d'u pat me on the shoulder?When I's talking on the phone,u..." Elvis,"(interrupts)Boss..." Roger,"Hey,dun call me'boss'.4 the sake of fairness,we dun know each other.Y d'u hafta do that?(faster tone)Why d'u hafta do that?Look,everyone in society suffers from stress.Now that u've done sth v.unfair,should I've a word with u?" Elvis,"(softly)I think we already aren't having a pleasant conversation anymore..." Roger,"(angrily interrupts)Now that we're talking,I ask you.Have I touched youWell?" Elvis,"Just what d'u want me 2 do?" Roger,"What d'I want u 2 do?I want u 2 apologize!" Elvis,"Soz,I didn't mean 2." Roger,"What d'u mean,'U didn't mean 2'?Who's right,u or me?" Elvis(interrupts softly),"U wanna save face." Roger,"What?" Elvis,"(louder)You just wanna save face. Soz,boss." Roger,"I don't wanna save face!Hey look,first,when u spoke on the phone,I didn't interfere with u.(Elvis puts his right arm on the headrest of the seat.)" Roger,"Why d'u hafta say I'm talking 2 loudly?I simply haven't disturbed u.Right?So,what d'u hafta say 4 urself?"Elvis,"Well,nothing really 's happened,it's all that simple." Roger,"What's happened 2 u?Just what d'u want?Hmm...I wanna settle this with u." Elvis,"The matter's settled,it's that simple."Roger,"It isn't settled." Elvis,"It's settled." Roger,"(louder)It isn't settled!" Elvis,"It's settled." Roger,"(yelling very l...
It's when a Gnome, Troll, Ogre, or Goblin has a hairball stuck in it's throat and Launches it onto the floor creating a magical puddle that teleports you to Fairytopiopolis.
Huggles Tinkerbottom: Agh, I feel one coming up fast.
Sparkles Firetwig: One, What
Huggles Tinkerbottom:*SPLAT* Throws up.
Sparkles Firetwig: Oh wow thats one h*ll of a Goozlegaggle!
The region between a woman's thighs which permits air to pa*s through freely-or not to pa*s through at all...whatever the case may be. Air flow is contingent on the size of any given woman. i.e. fat girls have no flow, whereas thin girls have great flow.

Can be modified to fit every situation.
1.) She's got great air flow. I'd love to tap that.

2.) Yes she's got a cute face, butter flow. (this would insinuate that the girl is a bit larger, and has no flow. No flow increases the likelihood of a girl having V.O.)

3.) No flow ho's have the worst V.O.
AIDS (noun, acronym;AY-DA-Z) Addictingly Intriguing, Delicious Snacks, A candy/sweets company to be established by D.W.C, to be known for selling candies with obscure-acronyms for names.
H.I.V - Honey Infused Vitamins
S.T.D - Sweet Taffy Delights

Boy! AIDS makes some awesome candies!
the only excuse.
try it.
"what are you doing, use a condom!"
"it doesn't feel as goooooood."
"too bad!"

"what are you doing, use a condom!"
"i'm allergic to latex."
"oh, okay then."
mah-zuhl tawv
1. (n) Term to be used immediately before t*ssing a molotov c*cktail at an enemy, both in video games and everyday life, though the latter is discouraged.
2. (n) Term to be used immediately after t*ssing any item in any situation, the t*ss being with a single hand and of an underhanded fashion with a snapping wrist motion at the end followed by a slight pose at the end of this motion.
3. (v) The act of using a single hand to t*ss something at a person, preferably when they aren't ready for it.
1. A man walks up to a lady on the street, "What's up b*tch? Mozletov." Proceeds to throw a molotov c*cktail at her feet, incinerating her and eventually killing her.

2. A man is on a date with a lady, at the end of their dinner their waiter asks the man if he'll be paying with cash or card. The man then proceeds to reach in his coat pocket and t*ss a gangster roll of $100 bills on to the table, afterwards saying, "Mozletov." All the while keeping his eyes on his date across the table, especially during the finishing pose.

3. "I f*cken mozletov'd that mother f*cker."
You c*m into a girl's nose, then you tickle her nose with an eagles feather. And wait until she sneezes the j*zz out onto her ice Cream, then giving it to her friend, thus having made a midwest mcflurry
Yo Laquetrandaniesha last night you know that ice cream with whipped cream i gave you. It was actually a Midwest Mcflurry.
Mothers Against Paris Driving, or any other celebrity driving a vehicle after partying.
1. Anyone who think celebrities should stay with the limos, instead of pouring themsleves behind the wheel when out partying.
2. Mothers Against Paris Driving are raising money for Lindsay Lohan's limo driver.
3.No one wants to see Paris Driving. Even if her limo driver has the night off, she can afford a f*ckin' cab!
4.The M.A.P.D. will find you...
a male/female who had cereal too sugary and was acting wierd all day. usually unemployed.
OK honey, i have to go eat breakfast. (5 min. l8er) Man, these frosted flakes are... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I a SPAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teh c00l3s7, m05t br00t4l g1rl t0 3v3r r04m t3h w0rld. sh3'5 pr3tty much xC0r3.

IRL: BBHO is an acronym for 'big black hairy one', which originated from the movie, Van Helsing, and was completely b*own out of proportion when used in teh wrong context of a conversation.

Also one of the members of the LxC CxW (lameXcore crackXwh*res).
hater 1: did you see that girl, bbho?
hater 2: yeah man, i'm totally jealous of her br00t4lity.
haters 1&2: i wish one day I'D be that cool!
v To be proven correct in a*sumptions made about characters, plot points, backstory, predictions or another aspect of a television program, particularly "Supernatural." The word comes from the name of the creator of "Supernatural," Eric Kripke. An antonym of "jossed."
I was kripke'd by this week's episode! I told you Bobby must have had a wife who died!
v To be proven correct in a*sumptions made about characters, plot points, backstory, predictions or another aspect of a television program, particularly "Supernatural." The word comes from the name of the creator of "Supernatural," Eric Kripke. An antonym of "jossed."
I was kripke'd by this week's episode! I told you Bobby must have had a wife who died!
i dont give a sh*t
Bobby: Guess what!? I just go a promotion!!!
Dave: I'm just gonna throw out my i.d. gas right now.
Bobby: What's that?
Dave: I DONT GIVE A sh*t!
v. To f*cking kill a conversation, joke, or situation with s*xually questionable behavior, lame input, or Tourettes Guy quotes.

n. A f*ggot, who aims to climb the social ladder of High School through hanging with kids, who are completely out of his league, listening to Wu-Tang, when he'd much rather be listening to some other queer band like Boys Like Girls a.k.a. The Knights Of f*ggotry, and sticking it up the butt with his teachers so that he gets good grades.
"sh*t, I just A-Fined! I'd better grab my jar of pennies and leave before I kill more jokes!"

"Bro, are you kidding me? You got kicked of the baseball team's bus for killing jokes? You are such an A-Fine!"
D'jes = yes, in basic terms, said in a spanish/mexican accent...

D'jes (ys)
adv. It is so; as you say or ask. Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent. n. pl. D'jes·es

1. An affirmative or consenting reply.
2. An affirmative vote or voter.
tr.v. D'jessed, D'jes·sing, D'jes·es

To give an affirmative reply to.
Used to express great satisfaction, approval, or happiness.
"Do you like eating at Nando's?"
"D'jes, very much!"

"D'jes, D'jes, and more D'jes!"

"I approve, D'jes, indeed I do!"
v. To f*cking kill a conversation, joke, or situation with s*xually questionable behavior, lame input, or Tourettes Guy quotes.

n. A f*ggot, who aims to climb the social ladder of High School through hanging with kids, who are completely out of his league, listening to Wu-Tang, when he'd much rather be listening to some other queer band like Boys Like Girls a.k.a. The Knights Of f*ggotry, and sticking it up the butt with his teachers so that he gets good grades.
"sh*t, I just A-Fined! I'd better grab my jar of pennies and leave before I kill more jokes!"

"Bro, are you kidding me? You got kicked off of the baseball team's bus for killing jokes? You are such an A-Fine!"
(v) to c*m. more specifically the sight of semen in the air, toppling end over end before landing.
I was so pent up from being stuck with my girlfriend's parents on vacation, I thought for sure I'd arc a noodle clear over the toilet when I snuck some alone time.
A great place to live as long as you avoid the bad parts (theres alot of them). If you know the right people (swear to you its always just a friend of a friend) you go to partys in million dollar houses everyweek, get invited trips around the world.
Friend: d*mn dude. You went to the B.V.I.'s again?

Me: Yea man. I have a friend of a friend who gets me down there every year.

Friend: Dude your so lucky you live in Cincinnati!!!
when a man is performing fellatio on an ungroomed kazakstanian mans b*lls, and he puts his f*nger in his mouth, then yours, then grabs your b*ob and sprays the c*m from the kazakstan guys d*ck all over you, then proceeding to rub his testicles on your t*ts.
my boyfriend brought home Borat last night, and i knew that i was going to get silly ticklet*ts.
The people that make you then try to control you. You MAY or MAY NOT like them. Unless you wanna become a social reject i suggest you rebel AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Between curfew and making u look stupid as h*ll i think you'd agree with me.
My parents made me a social reject my entire life. When i was a kid they made me dress in cheap a*s clothes that were undersized and beat up k-swiss to school. (Im BLACK what tha f*ck do i look like wearin a f*ckin moldy v-neck!?) When i told them i was bein picked on they basically told me to "shut the f*ck up". (imagine spending 10 years of your life feeling/looking like c*ap while your step-mom precedes to spend your DAD's money to buy a f*ckin house an 2 cars)

When i finally did start to make "friends" (when they werent insultin me) my peoples would make g*y a*s rules like be home at 9 (never mind the fact that your avergage MIDDLE SCHOOLER comes home at like midnight these days) yeah way to turn me into the group's killjoy.

Now that im a teenager i gotta get a job n i cant/shouldnt be askin them for money. OK, Thats cool but HOW DA f*ck ARE YOU GONNA MAKE A f*ckIN 16 YEAR PAY YOU BACK FOR INSURANCE THAT THE GOVERNMENT MADE YOU PAY FOR.

In conclusion, while parents may feed you n give you a place to live they can also turn you into a low selfesteem havin piece of sh*t

When i move away im GONE for good....
The word 'pear' is a synonym/euphemism of the word 'p*nis.' This is evident in the fact that the word 'pear' is actually an acronym for 'p*nisES in EARS ARE REALLY weird.'
Also, when an*lyzing and pondering upon the shape of a p*nis in tandem with the two testicles, one beholds a shape that is very similar to a pear's.
In addition, one can derive the word 'pear' from the popular breakfast chain, 'Panera Bread'. As is readily available to one's vision, the word 'Panera' is no more then a scrambled version of the words 'Pear n a.' BreaD, then, can be found to translate into 'beavir', as the v tilted sideways crossed by the 'i' makes a 'D'. In this case, we then have 'Pear n a Beavir'.
'Dogg, your pear was as big as mine when I was a baby'
"Nah, son, my pear was as big as YOU when you were a baby"
'd*mn, son, that's like a 8-pound pear.....'
Standard vagrancy agreement. A mutual, often unsigned but nonetheless pivotal piece of excellent bureaucracy. The SVA defines the acceptable levels of vagrancy tolerated both regularly and on special occasions or acts of God such as Fridays or surprise Bat Mitvahs.
Can I park my trolley in your yard bro? I'd love to say alright but I must be confident of your vehicles vagrancy privileges as underlined your S.V.A. Sorry.

From a song called Put a Donk on it

lyrics are as followed:

Yeah, yeah it's sick that, yeah that's good.
Wait hold on a minute, pull it up, stop. You know what you wanna do with that right, you wanna put a bangin' donk on it!

Yeah, yeah, yeah thats sick. That is sick!
I can definitely drop to that one, all we need now is like a hook line.
You know what I've got actually the perfect one.

Baseline! (Ahh wicked!)
Put a donk on it.

Electro! (Ahh that is sick that mate!)
Put a donk on it.

Techno! (Ohhh now that is good!)
Put a donk on it.

Ayy, thats good that Tony!
Ahahaha sick!

Baseline! (Where'd you learn that one)
Put a donk on it.

Electro! (Yeah i like that.)
Put a donk on it.

Techno! (That one's good.)
Put a donk on it.

Donk d-donk donk donk donk.

Covers goin' sick tonight,
I'm like superman without kryptonite,
phat as h*ll without cellulite,
and I look well sick in a U.V light,
speakin' of sick that's me on the mic,
and if you don't like it get on ya bike,
pack ya bags and get out my sight,
otherwise its left right left goodnight,

Mic controller,
lyric amova,
rhymes that im comin so quick like a soldier,
so ya better know my name is Cover,
if you wanna test me ya better not go there,
if you go there ya gonna get messed up,
and have a face on you like a broken clock,
as I'm comin' you better get runnin',
you better get gone or your gonna get dun in.

I'm back, with professional ...
a racial slur towards n*ggers
a combination of charcoal and darkie, use in place of...

negro, Smigger, sh*tskin, n*gger, jigaboo, n*ggaboo, Raisinhead, P.I.T(Perpetrator In Training.), Nitch, Nigress, Nigglet, Monkey, Meshky, Koolaid, Knuckle, Dragger, Justin Igger, Eight Ball, Coon, eggplant, Crispy, Cotton-Picker, Colored, coal train, Cheshire Cat, Chain Dragger, Camel Lips, Burr Head, Bumper Lips, Spook, spade, Blackie, Americoon, Africoon, Strange Fruit, Swamper, swinger, Porch Monkey.
when ever i watch COPS all i ever see is Charkies getting what they deserve
When you have intercourse with a woman on her monthly then proceed to take a dump while she preforms fellatio on you.. and she's obese.
"d*mn.. I didn't think I could find a worse s*xual term than "blumpkin" till I heard about Phil getting a raspberry plumpkin from that heffer that works at the bingo hall"
AIDS is an acronym for a medical condition known as "a*shole Invaders Death Syndrome." The condition is fatal, and is typically spread through a*us to p*nis contact. Broadway musicals, Chrysler PT Cruisers, and lisping have also been linked to the disease. Symptoms of the illness include death. While there is currently no cure, the "Spread It If You Get It" (SIIYGI) movement has become increasingly popular in African populations.
Joe: Hey Jim, I bet if Africa had oil, people would give a sh*t about the AIDS epidemic there.

Jim: Yeah.
A ba-unka-unk is a girl that has a b*oty but no D's. Derived from Badunkadunk. Big b*oty no b*obies.
d*mn that chick is hot. Naw man shes a ba-unka-unk. I could rest a cup on that ba-unka-unk
1. fact of being dressed like a gee, often mean you wear your gang colors such as blue or red, for example.

2. to be dressed so fine like a playa from foots to the head that makes the girls stare and come around while men start hatting as they watching you gliding in the club.
still i lace mah good ol' taylo' chucks, put mah khaki pantz on...grab mah shades...yall kno im so gangsta'd up.

"straight gangsta'd up, still don't give a f*ck" (from the daddy v's song "gangsta'd up").
1. (V.) A phrase meaning that everything is turning out okay. Usually used after you reveal that something really horrible happened, or as sarcasm.
1. "Got in a street fight, with the IRS, and I'm alright, took one to the chest, but I'm fine, It's all coming up roses." - Hedley
Fat + Arms = FARMS.
it's when your arms are fat but usually you're tall. and a cyborg. AND HAVE A NICE BODY. and wear hooker shorts.
Trevor likes very much to grab Christy's farms. He also bites them. but lower. so as to be not completely terrible.
A wicked fun drinking game.

Rules are as follows

1. Materials required:

a. one 40 oz. beer per person. (wine bottles may be used as a substitute, but not 12oz. beers. the drink must be in a gla*s container, and must be the height of a 40oz. bottle.)

b. a couple of U.S. quarters. (one is required, but often gets lost, so additional quarters on stand-by speed up gameplay. spare quarters are usually kept underneath savvy players' 40oz. bottles)

c. a pair of dark sungla*ses (referred to as buttface gla*ses) or other vision-impairing eyewear (e.g. tinted ski masks or stunna shades etc.)

d. three or more players (preferably eight, or however many will fit comfortably around the table.)

e. a large table (preferably round, so that every player can reach across, although irregularly shaped tables can also be used. this will be discussed later)

f. (optional) loud, upbeat music.

2. Gameplay

a. Every player stands around the table and opens their 40oz.

b. A player (typically the host) will begin the game by spinning a quarter on the table and then calling out another players name. (this player will be referred to as the spinner).

c. The player whose name is called by the spinner will then attempt to clink another player's 40oz. bottle by smacking, hitting or fl*cking the quarter towards another player. (this player will be referred to as the fl*cker)

d. As soon as the s...
So many to choose from! One is bound to come true.
A – Ape Uprising
B – Black Hole
C – Collision
D – Dinosaurs Return
E – Everyone Dissapears
F – Food Fights Back
G – Gravity Fails
H – Hollacaust Again
I – Insect Overlords
J – Jesus Returns
K – Killer Bees
L – Lemming Syndrome
M – Machine War
N – Nuke
O – Ovary Expiration
P – Pandemic
Q – Quake
R – Rapture
S – Solar Flare
T – Triffids
U – UFO Strike
V – Volcanos
W – Water World
X – Xenophobia
Y – You’re in teh Matrix
Z – Zombies
When Bob bought his Big Mac at Mcdonalds, he was surpised when he went to take a bite, it took a bite of him. The end. (of the world) (Food fights back, from F, "A - Z of Apocalypses"
a code name used by girls and among girls as a term for 'losing one's virginity'
Anna: i was buying flowers yesterday...
Jane: aww really? how did that go?
Anna: good.. :D
Anna's bf: .....???
Expression used to signify a wink with the addition of the 'knick' sound coming from the mouth. To clarify the sound made, sucking air back into your mouth while pressing your tongue against the roof of you mouth (all on one side of your mouth) enables the sound. The expression can be used to convey the "I know" or the "That's right" statements' emotions. A person may use this same expression daily in those "I told you so" and "that's what I thought" moments, as well.
From a text chat:

Girl: "I lub wut u got meh 4 my bday babe."

Guy: "I kno gurl, ;-V . I'm glad =D ."
The label given to one who has Asperger's syndrome - often intended in a derogatory manner. It may also apply to one who exhibits the behaviour of one with Asperger's syndrome, the symptoms of which include unwillingness to leave one's own house and socialise, and the inability to understand social contact.
Person 1: "Hey, do you want to come out tonight?"
Asperge 1: "No sorry, I'm an asperge. I'd rather go shoe shopping and play ma*s effect."

Person 2: "Asperge 2, why have you got your back to the wall?"
Asperge 2: "In case someone bottles me from behind."

Asperge 3: "Hurry up now guys, i want you to leave my house."
Person 3: "Why?"
Asperge 3: "I want you to leave so I don't have to be around you and socialise."

Asperge 4: "Look at that little boy, i'd love to put my c*ck in his mouth."
How to add a gargantuan amount of text to your clipboard VERY quickly.
Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

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A term used in MMORPG's in multiple forms.

v: To provoke a mob (enemy or hostile NPC) to attack you by entering its aggro range. The aggro range (or radius) is the zone around the mob which, if entered, will cause it to attack without provocation.

n: Used to describe the attention of a mob, or its current target. In group fights, the Tank is supposed to "hold aggro" by keeping the mobs focused on him. To "have aggro" is to currently be the target of a hostile mob. Aggro is also sometimes used interchangeably with the term Threat when referring to the DPS.

I got too close to the boss and I aggro'd him by accident, so I had to bubble.


The tank couldn't hold aggro and the group wiped.

The healer has aggro. Pally, pull that aggro off the healer.

That Lock is pulling too much aggro, he needs to back off the DPS.
v. When a person's tongue drifts down to a woman's a*us, on purpose or by accident, during an intense session of cunnilingus.

Credit: Dan Savage (Savage Love)
"Man, I was so drunk I didn't even realize I was savaging her butthole! It was cunnilingual drift, dude!"
(v.) To play a video game in a highly defensive and reactionary fashion.

(n.) A video game player who exhibits such a style of play.

(adj.) In video games, p*one to or executed in such a style of play.
Jeff Schaefer's turtle Sagat destroyed my Chun Li, because he would uppercut me as I jumped over the tiger shots that he was throwing from the other side of the screen.
2)A letter, to send a message.
1)These are Letters>> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
2)A note to someone or something
"I left a note of the Frige"
a D..V.D
Ich bin die zuhälter = it's german and means I'm a p*mp
Folk Nation is an organization. We are not a gang. We hold a brotherhood to all Kin Folk. We respect CRIP. We disrespect BLOOD because they killed our father (King David), BLOOD are SLOBS f*kK ALL SLOBS and f*kK ALL YOU WANNABE GANG MEMBERS< AND ALL YOU FAKE POSING GANGS OUT THERE. You will never come close to amounting to what King David has. 6 poppin 5 droppin, Black Flag in my left back pocket. Once a Kin FOLK always a Kin FOLK. I may drop my set but I will never drop my FOLK soul. Peace flag, Black flag, BLOOD only carries a red rag.
f*kk all you blood, BOSS til day i pa*sover and die. Crabs and Slobs betta stay outa my hood, or else theyl be spillin thier own blood. R.I.P. King David, your soul lives on.

i l h e l v R i r
l o e e o e I l g
l b n b r P l a
y i n
d n i
a g z
y a
||ell (h*ll)

a. often h*ll The abode of condemned souls and devils in some religions; the place of eternal punishment for the wicked after death, presided over by Satan.
b. A state of separation from God; exclusion from God's presence.

2. The abode of the dead, identified with the Hebrew Sheol and the Greek Hades; the underworld.

3. A situation or place of evil, misery, discord, or destruction: “War is h*ll” (William Tec*mseh Sherman).

a. The powers of darkness and evil.
b. Informal. One that causes trouble, agony, or annoyance: The boss is h*ll when a job is poorly done.

5. A sharp scolding: gave the student h*ll for cheating.

6. Informal. Excitement, mischievousness, or high spirits: We did it for the sheer h*ll of it.

a. A tailor's receptacle for discarded material.
b. Printing. A h*llbox.

8. Informal. Used as an intensive: How the h*ll can I go? You did one h*ll of a job.

9. Archaic. A gambling house.

10. An original member of the Battle.net Off-Topic Forum.
intr.v. Informal h*lled, h*ll·ing, h*lls
To behave riotously; carouse: out all night h*lling around.

Used to express anger, disgust, or impatience.


for the h*ll of it
For no particular reason; on a whim: walked home by the old school for the h*ll of it.

h*ll on Informal
1. Damaging or destructive to: Driving in a hilly town is h*ll on the brakes.
2. Unpleasant to or painful for.

h*ll or/and high water
Troubles or difficulties of whatever magnitude: We're staying, come h*ll or high water.

h*ll to pay
Great trouble: If we're wrong, there'll be h*ll to pay.

like h*ll Informal
1. Used as an intensive: He ran like h*ll to catch the bus.
2. Used to express strong contradiction or refusal: He says he's going along with usLike h*ll he is!

Middle English h*lle, from Old English. See kel-1 in Indo-European Roots.
Word History: h*ll comes to us directly from Old English hel. Because the Roman Church prevailed in England from an early date, the Romanthat is, Mediterraneanbelief that h*ll was hot prevailed there too; in Old English hel is a black and fiery place of eternal torment for the d*mn...

bead can be applied in two ways - as part of a sentence or by itself.

a) When used as a part of a sentance, bead is used to describe something that is extremely positive.

b) By adding the suffix "orse", the positivity of bead can be reversed to describe something that SHOULD be positive, but is in fact negative.

"bead" used by itself can mean a number of things, however the intended meaning can be understood by acknowledging both the context of the conversation and the degree of positivity that is being shown.

bead used by itself can mean the following - listed in order of positivity shown:

(i) "What's up?"
(ii) "I agree, sort of"
(iii) "I'm drunk"
(iv) "I'm impressed"
(v) "I agree."
(vi) "We are mint"
(vii) "I agree strongly."
(viii)"How the f*ck is it goin, homie?"
(ix) "LOL!"
(x) "I love bead"

The level of positivity can be shown in two ways:

a) When written, the...
1. (n) Sour underwear with a white milk-like substance. 2. (n) A man-wh*re. See gigalo. 3. (v) A bad, foul, nasty, perverted, "no go" action. 4. (n) The rising of a particular body part after stimulation. See erection. 5. (v) a*s raped by a certain SY.
6. (n) A b*tch who's SO gonna get genitated by Da Ge, Er Ge and Xiao Di at the Lock in.

This word has g*y finish roots.

"i got naiqued by several local chinese workers" - Naiqu Sun

"I always knew that naiqu was a naiqu, but i never realized how i'd get a naiqu in my pants after seeing him being naiqued for just two seconds!" - SY
a rappa who cant rap sh*t motha f*cka same wit chingy dat b*tch
Lil Jon
Yeah (Yeaaaahhhh!)
Theres a lotta f*ck n*ggaz in the club tonight
(f*ck 'em, f*ck 'em, f*ck 'em)
but its gonna be aight, (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
cause me and my clique we don't give a f*ck n*gga
Trick Daddy, Jim Johnson, Big D, Lil Jon

Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!)
If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know)
I'm bout to f*ck a n*gga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!)
If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know)
I'm bout to f*ck a n*gga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!)

Trick Daddy
If you want some, come get some
cause where I'm from we tote big guns
And everybody know somebody that
know somebody that know somethin bout it
And I want answers now who, what, where when and why
see, a lotta dudes like to act a fool
and all get all loud but that ain't my style
And he who he gonna get and what he gonna do
Run up on me if he want to
Out there impressin his homies
But he stood up in front of his mama
I mop up the flo wit 'em
And I kick in the door and let the .44 get 'em
I got fools that'll go get 'em
That's some crew and the dudes that run wit 'em


A person's virginity
Rob: I almost lost my V-card last night.
Devon: Oh, do tell.
Rob: I went to Weston last night and this girl was hitting on me all night.
Devon: And?
Rob: She said she wanted me to rape her.
Devon: Did you?
Rob: No.
Devon: Why not?
Rob: I didn't know if she was joking or not.
Devon: You idiot.
fresh prince is a sitcom that is actually named "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" it was popular furing the early and mid 90s but has recently been making a come back. It is known by many people just for its theme song even if you hate the show (how could u hate it???) you still have to love the theme song. The most common lyrics for it are:
Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I become the prince of a town called Bel-Air

In West Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said you're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said "Fresh", and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought man forget it yo homes to Bel-Air

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie 'yo homes smell ya later'
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air

but on the first three episodes they used these lyrics:
In West Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool...
1)A type of plane
2)To leave a place imeidietly
3)A popular new band
1)Look at that jet fly!
2)I've got to jet, byr
3)I'v got Jet's popular new C.D!
The word is used while camping. If a person asks you a random wilderness question and you didn't hear them or didn't understand ... yell out "SPINEDAVHAT!?!?"
While looking in a large, black dumpster, you say "Awww, where's my placenta!?!?!?"

S P I N E D A V H A T !?!?!?!?!?
v. Originating partly from ken and partly from a fictional martial art called Hokuto Shinken, featured in the anime series "Fist Of The North Star".

1. An incredibly vile smelling liquid ken that leaves the a*us with ma*sive explosive force, almost filling the toilet bowl with excrement as well as coating the sides. The force of a hokuto shin-ken is sometimes sufficient to propel the excreter several inches into the air.

2. Considered to be more severe than a holocaust ken, in fact the most extreme form of ken
sh*tting in Mr T's bin would have been bad enough but I did a hokuto shin-ken which not only meant that I had to wipe my a*se up his front door, but the smell also killed his geraniums.
In italian it mean:
Ti Voglio Bene, that mean something like: I Love You :) or i guess: I'm fond of you.
T.V.T.B. (ti voglio tanto bene) - I'm Awfully Fond of You
T.A.T. = Ti amo tanto (I love you so much)
T.V.U.M.D.B. = O_o ti voglio un mondo di bene (hmmmm... i cant translate this but it's same for I'm Awfully Fond of You)
1. the funniest clown on earth.
2. a poorness incarnate.
3. a way to disease joor mind in a most hoorific way.
4. M e h + t e h u b e r p w n e d h a x x o r s u x x o r d ' d ' n o o b ' d ' d ' d ' ; d ' d r i p o f f i c a t i o n n e s s ' t t t t t t t t o n e h u n d r e d a n d e l e v e n m i l l i o n o n e h u n d r e d a n d e l e v e n t h o u s a n d o n e h u n d r e d a n d e l e v e n a n d a n i n t h
5. Also available for £12 in t-shirt form.
6. ehe.
7. is a series of 100 cartoons that will constanstly melt your mind over a period of the entire series of red dwarf IV.
8. Hmm, pwned.
You are such a BoKo.

BoKo die


Given n BoKos, where n tends to infinity and the probability p of BoKo selection = 1/n, the likelihood of BoKo selection from n BoKos tends to
(e-1)/e. BoKo'd.#

OMG IT ARE T3H WaKo!!!! Hmm BoKopwned.
1) (n) A silky-smooth combination of sugar, milk, eggs, and flour baked at 375 for thirty minutes. Covered in frosting and given to beautiful people.
2) (n) A prize; something valuable won by a group.
3. (v) To own.
4. (adj) Weak.
5. (n) Stuff. Used in conjunction with the word "my." "stuff" and "cake" are interchangable.
6. (N) A band. Indie kids like them.
7. (v) to leave, only appropriate as a command and followed by the word "off."
1. My mommy made me a cake :)
2. Oh man, don't even think you're keeping that cake, not the whole hundred bucks. I think about twenty to each of us sounds about fair.
3. ...so he was drivin' past me and I was like, nah, fool, I'ma cake yo a*s!
4. Dude, you sleep with her T-shirt? You are such a little pansy! Oh snap, how whipped. That's seriously cake, dude.
5. Stop rummaging through my cake, j*rk! Do I need to lock up everything I own?
6. I was gonna go see Cake at Buzzfest, but they were playing with LostProphets. I decided it'd be more fun to eat my own soul.
7. Son, you best cake off. Betta walk right out that door.
1. (v) To perform something dastardly and underhanded.

2. (v) To steal.

3. (v) To shirk or sneak away from something.

4. (v) To hide.

5. (v) To kill someone in a silent manner.

6. (v) In MMORPGs, to pick up a dropped item that your character does not need and refuse to give it to someone in your party who is more in need, just for the h*ll of it.

7. (n) In modern US military slang, any member of a Special Forces group that is primarily involved in recon, sabotage or rescue going deep into enemy territory. This is rarely used, but common when referring to a Special Forces operative who is wearing what is also dubbed a "ninja suit" - a pair of matte black BDUs, usually with some face paint to go with it.

8. (n) A grossly misunderstood historical occupation, skewed by comic books and movies. The ninja was the ultimate pragmatist - lofty codes of honor and ritual suicide did not apply at all to him. They were highly adaptive, extremely physically fit and intelligent - taijutsu, or hand to hand combat, is only part of the entire science and art that is ninjutsu. The ninja also learned how to camoflague, fake accents, act, craft disguises, chemistry (for creating bombs and devices), various kinds of weapons training, wilderness survival, escaping all sorts of prisons and traps, building traps and much more. Young children were scouted and adopted into ninja clans at a very young age, typically around six to eight, if came across a need to swell ranks. ...
v. To be particularly streetwise. To have a certain level of street credibility.
Playa #1: Yo yo boy, what's crackin'?
Playa #2: You know how I do, still D.R.E mofo!
most minorities are racist as h*ll against all white people
anyone can be a racist , all that's needed is the total HATE factor
There's a difference between disliking a people and HATING them.Pre-judging someone and distrusting them or exercising caution towards them based on your experience with them and your disdain for their behaviours and actions isn't the least bit racist because that does not mean that you HATE them.Furthermore if people give you a reason to HATE them then maybe you are to blame?
A true racist is someone who hates an entire ethnic group of people such as all white or all black people and wants to take systematic action against them in the form of violence or suppression.
A derogatory term for any h*mos*xual in general. See butt pirate or a*s bandit.
Look at that f*cking buttpoker kissing his boyfriend! What a fag! Let's go kill his dog!
I phrase commonly used by people attempting to make a town or city appear much cooler then it actually is. The "X" is simply replaced by the first letter in the name of the town or city to create a hip trending nickname.
WARNING: This nicknaming is commonly used by white trash, douche bags, and the under educated.
I was in "A"-town rollin by the square when I hollered at a couple townies to see if they wanted to slam some PBR.
smo-KRAS-tin-ATE: v; to delay entry through a doorway for the purpose of getting one last puff on a cigarette. The resulting puff is somewhat longer than usual and typically results in a
Must people smocrastinate when it's below zero outside? I thought we'd never get in. Jeez, I'm a smoker and I hate those people.
A day when you get to show your significant other, be that wife/gf or husband/bf, how much you care for them. You of course show them this every day, but Valentine's Day is a day to really step up to the plate and show the person you truly care for them.

Also a day when single people get very jealous because they have no one to spend the day with and see no point in it. I'd be willing to bet money that if they were in a relationship they'd see why the day is special.
True Story

Me: "I surprised my girlfriend this year by covering her eyes and then showing her to the kitchen where I had strawberries and chocolate laid out on the table. We then proceeded to make chocolate covered strawberries, because she loves them, and then fed eachother them. We won't go into detail about what happened afterwards."

My Buddy(single): "That's stupid. What's so special about Valentine's Day anyway?"

Me: "You're only saying that cause you aren't dating anyone."

Buddy: "Shut up man." (Proceeds to walk away)
A sports drink that I love. It has sugar and minerals, so its both addicting and good for you.

Anyone who doesn't like it is just an unathletic nerd.
I'm drinking "CoolBlue" Gatorade right now.


Full of liberals.

Don't vote this down b*tch, cause it's true.
California is a great state, but the liberals ruin it.
The term DDRFPSMMORPG is a brand-new game type that was created on the furry army of doom chatroom. This acronym means "dance dance revolution first player shooter ma*sive multiplayer role playing game. A game such as this would be played like grand theft autowhere the player is free to walk around the city. The camera would be able to toggle between first person and third person views. The player would be able to run around and shoot people as they please. They would also be able to run up to other players and challenge them to a DDR duel. Each missed arrow in this match would be the equivilent of being shot with the opponents current weapon of choice. This term could also be used to insult someone who is a fanboy of a certain game or a certain game genre. copyright of Rion Nipal and his player 2006*****
Me: what is your favorite kind of game
Me: <Tards out>
A condition seen in the male gender when his testicles physically begin to shrivel up and die, and he is unwilling or unable to make any decisions for himself. This condition occurs when a male's will and drive is overun by a female, and the male sits back and lets it happen.
Foreman: Sorry guys... that was my chick she wants me to come home so we can go to garden world.

Guys: WTF!

Foreman: OMG! something is happening... MY b*lls THEY ARE SHRINKING!!

GUY 1: I KNEW It!! ITS VAGAPHALACTIC SHOCK!!...Hurry hit him with 200cc of Vaginephrine!!
1. To publicly redeem one's self through humiliation or defeat of a rival (often a rival who has bested you in some way).

1. Payback or revenge.

Etymology: Thought to be a b*stardization of a pa*sage from Shakespeare's "Henry IV, part 1" in which the dishonored Prince Hal is speaking with his father about his shame and Harry Percy's (Hotspur) honor:

I will redeem all this on Percy's head
And in the closing of some glorious day
Be bold to tell you that I am your son;
When I will wear a garment all of blood
And stain my favours in a bloody mask,
Which, wash'd away, shall scour my shame with it:
And that shall be the day, whene'er it lights,
That this same child of honour and renown,
This gallant Hotspur, this all-praised knight,
And your unthought-of Harry chance to meet.
Noun: He might have won this time, but I'm gonna totally Percy's head that sonofab*tch the next time we play.

Verb: Time for Percy's head, baby.
(n): a gigantic ma*s of flesh of useless organic matter, a nub at life
(n): characterized by an overgrowth of cells, resulting in no possible movement
(v): to clog ungracefully, nullifying any possibility of movement
(v): to nub at life
(adj): nubbing at life
(adj): taking up three times the space of a regular human in terms of both length and width
I was late to cla*s due to a kif being in the hallway

Time to stop kiffing around, fatty

You kiffed my toilet!

Boy: You''re moms so fat, she's a kif

Kif's so dense, he has his own gravity
*Boblilf is not a person, but an acronym for Broken Off Barbie Leg I'd Like to f*ck. However, as a word, boblilf has many meanings...

(n)Anyone who is so extremely s*xually deprived that he or she must resort to bizarre methods in order to acheive s*xual pleasure and satisfaction. Some of these freakish techniques include making a fake p*ssy with a plastic baggy and vasoline, tampons up the rear,electric toothbrushes,and frol*cking in an open field naked.
(n) The act of sticking random objects up one's rear.
(v) To forcefully shove any random object up one's rear.
(v) To perform a s*xual act with oneself that may be considered very very VERY strange.
(n) Oh lordie! That lad who is putting a flagpole up his rear is a total boblilf.

(v) I don't want to touch these drumsticks...Freddie was definitely boblilfing them last night.
someone who is annoying, clingy, a loser, or just a turn-off in some way, shape or form. They could be someone who is obsessed with you, but you have no interest in them whatsoever. see stalker

the origin of this word is unknown, people just started saying it so I thought I'd put my definition.
"he's been following me everywhere, emailing me, calling my house all the time, he's such a hackoholic"
btw. China imports most of their rice from America

anywhoo riced doesn't necessarily mean a blunderous vehicle with stickers added on for horsepower. that terminology is a contemptuous popular culture term which a*sumes the only criteria for an excellent vehicle is speed. 'Ricers' fully realize that a v-tec emblem will not add 10 bhp to a civic. Rather riced vehicles are often an expression of individuality and artistic ability. Excellent ricemobiles display excellent aestetic qualities in design and creativity; and such vehicles should also be judged for their artistic talent. To despise a vehicle simply because it's 'riced up' and presumably not the fastest thing on the road demonstrates a rather ignorant perspective, as unless the ricer specifically says so, speed alone may not be his top priority.
lil bow wow's riced up hulkmobile was hilarious! :D I love it!
means - Full b*own Aids
"you better be careful with that s*ank, she looks like she got F.B.A."
1) the first letter of the English alphabet
2) a sound that this letter represents
3) one; one sort of
4) each; any one
5) in or for each
6) in some schools, the highest grade, meaning "excellent" or "best"
7) in music, the sixth tone or note in the scale of C Major
8) abbreviation for a*sist: used in sports
1) "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z" As you can see, A is the first letter of the Engish alphabet.
2) Sounds like "ay" or "ah"
3) I picked a rose.
4) A dog that bites should be tied up.
5) It costs fifty cents a box.
6) I got an A on my math test today!
7) Your A string is out of tune.
8) I got a few A's in today's basketball game.
A person who's facial expressions resembles a cats a*se. eg, all wrinkly with pursed lips.
Person: that woman's got a face like a cats a*se.
Term that pretty much speaks for itself; someone who is mellow and not very wild at all, especially when it comes to s*x.
I dumped my girlfriend today...let's face it, in bed she was about as maniacal as a box full of kittens.
1.a woman who has a perfect verginer and does not have a verginer that looks less inviting for a man or a women

2.a woman who wants to have surgery to make her verginer look more inviting for the man or woman
my D V looks like Jena Jamerson's all trimmed and neet and i get so much more c*ck now
A severly sunburnt monkey that travels under your carpet by night, and hides in your socks by day.

It is addicted to myspace.
"Bob did you send a friend request to your carpet monkey yet?"

"I dont wanna be that nukkas friend!. That little b*tch gave me athletes foot again!"
How retarted people spell esé.
Chuck: I learned a new beaner word; S.A. It stands for Spanish American.
Caesár: Actually esé means dude or amigo. You heard wrong and that makes you retarted!
A dead retard. Can be used as an insult or to describe a retard that is dead.
Dude, he is a freakin deathtard
I. One who is:

a. gorgeous
b. pretty
c. beautiful
d. cute
e. attractive

II. A character of:

a. talent
b. romance
c. success
d. leadership

III. The most beautiful and amazing voice in Ragnarok Online.

IV. Biochemist on Ragnarok Online.

V. A type of girl that defines as my ray of sunshine on a rainy day. A girl who I dream of. Someone who I want to meet.

VI. My dream girl.
I had a phaentasy about this very beautiful girl singing by the beach. I had the greatest idea of approaching her. I microwaved a fortune cookie and made it all soft. Unfolded it and took out the fortune and put in my own. Later that day I gave it to her. She opened it up and read the message inside. Then she looked up at me and said, "h*llo, my name is Marie, what's yours?"
~ daHoodRev! (da`hüd rêv) ; Defined by GOD's Word as :

1. The Neighborhood Reverend; n.

2. The Reverend from the Neighborhood; adj.

3. A Living, Chosen Vessel of God; pn.

4. Rigteousness - Equates - Victory!; adv.
- Biblical References for each ...

1. (A wretch that was SAVED by GOD's AMAZING Grace; Life - Chosen to Preach the Gospel of PEACE & REVERENCE GOD)

2. (For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted) -Luke 14:11 KJV

3. (He MUST Increase, but I MUST Decrease!) -John.3:30 KJV

4. (The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon) -Psalm 92:12 KJV

- lemme` break it down fo`ya...

A old school playa` from da hood, who got delivered from da "ills", a*sociated wit da surroundings. But Kept it REAL; truly found GOD thru JESUS CHRIST, and didn't forget where he came from. Preachin` & livin` an example for his hommies; not to judge or keep them in da VALLEY... but show dem da MOUNTAIN! B~Blessed! | Peace, I'm Out!

when you cant explain what is happening to you,the person you love means the world to you, you feel empty without them
everytime you hear or see them u get a feelin deep down u jst wana hold them n lay in there arms forever
and never let go
having s*x isnt jst pure lust n thrust
its who u do it with
pure love is only something u inside can feel no1 else can explain it only u can put words for it
|x| t o o "M Y" s e x y b a b y |x|
|x| l o v e y h o o w i t a l l m y |x|
|x| H E A R T |x|
|x| A N D M O R E......F O R E V E R |x|
|X|A N D E V E R |X|
|x|T h i s i s t r u e l o v e |x|
|x|you know true love when u find it!trust me!
What LadyMakoFox's car has. Thats right its a hawnda. Itll smoke any car including Lambo's, ferraris, and your moms Corvette Z06.
Mako> Alike woah I just added a 20000 shot of nitrous to my 4 cylinder vtaq and now it goes RUHHHHHHHHHHH. I also duct taped a pvc pipe to my hood (air intake) for maximum horsep0w4r
blobby is characterized by people who dont do any activities or who have really stupid activities like tennis , sc*apbooking, taking pictures, sending e cards , shopping at expensive stores that sell ugly preppy clothes like polo ralph lauren and lacoste, they of course have a apple laptop, they like the notebook, wear colored ugg boots, would rather hang out with one of their teachers or parents then go to a party, hang out with their freinds much younger siblings that are like 11, they like golf,work on the yearbook, are overly involved in school events, are straightedge, collect sh*lls to put in their sc*apbooks, take alot of pictures of everything that happens ever, text their moms on their sidekicks,bake and sew on their weekends, tubing , shopping at rok and lola, working in womens boutique stores as men,being obsessed with the OC, gilmore girls , and other blobby tv shows like Freinds, having tiny dogs that fit in your purse, liking The Notebook, flipflops
A-apple computers
C-camera /cotton b*lls /curtains /cupcakes/ conneticuit / color coded a*signment sheets /color coded anything
D-designer bags
E- e-cards / easter
F-facebook / flipflops / f*ngertips /face wash
G-gilmore girls / golf
H-honor code
I- i am a blob / ipod cases
J-Juicy Couture / john mayer / jesse / jelly beans
L-lavalamp / leaves pressed into sc*apbooks / lampshades / loofas
M- mommies / mr.blob / ma*sachusettes / maxi pads
N-Notebook / new hampshire
P- Pictures / puffy hair / polo shirts
Q- quilts
R-Ranney /rok and lola / Ralph Lauren
S- sc*apbooks /school events / straightedge / siblings / soft rock / starbucks / starfish
T-teachers / tubing / tissues
U- ugg boots(colored(pink))
V- velvet
W- watermelon
X- xylaphone
Z- zoloft blob
The alphabet used in all Romanic, or Romance languages

It is basically just the English alphabet to all you Americans out there, but to us smart folk, its the Latin Alphabet

Oh, btw, its Zed, not Zee
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Latin Alphabet

I couldn't do the uppercase letters, because the filter said "Example has too many capital letters."
Ultimate's not good enough. We're talking, ultra-splendiferic conceptualization of Charles Sheen taking large stamps on small biscuits.
Sam: Hey Sam, Sporadic Minstrels are the Don Mecca.
Sam: You don't say?
Sam: I do say!
Sam: How do you say, Samuel?
Samuel: I don't say, how do you say, Samantha?
Samantha: I say.
Sam: Charles Sheen!?
p*onounced vej-a-s*x-u-al

someone who has intercourse with vegtables
ur a vegas*xual man thts desgusting
n. 1) a seemingly addictive wording for someone who possesses the qualities of being both a b*tch and a c*nt while not being as offensive to the female gender
2) slang for v*gina

adj. something lacking in desirable qualities, particularly masculinity

v. 1) can be used as a greeting similar to "what's up", particularly when preceded by "sniggety"
2) expression of general excitement, particularly when preceded by "sniggety"
n. 1)"My friend said Blue Man Group is the best show in Vegas."
"Really? What a f*ckin' snatch twat!"
2)"I'd love to tap her sweet snatch twat!"

adj. "Hey, get me one of those snatch twat beers."

v. 1)"Sniggety snatch twat!"
"Ha ha ha, what's up man."
2)"I just found out I'm getting a raise!"
"Sniggety sniggety snatch twat!"
A juicy dog and/or Pokémon, usually roasted and salted. Often hunted using a skateboard.
"No Leeroy! I can't believe you made my juicy ping fao faint! Oh well, we'll just grind up its bones and smoke 'em!"

"Dude! Come skating with us!" "No man I can't. I broke my board on a juicy ping fao yesterday!"
The I.F.H.C (I F*^kin' Hate Cilantro - Facebook Group) is a group dedicated to the enrichment of mankind through a united fortified effort to educate and warn the ma*ses about a parasitic scourge that goes by many aliases. It is known as Cilantro to the FBI, Coriander to the KGB and Chinese Parsley to the CIA.

Members of the rival faction I.F.L.C have been p*one to irrational, nonsensical and increasingly volatile behaviour and outbursts - often making public spectacles of themselves - resulting in members of I.F.H.C frequently being left feeling quite unsettled. The unsettled feeling I.F.H.C members often endure during these I.F.L.C outburts has been described as such:

"Like that feeling that you get when you're watching a show on T.V, and someone is really embarra*sing themselves badly, and it's really tough to watch them do it to themselves, and you want them to stop - for their own sake - but they keep embarra*sing themselves, and so then you want to change the channel because you can't bare to watch them embarra*s themselves like that."

The battle rages on as I.F.H.C is still trying to change the channel to this day.
I hope one day my children grow up to be members of the I.F.H.C - it would make me so proud. I'd rather have my child become a heroin addict than be part of the I.F.L.C, that's for sure.
It occurs during a one-night stand. You bang the b*tch raw-dog, and as you bust, you pull out and b*ow your load on her chest/stomach. When she goes to the bathroom to clean it off, you grab your sh*t, leave and you steal some of her D.V.D's on the way out (Don't-Mind-If-I-DO).
d*mn son, I totally oopst that b*tch. Let's watch some of her D.V.D's.
(v) - The act of mackin' ho's. Also can be used as a term to express the intensity of a situation.
Example 1:
Playa 1 - "d*mn, you've been running missions on dem girls like a fright train lately!"
Playa 2 - "Yeah, I've been trying to get my Campballin' on".
Playa 1 - "OOOH SHIIIIIIIT, you hard mang; you real hard (no h*mo)"

Example 2.
w*nksta 1 - "Man, I was grinding the f*ck out of that broad on Sat*rday. Later that night, I went to her house...and um..well, needless to say, I got my campballin' on. All night long."
A Bunch of emos you get together and bash strings.
One time me and my friends cut ourselves and made a band called fallout boy.
v.kok slap. The use of a man's p*nis(c*ck) as a weapon to slap the sh*t out of his girlfriend/wife/boyfriend(if your queer) when frustrated with them.
1. I told my girlfriend to make me a chicken sandwich, and she didn't so I c*ck Slapped the b*tch!

2. While my wife was giving me a b*ow job, I decided to pull back and c*ck Slap her for fun.

3. My boyfriend told me that that we didn't have any KY Jelly left so what did I say, "Boy go buy that Jelly, and when you get home be prepared for a ruthless c*ck Slapping".
meant as a compliment. Buff muffin means you are someone that is cool and or s*xy.
Hey your one buff muffin.(friend)
did you see that chick? She was such a buff muffin.(about attractive girl)
v. to write in a hasty or illegible fashion
n. incoherent or illegible writing
(New Slang) v. A method of discursive a*sociation in which learning occurs tangentially. Akin to surfing, but with purpose or in pursuit of understanding rather than distraction; seeking the coincidence instead of the novel.
(N.S.) n. An idea defined by cross-reference. More raft, less surfboard.
(N.S.) n. A doc*mented scrawling session. Learning by adventure.
syn.: chicken-scratch, scribble, surf, search, google, multi-channeled learning
rel.: sourcing, hyper-referencing, richtexting
"I was talking to this girl Marie, but then I just scrawled off, and she thought I was crazy."

"Yeah, in order to scrawl, you just sort of have to let go and trust yourself."

"I wasted a lot of time scrawling on the internet a few weeks back, but recently I was talking to someone and the things I'd found took the conversation to the next level."
Disambiguation of Chevrolet, an American "automobile" manufacturer. Used as an acronym by those that think Chevrolets are transportation that's about as reliable as a mongoloid anorexic horse with dysentery. Is loosely related to F.O.R.D.: such as First On Race Day; however those same individuals who prefer the C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T brand would try and tell you it was Fixed Or Repaired Daily, or it was a f*cked Over Rebuilt Dodge. But f*ck them instead.
C.am H.angs E.very V.alve R.attles O.il L.eaks E.ngine T.humps:

Phil: Why, Bob, is that a new car in your driveway.
Bob: Yes, Phil, it is. This is my new Chevy. Purty, ain't she?!?
Phil: Ohhhh, you bought a C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T.
Bob: Uh, yeah!
Phil: Sweet, OK, so I'm gonna go get a set of jumper cables so we can start it, a pistol to b*ow your brains out for being so stupid as to buy such a vehicle, and a bottle of Scotch for medicinal purposes subsequent to you using your brain and skull to redecorate the interior of that sh*t machine. I'll be back in a jiffy!
you f*cking knock a f*cktards f*cking t*eth the f*ck out then f*ck them in their f*cking f*cking f*cked up mouth, and its all bleeding and sh*t. The f*cking gums are f*cking nice and f*cking smooth and they f*cking maximize the f*cking pleasure the f*cking wh*re gives you,m and its all bleeding and sh*t.
Your mom just received a Portland pounder.
(n) A person, typically a female, who engages in s*xual activity with 5 men at one time; she has a p*nis in each hand, a p*nis in her mouth which causes her to lean forward and facilitates a p*nis going into her a*us and v*gina simultaneous. Additionally, she is manually stimulating a p*nis with each hand---as a result of her position, she looks like a sl*tty eagle, hence "sleagle".
(v) One who sleagles
(adj) A person who possess characteristics similar to those who sleagle
Guy: Would you be my sleagle?
Girl: I thought you'd never ask!

Verb: "Whenever that girl sees a group of 5 guys she's sure to sleagle."

"d*mn...I sleagled all weekend and now I'm more sore than I thought!"

Adjective: "Jillian, you're a sleaglin' a*s b*tch!"
1. Adjective

Occurs when one reaches into a non-transparent container expecting to pull out the item that container holds, only to find that the container is, in fact, empty.

2. Verb

When you take the last contents of a container, and purposely leave the empty container with the intentions of making the next person think there is something in the container.

"Dude, I went to grab a beer from the case in the fridge, but I got arevalo'd!"


"There's only one more beer. f*ck it, it's getting arevalo'd."
"Why did you arevalo the last of the cereal, a*shole?!"
MD stands for Master's degree in Doctor wannabe.
The people that are good candidates for this credential behind their names, are people that think they know everything, snobby, pathetic in life and couldn't do much because they ended up being an MD for someone else. Most likely their parents wishes and not their own.
Son: "I think I'll go get my master's degree in doctor wannabe. So I'll be an M.D., and pretend to save lives like in T.v."

Dad: "Good choice son, I am proud of you."
Son: "Oh, Father!"

See. Doing it just for the parents, especially if the mother is a CCRN and developed a complex because she couldn't be a real doctor because she was a hippy.
MD stands for Master's degree in Doctor wannabe.

The people that are good candidates for this credential behind their names, are people that think they know everything, snobby, pathetic in life and couldn't do much because they ended up being an MD for someone else. Most likely their parents wishes and not their own.
Son: "I think I'll go get my master's degree in doctor wannabe. So I'll be an MD, and pretend to save lives like in T.v."

Dad: "Good choice son, I am proud of you."
Son: "Oh, Father!"

See. Doing it just for the parents, especially if the mother is a CCRN and developed a complex because she couldn't be a real doctor because she was a hippy.
n. Short for Girl Love or Girl Lover, refers to an adult male or female pedophile (not to be confused with rapist, s*xual predator or child molestor) that is emotionally and s*xually attracted to, and has the ability to form pa*sionate, loving relationships with pre-pubescent girls. Although relatiponships are unlikely to happen because of society's harsh view on pedophilia and the social bias that says all pedophiles are ruthless rapists who could care less about a child's safety or welfare. Rarely do these pedophiles have s*x with a child because they actually care for the child's well being and are aware of the law and persecution that would likely follow if such an act were to take place. This can cause seclusion which can lead to disorders, social phobias, and 12chan use. While others manage to cope with it and live normal lives.
Pedo #1: Why the f*ck is there a NAMBLA and not a NAMGLA?
Pedo #2: I don't know man, good question.
Average MSNBC watching citizen #1: GTFO you sick child rapists, you'll all be v& before you can say "Gary Glitter".
Average MSNBC watching citizen #2: Yeah, you're all going to get Hansen'd.
Soccer Mom #1: I am reporting your IPs to local authorities and Perverted Justice.
Pedo #1: lol, i'm using tor, you fat c*nt.
Loive is a nebulous word. It's a rather interesting cross between like and love, and was created because of the large gap between like and love. After all, quite a few relationships develop slowly, and once one surpa*ses the realm of like, it is naturally inhibitory to continue to use the same word to describe a deeper feeling.

Take, for example, the word "thanks." If your best friend gave you a card for your birthday, you'd most likely say "thanks." However, if a complete stranger volunteered to donate a kidney so that you could live properly without a dialysis machine and did not expect any remuneration, "thanks" would be quite inappropriate.

Loive is similarly oriented with "like" and "love." When a relationship has progressed beyond merely "like," yet has not reached the comfortably stable level of "love," "loive" serves as a safe and appropriate alternative. Ma...
The country south of my beloved Canada. Its not all bad, except for a very flawed and dumba*s leader. I also do not like the people who voted for that idiot. Bush can kiss my a*s.
-Free Healthcare
-Smart Leader (although ours isint to great either)
-Self Contraint to NOT f*ckING GO TO WAR AT THE DROP OF A PIN
-The intelligence to reazlize that saying GOD BLESS AMERICA goes against there own constitution (not everyone belives in God u pricks.)
-Eviromental Laws
-Surplus (7 trillion in debt? comon!)
-A strong dollar (ha b*tches we own you now, $1.05 amercian right now!)
-Strong enough military to protect us
-Good people in Democrats who will win this election(GO OBAMA!)
-Hollywood (w00t)
-T.V. Stations.
-The Interweb.

we just need to get along :D


Real quotes from Rick Mercers; Talking to Americans in the United States

Rick: (at Harvard) Our prime minister Tim Horton just got a double double.
Girl: Whats that?
Rick: Its when the prime minister gets support from both sides of the house.
Girl: O congrats
Rick : By the way what do u study
Girl : World Politics.

Rick: (at princeton) What do you think of the Saskatchuan (i know its spelt wrong im tired.) Seal Hunt?
Professor: I think beating seals to death is wrong!
Rick: What do you teach?
Professor: Geography.


This Actually happened to me

At niagra Falls

american: Hey kid where are all the igloos?
Me: We dont live in igloos dumb f*ck
American: Hey u forgot to say Eh!
Me: What the f*ck are you talking about?
American : Dont u mean aboot? eh?
Me: f*ck YOU! f*ckING HICK! WE DONT LIVE IN IGLOOS! WE DONT SAY EH! E DONT SAY ABOOT! WE HAVE MORE THAN ONE ROAD, AND WE ARE NOT f*ckING p*ssIES! (i kick him in the b*lls at p*ssies)
American: (wincing in pain) you are so dead.
Me: Go f*ck your president. *walks away*


can i hear a w00t?
"Rocky V" is the nickname for the popular Super Bowl XLII commcercial for Budweiser. Seeing how there has not yet been a seventh installment of the series the ad has inherited the spot (not to say that a future Rocky film won't be named the same).

The summary of the commercial is that a Clydesdale (the specific type of horses that Budweiser uses in ads recently who represents Rocky since Rocky is nicknamed the Italian Stallion) isn't selected to pull the iconic Budweiser wagon. Naturally, the horse is dissapointed yet is uplifted by the influence of a dalmation who represents Apollo Creed. The dalmation trains the horse (a la Rocky IV where the horse runs through the snow like Rocky in Siberia) and the horse makes the crew at the next tryouts for a spot on the wagon's team. The commercial ends with a sarcastic pound of the horse's hoof to the dalmation's paw.
Person 1: What was your favorite commercial this year?
Person 2: I liked Audi with "The Godfather Part IV".
Person 1: I'd go with Budweiser and Rocky VII.
to take the syrup out of a McGriddle
What's the point in eating this McGriddle? It's been degrittled.
being high is probably one of the funnest things you can do. you simply cannot deny that if you smoke. if you don’t smoke, don’t continue to read this. you will not comprehend anything you are about to read.

when you are high, your life becomes so much more vulnerable to fun and excitement, the littlest things become too entertaining to describe.

t.v. is always so much more entertaining when under the influence of marijuana; for example:

music videos always seem SO much more amazing.

random, annoying t.v. shows that normally seem irritating and scripted, such as maury or jerry springer, all of a sudden seem SO enthralling and intense.

you also discover what shows and movies were written by people whom were high.

every show has someone who 'looks like someone you know'.

you discover that a black women's restriction to beating their boyfriend’s a*s is to bounce their knees up and down on their chair real quick and bob their head around a lot and swear and wave their arms. they also repeat sentences or numerous words over and over again. like, 'oh you already know, you already know'.

background music in commercials are incredibly fun to dance to. it all sounds like techno for some reason.

shows like family guy and movies like half baked finally make SO much sense. matter of fact, so does a lot of other things.

eating is always much more pleasurable,
every food seems exotic and foreign in taste.

eating seems to bring down your h...
1. The name of a popular Japanese T.V. show which has people compete to reach the end of very challenging and stressful obstacles that test every factor of their strength and ninja capabilities. Roughly translates to "ninja warrior" and has only had two people to ever finish the full coa*se in history. Can only be viewed on G4 in American states.

2. A dark haired character on another show called "Naruto" that comes on Cartoon Network. He is the rival counter part to the main character Naruto and comes from a clan of ninjas that spit flame out of their mouths using a thing called chacura, a type of mystical energy that travels through the body.
Myself "Hey dude, you know the fisher man guy on Ninja warrior?"

My Brother "Yeah, what about him"

Myself "He's officialy the second man in history to bare the title 'Ninja Warrior (Sasuke, if he were a nerd)', I always thought it'd be the fire man"
1. The name of a popular Japanese T.V. show which has people compete to reach the end of very challenging and stressful obstacles that test every factor of their strength and ninja capabilities. Roughly translates to "ninja warrior" and has only had two people to ever finish the full coa*se in history. Can only be viewed on G4 in American states.

2. A dark haired character on another show called "Naruto" that comes on Cartoon Network. He is the rival counter part to the main character Naruto and comes from a clan of ninjas that spit flame out of their mouths using a thing called chacura, a type of mystical energy that travels through the body.
Myself "Hey dude, you know the fisher man guy on Ninja warrior?"

My Brother "Yeah, what about him"

Myself "He's officially the second man in history to bare the title 'Ninja Worrior (Sasuke, if he were a nerd)', I always thought it'd be the fire man"
Stuck up, middle aged actor/ actress who's addicted to sleeping pills, bourbon, and whippets. Enjoying his/ her mid life crisis due to being molested by his/her male, middle-aged co-star from a sitcom that aired 30 years ago. He, she always wears burnt pantyhose from falling asleep with lit cigarettes. He's/ she's had his/ her stomach pumped 13 times from " Confusing" his/ her sleeping pills with Mentos. He/ she has a tendency to shoplift, he/ she smells like a distillery, and if you ever have a craving for a sundae, he's/she's right there with the whipped cream.
That stuck up ho is a Skonky Brewster.
Fran Drescher is a Skonky Brewster.
Brittany Spears ( Even though she's 11 years old with 17 kids named Bob)is a Skonky Brewster.
Russell Crowe is a Skonky Brewster.
Owen Wilson is a Skonky Brewster.
Heath Ledger is a Skonky Brewster.
Keifer Sutherland is a Skonky Brewster.
h*llen Hunt is a Skonky Brewster.
Winona Ryder is a Skonky Brewster.
A letter of the alphabet commonly found before E and after C.
The letter of the day is D.
Dubious "graduate" degree granted by cynical, money-hungry institutions of "higher learning" for purposes of allowing holder to pose as a scholar, academic, or other fashionably trendy charlatan whilst offering the chosen "field" of inquiry absolutely nothing in terms of serious intellectual achievement or advanced understanding. Fake Ph.D.'s subsequently engage in the absurd high wire act of pa*sing themselves off as elitists, albeit at the cost of plying the charade at any number of bottom-feeding universities and junior colleges, oftimes with little in the way of real teaching duties or responsibilities. The scam is further perpetuated by innumerable j*nkets to fraudulent "academic" conferences (with other fake Ph.D.'s, of course!) for the purpose of inflating an already thin curriculum vitae (C.V.),in hopes of achieving a higher salary and "tenure". W...
A plagarist's best friend and chatroom sl*ts' worst nightmares.
<grlegrl> Hork: OMG DO U LIEK CYBER?
<Hork> grlegrl: That is against the site rules oo;
<grlegrl> so?
<grlegrl> lets do it neways
<Hork> Ctrl+C'd and reported
* grlegrl has left {killed: Chatroom Violation} **

Joseph: "Hey j*ck, check out this paper I wrote for 3rd hour Social Studies"
* j*ck reads paper **
j*ck: "Dude, I covered the same topic and when I was researching I went to the Wiki, which you OBVIOUSLY copy and pasted on to this paper!"
Joseph: "Oh noes!"
* God smites Joseph **
v. to react
commonly used to bridge descriptions of a scenario and the evoked reaction.

Uniquely applied to precede:
1. non-verbal description,
2. dramatization, or
3. extreme use of slang.

Reserved for casual peer-peer discussion. Misuse in official or formal setting is suggestive of poor education or lower intelligence.
"he threw his dirty clothes at me" and I was like:
1. (non-verbal demonstrative) ex: speaker plugs nose, or expresses look of shock..
2. "there is no way in h*ll I'm doing your laundry Mister!"
3. "nu-uh.. no you ditin... uh-ah"


"she's a proper girl she's always got to be like:
1. (non-verbal demonstrative) ex: speaker tilts head back and to side slightly closing eyes
2. "we can't break a rule we'd go to h*ll"
3. "little miss priss" "somethin something"

Common misuse:
addressing a police officer, judge, or doctor.
"you could hear his car pull up and then it'd be like:
1. (non-verbal demonstrative) speaker punches fist
2. "a war was going on inside"
3. "time to cut out"
1.a marshmellow sometimes shaped like a chick
2. a poser (often a white person) who wants to be black
3. another word for niga
1. yum yum i like dez peeps
2. poser- yo yo yo peeps wat it do
p*mp- shut the f*ck up
3. wat it do peeps
An acronym for an sh*tty, overpriced, hockey school located in British Colombia, Canada. It's full of daddy's boy's who pay $35,000 a year to play for a team that went 1-13 last season. They aren't allowed to drive, drink, or be out past 9:30. Their idea of a good time is a great big circle j*rk, followed by a marathon of NHL 07 on xbox. Everyone at the school they attend hates them, especially the girls. The only women that bother to talk to them are the c*ck-hungry puck sl*ts, who have already been through the Jr.A team, as well as the PenAAA team. Most of them believe they are better than everyone because their dad drives a Benz. Because of their apparel, they are very easy to spot. 99% of them show up to school everyday with a team track suit, accompanied with a standard issue track bag filled to the top. When the lunch bell goes, you can find the majority of them occupying both sides of the hallway, eating lunch and oggeling girls they have no chance with. The reason for this ma*sive gathering is because they have no friends, other than zombies like themselves. However, every year, about 3 of the 80+ total will break out from girlless, friendless, funless lifestyle and make other friends at school. Notable kids that have achieved this are: Josh T, J.R. S, Sean D, Andy V, Brandon S, Kurt B, and, from what this writer has heard, Alex H. Common nicknames given to these f*ckheads are: "Academy Fag", "Hockey Fag", "Rich Boy", and "p*ssy."
I have lived here forever with the exception of D.C. Pretty cool place to live if your not in the extremely rich make you feel broke areas like Ashburn, Countryside, Cascades, Chantilly, these areas are packed with rich kids that will p*ss you off as is the same with Tyson’s Corner. Loudoun County period is by far the worst. But everything past that is pretty cool. Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington, Baileys Crossroads, and Skyline ect ect. Are pretty cool places if you’re not in the Ghetto Immigrant populated areas like Culmore and parts of West Falls Church and lomans plaza falls church . There is allot of Gang bullsh*t here but it’s mainly 18thst and MS13 Bullsh*t. There are allot of GD'S as well. But the gang sh*t isn’t really anything to worry about in my opinion ive lived here my whole life and only gotten stabbed once. Yes there are fine women its just too bad the good looking ones live in Ashburn and are rich and will p*ss you off. Personally I like D.C. and Baltimore a lot more. But its home here to me. Plus there is ALOT of good a*s weed here especially in the rich areas.
I live in Northern Virginia

Im on a computer here in Northern Virginia
Ricketts is a loose wh*re, a russel in the gra*s, a condom dispenser also named steve.

If you want a condom, ask Ricketts for one.
He stores in his a*se holeof great wonders.
Ask him to go to a pizza store and ask for the Bob marley extra crispy and have cho cho deliver it.
Hey Ricketts, can you lend me a condom?

Kris, can you go to the pizza store and ask for the Bob marley extra crispy and have cho cho deliver it.
A stickman tilted to the onlooker's left throwing a thumbs-up. Variations include:
(b'.')-b (the stickman is facing the opposite direction),
o-('.'o) (stickman throwing a punch),
v-('.'v) (stickman with double victory), or
q-('.'q) (thumbs down)
Dude that's wicked d-('.'d)

I kicked his butt that game o-('.'v) pow!
1.One who has completely disowned his feelings for one in a past relationship and who's actual name has become taboo to the one he left.

2.A name given to substitute in place of someone that hurt you.

1. The act of throwing someones belongings in the garbage or desecrating them by pouring a liquid substance on their stuff. Also know as being a snyder.

2. The act of defiling a backpack with semen in order to keep a girl's sheets clean, or out of her mouth
1. We wont say his name. We'll just call him character-x.

2. Character-x is such a d*ck head.

1. I character-x'd his sh*t at lunch today.

2. I totally character-x'd the other night because Sierra hates to swallow.
A phrase made popular by 1999 UK T.V Channel 4 series, Spaced.
It occurs in a scene where a young boy asks Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) for a Star Wars Jar Jar Binks doll, and he is met with a rather blunt, short description of just exactly how Jar Jar Binks is wrong and why, finishing with the cla*sic line 'what a prick'.
See YouTube for full reference.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fan: "Excuse me sir, I'd like to buy a Jar-Jar-Binks Doll"

Tim Bisley: "You are so blind! You so do not understand! You weren't there at the beginning. You don't know how good it was! How important! This is it for you! This jumped-up firework display of a toy advert! People like you make me sick! What's wrong with you? Now, I don't care if you've saved up all your fifty 'p's, take your pocket money and get out!

What a prick."
A phrase made popular by 1999 UK T.V Channel 4 series, Spaced.
It occurs in a scene where a young boy asks Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg) for a Star Wars Jar Jar Binks doll, and he is met with a rather blunt, short description of just exactly how Jar Jar Binks is wrong and why, finishing with the cla*sic line 'what a prick'.
See YouTube for full reference.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fan: "Excuse me sir, I'd like to buy a Jar-Jar-Binks Doll"

Tim Bisley: "You are so blind! You so do not understand! You weren't there at the beginning. You don't know how good it was! How important! This is it for you! This jumped-up firework display of a toy advert! People like you make me sick! What's wrong with you? Now, I don't care if you've saved up all your fifty 'p's, take your pocket money and get out!

What a prick."
Take the "g" off of "gasoline" and you get "asoline"! (p*onounced: a*s-o-leen). If you fart a lot it means you have a lot of asoline and can possibly fill up a car's gas tank in the asoline to gasoline converter. if you don't fart much at all, you are low on asoline and need more! So many eat a can of beans or something and stay fuel for the whole day! The more asoline you have, the faster you go. ;]
Person 1: Dude, have you ever seen that kid run so fast?
Person 2: No, but I think he has asoline.
Friend 1: Dude, Friend 0 smells like mega a*s!
Friend 2: He uses the diesel version of asoline...
Friend 1: Oh...I use unleaded, the normal stuff.
Friend 2: Yeah me too but the diesel gets you the b*tches
Flopowski (n.) - (flah-p-ow-skee) - An individual who decided last minute to revoke their attendance to an event of some importance.
(v.) - The act of revoking one's attendance in similar fashion
Origins - Originally derived from the English "flop", the word was recently given a new suffix thanks to the pioneering flops of a one Kaitlynn.
"Don't pull a Kaitlynn and flopowski, cause I really wanna play lol"

Jen: "So you're coming this weekend right?"
K.: "well, i was supposed too...but, I don't think I'm going to go"
Jen: "Why?"
K.: "Well, it's not that I don't want too...like its 3-4 hrs of traveling on my part plus, I want to save my money."
-In the above instance it would not be considered a flopowski had this actually been the reason said person was not coming, it turns out she just wanted to hang out with some rando instead of her "best friends" after she RSVP'd helped plan and preached about her uber excitement for the weekend away.
Seaweed, except in a lake.
Bob: There is a lot of seaweed in this lake

Tim: No, retard, it's lakeweed.
if you call it seaweed again, I will slap you with my dong.
Whenever you make an advance towards the opposite s*x and are blatantly turned down without any notification. Can happen through any median of communication ( i.e. in person at a bar, myspace/facebook/other social networking websites.)
1. "Yea, dude! I was talkin to this hot a*s b*tch on myspace for like three days straight...non-stop! She was diggin my sh*t! Then she like stopped talkin to me outta no where! I think she moved to like Dutch Pennsylvania...."

"Naw n*gga! She just how now, brown cowed the sh*t outta you!"
Rahurm (n) Rahurms, pl - an individual who poses as a legitimate participant in a group activity with the underlying attempt to acquire an item outside of the regulatory system defined by the activity's group. The decision to acquire the item may be held well in advance or decided upon at any stage during the activity. The individual is not considered a "rahurm" unless the item is acquired through a specific series of events as follows:

1) The system of item distribution decided by the group is promoted by the individual to be termed henceforth as "Rahurm" (often while in a pre-rahurm state).
2) The system decides the winner of the item to be distributed, and the winner decided by the system is not "Rahurm".
3) "Rahurm" bypa*ses the system and takes the item for himself/herself, rather then allowing the decided winner of the distribution system to acquire it.
4) "Rahurm" immediately removes himself/herself from the group and the activity, ceasing communication.

It is worth noting that at this point, the individual may officially be termed as "Rahurm" or "a rahurm" as they have met the necessary requirements for this label. There are further additional steps which may or may not be considered optional towards the (often negative) distinction of being "Rahurm"; these steps include, but are not limited to: Apologizing in private to the individual that the distribution system deemed as the winner, offeri...
The act of verbally owning the h*ll out of someone and having them feel like an ignorant j*cka*s, while maintaining a polite demeanor.
"This creationist was saying the earth was 6000 years old and I totally richard dawkinsed him."

"I totally richard dawkinsed that guy."

"She tried to argue that sucking my c*ck wasn't a good idea, but I richard dawkinsed her and she changed her mind."
Vice President I'd Like to f*ck.

Most notably referring to 2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin.
"Wow, I don't think I could spend four years forced to look at Joe Biden on CSPAN."

"We won't have to if the GOP pulls through, Sarah Palin is a V.P.I.L.F."

"Dude, you're right. She's hot."
a friendly term used to make fun of somebody who act too g*y to play it off.
dude i think joes g*y.

na hes just a Qweer bear.


he acts really g*y and we just laugh it off and hope its not true.
1) God's gift to man in the form of a beautiful 500ml energy drink.

2) A hilarious joke when you pretend you are talking about your beverage (mother) but really you are talking about your or someone else's mother.
1) random dude: yo dude i got a tiny little v energy drink, want some.
cool dude: no man i got a ma*sive and way better mother u b*tch.

2)(a) hey man can i have some of your mother??
(b) hey man your mother is so big!!
(c) god I wanna touch your mother
(d) mmm this mother sure is good!
to rip a phone book in half with your mind shove both haves into a girls v*gina and then have s*x with the back of your leg
i quistaciatomic today.
A man from history that wrote plays pomes and other things that you can barly understand and half the words sound made up.
The Tragedy of Macbeth
by William Shakespeare

SCENE I. A desert place.

Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches
First Witch
When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Second Witch
When the hurlyburly's done,
When the battle's lost and won.

Third Witch
That will be ere the set of sun.

First Witch
Where the place?

Second Witch
Upon the heath.

Third Witch
There to meet with Macbeth.

First Witch
I come, Graymalkin!

Second Witch
Paddock calls.

Third Witch

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.


SCENE II. A camp near Forres.

Alarum within. Enter DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, LENNOX, with Attendants, meeting a bleeding Sergeant
What bloody man is that? He can report,
As seemeth by his plight, of the revolt
The newest state.

This is the sergeant
Who like a good and hardy soldier fought
'Gainst my captivity. Hail, brave friend!
Say to the king the knowledge of the broil
As thou didst leave it.

Doubtful it stood;
As two spent swimmers, that do cling together
And choke their art. The merciless Macdonwald--
Worthy to be a rebel, for to that
The multiplying villanies of nature
Do swarm upon him--from the western isles
Of kerns and gallowgla*ses is supplied;
And fortune, on his d*mned quarrel smiling,
Show'd like a rebel's wh*re: but all's too weak:
For brave Macbeth--well he deserves tha...
Stands For Vampire I'd Like To f*ck. Because there are alot of people out there killing to f*ck a vampire.
"oh my gosh!"
"look to your right.."
"so? it's Edward Cullen?"
"yeah! oh yeah! he's a total V.I.L.F!"
What Courtney thinks is a win, but is a utter FAIL....on a mammoth scale
i win 1:06 PM
that's a v*gina win right there if i ever saw one 1:06 PM

....ive looked and there is no v*gina win in the Urban Dictionary
so your win is V O I D
Its when you are having s*x with a girl and when your done you tell her you have aids. Give her a few minutes then ask "Why so serious?"
That a*s pulled and alaskan joker on me and scared the sh*t out of me!
An acronym for the World Series of Beer Pong, the world's largest beer pong/beirut tournament, held in Las Vegas in January of every year. WSOBP I was held in January 2006 and WSOBP V is planned for January 2010. WSOBP IV in 2009 attracted over 400 teams and several C-list celebrities.

While some amateurs lament the short tables, clear cups, non-standard rules, use of water in some cups, and lack of an elbow rule at this event, the best teams in the world generally take the rules as they are and show up every year with the hopes of being crowned world champions and winning the cash prize, which was $10,000 at WSOBP I, $20,000 at WSOBP II, and $50,000 ever since.
Frat beirut champ: "Chauffeuring the Fat Kid won WSOBP III, but I saw the video on YouTube and they lean way across the table. Leaning is so weak. I would kick their a*ses in a game with an elbow rule."
WSOBP player: "No you wouldn't. They're much better than you on any table with any rules. If you play them, let me know, because I've got $100 that says they sink your last cup before you even get to your first re-rack."
(v). To viciously beat a beautiful woman for a number of known reasons e.g. The transmission of an STD or throwing your keys away.
That b*tch gave me the HIV. I'm gonna Rhianna her a*s!
"b*tch, keep f*ckin' wit me you'll get Rihanna'd"
n: a seavey is a very attractive and certainly awesome individual who is loved by every woman in his/her path and very few men. seavey is also a musician and a very fine one at that.

adj: seavey means super-cool or just plain awesome; can also mean a delicious fruit.

v: the seavey is a popular s*x move in which one has oral s*x in a dirty chimney. often misconcieved as a dirty harry.
n: hot girl: "oh, that boy is such a seavey, I'd do him any day!"

adj: hot girl: "that is such a seavey way of having s*x!"

v: Let's do a seavey in the chimney!!!
An o*gasm of the feet, most often experienced on slush but there have been reports of people experiencing them in very wet mud or jello.
Man 1: "Dude I think I had a sludgie the other day on that slush outside the park"

Man 2: "No way, what was it like?"

Man 1: "Like Dr. Scholls was f*cking me in a swamp of mushy goodness while 14 drunken polish midgets ma*saged my feet."

Man 2: "Yeah definitely a sludgie"
suspulsion (n)
suspelled (v)

a punishment handed out by a school which the victim would gladly trade for a day or two's suspension, but would rather it than an expulsion.

in other words, it's worse than a suspension, but better than an expulsion.
Joe: d*mn! I just a suspulsion!
Mark: what?
Joe: yeah the school is making me sc*ape all the gum from the school over the weekend! I'd rather they just suspend me!
Mark: at least you're not expelled!
Joe: yeah you're right.
(n.) or (v.)
The effect of not being able to get drunk because of a high-state of trashedness the night before.

If you have been highly wasted one night, and try to get inebriated the next night it will cost you a fortune because it's nearly impossible.

The term comes from trying to lather a loufah, but it will not lather if there is still soap in it from the day before.
"I got so throwed on Thursday night there's no way I can get drunk tonight, you know...lather effect."

Dude 1: "You've had like 7 drinks and you're still a freakin intellect"

Dude 2: "Lather Effect, I had a crazy night last night."
A series of suspenseful films that are currently at five total with a sixth installment coming out around Halloween of 2009, started by James Wan and Leigh Wannel. Arguably one of the most misunderstood series ever. The series focuses on a man named John Kramer, who becomes better known as "Jigsaw". After his wife has a miscarriage at the hands of a drug addict and he is later diagnosed with cancer, Jigsaw puts people in traps where they must harm themselves somehow to escape, hoping that by doing so he will teach them the value of life. It has been questioned whether or not the audience should relate to Jigsaw or see him as the villain, because the films show so much of his character that we can relate to his pain and his loss.

But these are the films:

Saw (2004):
A bottom feeder named Adam (Leigh Wanel) and an unfaithful doctor named Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) wake up in a room chained to pipes, and left with tapes made by Jigsaw instructing them on what to do. There is a dead body in the middle of the room with a gun. Dr. Gordon's aim in this game is to kill Adam by 6:00, or his family will die. Flashbacks reveal that Jigsaw had a few victims that were mainly investigated by a detective named David Tapp (played by the legendary Danny Glover) and his partner. One night, when Tapp and his partner find Jigsaw's lair, his partner is killed and Tapp is later discharged from the police force after having a breakdown. Dr. Gordon finds that Adam has been spying on him...
A shortening of the ever-popular catch phrase "I j*zzed in my pants."
Korean #1: Hey I heard StarCraft 2 is coming out in late 2009.
Korean #2: Yeah, when Blizzard announced that, I j'd in my p's.
(jüs-ee düs)

Large solid ma*s of human stool (feces) that slides easily through the colon, r*ctum, inner an*l sphincter, outer an*l sphincter, and a*us, seemingly under its own power without need for pushing or sphincter constriction.

The act of a large solid ma*s of human stool (feces) sliding with ease through the colon, r*ctum, inner an*l sphincter, outer an*l sphincter, and a*us seemingly under its own power without need for pushing or sphincter constriction.

The surface of a juicy duce, while out of bowl water, appears exceedingly shiny as if coated with Crisco or sprayed with Pam. Once the juicy duce submerges into the bowl water, a mucus film can be seen separating from its smoothly rounded crags and k*obs.
Example 1:

Michael j*ckson (MJ): “Whew! I sure am glad I’m done with that juice dooker. Usually Bubbles’ hands are cleaner, but I guess he really got me this time.”

V. M. Khan: “I can’t believe I just watch you sh*t all over the men’s room floor Michael j*ckson!”

MJ: “Oh, what? That? That was nothing, you should have seen the size of the juicy duce I took when Bubbles gave me his home made Quiche!”

V. M. Khan: “…Let me hold onto a million till next month”

Example 2:

MJ: “Hey Khan, you want in on this feces flinging fight me and Bubbles are having?”

V. M. Khan: “…sh*t yeah! Take this Michael j*ckson!”

MJ: “Ouch! That was deceptively solid Khan! How did you get it out so fast?”

V. M. Khan: “That’s the power of the juicy duce… let me hold a million till next week.”
1. Verb: To upset or contradict a bias or other prejudice.
2. Noun: A person who is considered an underdog but who has shown that they are extraordinary.
1. "My unpopular and awkward friend, Samuel, pulled a boyle and became the CEO of Tech World.
2. When I saw Susan sing, I asked her, "Okay Boyle, where'd that come from?
3. Susan Boyle showed the world a full and proper boyle on the T.V. show, "Britain's Got Talent". Noone really expected her to sing as well as she did.
A bipolar shopper is a person who when shopping buys clothing or accessories from a very expensive and high cla*s store or boutique, then goes into another store that sells very cheap and low value clothes with 3-5 bags from one very expensive store just to show off how much they shop and all the money they have. After they enter the store, they buy very little items, still holding all the bags.
Lady enters Abercrombie & Fitch and spends 200-400$---

Lady gets into car and drives to WalMart---

Lady goes into WalMart with 4 bags she could have left in the car---

Lady struts around like she owns the world with her high cla*s shopping---

Lady buys fake wannabe converse and a snickers---

Lady does not want to spend 6$ so she leaves the chocolate bar---

Lady leaves the store having spent 350$ at A&F and $4.72 at WalMart for fake low quality shoes.

Guy says to one guy- d*mn. That is one BIPOLAR SHOPPER. :O
Guy2 replies- Yeah..:D
Guy3- I bet you I can steal her purse...>.> lol
n. (Dee-ah-lo-jee)

(Also known as 8=Deology)

The study and science of the "D," D standing for "d*ck." When using the word deology, this is usually in reference to estimating a man's erect penile size. This science has been used unconsciously by women and h*mos*xual men for mating purposes and straight men for territorial purposes for thousands of years. Only recently has it been put into words, and then into a standard procedure, known as the scale of Deology. The standard procedure is as follows:

On a scale of 0, 0.5, and 1 (0 being the lowest, 1 being the highest), please rate the chosen individual on the following factors:

1. Height
2. Size of phalanges, metacarpus, carpus (hands)
3. Size of shoes
4. Pitch of voice (Low voice equals 1, medium voice equals 1.5, high voice equals 0)
5. Swagger/Ego (or Swego)

A few things must be taken into account.

For height, if individual is extremely tall, the 1 point for "Height" must be intensified when adding points together.

For size of hands, if individual is short but has large hands, the 0.5 to 1 point must be intensified when adding points together.

For size of shoes, see size of hands.

For tone of voice, 0 points for a high voice, 0.5 for a medium voice, and 1 for a low voice.

Also, if "Height," "Size of hands," and "Size of shoes" are lacking, one must take into account that the former three are typically genetic. Pitch of voice, however, is attained during puberty due to release of testosterone into a young man...
Almost like a v-card, but with the cherry (hymen) of a woman/girl.

If you were to take someone's c-card, then you probably f*ngered them or something of the sorts.
Joe: When I was f*ngering Jen, I got her c-card, it was gross!

John: I'd say! Who wants hymen blood on their f*ngers!?
n. a super hot guy or girl.

v. to drop your number on a piece of paper in front of a hot guy/girl so that they pick it up & call you.

ratings of a "DROP IT" --
only a little cute: pull out the pen

just cute but not totally hot: write it down

super cute: drop it (also there is drop it twice or three times depending how cute)

& just beyond hot: straight up plug in our number to their phone
stacy: omg. DROP IT!!
mich*lle: WHERE?!
stacy: across the pool, six pack, blue trunks
mich*lle: psh!! DROP IT TWICE!!
jen: ew. i wouldnt even pull out the pen.

julie: i'd write it down
stacy: your crazy. HE'S FREAKIN HOT!
mich*lle: definitely a drop it
To cause damage by implementing a promising-sounding but flawed or unproven idea.
I wish I'd hired a professional roofer instead of trying to do it myself, but I've hopenchanged my roof so bad it now leaks like a


The V.P.'s plan to cut costs by laying off all but one of our customer service reps has hopenchanged our customer base to the tune of a 45% drop in sales in just one quarter.

Food mms;
A picture message of food someone is about to enjoy


food mmsing;
The rewarding act of sending someone you know a picture or video message of a meal which you are about to enjoy.

the reward can be s*distic in nature and comes from the
knowing that the person you are food-mmsing is stuck at the office eating a cold packed lunch, and/or that you are about to consume their favourite food and they are completely unable to join you in these affairs, and thus can proceed to enjoy the meal with the additional gratification of being a*sured a frustrated response from the second party.

food mmsing works best when you make small additional efforts to add vivid, concise text descriptions to the mms.

For example when food mmsing a picture of an iced coffee, here are some suggestions to complement the shot for maximum impact:

ie. "Nothing beats a delicious iced coffee with cream! Mmm, this is so delicious, want some?"

eg. "I am absolutely going to smash this immaculate iced coffee with soft sweet cream! pure indulgence!"

The picture of the food should be as clear as possible, and for maximum impact try holding up a spoonful / forkful of the food to the lens so the intended recipient knows it's on its way to your mouth.
Stef (sitting in office at the computer): *phone goes off*... *opens message* .... "Oh that b*stard!"

j*ck (also in office): "Anything the matter Stef?"

Stef: "That b*stard a*sehole friend of mine from school just sent me a picture of a coffee flan that he's about to eat, I love coffee flan!!"

j*ck: "Har har har cop it sweet, sounds to me like you've just been hit with a food mms!!"
v: to steal sneakily
n: an extraordinary force at something (usually athletic)
n2: an ancient Japanese spec-op
adj: to be as cool as a ninja
adv: to do something in a way that a ninja would do it
v: Yesterday I totally ninja'd this book from you, here you go.

n: Yeah, Richie's a ninja at dodgeball, he once vaulted Tommy to dodge an attack.

n2: Ninjas are cooler than pirates.

adj: OMG! This movie is freaking ninja! (Yes, I'm talking about Donnie Darko)

adv: Check this out! I can ninja laugh! *does not laugh*
1. Stinky fishy v*gina.

2. Stinky fish hole.

3. Sloppy cooch.

4. Unwashed p*ssy.

5. Hot piece of a*s.

Basically it can be be anything to describe the woman's privates! Good or bad.
D: Hey are you going to watch Michael Jordan's game tonight?

Ben: h*llo no man. I'd rather watch two fat l*sbians rub their tuna caves together.

D: That's hot man!
The virginity attached to 3-way. Just as a v-card is what you possess as a virgin, a three-card is what you possess when you haven't had a 3-way.
J'marcus my boy what's good?

Son, I just f*cked those two hoes Yolanda and Amelia, finally lost that three-card.
A phrase used to appraise someone's high quality achievement. Can also be used sarcastically to tell someone that they have done a terrible job at something.
Coined by Ted Davis.
Example 1:
Chick: Mother Hen, I got full points on my Research an*lysis Paper!
Hen: Good werk.

Example 2:
j*ck: Dude, I didn't practice drumming at all over the summer, my audition in going to suck.
Ted: Good werk, bud.
1) To fail with reckless abandonment
2) To bang

1) Having the properties of failing recklessly
2) Sailor drunk
v1) Man I sure bardoozeled that, and somehow the cat is on fire. What a fail
v2) Yeah, I bardoozeled the girl with the lazy eye, so what? We all make poor choices.

adj1) I had a very bardoozely evening. Can you pick me up from the county hotel?
adj2) It's dollar j*ck night. Time to get bardoozeled].
OMG don't they just sound expensive?!

The best quality and performance soccer cleat out of the whole Nike Mercurial Family.These shoes bump heads with the Addidas Powerswerves and any other high cla*s soccer cleat.
Vapors come in a series:I,II,III,IV,and newly V.The color ways are pretty sick,the material is light(very high quality material btw,like this Tejin synthetic stuff),and supposedly they insanely help ball control.These soccer cleats normally range from $100-$400 and are often worn by professional soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo but extreme soccer but extreme soccer people(FANATICS),people who are REALLY into soccer often buy these to either:

a)for the hype,to show off and they have moola
b)Make themselves feel better about playing soccer

I fit d.

A downside to this cleat is that they get dirty and sc*aped easily.Also a lot of people complain about getting blisters when first wearing the shoe.
Following the soccer cleat 'game' can lead you to become similar to the nike sb sneakerheads who...
a tool used to render computer models that has exploded in popularity in the last year or so.
People with no real design skill or value for good presentations now run 100 or more renders at a time of various unconsidered, pointless views of their proposal in a 'photorealistic' style. If you can call it a style, or even 'photorealistic'.
90% of the users aren't capable of changing basic settings and rely on the defaults (but still claim to be experienced, or competant.)
WOOAHHH, bro, that's a nice V-ray render you got there, what settings did you use!?
Oh, you know, uh... the um, defaults.
Oh right, but I thought I'd seen the same render before.
Yeah, I was trying the different pre-settings all day long.
The incredibly evil and impossible questions on Advanced Placement tests that involve choosing a set of several statements, numbered with Roman numerals.
Which of the above statements is correct?
a) I
b) II
c) I, II, and IV
d) III and IV
e) I, II, III, IV, and V

"Oh no, it's Caesar's Revenge!"
Docubation (n) a doc*mentary film or show that ends up leaving the audience with more questions than answers and/or offers no new or real information.

Docubating (v) the act of watching a doc*mentary film or show that ends up leaving the audience with more questions than answers and/or offers no new or real information.
"Hey Dan, do you catch that docubation on UFO's last night? Apparently they may or may not have built the pyramids, AND could have possibly abducted JFK's second gunman. ... Or not."

"I docubated for three hours last night and I still have no idea where the h*ll Atlantis is!"
Meaning 1
(v.) to bust a load; to e*aculate; to have intense intercourse/ o*gasm with or because of someone

Meaning 2
(n.) the process of freezing a t*rd in a condom and poceeding to have an*l s*x with someone with said frozen t*rd
(v.) I almost filarskied myself when Steve's mom walked by in those tight jeans.

(n.) Shaun got a filarski when he pa*sed out on the couch at the frat-house.
1. (v) - a play on the phrase describing the method to start a lawnmower, a suck start is a b*owjob begun while the d*ck is still flaccid but differs in that it does not continue until completion and that it's primary purpose is to a*sist in achieving an erection.

Similar to: pull start, f*ck start, start from scratch
She wanted to get down so I told her, "Baby, you know this law mower is a suck start, so get to it."
Words that use other characters. Tend to become very annoying. Here's a list of what each letter is substituted by, usually.
A = 4 or @
B = l3
C = (
D = cl, or |)
E = 3
F = Nothing for F, but you can use ones from different types of languages. Such as ㅋ, which is from Korean alphabet(hangul)
G = 9
H = |-|
I = !, or 1
J = nothing for J
K = l<,
L = |_
M = lVl
N = lV
O = 0
P = not that i know of
Q = still nothing that i know of
R = i got nothing
S = 5
T = +, or 7
U = |_|
V = \/
W = \/\/
X = i got notin
Y = >-
Z = still notin
Guy 1: ">- 0, >- 3 5 7 3 R |) 4 >-, ! \/\/ 3 lV 7 2 7 |-| ! 5 4 \/\/ 3 5 0 |V| 3 P 4 R 7 >-"
Guy 2: "Stop typing character substituted words, d*mn it! I can hardly understand you!"
v. (origin: Alabama) name for the use of the "hang loose" symbol by a bro attempting to express their approval of another bro's actions, words, choice of polo shirt, etc. Also the official symbol of the bro to be used with another bro when taking pictures. Using the flomaton correctly is a delicate art, causing it to be found primarily in its natural habitat at Clemson University. Also able to be shortened to flo and floma
"I love to throw the flo with my bro down at the show while I go low to pick up a glow stick."
"Throw em' a floma"
"Everybody who throws the flomaton is a really cool bro"
g*y Related Immunity Deficiency. The original name for HIV/AIDS back in the 1980's. The reason for the name was that the disease started out in h*mos*xuals. It then spread to heteros*xuals by use of blood, needles, and promiscuous s*xual partners. The origin of the disease is unknown. Some say it was created by the government, others say it came from bestiality, and others say it was made for h*mos*xuals.

The fact of the matter is no matter its origin, it is a serious issue in developing countries and in h*mos*xual communities due to unprotected s*x and erotic s*x.
(1980) Ewww Rupert has GRID! I bet it was all those men he took it up the p*oper!

(2010) d*mnnnn Wahid has AIDS. I knew there was something odd about that blond chick but he just didn't listen.

I heard Marco has AIDS. You know, I bet if he wrapped it up when he had g*y an*l s*x he wouldn't have that d*mn thing right now.
(v.) The act of taming a wild stallion.

Note: Often used to described the taming of a man or beast who displays a spirit very similar to that of a stallion.
..so I grabbed my end of the la*so as firm as I could while I got on that mare's back, and then I buffalo bill'd that horsey 'til only one of us was left standing.
V. (Dü-hän)

To have s*x with a friend or acquaintance's mother; Usually as part of a single, ill-advised, drunken episode. Sometimes resulting in unplanned pregnancy.

Origin: rumors that James Doohan (actor of Star Trek fame) commonly had s*xual intercourse with the mothers of his Star Trek castmates (crew). He was known to do this while spouting double entendre involving warp nacelles, phasers, or tractor beams.
Hey LeBron, I heard that Delonte West was 'pulling a Doohan' last night.

Sorry, man. Your mom looked so good last night, I beamed myself over her house and 'pulled a Doohan'!
To e*aculate into a full r*ctum after which point one proceeds to pull out and spread the buttocks. Upon achieving relaxation of the a*us one may proceed to utilize the tongue in order to scoop out the feces freshly topped with semen.
Serves up to 4.
Caution: May contain peanuts.
A: Hey I'm heading to Alberto's for a Hot Lunch and maybe an Alabama Hot Pocket. Wanna join us?

D: No thanks! I'm meeting up with Vlad. He wants to try my Hot Dessert again. Hopefully it turns out this time. Last time it was a little runny and we didn't even have any napkins. He had to use his shirt to wipe off his face after he l*cked my serving dish clean. Anyway I thought you weren't talking to Alberto anymore after the whole Angry Pirate thing.
(V): When someone gives another person such a good comeback that the person being exposed to the torment never even sees it coming. But the burn does not end there my amigos. The Ninja'er comes back for a second attack, ending with their battle cry, "Ninja'd!" Then disappears before you even have time to pee your pants from shock. Here's a diaper baby, clean yo'self up. You be dirtying up my new kitchen floors. .. b*tch.
Person A: "I think I was just Ninja'd and I may or may not have just pee'd a little bit."

Person B: "Ninja'd!" *Disappears*
Noun n.

1. A stupid troll with no life and nothing better to spend money on than useless accounts and pokemon games that he plays in his mother's basement.

2. The process by which a heteros*xual boy goes g*y during puberty.

3. The act of sucking a p*nis while playing pokemon with your own mother.

4. A zit/p*mple/acne.

5. A nasty little p*mple that you might find on your a*s on a hot summer day.

Verb v.

1. To spend $750.00 on a single account on a chatting website.

2. To troll or insult people using the words "f*ggot n*gger" or other similar childish language because you have nothing intelligently cruel or remotely true to say about that person.

3. To act like something you're not to hide your insecurities; particularly acting like a "gangsta" to seem "cool" when you're only more annoying and pathetic that way.

4. Sucking a d*ck and denying it.
1. Oh god it's Adam ~_~

Hide your men.

2. He used to like girls when he was a kid then something happened in that locker room and he adamed.

3. OMG! You've got a huge adam on your face D:

Pop that nasty sucker!

4. Ah, man. I've got an adam on my butt. It hurts like h*ll.


Normal person 1: DUDE! He bought an account on a website for over 700 dollars!!!

Normal person 2: WTF?!???!!!?!

Normal person 1: Yeah man, he totally adamed that sh*t.


Person 1: Did you hear about Jeremy?
Person 2: What? What happened?
Person 3: Brad totally adamed him man. He denied he gave him a b*owjob and told him to shut up.
Person 4: LOL
Another word for stealing, after Kanye's mic-snatching debacle at the 2009 VMAs.
Is that girl still a virgin? No my buddy Kanye'd her v card.

Where did you get that sick throw-back jersey? I Kanye'd it from my old roomate.

Did you really have to announce you guys were pregnant at my engagement party. Way to Kanye my thunder.
Past pa*sive participle <orig. P.J. v.>

1. a. Having had all of one's cigarettes bummed by a single individual. b. Having had all one's cigarettes bummed.

2. Having had all one's cigarettes mysteriously disappear, esp. if stolen by a single individual.
Bob: "Aw, sh*t. I don't got any left - Macaroni took 'em all."
Larry: "LOL! Looks like you been PJ'd!"
1. H.I.V. or the A.I.D.S. virus.

2. A person infected with H.I.V. or the A.I.D.S. virus.

3. Somone who is either secretive or in denial about their status as a carrier of H.I.V. or A.I.D.S.

4. A sneaky or stealthy person.

5. An urban practitioner of the ancient art of Ninjistu.
"You ain't heard? Laquana got that ghetto ninja."

"Godd*mn man, last night when I was walking home Jonn dropped down out of a tree and tried to merc me with some shurikens like he's a f*ckin' ghetto ninja!"
v. To shoot the goo, b*ow your load, fire your wad, or c*m on another's face.
d*mn! I done splurged a wicked facial on that hoe.
v. To shoot the goo, b*ow your load, fire your wad, or c*m on another's face.

Sometimes mistakenly confused with splurge
d*mn! I done spooged a wicked facial on dat hoe.
from Jay-Z's song "H to the Izzo"... chorus lyrics are as follows: "H to the Izzo, V to the Izzay..." which is an extended form H to the O, V to the A... standing for H.O.V.A. -- some gangster place I don't know of. Izzo means O. Put "izz" in front of any letter and it means that letter.
How do you spell dog?
D to the izzo G
1) (n) something you play, usually a competitive activity
2) (v) to play a game (see def. 1)
3) (n) an animal that is hunted
4) (n) skill or ability in any game (see def. 1)
5) (int) short for "Game over!"
6) (n) a measure of smoothness with the opposite s*x
7) (n) lines or moves you use to get the opposite s*x into bed
8) (adv) a state of being willing to do something
9) (n) that thing from that movie "The Game"
1) Drinking Checkers is a sh*tty drinking game. Beirut is better.
2) I just went to Vegas and got f*cked over by the gaming industry.
3) Yo' honor, I didn't mean to shoot that mothaf*cka in that gang war...I thought he was game, you know, like a deer or some sh*t.
4) Shaq lost to Aaron Carter in 1-on-1? d*mn that fool must have no game at all.
5) 3-pointer at the buzzer...it's good! That's game!
6) You couldn't even get some from Line-em-up Liz? Cracka you must have no game.
7) I broke out the old "You must be from Tennessee" game on the b*tch and it worked like a charm.
8) You want to go to the ball game, game at the casino, shoot some game, then work game on some b*tches? I'm game.
9) Welcome to the game, Nicky. We're here to make life...fun.
Definition of “HooYah”

"HooYah" (or also "Hoo ah) adj., adv., n., v., conj., interj., excla. Orig. unknown Slang. 1. Referring to or meaning anything and everything except "no". 2. What to say when at a loss for words. 3. (a). Good copy. (b). Roger. ©. Solid copy. (d). Good. (e). Great. (f). Message received. (g). Understood. (h). Acknowledged. 4. (a). Glad to meet you. (b). Welcome. 5. "All right!" 6. (a). I don't know the answer, but I'll check on it. (b). I haven't the foggiest idea. 7. I am not listening. 8. "That is enough of your drivel; sit down!" 9. Yes. 10. "You've got to be kidding me!" 11. Thank you. 12. Go to the next slide. 13. You've taken the correct action. 14. I don't know what that means, but I'm too embarra*sed to ask for clarification. 15. Squared away <He's pretty hooyah.>. 16. Amen!
He's pretty hooyah
so totally the best word ever. means:
a) a v.v.v.v.v small p*nis
2) an insult
d) meine lieblings word
5) a woman who has a p*nis
1) your p*nis is so small u couldn't even call it a wenis ***OR*** at least i dont have a wenis u loser
c) shut it u wenis
2) errmmm.... wot the wenis. i dont have a wenising clue
f) sh*t! dat chicks got a wenis ***OR*** JOE:(while f*ckin amy)" wait a second, that aint normal.... holy c*ap! she's got a wenis
n: 1- a v*gina; see also v,poon
i'd never eat that girl's bloody hatchet wound
a language used among students a few years ago, moving the front of the alphabet to the back, used as a code to hide the solution to quizes and similar.
A = N
B = O
C = P
D = Q
E = R
F = S
G = T
H = U
I = V
J = W
K = X
L = Y
M = Z
N = A
O = B
P = C
Q = D
R = E
S = F
T = G
U = H
V = I
W = J
X = K
Y = L
Z = M

my name is Bushido
zl anzr vf Ohfuvqb
n. 1)Total f*ck mook. Ignorance in its purest form.
2) One who is incapabable of correct grammar, spelling, and (in certain extreme instances) forming complete and logical thoughts or insults.
v. tr. 1) To s*xually a*sualt in a manner completely unbecoming of a human being. To savagely pillage another's hobbit hole, often involving the bilbo baggins technique.
n.- Man, can you believe that crog? Only a sh*thead f*cks with Heavy C.

v.- I think he crogged his 'partner' last night. I could clearly hear what sounded like the flesh flute and the rusty trombone being played quite well.
1) (n) A type of cocaine that you cook up in a frying pan. And by you I really mean your honor roll student, boy scout son.
2) (v) To prepare the above type of cocaine.
3) (v) What a walked batter gets in a baseball game.
4) (n) A chemical that's the opposite of an acid and doesn't cost anything.
1) When little Timmy failed his math test, his mom decided to cheer him up by cooking up his favorite dinner: free base cocaine.
2) We don't free base in the Brook, we just smoke flat-out crack rock.
3) With runners on second and third and the World Series on the line I figured it would be a good call to just give Barry Bonds a free base.
4) I hear there's a deal over at Chemicals Mart where if you buy an acid at retail price, you get a free base.
N., Adj., Adv., V.

Acronym for c*ck Up The a*s.

Etymology: Created by an SPH and his high-school homies in South Florida. Used to refer to something that is deemed undesirable or "g*y."

Can also be used to refer to an actual p*nis in one's a*us, or one who has a p*nis in their an*l crevice.

As a verb, means to take a p*nis in one's a*s.
Yo CUTA biznatch! Why you trippin?

g*y people like CUTA.

Hey Seth! Don't take out your CUTA rage on me.

Yo man! I just CUTA'd Dave's mom!
(v.) To completely botch something you've been doing routinely for years.

(n.) Kicker for the New Orleans Saints. Also kicked for the San Diego Chargers.
(v.) I was shaving my face this morning and Carneyed it badly, now it's got a big ol' scar that will never go away.

(n.) San Diego is happy that they don't have John Carney on their team anymore.
(v.) To kick a man when he's down is to attack at the persons weakest moment. It defies the gentlemanly code of ethics, and does detract from reputation. Used literally or figuratively, it still has pretty much the same meaning.
I never kick a man when he'd down; stamping on his head is easier!
Ebonics is really the study of the rules applied to turn English into some uneducated sounding pseudo-language whose purpose is for the most part to insult and denigrate "Whitey." Here is what I learned in Ebonics 1 :
i) In any English word with a contraction, eliminate the apostrophe and any letters after it.
1) Is it alright if I rollerskate through the campus ?
English) Yes, it's alright
Ebonics) It OK
ii) In a word ending in "d," substitute "dt" or "oodt."
English) That's all very fine...
Ebonics) That all reeeal gooudt....
iii) In a word ending in "ore," eliminate everything after the first "o" and add an apostrophe.
English) I won't tell you again, please shut the door.
Ebonics) I ain tellin you no mo', shet de do' !!
iv) For suffixes with 2 identical consonants followed by "er," eliminate the "er."
English) That Negro was larger and was holding a pistol.
Ebonics) Mah n*gga was bigga had his fingah on yo' trigga.
v) In general, most "er"s are dropped and replaced by "ah."
English) Tower of Power
Ebonics) Towah of Powah
vi) However, in the case of a plural, "ers" is replaced by "az."
English) Negroes
Ebonics) n*ggaz
Now, a brief poem :
They go my n*ggaz all up in da hooudt,
n*ggaz be p*mpin' just like dey shooudt,
Leroy drive his Caddy right into a dee-itch
'Cause his punk-a*s homey is too much of a bee-itch
Sistah on the pipe she hit on da stem
Homeboy got his a*s in jail ageein'
Got me a supakool layin' in da free-idge
n*ggaz be flyin' high off'n da bree-idge
Sambo f*cked up, he high on dat sherm
Bustin up a cap hey cuz got de germ

So you get the general idea...
(n.) An edible seed

(n.) Carazed, fanatical about (suffix)

(v.) (mainly brit) To perform a quick head-butt

(n.) (Mainly Brit) Head

(v.) slang- press

(v.) seminal fluid

(n.) Testicle
A) Let's eat some nuts!

B) That guy is a gun-nut

C) I'm going to nut you if you don't tell me the answer

D) My nut is in pain

E) Nut that button on the wall for me.

F) Nut on your face

G) OW! My nuts!
1. (v) To have s*xual relations with someone, normally a female human. A multi-layered term commonly stated matter-of-factly and used to express a feeling of indifference as to whether or not the speaker actually gets to have intercourse with the subject of the verb while simultaneously meaning that the speaker would greatly enjoy it if he were able to get it on with the subject.
<i>an extremely attractive young woman walks by two men sitting on a stoop</i>

Man 1: I'd pull rank on that sh*t.
Man 2: Fer schnizzle, sweetback?
Man 1: Yeah you know, I wouldn't put any effort into it though.
Man 2: I dunno, I'd porkinz the h*ll outta her. She was fine.
Man 1: I dunnnno dude... anyway I'm through with spacin' gs for now, let's go chief.
Man 2: h*ll yeah.
1)v. the act of giving a*s loads of unnecessary work just to be a d*ck 2) v. sucking at life in general 3) adj. having h*mos*xual tendencies (i.e. easily bribed by sucking off certain individuals in exchange for good grades)
1) "What a h*mo, this is the third time he kribbed us by making us revise this d*mn resume. Let's just skip it and get melled."
2) I'm f*cking tired of getting kribbed every night- its a half credit cla*s a*shole.
3) His kribbish behavior was easily recognized by his giving A's to those who'd stayed in his office for a BJ.
1. (N) One who drinks fine wine (usually cabernet) from another's a*shole (how the wine got there, we'll never know), while juggling 3 red bouncy b*lls in their left hand.

2. (A)A f*cking idiot

3. (V)To drink fine wine out of one's a*shole
John: Hey ushtuk
Joan: How did you find out I'm an ushtuk?!?!?
John: I have my ways.
Joan: Please don't tell anyone!
John: Only if you ushtuk me!
Joan: Fine! I'll use an extra large straw to drink out of
John: You know thats the way I like it
637 is an expression or abbrevation for Always and Forever

143 637*

I Love You Always And Forever<3
1. The act of e*aculation
2. To incur severe physical damage by physical action or otherwise
3. The act of getting arrested
4. Used to describe a broken object
5. When something, usually an event, is a big let down.
6. A rundown building or location, usually one in the entertainment business.
1. It was the best handjob ever, i couldn't help but bust my load all over her face.
2. I'm about to bust a cap in yo a*s; Bust his skull in!
3. Davey got busted for trying to buy alcohol with a fake I.D.
4. This TV's busted, call a repair man
5. That party was a total bust, I didn't get my d*ck sucked once!
6. I'm serious, that strip joint was a bust, the girls were ugly, the poles were dirty, and my vodka tasted like spit.
"Gib" n. is a Newfoundland expression derived from thew nfld word for fish guts 'Gib'.
gib n phonetics unavailable. The gills and entrails of a herring: PIP1 (P 245-75).
They caught a lot of herring in that time. They used to save the gibs, that's the inside of the herring, for fertiliser to put on their fields for their hay.
gib n SND gip n2 2 'herring guts' (1914-).
My mom from fogo island would say don't ride your bike on the free way you'll get in an accident "get all gibbled -up".
Or she would say "don't make faces and fun because the wind might change and you end up a gib."
Which i always took to mean "cripple" or "retarded", Or in todays Venacular of 2004 , 'the physically and mentally challenged'.
Mom might even say if i was acting foolish "don't be a gib!
Nfld. owes much of its oral tradition to the Irish as well.
I'd be interested in hearing a celtic interpretation .
gib v SND gip v 'to gut...herring' gilping 1788-; PRATT gib v 'to clean fish' (1901-).
gib v also gip phonetics unavailable. Cp OED ~ v2 'to disembowel (fish') (1883, 1893); gip (1603-); Fisheries of US (1887), p. 433; DINNEEN giobaim 'I prick, peck, pluck, pull, tear.' To remove the gills and entrails of a herring; SPLIT v.
1862 LIND MS Diary 18 June Very small attendance at Singing this evening as nearly all are gipping or packing herrings. 1863 HIND ii, 233 After a 'deck' of mackerel is obtained, all hands prepare to put them in salt. The operations of 'pa*sing up,' 'splitting,' and 'gibbing,' are gone through, and they are packed in salt in the barrels. P 148-61 Gibbing: taking the gill out of the herring. T 185-65 First I was workin' in Ma...
(n) Any gelatinous substance that's sticky & gleams in the sunlight.

(v) To completely f*ck up; to jizm over an extended distance

Can also be used as an interjection, serving as a family-friendly alternative to "sh*t!" when bumping into hard objects.
Dude, what's that SKWAJ on your cheek.

I really SKWAJ'd that test question.

SKWAJ, I'm out of toilet paper!
what does "wevd" mean?

wevd is a word invented by me (mortecattiva), and it's used to express your "feeling dirty" while you do cybers*x.

yes, little pervert, i said cybers*x.

now, what is the meaning of wevd? let me explain it:

what is the animal who express the concept of "dirty"? the PIG.
what does the pig say? he says OINK OINK OINK.

so when you are feeling dirty, you little pervert, you say OINK as well.
but hold on! you are doing cybers*x! your right hand is busy! how can you do?
easy, act like on a mirror! if you were a pro typewriter like me you would know you type
O - with the ring
I - with the middle f*nger
N - with the index
K - with the middle f*nger
if you do the same moves with your left hand, what letter you obtain?
O - W
I - E
N - V
K - D

this is the solution!
copyright 2004 - mortecattiva
person 1: "hey, i look at this Aria Giovanni picture"
person 2: "wevd!"
The second letter of the alphabet, the 10th letter of the alphabet... if you are unfamiliar with that, here's the alphabet, with the second and tenth letters capitalized...

a B c d e f g h i J k l m o p q r s t u v w x y z.

If you are still that daft, try this:

B. J.

or b*ow Job.
<Girl> Oooh baby! How about a 2-10?
<Camel_Kid> f*ck yeah!
Enjoys throwing parties in which the guests are required to bring lemons for admittance.

Is the result of s*xual activity between a Frenchman and a brick.

Latin for "c*ckbreath."

Like all things Spanish, it is dangerous.

Can be used in replacement of the noun "noob" and/or the verb "wh*re".
n-You are such a Vundo.
v-Stop f*cking Vundoing the remote.

So then I joined Vundo's dedicated server and he banned me for pwning him with a barrett. I went on MSN and challenged him to a clanmatch but he refused because apparently his p*nis was stuck in his eye. I offered to help him remove it but he said his mom was already on the job. I was baffled by the statement, because his mom was between my thighs sucking my d*ck.
hate f*ck it's the same thing here, just spelled out differently.
v. She's such a c*nt; I'd f*ck her, but only hate-f*ck.
1. n. the warm spot left on a seat when the person sitting there gets up.

2. v. to leave (s.o.) a bunson.

bun (rear end) + son (progeny of), also with overtones of "Bunsen burner" (gas burner used in laboratories); gained currency among Philly suburbanites, most notably members of the progressive rock band Clockwork, circa 1995.
1. "Dude, it was so cold out I'd have frozen my a*s off were it not that some kind stranger left me a bunson."

2. "Dude, I have a love-hate relationship with being bunsoned by Tub-o-lard. He's such a compulsive farter that the chair becomes both really warm and really stinky."
Kefka is the primary villain in the Squaresoft video game Final Fantasy VI (known as Final Fantasy III in the U.S.). Kefka is an insane, egomaniacal villain who starts out as a mere lackey but eventually acquires godlike powers. He is perhaps best remembered for his dedicated sound effect, a shrill maniacal cackle.

Kefka, as a character, has had a profound impact on the Final Fantasy series as well as role-playing games, and story-driven video games in general. Beyond his popularity with fans of the game, his presentation as a character was radically different from other final bosses, who were often large, demonic figures with no bearing on stories in video games other than to serve as a final challenge. Kefka broke this tradition, not only for his portrayal as a largely humorous character, but also plotwise, beginning the game as a low-level yes-man, gaining influence and power before finally becoming a global threat.

Kefka's full name is Kefka Palazzo, although this is not actually mentioned in the game. His first name is believed to be derived from the name of the author Franz Kafka.

Kefka, though a profoundly unique individual from the series, is also one of the most forgotten. Squaresoft, now Square-Enix, popularized the Final Fantasy series with three-dimensional graphics in Final Fantasy 7, a worldwide phenomena that made the series a mainstream cult following. The change was brought when President Yamauchi of Nintendo disputed with Squaresoft and refused t...
The official term is docuphilia, used to describe a person who is s*xual aroused by legal terms and their a*sociated pleonasms. Docuphiliacs or jargon j*rkers are known to deviously h*ard credit card contracts, legal disclaimers, copyright notices, government signs, and other legal doc*ments, forms & contracts for subsequent and sometimes daily arousal. Docuphilia is a rare disorder having no allegiance to occupation, race, s*x, gender, political orientation or creed. (It is a common misconception that most lawyers are docuphiliacs and vice versa.) There is no way to determine whom is a docuphiliac besides recognizing the following symptoms:

i . Excessive maundering and confusion while in the presence of “desirable” legal doc*ments.

ii. Meager but frequent attempts to view a legal doc*ment in solitude. WARNING: Agitated docuphiliacs may resort to violence to obtain a desirable doc*ment. The docuphiliac may use occupational related excuses in order to achieve this. (Example: I'd better bring this to the boss/I'll read this over for you.) Veteran docuphiliacs express no shame in these blatant attempts. Upon his/her untimely return the docuphiliac will honor the terms of the excuse but often very poorly. Beware.

iii. An excessive collection of framed legal doc*ments and other nicely worded texts throughout the docuphiliacs office.

iv. Hours of satisfaction in fantasizing about word cells to generate new words.

v. Meticulous aversion to informal slang. Which is ...
v. Mantlo, Mantlo'd

1. To not be paid back (as in a loan)
2. To be cheated out of money
3. To have one's girlfriend or interest taken
1. Lender: Will, you owe me that $5.
Will: Dude, I paid you back.
Lender: No you didn't.
3rd Party: Lender, you've been Mantlo'd.

2. Situation: Corner table, Cracker Barrel. Arrive at table, $4 tip still remains from previous customer. Will takes tip, places it in pocket. Upon finishing his meal, Will retrieves $4 from pocket and kindly tips waitress... 3rd party: Waitress, you've been Mantlo'd.

3. Friend: Man, that girl's hot.
Will: You talked to her any?
Friend: Yeah, a little. I think I'm going to ask her out soon.
Will: (to himself, or others) Yeah, I think I'll get someone to get her number for me so I can text her.
3rd Party: Friend, you've been Mantlo'd.
Amphetamines AKA Speed:

Street Names:
Fet, Powder, White, Whizz, Fettle, Throttle and Base (and various other slang names that are made up by people because they sound catchy)

Type: Psych*motor Stimulant

Cost: Can vary, usually £10 a gram but if your dealer isn't a complete d*ck head he should make it cheaper the more you buy off him.

Appearance: Often sold as a white/yellow powder, once cut it's a paste and always seems stronger when fresh, it drys to powder if left a day or two. (Also sold in tablet form)

Method of taking: There's a few ways of taking this drug, it just depends what you have at hand:
Bombing: Were the user puts the powder in a folded cigarette paper and twists it shut making it look like a bomb, the bomb is then swallowed. This is the safest method of taking Speed

Dabbing: Were the user takes the speed by l*cking his f*nger, dabbing it in the powder and swallowing it. This method is also concidered safe but it can give you a sore throat and cause swelling.

Snorting. The user makes a fine line out of the powder using a credit card or razor blade, then gets a straw or roles up a piece of paper and uses that snort it up his/her nose. This can be harmful to your nose and cause unpredictable nose bleeds.

Injecting: Where the user prepares the powder by disolving it in a teaspoonful of water, boling it by a naked flame under the spoon and putting it into the syringe. This is a very dangerous way of taking any drug, theres risk of infe...
n. derivation of "FAF" (f*ck And Forget) 1. an attractive woman that would only be good for a one night stand
2. an attractive woman who's personality is unattractive, but who's body is built for s*x

v. to have s*x with a faffer
She's not really the type of girl you'd wanna date. Yeah, she's a real faffer.

The chick won't shut up about herself, but I'd still faffer.
v.: dentist faced, dentist facing, dentist faces

a face usually given by an female adult actress when she receives e*aculate in her mouth but does not readily enjoy it
"Ha..That girl is dentist facing."
"I busted in the girl's mouth and she dentist faced.
As the girl dentist faces, the spoog drips out of her mouth.
v. Originating with the word ken

1. Can be said to have been experienced when, following defecation, one wipes one's a*us only to discover that no residue has been left behind by the ken
There was no toilet paper so I'd had to use my hand. Luckily I'd had a magic ken so-when I shook Her Majesty's hand later on-she didn't notice.

I've just had a magic ken. Must be all the brown bread I've been eating.
the way in which the letters are orginised every letter has its own definition on this site Check it out:a b c d e f g h i j klmnopqrstuvwxyz
let's sing the alphabet song
(n.; v.)

1. Any crude, sharp weapon created from otherwise non-imposing objects. s*rewdrivers, socket wrenches and hammers are not considered "shanks" because (a) they are not homemade, (b) they are not "crude," improvised weapons, (c) tools are inherently dangerous to begin with, and (d) none of them, with the exception of the s*rewdriver, are sharp objects. Shanks are created by the desperate for the purpose of stabbing, not bludgeoning.

A true shank would be something like:
- A broken piece of gla*s with a wrapped towel for a handle.
- A broken piece of plexigla*s. Prison lunch trays are made of plexigla*s, so shattering one might yield a suitable shank.
- A sharpened piece of wood, usually whittled into a stake rather than a shank, but as it is used for stabbing it is considered a shank nonetheless.
- A sharpened piece of sc*ap metal. Can be pilfered from just about anywhere.

2. A shank is also the U-shaped part of a padlock, or any other narrow-but-essential part of an object.
1. "See this carrot? This carrot's raw. I'm gonna shank you, whiteboy."

2. "I can't lock this d*mn thing; I think the shank needs oiling."
1) (n) Short for "economics."
2) (adj) Very cheap, low-quality, and budget. Short for "economical."
3) (v) To scam (con) someone over the internet.
Jeff: "How's that new Navigator you got over the internet, man? Those cars are sweet...and what a steal for $10,000!"
Geoff: "Um, yeah. It was a d*mned compa*s...you know those things you navigate with?"
Jeff: "OOOOOOOH that sucks man...haha, navigator...I get it! You got straight-up ECONNED!!!"
Geoff: "I should have known there was something up when they didn't have a picture. And it was totally econ too. It came from the Dollar Store and the needle was broken. Retail value: 20 cents."
Jeff: "You should have known better, idiot. You're an econ major!" *SMACK!!!*
A typing layout developed in the 1940's and intended to replace the clumsy QWERTY layout, designed in the 19th century to actually slow down typing. The Dvorak layout is far more efficient, allowing a typist to achieve a much faster rate than with QWERTY. There are also one-handed versions of Dvorak, for both the right and left hand.
This is the Dvorak layout:

`~ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 { }
'" ,< .> p y f g c r l /? =+ \|
a o e u i d h t n s -_
;: q j k x b m w v z

Any modern computer can be reconfigured to use the Dvorak layout.
v. (commonly bartoned) an action through which a person or persons is rejected, humiliated, punished, or degraded. Also, having something taken away that is usually and rightfully ones own. See also served

Originating in WIlson NC, Barton College is a c*aphole, from which came Matt Boykin. The term was derived from the college by the Appalachian baseball team initially to describe a time when Coach Boykin would make a player do something the player would rather not do. Since Boykin was a coach, there was not much a player could do. Mostly, it was used to describe the person on whom Boykin abused his power, and was therefore widely considered a d*ck. Bartoned would later come to use in everyday life around Boone, NC when something funny would happen to another person. Boykin is a b*tch.
Boykin: Vance, can you pick up these b*lls, clean the dugout, wash the uniforms, mow the gra*s, and wash my car since I'm a coach and you have to say yes?
Vance: Uhh...I guess.
Boykin: You guess? What's that supposed to mean? Can you or can you not?
Vance: Yeah.
Rest of team: haha Vance got Bartoned.
Steve: Where'd all the beer I bought go?
Jon: Matt Roldan bartoned them from you.
w h a t ` s L O V E ?

are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing? and is your voice caught within your chest?
it isn`t love, its like.

you can`t keep your eyes or hands off them, am i right?
it isn`t love, it`s lust.

are you proud and eager to show them off?
it isn`t love, its luck.

do you want them because you know they`re there?
it isn`t love, its loneliness.

are you there just cuz its what everyone wants?
it isn`t love, its loyalty.

Do you stay for their confessions of love, because you don`t wanna hurt them?
it isn`t love, its pity.

are you willing to give all of your favorite things for their sake?
it isn`t love, its charity.

are you there because they kissed you, or held your hand?
it isn`t love, its unconfident.

do you pardon their faults because you care about them?
it isn`t love, its friendship.

do you tell them everyday they are the only one you think of?
it isn`t love, its a lie.

But do you except there faults because they`re a part of who you are? Do you see their true heart, and touch your soul so deeply it hurts? Are you attracted to others, but stay with them faithfully without regret? Would you give them your heart, your life, your death and stay because a blinding in comprehensible mix of pain and elation pulls you close and holds you? now thats LOVE...
"love never fails..."
Let me make this as clear as I can. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
Now I know my ABCs, next time won't use sing with me?
637 meanz Always And Forever

6 = a.l.w.a.y.s
3 = a.n.d
7 = f.o.r.e.v.e.r

Also goes with the term 143wich meanz I Love You
|I Love You-Alwayz and Forever|
(v.)The act of putting a paper bag over a girl's head during intercourse, in an attempt to preserve the attraction. Often used in the case of a girl with a nice figure but a hideous face.
So, man what do you think about Erin?

Well, she's got a tight a*s and some nice titties, but I've seen better faces at Halloween! I'd definitely paperbag that though.
01. (v.) deef, deefed
to mess up; to destroy; to f*ck up.
to have s*x with;

02. (n.) deefed
to be intoxicated or otherwise not in control of your actions;
01. (v.)
how'd you do on the sat's last weekend?
i deefed on 'em, bad.

02. (n.)
you guys go back to the dorm?
yeah we were deefed and broke a window.
Kobe Bryant:
b)No Playoffs
e)Not a Leader
f)A Fluke
g)Too Young
i)Played Out
k)No Focus
n)Past His Priime
o)Ball Hog
u)Prima Donna
v)Big Ego
w)A Baby
x)Not a Team Player
y)It's Over
z)No More Rings

2. A type of steak.
1. Kobe has caused the Big Aristotle and Phil j*ckson to both leave.

2. I burned Kobe at the basketball game.
v. to 'Q'

1. The removal of one's kneecaps through the use of a large tool or heavy force.. usually done with a levering action.

2. When the kneecaps fall off because you're weak.

Named so, after the boy a.k.a. 'Q' who's knee's did not grow humanly at birth.. hence without the bone and muscles needed for normal movement, 'fall off' under strain. Usually due to the pansy walking.
"See that cripple on the floor over there? I Q'd him!"

(when kneecaps fall off) "I just Q'd.. bugger!"
To Be Stranded Somewhere By Any Extenuating Circ*mstance.
E.g. A Popped Tire, Flood Waters, Dead Battery or Incorrect Gas Gauge.

*Originated From The Old T.V. Show “Gilligan’s Island.”
Baron: d*mn it, The Battery Is Dead.
Ryan: So....What Are You Telling Me?
Baron: Well...I’m Afraid We've Been Gilligan'd
Ryan: NOOOOOOO!!!!
The Professor: Its Not That Bad...I'll Get The Coconut Radio
1. Verb. To recieve by means of physical force or threats of bodily harm, not stealing however since the victim technically gives the item away, see D-Boed
-originated in the midwest, particularly in the predominantely caucasian suburbs of NW Indiana, after some teens were driving to Lake Michigan's beaches and got lost in the urban ghetto known as Gary, In. and had such act occur to them by a gangster and could not think of a better word to describe a gangster doing what he does best other than "he gangstered our food and money".
2.Verb. To fabricate a solution to a problem by unorthodox methods with no regards to appearance or efficiency, see also n*gger rigging.
1.I think Ro just gangstered another one of my hats. I didn't want to give it to her, but she has it. How the h*ll did this just happen.
2.I was watching CNN, and these cubans gangstered their car into a speed boat. It looked like a cadillac, but it might have just been a bonnevile.

To misspell a certain name or word multiple times througout an a*signment, spelling it differently each time.
1. HAHAHA you pulled a Farah!

2. OMG I'm embara*sed... I spelt the characters name wrong in 3 different ways...I totally Farah'd.

3. Mersault has no emotions. I am deeply confused by Muarsault's thoughts and actions. Mersalute is an outsider. Oh snap! I just pulled a Farah!!!
A merchant, tourist/summer home, wealthy/poverished, post-colonial, pre-Laser Beam Modernism town in southern Suffolk County (Long Island, New York).

Quick Stats:

Average Income: $75,957.32 (Loews Standardized Survey '04).
Average IQ: 97 (Loews '04; Stanford-Binet V)
Average Idiot Code Enforcement Officer (per-acre): 3 (Loews '05)
Average MILF (per-acre): 5.78 (Loews '05)

Number of Weird Drug Addicts: 67 (Loews '04)
Number of Failing Businesses: Kitchen and Coffee (Loews '04)
Number of High School Kids Doing Stupid Things on Corners (daily): 11 (Loews '04)
Number of Rich Families Paying Ridiculous Amts. of Money for You To Babysit Their Sons/Daughters While They Are Home: 61 (Loews '04)
Number of Toolbags at the Golf Course/Sailing on the Bay/Hitting on Chicks at the Beach: 89 (Loews '04; New Record as of May '04)

Cash Crop: Pot (see marijuana, reefer, smoke, mary jane, hash, green, dynamo j*ck...
v. swagged, swagg-ing, swags
v. intr.

To move over an area of surface with C.A.S (confidence, appearance, and style) by taking steps with the feet at a pace slower than a run.

See Swagger.
I like the way you talk, I like the way you walk, I love it all baby, where'd you get it dawg? Right step, left step, dawg don't stagger, watch the way I swag dawg, that's my swagger.
Pawned (pahnd). v.

1. To sell an item; see Fence, Sell, Barter
2. A chess move, where one player's pawn takes an opponent's king.
3. To triumph over an opponent or opponents, similar to def. 2; see Owned, Pwned(slang).
Ex. 1: Harvey pawned his tv set to buy food. How sad.

Ex. 2 & 3: I did it! I pawned you!
_L337 guide_
C=( or c
K=K or l<
O=Ø or 0
S=$ or 5
T=7 or +

_Additional notes_
1.In L337,abbreviations are commonly used although they are not part of L337$p33k(These do not become symbols).
2.Any word ending in "ck" becomes "xxØr" in L337.
3.Certain words are also unique to L337 e.g.73(-)(the) and /\/\3(-)(my)Sentence in L337:
\/\/(-)3r3 1$ 73(-) |)ØØr???

Examples of additional notes:
1.O.M.F.G. ZØ/\/\b13$!!!
2.73(-) $733/\/\ RØxxØrz.
3.73(-) dØØd Pwn3d /\/\3(-) Ph4(3.
k was mistaken they missed l< lolz sry i had to fix it (l337)
a word used by Mainers and T.V. to describe pop. if you try to correct someone who says soda they will get p*ssed off and kill you!(especially in Detroit)Soda sounds like something from the 40's. I bet people who say it are soda-mn retarted. even though this definiyion is a little stupid the proper term to say soft drink is POP b*tch or i'll pop you!
Detroiter:hook me up with some pop.
Detroiter2:what kind you want?
Detroiter: you know I like that red, but i'l take some grape.
Outsider: are you talking about red "POT"?
Detroiters: no, POP.
Outsider: oh you mean soda!
Detroiter: no, pop.
Outsider: I cac not breath, I should have never tried to correct someone from the D and now my life is ending because I wa too retarded to realize soda is a played out way of saying soda.
A group of guys (usally frat pledges) strip naked and stand in a circle. They each put one thumb in their mouth, and the other thumb up the guy's a*s in front of them. They then all start walking forward in a circle at the same time. If someone's thumb falls out of the a*s in front of them, they must switch thumbs, and put the now sh*tty thumb in their mouth.
Fear of this, causes each man to be shoving his thumb up the man's a*s in front of him with great force, causing great discomfort!
I really wanted to get into the frat at school, so I pledged. They made us do an ELEPHANT CHAIN as hazing for initiation.
I kind of liked it, so they said I'd fit right in the Greek life! I can't wait to play Gookie Cookie, participate in circle-j*rks, and get spanked!
I love my frat!
v. to teach someone a lesson or show them who's boss.

Derived from the joke: "How do you turn a dishwasher into a snowb*ower? Give that b*tch a shovel."
Dylan: What would you do if somebody hacked into your computer and changed your background to "h*llo Kitty"?
Scott: I'd give that b*tch a shovel!
One who listens to Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Nickelback, Green Day, System of a Down, Atreyu, Korn, Incubus, Hawthorne Heights etc.

Mainstreamers listen to Mainstream Rock, know nothing about Music and usually think Nirvana are grunge, and My Chemical Romance are Emo.
Mainstreamers are quite fond of Nirvana.
The following is an updated short description of the word 'plomb'; use in context, conception and distinction follow...

1. Polite term for a physical t*rd/poo/c*ap/sh*t in a toilet that hasn't flushed for one of many possible reasons...(see i-vii below)

2. Used to endearingly identify one's offspring.

3. A humorous and unique word coined in the early seventies to convey the moment of impact and subsequent existence of (ideally) a well-shaped (circular in cross-section) and solid t*rd/poo/c*ap/sh*t in a toilet;

By fusing "plop" and "bomb" this word describes the two most likely instances that flash into the non-Creator's mind upon detecting a plomb,(i) it's representative and symbolic status as a 'b-omb' by a Creator not one's self and (ii) the precise moment it 'plo-pped' (in the water) from within its Creator.

4. Lead (metal) in French and with close resemblance in many other tongues.

Possible reasons for non-flush and therefore plomb:

i. 'the Creator is st...
The combination of getting Mono and AIDS in one s*xual experience(session).
I have MAIDS, I hate the b*tch that gave me MAIDS, she should die.
Created in 1980 by the original hackers of the Bulletin Board System. l337 is a variation os the word 'leet', which itself is derived from the word elite. Elite has been used in the past to designate a group of users as belonging to a higher social echelon than other users. The term Elite was gained from the cla*sic game Elite.

The letter... could also be:
A - 4, /\, @, ^
B - 8, 13, %, ß
C - <, (, ©
D - |), I>, ?
E - 3, &
F - (=, |=, ph
G - 6, &, (_+, 9
H - #, (-), /-\, \~\
I - 1, !, eye,
J - </, (/
K - X, |<
L - 1, 7, |_
M - em, AA, (\/)
N - ^/, |\|
O - 0 (), oh
P - |*, |^, ?, 9
Q - 0_, ()_, <|
R - 2, |?, /2
S - 5, $, z, es
T - 7, +, 1
U - (_), v, L|
V - \/
W - \/\/, (n), \\'
X - ><, }{, )(
Y - j, `/
Z - 2, %, >_

A few terms taken from l337:
Pwn, omg, wtf, lyke, newb/n00b

Commonly used by: Gamers, computer geeks, newbs, idiots
"Dude, that's so... l337,"

0///6 d00)j00/2 z0 (_)nl337~!!111one!l0lzA!!!!!
A guy that will kick your a*s very heavily
That Robert Deniro just kick your a*s off
During cunnilingus, the act of shoving one's face into the partner's v*gina, moving the head side to side and making a LI-LI-LI-LI noise like a towelhead as loud and fast as humanly possible.
n. So Farrokh, did you give Jillian the old Persian Warcry last night?

v. h*ll yeah, I Persian Warcry'd the h*ll outta that b*tch.
Male s*x organ known as p*nis is used as a tool for slapping any given person across (his/her) face. refer;<p*mp slap, b*tch slap>
I j*nk slapped <person's name> across (his/her) face.
I j*nk slapped Jessica across her face.
v. To push one's testicle into the a*us and remove in a rapid motion creating a combination pop/suction sound.
d*mn, she looks good enough to chutney. I'd sure like to give chutney her.
noun. a SCRILLA is a suburban, white, boy who feels as though he is straight out of 8-Mile. also,

verb. to SCRILLA is to take your mangled-a*s t*eth and tear another person's flesh from off their body.
N. "Hey, you're white - stop listening to Project Pat you SCRILLA."

V. "At first I thought he was playing, but, when he wouldn't pa*s the joint - I SCRILLA'd his a*s to the bone."
(n.) stands for personal discussion amongst ourselves. usually about private matters or just to bag people, with only a small group of close people. also known as dnm (deep and meaningful)

(v.) to have a personal discussion amongst ourselves.
let's have a p.d.a.o at lunch today.
i need to p.d.a.o with you later.
The ultimate in pwning. Finishes off the set of owning one is capable of: own, pwn, pwnage, pwnzord, pwnzordorizatinagatate. Can only be used in the most extreme instances of someone getting pwned. Misuse of the word could, in turn, cla*sify you as a noob and or even a cheeseman. The word is only to be used by those who are treated as royalty in the fields of gaming, or even life. Can add a -d for past tense, or an -s to define ones skill. (ex. 1. "You got pwnzordorizatinagatated!" 2. "Man, Paris pwnzordorizatinagatates like it's his job, eh?"

Paris: 1 v 1? I don't know about this...
Eric: Oh yeah... Want some? Get some!!
Eric: Wait, what the h*ll?!? Nooooo!! *owned!*
Eric: No, again?!! *pwned!*
Eric: Christ! Three times?!! *pwnage!!*
Eric: Holy roffle copter!!! *!PWNZORD!*
Eric: Not funny... *PWNZORDORIZATINAGATATED!!!!!!!*
Paris: 1 v 1 not so easy, huh buddy?
Eric: :'(
Paris: Cry more noob.


Being hit by a car while getting struck by lighting as a bird deficates on your head and your voice cracking as you go to scream for help is perfect grounds for someone to look at you and say, "pwnzordorizatinagatated!!".
1. (n) of or pertaining to the sub-human cla*s of yard ape characterized by a large frontal lobe, wide nose, and underdeveloped intelligence. Nominally human because of the opposable thumb that allows the phil data to sign other nigs to 50-yr interest only loans.

2. (v) to place b*lls on one's chin

3. (n) a mythical creature of Afriacan descent that lives in trees. Often seen as having a man's head and a dog's a*s and is therefore known as a 'b*tch-a*s n*gger'.
1. Dat loan offisuh jus' signeded me but I finks he phil data'd me.

2. Dude that chick looked all phil data when I gave her the roman helmet.

3. That wasn't no leprechaun in those trees, that was a phil data!
(v.) The art of taking raw manga and scanning it into a computer. Mainly used by otakus and other fans of manga. Has a deep base in the world of IRC and usually is done out of boredom. The method of scan*lation usually goes like this. 1. Getting the crew, equiptment, lots of food, and software.
2. Getting the raw mangas.
3. Scanning it into a computer.
4. Translating the pages one at a time word by word into something that is recognizably english and somtimes other languages.
5. The Editing of the translation.
6. The final copy is compiled, along with some credits added to show that some people have worked hard to do this for you so donate some money to the site if you please.
7. The hosting of the final copy.
Otaku: Man when is the newest Airgear gonna be scan*late(d). I so can't wait for it man.
Scan*lation Team: Rarr shut it it'll be out when its ready (usually monday).
v.t. ("on the razzle dazzle", "to razzle and dazzle") When a group of lads join forces in order to become muntered and hopefully get a gobble by the end of the night. From the ancient Greek compounds "razzle" - to drink your bodyweight in tequila; and "dazzle" - to attempt to bone anything with a pulse at a seedy nightclub.

Hopefully, said troops will end up getting their nat king cole, and if they are extremelly fortunate, they will avoid becoming a noted munter-gatherer.
Lad 1: You fancy another Aftershock?
Lad 2: No, too much razzle can ruin your chances of dazzling. And I've got my eye on that fattie in the corner, wobbling her fat a*se along to "No Limit".

Lad 3: How's the razzle dazzle going?
Lad 4: Pretty good, £1 a drink so I'm bawspank'd, and that munter that I pulled has a slightly more attractive friend.
Lad 3: Casey and Dean aren't faring so well.
Lad 4: I guess we could go for DVDA with that fattie in the corner?
a shady or shisty person; anyone that seems suspect

a person involved in shady activities or suspicious affairs

underhanded, sneaky, sketchy

something that makes you scratch your head because you can't belive some did that or an incident just happened

somone who steals, esp for fun

v. j*cked, stole, took, ran someone's sh*t
Yo that kids a shista man; I heard he got caught for stealing socks just last week.

OK, who shista'd my records!

Shista shisty shady took my sh*t again!

f*cking shista, man, always doing some sh*t...
A scale to measure how "scene" you are compared to others.
A "Scene" scale as done by Kelly A. and j*cki V.

Scene Points Scale.
-5 points:
Liking metal seriously
Fake Piercings
1/2 point:
Each pins/buttons
1 point:
Using adjectives from the late 80's/early 90's (i.e. rad, gnarly, rockin', etc.) for each word in vernacular
2 points:
Each studded belt
Dyed black hair/short
Each tight shirts/pants/track j*ckets
Thick rimed gla*ses
Each gaudy belt buckle
Each clothing bought from a thrift store
Having hair with bangs longer than the rest
Each trucker hat
Each plugs/body Piercings
Referring to bands as acronym
Each scarf
Mountain climbing key thingy
Each pair saucony/new balance/ converse shoes
Each livejournal/myspace/friendster account
Hollywood Undead
Owning Fiddle Faddle
Black eyeliner
Use of 'Kthxbai' 'Lykkeeoommgggzz' 'Oh Emm Gee' etc.
Each Tie
Being Pale
Eating Mac And Cheese at least 3 times a week.
3 points:
Reading books over 300 pages long
Aspiring photographer
Vegetarian diet
Messenger bag
Knowledge of swearing in foreign languages
Bright Makeup
Hearts/stars next to your eye (with eyeliner)
Fake Tattoo's
Trying to be Gangstuh.
4 Points:
Getting pictures taken in a photo booth
Wearing a bandana around your ankle/neck/wrist
Watching/Loving Disney movies
Fake Pearls/beaded necklaces
5 points
Clapping during midpaced part of a song
Working at an Indy record store/health food store
Being in a band
Attending h*ll fest
Writing poetry...
The goverment's war buliding Located in washghtion D.C., You may have noticed it on CNN or any other news station when 9/11 happened. The buliding was hit by a Boeing jumbo jet and was named flight 77. If you notice the entire wingspan of a Boeing is 44 feet long, But why did the plane only leave a 14 foot hole in the side of the pentagon. And there wasnt much wreckage left over from the Boeing inside and outside of the buliding. They also have a picture floating around somewhere of a F-15 engine found inside the pentagon and it is way smaller compared to a Boeing's engine. Some theroies are that the buliding was hit by a cruise missle or a fighter jet and a missle at the same time. Most of the boeing supposely vaporized from the impact and jet fuel when it made first impact with the buliding. I am not saying this is true but there is some evidence showing that there may be a conspiarcy involved with 9/11. The main theroy is we attacked our own land to make the middle east look bad, So americans would support any kind of war with a middle eastern country, So we could obtain the liquid gold formely know as "OIL". I also find it weird that Osma Binladen did not get as much atteion as he deserved for being the master mind behind 9/11.(unlike saadam husein). There is also information about the two planes that hit the World Trade Cetner towers were filled with explosives And even missle's. They also say the base of the buliding was filled with bombs also.

search this topic u...
The fractured english that Aisan immigrants use when in America.
"Oh rook, I she a right on. It is a wasting erectricity. I better grow an a turn eh off!" Said the new Loasion student.

"I cannot understand that dude's aisanese" said Carl.
A dirty wh*re that likes to drink c*m after having s*x in the a*us.

Do Not Try this at home... you never go a*s to mouth.
j*ckie: gosh that girl is such a tramp!!!
Heather: Yeah I heard from Tim that she's a c*m-guzzling futty dutty.
One of many things:

1- The inevitable cause for the complete disregard and obliteration of real human one-on-one, in person interaction . Because people actually pa*s this sh*t off as communication and pressure you into getting one or else they claim you won’t get full insight into their warped lives, you’re not hip and you’ll face being debarred from their life because you don’t care enough if you won’t get one. A f*cking handicap for all you f*cks to lazy or too self-absorbed in your bohemian “f*ck what the world thinks CUZ IT’s so 2toally MY lIfE!” to get off your computer and tell that to people in their f*cking faces. A place where people have no problem telling strangers and their “online buds” more about themselves then they tell people they’ve known for years. Where they post more information about themselves than anyone cares to read….I mean you’re like less than an inch away from revealing your f*cking thong size and that’s only cause your sh*tty camera has a f*ckhole lens that didn’t quite capture the tag on it clearly. Mostly a place to let your arrogance bleed on to the world wide web and still have the disgust to b*tch and moan about insignificant events in your life that you claim make your life suck despite the fact that you’re always partying and living a decadent RAWK STAR lifestyle as your fugly pics and blogs point to it. A place where you clearly get THAT persons point of view of themselves…everyone paints themselves to be this super cool, nice pe...
When a man has a ma*sive o*gasm and combusts inside a chink so that when she gets a cut she bleeds semen
Yo, boiiiii, im gunna gunk in my chink tonight then cut the b*tch.
Throughout much of history, it has been common for poor people to not be able to write the language they speak.

In Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek, every letter is also a number.

Read ALL of REVELATION 13. Verse 18:
"Here is wisdom. Let whomever has understanding count the number of THE BEAST, it is the number of a person, and that number is Six Hundred & Sixty Six.
Calculate the MARK OF THE BEAST which is the number of a name (Rev. 13:17)...

(H/A)=Hebrew/Aramaic. (G)=Greek. *=ALL 3. Print & Highlight (alternating colors) between || to make more readable. I recommend (H/A) as the original.

A=*1(G:long7)| B=*2| C= see K,Q,S| D=*4| E=(H/A:0)(G:5)| F=(H/A:80)(G:300)| G=*3| H=(H/A:5)(G:0)| I=(H/A:0)(G:9)| J=see G,Y| K=(H/A:20)(G:10)| L=(H/A:30)(G:20)| M=(H/A:40)(G:30)| N=(H/A:50)(G:40)| O=(H/A:0)(G:short60,long600)| P=(H/A:80)(G:70)| Q=(H/A:100)(G:10)| R=(H/A:200)(G:80)| S=(H/A:60)(90)| T=(H/A:9)(G:100)| U=(H/A:6)(G:200)| V=(H/A:2)(G:0)| W=(H/A:6)(G:200)| X=K+S| Y=(H/A:10)(G:9)| Z=(H/A:7)(G:6)

SPECIAL COMBOS: CH=(H/A:8)(G:400)| PH=F| SH=(H/A:300)| TH=(H/A:400)(G:8)| TS=(H/A:90)| PS=(G:500)
A cryptographic and fictional language where one letter is translated to another in english. Al bhed is from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 and also referred to as the people who speak Al Bhed, simply called "Al Bheds"
From English to Al Bhed: A = Y, B = P, C = L, D = T, E = A, F = V, G = K, H = R, I = E, J = Z, K = G, L = M, M = S, N = H, O = U, P = B, Q = X, R = N,S = C, T = D, U = I, V = J, W = F, X = Q, Y = O, Z = W
\bro out\v. bro'in out, bro'd out

1. To spend time with one's friends, or "brothers"; the most important aspect is for the activities and location to be relaxing. This activity is not gender or age specific, but usually cannot be applied to spending time with only a significant other, however pets and inanimate objects are fair game.
2. A period of self reflection; relaxation.
1. "what'd you do last weekend?" "You know, smoked some weed, played some scrabble... just bro'd out."
2. "We should totally bro out with some 40s and listen to the new Peter, Björn and John album tonight"
3. "I was just bro'in out last night with a cup of tea and a good book."
Totally awsome Green Day song of thier album Nimrod. I've heard Billie Joe say once on this t.v show (forgot which one) that he wrote Time of your life (Good Riddance) as if to say good-bye to all the fans and stuff, cause they were gonna quit for a while..most people probably know that already. Thats why there was such a big gap between Nimrod and Warning(?)
Another turning point
A fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist
Directs you where to go
So make the best of this test
And don't ask why
It's not a question
But a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs
And still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf of good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth
It was worth all the while
It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.....

It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.....

It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.....
Funny some other people have already written this, but to combine them all... which is a more accurate and reliable definition.

a) Ironically, Mollie means pure MDMA (total ecstasy). Anyone from Cali or NY or Texas knows that. Even more ironically, the only girl I know named Mollie (who spells it with an 'ie') is complete ecstasy to be around. In short, Mollie = ecstasy. b)Inexplainably cool. c) great in the sack. d) s*x bomb
--That's one cool chick.
--Yeah, she's a Mollie.


--We're rolling.
--Yeah, I love Mollie.
Only one of it's kind, a kid named Josef in New Zealand. You have the right to call him SKITT only if you are his brothers friend or are older than him.
someone:OMG! It's SKITT!
SKITT: My name's Josef!!!
V. Taking hostage of someone's internet property and exploiting it for your own intentions. This can be done in a playful manner, or just shaken, not stirred, revenge.
Mom: "If I had a nickerl for every time you boys troller doll'd, I'd had a bucket'd full before you count to three!!!"

Son: "Mom, there's no 'r' in nickel. Ashie started it."

Mom: "Shut your mowth, Chanler, you grounded."

Troller Dolling
Abbreviation of Totally j*rkable. TJ! basically means that you would totally j*rk off to a hottie you just saw.

Usually TJ! is said in public so the girl your talking about doesn't understand.

As you say TJ!, you must make a hand gesture of j*rking off to imply that this chick is indeed Totally j*rkable.
Pervert 1: "hey, did you see that hottie with the t*ts?, holy sh*t, makes me wanna comj*zzle in my pizzle pazzle"

Pervert 2: "TJ!" *hand motion*
to be Englished — v. to be unnecessarily addressed, and/or a*sisted (verbally or by means of written script) in pidgin English (by some ignorant but well-meaning local, rather than in the local language. ). This will usually happen to ex-pats, especially in countries still developing and/or with little exposure/ to foreigners and with poor international level education, like Japan.
"I got Englished in the bookstore this afternoon by an old Japanese hag asking me where I was from. Then I got bloomin' Englished again in the "Pig and Whistle", handed a gobbledegook Romaji menu after I'd already ordered in Japanese, for feck's sake..."
Short for Eat(ing) Out. It is the equivalent of BJ for b*ow Job (or b*ob Job).
"Chris gave me the best EO yesterday."
"Eat Out"

"If you give me an EO, I'll give you a BJ!"
"Sounds fair."
(v) The act of destroying everything in one's path to include personal property, random objects, computer desks, refrigerators, and duct taping the tops of condiments to their respective bottles, relationships, and random people's lives that occurs when one is charlanded or in a state of eradication (which is way above blacked out).
Person D: I did what?
Person C: You eradicated every bar in Saratoga last night. You were flipping over tables, going into the kitchen and eating french fries off the line, while the poor Mexican guy in the kitchen was just looking at you. Then you went to my friend's house and eradicated her life.
Emo is often confused with Emotional Sensitivity, and is more often linked to boys then girls, because of the so very 'unmanly' manner in which an emo boy acts.
Male emotional senstivity is a guy who does not feel the urge to be a macho pea-brained a*shole whos only emotion is arrogance and violent anger. A sensitive male realizes that guys can cry, and say the word 'beautiful'. They can also like flowers and admit that there are other guys out there that are hot, and do lots of other 'g*y' things while completely content with their heteros*xuality.
(an interesting thing about this is that it is quite ok for girls to sit on each other's lap and hug and go to the washroom together etc etc and not be considered h*mos*xual, but if a guy strikes up a random conversation on the bus with another guy, he's a f*ggot.)

This being said, an EMO (short for emotional) is someone (guy or girl) who has taken the dark, evil, brooding, shadowy and mysterious genre that goes by the name of goth, and mutilated it into a subculture of whiney sniveling teenagers. An emo is someone who dresses very similar to a goth, wearing makeup and black clothes, but is easily defined often by the lopsided swooping haircut that causes them to be half blind all the time.
A goth makes you uncomfortable standing next to them on a long bus ride, and if done right are dark and creepy and cool looking. Take the band Type O Negati...
When a man penetrates a woman's v*gina with his f*nger.
Dude, I'd love to give Mary Liz a good Goldf*nger!
Spartan 117 is the last of a race of a type of super humans destroyed by the Covenant in Halo Halo2 and Halo3.
Also known as "Master Chief or just Chief"
The Master Chief was the sole Spartan to leave the Reach system aboard the Pillar of Autumn (with the exception of Linda-058 in cryo). For all he knew, he was the last Spartan alive. All of humanity depended on him, for even after their defeat at Halo 04 the Covenant were still strong, and there were new enemies and variables to contend with that Earth knew nothing about: the Flood, the Forerunner, and their creations, such as 343 Guilty Spark.
After his whirlwind tour of Delta Halo, his introduction to a host of new "friends", and a hitch-hike back to Earth aboard a Forerunner vessel it remains only to be seen how he plans on "finishing this fight".
He has lived most of his life in various military camps on Reach; stolen from his family at age six and his name changed to "John-117", his entire upbringing has been centered around making him a mechanism of military efficiency, utilizing both force and tactics. He displays an odd sort of attitude for a creation of the military: he does not glorify his violent actions, but merely does what he has to do. He does not hate his enemy; he kills them because he knows it is his duty to kill them; to win. "It wasn't the Chief's job to make things suffer - ...
To eat really messy food on the floor, while EXTREMELY intoxicated, incoherent and preferably topless (a la David Ha*selhoff).
"Look at Billy... he can hardly stand, but he's hoffin' that burger like a champ."

"I'd probably feel pretty sick today, if I hadn't hoffed that pizza last night"

Annie: Why is there food all over my floor?
Tim: Cuz Sarah got sh*trocked and hoffed a sandwich last night.
Big Los v. (big lôs)

the act of misshifting. to try to shift into a higher gear, but fail.
"I was racing a mustang gt when i biglos'd third gear."
past tense - biglos'd
other tenses - biglos'in
A sweet song by Adam Sandler that talks about all the famous people who are jewish. It is a must. you must listen to it.
George: Hey bob, why are you listening to Mariah Carey's christmas cla*sics?

Bob: Man shes hot.

George: you should listen to the chanukah song. You know because your a jew.

Bob: so i cant listen to my christmas carols just because im jewish? s*rew you man.
(V.) A sinister s*xual act where a man starts by defecating or c*apping in their tighty whiteys and/or wresting tights (if available). The man then proceeds to perform an atomic leg drop, or Hogan leg drop onto the face/neck area of the lady.

If done properly, the person's face will be spackled with poo and you will be able to get the '3 count'.

This act is also referred to as 'The Real American'
Melissa threw a spoon at me last night, so I got her back and Hulk Hogan'd her while she was watching TV in bed.
(V.) A sinister s*xual act where a man starts by defecating or c*apping in their tighty whiteys and/or wresting tights (if available). The man then proceeds to perform an atomic leg drop, or Hogan leg drop onto the face/neck area of the lady.

If done properly, the person's face will be spackled with poo and you will be able to get the '3 count'.

This act is also referred to as 'The Real American'
Melissa threw a spoon at me last night, so I got her back and Hulk Hogan'd her while she was watching TV in bed.
Also, Industry Hoe, Commercial b*tch, etc.

The vast majority of celebrities and iconic figures in today's Pop Culture are 'Industry Tricks'. Including Singers, Rappers, Actors, TV Personalities, Comedians, and other well known mainstream sources of influence. From Fashion Designers to Professional Athletes.
As opposed to an independent or underground artist, an 'Industry Trick' is compensated by different companies, corporations, and orginizations to maintain a certain image in order to generate commercial revenue and success, even if the 'Trick' themselves doesn't necessarily believe in the image or product(s) they are promoting. As an old adage goes, "p*mps don't MAKE hoes do anything." This is true, they simply offer the opportunity to capitalize on someone's recognizable skills. Give or take a few persuasive measures. In no way is this limited to the world of prostitution.
'Industry Tricks' choose to compensate themselves in exchange for fame and fortune. By signing contracts, they are legally bound to all that is outlined therein. 'Owned', if you will, by the Industry, all the while getting literally and metaphorically 'f*cked'.
Instead of acting out of pure motive, consultants project the 'Tricks' every move in the public eye, concerning target audience, impact on consumer opinion and motivation, and most of all fan base fluctuation.
The 'Industry Trick' is usually easily identifiable, though, at times, can become obscure to the untrained eye.
n) Indie kids come in many varieties but a few common traits about them are:
-tight pants
-unkept hair (usually a sanctuary for birds and miscellaneous indie items, in city areas rats are common)
-three or more pairs of vans slip-ons (very sh*tty appearance….with checkers)
-an extensive list of over two thousand songs that they have listened to once on their ipods
-striped sweaters or sweater vests
-striped sweaters for ipods
-share common like for songs utilizing 4 chords and a pentatonic scale solo(g*y)
-an acoustic guitar(from target)
-tee shirts with bands you have never heard of and never will.
-snow caps in the dead of summer
-many have moderate to severe acne

Habitat: Their natural habitat is usually the local coffee shop/legion or v.f.w., which they habitually attend on weekends to watch obscure bands. Some indie kids actually watch the bands but most of them come to the shows to smoke in the parking lot with their friends and talk about other indie bands from Britain, also known as the U.K. (because we all know, the more British something is, the more AMAZING it is).

Everyday Life: Obscurity is really the basis of the entire culture. Chances are, if you have an indie friend, they are probably extreme long boarding in downtown Oswego, Illinois while listening to the Kaiser chiefs at this very moment

Diet: Everything an indie kid eats must be one of two things. Vegetarian or organic. Their meals include: tofu wraps
Turkey wraps
a person who lurks, but lurks out of boredem only. with no intention to do anything, except lurk.
that dude is a total berlurker.
v. To make a false reference in a nerd context, with the expectation that nerds will object to the error and discuss ad infinitum. A specific form of pulling someone's chain.

n. False information purposely told, to cause nerds to react and correct.
1) Did you hear about Colbert's mistake? He claimed Angband was Morgoth's first fortress.
Dude, he was nerdbaiting.

2) That guy's too young to have played Zork at Stanford. He'd be in his forties. Zork was done by the mid-eighties.
I think the writers are seeing how many people they can nerdbait.
Phobia Fear of some thing there are a lot of difrent Phobias
i have a list for you

Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing
Aerophobia- Fear of swallowing air
Ambulophobia- Fear of walking
Anablephobia- Fear of looking up
Anemophobia- Fear of wind
Anthrophobia- Fear of flowers
Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
Arithmophobia- Fear of numbers
Aulophobia- Fear of flutes
Auroraphobia- Fear of Northern Lights

Barophobia- Fear of gravity
Basophobia- Fear of walking
Batophobia- Fear of being close to high buildings
Bibliophobia- Fear of books
Blennophobia- Fear of slime
Bogyphobia- Fear of the bogeyman

Cathisophobia- Fear of sitting
Catoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors
Chaetophobia- Fear of hair
Chionophobia- Fear of snow
Chromatophobia- Fear of colors
Chronophobia- Fear of time
Chronomentrophobia- Fear of clocks
Cibophobia- Fear of food
Clinophobia- Fear of going to bed
Cnidophobia- Fear of string

Deciophobia- Fear of making decisions
Dendrophobia- Fear of trees
Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body
Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of school

Eisoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors
Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom
Eosophobia- Fear of daylight
Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge
Ergophobia- Fear of work
Ereuthophobia- Fear of the color red

Geliophobia- Fear of laughter
Geniophobia- Fear of chins
Genuphobia- Fear of knees
Geumaphobia- Fear of taste
Gnosiophobia- Fear of...
Claude Jade, byname of Claude Marcelle Jorré (8 October 1948 - 1 December 2006) was a French actress, best known by starring in François Truffaut's films Baisers volés, Domicile conjugal and L'amour en fuite.
The daughter of a professor, she spent three years at Dijon's Conservatory of Dramatic Art, where in 1964, she won a best actress prize for her portrayal of Agnès in Molières L'école des femmes and in 1966 the "Prix de comédie" for Jean Giraudoux' Ondine, which was performed at the "Comédie Boulogne". She subsequently moved to Paris and became a student of Jean-Laurent Cochet at the Edouard VII theater, and also began acting in a number of television productions, including a role as Sylvie Ma*sonneau in TV series Les oiseaux rares (The Rare Birds). It was while she was performing as Frida in Pirandello's Henri IV as part of Sacha Pitoëff's production at the Théâtre Moderne that Claude Jade was discovered by François Truffaut, who was "completely taken by her beauty, her manners, her kindness, and her joie de vivre" and cast her in the role of Christine Darbon in Stolen Kisses (1968). During the working for Stolen Kisses Jade and Truffaut were engaged at one point. Stolen Kisses earned great acclaim, and placed Jade in the international spotlight, thanks to her strong performance, at most her teaching Antoine the best way to butter toast in the morning, their writing each other little notes. The American critic Pauline Kael remarked that Claude Jade "seems a less ethereal, more practical Catherine Deneuve." It was the first of three movies by Truffaut in which she appeared.
Claude Jade reprised her role as Christine, Antoine Doinel's girlfriend and then wife, in Truffaut's...
v. The act of forcefully shoving one's fist - in a punching motion - up a female's r*ctum during intercourse, often whilst shouting "Falcon Punch!" Also referred to as fisting or buttrape, though those don't include the catchy punching words =D Taken from Captain Falcon.
"I love it in the butt!"
Berber is a very old language spoken mainly by Caucasian or Caucasoid populations in North-west African countries with large groups of speakers in the Kingdom of Morocco (about 60% of the population) and Algeria (about 30% of the population) and significant minorities in Libya Mauritania Tunisia (almost extinct) and western edges of Egypt and among the Moroccans of Israel. The Tuareg Berbers are nomads and do not recognise any borders so they live in constant movement between the southern edges of the Sahara and the northern ones.
Berber language is linguistically difficult to cla*sify but linguists have found that the remotely closest relative to it is the ancient Egyptian and the Coptic ( only used in the Coptic church liturgy).
Although throughout history Berber personalities have significantly contributed to the human heritage ( saint Augustine the father of catholic theology; Ibn khaldun the father of sociology; Hannibal the man who scared Rome -not Lecter-; many roman emperors; the Pharaoh Shoshenq the first; And for those who don’t knew it Zinedine Zidane is a Berber too !…) their contribution is either not recognized or their real identity mistaken with the predominant culture they live in (e.g. S. Augustine considered a roman, Hannibal a Carthaginian, Zinedine Zidane a French...
Their “obscure” origins come from the fact that their culture emerged in continuity from their prehistoric background in the region called Capsian Neolithic culture, witch d...
(v.) the act of pulling out, coming on a woman's chest and stomach, and sprinkling silver glitter on your load as she falls asleep. In most cases, the male uses a tin foil condom.
1. I forgot to buy glitter and foil, otherwise I was gonna silver surfer that ho last night.
2. We don't superman no mo'; we just silver surfer dat ho! YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!
Frimmel (frim'el)
v. fri·mmel'd, fri·mmel'ing

To destroy with ignorance. ex.1

To butcher, breakdown, or crush with force. ex.2

To injure; damage. ex.3
Matt: No, Jeff, it's righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.
Jeff: Shut up, you're just ignorant!
Matt: You're frimmel'ing it up!

d*mnit! I totally frimmel'd that sh*tty drain plug!

Ow! I just frimmel'ed my nuts with a tire iron!
v. keysmash

A term used for the random smashing of letters on the keyboard by a person to express incoherent delight or frustration over something.

#1: Hey, here's the fic I promised you. ^^

#1: My computer died on me, so I won't be able to write you that fic I promised you. D;

"asdfkdgjhdfkgh" --> is keysmashery, not necessarily those same letters, but random letters all the same.
#1: So keysmashery needs practice? :o

#2: Of course! Anyone can keysmash, but can they do it while still making their keysmashery look pretty?

brunette actress who stars on the hit series Gossip Girl
she has been in a few generally unknown movies such as: Flourish, Drive Thru, and Hangman's Curse
she also has had a few guest appearances in different t.v. shows such as: Entertainment Tonight, Law and Order, Boston Public, Crossing Jordan, Seventh Heaven, North Sh*re, Entourage, 24, 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Veronica Mars, Numb3rs, House M.D., CSI: Miami
Nadolf is a German dictator who owns a cat named Gustav. He is known to Nathan as some, but Nadolf is the name that millions fear. He is also a God of fire and flames, who has paranormal powers.
Nadolf just blew up that car with his mind!
1.Driving while intoxicated.
2.Driving intoxicated, and smashing up your ride.
3.Driving intoxicated, smashing up your ride,then fleeing the scene. Leaving the b*ow behind, opptional.
Frank: Phil left the bar mucho baracho.
Susan: I guess he's Going Lindsay?
fuh-dew: A derogatory term for v*gina used in Northern Ontario, Canada.
"She's hot, I'd like to l*ck her fedew!"
Code word for a w*nk which noone else understands apart from us.
*Phone Call*
Adam: Hi Liam!
Liam: Guess what, I just had a huge, messy sunday night; I could have filled up a milk bottle!
Adam: ummmm right.
Scientology speak, that is.
After reading this, it will enhance your Tom Cruise experiences.
Enjoy with caution.

ACK(-KNOWLEDGEMENT) of communication; "OK", "Thank you", etcetera.
ADMIN(-ISTRATION) cult bureacracy, laid down in great detail.
AFFINITY, cult word for love or liking.
ARC / Affinity Reality Communication: signifies "rapport".
ARCX/ARC BREAK: argument, cross puposes, abscence of rapport.
ARS / Alt Religion Scientology: newsgroup, mainly critical, about CoS.
ACT / Alt Clearing Technology: newsgroup for independent scientologists.
ARS-CC (Central Committe) secret cabal which is of course plotting all
activity on ARS financed by drug companies & the Markab Confederacy.

AUDITING: scientology confessional ritual; AUDITOR administers it.

BANK, MEMORY- or REACTIVE MIND, stores up hurtful memories (ENGRAMS).
BARRATRY(English word), bringing lengthy and vexatious lawsuits.
BASH: favourite FREEZONE word for "criticise", to discourage an*lysis.
BEINGNESS: being something. Similarly DOINGNESS, HAVINGNESS.
BIG WIN: maginificent achievement, usually spiritual i.e. imaginary.
BILLION YEAR CONTRACT, for many lifetimes, signed in the SEA-ORG q.v.
b*ow: depart suddenly (fifties slang), leave the cult.
a.k.a. Andre Nickatina. he smokes chewy like a mothaf*ckin' nut. he's a skinny 6'5" motherf*cker. chewy boy do him raw cut cocaine. he likes to watch a nickel turn into a dime and interior design. he's a pisces but he'd rather be a killa whale. he flies low like a blind bird. he's a f-i-l-l-m-o-e V.I.P. he don't have no competition, ho, all he's got is enemies. he's so in love with money he keeps spendin' 'til it runs dry. he snorts so much snow they should call him Dre b*ow. he uses a motorola, the mood is baking soda.

one of the best rappers around.
"See the freak on the block I think her name was Kim
Just stole her in the Cutty like Iceberg Slim
I said how you doin, my name is Dre Dog
You give me your number I'll give you a call"

-Dre Dog, "Smoke Dope and Rap"
(v) to pudsch - word subsitute used for anything overly vulgar, inappropriate, or just plain dumb that absolutely must be proclaimed in the presence of children, family, bible-beaters, and/or significant others that simply would not understand.
"Pudsch! b*tch! Pudsch!"
"I was Pudsching this b*tch when my mayonaise came flying as I choicefully neglected to pull out."
"Oops! I pudsched that b*tch up!"
"Hey Tom, that Arab smells like they pudsched their pants or rolled in pudsch or something!"
Let's go pudsch something awesome like...
a) throw cats off an overpa*s into oncoming traffic
b) throw used condoms on the most walked trail in town
c) sit around playing video games, smoking pot or talking about smoking pot without pot.
d) put on a pair of depends, sh*t yourself, then light it on fire and place it carefully on your parents doorstep.

P.S. Always wash your hands after Pudsching anything.
a word used when you have a lot of c*appy letters in scrabble.
ok... my turn....uhhh............ah ha!! vuryopu 75 points!! yes
to ramba - v.) to attack/annihilate with the use of booze and/or s*x.
to completely destroy anything, especially while intoxicated . ex: car, liver, a plate of delicious drunk food etc.

rambaed - adj.) extremely intoxicated or ridiculous. also interchangeable with "f**ked" or "f**ked up".
describing a painful condition usually involving an injury sustained while intoxicated.

Ramba - proper n.) a substitute for any word in a britney spears song, particularly any song from the hit album "blackout"
"Let's go ramba some Tolly Ho/Cane's after we leave 80s dance party"

"I was really rambaed when I set my ringtone to Trina, but now i kind of like it."

"Oh my god, that Ramba's shameless"
"Gimme, gimme Ramba"
the female equivalent of d-piece; v*gina.
"I'm not looking for love, I just want to get this v-piece l*cked."

"Ever since I got that wax job, my v-piece is as smooth as a baby's bottom."
what the f*ck are you doing
Wtfrudoing man? I'm trying to be a dog by peeing on the fire hidrent.
v. To be nickel-and-dimed by pa*sive-aggressive behavior, particularly by a company that sells products and/or services; to be ripped-off, misrepresented, or billed for unforseen expenses.

The word originated from the Webster Square neighborhood of Worcester, MA, as a result of the widely publicized business practices of the Diamond Chevrolet dealership.
I made sure my boss signed a contract before I started the project, or else I knew he'd Diamond Chevrolet me on my paycheck.

Everyone in Worcester knows someone who has been Diamond Chevrolet'd, so there's no excuse for it to happen to them.

You filthy Diamond Chevroleting rat, you killed my brother...
n1; A person obsessed with cats, anime, and videogames.
n2; The founder of a large community called popbox.
v; to get Pwned
a; to be in terms of or in the likeness of him
1; Dude! I totally iNeko'd you! 2; OMFG! More cats?? Stop being such an iNeko 3; He's playing iNekoly today.
1) The top to a USB.

2) The head of a Ultimate Super Big p*nis.

3) The hat you put on a Uterus Sucking b*stard.
1) "Dude i can't find my USB cap."

2) "I can't fit your USB cap in my mouth."

3) "Hey before you go down there, you must remember to put on this hat!"
v; The act of cuddling, snuggling or hugging an unwilling participant to the point where it feels like a form of punishment. The word is derived from a combination of the definitions of corporal punishment and cuddle and may be applied to any situation where Person A wants to cuddle or hug but Person B does not.

More often than not, corporal cuddling occurs after s*x, where the Female wants to cuddle or spoon and talk about their feelings and the Male just wants to go to sleep. Sometimes the roles can be reversed, but this is an extremely rare event. However, this definition can also apply to anyone that does not want to be hugged, spooned or touched for any reason.
"Did you see that emo ? He's corporal cuddling everyone in sight."

"I hate my roommate! He starts arguments with me and then tries to corporal cuddle me to 'make up'! Uggggh! I don't wanna touch that kid!"

"My girlfriend is corporal cuddling me every time we have s*x. I wish she'd just shut up and go to sleep or something. lol"
The english alphabet. It consists of 24 letters and is taught in most counties. It has it's own song that has the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". It is used in every word of this definition too.
"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. Now I know my ABC's Next time won't you sing with me?" That was the song abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.
The language Icelandic people speak.
The Icelandic alphabet:
a á b d ð e é f g h i í j k l m n o ó p r s t u ú v y ý þ æ ö

An example of Icelandic:
Heyrðu, kemur þú í myndbandaleiguna á eftir, en ekki fyrr en klukkan fjögur vegna þess að ég er að fara í afmæli til ömmu minnar.

Hey, are you coming to the video rental store later, but not until 4 o'clock because I'm going to my grandmother's birthday.

Another example:
Hvað gerðir þú um helgina?
Ég heimsótti systur mína og við horfðum á kvikmyndir til klukkan fimm um nótt.

What did you do this weekend?
I visited my sister and we watched movies to five o'clock.
I know it's stupid but it contains words that people often use in Iceland.

Another example:
Ég hata Jónu, hún sagði að ég væri tík og hóra!
Ég vona að hún fari til helvítis.

I hate J...
A really small town where people actually say stuff like 'ya'all' etc, usually with a tiny population and where you know EVERYONE.

You might be from a small town if... ......
1. You can name everyone in your school.
2. You know what 4-H is.
3. You ever went to a party that was held about 20 miles down a deserted dirt road.
4. You ever went or thought about going cow-tipping.
5. School gets canceled for a sports team going to
6. You still go home for Homecoming.
7. It was cool to date someone from a neighboring town.
8. You had a senior skip day.
9. The whole school went to the same party after graduation.
10. You can't help but date a friend's ex.
11. Your car is allways filthy from the dirt
12. You think that kids who ride skateboards are
13. The town next to you is considered "trashy" or
"snotty" when it is just like your town.
14. Getting paid minimum wage is considered a raise.
15. You refer to anyone with a house newer than 1980 as the "rich people."
16. The people in the big city dress funny then you
pick up on the cool new trend two years later.
17. You bragged to your friends because you got pipes on your truck for your birthday.
18. On Fridays, anyone you want to find can be
found at Main Street or the local resturants.
19. Weekend excitement involves a trip to Walmart..
20. Even the ugly people enter beauty contests.
21. You decide to walk for exercise and 5 people pull over and ask ...
The Urban Phonetic Alphabet was developed in the early 1970s by 12 high school seniors appointed by a secret society known as the "The Chieftain 12" its intent was to be intelligible (and p*onounceable) to all Urban allies in the heat of s*xual battle. It replaced other phonetic alphabets, for example the US military "able baker" alphabet.
"Man Meo was the only guy to use the Urban Phonetic Alphabet in the heat of s*xual battle on that Hottie JB at Walker's basement party"

• A - a*swhip
• B - Buttplug
• C - c*itoris
• D – D-Cups
• E - Exotic
• F - Freaky
• G - Gonad
• H - Hottie
• I - Intercourse
• K - Kinky
• L - Lovemuscle
• M - Moneyshot
• N - Naughty
• O - Organism
• P - Poontang
• Q - Quickie
• R - Rimjob
• S - s*xtoy
• T – Tah-Tahs
• U - Upskirt
• V - Vibrator
• W - Whiskeyd*ck
• X - x*x Rated
• Y - Yanker
• Z - ZigZag
1) n. The manner in which one's p*rn collection is organized.

2) v. The act of organizing one's p*rn collection.
1) "My p*rnganization scheme is thus: an*l in one folder, hentai in one folder, v*ginal in another, poses in another, etc. p*rn falling into more than one category is copypasta'd to every category it falls into."

2) "d*mn, I've been getting lazy with my downloads. I've just been dumping all of my p*rn into one folder without regard for its content. Time for a ma*sive p*rnganization."
Greeting used by teens and young men meaning how are you etc.
John:HOW SCAN!!!
Jo:I'm good scan
FABOVD means f*ck a bunch of Valentine's Day. Alternate use, usually used on Valentine's Day at a single V-D party, is f*ck a Bunch of Venereal Diseases.
Dude, FABOVD, let's go to the bar.

FABOVD, I'm not sleeping with that girl.
fat kid who thinks he's annorexic
wow! what an eefy beefy desmond
an rediculous acronym standing for: roll on the floor laughing but not seriously because then i would be a noob
dude he was going nuds
a word which has no meaning but simply shouted at someone who has done something stupid.
*Paul slips and falls*

n. (sĭk"vûrt')

Portmanteau of 'sick' and 'pervert'.

Same meaning as 'pervert', one who practices s*xual perversion. However, where 'pervert' is already often stigmatised, 'sickvert' connotes an added judgment value of repulsiveness, beyond simple quirkiness.

Also a verb.
"Johnny likes to rape mentally and physically disabled people. He is a sickvert."

"I thought we'd just have good old perverted fun together, but he turned out to be a total sickvert! I'm never seeing that freak again."

"Billy used to be a fun kinky boy, but now Bobby has completely sickverted him."

"Paul seemed like a sweet guy, and then Jimmy found out Paul had been stalking him, taking pictures, and obsessing over him. What do you know, Paul was in fact a sickvert."
1: (noun) A drying device, e.g: a towel, used in the act of chode-flossing.

2: (verb) The act of pa*sing a drying device, e.g: a towel, to and fro repeatedly between ones legs against one's chode for the purpose of drying the targeted region.
E.G: (v)
A: Oh my god, dude! I think Catherine might have chode-flossed with my bath towel this morning!
B: Why do you think that?
A: There's red pubes all over it!
B: Oh dude, that's f*cking sick.

E.G: (n)
A: So yeah, man, I need to make a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some chode-floss.
B: Good plan, dude. I'd do the same.
describes someone who has a state of alertness that usually corresponds to consumption of coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

an over-coffeinated individual would be overly alert (almost paranoid), edgy, generally intolerant of others and reacts quickly without proper control, possibly due to too much caffeine intake.

an under-coffeinated individual would be slow to react and understand things, as if they were stoned or sleep deprived (or more likely in need of coffeination to perk them up).
a conversation between the under-coffeinated and the over-coffeinated:

R: Where's the Simpson file?
V: In the database, where'd you think?
R: Oh yeah, right. I'm looking at the database. I don't see it.
V: You can't be serious? It's under S for Simpson, where'd you think?
R: Where's S??
V: Look, moron, it's after R and before T. If you ask me again, I'm going to hit you upside the head with a mallet!!

B, a properly coffeinated boss of R & V, intervenes.
B: OK, nobody's hitting anyone with a mallet. V, here's the file you need (cl*cks on file on their computer), but go get some cafeinated coffee or tea before someone else is tempted to rip your head off. Get more sleep before coming to work or everyone will want to hit you with a mallet. Now R, you go to the gym and work off your edgy aggression before you rip into everyone in the office, OK?
a girl who likes To rock out and mosh to metal and rock music. her most favorite saying is "let the good times roll"
im going to go to the concert and be just like debbie hookins
Arranged in the customary order of the letters of a language in reverse; starting from the end and working to the beginning; reverse-alphabetical order.

antonyms: alphabetical.
Please list the English alphabet in omegabetical order. Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, Q, P, O, N, M, L, K, J, I, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A.
A character from a popular T.V. show called "King of the Hill". He's a Texan who works at a propane co. called Strickland Propane as a a*sistant manager selling Propane and propane accessories.

Has a wife name Peggy and they have son named Bobby. His only child due to his "Narrow Urethra"

He drives a red pick up truck.

Has a neice, Luanne .

Use to Play High School football.

Is really born in New York. Which he used to be ashamed of.
Hank Hill Quotes

Hank: We sell propane and propane accessories.

Hank:Bobby, if you weren't my son, I'd hug you

Hank: Dang it Dale. I'm going to kick your a*s.

Hank: BAWHH!!

Hank: I'll tell ya what...
Vice President I'd Like (to) f*ck.

Derived from the word MILF.
Shawn: Dude did you see McCain's vice president?
Anthony: Sarah Palins?
Shawn: Yeah, she's hot as h*ll.
Anthony: Yep she's definitely a VPILF.
A Vice President I'd Like to f*ck. For instance, McCain's recent choice for his Vice President running mate in this upcoming election. Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, and she is hot, I'd hit that repeatedly.
Sarah Palin is a VPILF.

That's right, tap that VP a*s McCain! It would be highlarious if McCain leaves his 2nd wife for the VP who has 5 kids, 1 with downs syndrome. That would be the ultimate republican scandal. I'd almost vote for him just to see this happen
Acronym for 'Vice President I'd Like to f*ck'. In reference to the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
d*mn that Sarah Palin is HOT! She's a V-PILF!!
A term used mainly on the Internet for "vice president I'd like to f*ck," and a play off the word "MILF" ("mom I'd like to f*ck"). Emerged in August 2008 with Republican presidential candidate John McCain's pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.
That Sarah Palin's a real VPILF.
Vice President I'd Like to f*ck
Nick : "Dude, Sarah Palin is smokin'! I'd digg in that a*s...."

Ed: "Yea man, she's a VPILF"
Staple dish of London eatery.
8-13 Bird Street, Marylebone, W1U 1BU
Tel: 020 7518 8080
Category: Thai
Travel: Bond Street tube
Times: Meals served noon-11pm Mon-Thur; noon-11.30pm Fri, Sat; noon-10pm Sun
Price: Main courses £5.50-£10.90
Credit cards: AmEx, MC, V
Child facilities: Babies and children admitted
Disabled: toilet
All reader reviews by SS
Busaba Eathai
I went to Busaba on a friend's recommendation. 3 of us went towards the end of the lunch rush. The atmosphere was buzzing although the down point of that is I had to shout to be heard. It didn't really bother me that we shared one big table with others. However it did get annoying that the guy sitting on the same bench as me persisted in treating it like a see-saw, rocking it back and forth.

The food on the whole was of a good quality. My friends enjoyed their Thai green curry and chicken curry. We ordered Thai fishcakes, Thai calamari and the not so Thai prawns in breadcrumbs. The calamari was good, tender and not over-cooked. The fishcakes I wasn't too keen on. They had a strange taste to them. I couldn't make it out. I had a pad see ew to follow, which had was tasty and generous with seafood, but the noodles looked and tasted like a 40p packet of instant noodles.

The guy who took our order was friendly and polite. However, the service from one particular guy was shocking. We had ordered all our drinks at the same time, my friends' lemonades arrived first. My bott...
Kousha (v.)
1. To throw a party whilst your parents are out of the house for a total of 10 minutes or less.
2. To hover around social groups, and contribute nothing to conversation but random noises in attempt to gain attention... and failing to do so.
3. To have a boner while sledding with a group of guys.
4. To pee on one's own house instead of using the proper facilities that are most likely closer than the former.

Kousha (n.)
1. One who fails freshman year english and smells like someone coated him down in p*ss.
2. One who lies about nothing in particular and then lies about telling a lie, thusly extending the lying streak.
3. A person who calls everyone in his phone book at least 3 times a night to see where the parties are, yet no one picks up.
4. Someone who has pillows on his couch that have glory holes in the middle of them.
5. Resembles an a*us.

Kousha (adj.)
1. Douchebaggy
2. Smells like someone who just showered in a combination of feces and p*ss.
2. "Man, Steve was so annoying just being around us earlier."
"Yeah, I think he might have grabbed my a*s to try to get my attention!"
"Sounds like he kousha'd to me!"
3. "f*ck, I saw Bob Kousha'ing the other day."
4. "Dammit, I Kousha'd all over his floor the other night. It's a sh*thole in there!"
A term used to describe a common user of the music-based community site www.GroundZeroProjects.com. Where they listen to 100's of TB of music everyday!
Yo, that foo' is a true zero-head. He be on this joint 24/7!
1.Dalkiel - Angel of h*ll, ruler of Sheol, and equated with Rugziel (q.v.). In Baraita de Ma*sachet Gehinnom, Dalkiel operates in the 7th compartment of the underworld, "punishing 10 nations," and serving under orders of Duma(h), who is the angel of the stillness of death. See writings of Joseph Gikatilla ben Abraham (1248-1305).

2.A name representing the darker side of one's creativity

3.Lord of the Underworld In Verotik's "Satanika" comic book series, written by Glen Danzig
1.The darkness was coming, and that that darkness had one ruler and one ruler only... the Lord Dalkiel.

2.I represented my artwork using the pseudonym Dalkiel
A place to play multiplayer online games.
A word that no one will ever search on urban dictionary. So I thought I would make my own secret article.
J: _l or _/ K: l< or l( or l{ or l<= L: l_ or ! or 1 M: l\/l or /\/\ or l\l\ or ^^ N: l/l or /\/ O: 0 or () or <> or * or ø or Ó or ° P: l* or l> or |D or l^ or l+ Q:& or (\) or ¶ R: l2 or ® S: 5 or $ or § T:+ or 7 U: l_l or /_/ V: \/ W:|/\| or \/\/ or |/\/ or \/\| X: >< or }{ or :-: Y: ¥ Z: 2

v., science'd, science, sciencing, sciences.

To test the validity of a claim that a pipe or bong is finished, or cached. If in a group, a smoker may proclaim that they are employing the scientific method before lighting the bowl; this ensures that the effort will be peer reviewed.
1. "d*mn, that's cached."
"Give it to me, I'll science it."

2. "For science!"
a straight sl*tty girl, who tells all her friends she's a l*sbian, makes a few p*rno's, and emails them to all the guys she can think of so she can get c*ck
Tim: Dude, Trina sent me one of her lesbo videos!!!
Jeff: Sweet, man! Ya gonna f*ck her?
Tim: Nah, she's a fake l*sbian
A cruel joke God played on all our a*ses. A human translation of Wario
Luke: Dude, did you here about what that s.o.b. Saddam Hussein did?
Sam: Ya he's a real c*nt
blah, lame,

a word that sarah silverman made up on her show the sarah silverman program
that is so ozay
The section of a school that contains all of the music rooms. Even if it's not a 'wing', the Music Kids call it that as a term of endearment. Some serious Music Nerds have spent eighteen hours at school-related functions due to this wing. Actually considered a second home by serious band nerds.
"Hey, have you seen -band nerd- lately?"

"I'd check the music wing."
Caitlin Austin
Caitlin Austin is a god d*mn mother f*cking n*gger Seed!!!!
Short term is NS.
A stupid person online. Usually found in 10 to 11 year olds in online teen chat rooms. We don't know why the h*ll they're there....
See noob for details.
(Online chat room)

Noob: Babez, wanna go out with me?
Tara: Yeah, uh no.
Carly (private messages Tara): Noob Syndrome?
Tara (private messages Carly): Yep.
mariolled mariolling n. \ˈmä-rē-ōl\ To somehow fool, pursuade, or force someone to view a clip of the end credits of "The Super Mario Bros Super Show". The official link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAVy2mHkavI
One day that Timmy's going to push me too far and I'm going to marioll him good!
The romantic act of bringing your partner breakfast in bed but placing your testicles on the breakfast tray next to, or in, a bowl of porridge or cereal.
Wife: "I wanted a nice breakfast and you bring me Ball & Oats?!"

Husband: "I'm sorry but that's M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E, the method of modern love."

Wife: "I want a divorce."
A common rule in the game/sport known as beirut or beer pong (without paddles) which states that the shooter's elbow must remain behind an imaginary plane extending upwards from the end of the table at all times throughout the throwing motion.

This rule is highly controversial, and there are fervent supporters on both the pro-elbow rule and anti-elbow rule sides of the debate.

Arguments in favor of an elbow rule include:
1) It eliminates the advantage that taller/longer-armed players might gain by leaning or extending their arms over the table.
2) It makes the game more challenging and slows the pace of games.

Arguments against an elbow rule include:
1) Elbow rule is almost impossible to enforce.
2) Watching your elbow position and arguing about it wastes time and detracts from the game.
3) Faster games are better when you're trying to finish a tournament or people are waiting to play on the table.

The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) in Las Vegas every year does not require use of the elbow rule. As a result, leaning over the table is the norm and teams that insist on following the elbow rule are at a disadvantage. No elbow rule-following team has ever made it anywhere close to the WSOBP finals in the four years the event has existed.
Frat boy #1: "Oh man I just saw the World Series of Beer Pong IV championship video and they don't even have an elbow rule. The guys that won, Smashing Time, were basically leaning all the way over the table and dropping the ball into the cup. This game is so easy without an elbow rule! I could make every shot!"
Frat boy #2: "Let me see..." (watches video) "Yeah those guys are a joke! If we went to the WSOBP we could win that sh*t easily! Let's post a comment this YouTube video."
Frat boy #1 posts comment: "Watch your f*ckin elbows! You guys suck and we could beat you any day. We are Lambda house champs and we could make every shot if we leaned over the f*ckin table. Leaning is g*y!"
(Smashing Time sees comment and they arrange a cash game for $500 a team)
Frat boy #1: "Ok we'll let you guys lean as much as you want. We're not g*y so we're going to keep our elbows behind the table."
Smashing Time: "All right, whatever."
(Smashing Time wins by 8 cups)
Frat boy #2: "Well it's pretty f*ckin' easy if you lean way over like that. We're gonna play again for another $500 and lean this time. You guys are going down."
Smashing Time: "Ok, I'm sure you guys are gonna kill us this time."
(Smashing Time wins by 7 cups)
Frat boy #1: "All right. Let's play again for ...
1. to execute a 'pick-and-roll' play on the basketball court

2. to 'pick' up an opportunity at a dis and 'roll' with it by making fun of the person you're dealing with- in good humor, of course.

3. getting or flirting with a girl; to 'pick' up an opportunity at doing something with a member of the opposite s*x and 'roll' with it by either grinding on the dance floor or some other form of intimacy with her/him that need not be said in so many words .

4. achieving huge success to 'pick' up any opportunity at achieving something and 'roll' with it by being successful- esp. in an academic subject

5. just as Amendment 9 of the Constitution says, this dictionary definition list cannot possibly cover every aspect of the multifaceted pick n' roll, and sometimes, higher powers will have to be consulted to determine correct usage.

6. often used when describing an opportunity that could lead to one of the aforementioned pick n' roll actions (a ----- opportunity)


7. The act of being super fly (NOTE: since the gerund of 'pick n' roll' is generally not used, the noun form of it is used to describe any execution of a pick n' roll opportunity) ; The noun form is often abbreviated PNR.
Jeremy: "We were only able to beat the other team because you two kept teaming up for those amazing two-pointers.
Floyd and Lloyd: "Yup, we pick n' rolled all day."

Alex: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Neil: "You don't need a dress to do that."
Mike: "Snap! You just pick n' rolled all over her."

George: "So apparently I heard you went clubbing the other night, and did absolutely nothing apart from drinking pepsi til 3 AM?"

Albert: "That's total c*ap- I picked n' rolled all night."

John: "How'd you do on your report card this term? I got a 92 average."
Lisa: "Oh- that's pretty good. I managed a 100.3"

John: "Wow- you just bullsh- I mean- you just pick n' rolled this term, huh?."

David: "Did you guys make the semi-final round of policy debate?"
Daniel: "Man, We pick n' rolled to finals, baby!"

6 and 7 usage (in order):

Alex: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Neil: "Wow Alex, you just handed me a pick n' roll opportunity."
Mike: "That's not the only thing she's handing you."
Ally: "Whoa! That was OD PNR!"
n. (-s) - an incorrect abbreviation for "episode" coined by improperly educated long island teens, usually in reference to DVD sets of t.v. shows (i.e. Friends, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy).
v. (-d, -ing) - the act of watching an episode of such a t.v. show, usually only used in verb form with the phrase "pode it up".
"We watch way too much t.v. in our dorm room, we watched 9 podes of Friends so far today."
"Guys I need to relax, wanna pode it up?"
(v) the act of inserting one's p*nis into someone's ear for s*xual arousal.
A: Dude, she's got ma*sive ears.
B: Yeah man, I'd helgoualch the sh*t out of her.
(v) A unique or kinky s*xual experience, often involving a couple's first time, or using a tool or toy, typically unexpected or in the case of a toy as a dominant part of the s*x.
"Dude I heard you Inspector Gadgetted Lindsey last night"
"Yea...wait where'd you hear that?"
"Saw it on the b*obtube"
another word for popping...
can be used as in to get (something) started
or as in "what's up?" or "what's going on?"
"hey john, when are we getting that great train Populating ?"

or "mary when is that party Populating "
One of the best games for the GCN. If you love cla*sic 2-d/3-d side-scrolling brawlers, you'll love Viewtiful Joe.

The game's story concerns Joe, an avid movie-goer whose girlfriend Silvia is kidnapped during a film starring Joe's favorite superhero, Captain Blue. Joe is shortly thereafter thrust into Movieland, the environment in which Silvia is taken by the villainous group known as Jadow. After accepting a special V-Watch from Captain Blue, Joe transforms into the tokusatsu-style persona "Viewtiful Joe" and sets out to rescue his girlfriend. The gameplay of Viewtiful Joe features traditional 2D platform side-scrolling intermixed with 3D cel-shaded graphics. Abilities known as "VFX Powers" grant the player special actions for combat and puzzle-solving, such as slowing down or speeding up time.

This game has some great dialogue and is also, very, very hard. Even on the somewhat easy difficulty, you'll die alot. But that adds to the fun. The PS2 port of the game also features the sl*ck and awesome Dante as a playable character. The game also got a sequel Viewtiful Joe 2. Just as hard, and just as fun. It also got a super cool anime that keep true to the style of the game.
This game was the first game from Clover Studios, the guys responsible for Okami and God Hand.
Anyone who wants to play a great game in general ...
1) (v.) To act crazy, outlandish, outrageous, stupid or retarded.

2) (adj.) Of or having the quality or flavor of the Beastie Boys lyrics, humor, or style (i.e. having sarcastic or biting humor, a flippant attitude, use of obscure cultural references, quoting or wearing kitschy and outlandish phrases or styles).
Yo, dawg, dem lyrics is Beastie, yo!

Derek got all beastie and saved his head like MCA.

Qwame gets all beastie when he drinks Bra*s Monkey 'cuz he gets retarded and up peoples faces.
An open source Guitar Hero clone for PC, with compatibility with a keyboard or a guitar controller. Supports custom songs, mods, a growing fan base, and forums.

See: http://fansonfire.forumotion.com
(n) a solid fruit, usually containing seeds and a stem, surrounded by a skin.
(v) to throw such a fruit into someone's face, causing them pain/humiliation.
1. I love apples.
2. Geez why'd you apple me??
Derivative of soulful and incomparable songstress Patti LaBelle, known for her strong vocals and signature high octave vocal belting, and being so spontaneous that she has never sang a song the same whenever performing live.

LaBelt (v) synonymous with the vocal technique "belting"; when (a woman) transfers her chest voice into a head voice range with strong projection and stability. For a singer to LaBelt a note they must be in their upper register (must be C6, C#6, and if they've got the chops a D6, Eb6, or E6) and able to hold said note until you get chills. (Some people known to LaBelt are Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey...) It can sound amazing, or just loud as h*ll.

a concert or song can also be "LaBelle'd"

(adj) to give a memorable, stand-on-your-feet, bring you to tears or make you shout, LIVE performance that could only be experienced once in a lifetime. (Because this artist refuses to lipsync).
Girl #1: Oh my gosh, did you see J Hud singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on that TV special?

Girl #2: h*ll yeah I did! She LaBelted like 5 notes in that thing. My ears were still ringing the next morning!

Guy #1: My fiance loves Whitney Houston, so I took her to one of her concert last night in Tampa.

Guy #2: Oh, sounds nice, I'm more of a Britney Spears fan myself but...how was it?

Guy #1: How was it? How WAS IT?! Whit LaBelle'd that thing, are you kidding me?

Guy #2: What's LaBelle'd?

Guy #1: I can't just te--(shakes his head and sighs) You had to be there.
The African-American counterpart of the fictional character 'Aquaman'. Coined by Dr. John Dorian of hit T.V. show - Scrubs.
Turk: Ma'am?... Lady?...

- JD appears -

JD: What's up, Blaquaman?

Turk: I think I just saw a mermaid.
eastern ave. boyz is a neiborhood gang from the east side of worcester they are known for thier bad ways and moving like a brother hood thier main rivals includ kilby st. posse, g-block,loyalty trust(Lt),vice lords,vernon team,pretty boyz,ykp,and most of main south.their alies include P.v.e.,Prov. st. posse,Mob otl,young mafia (ym),and other east side gangs. they also have a girl virgin call E.A.G. Eastern Ave. girz even know the girz dont have alot of people they are a strong gang and probly have up to 20 to 30 people in their set or gang most people think that they are pve bcuz of how close they are. you can I.D. them by black and white bandanas or sneakers.
main south-crystal park,kilby
st.,lakeside apt.
7 hills-eastside
dem city boyz-pve
my boyz-Eastern ave. boyz
roll deep- lots of people
fair ones-one on one fight
blue boys-cops
hot box-attracting police
soowoo- eastern ave. call
When you are having s*x with a girl, and she is not as attractive as you'd wish she was, but you would like to pretend that she's absolutely gorgeous. You bury your face into your arm, just as Dee Brown did when he won the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, as a Boston Celtic, with the "no-look" dunk, while you are on top missionary style. You hide your face in your arm, close your eyes, and pretend that it is someone else that you are having s*x with, always much hotter than the cow that you're doing.

An alternative usage is when you have no money left to your name, but use your credit card instead with reckless abandon, closing your eyes and swiping it without concern of what you can really afford.
Pete: How'd it go with that fat cow you picked up the last night?

Scott: Pretty good actually, I ended up Dee Browning it and pretended it was Jenna Jameson the whole time, even though we both know she looked a lot like Rosie O'Donnell. It all feels the same when the lights are out.

alternate example:

Pete: How'd you afford that new T.V.? You haven't worked in months.

Scott: Not to worry bro, I just Dee Browned it on the card. Who cares? I don't. Let them banks come and get me.
a*signing numerical value to letters. Whereas the world in general now uses the Arabic numerals: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, and the later added 0, this was not always so. In Hebrew & Greek each letter of the alphabet is also a number.
In Latin, only certain letters are numbers.



Gematria is used for a variety of Mystical & Religious purposes. One is to determine the "number of the name of the Beast" of REVELATION 13:18.

Protestants used to say that the Beast would be a Pope, since one of the titles for the Pope is

in place of the Son of God

V= 5
I= 1
A= 0
R= 0
I= 1
V= 5
S= 0


F= 0
I= 1
L= 50
I= 1
I= 1


E= 0
I= 1


112 + 53 + 501 =666
The iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Its minimal hardware interface lacks a physical keyboard, so a virtual keyboard is rendered on the multi-touch screen instead. The iPhone functions as a camera phone (including text messaging and visual voicemail), a portable media player (equivalent to an iPod), and an Internet client (with email, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity). The first-generation phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE; the second generation added UMTS with HSDPA.

Apple announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007, after months of rumors and speculation. The iPhone was introduced in the United States on June 29, 2007 before being marketed worldwide. Time magazine named it the "Invention of the Year" in 2007. Released July 11, 2008, the iPhone 3G supports faster 3G data speeds and a*sisted GPS. I think the iPhone is an alright phone but its not for me. It's virtual keyboard is not for heavy texter like me because you make constant typo's and the auto-spellcheck feature doesnt't help either. YouTube is slow and laggy. The internet (when not using WiFi) is exceptionally decent enough to check email or to browse websites when on the go. The iPod features are good even though I have experienced some annoying glitches with it but the updates fix it. The fact

that you can send MMS (Picture) text messages really sucks and the only way around it is to send the picture through the carriers email server to g...

1. Contraction of the phrase "rock out."

2. To go out, spend lots of money, drink lots of booze, and shamelessly hit on girls. Essentially, to get nice and go huge.

notes: "rout" is commonly used together with the word "cout" which is itself a contraction of the words "c*ck out." Routing is also an important concept in the Get Drunk and Go for It school of thought.
James: What do you want to do tonight? Wanna rout a little?
Ben: Yeah, let's take many tequila shots and rout with our couts.

James: Did you get nice last night?
Ben: I straight routed; I gave some girl all kinds of o*gasms when I put my d in her v.
A word describing anything. It can be used as a verb or a noun.

Usually used to describe the action of m*sturbation (v). Also commonly used as a replacement for the word "p*nis", and an enemy in the video game, Call of Duty 4.

Also used for someone's name if you can't remember it.
1. I moofaed last night. It was epic.

2. My Moofa is almost 3 inches long. Hopefully it's long enough to pop Eliza's cherry.

3. That f*cking Moofa is using Juggernaut and Last Stand. What a f*ggot.

4. "Yo D-Rec, whoos dat fine Moofa in da cheerleading outfit" -Gangsta 1
"I dont know blud. Probly becky or something"
Qinn (ch~i~n) p*onunciation

v., qinn'd, qinn·ing, qinns.


1. To track prey or quarry, like a leech or a lost puppy.


1. To pursue by tracking stealthily.
2. To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.
3. To go through (an area) in pursuit of prey or quarry.

Qinn'er n.

1. To walk closely to the subject of interest in an annoying manner.
2. To look for and 'hunt down' in order to be close with the subject in question.


1. qinn'er's subject of interest
2. a person who's being qinn


1. The boundary in which a qinn'er is not allowed to invade eg. personal space

Qinn off

1. a warning for the qinn'er if s/he gets within 2 metres of the qinnoundary, usually said in a stern firm voice or carrying anger and resentment if said more than once


1. not being qinn, normally said or announced in a positive happy tone


1. Someone who's being followed or stalked
2. Normally resulting in the qinn'ee being really grumpy, angry and annoyed.


1. A new species of qinnosaur found in the university of warwick by the intelligent qinn'ee, Ms. V.J.chooi
2. Quote : .|.<(+_+)>.|/.Valerie.\|.<(+_+)>.|. says:
. Qinnesaurus
. 'short for oh sh*t qinn is coming, s/he saw us!'
' Have you been qinn'd today?'
Kind of.

This is very important. I know this is a slang dictionary and unserious entries and definitions are intended, but I can't laugh at silly people making cruel fun of things that should not be anymore like I used to, and as this site gets so many visitors, I think it's a good place to make my point.
Thankyou to all who read, Wikipedia, and the few others who write similar definitions and deserve more to agree with them. Aaand thanks a great bunch to the media and all you horrid, disrespectful people out there who make up lies about such people and accept the c*ap they hear about them.
Here we go.

Very misunderstood and abused in recent times, the general concept of "emo" is very different to what one following the crowd may first think. A great deal of this misunderstanding is caused by the media, and perhaps certain attributes to the majority of people who consider themselves "emo" causing others to believe that this applies to the entire community.

Tracing the roots of Emo back to the 1980's makes the original Emo over 20 years old, and so in its whole it is not necessarily a 21st-century wave. Some may consider Emo to actually have multiple meanings.

I. The Music
Emo began as a genre of music. Contrary to popular belief this is not all depressing with heartbroken tones and whiny mopey lyrics. It emerged from the hardcore punk scene of the early 1980s Washington D.C.
Guy Picciott...
The Natural High you get from staying up all night
Toopoo V.

To Toopoo a house or apartment; To take a sh*t and throw it on a house in place of toilet paper; Taking teepeeing a house to the next level.
Dude, I totally toopoo'd that house last night.

Let's go toopoo our teacher's apartment tonight!
A fan fiction based on the Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyer.

Many of these fan-fics are written by giddy 13-to-19-year-old girls that have a creepy obsession with Edward Cullen (the main character/vampire/"ideal guy"), while also having a severe hatred of Bella Swan (due part to jealousy caused by her relationship with Mr. Cullen in the book).

These fan-fictions are usually bizarre and deviate from the original story to an extreme some couldn't fathom. It's believed there's an army of the crazed fangirls writing these with the intent of brainwashing everyone into believing that Stephenie Meyer is indeed, the greatest author in the world, and that Twilight is the best fictional series to have ever been written...

All joking aside, the fandom of the series is ridiculous, and the fan-fics have no purpose in even existing. Now I think I'll stab my eyes out before my friends get into them and try to get me to read them.
*Guy 1 walks in.*

Guy 1: "Hey, dude, what are you doing?"

*Guy 2 quickly switches tabs, then minimizes his browser window*

Guy 2 (nervously): "Nothing, nothing, just uh- Checking out some uh... Pictures on deviant-"
Guy 1: "Ha! Are you looking at a Twific again?"

*Guy 1 pushes Guy 2 aside and re-opens the browser*

Guy 1: "Haha! I'm telling the rest of the fraternity! No more Alpha Kappa Omega shower privileges for you!"


*Crazed Fangirl approaches Random Bypa*ser*

Random Bypa*ser: Uh, sure, yeah, I guess it's pretty... Uh... Okay...
Crazed Fangirl: YA RLY! I KNORIGHT?!?!
Random Bypa*ser: Heh... Suuuuure...
Random Bypa*ser: Nah, I'd rather get shot in a random drive-by.

*Random Bypa*ser then becomes the victim of a random drive-by*

Random Bypa*ser: This just goes to show that... Dreams DO come true... *dies*


*other pa*sengers agree, while shouting and cheering about their victory against "the oppressive white man"*



*Other Guy 1 stabs his eyes repeatedly*

Other Guy 2: "It's a shame you can't read these with your eyes anymore... But good thing there's Twifics... IN BRAILLE!"

*Other Guy 2 pulls out several pages of a Twific in Braille*

Other Guy...
"Er, I…didn't quite catch that. Got…distracted…"
―The response of any person to ever speak to Aayla Secura, ever

Aayla Secura

Biographical information
Homeworld: Ryhot, err, Ryloth
Born: Wow, those breasts, um, 40 BBY
Died: She's way to hot to die! (official story is that she was

shot about 56 times by a bunch of horny clones)

Physical description
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Hot Female
Height: s*xy
Hair color: Blue Brain tails
Eye color: Green

Aayla Secura was a female Jedi who was also a Twi'lek. She is most famous for being drooled over by fanboys (and possibly some fangirls), who often had dreams of getting her in bed. However, she married non-fanboy Grover in the end and, to the dismay of the galactic populace, began to dress modestly. As she was a Twi'lek, this meant very little change in her wardrobe but the change was enough to send her followers into a spiral of despair.
Personally, I just don't see what those fanboys see in...mmm, that s*xy a*s... and those b*obs!

Aayla Secura was born into the Cult of St. Noodlehead, the state-sponsored church on Ryloth. As a teenager she became dissati...
A sensational rock-based group from L.A

Guy: "Hey Chuck Norris whats your favorite band?"
Chuck Norris:"There is only one band which produces a sound that I consider to be music, they are the Death Valley Saints"
1. (v.) To break in (as into the White House) with a crow bar, jimmying the door, etc., as Barack Obama, or into own's own home, as Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

2. (n.) A jiggerboo (jiggaboo, jigga) - a black person.
"If I was trying to jigger my way in... well, I guess this is my house now, so..."

"Ha, ha! Barack, you're sooo funny!"

"Yeah, well, around here, I'd get shot."

"Did you see that jigger across the street trying to break into our neighbor's house?"

"Nah, that's just Harry Gates."
A recent example of how race and victimhood are so integral to Black America's interpretation of the world around them, trumping even high levels of education, wealth and success by replacing them with pride, paranoia and blame.
White officer: "Sir, we had a report of a break in. Is this your house?"


Officer: "No, sir, really, we had a call from your neighbor about a break-in. I just need to see some ID so that I know who you are and if this is really your house"


Officer: "There's no need to shout, and this is not about race. This can be resolved if you just show me your ID..."


Officer: "Look, this is all just standard procedure, nothing else. If you don't produce some ID and calm down, I may have to arrest you."


Officer: "Well, if you showed me your ID I would..."


Officer: "The law."


Officer: "Fine, here's the same ID I showed you after I first knocked. ...
WINvidia is a partial acronym similar to wintel detailing the optimal configuration for a home PC.

It stands for:


also one should not the WIN at the start of the name, this is not sarcastic but rather this configuration is VERY win.
1337 h4x0r: hey i just got my new WINvidia system from msy.

l33t: WOW that must be pretty win.

n00b: no that is teh sux ur nvidiots AAL is teh win

1337 h4x0r and l33t: GTFO AND STFU
six degrees of inner turbulence is a ma*sive 42 minute song by the lords of prog metal-Dream Theater. the song is about six people with mental diseases (multiple personality, schizophrenia, autism, etc). this is the longest dream theater song, in front of Octavarium, A change of seasons, and in the presence of enemies. this is known to be Dream Theaters greatest work.
She can't stop pacing
She never felt so alive
Her thoughts are racing
Set on overdrive

It takes a village
This she knows is true
they're expecting her
And she's got work to do

He helplessly stands by
It's meaningless to try
As he rubs his red-rimmed eyes
He says I've never seen her get this bad

Even though she seems so high
He knows that she can't fly
and when she falls out of the sky
He'll be standing by

She was raised in a small midwestern town
By a charming and eccentric loving father
She was praised as the perfect teenage girl
And everyone thought highly of her

And she tried everyday
With endless drive
To make the grade
Then one day
She woke up to find
The perfect girl
Had lost her mind

Once barely taking a break
Now she sleeps the days away
She helplessly stands by
It's meaningless to try
All she wants to do is cry
No one ever knew she was so sad

Cause even though she gets so high
And thinks that she can fly
She will fall out of the sky
But in the face of misery
She found hopefulness
Feeling better
She had weathered
This depression

Much to her advantage
She resumed her frantic pace
Boundless power
Midnight hour
She enjoyed the race

III. WAR INSIDE MY HEAD - lyrics by Mike Portnoy
Ave Maria (Latin) is a traditional Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. The prayer is also used by the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox as well as by many other groups within the Catholic tradition of Christianity including Independent Catholics, and Old Catholics. Some Protestant denominations, such as Lutherans, also make use of the prayer.
Ave Maria, grátia pléna, Dóminus téc*m. Benedícta tu in muliéribus, et benedíctus frúctus véntris túi, Iésus.
Sáncta María, Máter Déi, óra pro nóbis peccatóribus, nunc et in hóra mórtis nóstrae. Ámen.
The adjuvant - Squalene.

According to Meryl Na*s, M.D., an authority on the anthrax vaccine,

"A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants to boost immunogenicity and dramatically reduce the amount of viral antigen needed. This translates to much faster production of desired vaccine quantities."v

Novartis's proprietary squalene adjuvant for their H1N1 vaccine is MF59. Glaxo's is ASO3. MF59 has yet to be approved by the FDA for use in any U.S. vaccine, despite its history of use in other countries.

Per Dr. Na*s, there are only three vaccines in existence using an approved squalene adjuvant. None of the three are approved for use in the U.S.
"Hey Jane, you're a nurse, what do you think about the safety regarding the use of Squalene in the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine?"

"Well Marsha, immunologic adjuvants are substances, administered in conjunction with a vaccine, that stimulate the immune system and increase the response to the vaccine. Squalene is one of those adjuvants. It is added to improve the efficacy of several vaccines, including pandemic flu and malaria vaccines. Do I think it's safe? I don't know, all I can tell you is that the FDA has not approved it yet."
1. (n) A term used to describe a dullard that literally thinks it's perfectly fine and safe to leave electronic devices out and available to be stolen from his vehicle. A Garrasi may also me afraid of big rocks and small boulders. Indirectly related to the Beef Witted Applejohn.

2. (v) The literal act of commiting a senseless yet literally preventable crime.
1. (n) That dullard left his GPS in his car in literally the sh*ttiest part of town. Way to pull a Garrasi.

2. (v) Yo, bro . . . I literally just Garrasi'd that mofo's GPS right outta his hoopty with this crazy a*s boulder.
(v) The act of utterly failing something.

What's wrong?

I totally Bonacci'd that last date. I'm certainly not getting a second chance.
n. a woman who really thinks she's an interesting artist, but is actually just a poser whos "cool" comes from who she dates/marries. a woman who makes really annoying art and tries to pretend it's "heavy' . an energy sucker. someone who's attempts at being "avant garde" come off to real artists as sensless c*ap. a woman who shows up at band practice and makes suggestions.

v. to be this kind of woman. to be a woman who stunts a man's artistic abilities in favor of her own mediocre ones .
"hey , bob's music has become very boring, and i havent seen him in months. he used to be really productive

"well, he got married to a yoko, what do you expect"

'what the h*ll is that horrible noise in the background of bob's new recording"

"man, you just noticed? he got yoko'd last year and its been like that ever since"
n, (kuh-lehm-tah-co)
a clemtaco is a fart manuever where a person farts in an open book/folder/binder or any thing that opens on a fulcrum (a V shaped opening), and then pulls the sides to create a strong push of air causing a fart to accuratly enter the victim's nasal cavity causing the smell to go deep inside the victim. Causes nausea.
clemtaco-er: *farts in a book*
victim: ... please don't
clemtaco-er: *pulls sides*
victim: OH, COMON *gag*

example 2:
"So I was hanging out with my girlfriend and I clemtaco'd her, she got sick and threw up on me"
V: Trend Claim, (Trend Claiming) As a noun: Trend Claimer

When a person claims to his or her friend that they started a fad, especially when everyone knows in fact, that they did not.
Jim: Look at that guy, he's so emo.

Peter: yeah he is! You know I started the word emo, I trend claimed it.

Jim: ...
A word formerly used to describe fecal matter, however now can be used to describe anything conceivable, from nouns to emotions.
K: check out my new Porsche!
G: that sh*ts tite

L: I completely agree with Obama's statement that robust diplomacy and effective development are the best long-term tools for securing America's future.
F: that sh*ts g*y

J: POLICE!!!! Put your hands in the air!!!!
D: OH sh*t!

B: yo i banged that chickenhead last nite
V: awwww shiieett
A radio station in the Greater Houston area which opens weekday mornings with a retarded "Rollcall Yall" portion on the Matt Hadder Show before the good stuff (( R&B )) gets a chance to come on. Avoid it if you find the Rollcall song annoying; Go to it if you like R&B in the afternoon
Matt Hadder: "It's da roll call yall! It's the roll call yall! A B C D E F G. H I J K L-M-N-O-P. Q R S, and T U V. W X, and Y and Z. Next time won't you sing with me at 6:40.

Me: -Screaming at the radio- Shut the f*cking h*ll up! I hate you, "97.9 The Box!"
Code word used by men to describe a fine a*s woman while remaining incognito.
*Hot Girl Walks By*
When a woman wraps her legs around a man's neck like an upside down monkey and he supports her back with his arms while standing up. This s*x position is ideal for maximum pleasure and adds to the effect of a woman's G-spot.
hey Italian Stallion! last night i was with matt and i wrapped my f*cking legs around his f*cking neck like a f*cking upside down f*cking monkey. and he f*cked the sh*t out of my v*gina!!! i'v ebeen sore for three f*cking days now! HE IS AMAZING AT THE f*ckY MONKEY :D
A great series, starring Julianna Margulies which airs on tuesdays at 10 pm on CBS. Its about the day to day life of Alicia Florrick, wife of a famous state attorney who she is furious at for cheating on her and who is now in jail. Alicia also works in a law firm, in which she deals with interesting cases every day. She has two teenage children, a boy and a girl, who are taken care of by their grandmother. I highly recommend this series as it is a very enjoyable, intriguing and entertaining series.
The Good Wife is an example of a good law / mystery series, its way better that Law and Order (which, in my opinion, is sh*t)
n. something utterly ridiculous and spazztic

v. to do something unbelieveably spazztic and retarded
Why do you have to be such a Riddhi by spilling the milk like that?

Me: I just Riddhi'd so hard the other night.
Girl: d*mn boy. can you riddhi every night?

Man: Hey can you go feed my fish some food?
Woman: Sure s*xy, *walks to fishtank* aww d*mn the cover fell in!
Man: That's a Riddhi thing to do.
1. a move in the game sequence that makes you automatically lose
2. getting 5 sequins/disks/coins in a row
3. getting 2 of the 4 in a row things using only one sequin/disk/coin
this is also the same with 4 in a rows, if you get 4 or more of 4 in a rows the same thing happens
ha! 2 4 in a rows in 1 move and along with my other one, i just won!

no! you had an over bust! i won!
The greatest rogue nation on Earth. Established in the summer of '09 and is growing at a rapid rate. It has territories in northern Quebec, Montreal, Pitt Meadows (B.C) and Vancouver. The Tanlandian symbol is the "TAN-f*ckING-LANDIA" tag dreamed up by it's founder, a girl named Tanya, who will one day rule you all. Tanlandia is also a state of mind where you don't give a f*ck what other people think cos your with your friends and nothing else matters. It is when you look at the stars and play tag with your friends at fireworks. It is not counting the days, but making the days count with a smile. It is following your dream cos everyone who said it was impossible can go f*ck themselves. It is laughing when kid in your cla*s p*ss off the teacher instead of being annoyed by the interruptions and having a headband fight at lululemon. It is sing Ke$ha while your cousin's friend imposes their cla*sic jazz music on you and calling justin bieber g*y. It is slididng down on a black diamond ski run on your butt and sledding till 10pm. It is enjoying both diet and non diet soda, but drinking diet cos one coke is not worth the 160 calories. It is not changing for anyone but yourself and watching twilight together, even though we've all seen it a million times before. It is that feeling you get when you're with ur friend and you cant help but smile.






F R O M H & M

1. The greatest rogue nation on Earth. Established in the summer of '09 and is growing at a rapid rate. It has territories in northern Quebec, Montreal, Pitt Meadows (B.C) and Vancouver. The Tanlandian symbol is the "TAN-f*ckING-LANDIA" tag dreamed up by it's founder, a girl named Tanya, who will one day rule you all.

2. Tanlandia is also a state of mind where you don't give a f*ck because at that moment, nothing else mattered:

a) It is when you look at the stars and play tag with your friends at fireworks.

b) It is not counting the days, but making the days count with a smile.

c) It is following your dream cos everyone who said it was impossible can go f*ck themselves.

d) It is laughing when kid in your cla*s p*sses off the teacher instead of being annoyed by the interruptions.

e) It is having a headband fight at lululemon.

f) It is singing Ke$ha while your cousin's friend imposes their cla*sic jazz music on you.

g) It is calling Justin Bieber g*y.

h) It is sliding down on a black diamond ski run on your butt and sledding till 10 pm.

i) It is climbing trees and rolling down hills and enjoying nature .

j) It is not changing for anyone but yourself. It is watching twilight together, even though we've all seen it a million times before and arguing if Robert Pattinson is hotter then Taylor Lautner (he isn’t).

k) It is screaming "HONK IF YOU WANT A f*ckING b*ow JOB" at traffic and then posting the videos on facebook
v. (1) to perform cunnilingus. (2) to perform cunnilingus on a Jewish woman, sometimes used specifically for an Ashken*zi (of Eastern European descent) Jewish woman. (3) also, more generally, to describe someone attracted to women, or attraction to (sometimes Ashken*zi) Jewish women
"Does Ari date non-Jewish women?"
"Nah, he's all about l*cking the lox."

"Girl, you blew him last time and he didn't reciprocate? All I can say is that tonight he'd better l*ck the lox."

"I was going to ask her out but then I realized that she was probably into l*cking the lox."
A sweet, smart, considerate, handsome person. Someone who makes people laugh. Smile is adorable. When he smiles it makes you smile. Makes people feel comfortable. A very enjoyable person. Has beautiful long eye lashes and gorgeous brown skin. Intriguing brown eyes. Very clean. He loves shoes. Favorite color is red. He doesn't like t.v. Thinks about others and speaks intelligently and sweetly. The best you'll ever have. Someone who is very smart and good at math. Lovable, and hard to forget or let go.
Person 1: I love being around Hosea, he's so sweet.

Person 2: And he's really funny.!!
F.A.P.I.T. -

N. Commonly an attractive being known as "it", which is outstanding in all aspects to the individial witnessing it.
V. The action of tugging the flesh of the p*nis up and down upon seeing an attractive other, usually making the noise *fap* while in action.

*Note: Please be aware, if caught j*cking off by the FAPIT you might be raped or shot. Keep your fap silent but deadly. j*ck off in private, or your d*ck might end up in a sewer with the rats of NJ sh*re.
John D. - That girl had such nice features I started to FAPIT..

Jane S. - Her face, a*s, and t*ts were much better than her personality and intellect though.

John D. - Shut the f*ck up lesbo, FAPIT doesn't apply to you.
1.a way to look over something.
2.any way
3.dosen't matter
4.who care's
5.in the victory of looking over
victory regardless of what you belive in i dont care.
victory regardless of this the problem can be handled
A form of copypasta in which the text is written in a weird and disjointed way.
Anonspeak: d I D y O u K N O w T h A T M O o T i S A T h e I F a N d H a S N e v e R W o r K e D a D a y i N H I S l I F E ? h t t p : / / (random ip address here)
(n.) a 16-year-old boy who thinks that he's cool and can sing hip-hop and is, for some strange reasons, loved by 13-year-old girls who thinks that he is a "talented musician" (citation needed, really, an italic would also be great) while even boys like girls sounds better than he is.

(v.) an act of having mistakenly considered a boy's high-pitched voice as a young girl's voice.
1. tom got justin bieber'd on the phone by may:

*phone rings*
tom: h*llo, good afternoon.
may: *enthusiastically* oh heyy, aunt marie. can i talk to tom?
tom: uhh..., may, it's me, tom.

2. i have nothing against the bieber personally, but i think the modern music industry needs more true talents.
-Facial Hair.
-A long time, or a very far distance.
-A large amount of something.
-An exaggerated measurable estimation.

Informal language.
Usually used incorrectly and ridiculously at the wrong time, and too often.

Something tedious and time consuming might waste beards of your energy, or waste beards of your time.

Origin: The amount of time it takes a man to grow a decent beard is not quick, and a decent beard is at least down to the belt buckle.

Other forms:
v. beard-ificate(d),
-"Man you were in the bathroom for like twelve beards..."

-"Wow, you're really good at skipping stones! That last one went a beard out into the lake."

-"Johnny, did you take the trash out yet!?"
"Yeah mom! I took the trash out like one hundred beards-ago."

-"You ran that beard of a triathlon so fast! You got first place!"

-"Dude wanna go play beards and barbers at the park with j*ck, Lizzy, and the gang?"
"Yeah but I can't, my teacher beard-ificated the amount of homework I had by nearly three beards-worth! I won't be done till like beard o'clock in the morning."

-"I just cut down a beards-worth of trees in my backyard, now the squirrels have no place to live."

-"Did you hear? j*ckie's grandma died..."
"Oh yeah, I heard about that beards-ago dude..."
"But she only died yest*rday..."
"I know."

-"You suck at Halo 2! Go grow a beard, noob!"
The 24th letter of the alphabet or the letter between W and Y
(v) to simultaneously usurp someones status via the planning of an unrelated, off-topic, fictional event.

Used to satirize emotionally vague facebook status' or vaguebooking. Incorporating sincere previous posters and originality is indicative a greater skill.
Tim says: strange feeling...

Claire Comments: Im sorry...

Chris Comments: hard times.

Brad Comments: Sho, lank tough. Chris, wat u doing tonight? Want to grab a beer?

Chris Comments: Sup Brad, I was thinking of doing some training for the Tour de France this eve, but that sounds equally productive. Location?

Brad Comments: Haha. Neva seen u on a bike yet. Reckon we could talk a better game with a beer. Im thinking Forries? Wat time works for you?

Chris Comments: I recon we order from realbeerbox.com, get steers, and ask them to deliver it all to Claire's where we watch LOTR III. No fun in life without variety.

Brad Comments: Sounds Good :D

Brad to Chris on Skype: Dude, we totally just event bombed Tim's status!
1. To throw away a glorious opportunity.
2. (in football) To kick a ball past a goal when it's much easier to score.
3. To miss.

1. One who goes out of his way to throw away glorious opportunities.
2. One who takes out the trash.
3. An overrated footballer.
4. A heartbreaker, usually breaking 150 million hearts at once
5.an ugly creature found in the mountains, but sometimes straying on to the soccer pitch
Wife: Wow! Cody just spoke his first word! I hope you recorded that
Husband: Oh no! I Yakubu'd it!

Emile Heskey wakes up every morning thanking heavens that he is not a Yakubu
A tall, quiet man, maker of cheesy jokes. Sometimes called Irving/Brian. Rhymes with tuburban .... and suburban..and ruburban..d! rubber band! Must listen to OLD music. Gets mistaken for a Hindu often.
Excuse me kind giant, i enjoy your tuburban- it's so Urban Vidas of you!
/a/Back Tracing It is what jesse slaughter's//(aka Kerligirl13)'s father does to the trolls who dun goof'd about his daughter, on this the great internet.
/b/Back Tracing It is something that results in the cyber police erasing the after math of the jesse slaughter sh*tstorm and wake ensuing thereafter.
"I'm gonna tell you right now, this is from her father;
you bunch of lying, no-good punks, and i know who it's comin' from, because I've Back Traced It."

Original Video- Jesse Slaughter sh*t talk
youtube dot com backslash watch?v=gfSxbtxjPPY

Perfect Example Video- Jesse Slaughter sh*tstorm
youtube dot com backslash watch?v=eaUmlwFXdug
When a male excretes fecal matter on a female's chest while she puffs up her breasts, he then starts to titty f*ck the poo-stained b*obs until he e*aculates, thus resembling a hot dog with all of its fix-ens.
Guy A: So what'd you and Laura do last night after I left?
Guy B: Oh nothing, just watched T.V. and then made a stinky hotdog.
Guy A: .....You're a sick man.
Guy B: I think we still got some leftover, want some?
v. : to ignore a Facebook invitation to an unfavorable or undesired event, until the event has pa*sed, rendering the invitation moot; esp. an event happening shortly after the invitation was sent.
"I really didn't want to go to Megan's Party, so I pocket-veto'd the invitation."

Guy A: "WTF? I was hoping Lauren would show up to this. Last time I checked the event page she hadn't responded yet..."

Guy B: "Sounds like you got pocket veto'd you."

Guy B: "Sounds like she gave you a pocket veto."
-verb: a short, jab-like strike to the breast. Primarily used to discipline; but can also be used in BDSM. Named for 'Family Matters' star Jaleel White (better known as Steve Urkel) who was once accused of punching a woman's breast implant.

-noun: an act or instance of Urkel Punching.
(v) I knew she liked it rough, but I was shocked when she demanded to be Urkel Punched.

(n) Expecting the Chris Brown treatment, she covered her face in fear, leaving herself completely susceptible to the Urkel Punch.
v. To make an attractive girl your pseudo girlfriend without officially giving her the title of girlfriend, or making her wifey, due to character flaws or imperfections in appearance.

n. The opposite of a wifey chick. Just a girl you would spend time with and f*ck, but if someone else wants em all they gotta do is offer her more playin' time and give up a couple of their 1st round chicks n it's what ever.
1st person: "d*mn that girl is hot as sh*t, look at that a*s!"

2nd person: "Yeah she aight, i mean i wouldn't make her wifey, but i'd Franchise tag that b*tch fosho."
Intellectual woman who likes to read. Knows what R.S.V.P. stands for (which is amazing). excellent beer pong partner even though she's not that great of a shooter. Smokes the cigarettes preffered by most 13 year olds. Also has an amazing rack that draws everyones attention not just because of her third nipple ( just kidding). Mess with the splude and you will reveal an evil conniving b*#ch. Fun to party with and easy to get along with if your not a D-Bag. if you ever meet a splude you need to respect her because she might kill you if you don't.
guy1 " hey did you meet that Splude last night"
Guy2 " yeah she was a B*#CH!!!!"
guy3 " No dude your just a chode and NO ONE likes you not even me. I just hang out with you because your dad lets you drive his bentley."
guy1 " He's right she was BANGIN!"
the one and only official favorite girl that rages (GTR administrator), survivor, promoter, lover, breakdancer, and reader, writer, and supporter of poetry, hip hop, r.a.v.e., p.l.u.r. and so many other universal things; she's popping your cherry with a new experience (s*xual usually but otherwise as well such as her famous Cherry Pop juice, a drink of her favorite Three Olives Cherry vodka and ginger ale); strong female w/intention to inspire and motivate others like she has been so many times before.
hey, aren't you Cherry Pop?" why, yes, I am, who are you and how do you know me? "you're known for crowd pleasing, hyphy shenanigans, and your infamous s*xual cherry pops and yo drank nevertheless your mouth. 'girl, I'd like to get to know youuu, yes, I woulddd...' --Cleen
Ṫ͌ó̍ ̍͂̓̍̍̀i̊ͯ͒nͧ̍̓̃͋vok̂̓ͤ̓̂ěͬ ͆tͬ̐́̐͆h̒̏͌̓e͂ ̎̊h̽͆ͯ̄ͮi͊̂ͧͫ̇̃vͥͦ́ẻͤ-͒m̈́̀i̓ͮ͗̑͌̆̅n̓̓ͨd̊̑͛̔̚ ͨͮ̊̾rͪeͭͭ͑ͧ́͋p̈́̅̚rͧe̒̈̌s̍̽ͩ̓̇e͗n̏͊ͬͭtͨ͆ͤ̚iͪ͗̍n͐͒g̾ͦ̎ ͥ͌̽̊ͩͥ͗c̀ͬͣha̍̏̉ͪ̈̚o̊̏s̊̋̀̏̽̚.͒ͫ͛͛̎ͥ
̎Iͫ̅n͆̆͑vͦ̅ŏͩͧ̓̊̀ͩk̃ͦ̚ĭͥ̏̊͆̌̈́ńg̅ ̒̋t̽̔h͊ê͑ ͐͂̀̈feͮ̑͋̀ͦe̓l͒̚̚i͛̋̅̆ͮnͨ̿̌̄gͣ ̌̅́̈́ȍf̋̏ ̇ͩ̇ͧ̏cͭ̔ȟ̈́͆a͋os͗͑̈̐.̔
̆̒ͮW̓͋ͮ͐̚i͂t̊ͪhͫͯ̑͒ ͫ̃̚o̐útͩ̍̉ ͒͂̍̿o̐rͥ͌deͥrͥ̑̐̈.̒̅̈́ͦ̓
̔̅̈́̃T̋h̏̅͛eͭ ̍ͬ̓Ṅ̂̂e͆ͥ̃ͧ̏̀z͒̋̏̇̑peͬ͗̊̾̌̽ͦrͭ̒͒ͪd̀̋̅̔̿̔̄iͨ̆͐a̓̂̎̚ṅ hiͬ̓́ͪ̓v̂ͪ̎͋ͤ͑ė͒̐ͪ͛͐ͥ-͌̓̈́̒mͨĭn̾̅d̔ͭ ̄̃ͪ̆ͫ͂o̾f̋ͩ̍ ͮcͬ̏͊h̒͊̌̍̈́̓a̐͋̀o͆ͤ́ͭ̑ͮ̄s̀̃ͮ̓ͬ. ̆ͪͧͣͩZ̈́a̎̇l͌́gͪ̒ǒͦ̎. ̾͑̐̇
͑̌ͥ͛ͩ̚H̆ͧ̓e̍͊̒ͣ w̄́̀ho͐͋̍̌̎ͪ ̊̇͗͛̓Wͪ̅ä̇̍̌̄̈́̏ìͥ͗͌ͣͤt̾ͮ̒̽͌s̍͊ ̎̅̿̌Bͤ́ͬe̊͂̾̀̆͆̇ḧ́͂͑̇͋̄̾i̎ͬͬͨ̒̽͑n̉d̾̏̈́͊̌̄̓ ͦ̅ͬ̃T̂ͧ̚hͧͨ͗̂͂͋e̎̓ W̃̽͋͐̀a̍̈́̆̓̐lͫlͧ.̾

H҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘Ȅ̐̑̒̚̕̚ IS C̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚OMI҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘NG > ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉҉̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑ ͡҉҉
A Catherine Wheel is where you have a bout of diarrhea and vomiting at the same time.
In the medical profession it's shortend to D&V.
I feel a Catherine Wheel coming and I don't want to Puke in the bath!
Chav stands for : Council House And Violence - C.H.A.V

a term describing, a British version of what americans would called trailer trash. most commonly seen in full adidas sports tracksuits, and caps. Chavs also commonly wear, fake designer brands and therefore taint the image of these labels, e.g. Burberry Caps.

Notorious for petty crime, and domestic drug use - of course a ma*sive generalization.
Alan 'Oi Dave, was you with them Chavs last week'

Dave 'Me! Hangings out with Chavs?! f*ck off mate! And anyway, i'm too f*ckin busy with them shifts at Maccy D's'

Alan 'Yeh fairplay mate, ha, you a f*ckin Chav never... Now pa*s me that wrench, this car's gotta stereo'
In all its uses, "like" adds little color, and there are more descriptive words that can be substituted for almost all its uses.
1. (v) to mildly enjoy. Used by all ages.
1a. (v) To have mildly strong to strong romantic feelings for another. May imply a lack of confidence in one's self or ability to commit. Used mainly from ages 11-17.
2. (comparison) Expressing little to moderate similarity between two or more objects, people, ideas, etc. used in similes, along with synonym, as. Used by all ages.
3. (interjection) Meaningless verbal filler. Synonymous with um and uh. Usually said unintentionally, while trying to finish a statement or question after starting. Should not be used when public speaking. Used mainly by ages 11-14. Stereotypically used by tween girls.
4. (v) Said. Used mainly in past tense. As in 3, used to fill the gap made by deciding what to say. Used by 14-30
1. I liked that movie enough that I'd rent it again, but I wouldn't buy it.
1a. I like her, but I don't think I should tell her yet.
2. Tastes like chicken.
3. I was just, like, walking in the park, when he, like, totally was, like, staring at me.
4. And then I was all like, "you don't know nothin about me"
Shortened form of 'bang my v*gina'. The female version of s my d, or suck my d*ck.
Guy: S MY D!
Girl: B MY V!

Guy #2: Well you can just go suck a d*ck.
Girl #2: Only if you'll b my v.

Megan: You know what I really want to do?
Stephanie: B my V?
v. A unique individual who is able to s*rew up anything. Do not work with him.

n. When you s*rew up so bad, there's not another word to describe it.
Carl: Can I work with you guys?
Other People: No, we'd prefer to pa*s.

*Someone drops a brick on their project*
Person: You just pulled a Carl... And where the f*** did you get a brick?
\ 'fla-vər-d 'dik 'bäks \ (noun)
Definition of FLAVORED d*ck BOX:
1) In short, a prepped v*gina. Flavored d*ck Box status is achieved only after the v*gina has been thoroughly cleaned, or "prepped", through means including but not limited to a shower and/or douching as well as shaving/waxing. Once the v*gina is presentable for consumption a sweet confection such as a lollipop is then inserted into the v*gina for upwards of 5 minutes, lending its "flavor" to the v*gina, or "d*ck box."

a) Preparation is key for a favorable "Flavored d*ck Box." Technically a "Flavored d*ck Box" can be achieved, for example, by spending all day "street walking" or other similar activities albeit the inherent flavor will not be suitable for presentation nor consumption of by anyone. Instances such as these turn a "Flavored d*ck Box" into a "Waiver'd d*ck Box."
1) Becky straight up got h*ll's Kitchen on the prep of her Flavored d*ck Box on my birthday. I bet Gordon Ramsay himself wouldn't be able to get enough of it, I know I couldn't. The only way it could have gotten any better would have been if she had put a candle there for me to b*ow out before I dug in.

a) d*mn, Alice tried to throw some Flavored d*ck Box my way last night. She didnt know I saw her at the Frat part though, no way in h*ll I was getting anywhere near her Waiver'd d*ck Box after that.
When a phrase, song, object or abstract concept is overused to the extent of irritation. The thing that has been "reep'd" looses all aspects of popularity.

aj: reep'd v: reeping n: rypien
-"Dude, you play that song twenty times a day, it's actually so reep'd"
-"Yuht is the fifth word out of your mouth in every sentence, you're actually reeping the sh*t out of it"
-"I am the best at owning rypien"
Some one who generally likes to creep (v); someone who steals peoples clothes (sweaters)in order to smell them in addition to but not limited to then sampling and bottling these scents. Additionally creepers will often times, depending on the severity of the creepiness (spectral disorder), they may stalk, observe while sleeping, steal hair in order to make look a like hair dolls then m*sturbate with doll, try to touch you whenever possible, rape you, kill you then make a suit out of your skin or any combination of the afore mentioned.
A: - Dude when i slept over at dev's last night i was looking for an extra blanket in her closet and i found like a shrine with pictures and like jars with my name on them...also it looked like their where dolls made out of hair...my hair!?! What should I do man, she's kinda a creeper

D: - I heard every word you said Alex, i was just hanging out under your bed...is that how you really feel?
The act of opening facebook chat on an unsuspecting friend and sending each letter of the alphabet as a separate message as quickly as possible
... dammit Mike. You know my computer can't handle an alphabomb.
V.I.P: v*gina In-Pocket. When you know you got a girl's p*ssy conquered, you know you got love-makin' in the bag, it's goin down 2NITE.
The usefulness of this word is you can talk about a girl you're about to shag around many people, even right in front of her haha, but because VIP is already commonly used to refer to a Very Important Person, she won't notice that you are bragging/divulging sensitive information.
Very diverse usage.
Lady-Killer: Bro, I have been at this club for only a few hours, and i ALREADY got V.I.P. I'd like you to meet Kandy.
Bro: Boss, bro, boss
Hoe: Hi! My name is Kandy!
(v) To have s*xual intercourse. The knock refers to the man's hips hitting the woman's a*s, which produces a slapping sound. The motion literally knocks her boots (buttocks).
"Bring your friend, I likes you two's I'll knock the boots, the sneakers and the house shoes." - Digital Underground (Flowing on the D-line)
1.The team of Mel, Eezie, Donald, Kel, Milton Lee, Reg, and Ken locted in Northern Virginia.
2.The team shares the same appetite for money, women and the pursute of happiness and the same characteristics and taste for girls, partying and straight having a fun time
3.They dont hate on nobody, only get hated on b/c of there unique style and cla*s.
4.A way of life
5.D V D's
1.I heard the those P.B.S. boy's really got it going on
The name given to the language popularly used on the internet, and on online gaming.
It uses simbles and numbers that you can find on the keyboard, in substitution for similar looking letters.
a = 4
B = 8
c = < or (
d = d
e = 3
f = f
g = 6
h = |-|
i = i
j = j
k= |<
l = 1
m = /\/\ or |V| or
n = |\| or /\/
o = 0
p = p
q = q
r = r
s = 5
t = 7
u = |_|
v = \/
w = \/\/
x = x
y = y
z = z
Of course, all of which, are interchangible with their orginal letter. Also, people get "creative" and make up new simbles resembling other letters as well. So just look carefull, and j00 wi11 533 i7 a11.
Popular appearence: "MegaTokyo" (www.megatokyo.com) A very popular web-comic.
As creator of this term I can say the above is very accurate indeed.

A further explanation would be to exploit a weakness that as stated is so mind numbingly pathetic the victim should be shot.

Also the phrase "j00 h4v3 b33|V EPH PH1V3D (TBH) WTFL0L!!11one" is used to emphasise the fact that the exploit is so insanely easy, a 12 year old counterstrike player could do it.

Technical reasons: It involves sending far too many requests. It's effectively a denial of service... just a very VERY dumb one which originated on babblers.co.uk
see above for this l33t hax0ring genious.
-ed, -s, -ered
1 - to be tugged toward the origin of an active pulling force.

2 - to be placed in a position of acting gullible, naive, mislead easily

2 - to demand the oral technique of s*xual practice upon ones genitals. Can be literal or demeaning.

1 - that which scuks, or has scuk'd.
2 - one who scuks, or has scuk'd.
3 - undesirable.
4 - gullible, naive, mislead easily.

1 - This new technology vacuum can scuk up metal objects weighing up to several pounds!

2 - I didn't want to, but I got scukered into participating.

3 - scuk it bish
- Billy Jean Scuks


1 - the game scuked so he didn't buy it.


3 - Billy Bob had had enough. "You Scuk Marie Sue," he exclaimed.

4 - Billy Bob realized he had been scukered upon arrival as teh judge of a women's beauty pageant. . . for the geriatric obese societies synchronized swimmers league.
Detailed explaination of divorce in plain English: Divorce 101

(D)addy getting s*rewed out of his life-savings.

(I)rate mommy packing up daddy's belongings, putting them out on the doorstep.

(V)endettas marked by malicous acts of revenge.

(O)rnery b*tches who are h*ll-bent on destroying your life, making these derogatory remarks about your s*x-life to their girlfriends.

(R)ich, powerful attorneys making an absolute fortune off your hard-earned money with these mounting legal bills.

(C)onstant nagging from an ex-wife to a deadbeat father for his refusal to pay any child support.

(E)xcessive alcohol consumption to ease a beleaguered man's pain.
"My parents got a divorce a year and a half ago."
A composer by the name of Justin Durban. Composes cool music that is very addictive.

Got his name by have his nickname "edge". then "little punks" stole it, so he look at the keyboard, and looked at the letters. q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o,p,a,s,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,z,x,c,v, and b did not fit, untill he came upon "n". And waa-laa...his name.
Edgen is a cool guy.
person who only has one testicle
my girlfriend was acting suspicious when i looked up her skirt and saw she was a gloid
First three letters of the English alphabet.

Part of the entire alphabet.
1. n. The pre-meditated, organized robbery of a bank, shop, warehouse or other location

2. v. To steal any item, to take something which does not belong to you.
1. Pauly and Slim Jim planned the bank heist weeks in advance.

2. Someone heisted my car radio and all my c-d's last time I parked on that street.
The twenty-first letter of the english alphabet.
If you didn't know that already, there must be something horribly wrong with you.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U (see that? that's a U) V W X Y Z.
A language in which numbers and symbols are put together to look like letters. Some people create their own 1337 letters and it makes them look more 1337 by fellow 1337-speakers. Here is an alphabet of 1337 letters I know and have created:

A: 4 or l\ or ^ or @ or /\ or /-\
B. l3 or 8 or ß or ]3 or l:
C: ( or < or © or ¢
D: l) or l> or ])
E:3 or £
F: l= or # or ƒ
G:6 or 9
H: # or l-l or (-) or !-! or }-{ or }{ or l+l or )+( or !+! or }+{
L: 1 or ! or ]
J: _l or _/
K: l< or l( or l{ or l<=
L: l_ or ! or 1
M: l\/l or /\/\ or l\l\ or ^^
N: l/l or /\/
O: 0 or () or <> or * or ø or Ó or °
P: l* or l> or |D or l^ or l+
Q:& or (\) or ¶
R: l2 or ®
S: 5 or $ or §
T:+ or 7
U: l_l or /_/
V: \/
W:|/\| or \/\/ or |/\/ or \/\|
X: >< or }{ or :-:
Y: ¥
Z: 2
A flexible version of "p*mp." Nearly interchangable with "p*mp," but may be used more casually. (Can be used to literally mean "p*mp" or can describe someone/something as very cool or good with ladies.)

Dude...that's spootane...

I just turned up my spootane and macked that sh*t!

I'm spootane b*tch!
"Behind a Hallelujah"

A song by Kaizer's Orchestra, a six-person band from Norway. May only be 2 minutes long, but is very addictive. Also featured on the flash 'War' on Albino Blacksheep.
Fader eg må be om unskyldning
Det er min feil at Tony er pakkt inn i presenning
Eg har forbrudt meg mot Monsieur Clavier sitt reglement
Du vett at eg ikkje kan hamla opp med han
Eg ber deg. Hjelp, Fader hjelp meg
Eg står i støvler av cement, Fader hjelp meg

Eg sa russisk rulett er ikkje en god ide
men han følte seg i slag så tvang han meg med
Eg såg han spant magasinet
Han satte løpet mellom tennene sine

Eg skal be for deg min sønn
for hos Han er du ennå ikkje dømt
For ingen kan sei nei til beløpet som Monsieur Clavier gav
Og bare Fader Martin vett kva som ligge bak et halleluja

Tony har en formidabel dobbelgjenger
Spor han opp, sett opp en kontrakt, gje han penger
Du kan ta en håndfull ut av vår kollekt
Du kan bli som folk flest eller du kan bli prest
men kom aldri tilbake for her er dine dager talte
aka. tool a*s motha f*cker
if you're a guy and you (have)...
a)cted like you're all about the game when the only bling you have is a key chain
b)elieved you're the sh*t when you're not that hot
c)an't tell the difference between real cartier and the fake kind down in chinatown
d)isrespected your mom
e)at mcdonald's like its your job
f)uck whoever, whatever, whenever
g)ot no job
h)ate player-ettes & call them sl*ts just cuz you can't get in
i)ncomes of 6.50 or less
j)oke like a comedian but no ones laughing
k)eep ky jelly & a sh*t load of condoms on your desk just to be cool for the ladies
l)ove getting head at all the wrong times
m)ake drama like a soap opera director
n)o game
o)rder of the 99cent menu on a date. first of all, what the h*ll are you doing at mcdonald's
p)a*s judgement
q)uit your one and only job
r)im up your'96 honda wit dubs like its a beamer or escalade
s)mell like bo
t)tried to act metro & sophisticated when the only designer threads you've come close is in the dressing room of a gap
u)se stetson, old spice, or axe
v)alue just any b*oty, not caring where its been and who it is
w)"hats burberry?"
x)tra c*cky
y)ell 'ho' and expect any respectable female to respond
"um...actually such a tamf. he's demoted"
The best cars in history. Started in the greatest city ever, Detroit. When put against p*ssies like british, german or any other european cars, the muscle car will beat the sh*t out of it. V-8, CID, Detroit Muscle, b*tch. V-12's with cylinders the size of quarters? NO!
Gumba Gumba is a douchebag, retard because he doesn't know sh*t about real cars, muscle cars.

Again, Gumba Gumba is a douche because he said that "the cha*sis will typically crumple in any accident" Uh, not really j*cka*s, it's called steel, which is something called strong.

My T/A can tear the sh*t out of that fag's g*y BMW.

I remember the good ol days when if someone wasn't driving a muscle car, you'd shoot them.
A language invented on the internet which puts numbers and symbols in the place of letters.

_L337 guide_
C=( or c
O=Ø or 0
S=$ or 5
T=7 or +

_Additional notes_
1.In L337,abbreviations are commonly used although they are not part of L337$p33k(These do not become symbols).
2.Any word ending in "ck" becomes "xxØr" in L337.
3.Certain words are also unique to L337 e.g.73(-)(the) and /\/\3(-)(my)
Sentence in L337:
\/\/(-)3r3 1$ 73(-) |)ØØr???

Examples of additional notes:
1.O.M.F.G. ZØ/\/\b13$!!!
2.73(-) $733/\/\ RØxxØrz.
3.73(-) dØØd Pwn3d /\/\3(-) Ph4(3.
v. To have one's voice crack, as if one were going through puberty.
I'd like to buy a ::voice cracks::Twix...woah, I just hoganed.

Sweet and sour baby chicken oven baked to the supreme softness. Darling, it's so doux! Also available in hot spicy racer flavour. There's NOLIMITSONTASTY for this dish.

Just 10 cents.
Customer: Waiter, I'd like to order the mewmew

Waiter: No, you don't. Trust me.

Customer: What's wrong with it?

Waiter: Everything you could think of.

Customer: In that case, I'll order the SP.ecial NEEDS*. Daym, that looks tasty. *rubs tummy*

Waiter: Good choice. That will be 50 billion dollars.

Customer: But I only have 10 cents.

Waiter: I'm afraid the only thing you can afford is a mewmew then.

Customer: d*mn. s*rew it i'll just go eat at home. Thanks.

Waiter: Bibi la ~~ keke V^__^
a word that 1337 (leet or elite) pro's use, leik me, in online gaming. Falls into catergory of 1337 $p33c|-| (or Leet Speech). subsitutes for the word 'you' like, 'you f*cking newb = *joo* f*cking newb, except it would really be, 'joo f|_|(kE|\| n00B3rz!!1'
Okéi all joo n00berz, lîzten up. Fïrst öFf... Im teh Über pr0 pwnzér & knö Qüeztions a$ked, o0kay?? I pwnerêd all nöuberz fRom all lÄnd$ like Spiane---ïë.. and teh ßûlgariananic tRïbez and shiîz sô DÖNT ße mes2ën or joö'll hÄve knö heÄd ßïÄTÇH!!!11 Ökïe, seçondly ofF, dïs çlan- ïs alsö téh pwnzör l337 clan, an'd öur main spécïaltylizér is pwnzing n00bs leik joo. Okéii, and 4öuRth ÖFf, ïf, in âny such wây, jôo ïnzultz üs, joo will hÄvé t0 bé hëad-shoTtÉd ând will cO/\/\e homë fRöm schKöôl an"d Fïnd joÜ hâve n0 housë and only a pilë of n0üb ÄshEz. s0 FÜÇ|< 0Ff Joü FûKëm NoößS!
1. n. Mark Of The Unicorn (Abbreviated MOTU).
Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) is a leading developer of music software and audio recording technology for personal computers. MOTU was founded in 1980 and has been developing music software since 1984.

2. n. Masters Of The Universe (Abbreviated MOTU).
A popular 1980's toy line produced by Mattel (later made into an animated series) featuring He-Man "The strongest man in the universe" v.s. Skeletor and his evil minions in a battle for the planet Eternia to determine who will be the "Master Of The Universe."
1. Holy f*cking sh*t! One of M.C. Hammer's dancers escaped from Hammer Mansion with a Mac and MOTU Digital Performer!

2. Gary: You ever think He-Man might be g*y?
Ace: No Doubt dude, no doubt.
Yanni: I'd hit it.
Also known as V.D.S., A condition exsisting in some people where the symptoms involve extreme hornieness and desire for a woman's v*gina. If such condition is left untreated, the victim will have rope burn on the genitals, or death in extreme cases.
Gosh, I think I'm so horny that I might die from V.D.S..
Sandviken- a place in Bergen filled with gangstas,p*mps and hoes. Birthplace and home of some of the dopest guys of there, including fledd and mokka. Loved by many and feared by more, Sandviken is the place to be if you're an OG.
Let's go to Sandviken and hook up with some fine bytches and chill out with a blunt, cuz cuuuz, you know it's on and crackin' in S-A-N-D-V-I-K-E-N!
A set of words used in military radio transmissions to stand for letters, used to prevent misunderstandings due to interference
# A - Alfa
# B - Bravo
# C - Charlie
# D - Delta
# E - Echo
# F - Foxtrot
# G - GOLF
# K - KILO
# L - LIMA
# M - MIKE
# P - PAPA
# X - XRAY
# Z - ZULU
Bouf 1.(v.): to have s*x, f*ck, do the good thing on the bad leg.

2.(adj.): to describe someone or something as f*ckable.
1.) "I'd bouf the h*ll out of your mom Jason Miller because she is f*cking hot."
2.) "How does that girl look?"
"She's kind of a butterface, but still very boufable."
1. To engage in an MSN Messenger conversation with a greeting, and then never typing another word.
1. "sh*t! I just got Samer'd"
Samer says:
Hey man what's up
Simon says:
Nothing new Samer, what's up with you?
Simon says:
You there man?
Simon says:
K, peace.
Short for Virgin In Denial. Also see V.I.D.
Dude, that guy's a total VID!
(V) Verb-
To slap someone in a sudden and violent nature; can be used for any sudden, violent motion such as a swing kick.

Warning of an incoming slap or any other strike.
"Did you see him get sucka-pow'd in the face, I think he's bleeding."
A. It Sucks
B. takes no talent,
C. only has ugly middle/upper cla*s depressed boys who think their cool,
D. just ew,
F. most of them are butt ugly, and even the ones who get the hott girls are still ugly (pale, full of ugly tattoos)
G. the golden days of rock is over and now its only wanna be rocker ie. pop stars playing a fake guitar ( avril lavine)
H. Full of druggies who are womanizers too, thats all music, $50 90% of all musicions do some sort of drug, illeagle or not, the most famous and best rockers have all died from drugs.
I. has no good beats (drums are much worse then rap beats
J. they kill the word fashion, why do you want to rip perfectly good clothes? People would kill to have whole pants and shoes
K. If rock is so good then why isnt it the most popular music? You kno that rap is, white and black and latina and azn people like rap, only white people and an occasionol other person likes rock
L. That brings me to the point, rock only speaks to one minority
M. And their all rich boys, none of them were poor cuz how do you explain guittar lessons, and an instrument, that costs money and no poor person is gonna pay for stuff like that
N. Requires no vocal talent
O. they were the ones who brought mullets into style
P. whats his name made a p*rno with pamala anderson
Q. they steal all the pretty woman who should be going out with the pretty actors
R. i kno some of these reasons suck but w.e
S. Guitars are stupid and make stupid ...
Short for the City of West Allis, also commonly called Dirty Stallie. Place where Johnny V's, never forgotten high school football memories, small dive corner bars, and unlimited fast food reign.
Commonly high school sweethearts stay together in fear of the outside world. Lifers are quite common. State fair park and ride to Summerfest is almost an event for a lifer. The Polish style Bungalow with the occasional duplex is lining almost every street along with the stench of lost hopes and dreams for these folk.
Person 1 :"Yeah man, I'm from stallis! Person 2: Ouch!
Person 1: "Lets go to Johnny V's after we hit up heartbreakers and MaGoos"
Person 2: I'd rather not!"
Person 1:
<Internet speech>

<v> To be a Cutesy; The way in which a chat room user, often a girl, will speak in order to make herself appear to be more cute.
Some of the rules of Cutesy speech are as follows:
1. Repeat the last letters of the last word in a sentence.
2. Add 'le' to the end of any word which has anything to do with love of another.
3. Use smileys/emoticons a h*ll of a lot more than you need to.
4. Font colour is preferably pink or another flamboyant bright colour such as cyan.
5. Use exclaimation marks in quantity.
6. Add 'sies' to the end of any word which ends in the sound of 'Y'.
7. Use 'z' instead of 's' as a plural.
1. "Hiiiii, how are yoooo!!"

2. "Awww, have a huggle!! *huggles*"

3. "Heehee! :D:D:D:D"

4. "What do u mean yoo cant read my font!!! lolz"

5. "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oP"

6. "Aww, ok then!! Byesies!!!!! *huggles*"

7. "lolz, now i get it! :oP"
Jennifer Lopez is a 37 year old celebrity who kept trying to get married in the past few years, Some have called her "Jho" because she has been with so many men, but frankly her clock is ticking and she wants to have babies before it's too late.

Now she has finally found her pair Marc Anythony who is the same race as her which is Puerto Rican, and she was seen on t.v saying that it's better that she's with someone who is the same backround as her because you have more in common that way, etc. and is happier than she has ever been.

Anywho, JLO's career is starting to go down the c*apper because people are starting to realize that she is just a gimmick, she can't sing worth a d*mn (her latest album is a mojor flop), her acting is barely average, her clothing line is cheap and tacky, her perfumes stink, literally... basically the only thing she's good at is dancing.
I think she should have stuck with puffy because then she'd still be somebody, dumping him was the worst move she ever made
v., tr. - to steal an item or items previously having been determined as rightfully belonging to another but usually not yet taken; or, to be a part of a method of determining ownership for such an item when you do not deserve it.

Originally from World of Warcraft forums, after a character named Weaksauce ninja'd an item not for his cla*s.
Don't group with him. He weaksauced an item I needed.

I weaksauced the waitress's tip from some other table on my way out.

Oh, I hate her. She always weaksauces other girls' boyfriends.
v. to 'beef' with someone's mind; could be brainwashing, confusing, disorienting etc etc.

n. a 'mindbeef' (the act of mindbeefing); either 1. a tactic of confusing or 'psyching out' someone, or 2. (inf.) to skull-f*ck; vigourous oral s*x
Frank: I had s*x with your mother last night.
Dave: Stop beefing with my mind!

(At the prison showers)
Bubba: You gettin' mindbeef'd f*ggot
Weiner doing time for income tax evasion: Gulp!
NATO devised version of the english alphabet.
a - alpha
b - bravo
c - charlie
d - delta
e - echo
f - foxtrot
g - golf
h - hotel
i - india
j - juliett
k - kilo
l - lima
m - mike
n - november
o - oscar
p - papa
q - quebec
r - romeo
s - sierra
t - tango
u - uniform
v - victor
w - whiskey
x - xray
y - yankee
z - zulu
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. A tune by The Bloodhound Gang.
Best Liver Syndrome. As in the legendary footballer George Best. BLS is the point you reach when you're so drunk that your liver says, "f*ck this, I'm packing in!"
After Toad's extremely heavy consumption of j*ck Daniel's, Guiness, Party Rings and God knows what else through the infamous beer bong D.A.V.E, he was sick repeteadly and ended up having a three day hangover which resulted in BLS and henceforth Toad's temporary straight-edge status.
A country situated in the Southern part of North America (that's not South America by the way) that is full of citizens who are convinced that America is the only free country in the world and if you said something bad about the government anywhere else, you would be arrested, tortured, and eventually killed. In reality, there are countries with more freedom than America. Most Americans have not left the USA, therefore, are not certain that other countries exist. Also, the majority of Americans are heavily geographically challenged and are convinced that:
A. The USA is a continent.
B. England is about the size of a paper clip with a population of about 12 who are stuck in the 6th century.
C. Haiti, Cuba, and other Carribean Islands are in Asia.
D. Canada isn't a real country.
E. America is the most technologically advanced nation in the world.
F. God should bless America...and no place else.
G. All immmigrants are illegal.
H. England would be speaking German if America didn't step into WWII.
I. Russians are still communist (sometimes contradicted with the question, "whats a communist?").
J. Everybody who is not American hates their country, loves America, and would die to live there.
K. The English language originated in America, and the English themselves speak a totally different language.
L. There is a language called "American".
M. America is the only country with electricty.
N. If you are not religious, you should be treated like c*ap.
O. America rules ...
a language derived from Latin and spoken by the people of the country of Italy. Here's a p*onunciation guide:

A = p*onounced like (AH)
AI = p*onounced sort of like (EYE)
AU = p*onounced like (OW)
B = p*onounced like (B)
C = p*onounced like (K) when next to A, O, U, HI, HE, R, L
C = p*onounced like (CH) when next to I, E, IA, IO, IU
D = p*onounced like (D)
E = p*onounced like (AY) with single consonants
E = p*onounced like (EH) with double consonants
F = p*onounced like (F)
G = p*onounced like (G) when next to A, O, U, R, L, HI, HE
G = p*onounced like (J) when next to I, E, IA, IO, IU
GU = p*onounced like (GW)
GN = p*onounced like (NY) as in CANYON
GL = p*onounced like (LY) as in TALL YARD
H = p*onounced silent makes G and C hard next to I and E like in the word "SPAGHETTI"
I = p*onounced like (EE)
J = occurs in foreign words; p*onounced like (Y)
There is no K
L = p*onounced like (L)
M = p*onounced like (M)
N = p*onounced like (N)
O = p*onounced like (OH)
OI = p*onounced sort of like (OY)
P = p*onounced like (P)
Q = p*onounced like (KW) when next to U
R = p*onounced like (R) but it is rolled like in Spanish and Latin
S = p*onounced like (S) and p*onounced like (Z) when it is surrounded by vowels like in "POESIA"
T = p*onounced like (T)
U = p*onounced like (OO)
V = p*onounced like (V)
There is no W
There is no X
There is no ...
A conservative Bush-lovin town in California that would be voted off the island if on "Survivor" (if California was an island)

DANVILLE stands for:
D- daddy's got money, mommy's got b*oty (after a lot of plastic surgery)
A- a*sholes who pick on poor people and listen to bad music
N- naughty little potheads who watch naughty p*rn after reading their bibles
V- virgins who dress sl*tty (also stands for vain and conceited)
I- intelligence...nonexistant
L- lets go to Berkeley, I wished I lived there, it's such a ghetto-a*s town, we can buy cheap weed and go shopping at a thrift store and pretend we're cool a*s punk rockers
L- lets party and get drunk and do drugs cause we are so godd*mn rich we can't stand how godd*mn rich we are
E- "Evil Land" if you switch the letters around

by the way, the cage around the oak tree is there so drunk and stoned teenage drivers in escalades with expensive rims and those stay-at-home soccer moms in SUVs don't knock down the poor misplaced tree
Bob Downey Jr. lives in Danville and smokes pot because he thinks Danville is soooo boring because he's never been anywhere else except Tahoe on the weekends.
Ruby Diamonds lives and Danville and goes to San Ramon, she hopes to keep up her 1.8 so that she could go to DVC, where she'll hopefully meet a hot rich guy, get married, move back to Danville and breed the next generation of Dan-villans.
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo are 4 letters of the phonetic alphabet which is used over a radio so as not to confuse letters such as "B" and "D". It is one of the greatest songs ever.
"Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo is one of the greatest songs ever!!!"

The Phonetic Alphabet is:

The abbreviation for Control+C, Control+V, Control+P, or: Copy, Paste, Print. The direct copying, pasting and printing of text into a word processor to print as one's own work.
Slacker69: Hey, what'd you put down for the fourth discussion question?

WorkNerd101: Lengthy and complete response to the question, sure to earn an A+

Slacker69: Cool, cool, I'll just do a little CVP on that.

WorkNerd101: ...CVP?
also refered to as Master of Puppets, MasterOfPuppets, or m0p.

(n)Refers to a person with a self induced Megolomania cause by fanatical love of Linux, feverant dislike of all computer related Windows, and an anomolous knowledge of technology. m0p's have a tendancey to talk about theory's or paranormal or conspiratic things. often things like Chem trails and military bases miles under major airports come up in conversations.

(v)to completely show up someone with an apperently huge intelect.

(v)To pawn the b*oty of a particular genderless thing named ZombieLoffe.

(v)To act in a way that will cause others to call you a h*mos*xual with no accuall reason to other then your behavior.

(adj)britishlike with extra snobieness.
I just had m0pX show me about this tech stuff.

ZombieLoffe just got m0p'd

Kind of like being punk'd, only by a bunch of humorless rich white old guys with some kind of sinister geopolitical master plan.

Term reffers to the Machiavellian bait-and-switch game played by the Bush neocons whereby the 9/11 attacks were linked to Iraq.

The term 'Pearl Harbored' itself alludes to a comment made by the neocon think-tank PNAC in their manifesto 'Rebuilding America's Defenses', which suggests that nothing less than "A new Pearl Harbor" would be nessecary to garner support for any further actions in Iraq.

This was written well before the tragic events of 9/11.

Author's note: I'm not accusing the Bush administration of actually carrying out 9/11 to establish a pretext for war that the public would support. I merely think this is a very chilling coincidence.
"The PNAC website should be required reading for all Americans who supported the war, so they can learn how they got totally Pearl Harbored"

"Duuude, you still think things are going great in Iraq?
You got totally Pearl Harbored by those PNAC f*ckers"
1. v. This word was birthed when an amazingly s*xtraordinarily saucy female stated that she would rape anyone who could speak in a voice resembling that of a Bill Clinton, and the male with whom she was conversing proceeded to respond, well, I can speak in voice just like Clinton's. So, "Oh my God, NOW".

The astute and an*lytical female proceeded to mention how OMG NOW backwords says "wongmo"; raping a personally solely because they have a voice much like that of the late President Clinton is a backward concept; thus, it follows, that the anacronym is p*onounced "wongmo".

To wongmo, essentially, means to rape someone who would be unwilling to be raped were it not for the ma*sive s*xual appeal of the raper. And yes, one can be willingly raped, it's a bit like.. hm, well it's like when a person is "forced" to engage in s*xual acts; however, they enjoy the acts, it just allows them to disavow personal responsability if they say that they were forced. Also, it is rape if the "wongmoer", if you will, would have engaged in s*xual acts with the wongmo-ee regardless of whether consent was issued.

*Note: wongmoers must have a mad-s*xual appeal, that is irrefutable to both genders

2. adj. anything that is amazingly or o*gasmically rad
1. Dude, I was in this ally when out-nowhere this b*tch in red hot leather with saucy lips, a sweet a*s, thighs like what, what, carting a whip approached me. She then proceeded to throttle me whilst playing Marvin g*ye music quite loudly from a small handbag which she'd cast off to the side. God it was f*cking amazing. She wongmoed me like an she was an ape in heat. God it was so wongmo.

2. Man, that was so f*cking wongmo.
see my definition for webonics:
d=|)or )
h=(-) or |-|
i=1 or ! or |
k=|( or -(
l=1 or ! or |
an example of a 1337 phrase:
(-)3!!0, 1 4|\/| 7¥p1|\|9 4 )3f1|\|1710|\| 0|\| |_|12134|\|)1710|\|412¥ !13( 4|\| 42|\|

Translation: h*llo, I am typing a definition on urbandictionary liek an azn
The word that comes between "k" and "p." In advanced cultures, it replaces the letters "l," "m," "n," and "o."
a, b, c, d, e, f, g,
h, i, j, k, elemeno, p,
q, r, s,
t, u, v,
w, x,
y, and z.
when 2 people attempt to rhyme and make raps to diss each other. this kind of battle is done over AIM. white kids who suck at rapping trying to act black usually resort to this kind of battle.
kid will: yo lets do an AIM rap battle cuz we aint got nuttin else to do and we suck at rapping and we wanna be black
kid keji: AIGHT! lets do dis.

kid will: what u gonna do n*gga?
kid will: im bigga than u
kid will: i can huslte more sh*t that u can think of prude
kid will: i had to stop my rhymin cause my b*tch walked in
kid will: but i wont eva stop, eva stop rhymin kid
kid will: cause im da kind king of da south they all know me by name

kid kenji: u say ur black, and ghetto, and godd*mn hood, but u can
dance about as well as Elton John could

kid kenji: u say ya straight, and right, and downright p*mp, but to
tell u the truth, i see a bleached white blimp.

kid will: i might be a blim, and down right chubby, but that more than u
can say cause the girl wanna f*ck me

kid kenji: the girl wanna f*ck u? gimme a break. ur like some b*obs and
a d*ck on a birthday cak

kid will: U think that u can take me? the kind of da south?
kid will: f*ckING a*s is all that u do
kid will: i wish that u would stop and let me do what i do?

kid kenji: William Ashby Brewer? The king of the south? Thats hard to
say when u got someone's d*ck in yo mouth.

kid will: but apparently ur g*y and u just f*ck up there hair, see da gurl
dont like u cause u cant find that spot, i can understand how it might be
hard, cause u d*cks to small to get the spot in ur b*tches.....

kid kenji: i cant find the spot? my d*ck is too small? well see the
problem is that u, u have ...
The best music ever. Makes you feel good.

Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden Mudhoney, etc.

((Nirvana weren't Grunge, by the way. So Shut the f*ck up you mainstreamer a*sholes.))
"Grunge was the best Music ever created"

"Nirvana were not Grunge"
n. (v. Verbally m*sturbating)
Describes a person using (or trying but fails) extremely flamboyant, overelaborate, pendantic, overembellished, pompus, language seasoned with a lot of jargon from a certain discipline, sometimes to the extent that it has to be translated or deciphered to be intelligible for the common man; done with the unnecessary need to be meticulously accurate when communicating completely mundane things. May be done with the intent of making others feel inferior…and/or himself superior, part of role-playing, humour, being an idiot, (trying to) showing off how smart you are, and as mentioned an unnecessary need to be meticulously accurate. The true verbal m*sturbators are the pretentious ones who try but utterly fail because they use words they do not understand and use words across a jargon (inconsistency). Verbal m*sturbation may or may not appear redundant; however the redundancy is from the choice of words used and not necessarily by its meaning. Additionally, some may feel others are verbally m*sturbating but do so wrongfully because the situation requires being meticulously accurate

Non exhaustive examples of jargon used are:

Scientific: (star trek, professor Frink from The Simpson’s),
Forensic: (CSI, Sherlock Holmes),
Arcane: (old language, medieval, lord of the rings, star wars),
Prose/poetic: (rhymes, poetic symbolic uses etc. of language usually belonging to the literature world)
dictionary: (sounding like one…)
Leet (1337): sou...
n./adj./v. -Modification of the word "Job". Generally used mockingly, or jokingly, and in a dirty, s*xual or inappropriate way. Impact best taken when used multiple times in a row. Can replace any noun, verb, or adjective (Adjective only if "-by", "-balicious", or other suffix is added.)

word derived from basketball coach's accent, and founded by duke
A: "Yeah dude! We finished the project in 25 minutes and got a B+ on it!
B: "f*ckin right dude! That's a d*mn good Jab!

A: "Hey Hayden! Look at the way that chick's rack Jabs when she walks!
B: "Unbelievable. I'd Jab her right here and now."

A: "Mrs. Robinson! This pie is Jabtastic!"
B: "Oh, why thank you Timmy! It's such a polite little boy."
666 is an abundant number. It is the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers.

Since 36 is both square and triangular, 666 is the sixth number of the form n2(n2 + 1) / 2 (triangular squares) and the eighth number of the form n(n + 1)(n2 + n + 2) / 8 (doubly triangular numbers.)

There is no number whose value of Euler's totient function ö is 666, making it a nontotient.

The harmonic mean of the digits of 666 is an integer: 3/(1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6) = 6. 666 is the 54th number with this property.

In base 10, 666 is a palindromic number, a repdigit and a Smith number. A prime reciprocal magic square based on 1/149 in base 10 has a magic total of 666.

The Roman numeral representation of the number 666 (DCLXVI) uses once each the Roman numeral symbols with values under 1,000, and they occur in exact reverse order of their respective values (D = 500, C = 100, L = 50, X = 10, V = 5, I = 1).
I had no idea that the number 666 had any relavance to a legitimate mathmatical formula!
/TAN-staf-ful/ intj,n,v: "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Coined from Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land." Ended up on the Martian flag.

Also appears in several other Heinlein novels, including "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress," where all restaurants served the meal free, but charged heftily for beverages, etc.

More widely used around the time the book was first published, but can still be found circulating in dark basement apartments and gaming stores everywhere.
"I told you she'd be wanting payback for those smokes, man. TNSTAAFL."

"I answered that ad for a free RAZR and now all I get in my inbox is spam. TNSTAAFL strikes again."

"That new pizza joint totally TNSTAAFLed us."
A book written by Maddox. Published May 30th, 2006.

This book is guaranteed to make you a bada*s motherf*cker just like Maddox, and the chapters are defined below:

A is for a*s-Kicking
B is for Boners
C is for Copping A Feel
D is for Dump, Taking A
E is for Enlightenment (Women have never invented anything)
F is for Female Wrestling
G is for Gas
H is for Hot Sauce
I is for Irate
J is for j*rky, Beef
K is for Knockers
L is for Lumberj*ck (Caveman -> Viking -> Pirate -> Lumberj*ck)
M is for Metal
N is for Norris, Chuck
O is for Obedience (Training for Women)
P is for Pirates
Q is for Quickie
R is for Road Rage
S is for Sneaking a Peek
T is for Taunting
U is for Urinal Etiquette
V is for Violence
W is for Winner
X is for x*x
Y is for Yelling
Z is for Zombies
In the Alphabet of Manliness, there is a list of all definitive winners in history. They are as follows:

- Me

- King Ghidora

- Steve Buscemi

- l*sbians

- Flying Squirrels

- Red Twizzlers

- Castlevania: 1, 3, 4, Symphony of th eNight, Dawn of Sorrow

- Kung Pao shrimp

- Theodore Roosevelt

- Moshi Moshi

- Ivan the Terrible

- Extra sharp cheddar cheese

- Monsters

- Fried chicken

- Chops
see leet; see hacker; see guitarist; see god
"Jomictal is an uber leet hax0r"
One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Seven

Also known as Elite
1337 chat is used by either of the following
Used mainly by hackers (intelegent people who think they're cool by using numbers instead of letters normally losers in their school or community) 10% and wannabe hackers (idiots who don't know what they're actually saying but thinks its funny to see numbers when they are trying to put words in) 90%
I myself being a real hacker am not fond of "1337 chat" because it disrupts all meaning and just makes me look like a complete retard.

My common dictionary if ever using 1337 chat
A = 4
B = 13
C = { or (
D = l)
E = 3
F = F
G = 6 or 9
H = l-l
I = 1
J = J
K = l<
L = 1
M = lVl or /\/\
N = lV or /\/
O = 0 or () or
P = D or ]D
Q = Q
R = 12
S = 5
T = 7
U = U
V = \/
W = VV or \/\/ or lN
X = ><
Y = Y
Z = 2

Please give me a thumbs up =)
Z0lVlG 1M 50 lVlUCl-l lVl0R3 1337 7l-l4lv J00
Oh my god I am so much more elite than you are.
A slang term used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to denote getting KTFO'd (Knocked The f*ck Out). The term's origin comes from a match that occured at UFC 56 between Rich Franklin and Nathan Quarry. Quarry was knocked out cold in brutal fashion by a left hand from Rich Franklin making this one of the most brutal looking knockouts in UFC history. The term is used rather liberally (mostly on MMA internet forums) at this point--essentially it is interchangeable with KTFO. But it's original intention was to denote someone being outcla*sed or outmatched (Quarry was undeservingly thrust into a title shot with then middleweight champion Rich Franklin for several inconsequential reasons) and then getting brutally knocked out.
Joe: What do you think is gonna happen with in the Ortiz v. Shamrock fight?

Me: I wouldn't be suprised if Shamrock got quarry'd.
(v. trans.) To engage in often unlawful human caran*l practices. May connotes a desire by one party but not the other. Typically vulgar in nature.
Having admired Wanjika from afar for many weeks, Eugene's growing desires manifested themselves when he said to his friend, "Dude, I'd shtupp her in a second!"
(n)Any unidentified and undesirable substance, often crusted onto something you'd otherwise like to wear or sit on. Often found on second (or third or fourth) hand couches or thrift store finds.

(v)When someone s*rews something up, often in a half-a*sed manner.
Hey, man, I like your new jean-j*cket, but what's that gunk on the sleeve?

When I pa*sed out on my friend's couch after the party, I woke up to find my drool had coagulated with some gunk on the cushion.

Todd was supposed to mail the rent, but he gunked it, now we have a late fee. Way, to go, TODD!
(N): an*l Blast; When someone is pounding the sh*t out of another's a*s hole and proceeds to e*aculate into their a*shole.
(V): an*l Blasting; the act of an*l blasting.
(1): So how'd it go?
(2): Well, not bad for a first date. It started out kinda slow, but before I knew it we were an*l blasting.
(1): Awesome!
Used to describe HIV or AIDS.
Keith had several scares with the Big Sick when he had unprotected s*x with g*y men. Magic Johnson defeated the Big Sick.
when someone asks u 2 do something u rle cant b f*kd 2 do, just give them this reply... (see example)
CHAV-FRIEND:... Arrr m8 lets smash up that paki shop init bruv!!

MY-CHAVY-SELF:... Lets not, and say we did!!

What Would 06 Do?

Whatever we f*cking want to!

By the Cla*s of 06 : You know you are in the cla*s of 06 when..
1 .you know what the V-fund really stands for
2. you know the song defying gravity
3. being kicked out of the lounge is a usual
4 you can eat a cake under a minute and a half
5 you are hated.
6. operation librarian means something to you
7. unicorn paradise is love and you support them 100%
8. you really know what 06 would do..
9. “beef stew” means something to you
10 . Sister Bearss is your “champion”
11. Throwing a footrest = death
12. water fights / cake fights in the lounge/bathroom are not rare
13. you enjoy dancing around the lounge dressed up in costumes
14. throwing food is common
15. fart spray is your best friend
16. you love everyone in your cla*s. Really you do.
17. you often replace the s.c. song “I kissed a drunk girl” to “I kissed an orphan” and you know why.
18. “hey mickey your so fine , your so find you b*ow my mind hey mickey” means something to you.
19. Corey Donburger is a good friend of many. And half of you have been to the police station.
20. Mich*lles basement is where it all goes down.
21. Themed parties at the Steigerwalds are your favorite
22. DFS is more productive than NHS
23. you know what FUPA stands for
24. you don’t get looks for going to cla*s soaking after a water fight anymore.
25. you have issues with “respect” – senior cla*s 05
26. Domino reactions in fire drills are a usual
27. you have gotten freshmen welcome week revoked
28. you ...
the action of auto-stimulation by use of two hands clinched in a fist shape.

*first discovered in the CNN building where a wonderful Pithecia pithecia was viewed in it's cage engaging in 'two-fist smashin' it'
Yo, homie D-Loc been in lock down for so long man. i bet he be two-fist smashin' it every night
when a girl's p*ssy looks like a "V" with a line down the middle looking like a camel's toe. (i see about 400 girl's each day here in h-town texas!:-D)
DAAAAAAYUMN!!!! that's a nice camel toe!
A unit of sh*ttiness. First used by Kevin Sing, introduced by Greg Dutcher, and popularized by Joey Cuda, this word has become part of the everyday lexicon of TJ students. A person who is "chitty" often exhibits the following qualities:

1. Cheating on homework
2. Going out with younger students
3. Constantly asking for help with homework
4. Calling someone you don't know to find out what is on an upcoming test (see "Pulling an Ashwin")
5. Cheating on tests or quizzes by getting friends to grade them (mutual agreement to grade easily)
6. Insulting someone online and then apologizing in real life because you don't want to get beat up (See jcuda v. hzhang)

Chit almost always has a negative connotation.
Paul S: "Ahh, chitting around..."
Greg D: "..."
Andrew K: "..."

"Yo whats on the test tomorrow"
"Do I know you?"
Mispelling of f*ck, often put in speed chatrooms.
"Go fiuck yourself!"
Even though labels don't matter, I have decided to put matters into my own hands.
Emo kids do not necissarily have to cut themselves, or listen to 'emo bands'... because most suck. Emo is a fashion, a way of life! Sure, many might be depressed and write poems, for I write poems about my suck monkey a*s life, but it doesn't mean most are! Some whiney rich kids who afford Hot Topic decide to go all "Rocker".. or have emo friends, or something like that, they think it's cool and try to be the same. "Monkey see, Monkey do."
Most emo kids have a very hard home life. Some are poor, or almost poor (cough) and can't even afford Hot Topic, so they go shop at GoodWill, and find the neatest outfits ;D Sometimes they go to Hot Topic, usually for the SALES! O.O </3
Diet (chow, eats, grub, etc..)
You must be a Vegan, or strive to be one.. You eat nothing that is an animal, from an animal, in a 500 mile radius from an animal, or anything that casts an animal-shaped shadow. You believe eating meat is ultimately wrong however that doesn't stop you from going on occasional meat-eating binges while at restaurants. You must also be a "straight edge" enthusiast, despite the fact you drink occasionally, not to mention smoke. No matter. Anorexia is often a trait of an emo kid.
Hair (the doo)
Your hair must be black or at least dyed an ugly dark magenta color. If you are truly punk, you do not shower. You must used 10 gallons of gel in your hair everyday, so much that you are actually styl...
v. To seek to attract attention to one's self by means of deliberately uncommon behaviour.
1. Try not to look at Rupert, he's botarging again.

2. "Oh Verity darling I really wish you'd get down from that table and put some clothes on. Really, you're such a botarger these days."
(klub dûs)

1. a place to go number two
2. a night club in South Beach
Yo, I just ate a monster burrito that earned me V.I.P. entry to Club Deuce tonight.

john, c*apper, privy
1. v., emptying one's stomach through the mouth in an act of rage. (This a portmanteau of the words rage and vomit)

2. n., the substance produced thereof.
Example A: You'd better not beat me in chess, or I'll romit all over the place!

Example B: Andrew, I'm tired of cleaning up your romit every time you can't get the information you need for one of your a*signments.
1) v To carefully rate a woman's t*ts on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best
2) n The rating that a woman's t*ts have recieved
1) I'd titrate those about a 9.5: they're nice and big.
2) She has a titrating of 9.5.
A: 4 or l\ or ^ or @ or /\ or /-\
B. l3 or 8 or ß or ]3 or l:
C: ( or < or © or ¢
D: l) or l> or ])
E:3 or £
F: l= or # or ƒ
G:6 or 9
H: # or l-l or (-) or !-! or }-{ or }{ or l+l or )+( or !+! or }+{
I: !
L: 1 or ]
J: _l or _/
K: l< or l( or l{ or l<=
L: l_ or ! or 1
M: l\/l or /\/\ or l\l\ or ^^
N: l/l or /\/
O: 0 or () or <> or * or ø or Ó or °
P: l* or l> or |D or l^ or l+
Q:& or (\) or ¶
R: l2 or ®
S: 5 or $ or §
T:+ or 7
U: l_l or /_/
V: \/
W:|/\| or \/\/ or |/\/ or \/\|
X: >< or }{ or :-:
Y: ¥
Z: 2
A really queer show that ran from 1987-1995 and went off the air because it was ''too much money to make'' Um it was on the same set as Friends it shouldn't cost THAT much to make an overrated T.V. show about a douchebag family living in one house

Meet the family

Danny- Danny is a clean freak who won't let anybody do anything. Might be a closted h*mo, as will not go out with any women after ''his wife's death''

Jesse- Jesse is a self-absorbed douchebag. He loves himself, and his hair, more than anything else in the world. Oh yeah I'm missing something else too. Elvis

Joey- Joey is the perfect example of a child molester. He likes to be around children and entertian them. Children= his life

Mich*lle- Perfect example of a spoiled brat. Such as ''I want ice cream!'' or ''I'm the princess'' or ''Jesse I want Joey to eat me out this time!''

*I didn't add the other two, nothing to say about them...

So simply, for all you people discovering it now, because it's on daytime T.V. 5 billion times a week, about queer a*s people hugging all the time for no reason.
full house sucks hobo bum
I'm going to reply to the first post with much more gravity than it probably deserves. Either way, I will reply one "point" at a time.

A. What "sucks" is a subjective judgement, made even more flimsy by the fact that you don't really use any meaningful arguments to back it up.
B. It takes no talent... tell that to the many jazz musicians who have tried to play rock and failed miserably.
C. Not true. Much of rock derived from the blues, which is about as populist as you can get.
D. (not worth a counterargument)
E. This doesn't make sense,
F. Who cares? Personal appearance does not a good art make.
G. Also not true. Wilco, the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, Streetlight Manifesto, Garage A Trois, and many others are making music just as good as anything from the era of cla*sic rock.
H. "90% of all musicions do some sort of drug, illeagle or not, the most famous and best rockers have all died from drugs." Ha! Ha! Ha!
I. Drums require coordination to play. MPCs don't.
J. They haven't ripped jeans since Nirvana, dude.
K. The best music isn't always the most popular, dumba*s. Sometimes it requires a modic*m of intelligence to understand.
L. Not worth a reply.
M. Actually, most rock musicians are self-taught. And if they do have lessons, once again, so what? Rock is obviously not music for the rich. You don't go to see a rock band in a 3 piece suit, drinking wine.
N. Tell that to Jeff Buckley.
O. Alright, that's kind of a good point.
P. (not worth a r...
A place to escape controlling parents and to replace with controlling admins and teachers. With one difference
At school you have friends.
School is for friends; college is for partying.
There is a Reason for getting decent grades: Escape control: If they think "oh s/he's such a good student"; then you can get away with so much more.
Jen: I hate school. I'm gonna drop out...
Jim: Why man, School's for friends...
Jen: Too much work...
Jim: s*rew the work do enough so you get a B; then you can keep hanging out with me next semester.

***Walking down hallway sees an Admin oh no, *o*- no pa*s! Jim acts smoothly.***

Jim: Hey Mr. V how's your day going?
Mr. V: my day is going fine, very well in fact... thanks for asking. You know, you’re not really supposed to be up here, normally I'm supposed to write you up, but I'd hate to spoil my good day, can you please go down stairs...
Jim: Oh I've just got to the Chem. room for a minute... my teacher wanted me to run and get her some supplies...
Mr. V: all right you need me to unlock the door...
Jim: Yeah that's be great!
**Unlocks door**
Mr. V: see you around ... Congrats on the honor role by the way...

Award for good grades:
With your friends off school grounds on Senior Privileges 30 mins later...
Jen: That's what I love about hanging out with you; you can get away with anything; you are in with all the admins.
Jim: Yep. They think we're obeying their rules but we've always got our own agenda. Hand me that fuse... I'll show you the proper way to take care of this watermelon...
The act of which two men (often times g*y) smear the ritz cheese sandwich substance over one anothers body.
OMG did you see those 2 nobblecopters
A language started by haxors


4 |3 C |) 3 |= 6 |-| 1 _| |< |_ |\/| || 0 |> Q |2 5 7 |_| \/ |/| >< `/ Z
EX) 1|= `/0|_| C4|| |234|) 7|-|15, `/0|_| |234|_|_`/ ||33|) 70 637 |_41|)

The above is l33t
v. To indirectly and unintentionally cause grief to others, or to otherwise f*ck something up for someone else unintentionally.

n. One who wancy's.
Our partner sure did wancy that experiment for us.

Everything was going smoothly until your friend came and s*rewed it all up. He's such a wancy.

f*ck, I've been wancy'd.
to punch extreamly hard, to bring harm to in some way, repetedly punch someone extreamly hard
Shut up or ill shank you like you've never been shanked before hoe.
The Supreme Alphabet is, in the Nation of Gods and Earths, a system of interpreting text and finding deeper meaning in the original 120 Questions written by Elijah Muhammad and Wallace Fard Muhammad by a*signing actual meanings to the letters of the Roman alphabet. It was developed by Clarence 13X after splitting from the Nation of Islam, after which he developed his Supreme Understanding.
Disclaimer: It is inc*mbent upon each individual to develop his/her own understanding of what supreme alphabet is to them. Although the definition of the terms are accepted throughout, the words below are another person’s understanding.
• (A)- Allah: The Asiatic Blackman sic. “Asia” is the body; “attic” is the mind; “black” is the dominant force, “man” is the higher intelligence; a backronym for arm, leg, leg, arm, head; the Father of the Universe; all in all.
• (B)- Be or Born: to exist. To be born is to bring into existence mentally through the Nation of Islam by way of the old Earth’s womb, Life.
• (C)- Cee or See: to see is to have insight, to comprehend through the mind’s eye; to see is to have insight to see through the physical, to understand.
• (D)- Divine: the essence of self, Godly by nature, which can neither be added to nor taken away from; can't say “Allah” without saying “all.” One’s nature is pure and untampered-with.
• (E)- Equality: to knowledge your knowledge, you will deal with everythin...
v. In the computerized offense report system for a major urban police department in southeast Texas, there is a drop-down list of actions a suspect may perform during the commission of a crime. #55 is "Tongue a*us." To "fifty-five" someone means that they are so incredibly hot that you'd even consider performing an act that you'd otherwise never do.
Guy 1: "Whoa! Check out that chick who just walked in!"

Guy 2: "She's hot! I'd fifty-five her in a heartbeat."
A SPORT that consists of lifting other girls in the air that sometimes weigh less than 100 pounds, but usually are heavier. Not only do we lift these girls in the air, keep time, dance, be flexible, tumble, and LOOK GOOD WHILE DOING IT. Also, I'd like to see any of you yell, loudly, while tumbling, smiling and holding others in the air. However, many cheerleaders take games, where they cheer for their school's team, and must stay positive no matter how bad this team is losing, as a joke. It's just something that they're "required" to do to compete in their high school competition. Otherwise, they just join a non-school competition (all-star) team.
I agree, jumping around like an idiot is not a sport. Lifting people in the air that most of the time are barely smaller than you, tumbling, dancing and yelling for at least 3 minutes is. Members of other sports occasionally participate in conditioning, and possibly even switch over, because cheerleading is a more challenging SPORT. Come to a competition before you judge us and say that this isn't a sport. At least in football, if you drop what you're supposed to be catching, all you'll get is sh*t from your coaches and teammates. In cheer, if we drop the PERSON we're supposed to be catching, we get sh*t from our coaches and teammates, not to mention that the girl could get seriously hurt and even DIE.
Not all cheerleaders are sl*ts, wh*res, or stupid. More girls who participate in other sports participate in these "less than ...
Samecom - n. v. adj.

1. Used in Internet chat rooms in response to a request for a URL that happens to be the same word as the topic of discussion, but with ".com" appended. See example one for clarification.

2. (As an adjective) Primarily, to describe a URL that is redundant, uninspired, or pa*sé. Informally, as an adjective to describe same but outside of the world wide web.

3. (As a verb) (Rare) To act in an obnoxious, uninspired, lazy or otherwise undesirable manner.
<ChatMan10> Hey, have you guys heard about Google?
<ChatterMan23> URL please?
<ChatMan10> samecom

I looked into that coffee company's website, but it was all too samecom for me.

If I have to go with you to another boring opera, I'm going to samecom so much you'll wish you'd left me at home!
(v) When a male's p*nis is in a female's a*us during doggy-style s*x the male applies a Tazer to the female for a full 5 second burst causing the female's a*us to constrict tightly around the p*nis.
Dude, I totally Flash Gordon'd this chick last night. She clenched down so hard it neary cut my d*ck off in her a*s!
the word is well i don't know do i bah to u and ur friends
the word was said get him lads
When you have been sufficienly and generously satisfied mentally. It is the zenith of mental pleasure, espcially amongst intellectuals or it can be just some funny comment or remark said or written so well that it can can make the recipients of the remark or comment say "Well that made my day"
"Man that book by Jose was so eloquent and so fantastic, it was quite stimulating and fantastic...I am mentally c*mmed"

"Our math teacher mentally c*mmed himself when he found a type in your SAT workbook"

"Network TV mentally c*ms on America everyday"
to e*aculate onto the face of your partner. also look up facialbukake
Me and my buddy dunked on minka.
1. adj. Word used to describe a computer that general does not function well, or typically malfunctions

2.v. When a computer suddenly malfunctions and/or needs to be restarted to fix an error
1. "My computer's so slow, it's such a Mac."

2."Dude, my computer just totally mac'd out! I had to reboot it."
(n.) the prize bestowed each year to the golfer who wins the Masters Tournament at Augusta National...but more importantly:
(v.) (-s, -ed, -ing) a) to absolutely and completely master something, b) to become master over something/someone
Alt. Spelling: Green-j*cket, greenj*cket, g-jay
Harold: "Yo man, how did your interview go?"
Kumar: "I straight up Green j*cketed that sh*t, son."
Harry: "Hey, how'd you night with Laura end up?"
Lloyd: "I g-jayed that vag all night long."
elameno is the word put between the letters 'K' and 'P' during the 'Alphabet Song' sung by children.
This often comes when singing the song at some speed.
No origin of the word is known but it can be a*sumed that it was used after the song was widely used.
"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, ELAMENO, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z..."
A is for Angsty; always angsty, often without reason.

B is for Bangs; to cover their eyes in a rather stupid way, causing them to trip a lot.

C is for Clone; they are all alike.

D is for Define; they not only are emo, they must constantly define themselves as emo.

E is for Everybody; all the people who want to beat them up.

F is for Facebook; because they can't make friends in real life.

G is for "Guys"; because it just needs air quotes.

H is for Half Haircut; because they only pay for half which is why they have side bangs.

I is for I; because that is all they think about.

J is for Joyless, because they are determined to have no fun.

K is for Kitten; because they are equal to kittens in both stregnth and intellegence.

L is for Love: because they cry so much about it.

M is for Myspace.com; because otherwise they would have no friends.

N is for Nonconformist; because they are such nonconformists because they conform to the nonconformists.

O is for Overly Dramatic; because they can't stop whining.

P is for Poetry; it takes two emos to s*rew in a lightbulb, on to do it, and one to write a poem about it.

Q is for Quitters; because they are such experts.

R is for Razors; because their HD TVs are not big enough, so the solution is self-mutilation.

S is for Scars; up and down their arms.

T is for Tantrum; because the store was out of their favourite soy drink.

U is for Ugly; because most of them don't know they are, but ...
the biggest group of failures around
Me: Wanna hear a joke
Friend: Ok
Me: The French Military
Friend: haha
an expression of great fellings
man that party was bumpin,like yabbadabba!
1: (v) The act of having your d*ck inserted all the way into a person's mouth to the point of having your nuts on their chin. Also know as the deepthroat.

2: (n) Part of a joke.

3: (N) The Tag or Nickname of Yay Area resident Chinuts. Named for his endeavor to get "chinuts" from all the ladies.
1: I told her that before we could f*ck I'd have to give her the chinuts.

Q: What do you call nuts on a wall?
A: Wallnuts.
Q: Right. What do you call nuts on your chest?
A: Chestnuts!
Q: Right! What do you call nuts on your chin?
A: Chinuts?
Q: That's right b*tch! You got my d*ck in your mouth!

3: You headed over to the Yay? Tell that n*gga Chinuts I said wa*sup and that he better stay away from my sister.
Grimey - someone who is dressed in some real old school hip hop gear

something that looks ill

someone who is real hood!
d*mn that dude looks grimey
Garuns originated in Brighton, UK from the high school Varndean College Brighton.

Garuns is an abbreviation of the word "Guaranteed" originally used by the "Chavs" aka "nutters" of varndean school however it soon caught on to the rest of the city by either people using it in mockery or purely enjoying the great phrase. There have been many variations on the origin of this linguistic phenomenon, the most prominent of these say it is derived from a miss-cue of Gary Berkoff's mum, calling him "Garyuns". This however is most probably an urban legend, as is Gary himself.

There was an uproar about how Garuns was to be spelt, some (the clever ones) wanted Garuns to be spelt Guarans claiming as it originated from the word guaranteed it should be spelt in the same manner, however this just didn't happen as most people tended to write it as "Garuns" simply because guaranteed is a hard word to spell. Another break off from this is the so called 'msn' spelling of the word; namely "Garenz".

The people who most frequently use the word and who (disputably) claim to own the word are - Hobbie, Easty, Matt Watts, Sonny Ball, Joe Howell etc. Garuns can be used in almost any context, can be randomly added into a sentence or can be substituted for any word.

For example-

"Look at the size of my Garuns", "Pa*s me the Garuns", "She is a Garuns", "Did you Garuns it?", "Did you Garuns finish the homework", "I need to finish my specifigaruns", "lets mish it to the kebarens shop", "whe...
The hoe who broke my heart. I thought she loved me. But she just wanted to f*ck!. I'm OK with that. But she wanted to f*ck E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y !!!!. But, on the other hand, she is mans' best friend. Now that I don't love her anymore... I just want to f*ck her! So in this case, "A sl*t Is A Mans Best Friend!... just don't fall in love with the b*tch...
The f*cking b*tch, she is just a sl*t! She is f*cking all my homey's... But that's ok... she's f*ckin me too... I just didn't know she was f*cking my homey's... putting it in perspective... she is just a hoe that wants to f*ck... she loves everybody!!! and as we all know... Love Makes The World Go Round...
(v) To reference a place you've been during a conversation, whether or not it is appropriate, for the purpose of pointing out you've been there. Similar to namedropping, save that the object is to point out that you've been somewhere, not that you were with someone.
Person 1: I'm trying to lay off hard alcohol for a while.
Person 2: Oh, me, too -- ever since I was in Cabo last month, I've been watching what I drink.
Person 3: Way to placedrop Cabo in the conversation.

I like Sean, but he's constantly placedropping Chicago, like he's so cool for having gone there on vacation.

It was about halfway through the conversation that I realized I'd placedropped London six times, not even meaning to bring up my summer there.
phrase used by the best gamer on x-box live
he pwns everybody
wkejksjdg n*gga plox!!!!
that n*gga pwned me
Myspace is a website that allows you to make a "profile", or as i view it, "you on the internet". Some people memorize their myspace ID and tell people to add them, THEIR MYSPACE ID!!!! It allows you to show who you are through the internet. Think about it, you pick everything about your profile; what pictures you put up, your background, your music, your about me, your blogs, your likes/dislikes, who you'd like to meet, what books/movies/music you like, who your heros are, and you choose who your friends are. You also have conversations online. People use myspace to "see who's online! omg!". We even have myspace; drama, wh*res, bands, and t.v. And now we have a truth box, where you can see what people think about you, and its totally confidential. People could pick up the phone or decide to meet somewhere or go outside.... they go online... to message and comment. What has the world come to?
EX1"Have you checked my myspace?"

EX2"Did you read my latest blog?"

EX3"pc4pc" "w4w" "sub4sub"
A very popular motorsport in the U.S.A,but it doesn't hold a candle to motocross or Off-roading(Dune buggys,trohpy trucks,ATVs etc.). At least it's more entertaining then watching people play poker on t.v, talk about boring.
T.V. announcer: The Nascar Nextel Cup series @ 6 only on Fox sports.

Me: No thank you i'd rather watch the Baja 1000 on the speed channel.
the ultimate form of Smirnoff Ice. It is a citrus-flavored malt vodka that mixes in well when your smoking a bowl. It has the ability to make you feel like your not getting drunk but sneak up on you later. It's also called a truth serum due to the fact that you'll spill the beans on a lot of sh*t that you didn't even realize you were feeling.

I recommend you don't share bottles because it disappears fast when your drinking it by yourself, you'd only get like a one sip pa*s if you share.
M: Where's Brittney?
V: She's spending the night at Stephanie's.
M: They'll hit that Smirnoff Triple Black and get f*cked up.
To inadvertently reply to the entire HRWhoa! open list when the message
was intended only for the sender of a previous HRWhoa! post.

Origin: May 2005; ME *pullen* (v.), OE *pullian* to pluck, pluck the feathers of, pull, tug; cf. MLG *p=FBlen* to strip off husks, pick, ON *p=FBla*to work hard+ "Matt Kan" - eponym of Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra violinist who replied to the entire list continually to ask about senior sales
f*ck! I just pulled a Matt Kan and now everyone knows I wanted Anicia's Jar
Jar Binks poster!

I really hope I didn't pull a Matt Kan when I declared my undying love and gushing s*xual attraction to Jimbo's sideburns...

Adam, I'd love to go to the Pformal with you :-*.
Rated E for Everyone
The E Rating Means Anyone Can Play It!
V. to meet a fly honey with braces at a bumpin party. Then, proceed to take her into a room with shag carpeting and shove and twist that ho's face into the carpeting until her braces have been adequately tangled in said carpet. After, proceed to have your way with her.
Wesley: Ew, dude, that chick has braces.

Derek: Whatever, man, I'd Iron Man that ho.
A is for annoying, always dissing what is "odd".

B is for b*oty, the second only thing they think about.

C is for cheat, their only talent.

D is for their grade point average, must I say anymore?

E is for everyone, who they are trying to please.

F is for "fag", what they call what is different.

G is for "Gods", that which they think they are.

H is for humane, that which they don't care about.

I is for individuality, that which they don't have.

J is for jokes that they play on other people.

K is for kool, for the ones who can't spell.

L is for lame, the point which they fear.

M is for misinformed, thinking that being popular is the most important thing.

N is fir no respect, what they give others.

O is for opaque, cause you can see right through them.

P is for pressure, the kind that they put on each other.

Q is for quite loud, for they are never quiet.

R is for ridicule, what they do to everyone else.

S is for simple, they see only in black and white.

T is for torment, what they do on a daily basis.

U is for universal, for they are EVERYWHERE!!!

V is for vindictive, what more can I say.

W is for window l*cker, 'cause most have a low GPA.

X is for (e)x-girlfriends, of which they have plenty.

Y is for you, that which they don't care for.

Z is for zero, how many the world wants!!!
similar to a milf, a Vice President I'd Like to f*ck. p*onnounced with the "VP" sound blended as opposed to V-PILF.
Holy s#@$!!! If McCain wins, Sarah Palin will be a VPILF!
Noun, Acronym (p*onunciation: V-P-I-L-F or vuh-PILL-ph)

Acronym for "Vice President I'd Like to f*ck."
It's too bad Kerry didn't win the 2004 election. Edwards was a total VPILF. Cheney ... not so much.
A girl who is always bummy; she always wears reunion tee shirts-- either current or from years ago. Usually with the tee shirt, she will wear bad-fitting jeans (even mom-jeans look better'n the ones this girl wears). Also, he hair is never done. She is usually ugly and has no charm whatsover. She just throws on anything to cover up-- never mind the fit or the size or the gender it's made for; she might be called an offie; she'll never be called a belle-laide or jolie-laide.
Marleigh: I don't dress too dressy, yet I don't dress too bummy. I'm right in the middle. My "bummy" is never as bummy as Reunion Tee Shirt Girl.

Sue: Yeah, you'd never catch me looking like the REUNION TEE SHIRT GIRL. My bummy-ness goes as far as jeans and a v-neck, fitted tee.

Marleigh: Yeah, shoot me if I ever get like Reunion Tee Shirt Girl
tr. & intr.v. - to steal a coffee pot.
"Hmm... that's a mighty nice French press rig. I'd sure like to perculate it."
Asking a baby if they have to doo-doo or squirt, or sh*t.
Do you have to google b*oble doodle kid.
The UN Posse - pr. n. A local ska band from New Roch*lle composed of Brian Gabel (vocals), Sebastien Feuga (guitar), Case Peters (Trumpet), Michael Grogan (Lead Trumpet), Sheri Aronowitz (Saxophone), Jeremy Orenstein (drums), Ben Orenstein (ba*s guitar), Athena Lo (Trombone), Alex Miller (Keyboards) and David Harary (Tenor Saxophone and Ba*s Clarinet). Previous members who eventually quit include Matt Baum (Alto & Tenor Saxophone) and Sam Weiller (Alto & Baritone sax). The band was formed by the initial quartet of Case Peters, Seb Feuga, Ben & Jeremy Orenstein. Soon, the band looked to expand its horn section and recruited David Harary on ba*s clarinet (until they could get their hands on a Baritone saxophone), Michael Grogan on trumpet, and Matt Baum, who joined shortly after he witnessed their awesomeness at their first show, a Battle of the Bands at Harbor Island in Mamaroneck, in which they ended up winning first place and a handful of new fans. The UN Posse continued to play shows throughout the year 07-08 - some of their favorite gigs include Don Hill's in the city, Cafe at NRHS, and street shows in front of the Habitat for Humanity store on Main St. in New Roch*lle. Their most popular tracks include:

Evolution of the Dollar

Pardon Me (While I s*ank)

1.The act of f*nger dangling, brown eye tickling, and squating on a plunger in no particular order.

2. A person who strongly believes that pro wrestling is real. When this belief is challenged he/she will threaten to have his father sue you for everything you and your parents own.
"I bet that guy Ferroni'd himself before he went to the library."

"He's walking like he Ferroni'd all morning!"

"Ferroni v. Joshua "Too Hott Hot Dog." The Plaintiff claims that Too Hott said Stone Cold is a fictional character and is suing for $30 and 4 hand jobs for emotional distress."

"Munder ferroni's himself a lot. He has like four plungers in the trunk of his car."
The Hot and Muscular Chick From WWE
Beth Phoenix Is Awesome!
Italian Mobster

Most commonly seen in movies similar to ScarFace
Hey Man, you want the money?
Well you're going to have to kill all the Spaghettis!
v. To have s*x. The term comes from when pants are on the ground for a night, they tend to get creases in them.
Bridget: So, who's creasing your pants?
Ellie: None of your business.

Keith: So I creased my pants last night...

Mark: So I got my pants creased last night...

Beth: I've been creasing Keith's pants since January 08.

Lenny: Hey Jill, I'd like to crease your pants.
1. (v) To strike with force; (n) a forceful strike, a b*ow or attack.
2. A single 'serving' or dose, generally a drug or alcoholic drink
3. To use something, usually a drug
4. A result of a search on a search engine
5. Visits to a web page
6. To visit; to go to
7. To have s*x with
8. To make (s*xually-motivated) advances on
9. To mark with graffiti; to tag
10. Ugly, as if having been hit with something
11. A murder or a*sasination. Or, a mandate for one.
12. A successful or popular thing
13. To communicate; to call or message
14. To realize something suddenly; to discover
1. He got hit by a bus.
2. He took a hit of acid
3. He hit the bong
4. "p*rn" gets 250 million hits on Google
5. His blog got 3 thousand hits a day
6. We hit up a 7-11 because we were hungry
7. I'd hit it.
8. Some random drunk guy started hitting on her
9. We hit up the side of a bridge
10. Dude, that fat chick's so hit!
11. The Mafia called a hit on the mayor.
12. The song "Never Gonna Give You Up" was Rick Astley's biggest hit.
13. Hit me up on my myspace sometime
14. He couldn't remember where he knew her from, then suddenly it hit him.
Better known by his other stage name Tony Yayo.

(Also Mr. 12/12 58/58, Mr. 12 12 58 58 etc.)

Tony Yayo, born in Southside Jamaica Queens in 1977, is part of the rap group G-Unit. Even if you don't know him, you'v seen him makin hype on every 50 Cent's show. He has got a lot of haters, but obviously - he doesn't care.

Tony Yayo released one official album - Thoughts of a Predicate Felon (August 30, 2005, G-Unit Interscope). Now he's back on the street level, producing or hosting hot mixtapes. Recommended: S.O.D.(Swimmies on deck) and Black Friday.

Tony Yayo (born as Marvin Bernard) gave himself his stage name Mr. 12 12 58 58 after his drug dealer nick name, referring to his past.
Same with "Tony Yayo" - Tony - T.O.N.Y. = Talk Of New York, "Yayo" = cocaine, crack - the drug Tony was specialized on. Phrase YAYO got popular especially after spectacular movie The Scarface.
"Aww n*gga do you know what this is
One shot one kill whats the deal G-UNIT!
Aww n*gga do you know who you with
It's Tony Yayo up in this b*tch!"

Tony Yayo - So Seductive

"Ya'll n*ggas can't rap ya'll ain't got no money
Broke a*s n*ggas
Its the real Talk Of New York
n*ggas tryin to bite my name and sh*t while I'm gone ha ha
Top Of New York n*gga I'm changin' my sh*t, a.k.a. 12 12's 58 58's n*gga
I did that just cause the playoffs is right now
You buma*s n*ggas"

Tony Yayo aka Mr. 12 12, 58 58 - NYC, Where I'm From
n. probably the most significant person you'll ever meet in your life.
Type of person that people always regret not being more "in" with him later in life.

v. the action of owning or as others refer to it as ownage.
ex 1:
Ian: " You can have my lunch if you want..i'm not so hungary"
Jessica " f*ck! should've went out with Salim."
Ian "yeah"

ex 2:
Interviewer: " So Ashton Kutcher..we heard you're having a new show now? Can you tell us it's name?"

Kutcher: "haha...yeah..it's gnna be "You just got Salim'd!"
(v.) To sleep with a different woman than the one you slept with the night before, often more than once. Orginates from the

horndog character Jason Stackhouse on HBO's hit TV series True Blood. Stackhousing is done by people not in serious

relationships, and not to be confused with cheating.
Jon: So how'd the other night go with Molly?

Jim: That went fine, but I totally Stackhoused it and slept with Sarah last night, and that was even better!

Alex: It's not cheating, it's Stackhousing!
n. the small piece of a marijuana bud placed at the bottom of a smoking device, under more well-ground, or shaky, marijuana, so as not to lose the finer bits to the water or in one's mouth while smoking.

v. to place a marijuana bud at the bottom of a smoking device, under shakier marijuana, to prevent losing the finer bits while smoking.

(synonym: weed screen)
Hey man, all I have is shake; do you have a budplug?

Yeah, I'll smoke that dank. I would smoke you out but all I have is shake and I'd need you to budplug the bong for me.
V. The female equivalent of the tea bag, where a person's nose is covered by a woman's labia majora.
Hey check out the nose on that guy. I'd like to tea cozy him.
N. The world's most BA chorus teacher. Has the piano skills of Billy Joel and the flowing tresses of Vin Diesel. Always looks like whatever he is seeing is slightly bizarre and has a tie to go with every shirt.

V. To completely beast something; to do an amazing job.

Adj. Exceptionally fantastic
Ex. 1- (Kid 1) Who do you think would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and Mr. Mauroni?
(Kid 2) Really? Did you even have to ask that? Mauroni would just have to look at Chuck Norris like he was crazy and Chuck Norris wouldn't be able to handle it.

Ex. 2- (Kid 1) How do you think you did on your solo?
(Kid 2) I think I Mauroni'd it. The crowd went wild. I had to do two encores.

Ex. 3- (Kid 1) Check out my new kicks.
(Kid 2) Wow. They're so Mauroni!
Means applying pressure too much too someone and also being very strone and abusive in language and applicably accepting it as if you were right...
jerry springer" so your boyfriend's an correlative freak and your an street fleced h*re".

(crowd laughter)

female guest" but jerry i would do what ever he wont if he got a f*cking job"
When something is so f*cking amazing not even "HOLY sh*t" can describe it.
George "Your Mom is c*min' on my dog"

Mason "Seriously?"

George "Yeah. Dude, Look behind you"

Mason *Looks back*


George *Pats on shoulder*

George "Sorry Man."
A band or brothers with a mostly teenage fan base. The band consists of Nick, 16, Joe, 19 and Kevin, 21. They have hits such as "Burnin Up", "Tonight", "Lovebug", "SOS" and "When you look me in the eyes." They were discovered by Hollywood Records and were in the Disney Channel Movie, "Camp Rock." They have a Disney Channel T.V. Show coming in May called J.O.N.A.S. They were raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey and now have homes in Dallas and Los Angeles. They went on a huge tour in the summer of 2008 alongside friend Demi Lovato. They will be going on a World Tour in he Summer of 2009. They performed on Sat*rday Night Live and at d*ck Clark's New Years Eve celebration. They released a 3-D Movie of their Summer 2008 Burnin Up Tour which also included several clips of their life on tour. They have been on the cover or Rolling Stones magazine and earned over 60 million dollars in 2008. They have a younger brother, Frankie and their Parents are Kevin Sr. and Denise.
I am so excited to go to the Jonas Brothers 2009 World Tour this summer.
Anyone imitating, emulating, agreeing with, or not annoyed by a particular dumba*s, also known as Lord Packum's the Squire. Sometimes seen "Jewing" on fellow members of the D.S. or vegetating and making ignorant "Jewish" remarks in the most inappropriate of places. Often "Jewing" the final hits from a piece even when it is obvious it is beattums. Acts of Jew-b*stardism are punishable by the loss of a singe golden star. It is no accident the act "Jewishness," for all true Jew b*stard stem from the motherland of Greece. Symptoms include stupid grins, random babbling, and the habitual loss and failure to comply with the game of Nose Goes.
FATHER:: "God Dammit, someone spilled a million f*cking nerds in back of my S.U.V., and started using my cup holders as ashtrays."

Daughter:: "OMG! What a f*cking Jew b*stard."

Father:: "You tell that Jew b*stard, that if he doesn't clean up the nerds and stop ashing in the cup holders, I'm going to cut off his little Jew b*stard b*lls!"
Possibly the most overrated game ever made.
This game features an effective illusion of having good graphics, while to someone who knows anything about video games will know that if you can see the pixels on a texture by simply walking up to it, the graphics suck. They cover this up in a similar way to gears of war, by putting a lot of effort into character models, and making sh*tty filters causing every part of a map to go one shade of the same colour.
Further more, kills can be achieved simply by look up and pressing the 'throw grenade' button. There is a huge amount of autoaim and 2 bullets can get you a kill with almost any weapon, including pistols.
Every multiplayer map or at least a part of every map is copied and pasted from the campaign along with the weapons, allowing the lazy devs to simply make the campaign, hit ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and call it a day.
Call of duty 4
Experienced Gamer: Wow this game is sh*t

CodFag: You just dont like it because you cant jump 40 feet high and fly banshees!!!

Experienced Gamer: No, I dont like it because the gameplay is sh*t and it plays itself, no matter how good I get I still die just as much as when I started playing, despite the fact I get four times the amount of kills.

CodFag: Thats becuase its really realistic!!!

Experienced Gamer: In real life you can't press a button and have the sights on your gun line up perfectly, you can't take a shot to the head with a desert eagle and be all better 5 seconds later, you dont just spring back to life after dying, you cant shoot someone at a 1/2 mile with a sniper in 2 seconds while strafing side-to-side.......30 minutes later....

CodFag: Ya well Halo has aliens n' stuff like how stupid is that?

Experienced Gamer: Not really that stupid, it takes place 500 years in the future so there's virtually nothing you can say is unrealistic about it.

CodFag: Ya well, in real life I'd be so much better at shooting than you.

Experienced Gamer: No, you wouldn't. You'd be sitting there spraying every bit of ammo you have the whole time thinking "WTF IM NOT HITTING ANYTHING!" Then you realize you have to actually line up your sights to shoot straight, by which time youve already thrown all your grenades into the air and ran out of ammo, achieving nothing.

Lets leave the biased, rude and sterotypical comments aside.
The Camaro was introduced in 1967 as Chevy's competing Pony Car against the Musrtang. It originally had a 302, but the Z/28 model added the solid-lifter 302-cid V-8 with an 850-cfm four-barrel carburetor was again exclusive to the Z/28. The SS added a 427 ci engine. It follwed a lot of success, won several Trans Am races, and was the car to have in the 70s-80s.

The whole "white trash/mullet" thing I keep seeing is ridiculous. It's obvious that ricers like to talk sh*t about one of America's most successful cars. Stock, it rips any Civic, Mazda, Supra, Skyline. It is not a trailer trash car, especially with the new 2010 Camaro SS, starting at $39,000. Clocks 0-60 in 4.6 secs, let's see ricers do better. The majority of Camaro enthusiasts are normal guys, non mullets/80s/white trash. Now that you've all been disproven, shut up.
Civic Guy: Hey, ese, look at that gringo in his Camaro homez, white trash b*tch.

Camaro Guy: Right, you have a 4 cyl Civic with a Sonic exaust pipe, and 20" rims, who are you fooling?

Civic Guy: Ight homez, let's ra- Where'd he go? That him way out there? d*mn I was wrong where can I get me one of those?
v. gapslap. The act of slapping a girl's 'gap' (v*gina) as hard as you can, often causing her legs to clamp down on your hand, increasing the duration of it's stay against her crotch.
I'd love to gapslap that hoe, she looks like she's plenty plump down in front.
Shorthand reference to penetration of the a*us by or with a p*nis that is attached to a muffin, as seen in the online video "an*l Penetration Muffin" (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8p38x_an*l-penetration-muffin_fun). The aforementioned video appears to be a spoof of comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan's highly popular "Muffins" video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlovHdFd_W4).

At the time that this definition is being written, the phrases "an*l muffin" and "an*l penetration muffin" have only become common in certain West Coast cities—namely (to this author's knowledge), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

Real-life instances of an*l penetration by muffin have yet to be verified.
1. "I'd rather get an an*l muffin than eat your mom's nasty lasagna!"

2. "Man, your new haircut's whack. Your head would look better as an an*l penetration muffin."

3. "Aw, sh*t! f*ck! Granny-slappin' an*l penetration muffin! I totally forgot the final paper's due today!"
A reference to penetration] of the a*us by or with a phallus] (generally a p*nis or d*ldo]) that is attached to a muffin. Known semantic variants include:
1. The act or event of an*l penetration by or with a phallus that is attached to a muffin.
2. In an act of an*l penetration by or with a phallus that is attached to a muffin, any of the following: the baked part of the muffin; the attached phallus; or the entire muffin+phallus apparatus.
3. Any reference to the online video] "an*l Penetration Muffin," which can be found on several Web] locations, including: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8p38x_an*l-penetration-muffin_fun. The aforementioned video appears to be a spoof] of comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan]'s highly popular "Muffins]" video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlovHdFd_W4).

At the time that this definition is being written, the phrase "an*l penetration muffin" and its close cousin, "an*l muffin
abbreviation for "m*sturbate and pa*s out", referring to times when one decides to end the day with a healthy self-love session and subsequently falls quickly asleep.

(v) - the act of m*sturbating and then pa*sing out directly after m*sturbating for a lovely night's rest
"I'd love to go out with you tonight, but honestly I think I'll just mandpo instead, no offense."

"When I mandpo, I like to have smooth jazz on in the background to set a nice vibe."

"I always have better dreams after I mandpo, something about the blood rush."
A Town with a population of roughly 50,000. A great place to live if you're part of the Anti-Intellectual movement.
If by some terrible way, you find it necessary to dwell here, survival can be a*sured if you adapt/adopt the local beliefs and customs i.e. bigotry, racism, believing you are the progressive liberal upper crust of society and God's gift to the yokels around you or, conversely, an s.u.v. driving, evangelical, ultra-conservative/fascist/racist pig, Obese, neglectful of your children(emotionally or otherwise). A teenage mother or the 25 year old dead beat dad who knocked her up. Anyone who seems intelligent and resides here falls into one of three categories.
They are filthy rich and that makes swimming in this sea of stupidity bearable, or they are between the ages of 17-35 and are pseudo-intellectual hipsters who make fast food, pull levers for a living, or cater the locals in order to pay for their drugs, those most likely being methamphetamine or pot, as they are very abundant in this area(see looser). Lastly, they are the locals who never managed to escape the town and are most likely to live out the remain...
v; to l*ck one's an*l area, either roughly or caressively, often used as foreplay.
"I rimmed him for the first time last night."
"Really? How was it?"
"I'd say it was.. a bit musky.."
A form of music that has so much potential to be good, but due to complete lack of creativity is kinda sucky. Ever since The Millenium hit and Diddy introduced glitter suits, rap consists mostly of rapping about money, possessions or the number of "bad b*tches" that one can corral depending on the quality of said b*tch. Most people tend to hate rap because of the above reason, but sometimes they should consider where most rappers come from. If you are raised in poverty for most of your young life and suddenly become rich and can have anything you've ever wanted, you'd also be pretty d*mn eager to showboat. Sometimes you can't blame a rapper for wanting to celebrate his success but it is very understandable that one can be annoyed when almost every rapper does it ALL THE TIME. To me, a rappers first album is usually ok (unless you are Soulja Boy) because there is a lot of truth behind what they say regardless if you like their message or not. But a few years and albums later they will still be talking about what they did "back then" as opposed to what they do "now". Image plays a large role in that. Once again, there's not much to go around in the ghetto, so people will look up to you if you have money and cars and all that. Unfortunately, the people that get the majority of the money are drug dealers and such. All the youngsters see that and envy it even though it's wrong because they want to be respected and have something to feel good about. In addition they've grown up ...
(nėv-ėr bėn bûs-tėd); exclaimation

A confident phrase emphasizing the p*oness of an experienced smoker and his/her career as a successful smoker. Any smoker claiming "never been busted" earned the right by avoiding being busted by the cops whole smoking weed.
Darryl: "fifteen years I've been smokin' and I ain't NEVER been busted!

"NEVER!" (small explosion) "BEEN!" (small explosion) "BUSTED!!!" (large explosion)
The 12th letter in the english alphabet.
The 5 letters of the alphabet that always seem to get stringed together.
A, B, C, D, E, F,G, H, I, J, K, Elemenope, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,
The letter between k and q in the alphabet. The twelfth letter of the alphabet.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, ELEMENOPEE, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
klose (rhymes with "lose"): klosing, klost

v: to klose: to forget something temporarily, until memory is triggered. Memories that cannot be retrieved are forgotten; memories that can be retrieved until a reminder is given are merely klost. See also: deklose

Origin: from "key" (ME "keye" via OE "cǣg") + "lose" (ME "losen" via OE "leosen" / Goth "fraliusan"); to lose as one loses one's keys (id est, temporarily), hence key-lose or klose.
1. Oh no! My sister's birthday was yesterday and I totally klost it!

2. Don't klose that you said you'd pick Timmy up after soccer tonight. Remember the last time you klost to pick him up and he waited for hours!
s*x craved pervert from the funniest show ever, Family Guy
Quagmire sees a cheerleader tied up in a bathroom stall

Quagmire: Dear diary: j*ckpot.

Brain: Ugh, I can't beileve you're serving a three year sentance, it seems so harsh.

Lois: Well, the only upside is that it's given me time to think about why I ended up in here. I guess I was stealin' because I was so sick of the same old routine. I felt like I had a void in my life, like, like, there was a secret hole in me...
Quagmire: Oh God!

Lois:...and I was tryin' to fill that hole with all kinds of expensive objects, and things...

Quagmire: Oh God!!!

Lois: ...and I felt wonderful with all those things fillin' that hole.

Quagmire: Oh God!!!!!!

Lois: I did this to myself, so I'm just gonna have to lay back and let the penal system teach me a lesson.

Quagmire: That one is also s*xual.

Quagmire: My fellow Americans, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did gagoogidy that girl. I gashmoygadied her gaflavity with my googus. And I am sorry.

Quagmire: h*llo, and welcome to another edition of Midnight Q. Tonight we're gonna enjoy some jazz from Charles Mingus. Norman Maylor's here to read an excerpt from his latest work. And we also have a girl from Omaha hiding a banana. We're gonna find out where. Giggity giggity. Giggity goo. Stick around.

Peter: I'm gonna go microwave a bagel and have s*x with it.
Quagmire: Butter's in the fridge!

Quagmire: ...
n., adj. v., 1. The martial art of repairing electronics, computer hardware or software; Performed by an akisu ninja.
2. Computer Hacking.
3. Japanese - opened nest; a stealthy thief or theft.
Having completed the akisu ritual, the ninja placed his soldering iron on the table, bowed to the customer and silently vanished.

Hey dude! I don't know what's wrong with this laptop. I think it needs some serious akisu.

Oh man! someone akisu'd my iPod touch. (which might mean that they nicked it or did some tricky hacking...)
So I kinda-sorta felt obligated to represent the "Scene" (I'd do it regardless though) for this day, and age, due to all the outdate entries here on urban dictionary. First off you shouldn't be reading entries on Urban Dictionary on how to be scene (because then you'd be trying to fit in), but if you're going to you might as well read a correct and/or accurate entry right? I mean some of the entries you're reading are as old as 2005 (hence: almost 5 years ago). So yeah an update is well needed.

I don’t think that the hairstyle, back in 2005, really applies anymore. So, imo, I suggest having/creating your own unique hairstyle or trying one of the other variety of hairstyles invented already (fact: it’s 76 of them) because then you won’t seem like a generic "old" scene kid. Dying your hair one bright color would also be pretty fly to, but w/e. Oh, btw, coontails are "out". Sorry Kiki Kannibal, you’re a has-been again.

Eh. I’d like to say you MUST have piercings, but it’s not really needed. If you do decided to get them, though, try to get something that’s not used all the time. I mean, imo, snakebites are "out" and pretty emo. I suggest getting angelbites. I mean they sound more positive and look h*lla tight. Maybe a septum too. Gauged Ears. Make-up. Eyeliner/Guyliner. Big Gla*ses.

So the clothes right? Some people say that Scene Kids dress Indie now, but that’s what they said about Scene Kids dressing Emo. It might be true and it might now. Honestly,...
A word often used to describe a lazy bum, usually bogged down by the harshness of his or her living environments. This word is not to be mistaken as 'Fat b*tch' as that is not it's meaning at all. It was said that this group of individuals was started in the lower regions of Virginia, however traces of Phatt-Bichs date back to prehistoric time and were most commonly found throughout the stone(d) age period.
Little Girl: Mommy, mommy.. Look at that man over there.
Mother: Don't point darling, it's just a phatt-bich!

Phatt Bich 1: Aye PB, I'm bored.. Lets find something productive to do today.
Phatt Bich 2: I'm with ya PB, grab that remote over there and lets watch some T.V.
This is when one experiences something so amazing that it stimulates the entire body, mind, and soul, from head to toe. It is truly rattling in one of the most pleasurable ways imaginable, and this phrase should be used sparingly and with utmost sincerity.
Example #1
Tony: "That was by far the best s*x I've ever had."
Sally: "No kiddin', that was a Total Body o*gasm (TBO)!"

Example #2
Miles: "Hey Tyler, how's that chocolate molten lava cake treating you?"
Tyler: "...."
Tyler's Mother: "Miles, just look at Tyler. His eyes are rolled back, he's drooling, his body is trembling and his pants are clearly stained. Obviously, he is experiencing a Total Body o*gasm (TBO). Waiter, I'd like to order one of those delicious cakes as well!"
"Prop joe" --
1. To murder a fat man.
2. To eliminate an obstacle standing in one's way, typically through some form of intentional homicide.

Comments: ... generally performed in a political or organized crime context by an ambitious Young Turk determined to eliminate any impediments to success in his relentless quest for the Crown.
1. That man was so fat I just had to prop joe him.
2. Tiger Woods just prop joe'd your dad so he could get to your mom.
3. Augustus was finally crowned emperor only after he prop joe'd Mark Antony and Cleopatra.
v. to consume alot of alcohol and j*zz your pants while grinding with someone at a party or social event
Guy 1: dude why'd u stop grinding with her she was hot?

Guy 2: i dont know she just stopped and slapped me

Guy 1: (examining guy1's pants) Holy sh*t dude did you dawson?
(v.) To "yeek" means for one to either hack or be hacked on an online account (e.g: Facebook, WoW, Paypal) via phishing or keylogger.
Hacker: "lmao dud e i made this keylogger called 'Mayday's CS:S Hack VIP leak' and ive yeeked like fifty f*cking accounts lol"

Guy: "I was downloaded a CS:S hack and my Paypal got f*cking yeek'd!"

The upper echelon of chronic herb. No stems. No seeds. Sticks to the bag. Sticks to your f*ngers. Smells like a pack of p*ssed off skunks. Gets you stoned to the bejeezus. Tastes great. Makes you crave food like a 35-day hunger striker. Skews what's left of your judgement. Impairs your ability to drive a stick shift, an automatic—or just stop watching Tenacious D & the Pick of Destiny and get off the couch. That's if you can still even see the t.v. And when it's gone you'll be texting your dealer for more. And he'll be texting you back...'I let you have that out of my own private stash. I ain't got any more of that shee'it, but i do have a little bit of this killer hash I brought back from Amsterdam if you think you can handle it.'
Dude, you should get over here muthersuckin' asap 'cuz I've got a satchel of some stinkin' really good non-medical gunga right now that'll totally b*ow your fragile mind from here to Humboldt. It's so potent we'll be able to eat the rest of that stale a*s anchovy pizza you left unwrapped in my fridge last August.
1. (n.) The emotionless, expressionless, possibly thoughtless coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

2. (n.) Any dead guy with a headset on.

3. (v.) To botch a perfect thing for no reason at all, and in the process to tear the s*rotum off an entire city, while alienating one's comrades--and the rest of the nation--in the process. To do the aforesaid with utter lack of feeling.
"Is that a negro mannequin on the Indianapolis Colts' sideline, standing near Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai?"
"No, that's Jim Caldwell. He's Tony Dungy's successor."

John brought Melinda back to his apartment Friday night. She looked staggeringly s*xy in her new burgundy dress, and was laughing heartily at all his jokes. "I think we're both in for a VERY enjoyable evening," she whispered to him, her breath smelling faintly of gin. All the guys at the office would've flipped to know he'd scored with Melinda, who was impossibly picky, and John knew it. As they crossed the threshold and walked inside, however, a mysterious, robotic look came over his face.
"On second thought, I think we ought to just call it a night," he said. "I don't normally do this outside relationships." Melinda looked utterly bewildered.
"Well, okay," she sighed. "If you insist." She kissed him on the cheek, turned around, and disappeared into the night. John walked into the bathroom and m*sturbated, then, showing no emotion whatsoever, put on his pyjamas and went to bed.
The next day his co-workers looked at him, aghast, as he related the story dispa*sionately. "Dude, you f*cking Jim Caldwelled her? What is your godd*mn problem?"
(v.) Describes an irresponsible, or deliberate destruction of a parcel by a delivery driver who does not appreciate his job. Taken from the titular character's portrayal of a delivery driver in the only funny movie of Jim Carrey's career.
"Man, that FedEx driver must have Ace Ventura'd the h*ll out of my Antec box. The whole thing is trashed."

"That's why I ship with USPS, douche."
(v.) To destroy the work of someone else, esp. from meddling, unnecessary supervision, or incompetence; usually by a superior, boss, micromanager, etc.
So I finished my proposal last night and Fred wanted me to bring it in so he could red pen it. He's had nothing to do with it until now, but wants some credit. The moron godzilla'd my sh*t and I don't know what to do since I can't kill him.
A unification of individuals, usually taking place in a restroom or similar facility, wherein said individuals engage in flatulence that is clearly noticeable to those entering the restroom at a later date.
"Dude, what's going on with the bathroom on the fifth floor? It's really disgusting."

"Actually, I think some fartnership meetings were held in the 5th and 6th floor men's bathrooms today. I noticed that they left some of their materials there, though.."

See also Nasca v. GC Services Ltd. Fartnership, No. 01CIV10127, 2002 WL 31040647 (S.D.N.Y. Sep. 12, 2002).
The past tense of chainsawmachinegun v. used when chainsawing the f*ck out of someone while you or a friend fires multiple rounds into their fat f*cking skull from an automatic weapon. Ideally the recipient of the chainsawmachinegunning was a total f*cking c*ntfag who had it coming since his/her fat, whorish mother squeezed the stupid, stupid d*ckless f*ckface out of her ma*sive and fetid v*gina.
Sebastian: Hey look at that guy!
Jim: I should chainsawmachinegun em'! He'd die!
Sebastian: Wow, you sure chainsawmachinegunned him.
Jim: He's dead!
Sebastian: Godd*mn...What a f*cking tool.
Jim: Right?
Sebastian: f*cking useless, sh*t stained tool.
Jim: b*tches gotta learn.
Sebastian: Let's get in fights!
Great guy with huge d*ck. (usually muslim)
Geeez man ur such a Firdavs.
'a' - you're adorable
'b' - you're so beautiful
'c' - you're so cute and full of charm
'd' - you're a darling
'e' - you're exciting
'f' - you're a feather in my arms
'g' - you're so good to me
'h' - you're so heavenly
'i' - you're the 'i' that idolize
'j' - we're like j*ck and jill
'k' - you're so kissable
'l' - you're the lovelife in my eye
'm','n','o','p' I could go on all day
'q','r','s','t' alphabetically speaking, you're okay
'u' - make my life complete
'v' - makes you very sweet

It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what it means to me
(n., v.) quite simply the female equivalant of a player, makes men fall in love with her then twists them around and rips out their heart and eats it.
Person 1: Dude, are you okay? You look like you're dead.
Person 2: She... she totally myra-d me! I can't take these Myra's anymore.. I'm going g*y!
A- Afro
B- b*oty
C- Chicken
D- Dat
E- Er Where
F- Fo' Sho
G- Grillz
H- Holla'
I- Impala
J- Juicy
K- Killa, Kobe
L- Lebron
M- Motha f*cka
N- Ninja
O- Obama, Oprah
P- Peeps, p*mp, p*ssy
Q- Quarterbag
R- Redbone
S- Stunna'
T- Trick, Trippin'
U- Uzi
V- Vandross
W- Word
Y- You Go Girl !
Z- Zimbabwe
Playa 1: Yo homey, did you catch that License Plate that just ripped my joint for two g's?

Homeboy: Heh Yeah, i luh dat. It had been UZI TRICK STUNNA 9-1-1.

Playa 1: Word. I'm glad we knows our ebonetic alphabet. Les I wouldn't understanz you

Homeboy: Church.

Playa 1: Let's go report this to the hot boyz and find some skirts for the E so I can get some funk.

Homeboy: They lucky you didn't have yo' gat on you. Or else you mighta pulled out yo strap and laid them bustas down

Playa 1: True, True. Dat's what I know playa. I luh dis urban dictionary. We just schooled all the wannabe hoods er where in dis US of the ATL . Get em'
Badging (v): When a narcissist postures by treating either fortune or misfortune of someone else as their own; often a one-upmanship. Always an imaginary badge pinned to their "me too" chest.
Ann: Did you see her badging at her neighbor's funeral? You'd have thought it was her closest friend.

Sue: Yeah. Especially when she went to the podium and openly wept then fainted.


Ann: I posted news to my Facebook wall about my promotion to CEO.

Sue: I saw it. Congratulations! You are the best and you deserve it!

Ann: Maggie didn't mention that when she left a comment

about becoming the leader of her reading club.

Sue: Yeah, she can badge with the best of them!
Popularized by the blog Sadly, No, the term "Wingnut Welfare Queen" refers not to a poor person, but to a low-talent, self-appointed pundit of the right, male or female, of the type who have become prominent in large patches of media, Washington D.C. think tanks and the Republican Party, and who depend on some mix of right-wing money, praise or contacts to boost and further their careers. Putting the "wingnut" in Wingnut Welfare Queen means the media figure will be not just predictably or reliably conservative or ultra-conservative, but doggedly and irrationally so.

Many Wingnut Welfare Queens style themselves "Populists"; nonetheless, some some appear to take relish in the abrasiveness and ad hominem quality of their attacks on individuals they perceive as not necessarily contrary in ideology, but lacking in fervor.

A Wingnut Welfare Queen's natural adversaries inhabit the best-recompensed strata of left-wing academia and the leftmost edge of the Democratic Party, with some holdouts on the op-ed pages of liberal metropolitan daily newspapers; they are the upper-tier of the cla*s called Poverty p*mp (q.v.), code-word "Progressive."
"What I dislike most of all is not her meretriciousness or meanness, but the way she acts as though she were God's Gift to American politics."


"Yep. Follow her career and you'll see how a gossipy media princess with a right-wing tilt became a full-b*own wingnut welfare queen."

The second letter in the alphabet.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z. Now I know
v. to desire a member of the opposite s*x

n. member of the opposite s*x looks good enough to eat

v. to eat
v.I'd meal on her

n. she's meal

v. let's go meal
(n) A quick search on Wikipedia for simple clarification

(v) To quickly search something on Wikipedia for simple clarification
(n) John Wayne Gacy Jr.: Hey John Wilkes Booth, has Jimmy McMillan run for office prior to this year's gubernatorial election?
John Wilkes Booth: I don't know, John Wayne Gacy Jr., I'll give it a quickipedia.

(v) John Wayne Gacy Jr.: I quickipedia'd it--the average p*nis size is NOT 7 inches.
A list of great titles for when your boss, spouse, or just about anyone else around you p*sses you off. Try it. Now with even more humiliation...

A is for-Admiral a*srape
B is for-Brigadier Buttf*ck
C is for-Captain c*mguzzle or Colonel c*ntl*ck
D is for-Doctor d*cksuck
E is for-Ensign Enema
F is for-First Lieutenant f*cksalot
G is for-General Gonorrhea
H is for-High Commander Herpes
I is for-Insurgent Infection
J is for-Janitor j*ckoff or Jester j*zzum
K is for-King Kunnillingus (I know it doesn't start with a K, f*ck YOU!)
L is for-Lance Corporal l*ckad*ck
M is for-Major Mooncricket
N is for-Nurse n*gger
O is for-Officer Orpheus
P is for-Private Pedophile
Q is for-Queen Quief
R is for-Ranger Rape
S is for-Sergeant Sodomy
T is for-Tramp Testicles
U is for-Underling Uterus
V is for-Vampire Venereal
W is for-War Chief w*nker
X is for-Examiner x*x
Y is for-Yeoman Yarak (Turkish for a big f*ckin' d*ck)
Z is for-Zsar Zinker (Zinker=ma*sive throbbing n*gger c*ck.)
Boss-Hey, i'm gonna need you to come in this weekend to finish up the expenditure reports.
You-Hey, i'm gonna need you to turn around and f*ck yourself Sergeant Sodomy!!! See my great use of the 'Alphabet'??
One of the best T.V. shows I've seen. It's about solving murder cases, but they show you how they do it.

Angela Montenegro is the artist and face reconstructor. She can take a skull and build the right face for it. She designed something that projects holograms which makes it easier to reconstruct faces and recreate crime scenes.

Zack Addy was my favorite character.Then he started working for a cannibalistic murderer. Everything had to be logical for him, and what the cannibal was doing logically made sense to him. He was sent to a mental institution.

Temperance "Bones" Brennan is a forensic anthropologist. Much like Zack, everything is logical. She is one of those people who are so smart, she doesn't get the obvious like jokes or emotions.

Seeley Booth is Brennan's FBI partner. You might recognize him as Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He gave Bones her nickname. Even though it's obvious that he and Bones like each other, they refuse to accept it.

Camille Saroyan is the boss of them all. She is the pathologist. She and Booth had a relationship, but it didn't last that long.

j*ck Hodgins is the bug and slime guy. His job is to identify any insects or strange substances found on remains.He and Angela date, breakup, date again, and eventually marry. He and Zack always did the strangest science experiments.

Lance Sweets is a psychologist who nobody takes seriously because of his age. He has a girlfriend named Daisy. Daisy is verrrrry ditzy.
3l33t type, also know as 7eet, 3733t, or h4x0r, is regularly modified and used by people with high intelligence, or people where time means nothing to them. Here is a breif alphabet of all the letters in the DMK (Me) h4x0|^ alphabet

a=4 , b=b, c=|< (On kicking k sounds :-P) d=d, e=3, f=|=, g=g, h=h, i=1, j=j, k=|<, l=7, m=|\/|, n=|\|, o=0, p=p, q=q, r=|^, s=Z (on words like "is"), t=|-, u=u, v=\/, x=ecks, y=y, z=z

Further devlopments will be implimented into this language
"|=|^0|\/| |-h3 4b0\/3 y0u sh0u7d b3 4b73 |-o \/\/0|^|< 0u7 \/\/h4|- |-h1s s3z"
hooah (hoo ah) adj., adv., n., v., conj., interj., excla. Orig. unknown Slang. 1. Referring to or meaning anything and everything except "no". 2. What to say when at a loss for words. 3.a. Good copy. b. Roger. c. Solid copy. d. Good. e. Great. f. Message received. g. Understood. h. Acknowledged. 4.a. Glad to meet you. b. Welcome. 5. "All right!" 6.a. I don't know the answer, but I'll check on it. b. I haven't the foggiest idea. 7. I am not listening. 8. "That is enough of your drivel; sit down!" 9. Yes. 10. "You've got to be kidding me!" 11. Thank you. 12. Go to the next slide. 13. You've taken the correct action. 14. I don't know what that means, but I'm too embara*sed to ask for clarification. 15. Squared away (He's pretty hooah.) 16. Amen!
first Sergeant: "Off-Post personnel will help cleaan the barracks."
Soldier: "Hooah Top." thinking this is f*cked up.
3l33t, 3133+, or other derivitives thereof: Hacker/ gamer/ computer nerd text language used in many computer savy circles.

A: 4, B: 8, C: (, D: |), E: 3, F: F, G: G, H: |-|, I: !, J: J, K: |<, L: 1, M: |\/|, N: |\|, O: 0, P: P, Q: Q, R: R, S: $, T: +, U: U, V: \/, W: \/\/, X: *, Y: Y, Z: Z

Of course there are some alterations with certain words. In 3133t, words are written phoenetically, and are subject to change with the speakers choice. The word "you" can be written as "U," "Y0U," or even "J00." (Read it out loud if you dont get that one). Below are some examples.
$p33|< 3133+?
Y3$, ! U|\||)3R$+4|\||) J00.
+H!$ !$ |\/|Y 3|\|+RY 4 3133t !|\| UR84|\||)!(+!0|\|4Ry.(0|\/|

A - acid
B - b*ow
C - cocaine
D - Domes
E - Elephant tranquilizer
F - fizzie
G - Gra*s
H - Heroin
I - Ice
J - Jay
K - Ketamine
M - marijuana
N - nose candy
O - opium
Q - Quicksilver
R - refer
S - speed
T - thai sticks
U - Uzi
V - Valium
W - weed
X - X
Y - yao
Z - Zay
no example
A convienent way to remember Spanish p*onoun grammar.

S / I / D / V
Subject / Indirect Object / Direct Object / Verb

Seriously, we learned it in school.
No.. You conjugated it all wrong. Put the subject in the beginning and the verb at the end... Sid vicious man! Duh!
A more simple yet hard to read version of 1337, usually used by hackers in New Jersey.

This is the alphabet

A = 4
B = 8
C = ¢
D = Ð
E = 3
F = ƒ
G = 6
H = H
I = 1
J = ¿
K = K
L = £
M = M
N = Ñ
O = 0
P = ¶
Q = Ø
R = ­­®
S = 5
T = 7
U = Ü
V = V
W = W
X = ×
Y = µ
Z = Z
When writing sentences, you must put 2 spaces between each word.

1ƒ  µ0Ü  ¢4Ñ  ®34Р 7H15  7H3Ñ  V073  ƒ0®  M3!

The End
Hidden scripting language similar to 133t only it attempts to unrelate to words.
a = 2
b = 3
c =
d = q
e = +
f = %
g = p
h = (space)~(space)
i = l
j = )
k = :<
l = I
m = N\
n = /v
o = c
p = 7
q = ?
r = t
s = $
t = !
u = v
v = ^
w = 1
x = }{
y = -
z = g

? = *
! = #

Whats up?:

13+t = 11~2!5 v7*
1337 is the language of hackers and newbies across the internet. Also, the words in 1337 are usually short(ie "are" becomes "r") and intentionally spelt wrong(ie "the" becomes "teh", this is most common with e switching places and o's becoming p's)

the mostly complete translation chart(exluding unicode characters, ie ©):
A=4 /-\ @ ^ /\
B=8 ]3 ]8 |3 |8
C=( {
D=) } |) |} |> >
F*=# |=
G=6 9 (_>
H=# |-| (-) )-( }{ {-} /-/ \-\
I=1 ! |
J**=_| j
K=|< |{
L=1 |_
M=/\/\ |\/| \/
N=/\/ |\| \
O=0 ()
P=|D |* |>
R=|2 |? |-
T=7 + ']'
U=(_) |_| \_\ /_/
W=\/\/ |/\|
A very complicated and intricate company formed by three-posse kids codenamed “T”, “O”, and “V”. Together they create the group of TOVAE. The company originally started as “T”, “O”, “V” Against Eric, but due to recent improvements in the quality of the company, it can also be Against Everybody, or Everyone, if you prefer.
In this ma*sive yet inconspicuous company, there are multiple divisions. There is the LeStalkers division, which is in charge of R&D (research and development). Like the nickname suggests, two members usually stalk unwary cla*smates to find information that can be exploited and used to destroy that fellow peer.
There is also the Inside Looters division, which is in charge of delivering and distributing different newsletter, informing cla*smates about hackings, crushes, secrets, locker combos, and the sort.
Currently, there is one more division, the HP.
HP stands for Hate Projects, which are a*signments that all the members of TOVAE engage in, for it is used to hurt others.
What is TOVAE PRODUCTIONS’ line of work anyway, you ask?
I’m not entirely sure, but you can be sure it falls under the categories of extortion, seizing, interrogation, stalking, stealing, etc.
TOVAE PRODUCTIONS is a registered trademark of an*lgesic Productions, Inc.

©2004 an*lgesic Productions. All rights reserved. LeStalkers, Inside Looters®, Insider’s Report®, HP®, TOVAE®, TOVAE PRODUCTIONS®, and an*lGESIC PRODUCTIONS INC.® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of ...
Back in the 90's when pagers were made available to a younger generation, a code was created where numbers were a*signed to represent letters so that messages could be pa*sed using this code.

Each letter was represented using a number or combination of numbers. Some number definitions varied but this is just one basic breakdown:

A = 8
B = 8
C = 6
D = 0
E = 3
F = 4
G = 6
H = 4
I = 1
J = 7
K = 15
L = 7
M = 177
N = 17
O = 0
P = 9
Q = 0
R = 12
S = 5
T = 7
U = 11
V = 11
W = 111
X = 25
Y = 4
Z = 2

There was often a lot of confusion with messages.
7415 15 986312 6003 81764
( This is pager code b*tch )
there are many ways to write each letter in leet.
here are the most common:

A= 4
B= 8
C= (
D= |)
E= 3
F= |=
G= 6
H= |-|
I= !
J= _/
K= |<
L= 1
M= /\/\
N= /\/
O= 0
P= |>
Q= &
R= |2
S= 5
T= 7
U= |_|
V= \/
W= \/\/
X= ><
Y= '/
Z= 2
Translation: Virus
some one who is so emo that they r almost cool yet extremely g*y
f*ken emosaurus kids think they r so cool im gunna run over there dog and or girlfriend Okéi all joo n00berz, lîzten up. Fïrst öFf... Im teh Über pr0 pwnzér & knö Qüeztions a$ked, o0kay?? I pwnerêd all nöuberz fRom all lÄnd$ like Spiane---ïë.. and teh ßûlgariananic tRïbez and shiîz sô DÖNT ße mes2ën or joö'll hÄve knö heÄd ßïÄTÇH!!!11 Ökïe, seçondly ofF, dïs çlan- ïs alsö téh pwnzör l337 clan, an'd öur main spécïaltylizér is pwnzing n00bs leik joo. Okéii, and 4öuRth ÖFf, ïf, in âny such wây, jôo ïnzultz üs, joo will hÄvé t0 bé hëad-shoTtÉd ând will cO/\/\e homë fRöm schKöôl an"d Fïnd joÜ hâve n0 housë and only a pilë of n0üb ÄshEz. s0 FÜÇ|< 0Ff Joü FûKëm NoößS!
h4x0r sp33k, also known as 1337 sp34k.

Using numbers as letters for as little as one word, to entire conversations..

A: 4 or l\ or ^ or @ or /\ or /-\
B. l3 or 8 or ß or ]3 or l:
C: ( or < or © or ¢
D: l) or l> or ])
E: 3
F: l= or # or ƒ
G: 9
H: l-l
L: 1 or !
J: _l
K: l<
P: l> or |D
Q: & or (\) or ¶
R: l2
S: 5 or $
T: 7
U: l_l
V: \/
W: \/\/
X: >< or }{
Y: just use the Y
Z: 2

There are more you can use, those are the one's that I prefer to use.

In 1337 sp33k/1337 sp34k, you can also use p as o, in words such as PWNT, derived from owned, changed to pwned, and pwnage, etc.,
very g*y.

0l\/l9 lyl<3 l)!l) y0l_l 533 l-l!5 l-l4><04 5l<!11z?!
another word for the hacker/counter strike language L337

A 4
b 8
c (
d l)
e 3
f f
g 9
h l-l
i 1 or !
j j
k l<
l 1 or !
m /\/\
n /\/
o 0
p p
q q
r 12
s 5 or $
t 7 or +
u l_l
v \/
w \/\/
x x
y y
z z
1. j00 (4/\/ r19l-l7
The original online gaming language. It is pretty much the OGlanguage of gamin. U u53 07/-/3/2 13773/25 0/2 /\/U/\/\83/25 /=0/2 7/-/3 />14(3 0/= 13773/25.


This doesnt mean you have to use all those, most people chose to only use the one symbol 1337 letters.
0/\/\/=(-, ] 707411';' />\/\/3/) \_//2 455!!!!!111!~LEET SPEAK
A is for Alone; and always complaining how you are just that.

B is for Bracelets; but any wrist adornment will do.

C is for Crying.

D is for Dyed Black Hair.

E is for Emotion; and exaggerating every one you have.

F is for FLOORPUNCH!!!

G is for Gla*ses; preferably thick black rims.

H is for Heartbreak. boo hoo.

I is for the Intense Pain you feel from your unrequited love.

J is for Jilted Lover.

K is for Kissing; and whining about how you aren't doing it.

L is for Labeling yourself.

M is for Mood swings.

N is for Never having any friends who care about you.

O is for "Old Man Pants".

P is for "Picked Last in Gym Cla*s"; and other cliches of the sort.

Q is for Questiong your self worth.

R is for Remembering the times when things were wonderful, and then crying about how much your life sucks.

S is for Sweaters.

T is for Thrift stores.

U is for Underdeveloped Muscles; because you have to be out of shape, one way or another, to be emo.

V is for Veganism.

W is for Whining about how everything is so terrible, and your parents that make six figures can't buy you the love that you want.

X is for X-Girlfriends, and talking about the pain that they bring you.

Y is for Your miserable existance.

Z is for Zooming in with your camera, because you're a photographer.
Okay, 1337 is a good subject to talk about. The first thing I would like to clear up is that chatspeak and 1337 are NOT the same thing. Some lazy morons merge 1337 and chatspeak together, soon creating the popular belief that 1337 and chatspeak are the same thing.

Okay, so what /is/ 1337 in the first place? 1337 means Elite. The point of 1337 is to replace all the letters with symbols, and is quite fun to play with. 1337 was first created by some people would wanted to talk in a forum without any outsiders barging in. Some outsiders may have figured out the language and started using it as well. Eventually, 1337 became famous all over the internet. The original use of 1337 is hardly practiced any more, but it survives because many of peope use it for fun.

It takes a long time to translate between regular English and 1337 even if you know all 26 1337 secrets, unless you're very skilled at it.

Here are the 26 1337 secrets.
A = 4
B = |3
C = (
D = |)
E = 3
F = |=
G = 6
H = |-|
I = |
J = 9
K = |<
L = 1
M = |v|
N = |/| (It is backwards because the frontslash under the backspace key is famous for not showing up on many websites.)
O = 0 (zero)
P = |*
Q = 0,
R = |2
S = 5
T = 7
U = |_|
V = |/
W = |/|/
X = >< (Is normal in words like |-|4x0|2)
Y = `/
Z = 2

S0m3 p30ple 4r3 700 l4zy 70 wri73 7hin65 in fu11 1337, r3su17ing in a 53n73nc3 1ik3 7hi5.
The seventh (7th) letter of the aphabit. Imidiately following f and just prior to h.
Goat, g*y, and gram all start with the letter g.
A is for Alone, emos are known for this, but sometimes its just to go free of problems and sway with the music.

B is for Band, many emos are in a garage band.

C is for caring. Emos arent afraid to show their emotions, and they say I love you and mean it. They are much more caring then the modern jock azz.

D is for delicate. Emos are the very rare type of boy that will give you a gentle kiss and be happy, rather then digging into the pants or bra.

E is for emotion, emos show them very well and don't hide them at all. You don't have to go through days to know their personality.

F is for f*ckers, all of those people who call all emos 'g*y cutters' Get your facts straight kids.

G is for grand, emos are truly a grand sight for your eyes!

H is for heart. Amazing! Girls listen to this, most emos auctually have one! O_O

I is for intimate. Trust me, emos can be very intimate.

J is for 'Just another stereotype' They have many definitions and opinions, just like all of the other labels out there.

K is for Kiss, and may I mention, they are great at it!

L is for love. Not lust like other guys, but love.

M is for make-up. Some emos wear eyeliner and black nailpolish. This is not g*y or bi. Its just hott. Get over yourselves people and accept the truth.

N is for Never. He never hugs to tight, he never walks away when you cry on his shoulder, he never presses you to do something for his pleasure.

O is for only you. If you date one of these rare bo...
people who think they know "leet" speak.

(see also 1337 speak)

- CHI Southampton
This is n00b speak:

Okay, 1337 is a good subject to talk about. The first thing I would like to clear up is that chatspeak and 1337 are NOT the same thing. Some lazy morons merge 1337 and chatspeak together, soon creating the popular belief that 1337 and chatspeak are the same thing.

Okay, so what /is/ 1337 in the first place? 1337 means Elite. The point of 1337 is to replace all the letters with symbols, and is quite fun to play with. 1337 was first created by some people would wanted to talk in a forum without any outsiders barging in. Some outsiders may have figured out the language and started using it as well. Eventually, 1337 became famous all over the internet. The original use of 1337 is hardly practiced any more, but it survives because many of peope use it for fun.

It takes a long time to translate between regular English and 1337 even if you know all 26 1337 secrets, unless you're very skilled at it.

Here are the 26 1337 secrets.
A = 4
B = |3
C = (
D = |)
E = 3
F = |=
G = 6
H = |-|
I = |
J = 9
K = |<
L = 1
M = |v|
N = |/| (It is backwards because the frontslash under the backspace key is famous for not showing up on many websites.)
O = 0 (zero)
P = |*
Q = 0,
R = |2
S = 5
T = 7
U = |_|
V = |/
W = |/|/
X = >< (Is normal in words like |-|4x0|2)
Y = `/
Z = 2

S0m3 p30ple 4r3 700 l4zy 70 wri73 7hin65 in fu11 1337, r3su17ing in a 53n73nc3 1ik3 7hi5.

If you wrote this sentence in 1337 speak, it would look like this:
||= `/0|_...
Drunk a*s b*tch... Yeah! ( Usually Sorority Chicks)
Drunk Girl 1&2 stumble into Dorm room on 9th floor Laws hall at Mizzou campus.. Richards Room: "Your T.V.... it's F%$&'n Huge! It's like a million times larger then our T.V.!

Second Drunk Girl: "Yeah, ours is only like.. this big. (Makes a 5"*5" square with f*ngers.) I like your robe.

Man with Bath Robe: Thank you ma'am.

( Two girls exit via door)

Man laying on 'Bring your own bed': Those where some D.A.B.'s... Drunk a*s b*tches.

Man with robe: No... those where some DABY's.... Drunk a*s b*tches... Yeah!

Sam :Hey.. I know those girls.. they've slept with half the guys on this hall... and a few of the girls... and a few lucky door k*obs
50 Cents cousin Two-Five (two Five)
also known as continental and 25 Cent

way better than 50 cent
Yo did u hear that new song by Two Five

"My Block"
The phonetic alphabet as represented by alcohol.
The following is an alcobet:
A - Amaretto
B - Brandy
C - Crown
D - Daiquiri
E - Everclear
F - Flask
G - Gin
H - Heineken
I - Ice
J - j*ck
K - Kahlua
L - Long Island
M - Martini
N - Newcastle
O - Olive
P - Popov
Q - Quality
R - Rum
S - Scotch
T - Tequila
U - Umbrella
V - Vodka
W - Whiskey
X - Letter after W
Y - Yukon j*ck
Z - Zima
p*onunciation ball-in

a. The act of being fie.
b. To be flie and respected as a p*mp playerr.
c. The ability to make it rain yo.
d. The capability to make it go down yo.
e. The ability to drop it like it's hot yo.
f. The capability to lean wit it rock wit it like a p*mp player should.
g. The privilege to say "I wanna f*ck you." and have b*tches throw themselves at you like rain.
h. The privilege to have the ability to party like it is your day of birth.
i. Being able to Smack That; all up on the floor.
j. The reputation to be constantly l*cked like a lollipop.
k. To have the ability to Party like a motherf*cking Rockstar.
l. To make the b*tches shake that laffy taffy.
m. Being able to stay hard like a jolly rancher; and be sucked for a long time.. OH MY GAWD.
n. The ability to get away with anything because you dun dun it all.
o. To be a young thug.
p. To Run This.
q. To be so hood that you wear your pants below your waist.
r. To represent the Ghetto across the world.
s. To have any type of flavor Kool-Aid in your cup.
t. To know you made it.
u. To have to use 'Naww Meen.?!' to get the point across.
v. To have a drink and two-step at once.
w. To have b*tches want to get like you.
x. To only want to get kcrunkk for Christmas.
y. The ability to lean like a Cholo.
z. TO BE p*mpED OUT.
this is what happens when ur bored out of ur mind and you have allready serched qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm. u start to get creative and type all the letters on the key bord up and down insted of left to right. qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp
q w e r t y u i o p
a s d f g h j k l
z x c v b n m
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp, qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm, qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl, zxcvbnm
The Highwayman is a poem by Alfred Noyes; set to music by Loreena McKennitt.
The term "highwayman" is mainly applied to robbers who travelled on a horse, as opposed to those who robbed on foot (foot-pads)
The Highwayman:
The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees,
The moon was a ghostly galleon t*ssed upon cloudy seas,
The road was a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moor,
And the highwayman came riding-
The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door.

He'd a French c*cked-hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin,
A coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin;
They fitted with never a wrinkle: his boots were up to the thigh!
And he rode with a jewelled twinkle,
His pistol butts a-twinkle,
His rapier hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.

Over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard,
And he tapped with his whip on the shutters, but all was locked and barred;
He whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there
But the landlord's black-eyed daughter,
Bess, the landlord's daughter,
Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair.

And dark in the old inn-yard a stable-wicket creaked
Where Tim the ostler listened; his face was white and peaked;
His eyes were hollows of madness, his hair like mouldy ha...
Similar to the Textagram but is manly used with numbers not Noobish or 1337 Speak. Can be used for pa*sing along info during School. The code is based on the cell phone key pad.
2.1-A, 2.2-B, 2.3-C,
3.1-D, 3.2-E, 3.3-F,
4.1-G, 4.2=H 4.3-I,
5.1-J, 5.2-K, 5.3 L
6.1-M, 6.2-N, 6.3-O,
7.1-P, 7.2-q, 7.3-R, 7.4-S,
8.1-T, 8.2-U, 8.3-V,
9.1-W, 9.2-X,9.3-Y, 9.4-Z
Cell code-
4.2,3.2,9.2.- Hey.

hooah (hoo ah) adj., adv., n., v., conj., interj., excla. Orig. unknown Slang. 1. Referring to or meaning anything and everything except "no". 2. What to say when at a loss for words. 3.a. Good copy. b. Roger. c. Solid copy. d. Good. e. Great. f. Message received. g. Understood. h. Acknowledged. 4.a. Glad to meet you. b. Welcome. 5. "All right!" 6.a. I don't know the answer, but I'll check on it. b. I haven't the foggiest idea. 7. I am not listening. 8. "That is enough of your drivel; sit down!" 9. Yes. 10. "You've got to be kidding me!" 11. Thank you. 12. Go to the next slide. 13. You've taken the correct action. 14. I don't know what that means, but I'm too embara*sed to ask for clarification. 15. Squared away (He's pretty hooah.)16. Ahh c*ap! 17. s*rew you! 17.Amen!
Pager codes were used to type out letters using numbers back in the day when pagers were popular (before cellphones became mainstream). You would do this WITHOUT having to flip your pager upside down. A=6 B=8 C=0 D=0 E=3 F=7 G=9 H=4 I=1 J=7 K=15 L=7 M=177 N=17 O=0 P=9 Q=9 R=12 S=5 T=7 U=17(or 11) V=17(or 11) W=111 X=25 Y=4 Z=5. They are made to look as close to the actual letter as possible (Keep in mind that the font used on pagers show the numbers differently then this font). It's a little confusing at first, and takes you longer to figure out a word because some numbers stand for the same letters, but if you get a few of the letters, you can usually figure it out.
969312 00035 1113123 50 17537177 860153 117 743 064." "PAGER CODES WERE SO USEFUL BACK IN TH DAY.
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